Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1928 · Page 12
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1928
Page 12
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in irh'rh ih'-' pupils yvr-ks borrowed f rnm trw- yh'!r, library dnrins *.h? raea- ! rio'i, ws* fi?:srr}<»rj to Central: Ti?*" r b.y rvpnlna 1 by Miw ) Im.mH, librarian, at the K of ihf rflmnt-Tcsrh^r t»s- Tn making the pnwnta- Uon Miss Immrl strrwd the oolrtt of th« training of rhlidrfn tnto the* Tight ilnfl* of resdirm. Th* rn<**tlr>st was ojvnWl -with community Mnnins? led by Miw Ruth Cawphey, "with Miss Ella Richard* at the p»wm Thn members of the Parent-Teacher association « re most sppre'-iathT of the faithfulness and the splendid manner in •which Misses Caughey and Richards have handled thr music on all occasions. A recitation by Miriam Dyson and * ,H>)O by Mt» B!« M.-Petrtf ww •n,Tll received. Mtes Petrle responded to &n encore. Report 1 ? from th? district convention held In Galena wrre Riven by Mrs. O. A. Fncklcr »nd Mrs. Abram WHmer, the former presenting R report of the morning session and the latter of the afternoon session. The program was concluded with the BhowlnK of & picture, "A Ray of Ught," which dealt with the care of the eyes. At a business meeting preceding the program consideration was given to the obtaining of an educational and entertaining moving picture for presentation at R P. T. A, meeting In the near future. "Jim pretend* hs's b M* how*. but h» tfutsr wif« ir> drive an* nev»r h»r cry." ...... Robert, Q h !e TETF»>" r r TH-" »~<s *»•* «,„, Is Hm* M« comf* to my r»! to th*> to remind I'm *•*•-'* TV TT>» fH* n«Mnn f»tr major WILL KNOWN AUTO EACE DRIVER OT1BT AT FRED 001 HOME f Cn'*tftl Bsrbcr open for Ed. Morris of Portlmd. Oregon, and Ben Hoover of New York City were house guests of Mr. find Mrs. Fred Co? from Tuesday afternoon until Wednesday morning. Mr. Morris, who is n well known an to- mobile race driver end also noted for endurance runs, Is a.n old friend of Mr. Coe. He is now enroute to Portland, Oregon, from which place he expects to start on a motor trip over federal route No. 30 to New York City, a distance of 3200 miles, with » view of breaking the non- Btop record of 43.43 hours between the two cities, Mr. Morris was substitute driver for Earl Lockhart. famous automobile racer, who was killed at Day- ion a Beach, Florida, last spring. *•«»•.«. * , r Shop sdv, Mrs. 1.. A. Ridge snd Mls.«?s Lucille Rld(ff> and Mildred Trotter motored to Delsfleld. Wis , Saturday, where they witnessed the St. John's Military Academy t**m defeat the FJftttevlllt" School of Mines. Mne. A. .T. Frank »nd Mr*. WU- lium L. Kllllo.n motored to Dixori 8und*y where they attended the concert given that afternoon at the Dixon theater by the Dayton Westminster choir. It was a fine musical treat. children's party Thurs- , ft* 1*H_*. ^»*»O •*= *»••«- ..•«,«« .-.,-..-. • A%^ A\ Preceding the Parent -Teacher i Mr. Morris would have taken the mccting. the social committee of Uie association entertained the teachers, the wives and husbands of Central school at a 0 o'clock dinner in the domestic science room. The room was prettily decorated in keeping wheel in the Daytona race to continue to the finish had the Lockhart car not been so badly wrecked in the fatal accident. Shortly after the • Daytona race, Mr. Morris driving a heavy stock car with the Hallowe'en Mason, gold and i made a non-stop trip from Los An- yellow being the prevailing colors. > gelcs to New York and return in 150 Jack olanterm arranged about the i hours. The only stop other than to room added to the effectiveness. > replenish the oil and gasoline was Bittersweet was also used to advantage in the decorative scheme. The dining tables were arranged in T-shape. The soft glow of the candles on the tables furnished the finishing touch to the setting pro- Tided for this delightful occasion. made upon his arrival In New York, hnd then only for 32 minutes while i»me minor repairs were made on the machine. Mr. Hoover, who accompanied Mr. Morris here, is a feature writer of the New York Evening Post, who Is day. Oct. 25, 7:30 p. m. Bring the children.—adv. Miss Juanlta Btrawn has resigned her position with the Bell Motor Bales. it In j 5*0*1x1; ptftai told th? Indmtr!*'* »t Oolnrobl* Uni- in an sddress today. Pointing out th«t thr public «nd mnny Sndus'.rJw RMB <7**p€T!«i'?*nt. upon iry for t!» stRooth Jisnning of K^nfra! comraeres of th* country, but that few remtoi with what rfection the Rfst*m of pvoduction must be synchronised RJWl plun capacities provided to meci p««kB of demand without embarra^nsent to the nation. Mr. Taylor declared that the industry "is serving the public for an exceedingly modest «w»rd." He said it Is estlrnstei ttiat the industry has a capital in excess of H,750,0oo T Ooa r or, conisldertnt property values at reproduction cost, of Rt least $<5,000.000,OGO yet tjbus combined results ol 13 Jw<iilsspGURpan- ies In the past four yeamjjligrw profit ranging only from 4.Wper cent in 1924 to 8.89 per cent In M36 nnd 5.29 per cent last. year. Ha placed the average annual profit of the U. B. Bteel Corporation between 1903 and 1906 at 6.57 per cent and between 1924 and 1627 at 5.68 f>er cent, a relative reduction of 15 per cent Twenty eight were seated at the ta- 'gathering some material in the mld- bles. enjoying the sumptuous two| dic u . cst for a story j or his paper, course dinner. M r . Hoover says he Is distantly related to Herbert Hoover, the repub- CO. CONVENTION OF KING'S DAUGHTERS TO BE HERE OCT. 30 . Mrs. Flora Belle Strain nnd Mrs. L. A. Brown left by motor Tuesday for Detroit. Mich., where they will visit Mrs. Brown's mother. Mrs. W F. Norton, for about 10 days. They stopped in Chicago Tuesday to call on Mrs. Jennie Tcrrien. V. C. Freeman' of Rock Falls is feeling quite well since his arrival home from a hospital in Rochester, Minn., but is not able to be out. Chief of Police A. E. Berlin. Jr.. of Rock Falls was called to Dlxon on business this morning. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Potter ot Tamplco visited Tuesday at the A. F. Akerberg home In Rock Falls. Burl Chapman has accepted a position at Van De Mark's new cafe on Locust street. Frank Suter of Dixon was a business visitor In this city today. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Knox and sons have moed to Mendota. Mr. Knox has been transferred from the local I. N. U. service here to that city. The officers of the Senior circle of the King's Daughters of Whiteside county met Tuesday with Mrs. J. F. Sensenbaugh, of Fifth avenue. Bock Falls, to plan for the county convention of Kings Daughters to be held Tuesday, Oct. 30, In the Rock llcan candidate for president, but the relationship is so far removed that he cannot call him "cousin." He expects to continue on west with j Mr. Morris for a few days before returning to New York. LITTLE LOCALS Telephone No. 42—Two trunk line*. Annual chicken pie dinner, bazaar and cake sale, at Christian church. between the two periods. Efforts to reduce production cost when prices have declined through rehabilitation of plants with later- type facilities and by production of previously purchased raw products or nearer approximation of finished products, has resulted In over-expansion of plant capacity. Increased production and advance In the ability to produce faster than the demands of the country ha« Increased, Mr. Taylor explained. He estimated excess of capacity today at 20 per cent and placed the probable output lor 1928 at 60.000,000 Uons of open hearth and Bessemer steel Ingots and castings, a new high record, as compared with 1928 requirements of 50,000,000 tons. wfr» fho?* tram r!« th* R. t,. Rletesf of Pa!t«i. on* of [pr?>TO , ^ij^t/B* for aw Mjrstte;*"* RcifttcKl ta InstaHlBf of- j n<y*r weTk mis dfto* by j Mrs. R-kkof, who «s Inrtaillng After the SnstaJ|»tton MTVle* the crowd w«s !nTlt«tl by t.h* 8t*iltnit lodge to the Jslferert csfs for ft banquet. Later doming WM enjor»rt in the hflll. Tl>rw mppHft«Oons for meniherKhip trpre read snd ncted upon by the lodjre at the short bu*» ines? meeting. The off!c*rB for thfi rtRW year are: Prefect, Margnret Wick; Monitor, Elizabeth Heekman; Correspondent, A. L. Heckman; Banker, T. J. McDonald; Marshal, Hcttle Ma.vnard; fnr Ted Manges; S«p«r?lsor y««,rR, Haill* Wlek, for three preliminary work on Carre jspiHwsy for the of New Orleans, firs contracts h»,¥S fc**n tet nvsnt of 15,I£4,500 cubic yanSs fl€ material, in addition *ork Involving placement of fi,7«?»,W» cubic yards Is h*te$ dorw by hired l*bw, The rojrlnwrs in chart* 1 of th« pro- jsct proper to irm1*r take still mot* leve* work this y^r -which will bring th* total expenditures from the current appropriation to about $10,000,000. The report said that bank revetment was being prartedl vtformMly at the places wh«re it is most urgently needed, necessarily scattered throughout trie entire IQWCT river. It l« estimated that the cost of Uw revetment, work this year amount to I13.000.000i WITNESS IN THE POWER HEARXN8 ADMITS FIBBING SOCIAL AFFAIRS Falls M. E. church. (Saturday. Oct. 27.—adv. The morning session will begin atj j^y George Gable, who conducted 10:30 o'clock and the "afternoon ses- ;the funeral services for A. T. Oiara- slon at 1:15 p. m. The speakers. burn a t Tamplco, stopped off In will be Mrs. J. E. Clarkscn of Rock j sterling and was a guest over Sat- Island, state president of the King's ur day night at the home of Harry Daughters, and Mrs. C. F 1 . Lund-1 o .-Thomas.- The former Broadway berg of Moline, state vice president. nas to r now lives at Elizabeth and — j is pastor of the M. E. church at Confer Decree In Rock Falls shannon. I Mrs. Arcada Walden went to Clln- Last evening the degree team of i ton. 111., today to visit relatives until Have Not Eliminated Danger At Junction The state highway department, or the contractor in charge of the paving of Route 88 west of this city, is still allowing the death trap to exist at the Speedbowl Park corners where Routft 86 and Route 6 connect. It merely means for some one in authority to order the dump- Ing of a few loads of gravel or stone the corner, but thus for nothing s been done. There have already sen Deveral minor accident* at this ntersectlon. Mr. and Mrs. O, A. Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Weyrauch and Mr. and Mm. W. H. Jamison gave a charming dinner-dance Tuesday evening, at the Rock River Country club to one hundred friends. Cars Damaged, No One Hurt An automobile accident occurred his morning at the Intersection of| ve. O. and Wallace street between Hospital Notes ars driven by Jute Schutt and M Q , fl m ^ LaUmer. -ranclsco Camorllla. Both cars were' and Mlsa ' Mabel Bc f lwa|lk ofui ^ the Rock River Lodge A. F. and A. M. of this city went to Rock Falls, where they put on the work for the Rock Falls lodge. Following the meeting a fine lunch was enjoyed. Next Friday evening the Morrison Thursday or Friday. O. E. 8. families, picnic supper. Thursday eve. Oct. 25, 6:30. All Eastern Stars and Mesons and families Invited.—adv. Miss Helen Williams and Mica ut slight injuries. The Camorllla car, a Ford sedan, was upset. degree team will come to Rock Riv-' Ethel Van DC Mark of Madison, er lodge here to confer the \vork ; Wis.. visited at the Fred Van De on a candidate. Mark home over th« week-end. i Miss Fern Van »e Mark who is Mtinh Pnln i attending school at Normal, 111.. muui rttin ! spent the week-end at the home of Judd Decker, who was severely in-' he ^l r ', ntsw , rh , r shon nn , n for jured Monday evening when \^™£ T SSfay -adv ^ knocked down by an automobile. ^\ aearL R ^l^A getting along as well as could be E ^ t ™ A lllson left by expected. He is confined in the Ster- momlng on a buslnesa lrlp to j^^. Thumb Is Mashed Ira Stern of 613 East Third street, lock Falls, nad a thumb so badly mashed while at work in a local actory that the physician found t necessary to amputate It just above the first joint. Mr. Stern Is ufferlng considerable pain as a re- iult of the injury and the subsequent operation. ling public hospital. Aside from his fractured right check bone, he has many cuts and bruises which —laixmt a wee*. giving him more or le^s pain. are i Infant Passes Away Frank, the infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Beckley, passed away shortly alter birth .Tuesday night at 11 o'clock at the Sterling public hospital. Fuueral services were held from Fprster _&_ Sons chapel _ Wednesday morning at 11 o'clock, interment In Sacred Heart cemetery. New Arrivals Bom, to Mr. and Mrs. O. Hucker oJ Dixon. a son, October 22 at Sub- tette. 111. Mrs. Hucker was formerly Elten Roberts and attended Brown's Business College here. Born, tills morning to Mr. and Mrs. Charles BUchtler or Fenton, a daughter at the Sterling public hospital. pxnprt to be eone expect to ** 8 ° n8 Mrs. Sarah P. Worrnan ot Chi- "LAST NOTICE" All unpaid water bills are now delinquent. Please settle immediately. us v:e can not extend the time beyond the first twenty days. If service must be shut off to secure payiaeritT'Oue Dollar "extra will be charged before again turning on the v.ater. Illinois Water Service Co. E. MacDouald, Manager. — adv. MASQl'EEAUE COSTUMES and wigs for rent. Hali£tt'fi.-~adv. AN INVIf Al'ION Chester's iuvUft you to viait their "ii£w milluisry departaamt wad SKM Miss Murphy, who just raceaUy as- cago Is visiting for a few weeks with her niece, Mrs. F. A. Trmger of Second Avenue, Rock Falls. She stopped off here enroute home after four months' trip and visit In Washington, Colorado and California. A daughter Mrs. Kate Emmons o: Chicago who was with her mother sloped off in Rock Falls for a day last week- after Ahelr arrival., then continued home. Hear Dr. Marshall tonight. 7:(X o'clock, Presbyterian gymnasium Illustrated lecture, "Palestine." — adv. Mrs. Lyle Colder of Hock Falls has rrived home after a six weeks islt in Denver. Colo., with he sons, Hugh and Harold Colder anc heir families. She was accompanle< by Mrs. Hugh Colder and son Bob ie who will spend a mouth at thi yle Golder home. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Johnston an Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Wylle of Roc Falls spent last week-end at Cham I>aign and attended the Illinols-In diana football game. Their daugh '.ers, Misses Isabelle Johnston an Rita Wyiie are students at the Uni verity"~of Illinois." tip Kwty eusUM&er t* assured Jitsaast ia eear&eou* 0r. Wm f L Maurit* it Arm Caught In Wringer Little Blllie Faulby of First avenue. Rock Falls, sustained injuries to his left arm a few days ago when he caught it in the wringer on a washing machine. .Fortunately no bones were broken but the'flesh was badly bruised. By Paul Harrison NEA Service Writer Philadelphia. Pa.—Believe it or not, a stop has been put. practically speaking, to bootlegging in this big city. That perhaps is the most remarkable result to date of District Attorney Monaghan's drive against liquor racketeering and Its accompanying police corruption. Liquor still can be had in Philadelphia, but getting It Isn't easy. The "lid" is on, for the time being at least, more effectively than in any other big city's experience since early prohibition days. Beer and "hard likker" runners are scanning the help-wanted columns of the newspapers. The "perfume" and "hair tonic" factories that once diverted a million gallons of pure grain alcohol into illegal channels every year either are closed or are actually making perfume and hair tonic. Drive Asralnst Graft The man on the street will tell you that Philadelphia hasn't been so arid In ten years. SENATOR NOEB18 DEOJUE1S FOE SMITH Child Is Improved The condition of little Eva Mae, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ein- manuel Oallentine of Rock Falls, who was seriously burned last Saturday, is reported slightly better today. of Lyndon and Mrs. Fred Brandau of Tamplco have been discharged from the Sterling public hospital. How long will it last? District Attorney Monaghan makes no forecasts on this score. brought out in the racketeering Inquiry. Beer was Bold to saloon keepers jy the barrel from a police station house. Max "BooBoo" HofT paid the bills for 175 telephones which he used to keep in touch with his elaborate organization. A glass of whiskey that sold over the bar for 50 cents as "the very best stuff," cost the (saloonkeeper 3 cents. One police officer had four bank accounts totalling $365,504. The wife of one police captain had $20.000 in "pin money" tucked under a rug In her home.. A police official who had deposited $55,600 in less than one year had so many bank accounts that he couldn't remember them all. Expenses of the grand jury probe, under way since August, are less than the amount of graft money seized from police officials. Saloon men paid as high as $250 a month for protection, with frequent extra assessments of $100. How One Conscience WAS Lost There is the story of one Eugene H. Tabbutt, conscientious patrol- Washington. Oct. 34.—<A.P.)— Robert Montgomery, sales manager jof the Louisville Oaa and Electric Company, testified today In the Federal Trade Commission's power investigation that he had made untrue statements in a letter written February 9, 1928, concerning relations between him and Louisville newspapers. ExcerptH from the letter, which was addressed to George F. Oxley, publicity director for tho National Klectric Light Association, and had been introduced Into evidence last April, were read by Robert E. Healey, commission counsel. Healy stressed the statement contained Portland, Oregon, Oct. 24 — <AJO —Senator George W. Norris, of H«» braska, progressive, unnoticed here today that lie will support Governor Alfred E. Smith, democratic nominee for the presidency, and that ho will start on a speaking tour la Smith's behalf "within a few days." The first positive unnouBce of Senator Norris' intention to port the democratic nomine* was made on his arrival here today for a brief stop en route to Omaha from Seattle. Senator Norris will make his first Smith - for - president campaign speech In Omaha Saturday night, he Primarily he is interested in stopping graft. he "didn't He said the other day know" whether the "joints" were closed.' He added he didn't know who won the world series until a week alter the last game. Mayor Mackey Is said to adhere to the belief that public sentiment !& going to govern the sale of- liquor in any given locality — and to the that Montgomery had personally kept "the editorial departments Informed on all matters of Importance to the industry at large, such as the Boulder Dam controversy, the Walsh resolution, etc." "I was rather careless In the use of my language here," Montgomery testified. said. I couldn't reach any other con- Officials Of Chicago Heights Are Quizzed Chicago Heights, HI.. Oct. 24 — (A.P.) — federal' investigation into liquor and vice conditions In Chicago Heights began yesterday with the questioning of dty official*, including Mayor Daniel P. Bergln, who were summoned before the grand Jury by Daniel Anderson, assistant United States district attomeT Summoned with the mayor were Edward Cassldy, chief of clusion but to support Governor- Smith for president," the senator said. "For a progressive, there Is no other plsce to land except la the Smith camp." mau. Tabbutt said he went to a J. p m iip, « re chief Aui i,,, n »4 n .. -nrlth n rtnra nt >>nn/«HnnK T__ .i-..'--- V"»V«. AUgUK superior with a story of conditions in his ward. He was.asked to run down reports of graft. He worked for several months gathering names of protected saloons, the officers they paid and the amounts exacted. When his reports were presented to officials, nothing was done. -Next Tabbutt went to a citizens' "law enforcement" organization. Next have Inferred the while that the Next he spoke before a luncheon Philadelphia majority is wet club. Nothing happened. He again Some Startling Disclosures, tried his superiors in the police de- Some remarkable facts have been partment. ler, police magistrate, and C. f Kirgls. superintendent of the water department. FEPLTTST Fine apseric. In a delicate green checked pattern, makes a junior frock that uses a circular peplum and three bok-knots to give It individuality. The bows appear on the left shoulder, midway between the waist and the shoulder and at the w&istllne. THE PEEFECT TEST. The professor, a noted botanist, had given instructions that a dish of mushrooms he had Rithered himself were to be cooked and given to his wife at supper time. At breakfast on th» following morning the professor greeted hia wife anxiously. "Sleep well, my dear?" he asked. "SPLENDIDLY." "You didn't feel ill at all during the night? No pains or anything like that?" "Of course not, dear." The professor gave a shrill cheer. "Hurrah!" he cried. "I've discovered yet another species of mush* room that isn't poisonous.—Answers, Fainting Store Fronts The fronts of the P, J. Peters shoe atore and the H. Grebner and Son shoe store on West Third street are being given new coats of paint which will add attractiveness to both these etores. v "LAST NOTICE" All unpaid water bills are now delinquent. Please settle Immediately, as we can not extend the time beyond the first twenty days. It service must be shut off to secure payment, One Dollar extra will be charged before again turning on tha water. Illinois Water Service Co, E. MacDonald, Manager. —adv. Name Omitted The name of Mrs. Mary Freeman was unintentionally omitted from the list of those who assisted in entertaining the Sterling ladles at the Rode Falls R. N. A., lodge last Friday evening. Mrs. Freeman- waa chairman of the social committee and responsible for the delightful program given. At W.C.T.U. Convention Mm C. D. Chapman, delegate from the Rock Fmlls W. C. T. U., and Mrs. John Baker, president of the county W. C. T. U. organisation, have gone to Evarmon, to attend a four days state convention of the W. C. T. U. The county president will also represent the Sterling union. N JAIL Hear how they got o«t. New Black Crow record, Op-To-Date Music House.—adv. THE EIB1'UI»AV CLL'SS will nu*t Thursday p. m. &t hesne Mrs. J. G. Little, 412 Third Ave.— adv. Owners of livestock that djynaf« by U'cspasaiiyj on ths Sterling airport on Koute 40 will be ttetsi for sll damage dooe.-- Disorderly Conduct Lester Unklns of Rock Falls, formerly of Morrison^was fined *10 and costs on a state warrant for disorderly conduct, Tuesday by Juslke of the Peace J. G. Limerick in Rock Fall*. Local Weather At 6:30 o'clock tlda morning the mercury was at the 43 mark and at 1 o'clock UlUt afternoon it was 6*. It has been » bright clear d»y. adv. JOHN M, 8TAQB* Ward, Ward & Warf Lawyers j. A. I. c. . UJL r. m. W. e public decrees CHRYSLER the new car vogue ^ TT is EASY to understand why , mote than ores befora J. in Chrjril«r*» pheaometutl career, the country is today Chrysler-wild uad why even Ctuyslert largest production is cow just beginning to meet the demaad. la the now Chrysler "75" *od "65" an embusisstic public recognise* • new style that fe-style« *11 motor ours Sale Ends This Week '27 Chevrolet coach, looks and runs like new, good rubber, seat covers and heater. Going at a bargain price. , '26 Chevrolet landau sedan, A-l throughout. any* , fo«— a greater valua thata such prices out where else. It is entirely natural thus thia aitoqld fie to. The Chrysler public the world over has each year found greater quality and value in Chrysler products. Chrysler's wperio* engineering skill *ad finer prediioa craftsmanship, again and again have literally obsoleted other types of cars, Today, as ever, Chrysler is the conspicuous leader in that truly artistic design which attains ample room and superior' comfort ttdt&e&s faggwfara */ «k bulky *it4 '26 Oakland sedan, motor, paint and tires like new; heater and spare tire. $57$. Eeo 6 sedan, the reliable long-life- car— good rubber, paint and upholstery. $395. £* TRUCKS '27 Graham Bros, two- ton, closed cab and stake body— 7 new tires, ow- to sell quickly. '27 International ton, cab a&d stake body, like new throughout, at a saving of $1415 cold cash. HERE IS - A-&EAL . COAT OFFER Pictured above Is one of the greatest aaat values we have been able to offer in yearn Drop in the first time you walk by and see for yourself just what we mean by real value, $22.50 • The constantly increasing Chrysler public, with its high enthusiasm for Chrysler xef t and daub, dfacUtctioa aad luxury, safety ittd long Itfe, autfaa it eaiy for you to decide to become ft Chrysler owner. All Chrysler dealer* wtkuwa* ta« oppoeftmify of putting any Chrysler model to a tece of your own sdbctiaa. t f / is* BELL MOTOR SALES L K. BeB'Jnr** Gmrm Gratiwtgh, °~*St. Phww Mqw *26 Ford ton truck, closed cab and stake body, good rubber and motor, gearshift $150. Reo Speedwagon, famous for service, 1*4 ton closed cab, chassis rebuilt $495. Touring cars of kinds, $50 upwards. Real buys, Small down payments. Easy terms. Good trades.

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