Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on April 30, 1973 · Page 14
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 14

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 30, 1973
Page 14
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Page 14 article text (OCR)

\ April 30> 1973 r I 25th ft By THOMAS CHEATHAM JERUSALEM (UPl) Prime Minister Golda Meir said t<>day Israel's primary goal in its second quarter century Vcill be the S^me as in the first—to convince the Arabs that it is here to stay and cannot be defeated. 4 She said in an interview -marking the nation's anniversary that the greatest achievement had been its mere survival. The second: The ingathering of 1.2 million Jews : to a homeland free from discrimination and fear. Still No Peace '*The only thing that hasn't changed," she said, **is that we have no peace with our neighbors. And this, of course, is an extremely important thing, too, not just a small item... **We begin the next 25 years with the same aspuration that 'we had in the last 25 years. That is, how do we get our neighbors to realize that fighting won't solve anything? If their purpose is to drive us out of this area, they might as "well give it up. **We're here to stay just the "same as Egypt is here to stay and Lebanon is here to stay, and orders exhausted male aides home to bed before she turns in herself. Whether she will seek re-election in this fall's elections is the subject of nationwide debate. Keep 'Em Guessing of couple "Some I 4 'it Golds MeIr and they must recognize that we have the same right to be here as they have;" Is that acceptance aiiy closer quarter century now than ago? Whtn Buylno or 8«ning REAL ESTATE SEE 4 « 4 i ^ 1 * « F »->y*»y HAROLD WILSON at HAROLD WILSON REALTY 1131 N. Henderson Ph. 343-3103 Some Closer **The very fact that we've been here for 25 years puts us a little closer. They certainly had more reason to believe that they could throw us out in 1948 than they can now." At 74, Mrs. Meir is the strength of Israel personified. She gave up her school-teaching job in Milwaukee, Wis.,' 52 years ago to bring to Palestine a Zionistic ideal rooted in her mother Russia and memories of pogroms there. It wrecked her marriage. From a farm worker, she rose to represen*; Israel in the Soviet Union, in the TJni^ed Nations, as foreign minister and finally, beginning in 1969. as prime miister. She is a tough, tireless and demanding taskmaster who puts in up to 20 hours a day **ril decide in a months" she said, peope I like to keep guessing always say to those Who don't want to see me go, why should I cause them sorrow? Those that want to see me go, I don't mind if they worry about it." People around the world love her as their grandmother or despise her as a hardnosed manipulator of power politics. With pictures of herself with Pope Paul, President Nixon and New York City Mayor John V, Lindsay in the bookcase behind her, Mrs. Meir sat in the straight-backed leather swivel chair behind her wooden desk and recalled the creation of Israel on May 14, 1948. declared "Even when we ourse ves independent, we didn't have a moment of time to think what we are going to do except one thing—how do we remain alive and in that way keep Israel alive," she said, ^'because only a few hours later, seven we were well-armed attacked by Arab ar- The price of vigilance on the battlefield has had its effect. Not everything in Isfael is milk and honey, not everyone is happy. Voices are being raised. High prices, high taxej»> inflation, etc. Housing Inadequite "There are Still here and b 4 ^ there groups of people whose housing is not adequate enough and who are still lacking. in would they years. the limits of Israeli security, t>6nors gave \^ pUits blood iritig a reguli^ opefatibn last ednesday at the Galesburg Re^ onai Red €roiM filood Center, i40 N. Henderson New members of gallon clubs ir elude: — Rollert L. James R. Gillenwater, 640 Flor ence Ave* Law burden of who are many things that have had if we had enjoyed peace throughout the Mrs. Meir said. Peace to her means sharing. ''We would like to live and work in full cooperation with our neighbors for the.develop­ ment of this entire area," she said. **We believe we have somthing to contribute to the development of lands that are underdeveloped, and we would do it with joy- Speaking of Egypt she said, "How can the leaders, the government, sit back and talk about war, about sacrificing aj her chair and closed her eyes a three One ^ gallon and in negotiations. Brown, Macomb; Otis R* Bow(the Arabs) can't man, Canton; Marvin W.Mur- dictate to us. they that since we (the Arabs) Stamschror, 1507 John J. Sandoval, 457 Clark St.; Thomas R. Underwood^ 144 W the (prewar) line and maybe Simmons St.; Ed L. PifObst sburg Route 3; Larry I 400 Locust St; itohn Adi the world. '1 dcn'tj 1441 S. Kellogg St., and Dean Carlson, 824 E. First St. mis. '*We handed were there empty ... and I must say, looking back, I can't quite understand rationally how we were so sure that ,we would million, two million, million peope? For what? Just for the glory of destroying somebody else? It doesn't pay for them to try to destroy us ... It's too great of an expense for them about their people." Return Land F She reasserted Israel's will- image in understand why." Describing her responsibility as "an impossible one,*' she said "I hope and pray that one ofstwo things will not happen to me: "That I wil not say no (to a settlement) when maybe it would have been better to say yes, or that I will not be so weakened to say yes when no is necessary for the security of my people." Have To Be Yes, ^ she said, her people were stubborn and inflexible, for they had to be. Oolda Meir leaned back in moment. Her voice grew strained, tired. "I'm here for more than 50 years," she said. "My children were born here. My grandchildren were born here. I have to carry if they worry two generations here, and we've'seen something happen, contributed a little bit to it. "My children, my grandchildren. I also did a little bit. win. ingness to give back some not all—of the but oc- scn, Miyler, Dorothy Thomp- John Two-gallon of near Galesburg; 1298 W. Fremont St.; and Carlson, Rio, Delayer- (Continued From Page 12) through* trying to start his campaign rolling. Aloofness oil Watergate was part of the strategy. It worked. So how come people are stored up now about Watergate*^ Another suggestion: Once the business of choosing between Nixon and McGovern was over, from Judge Sirica to lUfM-gAllon Richard rence, 435 Columbus Ave.; Betty Ubben, ,1570 N. Academy St.; Myrtle Stewart, 510 Bur^ Ave.; George L. Petrie, 191 W. Grove St.; Edwdfd Howard, 344 W. North St., and William Hope, m B^teman St. Five^gaiton - Nora VanMeter, 761 S. Chambers St.; Rev. Lewis Root, Oaiesburg Route 4, aiid Edward W. Puffer, 1207 Dayton Dr. Six*gallon — Donna McCut- theoft, 82 N. film St., and Morris Blackledge, Altona. Seveii*gallon - Donald Boynton, 1256 N. Academy St., and Everett Sholl, 457 E. Second St. Nine-gallon - Edward Clark, 5&5 W.Brooks St. Thirteen-gallon - Robert Durbin, 1719 W. Main St. Physicians on duty were Dr. W. L. Giles, Dr. S. B. Upadhya and Dr. C. R. Markivee. They were assisted by teen-age volunteers and licensed registered and practical nurses. New 75th NEW YORK (UP!) city's 78th anniversary <jei«fa; tion will be officially laundied today on the steps df-City Hall. Besides city officials, alsd on hand will be the cast ©f the off- Broadway show "Oodspell,'' various" baseball players \tm the Mets and Yankees, businessmen, executives and just plain people* The legal merger of New York city's five boroughs was on Jan. 1, 1898. Ltf« inivffiiiet chktpttt Wit to AM HI* ib ^lt low e«» '"•I'JSr "'•"'•IN JOHN$OM__, CAMBHIDOE . itt. Llf« and milfli Xnm>"^ the peope- to the hard hat- know what the Judge demanded hell really certainly cupied territories, but within wish for." Nothing else to worry about, to Many Arrive Gilson Aid Unit Chooses Officer happened. . - f hey were interested because high mucky-mucks appeared to be involved—but not necessarily morally outraged by one political party's effort to break into the offices of another. In fact, a new Gallup Poll shows high interest in Watergate but with 53 per cent of the people regarding it as^ **typical" INSUR BONDS Jack Fischer Liliie **And immediately after "that, the really great dream would come true. That was a large mass of immigration into Israel... now you see Israel, instead of 650,000, we are close to three million. We've received into Israel and absorbed 1.2 million Jews from all over the world, most of them from Arab countries." She spoke of today's agricultural exports, industrialization, the battle GILSON Mrs. Mildred A salad luncheon will be he)d ^ * President Brown was elected presidentjMay 9 at 12:30 p.m. ' when the Gilson Ladies Aid So- who ciety met April 25. Other offi- Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Olson and cers elected include Mrs. Shir-[family spent the Easter holi- ley Emken, vice president; Mrs. Mrs. Joan Clark, treasurer. Profits from a recent bake; sale totaled $172.65, it was reported. Three blankets will be provided for the blanket fund, members decided. Devotions sees poitical timing as a most important ingredient of success, apparently ran out the strihg too long on his campaign days with his parents, Mr. and strategy of the least said the Mrs. S. 0. Brownlee, Neponset. better. NEW GLASSES STARTING When Present aass "GRADUATES" FUN FOR EVERYONE •EfilNNERS CLASS The ORGAN LESSONS ^ F •The Fun Waj If You Can Learn to Play 6 CLASS LESSONS PRACTICE TIME IN OUR STUDIOS Oat $10 Complete Course CALL OR COME IN 323 MAIN 343-6914 McGrew McGrew Agency An Agency That Service Built 35 S. Prairie St. - Golesburg - Phone 342-4153 schools, hospitals, against illiteracy and disease among immigrants who came, with ony the clothes on their,was given a baby shower, backs from such places as Iraq were led by Mrs. Leona-Bushong, and a flower exchange was held. Mrs. Sue Schwartz' and Yemen. Arrivals from the Soviet Union are close to her heart. To deodorize ^ camper drains and keep them ,running free, put one cup soda in drain and ? Tl ^ 1 ^0 X <9 >3 s 9 y ^« m m «|| ^ • - > "3 . F • h Gates Air-Float Supreme Gates popular-priced belted tire at a big saving. Built with 4 tough polyester cord plies and 2 impact-resistant fiber glass belts. Wide, 78-series tread gives improved stability, control SAVE $7.93 3.60 A TIRE! Low $ handling. Smart whitewall cost. no extra SIZE A78-13 PLUS $1.83 F.ET, No trade-Ins necessary. TIRE SIZE A78-13 B7a-13 B7B-14 C78-14 E78-14 F78'14 G78-14 H78-14 F78-15 G78-15 H78-15 J78-15 L78-15 REG. PRICE $26.45 29.45 29.45 30.95 32.95 34.45 37.95 40.95 35.45 . 38.95 41 ,95 43 .95 45 .45 SALE PRICES F.E. TAX (EACH) (PAIR) PER TIRE S18.52 20.62 20.12 21.95 22.95 24.50 21.80 28.15 24.95 27.50 29.50 30.95 3i.85 S37 .04r 41.24 41.24 43 .90 45.90 49 .00 53.00 57 .90 49.90 55 .00 59 ftl.90 M.7S $1.83 1.81 1.96' 2.08 2.22 2.37, .2 .53: 2.75 2.42 2 .60 2 .80 3.01 3.13 the Smooth-Riding Gates XT Radiar-2 rayon cord plies plus 4 polyester cord belts for extra impact resistance without harsh ride. Better handling plus 40,000 Mile Tread- wear Agreement. The Bargain Box Another New Service Available ^^t" • • • No trade-ins necessary. Tax Size Price F.E. 185R-14 $49.95 $2.32 PR78-14 49.45 2.72 GR78-14 54.45 2.92 185R-15 49.45 2.41 GR78-15 65.95 2.91 HR78-15 61.45 3.08 LR78-15 65.95 3.50 Winter Tlr6 Storagt B«o Borgain Box FRONT END AMGNMENT Precision - adjust caster and camber, set toe-in. Inspect steering system. H^ndy plastic bag big enough for storing 2 winter tir «8 .0ruasltfor j yard clean*up, ir^H I or grass clipplnga, \ t THE FARMERS AIMD MECHANICS BANK GALhbBURG. ILUNQia $12.95 TIRE CENTER 1233 N. HENDERSON ST. 343-6196 343^6197 Price for most U.S. cars. (Cars with air - conditioning or torsion bars slightly more.) Needed parts extra. GtJARANTEEn 6 MONTHS OR 5,000 MILES Hrs. Mon. Fri. S a.m. - 5 p .m.; Sat. 8 a.m. - IZ Noon We honor bank cards displaying thes§ symbols: r ^ ^ GET ONE FREE ,.. ... just for coming in and getting a no-* cost, no-obligation tire safety Inspectioni OR ... when you have us take off your winter tires and re-mount your regular tread tires. Winter Tirt Change- Ovtr a pair Special Hurry! Limit is 1 Pfr customsr, while supply llfts^ r

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