Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 18, 1892 · Page 2
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 2

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 18, 1892
Page 2
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OAIHiAlTD DAILY EVElTTNGr THIBXTNI5, iFIXlDAX, IIAUOTI 18. 189S. THE RA11KS. Continued Tro. Fug ! John Schmidt; , -J. MoTavUh, . Ch tries Paalfsr, John B. O'Neill. John Delaney. , D. H. 8lar J. V. Hennessey, M. I BtUlwagon, M.D. F. Cslou. Charles Biuwr, K. 8. Brionea, H. Hamilton. John a Kruu. C. H, 8417. ' ' J.B. Pierce, Daniel R. Murpny. J Johnson, Charles M. Scott; J. . Johnston, IF. Hlckey, . Thomas J, Chaehan, B. W. WonderUah, . Stephen Hoot, X. L Johnston, W. H, Sutron, . -Thill p Stocklnger, H.J. Magan, Carl a. Swanson, D. Hnsing, J. IX Tcjln, Henry Evers Jr.. O. J. Cctamaa, ; Charles J. Poherty, George XeMaetar. M. Roach. Charles X. Quixlcy, J-Isaac, , KC Levy, Gust. Becxart. - H. W. Doanellaa, Juim Woouworth, A. V. Abbott. . : K, Grwnewald, . A. H. Bchleuter, l,Kinn'i"'-' 7. M. Slater, W. B. Morelng. Herbert Smith, 3. D. Soots, J. Foley, I. J. C Murphy, A. W. 8. Smith. . " MT. K- Landon, J. A. Eital, .John Tlscb, J. W. Donahue, Peter Beardon, George Peader, 7. B. Bolton, James Holland. ,W.J Rushmore, James Flneran, X. Fernandas, W. a Tabb, ; - XC Moore, X. Bronagahea, J.M, Carroll, J. J. Hanlfln it R. t. Gordon. C B. Faroe, B. A. Coleman, John Geary, t yt. J. Dlagee, X L. Nanoa, I M. Rasmuses X. B. Faulkner, P. Bruman, P. Wallace, , A, Marx, A. A. Bleser, P. Donant, H. T. VogC. J6. B. KobUtt, r. Mailer, . . - . Hanne. ' jr. W. Finlgan, T. Sinclair, W.M. Wheels . A. B. Finch, B H. Flab. 9. P. Gray, ' A. W. Palmer, P. Frltaa, P. O'Rourke, J.B. Bandy. . W. M. Gibson. B. K. Allen, U.D.Allen, A. UBobit, Phil JonnlaL -. : 3L Rowland, Prank S, Roblnsoa, ' P.Cspdavtlle, G, Cohen Lladow, X. Farrell, J. XTera, XX Conley, aXUdads, P. Lnvorel. B. B. Boyer, M. Pontons, Err Leon, A. Pierre, JohnBodden. V. J. O'Dee, . John Dowd. Dan Downs, X. A. Hennlnga, GeorteBodden, Cmnrles Belmkk B. JT. Hanly, Fred &. Roberta, John Green, "W. Ok Cartln, XX H. McKamam, John Johnson, A.Xynd. . Tom Flaherty, . J. O'Doaell, : W. J. CConnelV M.Matton, M'UUai Aldln, jr. Hopkins, friUlam J. Bhanley, M. vreetran, - JXMoUod. F. Grot beer, - - Xd Fltsieerald. James P. Ieacy, - M.Dinneen, - Ben UcSelly. J.Ward, Xdward Flnley, - Martin Detela, X. Findley. jehn I. Montcvmery, Chsnncey Smith, George Smith dt Co., H. D. Bewail, J. Crnit Jr.,' Xd BonKlason. George H. Allen, Joe Rosenberg, George W. Lawton, W. A. M. Dunbar, William Butherford. Thomas Halo, K. Bock, M. C. H. Schnnteniana., H. J. McAToy, Im M. Beandry, C H. Shaw. -Charlee EL Day, J. P. O'Neill & Bettman, X Kast, Thomas Newman, Paul CarrolL B. J. Ferrln, J. C Joelyn, . J. H. Lafferty, j. L. BiTer, William Bchaffer. . J. Sealbercer, - P. O'Kane. "H. J. Eaton. . D. LawsonJr Jamee O'SoUiTan, W. H. 8Ioraey, Fraak Rieardo, M. C. Fox, Martin Ward, Orrin Page. J. J. Brers, H. Wllkennlc J. M. Kelley, WUlUm Bents, PatDrlseoll, H. Hopkins, John Holland, Martin Brett, Jamee Donoran, A. A. Barotean, William Bhanley, Joseph Roberta, George Turner, K. G. Vlnsent, .A,Rntt, Charles Pinens, B.H.MslUJr J. H. Bills. H. E. Alden, X. P. Cook. s , F. Boardman, K. A. Jackson, T. H. Allen, J. Healey, O. Falconer, T. B. Barns, B. B. Bothenberg, -J. O. Black, a P. Dnnham, X G. Edwards, D. F. Murphy, W. Hah a, ' 6. F. Heeseman, T. MnlTeney, J. P. temegi W. A. Bouse, C. A. Boyer, r B. Chapman, " X.D. Ormsby, P. Pumyea, J. X. Murphy, A. Pumyea, James Hamaway B. B. Nixon, H. B. Alien, H. Peck, James O'SulliYan, C. B-Bltcer, Sam TanoTlch, O. F. Metcalf, . T. Barmelane, X Jones, C. Chapman. George N. Bloom, Joseph Folds, G. Crag, A. Pagge. J. Laborbe, Ik Cheyrias, A. Mublns. M. J. Moran, Frank Mullheron, Patrick Tracy, Dan Dowd, John Doonly, N. B. VaU, TonyFeno, Joseph Gerke. Simon Vingan. AntoneBllTa, Joseph Roberta, M. J. Flynn, Andrew Johnson, P. J. Lynd. F. McKlnnon, Xd Flnley, T. J. 'Flynn, James McCoffsrty, O. Glenan, : H. Harley, C. Band, " J. H. WlUebrands, T.J.NaweU, James Newell, J. & Flynn, F. WlUebrands, Austin Obrlne, Charles WlUebrands, Joseph Baymond, T. McKeTmar, J. H. Bohr, M. P. Detels, INDORSED. ttil8rh) iBasmststs Pt;srs. FrOSI iBflBIBtill The nBxnnatnsr. Cfcroaide" sa4 "Port" Adrisex OafclaBeVere Tele for Bonds. i The wide-awake, energetic papers of Ban Franclico are gjiring hsarty support to the bonding proDoaltlon. They arc the people ot Oakland to east their to tea for progress and improTement. Their Influence is The Sxamintr, In Us introduction to a J TtatUl Assured V 7 To ' I AH ;. " AVhO : . -., tT,e . , fi'-oamXtm. , : ; - . f : Tbe - ..f:';r J Friaclplee I Jo-ved , ILL l-1 lt " ' I 1. It ianulactre : f A-e 7 i j- moiiient, - Ton : -" a . i Imolaat, , I A h-TT , I omiii.vlon I - .,t t -Hind Isatiafsotory report of the great bond meet-ins it tttm ni b-laM ik..' uul : .- . : . . thbtt wavt inrnoTMrara. Tn people of Oa kland!wan . Improve ment and they want them badlT. Tner -Vsclared both the eisnt ancLthcearneataw last erening at the meeting called to indorse the proposition to raise 51200,000 of city bonds. ,J, M , . ; 1 .- The gnUierinir was adrertised to be a mass meeting; and each It certainly proved to be. The Oakland Theater bad . been chosen as the place la which to held It. for W .. ... . y aunpse reason , mat s mora cep dons ball could not be found. . If it eould haye been it would undoubtedly; bare been secured, for it' was needed. As it was. a good many hundred more people were pres ent than seats could be provided for, and a large additional number had (to content themselves with standing in the vestibule, and even on tbe sidewalk, catching nothing, of course, of the proceedings Inside except tbe bursts of applause which from time to time greecea me lemarxs 01 in speakers. Nsveribeless, tbe great msjority of these outsiders remained until tbe last. " Tbef were willing to endure discomfort to prove the earnestness of their desire for the progress o( their city." ; f . , I A HOriLKSS OFPOSITIOH. Tbe Post, that bright evening paper, said on the night preceding the great-mass meeting: -,t ' "The meeting to be 'held in Oakland to-nignt under the auspices of tie Oakland Improvement League will be one of great importance to that city. It has been called forta-a.purpo80 of laying before the people the project for tbe issuance of bonds for municipal improyement purposes, and will be addressed by gentlemen whoare in favor of the proposition. Ex-Go vemor Perkins will preside and there will be many prominent speakers, all of whom are deeply interested in the future of the city. ' 'If the proper and judicious ezpen diture of the money to. be raised by I tbe sale of bonds can be assured, there is literally no argument against their issuance. Every city owes certain duties to (its citizens, among which is the creation and preserva tion of schoolhouses, the construction of streets, boulevards, squares Sand parks, and the maintenance of all public works in good condition. That public improve ments cannot . be made by the ordinary process of taxation is evident, Jf or the bur den, if imposed on a short series of years, would bs too bird to be borneJ To avoid this a city must avail itself pf its credit, and spread tbe repayment ot its loan over a long series of years; There is a double advantage in this method. It makes the annual taxation less, and it increases tbe taxable property of the city so that the repayment of the loan is distributed over a greater area. Public improvements, if properly made, add greatly to tbe value of private prop erty and induce private improvement. A city like Oakland must rely on improve ments to make it prosperous, for its value is and must be chiefly that of a city of homes. I "It is to be hoped that the bond election will be carried by such a decisive majority as to leave no shadow ot doubt regarding the sentiment ot the people of Oakland. There will be some obstinate people, a matter of course, but they should be in such a hopeless minority as to make their opposition of no weight or value whatever. JUDICIOUS KXF ENDITUR E. This morning the Chronicle, the great Republican daily, publishes another ed itorial favoring the bonds. It says, under the heading of "Improving Oakland": Oa Wednesday evening a large and en thusiastic meeting was held in Oakland to hear arguments in favor of the issuance of bonds for public improvement purposes. The meeting was presidsd ovef by ex-Gov ernor Perkins, and among the speakers were Mayor Chapman, ex-Mayors Davis and Glascock, David Hirshberg and others. all of whom are old residents of that city and have her interests at heart. There is no human being in Oakland who will charge any one of the gentlemen named with having any selfish or personal ends to subserve in advocating the issu ance of bonds. William R. Davis, John JR. Glascock, and David Hirshberg have ived in Oakland too long and are too well- known to be even suspected of having any kind of an ax to grind in this connection. Dav s and Glascock have been Mayors of the city and know its wants and needs, and their testimony is (hat oi experts who know the situation and, fe interested in seeing the city improve in every respect. "Ex-Mayor Davis gave some figures which showed the business sense and utility of the bond proposition. He said: Take the taxes of fen years ago. The records show that In 1883 the assessment of Oakland was $28,000,OCO; today it Is 142,000,000, so that the increase in ten years has been SO per cent. Ten years more, using he same ratio, and it will never be less, will make the assessment 163,000,000. But the bonds we propose to Issue have twenty years to I run Instead of ten, and taking the increase in the same ratio would make tbe assessment at the end of that time f)5,000,00a That is bqt the natural growth of the city, and it is thi4 that we will have to redeem our bonds instead of our as sessment ot today. It cannot be said that it will double the taxes. As a matter of fact it Will cost but 111 per capita to vote this S 1,200, 000 of bonds. "Mr. Davis' statement was; ajvery con servati ve one. The judiciouf expenditure of the money derived from the sate of the bonds would add very greatly to 1 the as sess a lbe value ot the city, so that in twenty years . the assessment instead of being $95,000,000 would be more likely to be one-third greater, or 1120,000,000 in round numbers. NothingSadds so much to the stable wealth of a city' as public improvements if they be of a desirable and suitable kind, and certainly no one will seriously question the desirability of the improvements which id is, proposed to make in Oakland. j "Between now and the date of the election there.should be a great jdeai of missionary work done and a constant appeal to the common sense and good Judgment of the people of - that city. They should be persuaded and convinced that the only way to help them is fori them to help themselves, and that the only effectual way to do that is to avail themselves of tbe deservedly high credit of the city, to be used in a legitimate land prudent manne j maining meeting of this week wlU determine whether or not Mr. 8ayford shall continue the meetings next week. . lZa!::ttBi Cstisa fcr a EwTrlsl far Csrisrsr Bsli. 8ast Fbavcisoo, ' March 18. District At torney Barnes began his argument this morning in opposition to tbe motion ox Sidney . Bell ; for a ; new trial, on the charge of having murdered Samuel M. Jacobson. , In the trial, seventy- five witnesses were examined on behalf of tbe people, and on motion for a new trial over -120 . affidavits have been read by the prosecution and the defense, beside the oral testimony of many witnesses. He said the principal question was if the testimony of EL W. Campbell and Charlee Schmidt was true or false. Counsel then traced .the conneetion-of these witnesses with the case, and claimed that both had been associated with Bell fat numerous robberies, ana that thereto re they were fully conversant with his crimes. Campbell was with Bell when he com mitted the murder, and the District Attor ney claimed tbe former admitted the crime to Schmidt when they were occupying the same room. The Stats DIVIDING World's Fsir Comoisslcn and tbe Appropriation. State this Sah Fbahcisco, March 18. The World's Fair Commission met morning and started its work. After yesterday's meeting tbe four com missioners preseut went into executive session, on Commissioner Thompson's proposed method of arranging the plan of work. . !.-.-" Tbe principal feature of the plan, as adopted, it is stated, is contained in the following paragraph from tbe . committee's report: All employes shall be employed by and under the direct control of the Secre tary, with the advice' and consent of tbe commission, such employes receiving all orders through tbe office of the Secretary, and making all reports to the same. This allows Captain Thompson to begin work at once. The ether part of the report is equally important and makes an allotment oi funds as a basis to the different depart ments. Tbe allotment to the departments, made this morning, was as follows : Agricultural department Agriculture proper, $10,0X1; malt and spiritous liquors, $1000; forestry and forest products, $6000, Total, $17,000. Horticultural Department Viticulture, $6000; floriculture, $2000; horticulture proper, $12,000; total, $20,000. Li restock department assisting exhib itors, $500; fish and fisheries, $8000. ' Liberal arts, $10,000; ethnology $2500 bureau of publicity and promotion. $10,000; freight and transportation, $10,000 Mines and mining, $15,000; machinery department, assisting exhibitors. $500; sisting exhibitors in transportation department, $500; assisting . exhib itors in manufacturers' department, $500 assisting electricity exhibitors, $500; tint arts department, $500; total, $100,000, or one-third of the appropriation. ORPHAHFRANK. Unhappy Eipsriances of a Little Was Oakland Boy. He Was Driven by Cruelty Away fiom His Guardian's House. te Rati 6RILLIA1IT OPEIIIilG. at Fassnj CIstilsz Csssssy C?n ftsirltore, the) Fablio Are Invited ts Xlae , of C1oUi1bs The proprietors of the Famous Clothing Company have reason to be proud of the grand opening reception held oa Wednesday evening at .their stores, 909 and 911 Broadway. For several days previous experienced decorators- were engaged in transforming a prosaic business bouse Into veritable bower of beauty. P. J. Keller excelled himself in making some of the handsomest floral decorations that have ever been seen in Oakland. r , . The crowds commenced arriving about 7 o'clock, and from that time until midnight they good naturedly jostled each other in an endeavor to inspect the large ' and handsome display of clothing of every description for which this firm is justly -Famous.'. 1 Tbe Fifth Reriment orchestra furnished the music for the occasion, and their artistic rendering of the most popular airs of tbe day added greatly to the enjoyment of toe on-iooKer. xne aesire of the puouc to see and hear all that was going on was so great that the spacious stores could not accommodate one-half the visitors, and the police stationed at the door were com pelled to refuse admission to-many. Realizing that each department of the accessories which eo to make tbe well- dressed man requires a salesman skilled in me particular line, tne proprietors 01 tne Famous" have secured the services of clerks whose long experience in their vsri-oui . specialties enable them to properly cater to the patrons attracted by the enter prising Dumness metuoas oi tne arm. Cesser Alexander has charge of the hat. department, which is in itself a guarantee that the head wear best suited to your style wui be forthcoming on application, roe youths' and children's clothing is under the care of Mentn Winslow, who has a peculiar fcnac k of selecting for mothers tbe kind of clothes most becoming to their offspring. The general direction of the store is vested in Samuel Meyer, who is untiring in his efforts to nlease the nublic. as he realizes that courteous treatment is just as requisite to Keep tne patronage 01 Duyers 1 as first-class goods. ; That important department containing the men's clothing is in the bands of J. Abrams, who has eighteen years' ex pe-rience in tbe line at .bis back. He is acknowledged in business circles as one of the most competent tradesmen on the coast, and those who patronize his department will be certain to go away wen pleased. The gentlemen's furnishing goods counters are under the skillful management of Arthur ohn, who ia also a specialist in his line. William Smith looks after tbe financial part of tbe business. Wednesday night's opening and concert will long be a pleasant memory with all who had the good fortune to gain admis sion to -the stores. The proprietors of tbe "Famous extend a cordial invitation to the disappointed ones to call and inspect their immense stock at their leisure. PINE FRESCOING. Two Artiste tvnw r. Making m Reputa tion In Oakland. George F. Neece and Frederick E. Adams, well known young men, have formed tbe California Decorating Company with an office at 1105 Washington street in the Masonic Temple. They are artists of more than local reputation and make a specialty of frescoing. Already they are at work on several tine houses and have the contracts for frescoing several more. Their success has been instantaneous. LICENSEO TO MARRY. Charles A. Denny, feau Francisco... Anastacia Walsh, San Francisco.. . . ..26 ..25 Rogers' - Of Other 1 - Hair I ' . rTcpexation. C C' - This ViudaLtiou U Is 'A TJnequaJcd . Toilet t Article For 7 11 .' YTsaat at. Being ! I .- .' enedaBv COIXE UNTO MEL" teUue- 4 - n fit Adapt For Ladies' . Use. Pre fion All -1 Hi: UOGxJST3 , substance. 7- f art Rtgxlr Asi Address by Mr. Ba.yfard.at tne) disc Chmreku I r J: The meetings "being conducted by Mr. Sayford la tbe- Methodist Church are being largely attended and are producing beneficial results. The Interest) la largely increased by the volunteer choir of forty members whose singing is greatly Appreciated, v- .-V:, M - Thursday night Mr. Sayford selected for bis theme the simple Invitation "Mjome." Thia invitation was first given to Noah and hie familyVOome thon and thy family into tne uiwe.- xn epmt ana, tne tsnae sa Come'." ' u K ' -. -The whole subject of life'1 concluded the speaker "Is to obey the Master's invitation 'Come onto Me and then to obey HJs command 'Follow Me'. The meeting was of great earnestness, and manv signified their desire to find salvation in' Christ, and. with a few earnest words of prayer, and two verses of a beautiful hymn, the meeting was dismissed. The spirit ana earnestness and attendance which characterize the re- Few little boys of 12 years of age have had a harder experience than Frankie Cookley . alias Harry Potter, who lives in West Oakland. Frankie .is an orphan, and since his mother's death he has lived at Third and Magnolia streets with an aunt named Mrs. Susan Potter, wboiwas appointed bis guardian by an order of court. Since living there Frankie's life has been one ot abiect slavery, From very early in the morning till late at mgnt he nas been lorcea to work, ana when showing any signs of fatigue he has been cruelly whipped. Tbe atten tion ot . Secretary Theobald has been called to tbe case, bnt be has so far taken no action. A few days ago tbe boy was so roughly used that he ran away from his aunt and was looked after by some neiebbors. Last night he went to the house of Mrs. Belbt, on the earner of Fifth ana Adeline street, and was seen there bv Tribune reporter this afternoon. He ia a bright little fellow, and nas already reached the iTHe was clad in rags. On his arms and shoulders he showed mark ' that had been made by LiacksnaJte, ana -on bis sec : are some scars and bruises, which he says are tbe result of an attempt made by his annt to choke him. He has a sister named Alice Ceakley living somewhere in this City, .whom he thinks is married, and if so he would like to lire with her. If she cannot be found he would like to go to the Good Templars orphanage at Vallejo. On the death of his mother he Inherited about $300, which his aunt has used in his maintenance. AVONDERF-UIj Guowia Kxtribitien of Iw Littlo-Olrla With. Wonderful Growth of Hair. There has been upon exhibition during the past few days in tbe mammoth show windows of Messrs. Kirkland & Trowbridge, druggists, Broadway, corner ' of Tenth street, two little girls wbn possess a remarkably luxuriant growth of head hair. They are aged 8 and-10 years, respectively, and all wbo nave seen them acknowledge that they have tbe longest and most beautiful hair in theLworld at their eges. 1 ' e': - They are accompanied by their father and mother, and we believe have visited all of the principal cities In the United States, exemplifying by a display of their own hair what it is possible to ae-com plish in hair culture with the assistance of a remedial agent, such as . "Skookum Root Hair Grower," embodying in its formula the most active tonic and ttimvlant principles that are possible of combination. Mr. BaUeck baa made hair cuitvrt m Ufa Hudv, and through the agency of tbe - Indians,' be discovered this Ptnt herb" Skoobipm Boot while visiting Vancouver - Island, British- Columbia, some few years ago. since which tune be has been experimenting with marked success, his children being living witnesses of the merits of this preparation. It is guar- anceea to stop raMsng nart- tnavsaum aana-ruff, and grow hair rapidly, preserving the same indefinitely and causing a strong growth where the hair has become enfeebled by sickness or through the ravages of a parasite, and in numerous cases where baldnes' hat txiatsd for yeor. this .truly meritorious article has 'made pnlii the barren aoafp and ogam restored, -thm - hair to it former tuxurianc. Numerous testimonials from the best people substantiate - and verify these statements-, and it Is indorsed by physicians everywhere. We believe these children wUi' be exhibited during the week at the following hours: Morning, 10:30 to 12; afternoon, S to 4:30, and evening from 6:30 to 8 o'clock. " Skookum Boot Hair ti rower Is sold everywhere by ail first-class druggists. v4 ri WATCH THIS SPACE For, Use) srreat ad., to appear-next week. . Not the King of Beasts, bnt the Fur nit ore King. J.Im. JjXON & SON, Mammoth Furniture ,1 notion Hoase. 13004204 Broadway. UK . 1 11 " j ( it fixed in ladies' dress boots that we can sell a superb gossamer kid button boot for: $6.00. Not a hammer and tongrs affair, but something: elegant. Youll say theyre cheap at $7.00. Twenty -live styles in these $5.00 boots. Gents, don't judge our $3.00 guaranteed calf shoes by other people's inferiorities. Expect $5.00 quality and style in every pair. Test them by use and be convinced of their marvelous value. II 11-11 13 Broadvay. Oakland. TOEK MILLINERY STORE, fNflYKIiAXD THEATER. . OS1-Y,. .;i TWOHIQRTs.) MOKDAY AND TUX8UAY. cmakchust t ' AKO MAKCH S2D. TheForemost Classical Actor of America. FREDERICK WARDE And a Moat Complete Company, in Two Mag : nineent rroaneuoaa. . , , ; ; -, MONDAT-r ' The Lioa's Mouth! TTJXSDAT . ' The Uountebanfc I Peata for this notable enraeement are now on sale. MO AXVANC IN PRICKS. , PK1CKS, Trowbridge's and Broadway. 0SS SMt S 75e. BOe and SSe. It. BO. Reserved Seats now on sale at Kirkland at drag store, corner xentn street and at tne Taeater box omoa If otiee of 8trtet Work. VfOTlCK IS HKRK3Y GIVSN, THAT OH i thelth dav of March a. n. 1892. the Cltv Council of th city of Oakland passed Refla tion of intention namber 17,110. to order the fot lowlnr atreat work to bat dona via. Ibat Eleventh avenue in said city. Xiwm the northeastern curb line of ast Twenty-flrt street, to tbe sonth western line of aat Twentj. second street, be aldewaiked oa tne aorta- western side with a cement walk six feet wide. exceDUnar therefrom the SoO feet next soath- westeriy from tbe soatttweatern liae of Sast TVMitTJMond street, alreadv done. At the north corner of Eleventh avenue and East Tweetv-nrst street a cement curb be eon strncted as prr specifications In order ot work, end the sidewalk laid to meet the enrb as per plan potted with the proposals for street wort. For farther partiealars, reference Is herebv made to said resolution and specifications for street work on file In the office of the City Clerk of the Cltv of Oakland. This notlee'thaU be published for six days In Th Oakland Tkibcnx, beinr tbe newspaper designated by said City Council for such public tion. eJ S eV Xb " Superintendent of Streets ot the CUT Ot Oakland. Cai. . Oakland, atareh 18. 1892. 510 THIRTEENTH STREET. The Old and Celebrated Brand : The Standard of Quality in Silver-Plated Ware : SUGAR SPOONS, 35c. 1 BUTTER KNIVES, 40c. TEA SPOONS, 85c. a set. TABLE SPOONS OR FORKS, $1.70 a set. TABLE KNIVES, $1.20 a set. One Price. Plain Figures. Electric CaraPass tbe Door. Half Block West of Piedmont Cars MISS R. A. GALLAGHER, LATE OF NEW YORK CITY, "Wishes to Inform the T-ia.dies of Oakland and Aluiuuda that She hews just Opened -with, a ITirst-olass J-iirxe of j Latest Novelties in Millinery, Pattern Hats, Etc. And Host Bsspsctfuliy IsTitas yoo to Call and Eiamine Her Stoct. HATS TRIMMED AT SHORT NOTICE. A SLAYER'S EXAMINATION. Charles Rledel Will Apnett ia Court on April 7 th. Charles Riedel, who stabbed Nick Whalen to death at Warm Springs recently, will have his preliminary examination before Justice Peters at Nilea on April 7th. Yesterday afternoon he deeded to his wife, Lucinda, six acres of land near Warm Springs, where they made their home. Thia property will be Bold in order to secure money to employ lawyers to defend the prisoner. AUCTION SAliE J Near 9th. Of Klegaat Varnltare and Carpets of StTiD.Ruom Cottsce at 2009 Ban Antonio Annne, Alasaeds. on Saturday, March 19th. ttlOA.lL Sharp, Without Beaarva. Consisting in part of one Krand mahogany upright 8teck piano, new; one large antique sideboard, marble top; two large antinue bookcases, one droo-tOD walnut writing desk, with chair; upholstered parlor furniture, easy chairs, roc King cbairs, hail fumiiure, walnut and oak marble top bedroom suits, mattresses, large lot of new bedding, parlor, bedroom and dining carpets and mats, diningroom and kitchen furniture of all kinds, including French china and silverware. The contents of this cottage all in first-class order; good as new. Sale peremptory on account ot owoergoiag East. Terms, cash. T. H. B. Rosenbirg, General Auctioneers. Office, 408 Eleventh street. Short? Borrow money at the Oakland Collateral Bank, a reliable, confidential first-class, loaning - institution. 914 Broadway, Examiner Building, Notice of Street "Work. VrOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. THAT ON the 7th day of March, a., o. 1892, the City Council of the city ot Oakland passed Res olution of Intention Namber 17,106. to order the following street wore to be done, viz: 1 That Kieveuth street, from the eaotern line' of Alice street to the western line ol Jackson street, he sldewalked on the south side with a cement walk, except where already laid in cement or Mruminous ssndrock. I For further particulars, reference Is hereby made to said resolution and specifications for ewer work on file in the office of the City Clerk of the City of Oakland. This notice shall be published for six days in Thk Oakland Tribune, being the newspaper designated by said City Council for such publication. 1 J. 8. WALL. I Superintendent ot Streets of the City of Oakland, Cel. I Oakland. March 18. 189-1 CLASSIFIED BUSINESS DIRECTORY 1 of Oakland Firms! Representative MRS. WATSON 363 Weoster street. Oakland NGB&1.K1K8. VALK NURSERY. THERMAL GOWAN, manager, p. O. box 131. H. B. Mo Ft'KKltCBC HENRY SCHELLHAA; (OS Eleventh she BAT DKALKK LOUTS Hewlett - His Eighth aveaue. idenoe 1166 Eleventh avenue. Bes uir.r INK, XI ME. MARGUERITE REED-lJhT Broad way OPTICIANS. A. ETETFANONI 1073 Broadway BKAL KSTsTI A MOUSE HROKIBS, WIILH BURR ALL 101S Broadway. M. J. LAYMANCK t CO. 466 Xlsfaih J. W. MOSS 958 Broadway. . A. HE HON 1050 Broadway5. J. H. MCDONALD 170 Klntnetieet WILLIAM J. DISQEK 60-63 Eighth Street VKDCRfAKCKS. ALBERT BROWN 466 Thirteenth street. KHPLoTHKtT OrFlOEl T. R. BURN 8 862 Broadway. SITUATIONS W&MEU FEMALE -RELIABLE HELP FURNISHED UN SHORT JLii notlee; cooks, ehambermsids, and wait resses; day work, eta, people ready to fill auy position. liuairtau m, xenut ana u astro streeta. . CWEDI8H GIRL WISHES PLACE. GENERAL housework; wages 920 to 125; good reference; also Germau girl, second work or housework. good acook. Appiy 50b Mntn street. OWEUIaH (iIRL WANTS PLACE FOR EEC O ond work, tewing and wait on table: good references. Address 12& Broaawsy, usauno rjWO GIRLS UK9IRK SITUATIONS ONE TO L do housework and the other second work; can get the best of references if required. Ap- piy at 1783 wuiiesa street, near ring street. ITT AN TED A LADY WOULD LIKE TO GET T in a nice family to do sewing and ligbt duties around or to take care of a little child or teach music to children. . Address or apply 10o4 Twenty-foe rth street. - . T ANTED SITUATION FOR KIRSf-CLAS- t T bwedish girl with best of references in pri vate family; wages S.'o Apply to A J. T AIT'S Employment Oihce. Io0 1 Seventh street. Kast Oakland Nuisance. The Twenty-third Avenue Improvement Association has written a note to the Health Officer complaining of a nuisance on Sixteenth street, between Twenty-second and Twenty-third avenue. It declares that the aewer through the hollow, from Seventeenth to Sixteenth street, intended for storm water, is used for sewage matter and empties in that neighborhood, rendering the grounds adjacent to the Garfield school wet, offensive to the sense and dangerous to the health of the community. It is claimed that this nuisance is responsible for some of the sickness which has been experienced in that neighborhood. Secretary Bchafer of the Board of Health said the communication would be referred to the Board of Public Works. SUMMONS. TN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE COUNTY X of Alameda. State of California. Department iso. 3. AkUJAH BAKER, Plaintiff: vs. the COURT CALENDAR. FOB MARCH 19. 1892. No proceedings. STOCK QUOTATIONS. ...45110 Justice..- 1000 Opnlr... 100 Andes....... 100 Best & Bel ...... 2 20 800 Caledonia 25 100 Challene so 30 C C & V.. .4 804 85 190 Con Imp 10 100 G& Curry .1 40 100 Hale&K- :..l 33 3uOOTerman... iuu beg u 250 Ser Kev .... lOOiUnlon Con. oO Yel J SO 2 65(92 SO 93 35 ....I 6a ....1 5 ....1 OS 11T ANTED SITUATION BY A VERY TV com Decent American woman as hooae- keeoer to widower: competent to care for children and take full chsjge. Apply at 1422 bixteentn street. MALR HELP WAXTaU. A POSITION 11200 A YEAR. STEADY A: -permanent: open lor reniitmtn not ih J5 years, neat sppearaave una good ejacsiioct snnst haTe 30o cash. Apply or writ immediately to MRS. BECK, tx f ourteents. street. . TTvKSEMES -W ATKI- TO - -TEB ; .JlAX- jl atou loacn ra ami ptsbo. Avk r.i -i hattan lo: dealers. ls) for Manhattan Egg food. SALESMEN WANTED TO SELL OUR roods by sample to the wholesale and re tail trade. Liberal salary aa l expenses i aid: permanent position; money adraae or wsgea advertisiDg, etc For fail psrucnlnrs and refereneea ' addrtss Centeanlal ills. Co. Chicago, iu. - WANTEDFEEDER ON GORDON PRESSES. Apply to Foreman ot Job office, Tmbcs k. WANTED EVERY BODY TO KNOW ill at - when in buying ont a bouse el from V to (200 worth of bousehold goods, in place ef cauingan auction and paying one month t reat um ol nouse ana fancy eemmlsuon to aacboa- eor we take too goods to our store and cieaa tnem up and sell them at a tn Sling atiTsnc ot coat: yon lose no time, not forced to buy, but ia all a pleasure to see the assort mart at u fcCHKLLU AAS, great store 404 to 416 ieTAU street. FTJR N I S IIEr ROOMS TO KENT. lilQT 8Ali Pablo avxxue ecrsisheb IWI rooms for bensekeepins';yorrdeffrabie. AGl NINTH STREET TWO NICE, 8UNSY.? xvj1 furnished rooms suitable for llitf honeekeeDins. two blocks from Broadway sia- tion, between Broadway and Waahincton. . lOll TWELFTH AVENUE NEAR PIX-lOH teentn street, aiz nicely farnisbedr nonsekeeplng rooms on lower fiat; rent reasons able to desirable parties; location nnesceUed. , ifilJ BVESTa AVENUE. TWO BLOCKS lUXt from Clinton station; furnished rooms single or ensoite. by the week or month; ren 5 per month and upwards. Cl"J 1F1EESTH STREET. NEAR CLAY) JUJ street nicely furnished room euitaUi for one gentiemsn : references exchanged. AT. THE GRAND CIFTRAL, CORNER OiP Ninth and Washington atroats. best loca tion: two blocs from local trains; aiceiy fur Blshed rooms, corner, front and rear.no emu to rooms: root by tbe day, week or noota, - XT'IUHTH ST.. 661 COSY FRONT ROOM TO I JQi gentlemen; also pleasant front room salt? able for two, and single ball bed room: prii ate family: only two blocks from Broadway staUon: bath aad gas. -I HANDSOMELY rooms, with all let at reasonable prices; FURNISHED STTjrXTf modern eonvenleEees. to) hnrt walk from Mmr-i ket street station: sarroundinra rerr rueasani: J XTEW AND HANDSOME FURNISHED li rooms to let, with or without board, si tho WestohaL Fonitcanth street or 1162 Wuti Ington Street. Also elegsni offices to let. rrm T B"T- tquvp vn m via avr ? t3 sr vr c A complete far honsekeeping. bsth. 1 TWO NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS enT-able for gentlemen. 629 Fourteenth street. near Jetferson street. rpOLET ONS HANDSOMELY FURNISHED X sunny front parlor with folding bad. (12: also large back bedroom, well famished, i, with use of bath. 937 Harrison street. - rpHK NEW PARDEE HOUSE AT 123M4 NEW X' Broadway has changed hanas: is handsomely furnished in suites, with accommodations for light housekeeping aad siagle rooms: none bnt respectable and responsible paxuea need apply. . CNPCUNISHED KOOJIS TO LET. UNFURNLHED TWO FLEAbAKT 6LNXY rooms with cloet and bath in a new house at $S per month; one a large octogsn front room. Na 764 Brash street. FURNISHED HOUSES TO LET. A NICELY FURNISHED COTTAGE five rooms and hath; rent fS. 1217 noils street. OF Mm- A SPLENDID FURNISHED HOUSE OF FOUR rooms and baseuent. on Leak sTcnue, near Fortieth atreet;extra good water.chickea Iioom, garden and everr cnyenience; rest U par mouth. AdjTss J. 3. !., bos e, this office. TURNRHEDHOUSE TOLE 1-8IX ROOMS T and bath: sunny side of street, north of Center Utjou; good neighborhood. Inquire at 3l Poplar street. - rpo LEI FCRN'liliS!'. HANDSOME HOUSE X of toveu rorni servant's room, bsth aod lauudry: nswly .sio ed and papertrd: AL 15ii Muth street, near center st.tioa. House Ca be seen at any time; 'he owner from 11 a. x. to ii p. M. , UNFUR- corcer inlrteeoth avenue: two, three or lour aetirabie snany rurninhcd ;ootia for. honieteeias ,-wiih ail modern cve lii-nre'. - sKtJT-nSMllEMOSE OF iooi;:s' s-oiuraily Jofsled. Apply on h street or to J. . muis oailway. nZLC EAST FOUKTKENTH STREET: JJKJ ulshed rooms to let. preisiiites No. int! real estate arc it. pA b i.l.A..4-. .1 It A 1L. A-AN'T soSV KooMS WITH OaK1 en be foind? at Iho Teeth cet. crnnet X-ITASTED A SITUATION BY A COM T netent woman as cook, is com Detent to take full ehanre of a house as working housekeeper; no objections to a ahort distauce iu the country: reference if required. Call at isu7 Third etreet, Oakland, W7 ANTED A FIRST-LASS it wants work by the day, Franklin street. LAUNDRESS tat at 7J3 Practical Ealter, 1319 Saa Pabie Fashionable' Hats retailed at lowest prices. Bilk Hats ironed and remodeled. Bilk aad Soft Hate cleaned, renewed and brimmed. Tfotioe of Street Work . OTTCX IS HEREBY GIVEN, THAT OH THE ui asy oi starcn. a. wm. wij ri of the Cit-r nf Oaaland passed Reso lution of Intention number 17.111, to order the following street work to be done, via... That Eighth street, from the eastern .line of Webster street to the western lino of Jackson street, be sldewalked oa both sides with a cement walk, except where already laid In cement or bituminous sandrock. For further particulars, reference Is hereby made to eaid resolution and specifications for street work, oa file in the office oi the City Clerk of the City of Oakland. Thia notice shall be published for six days in The Oaklahd TaiBVMK, being the newspaper designated by said City Council tor such pubUeaaoa . - 1 t , J. 8. WALL, Superintendent oi Streets Of the City of Oax-landl CaL : Oakland. March 18, U92, ' JAMES HAWLEY ET AL.S. 1 Defendants. J Action brought in the superior Court of county of Alameda, btate of California, and the complaint filed iu ea d county of Alameda, In the office of said clerk of said Superior Court. j The People of tbe State of Call for n a send greeting to James Hawley, William Hawley, Thomas Hawley. Charlotte Cornell, Elizabeth Holt, and H. D. Holt, defendants. oa are hereby required to appear ia an action brought against you by the above uatned plaintiff iu the Super lor Court of the county of Alameda, State ot California, and to answer the comp aiut tiled therein, within ten days (exclusive of the day of service) after service on you of this summons, if served within this county, otherwise within thirty days. The said action is brought to obtain a Judgment: First. Adjudging that 'the above named defendants, except H. D. Holt who is the husbaud of the defendant, Elisabeih Holt, have sot, and that no one of the in has any estate, right, title or Interest of. in or to the real oroperty hereinafter described, or any part thereof, and to at they and eacn oi mem be perpetually enjoined and restrained from pretending to have or atserrlng any claim thereto, or any right or interest therein. be co: id. That the plaintiff is seised in fee of said real property and every part thereof, aiid that his title thereto is good and Vsl.d. Third That the plaintiff recover his costs of suit herein. The real property above referred to la described a follows: That certain real property situate in Wash ington township, county of Alameda and State of California, described as follows, to wit: Commencing at a point on the north line of the road leading from Union City to the San Jose Mission, and on the west Una of a on hundred acre tract of land of Baker and Curt-ner, formerly owned by William Hopkins; thence running northerly along said Baker and Curtner's west line to the Alameda river; thence down the south bank of said liver to sucn a point that a line ran parallel with the first mentioned line will include between the first, second and third boundaries or lines, aad the said road one hundred acres of land, and no more nor less; being tha same land deeded bv John M. Horner to Isaac B. Horner by his deed dated Nov. 10th. 164, and being tha same land deeded to Joseph Ralph by Graves and Dyer on tbe twentieth day of January, le7; That tha description above given i m accord ance with the landmarks and boundaries as they existed on the 4th day of November, 1S37; special reference being made to the complaint oa file herein for further particulars. And yoa are hereby notified that tf yon - fail to appear and answer the said complaint as above required, the said plaintiff will apply to the above-namea court tor ins reiiei ae-manded In tha complaint herein. . 1 . J Given under my band and the seal of tha Superior court of the county of Alameda. State of California, this I4tn day of March, In the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninety-two. isasx euranioa oopavAtAM bpa, -GOttTti CAUVoaHiA. JAMES E. CRANX i - Clerk. By RoBgatXPOAa, . . - Deputy Clark. - W. HAMILTON. Attormayfar Plaiatlfr, SOS (JsUlforaia 8 root, umm X'rneleo,Ca.l. VOUNO LADY WOULD TEACH MUSI'S A eettificatei T. C L., English educntiou. and assist in light duties, bamry no object. Address "Music," box 5, this office. OCNG LADY WOULD LkKE A FEW MORE A engagements to sew In private fnmilies: wages (1 26 per day or will do work ' reasonable at home: reference from dressmaker, Please call or address Mid-- M.. t6S -tV'ctJSter street. tlerj-cu. uue ot the fiuest local! paioi roomers:-1 iliraa i4. U n.ath c ir a lh e c tv; tho d'.s- DOAhii .i.v KxuMs-lS A3 l it" UrcHitl.. u r'.fdioD. Iu lsr5 fin Kl!i' OAKLAND, bouse coram lining a i jtrb vic-w of i-ay aud ur-rouudiu c-.unt-y : iVMias aud b-iard :u a stricuy p.-i vela fai-.i:.y tn teslrsblu parties: large yrj and barn: rvt-.-rvas e ( ail or adiiress tirJ tt Thir-y secout .-ircJ. kElfo.vT ii'V E. SAS! PAULO iconc, ix.-wen li-h and lath street: cvcr7rbtii4 lie w i 3;t-c.at: room uitaue fur txmiiies, with or without lc.rd MRS. M. J. EM.VO i ruMlotres-. T FEMALli HELP WANTED L1TT1.E GIRL, 11 TO 14 YEARS TO HELP about bouse, a good bomer -andschooling, or a small salary paid. Address Mrs. L. B., box 2. this otfii-e OR Thirteenth tree's. COMPETENT GIRL street, between Castro and drove l' AJiTED A general housework; wages 130. At 66 ANTED A GOOD GIRL FOR GENERAL housework. 10 JO Fourteenth straet ' ' AN 1ED A YOUNG GiKLf OR GENERAL housework. Inquire at il Tenth street. L.OST AAD FOUND. T OST FRIDAY JLd horse with cut tall, also .had ICO RNTNG. V T ELLOW L also had oa - blanket. Finder will receive reward at 1261 Came bail sir ser, west waaiant . WANTED a GIRL WHO Id A GOOD COOK and laundress nd do the general housework: references required: waeea Sib to ltd. Call at MRS. J. II. MtVtUS, corner Audubon street and Strawberry Creek,. East Berkeley. Take Telegraph avenue cars. ROOMS AS it llOAKI) WAXlEi) VT ANTED ROOM JlND BOARD FOR MAN", It wife aud chiid.wltnia ai minutes' walk to Brookbn s atiou, -private family preferred: tt? with termi, ett'. ATldregi G F. i"., P. O. iLastXisciauc FLATS TO KENT- 1"OR EEM-rUli Or- TUrtEE AN1 FOf .4 1 rooms eacn. lor honsskeepin, in tha Hti-I.n blocx. corner Niaweuui iuvit ahdsa lau.j avenue. Avr rtmu rua or u J.J. HAN if IN HOLMii TO KENT. 1 W1 T ANTED A- bonaework: WOMAN wages 2 FOR GENERAL 11&4 Fourteenth. WASl'ED-A YOUNG GIRL TO ASSIST IN vV light housework in a family of two per sons. Cail between x and 4 o e-ock. sou street, references required. 844 Jack- W ANTED NEAT YOUNG GIRL FOR WAlT-ing on table, sewing and making herself a. u. an useful. renerallv Tuesday. Wednesday or f hura 3ay, Apply 1403 Jackson street r or Thursday, between 10 Reference. tT ANTED PA RTlEd W, HO ARE IN WaNT H of household lurniture to call and see the largest assortment of mods In thisor sat other sity; we all but give goods hwav; auction sales are not In itat H. SCHEi.LHAAa',404 to 41 Eleventh street. SITUATIONS WANTED MALK. A YOUNG GERMAN WOULD LIKE TO GET Ik a situation mnrivate familv: nnderstsnds the care of horses, bug git -trdenlng andean auk; would not object to ..ng to the country. Address C. F. H., box 7, this oftce. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A PLACE AS gardener and take cere of horses; can rive three years' references ton. Martie aveaue; half block street. Address F. E. JOHN- from Adeline COOK GOOD COOv hotel or restaurant. Cook , box 7. this office. WANTS SITUATION good baker. Adlress COACHMAN AND GROOM BY A MAN WHO KJ thoroughly understands tbe business, also nnaemanas ptsm gsrcening and cows and make Himself general useful: best tefereaeea A PPRENTICE WOULD LUCK TO LEARN Jt. tailoring. Address M. R. box ft. this office. OITUATIOX WANTED BY YOUNO MAN TO O take ore of gentlemens place; understands care oi norsee, cows aad garden. Address w. B,, box 6. this office, - - WANTED A SITUATION TOGETHER BY an energetic young German couple with private family will endeavor to give eauafae-iioncan give good reference. Apply to T. - K. BUsVXg, &2 Broadway. - FOR RENT A DESIRABLE CPTTAGS "four room in the rear; completely furnished lor housekeeping; very reasonable for adults. Apply Sis Third street, near Webster a 1 rV) LET ELEGANT NEW HOUSE OF S X rooms with ail modern conveniences; es- ment waik; situated oa Brooklyn ucigait; convenient to cr line: iarge lot; wui r. nt te good tenant fur $30 per montn. tor further particulars apply to J. L COOKE, 619 feast kleventh street, near Brooklyn ilea on, Eat Oakland. ri"0 LET $2, HOUSE OF FIX ROOMS AND 'X bath, conta ning all modern improTeraeuis wifb stable aud barn, at 117 East 'ouxteenth sv. between tecond ana Third s venues, tist Oakland, inquire at HUiING'S. 3Ty iwtlitn -r. rpo LET II0l5E OF 5 ROOMS AND BATH, X parti furnished. Apply ?20 Center srrsct. HOUSES WANTED. COTTAGE WANTED OF ABOUT 6 ROOM?, we l located, in Aiameds. Address H. F. D, box L ihottice.! - - "1"I7 ANTED TO K.T IN i - ary good 4 ness" :oi OAKLAxi O.t n a icniio-ti rooming bouse, from 10 to SO rooms; re.ert.if-e exctiaugid. Aply to T. R. BLK.., J" br.ia- WIT. STOKES AND .OFFICES TO J.K r. FOR RENT OTFIC'ES iND BOOMS CKN-trally located, rooms well ligLitd m i ri-u:i-lated; all modern arrangements: ia t.'cu:d thira story of the new "bruwu liail jiii;." northeast corner Teeth and Weahingtou tr va Apply on premises, entrance on isaui s;rik . HAliliS TO ItEXT. NEATLY FITTED UP. EHiL BiLl. r : trally located to rent lcsiyt. 1 1. Fridays, taturdsys sod feun;. s. cr ins Aypiy at Iu4 Tp fii i " AK.MY li ALL 1-1-: ' RAND

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