Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on March 14, 1892 · Page 5
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 5

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1892
Page 5
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OAKIaATO DAILY EVENING TErBTrNE, MONDAY. MABCH 14. 1892. BERKELEY. Euipi af t.i Towa Frca j a Csstly . CsBfiasntlQi. Itmv rmUwl Biekwd ef the TrwtoM Cltiseae Faver Ckensleal Engine. Bncnn, March 14- The splendid nsw block of Stawart & Trowbridxe, corner of Dwljrht way and Shattuck avenue, cam very near bains destroyed by fire Saturday if ternoon. Io many of the rooms the neo-Mary thimbles have not been placed in the stove boles and temporary affairs are aestltuted. In the room occupied by Mr. Naylor, cashier of the Commercial and Barings Banks, a sack was rolled up and used as a thimble. This caught fire from the heat arising from the bakery on the first floor and dropped into the room, setting fire to a piece of clothing. Mr. Naylor -wss away at the time and the -fire was not dticATirid until the odor of smoke reached the stores below. Damage to the extent of $200 was done before the flames were extin guished. ProMrtY-owners are becoming seriously alarmed at the unprotected condition of the town in case of fire. Had the blase Saturday afternoon not been discovered in time the damage to the town might easily . have resetted over $100,000. The new block has seven finely fitted stores on the first floor, all heayiiy stocked with new goods. The valuable properties aajoimng wotua - certainly have been destroyed. The citizens are earnest in their demands for protection from such dangers, and the insurance companies are on the point of raising the rates of premiums. President Eickard of the Town Trustees was spoken to the otber day on the subject. He said. "Something must be done as soon as possible.' ' Uis idea was to have an issue of bonds, as there is now no proper fund for the purpose of sufficient mount to enable the town to purchase several chemical engines. With tbe addi- . tioa of more hydrants and some fixe hose, .. these engines would meet all the requirements in Berkeley. Fire engines are ex-p nsive, and need careful attention. The water pressure is. however, strong enough to do away with the need of the engines. At present nothing can be bought, as the board has no money. Mr. Rickard'a views are strongly indorsed by a large number of citizens, who, however, want what must be done to be eone quicuy. Around Town.' Mrs. C. C. Pernns, wife of John Perrins, has commenced a suit for divorce, alleging extreme cruelty oh tbe part of her husband. Perrins will file a cross-complaint alleging desertion on the part of his wife. Mrs. Perrins has asked for $100 attorney's feee and $50 per month alimony. Tbe case will be tried in tbe (Superior Court of San Francisco. Mrs. Perrins has not lived with her husband for some time, but has resided in San Francisco. The ohildren have remained with their father. Perrins lost his fine borne by fire two weeks ago, and the children are with their grandmother. Harry Turner of Chico has been visting -friends in Berkeley for several months. Mrs. A. M. Du Bose is very ill with pneumonia. "Miss Prather of Fresno is visiting her cousin. Miss Birdie Lester. College Note. The second grand instrumental concert given by the Berkeley Athenseum under the direction of John VV. Metcalf will be given tomorrow evening. A programme of unusual excellence has been arranged -tn accordance with tbe musical preferences shown by the audience at tbe last concert. The following well-known artists take part: Mrs. Carmichaet Carr, bigmund Beel, Louis Heine, John W. Metcalt, and Miss fiopaie Newland. The petition o! the senior class that they be allowed interest on their diploma fund has been refused by the Regents. Hitherto the class has received a comfortable amount from this source, which ban usually been appropriated to Class Day expenses. The deposit is now turned over to the treasurer of the University and in- trAat atnnnMl. , A pleasant innovation has been made by Instructor Magee in the gymnasium drill, which makes tbe exercises one of the most pleasing of the college course. A piano is - now played during all classes in dumbbell, Indian club and ehestweight exercises. An unconscious ease and grace is acquired by the classes when keeping time to.musiu. Tbe effect is very pretty when one of the larger classes of sixty or seventy is exercising on the floor. Mr. Magee says that ' ' his experience here and in the large gymnasiums of the East has shown that the. re- , suits of the exercise conducted with the musical accompaniment were more beneficial , to both the mind and body of the students. A meeting of tbe chemical section of the Science Association will be held tomorrow morning. Professor Hilgird wilt read a paper on "Some Features of the Chemistry of Alkali Soils." The rifle team will be organized Wednesday and will thereafter practice each drill 'day under tbe direction of Quartermaster McKisick and Serceant Stetson. WEST BERKELEY. West Bkrkelky, March 14 The Nationals will give a grand prize masquerade , ball af Sistema Hall on April 23d. n ..ki. if . ,T ' i . s uonatapio wcicf out rriuay arrested William White, the proprietor of the Geys-berger saloon on a charge of battery sworn out by James White, au old man over 60 years of age, who says that White without any provocation knocks! him down and severely beat him over tbe bead. W. K Mills bas purchased property on Jit;btb street and is having the house re-uiodeleJ. He and his family have recently arrived from Alaska, where they have re-tided for tbe last eight years. Mr. Mills is an old fur merchant, but desires to retire lroai business. " Town Ear neer King was acquitted be-' - fore Judpe Penwell Saturday ot tbe charge brought bv H. E. Aineof malicious mis-rh.ef. Sometime aco King while surveying for some street work used some old torn down, fenee belonging to Aine for ttakes. Aine said King tore it down but me iatier proved his innocence and the esse " was dismissed and costs charged to plain-tilt - SOUTH BERKELEY. Sooth Berkeley, March 14. Miss Jean-tte Duncan of Clayton was visiting friends in South Berkeley Sunday. ' Chsrlie Smith and his mother of San ! a a a e- s r j- weuaww wwav WJ f VAWO Sr va att smsm smmm.t9 Taynton yesterday. The new South Berkeley Methodist Episcopal Sunday school will have to seek more commodious quarters. Their rooms over Stewart & Trowbridge's store now in use are too small for the accommodation of the large number of children wbo attend. A. Lambert and Andy Bickett returned home yesterday morning from a hunting - trip on the Ban Joaquin river. The past week of una weather b as kept South Berkeley real estate men busy showing would-be purchasers choice lots. . li-,.; .. IiORLN. . ' Lomor, March 14. Mias Ethel White en- tertained a number of her young friends in n very enjoyable manner at her residence on Woolaey street last Friday. Games, dTfrig and other pleasant pastimes far' bished the amusement. Soma excellent xnusio was furnished by Frank Gibb. " Among those present were: Miss Ethel White. Addie Sydnor. Josie Crew, Lou Crew, and Messrs. Frank Gibb, Leo Bod-gers. George Crew. Harry White, Arlie L. Dixon. . ' - T. J. Thompson has returned from Rename county, accompanied by Mrs. St. Clair, who is bow the guest of Mrs. Larsca, - Yesterday was an occasion cf unusual interest at Park Church. The edifice was " " reopened ee undergoing several months' repairs, in vhictt time it bad keen papered, .timed glass windows put in, and a fence pretty and neat now and will probably accommodate the present congregation for two! or three years mora. Her.-Mr. Frear of East Oakland preached yesterday morning and excellent music was provided by a choir of eight voices. Mrs. Morgan of San .Francisco sang solos both at morning and evening services. TJ, O. WbitehUl of this place is now eon-ducting a grocery business on' San Pablo stay mo aveaue, uaaiand. GOLDEN GATE. pLDEit Gate, March 14. O. A. Rudolph, pal real estate dealer, is suing bis part- I F. Boegle, for dissolution of partner- Tee Bnworth Leaame is preparing for its free) entertainment in tbe Golden Gate Methodist Episcopal Church on the 20th init, Ope of Golden " Gate's small boys was bitten by a vicious dog last evening. The dog was afterwards killed. Tfamps are becoming altogether too numerous In this section. ' , Mrs. Village is still on the sick list. Captain Gifford reports the real estate business good. Several new buildings are being erected in the Villa tract. Professor Van Buskirk's orchestra meet for practice at A. . Leechs. 8TOC&YAHDS. SfocxvABos, March 14. H. Slater, a driver of, one of tbe delivery wagons for theprrn of Slater Brothers, ran into one of thetNew Broadway street cars on Saturday. Two of the windows were broken Slater claims it was the fault of tbe car driver. M. Slater, wbo has been ill for the past two) weeks, is slowly recovering. 1 1 is reported that Jack Stormes has purchased a halt interest in tbe Mid get Saloon. EAST OAKLAND. Youig Miller Is Rapidly Dispensing With His Snug Fortuue. Lively Scrimmage at the White House. Youoj Men's Institute Annual Flcnic EisT Oakland, March 14. The steam ship St. Paul, which has been anchored in the estuary during the winter, will . be put in commission shortly. She will sail in a fe flays for Oiinalaska with fishing sup plies. Young Will Miller, who recently inherited a snug little fortune, has been having a good time lately. A few days ago he hired a team from O' Hare's stable and took a drive to Hay wards. On his ' return tbe stableman made a complaint about the condition of the horse, whereupon Miller, to settle the matter, paid S500 for the rig. Its jreal value is about $400, and it is thought that O'Hare's complaint was not altogether spontaneous. Miller has also purchased the Gera saloon on East Twelfth street and he is treating h a friends royalist There was quite a lively scrimmage at the White House Thursday night. Mul-hoiland, one of Billy Gallagher's trainers, got into an altercation with one of tbe waitresses and so far forgot himself as to strike her. Frank Mosher, the proprietor, eventually restored peace. Sam Bbnsline, a well-known comic singer residing on Thirteenth avenue, has recovered from his three weeks' illness. Mrs. James B. Farley died at her residence Friday afternoon. She was for many yeais a prominent member of the First Baptist Church of Oakland. Tbe annual picnic of the Young Men's Institute will be held at B.g Trees on May 12thl A meeting of the committee to perfect Arrangements will be held at their hall tonight. The sale of the Williams Block, corner of Twelfth street and Twelfth avenue, is reported. Mis. Gray is (he purchaser, and will tun tbe place as a hotel. WEST OAKLAND.' No Attempt Made by the Police Restrain tbe Riotous Hoodlums. to Edgar Soule Is Presented With a Gold a Watcb Serloas Illness of Bnkemtn Thomas. West Oakland, March 14 The residents on Adeline street, south of Seventh, are loud in their complaints of the orgies of the gang of hoodlums who nightly congregate on he vacant Hot near the Tompkins school. Last night a general free fight was in progress, to tbe disturbance of the peace of the neighborhood, and although search was jmade for a police officer, cot one could be found. Edgar 8. Soule, operator and clerk in tbe master mechanic's office, has been transferred to Sacramento. A (very pleasing ceremony recently took place at the residence of Operator B. F. Cutnmings. who works on the pier. His friends called on him and preseuted him witli a handsome gold watch as a mark of their esteem. Ed Thomas, the brakeraan, who is suffering jfrom an attack of typhoid pneumoia, is seriously ill at present and is not expected to recover. Tne result of an inquiry at Dr. Woolsey's hospital was not at all encouraging: A (surprise party was tendered to Harry i Agtua last rriday at the residence of his mother on F.ignth street. A very pleasant evening was passed. Miss . Maggie Jones was awarded the first prize for a very clever recitation. ; ' A very interesting debate took place Friday (night among the members of the Bee Debating Society of tbe High school. The subject under debate was "is private education more beneficial than public education"?" The majority voted in the affirmative. Miss Ids Belle Palmer spoke in fa voir of the resolution, and Ray Howell led the opposition. A Birthday Party. large party of the young friends of Harry L. Cook assembled at tbe residence of Mrs. A. B. Taylor, 829 Myrtle street, on Wednesday, March 9th, the occasion being the twenty-first birthday anniversary of Mr. Cook, a near friend of the family. The evening passed off very pleasantly with music, games and otber diversions. Refreshments were served at 11 o'clock. The guests departed at 1 o'clock, wishing Mr. Cook many happy returns ot the day. Mr. Cook came here from Los Angeles about two years ago, an4 in that time has made many friends by his genial, pleasant man ner. BEST Of ALL. To cleanse the system in a gentle and truly beneficial manner, when the Springtime comes, use the true and perfect remedy, Syrup of Figs. One bottle will answer for ail the family and costs only 50 cents; the large size $L Try it and be pleased. Manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. Ussd ia Hiliions of.Hgmrr PPH1ES ; ALAMEDA. Narrow Escape From Dsatk of an litoxi-- citsiSaa Franciscan. Chapter or Aeeideata Hoodlami on the Kampage N otea From tbe City. Alameda, March 14. A frightful accident occurred last evening at 8econd avenue station on the narrow gauge, which nearly cost James Holmgren his life. Just before 7 o'clock, the man. who resides in San Francisco, went to the station to take the train for his home, and as usual In such cases, he stood on the wrong track waiting for the cars. Tbe engineer did not see him until too late to stop, and Hoimeren was knocked down by the pilot and rolled tor a distance of twenty-rive feet. When people rushed to hie assistance be was unconscious. Dr. Smith gave him temporary relief and he was taken to tbe Receiving Hospital in Oakland. An examination showed that he bad sustained a compound fracture of the right thigh and a superficial fracture of the skull, besides several severe bruises. Wneu he regained coasciousness the patient said be was under the influence of liquor when the accident occurred, but he knew what be had been doing. People who saw the accident say it was the narrowest escape from death tbey ever saw. Uncirilized Kamam. Alameda is unfortunate in possessing a band of tough hoodlums who seem to be particularly lucky in escaping arrest. Their general haunt is in the West End and up around Bay-street station, and once in a while they go on a tear and terrorize the good people of the city. Yesterdav afternoon the Ring amused themselves by stoning passing trains and many of the passengers had .narrow escapes from injury. Ona of the rocks crashed through a car-window and injured a gentleman who was returning t ban i rancisco. it is tune the proceedings of this gang were slopped, and if an Alameda policeman would sur-Drise himself some time by getting out to the scene of these depredations and arrest-in a few . so many hints about collusion between the police and the toughs would not be heard. Such hints are getting pretty common of late and it is time that the Alameda police were getting a shaking up from somebody. Derelict Taxpayers. There is complaint that the money for the Hatght avenue improvement is uot coming in as rapidly as it should. So far but four persons have paid their assessments, and the total ameunt does not exceed $49. After March 25th 5 per ceut will be added for delinquency. Alameda Note: Trees have been planted around the park. Edgar Holmes, who drives a coal wagon, was knocked from his wagon Saturday and crushed by the wheel. Three ribs were broken. The Bay View Tennis Club has been organized at the grounds of F. P. Bcoc, corner of Santa Clara avenue and Fourteenth street. W. H. Harnden has returned from Los Angeles, where he went to attend the funeral of his brother. A woman was thrown from an Alameda narrow-gauge local yesterday and badly cut and bruised. The public schools are closed this week. The cement walk in front of Mastick station will be laid this week. Alfred Beadle has returned from a trip to Humboldt county. Kev, John Kirby of the Park Street Church has almost recovered from his attack of paralysis. Special services devoted to the Bov' Brigade were held in the Presbyterian Church last evening. Joe Vargus has been arrested for raising a disturbance among the passengers in a narrow-gauge train. Ed Riley and a man named Finley had a quarrel on Park street '.Saturday night, which resulted in a general row, and tbe former got himself into prison as a result. He will have a seance with Judge Uznay this afternoon. G. C. King of Santa Clara avenue has returned from Yuba county. Ca tain A: B. Webber goes to A. laska on the 25th with bis bark for a season's fishing. Peter Hopkins and family have returned from Sarataga. JUGGLERY IN THE KITCHEN. Some of tb Trick Practiced In tha Sals of Adulterated Baklnc Powders. Is there not some city ordinance that will protect housekeepers from the peripatetic female with the baking powder tests ? Nobody wishas to turn a woman from the door, but really tbe frequency with which this one, or her sister, is sent around by the baking powder concern that employs her makes her, even if t'ie cleverest of her sex, a bit tiresome. Then tbe "tests" she makes are so unscientific, not to say fraudulent, that they are likewise becomtning a bore. Here, for instance, is one of them: A sample of the baking powder found in the kitchen visited, and which it is intended to defame, is placed in a glass, mixed with a little water, and stirred. Being a pure powder it foarns up like champagne, although the bubbles of carbonic acid gaa will continue to rise for a long time. Tbe tester then takes a sample of tae powder which she is trying to introduce and treats it in the same' manner. The result is a glassful of yeast-like foam. This action, she claims, is evidence ot the superiority and greater strength of her powder, whereas it is caused solely bv the flour with which the powder idifargeiy adulterated, and it is indisputable evidence of such adulteration. To prove this, add a little flower to the other powder, mx thoroughly, add tbe water, stir it up, and the same result will be produced to a degree dependent upon the quantity of flour used. The object of these people is, of course, to deceive the consumers as to the qualities of their baking powder and tbe baking powder used in the kitchen visited. The attempt to injure honest goods and make a market for an adulterated article by such methods is dishonest and desnic- .able. But to try to palm.olf ddod anv woman such a silly trick lor a scientific test is an insult to her intelligence. KKAJU lIATB IKAM8AOIIONB. DEEDS. Monday, March 14th. Charles Camden and wife to Ernest A. Heron, lots 1 to 11, 16, 17. IS, block A; block E; Mock F (except lots 13 and 14); blocks L, J, K; block I (except lota and 10;; lots 2 to 5, 12 to 17, and JO, block G; lots 1, 2. 3, block Di; lots 1 10 13, block D: lot 12 to 17. 2j, 3, 4, 5, block G; lots 3, 6, 7, northeast bo feet of lot , end northeast 50 feet ot lotL block C; lots 1, d, 12, 13, 14. biock B; block H, Linda Vista terrace; also piece of land on Moss avenue, Oakland township: ilO. E. A. Heroa ta Charles uamdeu, undivided two-thirds 'interest in lot on south line of Frederick street, 106 feet west from Park street, west 19 feet, eoath 53 feet, eaut lib feet to Park street, north 37.25 feet to south Hue of Shell Moand tract, west to beginning; also, lots 11 to 17, 21 to 42, block B; block C, Camden Twenty-third avenue tract; aUo, lot on northeast corner of King and Frederick streets, ea!t ti:t feet to south line of Shell Mound tract, wes t to King street, south 16 feet to beginning ; also, lot on west line of King street at south line of Shell Mound tract, west S23.67 feet to patent line, south 140.95 feet, east 372.90, southeast 373 U5 to entrance to Bhaata avenue, east to King street, north 607.00. East Oakland; S10. William il. Winchester to lxrieta Winchester. Yf arfi ffca Standard. his wife, lots 59 and 67, Capitol - Homestead, East Oakland; also, lot on northwest corner of Seventh and Campbell streets, west 57:8x104 feet; also, lot oa west line ot Union Hreet, 133:6 feet south from Twenty-fourth, south 39x115, Oakland: also, lot 116, Encinal Perk tract, Alameda, quitclaim; gift. - Charies Koebn to Forrest & Crowley, south yt of northwest and south of northeast Selection 8. township S south, range 4 east, portion In San Joaquin county and portion in Murray township, Murray township; 110. John 1. Rtilav and wife to Thomas B. Fine-gan, lot on south line of Thiitv-aecond street, 400 feet east from Grove, east 25x113, Oaklaad; fti'jj. d. H. and C. P. Moore and wife to Golden Gata Lumber Company, lot on northwest Hue of Fourteenth avenue. '-'9 feet southwest from East TWelfth street, southwest 26, northwest 100, northeast 25, southeast 55, northeast 1, southeast 45, East Oakland; 2400. E. C. Arnold and wife to A. T. Ay res, lot on west line of West street, 140 feet north- from Tweuty-ninth. north 2Sxl4J, re-record (correc tion deed). Oakland; v. . William F. Lewis and wife to Daniel Midiel-storb, lot 7, block J, Paradise Park. Oakland towosnip: $10. . . Hugh Hoesn and wife to P. E. O'Hatr, lot 81, re-survey of Hogan's re-subdivision lots 22, 23, 24, Kingeland tract. Brooklyn townsbip; $10. W. C. Bousfield to Mabel W. and Lizzie H. Whitmore, lot on southeast line of Twelfth avenue. 116 feet northeast from East Seventeenth Hn?h Hocran and wife to Peter Buhman, lot on north line of Denuinou street, 100 feet east from Kennedy, east 25x170, East Oakland; $10. Jesse Bowles and wife to A. T. Hatch, 242.59 irc on mm ii oin? at northwest corner of plot 22. Rancho El Valie de San Jose, south 86.13 chains by east 67.14 chains, JUurray townsoip; $30 000 j". L. Scotchler and wife to Louis Gottshall, undivided y. interest in lot on weot line of Oxford street, 120 feet north from Vine, north 361:8 bv wast 134:7. Berkeley; $10. Andrew Johnson and wifa to Dixon Brabbaa, lot oa south lln of Butter worth street, 160 feet west from Ralston, west 40x135, State University Homestead, So. 3, oaKianu townsnip: Charlotte G, Pa?e to F. O. L. Hobsou. lot 16, block D. OakUnd View Homestead Association, Oakland, quitclaim; $j0 A. V. Tuohy to Carrie I., wife of Hugh Mc-Whinnev, lot on east line of Walnut street, 120.31 feet north from Eunice, north 195, east 134, south 195, west 134 35, Berkeley: $2100. James Watt, George Bremner et. at. to L. H. Poekman, lots 26 and 27, biock A; lots 28 and 29, block B, subdivision of blocks A and B ia lot 3, Dour tract. Oakland township; $10. ftfr!r w. Reaser and wife to Maraaret L, Hernott, lots "29 ttnd 30, Hamilton tract, Oakland township; tlu. Isaac L. Cohen and wife to Georpe W, Reaser, lot 51). Piedmont tract, Oakland township; $10. Francisci P. Fortado to Munuel f. Amaral, 1?, acies ou east line of Laurel road, adjoining Lewelliuss' Nursery, taeu ton-rump; $sjj. K. A. tlu"-hon and wife to Emma H. Hilton lot 22. block B and lot 23, bloc A, Teachers' irn.pt. Onitlanit township, uuitciaim: $3. V. C. Richards and wire to Myron T. Hol- comb, lot on east Una ot Adeline street, wi: feet south from Sixteenth, south &yj127, Oak land: Arthur M. Hill to Edsvari W. HIU, lot on north line of Clinton avenue, ijC leet east lrom wu- low street, etst 100x130. Alameda: to. Edward W. Hill to the executors of the estate of Samuel Hill, deceased, same: 1COO. Samuel aud iloutomery Howe to Edward Hutit, lot 16, block 11, resubdivision of blocks 10 and 11. Howe ttaut, Oaklaud township: $oi0. Maiia Elansgau to il. C. o' locle, loi 1, block 13, Berkeley Villa Association, Kerkeiey; $1000. William Holtz to Voikert M. Frodden, lot on north line of Santa Clara avenue, S43 feet west from Third uvenue, wett 40 to Enciual street by 150, Alameua. qulielairu; $1. Edward A. Younger aud wife to John A. Rus-seil, lot on easit line of Paru street, 175 feet south from Liay or Dayton avenue, east 24, south to patent lino, southwest to east line of lot 17, bl.jck J, Oak Park tract, west to Paru street, north 192. Alameda; $10. John II. (iilruore ana wife to James C. Jordan, plot 5 (containing a. 9t acres), Watson 100 acre tract. East Oakland; $14,2o0. Jimca L. Barker and wifa to town of Berkeley, lots 2. 3, 25 and 2(5, block B, Uoldeu Gate Homestead; also lot 2 (except north 30 feet thereof), block 6, College Homestead Association. Berkeley; $10. George achmidt to same, lots 1 to 7 and 32, block 118, Allstoa tract, Berkeley ; $10. J. L. Scotchler. L. Gottshall aud wives to same, lot ou north line ol University avenue, 20 feet west from Sacramento street, west 17ox-206 to Berkeley way vexcept;buikliugs), Berkeley: $10. . Edmund ft. Gray and wife to same, lot J, Dlock B, Golden Gate Homeattad, Berkeley; $10. John A. Lambert to Elizabeth Lambert, his wifa, lots 14 to 17. block A, Paradise Park, Oakland township; gift. H. I). Bass'ett and wife, L. D., to Hannah Eberspacher, .9o6 acres on east line of D. S. Smalley, adjoining giantee, Eden township; $10. Same to John P. Durham and wife, Lll acres on north line of grantors, Eden township; $10. Same to Hann&h E. Ebdrspacher, 19 foot strip right of way, from south line of B street, Hay-wards; $10. John Eberspacher and wife, H. E., toH. D. Bassstt,;iot 20x577 feet on south line of B street,at wert line of G. Prowse, Haywards: $10. C. L. Tavlor and wife to Catherine O'Toole. lot 3 and south of lot 2. block H, Taylor i Page tract, Alameda (in correction); $10. J. N. Knowles Jr. to Lizzie Kelly, lot on west line ot Linden street, 50 feet north from Fifth, north 25x100, Oakland; $1C. W. C. Price and wife to Price, Berlin & Co., lot on southeast corner East Twentieth street and Twenty-fourth avenue, southwest 105x150 feet, East Oakland; $:)01 OS E. E. Parsons and L. E. Lee to Bacon Lsnd aud Improvement Company, lot 25, block A, amended map of re&ubdivisiou of Haight tract, Alameda; $415. Emelia A. c. Page to Thomas McGuire, lot 1, block E, ou southwest corner of Eagle avenue and Sherman street, west 125 feet by south 25, Alameda ; $10. S. Levi Sr. to Frederick J. Ramme. north 90 feet of lot 36 and south 30 feet of lot 37, revised map of J. Levi Sr. tract, Brooklyn township; $8b5. Kittle M., wife of G. W. Dearborn, to Regina Reilly, lot on southeast line of Seventh avenue, 190 feet southwest from East Twenty -second street, south west 50x135, East Oaklaad, quit claim ; $5. Ira A. Boynton and wife to Harriet A., wife of Austin Hills, lot 11, block 1, Sea View Park. Berkeley; $100. W. A. Griffith and w fe to J. Henry Klee, lot ou north line of Twentieth street, lsO feet west from Telegraph avenue, west 25x100, Oakland, quit claim; $1. MORTGAGES. Monday, March 14th. Fannie C, wife of John W. Curtis, to Peter V. Stone, lot 3, Quint tract, Oakland township; $300. Thomas B. Finegan to John P. Reilay, as in deed; $40. Ernest A. Heron to Oakland Bank of Savings, lots 1 to 11. block A; block E: block F (except lots 13 and 11;: blocks L, J and K; block I (except ots 9 and 10); blocks Hand DD; lots 1 to 11, block D; lots 13 to 17. 20, 3, 4 and 5, block G; lots 2 and 3, Mock C; lots l, 5, 13 and 14, block B, Linda Vista Terrace, Oakland township; $60.0W. : H. P. Moreal to Hermann Kower, lot 104, En-ciDal Park tract. Alameda; $o00.i Mrs. R. C. Quackenbush to D. B. Finch, lot on the northeast corner of Laurel street and San Pablo avenue, north 76 feet, east 103, south 66 to Laurel, west 7QH. Oakland ; $2100. J. G. Huber to Mary Beeny, lots 29 and 30, White House plot, Oakland township; $650. L. E. Kelly and wife to Martha A., wife of R. F. Simpson, lots 25 to 35, 13 and 19, Kelly tract, portion of Watson's 100-acre tract, Oakland; $1600. Myron T. Holcomb to Union Savings Bank, lot on east line of Adeline street, 360 feet north from Fourteenth, north 5Vsxl27, Oakland; $2500. J. A. A. Sander to William Metcalf. lot on south line of Eighth street, 75 feet west from Harrison, west 50x100, Oakland; $2300. Moses J. Frank to Alameda Macadamizing Comoanv. lot on north line of East Fourteenth street, 75 feet eatt from Nineteenth avenue, east 75x140, East Oakland; $130 70. Mabel N. and Lizzie M. Whitmore to Axel Jc nson, as in deed; $1000. Voikert M Frodden and wife to Pacific Coast Savings Society, as in deed; $1000. O. S. Calderwood and wife to George W. Roy. 50 acres (except portion deeded to Alameda county), portion plot 26, subdivision of Rancho El Valle de San Jose, Murray towaship; $3000. Same to Thomas Fanning, same: $1500. John Eberspacher and wife, H., to Manuel Peters, 3.039 acres'on south line of B street, adjoining land of D. S. Smalley, Haywards; $1537 25. Charles F. Burnham and wife to Ellen H. Chabot, lot on northwest corner of Elm street and Broadway, north 61, west 111:6, south east 9414, Oakland; $500. Emma H. Hilton to Equity Building and Loan" Association, lot 23. block A, lot 22,, block B, Teachers' tract. Oakland township; $600. David T. Hand and wife to Charles Lefstsd, east M of lot 3, block D, map rf blocks A to F, Hays A Caperton tract, Alameda; $200 Ia F. McDonald and wife to California Guarantee Investment Company, blocks 4 and 5, Tuohy addition to Berkeley; $2700 Hans J. Nor to M. C. Peterson. 7 acres on south line of East street. Eden township; $1500. Elmer Welsh and wife to Charles Prowse. lot on southeast line of C street. 350 feet southwest from Fourth, southwest 50, southeast 850 to Valley, north 60s, northwest SH, Haywards; $1500. J. Henry Klee to Union Savings Bank; lot on north line of Twentieth street, ISO feet west from Telegraph avenue, west 45x100, Oakland; $1500. - Harriet A., wife of Austin Hills to Amanda M.. wife of W. W. Clark, sa In deed; $1600, Frederick J. Ramme to J. Levi Sr.. as in deed;$70d. sii"S"SBSBsasWasW"Mwas . ' The Star anal Auditor. TheiiitUe dlfflcaltj now existing between the Mayor an dV jtuditor would never have occurred had the point at issue been the quality of Leanbardf s ice ereasa soda end candies, far everybody agrees that they axe the best ever made. -; . Dnuun lor family Bperrjl HAVE yOU THE GRIPPE!? Ha ay Keople Have It and Do Wot Kssv It. Bow ta Xteoosrntse the Bjmiusii and How to Treat Them. Hundreds of people have the Grippe who do not know it Not necessarily the final stages but the first stages, Thev feel pains in the head and a bad taste In the mouth, get tired and despondent, have chilly sensations, limbs and muscles ache. 1st some cases theaethinjrs are overlooked. In most cases perhaps they are considered simply a slight cold. In nearly every case they Indicate the coming ol Grippe. There is bat one thing to do when these symptoms appear, and that is to take prompt and vigorous measures, to fortify nature to repel the enemy. A little well directed effort at Just the right time will accomplish very much more than labored efforts afterwards There ia but one thing to be done, and that Is to use a pure stimulant, something that will promptly arrest, and in no way Injure, something endorsed by scientists, recommended by physicians, and popular because so edcieKt Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey, Two years ago, and last vear wuen the Grippe was raging, this was the standard remedy used and recommended by the profession. It did more to prevent the Grippe than all other known or recommended remedies. It preserved many people in health who would otherwise have been grievously sick, perhaps even worse. It is as eflicieut to-day as ever, it should be borne in mind that other so called whiskies may not be so efficient, and it any dealer asserts that such whiskies are tiie same, distrust him at oiice. There is but one medicinal whiskey, and that is Cully's Pure Malt. Latest novelties in millinery at Williams', 1161 Washington street. Lent Parlor Suits From 810 Upward at U. Schallhaas', 403 Eleventh street. tailing Hair. Produces baldness.. It is oheaper to buy a boitie of Skookura Root Hair Grower than a wig; besides, 'wearing your own hair is more convenient. All druggists. My good sight is owing to C. Muller'e perfect lit tint; glasses, 135 Montgomery St., near Bush, San Francisco. Above ail ethers. Fiocs. Sfe&bVs Family 'Sir Cake it DeajUi1 1 did not use Sperrv's Flour. Done Very Cheaply. 1 You should advertise your business some, no matter bow small it is. If you cannot allord to pay much, put your "ad" in our classified business directory, under which we will run it for 50c a month. Only Complete Stoclc of 10c Sheet Music! 769 Market Sr., San Francisco Agency Decker & Son Pianos. GOLDEN GATE GAS ENGINE! Simplest, Best, Cheapest "Spark" sure and perfect OAKLAND IRON WORKS, 2nd and Jefferson Streets. Oakland Cal. NEW YORK BAKERY. Cake, Pies and Milk Bread. Orders delivered to all parts of the city free of charge, 417 and 419 Ninth Street, Between Broadway and Franklin streets. JOHN PRACTICAL COHAN, HORSE SHOE!? formerly with Bobert Qilmora, Nones that Interfere and Quarter Cracks a Specialty Ell FOURTEENTH Street, near Washington Telephone No. 23 Oakland, Ca BAMBOO FURNITURE FACTORY. All kinds of First Class Bamboo Art Work made to order. Bicycles and Safeties for Sale or Hire. CHARLES W. ZFOISTG-, 504 13th St., bet. Washington and Clay Sta., Oakland. Goods delivered free in Oakland, Alameda, Berkeley, etc. AL. WOOD & BRO. - THE LEADING I -A. I BB" T" 3E3 S 463 Tenth St. AH work Bsarantaed first-class PATTERN HATS and MILLINERY NOVELTIES "THE SS3 V1S8IIGT0I STEEET, C II , FW On Ihe above days every lady visitor! will be entitled to a chance FREE in a drawing for an Imported Pattern Hat, said drawing to take place on Thursday, March; 17TH, at 8 P. M., publicly, at the Store, under the supervision of a 'Tribune" reporter. Winning number will be published in "The Tribune" Friday, March 18th J , Store will be open till 8 P. M. during the bpeninj days. JtlrTJEkcTiBBXxsm Spring Opening - : , i Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, MARCH 15th, MARCH lCfth, MARCH lftli, ! AND FOLLOWING DAYS. And Fine Millinery Novelties. ! I The Ladies of Oakland and vicinity are invited to call. Thanking my many patrons for past favors, and soliciting the same in the future, I am, respectfully, MRS. NETTIE 035 3.ro,d'K7ey OeitrMtias ui OAKLAHD :-: COHTR ACTING -G0OPA11I GENERAL CONTRACTORS FOR Alils KINDS OF STxtEET WORE. G?? Bittuniaoui Fsvrisf in aH it Smelts. T. T. OOOHR "N". : t : MaVNACSZe, QSct. 470 Tenth aircet. Q&klaarf. 1ELEPHONE 559. 6. r, G&Ar, pjtxsisxN't. W. H. RONTON, Mikkh, F. F. WARP, EacaaxAkT. THE GRAY Artificial : Stone : Paving : Company, ONCOBPOKATED). SCHILLING-EE PATENT. 412 Timm Etet, Oakland. la 15T PKK'bTBSKT, ALAMEBA, CAX.. H O SIO MOXTOMIKY tfTRBET. 3aS f ft Alf CISCO. CKU Na l South Fost Stbxkt. Los anoki.cs. Clu OFFICES: The Oakland Paving Co., ysKijt C5 ' and most durable vet used for maoaaaMxlnc 1 tais Eta to, will execute maafcipal and private contracts for all k ranches af strsst work, and will eontinae ta All ordsrs for its shipment of Its rock to other cities. Offics. room XI. BUka dt Hofflt BaildiBz. 90 Broadway. OAKLAND BREWERY, Oakland BROOKLYN EJ OAKLAND HOFBURG ELK LAGER from John 1 C A. THILO Maaagsr of Alataada County." . GKHERAL OFFICE. 465 Eighth Strost. Oakland. as CHA8. FBAHCK. ILK BOTTLING CO., j BOLE AGENCY f OX Depot : 820 Magnolia Street, - TELEFIONI M. ! 1 4 I i Cor. Fifth and Kir khans The Sest Brewed Deer ia Oaklud. BROWN & McKIKNOU TAILORS, icao Broadway, Havs received tkelr first lnvoiceof summer gooda. con si stint ol tae varioas staples sat cry lsust novelties for centlem en's wear. Tbe styles of goods far tns summer 9i 1H2, are the most desirable patteras xnrniahed by the deaisners and caano I fsrtorers for many years. If ever before. Call and we will snow j j ttem wita pleasara. Tours truly. BROWN McKINNON, 1018! BROADWAY Liiery. Boaidln AKB SALE STABLES, ! 6, 80S and 379 iebtla SC. I etweaa rrsakUa sad Weastex, vauaadj tsa. OP...... ..AT. BONNET LAID. Ob Tscsday, Wsisssday and t LATMANOE, Ca,lSLla.zxc3.e Oal, Pariisr Gompaie. U.U. OKAY. 7UASUKBK East Oakland. East Oakland West Berkeley. I Wieland Brewing Co. jas. wain. ALAMSDa. COFifTY. - Silk:., EVtfEBY, Streots, Oaklaad, CaL Westermana & Co., Prnps OAKLAND Spessil Attntls AJlTSB tSf era. Sct sf reed a Care, h e C kes Teed Cssd, Xexsa for.aals Be: 5s 22 suaa B0X." TiBrsiiy, Uarsa 15th, lEti asi 17ta.

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