Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on December 14, 1891 · Page 5
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 5

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Monday, December 14, 1891
Page 5
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r........ W . LINCOLN EVENING NEWS, LINCOLN. MONDAY DECEMBEB 14 1891. Columbia National GrEEAT faicy goods Lincoln, - - NebrxfaL Capital, - - $250,000. Jen B. Waiear, Pres. T. . omm, T. P. i". H. MeCLAT, Cat V. . SUerChas, west, P. L UaelAoa. General Bulking Buslne Transected, And Art Needle Work Sale at Accounts SotttJted. THE FIRST Rational Bank, Lincoln, Neb. Capital - - $200,000 burplus - - $90,000 OFFICE BS: 3. 0. FAKLAWD, President. C. 8. LIPriNCOTT, Aeet. Cash r. An Old Man of Sixty on Trial for ASSAULTING A YOUNG GIRL The Defendant Claims It is a Case of Spite Work on toe Part of the Girl's Mother The Barrett Murder Case Tomorrow The Hammond Girl Again. From the Court bonis. . i.bramG. Spellman, aa old man of rnxtf, Is being tried before Judge Tlbbeta I today on the charge of having criminal gelations with Utile Jennie Relyea, aged Wk fnApril last The complaining wit ess Is Mrs. Emma J. Harrison, the ' mother of the child, who asserts that Spellman enticed Jennie and another young girl into an outhouse near their homes at Thirteenth and E streets, by proffers of candy, and there committed the crime. Some tlx weeks elapsed before any arrest was made, the mother claiming she had just discovered the facts. Spellman Is a drayman living at 1 Ninth and Rose. He denies the charge and asserts that there has been unfriendly feelings between him and Mrs. Harrison, and that the latter had said she I would get even with him if It took ten ' years. He also asserts that the girl has I been induced by the mother to give false testimony, and that the little one has 1 been thoroughly coached. County Attorney Bnell is prosecuting, and Stearns & Strode defending. The case against R. L. Barrett, the fanner who killed Shelby Hayes, a book aceat. some weeks ago. is sat for tomor row. The charge is murder In the second degree. Other criminal cases for una wees: are owe vs. v. u. race and W. H. Sternberg, street railway employes charged with assault and Geo. Bossel- an ior aauitery. rles Harris who is charged with ig $100 from M.M. Trimble, was tea ana pieaa not guilty, ills IHZenrpolslieizrLea? fc Co. The Largest Assortment at Prices that will be Appreciated. Come Early for a Choice. LOOAIS. Ryexikjun for sale by all grocers. W. N. Rehlaender, druggist, 1123 O St D. B. Howards Bureau of reDalra room ov, mcmunry diock. Fresh bread every morn! ing at New York Bakery. You should use "ShOEO" flour If you Special sale of blankets and robes William's names Thirteenth street. We too. sav our imitatois. all la one grana acciaim. When our comDetitors can invent Bmoae ana soot ourners tneir eo-caiiea Canon City coal won't be such an a bom ination to good housekeepers. We are still In the market with cur only genuine Canon City coal from cur old Centennial mine. Barton, corner Tenth and O street Tel. 716. Board and Rooms for two young in private famllv convenient to bust Rates reasonable. Apply at 444 South 13th st If you want to see the finest line of jewely in the city call on F. B. Harris, successor to rerry oc name, in uis new location iijw v. ft 50.000 to loan on I m Droved farms. amount oi loan may oe one-nau oi rai- uauon ot iarm. xvei'y os noma, rooms ana zv, rucnaras diock. If vou are In need of anything in fur niture, stoves, carpets, lamps, mirrors, window shades, curtain poles, etc.. eta. it will be your advantage to give us a nay am as uuenn, loot w street. The case of Reicne vs. Plessmann, an old land case, was finally settled and dlssmissed this morning. Judge Field is still busy with the Bon-wit case, and Judge Hall with the May will contest In an action commenced In the district court this morning, wherein Hooker & Crr, plumbers of this city are relators, and C. G. Bullock, water commissioner of the city of Lincoln Is respondent the relators show to the court that they are a I urui uuiug a geuerai pi.iiuoiag oueiueSB in the city of Lincoln and that they have procured the necessary license as required by the ordinances of said city and have filed their bond, which has been approved. That on Dec. 12th, 1891, the Lincoln Ice company applied for a permit to tap the city water mains on J street between Sixth and Seventh streets and named in said application these relators as the plumbers to do said work, but that the said respondent refused to issue said permit and still does so refuse, and that he has obstructed these relators in their business by refusing to issue permits in other Instances. Wherefore the relators pray that a mandamus Issue requiring him to issue said permits as required by law and for costs of suit. it is said that John B. Wright has com -promised the case with David Butler Lincoln Breed, whose claims cast a title on a lot near Eighth and M, the lot hav-Lj? been sold. There is no record of the J. E. Douglas and Joseph ODDen- helmer are the sponsors for the Resume, a weeniy paper aevotea to society, drama and kindred tonics, which make its first appearance next Saturday. The mall carriers desire the News to state that the announcement that they wouia taxe pan in tne tug oi war con test was entirely autnorizea vv tnem. They are not ambitious for honors in that neia. CHICAGO MARKETS. Latest Quotations by Wire From the Western Grain Centre. Cuicaoo, Dec. 14, 1891 Cockrell Bros , grain. provisions and stocks, KcXurtry building, 239 sooth Eleventh street, private wire to. Chicago sad St. Louis furnish the Usws the official Chicago quotations. Whsat May, January . Cats uecemoer.. January .. May .... ... Hiv Short Bibs January ... May .. .HAM 973, 98W ?, A8 963 i" 48 4bW 47!4 46H 43 43-g 42S, 43 43 32X 32X 32 823i S2 33 83J4 33 33 33 10 90 10 90 10 75 10 85 10 95 11 32 11 35 11 'a 11 32 11 40 6 10 6 12 6 07 6 10 6 12 6 45 6 47 6 42 b 45 6 47 5 87 5 40 5 35 5 37 5 40 I 1 7S S 75 S 7-3 - " 7- I -WhelJ346 cars, Cora 511 cars, I Ex-Representutire Randall's Libel Suits. Detroit, Dec 14. Ex-Representative James A. Randall began another suit against The Evening News for $50,000 uauiugea ior uuw. it is aiiegea rne News Friday garbled its reports of the testimony in Randall's $100,000 suit against that paper. Randall's various suits against mat paper aggregate $200, A Doctor Takes Aconite. Kansas City, Dec. 14. Dr. Henry Douglas, home surgeon of the city hospital, committed suicide br taking ac onite. Dr. Douglas has been the subject of an investigation by the council for some time past and this is supposed to have led to the suicide. A Hotel Tragedy. Springfield, Mass., Dec. 14. An au topsy was held here on the bodies of George E. Barr and wife, the victims of the tragedy at the hotel Warwick. The result of the autopsy practically settles the question that Mr. Barr shot his wife anu then himself. Estimated (or tomorrow Wheat 330 cars, Com Privileges Wheat May puts 97 '4, call DSX Corn May puts 46K, calls 48H Lincoln Turnverein. At the regular meeting of the L ncoln Turnverein held yesterday the following officers were elected for the term: President Julius Reutch. Vice President Chas. J. Daubach. Recording Secretary Albert Urban. Corresponding Secretary Chris Som- aVeoutr Sheriff Otto this VrVted Edna Hammond, aged 13, at her home near Thirtieth and Holdrege streets, on a warrant iworn out in county court by the girl's mother, Mrs. Fannie Hammond, who alleges that Edna Is incorrigible and Is leading a vicious life. The girl Is a laughter of Chas. F. Hammond, who Is serving a life sentence for criminally assaulting his 13 year old daughter sita. It transpires also that Alts was act taken care of by the ladies arho evinced an Interest In her welfare, Rd she was also brought up before idge Stewart, as a candidate for the reform school. Mrs. Hammond says the girls are beyond her control, aid have teen In the habit of consorting with lewd boys and men. HA. N. WyooaT asks judcmeat against )car R. Oakley for $125, which be claims to have earned by manipulating a trid'Of Adams 'O.nty land for Lincoln realty with H. P. Larsen. Lamb, Kicketts & Wilson have brought ran in district court against the estate or ferah Commings, deceased, for f 60 tot let as attorney in defending the title to property left by her, and which was Included Is the celebrated fight over the Hwon wilL The probate court had re-rased to allow It corn's schools 115; females and 7 male teachers; the enrollment for the month ending December 4 was 5,215, and the at tenaance 4,viu. Henry Burchan was in the city Satur day conferridg with his attorney in retard to sulne the Phoenix fire insurance company wnicn neia policies to tne amount of 5500 on Burcham's elevator at Hickman, and which was destroyed by nre some weeas since, me company refuses to nay the full amount claiming tne elevator was overvaiuea. The football same between the second eleven of the State university and Cotner university toox place seturasy atternoon at the M street ball grounds, and resulted in a victory for the State university by a score oi so to 10. it was a most interesting contest but the result was at no time in doubt. The boys celebrated their victory in their usual vociferous and en- tnusiasnc A meeting of Nebraska commercial travelers ws held yesterday in the Windsor hotel, and resolutions adopting censuring tne St. Louis bouse of E. Wis-mer& Co, for their action in refusing aid to bury their representative, Ole Jobdson, who died in this city some woeks since. Although he had bean In their employ for ten years, it is said the firm refused to assist in defraying the Financial Sscretarr Richard Heta- minghaus. treasurer vuas. oenwarcz. Librarian L. Weatarmann. Auditing committee E. H. Zernecke and Nicholas Res s. The new officers form a very strong executive board, and the Nnwe congratulates the Turnverein on their selections. Although but two year old, the members hi i is over 150. and comprises the best elements of the city. The Turn-verlen is taking the lead among the German societies of the city. Will Prove Wife Harder. BniGHAMPTON, N. Y., Dec. 14. Mrs. Hawkins is lying at the point of death in a hospital here, suffering from a gaping wound in her throat inflicted, it is oujrjjuocu, uy uer uusuanu. Jealousy Causes a Murder. Kansas City, Dec. 14. George Wie ner shot and killed Daniel Deckel, whom he had forbidden to visit his house, be- jeaiuusoi cecKei s attention to s wire. ingj. (Wisi Claim She is Orazy. A number of Lincoln citizens have signed papers or a petition certifying that Mrs. Frank Shaefer of Dsnver, nee Blazier. daughter of Sauire Blazier of tnis city,cerurying tnat sue is not now nor for several years has been in sound mind. Mrs. bnaeier la in jail at .uenver awaiting trial for forgery or Dsssiug worthless checks on merchants there, and efforts are being made to Drove that she Is crazv ind manipulated the orders when out of ner neaa. expenses of Interment The copious rains of last night and today is a million dollar blessing f Nebraska. Winter wheat and rye will more especially be benefited. In many sections the ground had become uncommonly dry and vegetation from fall sown grain was a slow process. In other directions the advantages, If warm weather like the present prevails, will be multiplied and even if snow falls the eener-Ll sDriakllng will be felt with r. oellent effect A. S. Godfrey, dealer in lumber and all kinds of building material, hard and soft coal, established 1870. I don't believe it essent al to advertise myself a liar to secure patronage. I am not state agent for Canon City coals, but I buy of the state agent at Omaha, Mr. J. W. Cooper, from original drift and keep It in stock to supply any demand. Canon City coal 7 25 pertmat the yard. Hard coal $9 per ton at the yard. Telephone 5. Office, 16 North Ninth. A. a Godfrey, Agent CM. Leighton, the Lincoln wholesaler in druggist's snndr s, stationerv. b ink books and great rarierv of tni and fancy merchandise at 145 Srmh Tenth street remarks that trade has been active during the fall months. He states that, anticipating a bvier Christ- ujob wiu general onsines f!in last var, he made provisions, accordingly and is carrying a much larger than the usutl stock. In addition w his jobbing traie, Mr. Lighten has onnA , meat and will N j i -Cuidy and sugar toys for Christmas 1 nm,. ewT nw patrons at home aCuidj m Louis Yeith & Bro m O street 1 J trcm td. The gueeta of thi Transit hotel, on North Twelfth street were badly scared about 4 o'clock this morning. A fire had been started in the furnace, and by soma means a cap In the flue was blown out. nmng tne room oi a ooaraer wim smoKe. The young man oromotly yelled "fire. ' and in a twinkling there was a turnout oi guests, wnose costumes wouia oe tabooed in polite society. The cause was speedily ascertained, and the house turned over and went to sleep again. The oratorical contest between the Irvlngs and Photereonea of the high school will take place January 21. A goli medal was awa-dei th PaoWone3 six months ago, but Prof. Austin says it was a wrons decision andgv it io the Irvings. The interest in the coming ovant is at fever heat and a grand time is expected. Root W. Patrick was today appointed a delegate to the Missouri river improvement convention at Kansas City, by Gov ernor Thayer, in place of John H. Patrick who is in the east, and C1renc Brown of Omaha, In place of J. H. Millard who hi unable to be present Six children In the family of M. L. Hiltaer, Thirteenth and N streets, are down with scarlet fever. A six year old daughter of Councilman Joe Burns, Sixteenth and P street. Is 111 with diphtheria. Health Officer Bartram quarantined the houses today. Several of the university boys are laid up for repairs, the result of Saturday's caacrush. This custom encourages the cultivation of avoirdupois and reckless regard for bones. But itls a college fad and Lincoln must have It Judge Cochran has heard from Judge Houston who says he will be on deck, dispensing justice to the weary in Lin coin, about the first of the new year. He ays h has been In the mountains looking after the interests, of bis mines. thmarked. There is an interesting phenomenon at MiUvale. It exists in the form of a girl oaoy, Dora perfect in body with the ex ception of one arm, which terminates abruptly between the elbow and wrist. Apparently there is nothing phenomenal aoout tnis tact, tor cnuaren born witn bodily deformity are numerous. But to the medical profession the case is exceedingly interesting. The cause of such freaks in human nature was once considered inexplicable. When one oc curred it was simply termed a "freak' and allowed to go at that. But now they can be explained. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ginter are the parents of the child. They keep a butchei shop in the north end of MiUvale borough, at a little place called Bowers town. Eight other children are in the family, four boys and four girls, all of whom are sound and neaitny. One day, some months ago, the father was called away on business, and, as usual, lett the shop in charge of his wife. The shop adjoins the kitchen. Hearing a KnocK at tne Kitcnen door, Mrs. Winter proceeded to answer it. Opening the aoor she iound awaiting her an old ped dler familiar to that neighborhood. The peddler was a foreigner, by no means a handsome man, and having but one arm. The other was but the stump of an arm. which the man always carried exposed, to excite tne sympathy of the people. Yarn for knitting purposes constituted the wares of the peddler. Jle was informed that nothing was wanted, but. like other representatives of his trade, he insisted that a purchase be made. The misfortune of the man was em phasized by a special exhibition of bif arm. The lady of the house became very much ternhed, and finally to get rid oi the peddler she made a purchase. The husband learning of the affair became indignant, bnt as time passed by the incident was forgotten. It had almost passed out of recollection when on last Saturday it was vigorously brought back to memory. A little daughter was added to the family, and, strange to relate, it had but one arm. the other ending just below the elbow joint In every other respect the babe was sonnd and perfect Still stranger is the fact that the deformed member is on the right side of the body, which corresponds to that of the peddler. Pittsburg Chronicle-Telegram. Just Arrived A big lot of Christmas trees VeSth & Bro.', o O street. QUADRUPLE ASSASSINATION. The Horrible Sight that Met the Gaae at Anxious Neighbors. Orange City, Fla., Dec. 14. No clue to the perpetrators of the quadruple assassination of Friday last at New Smjfena has been found, but tramps seen; in the neighborhood are suspected. The place is so far from a telegraph station that only partial details of the terrible affair are vt nhrjunnhla Th. house where the four victims met their fate is located on the banks of the Hills-boro river in the midst of a thick orange grove. The victims were Miss. A. fi. Bruce, Mrs. L. D. Hatch, Master Frank Backwood and a son of Mrs. Hafoh. A nothing had been seen of them for days some neighbors broke into the house Fridav. In thn mmor nt fba mn on the floor lay the body of Mrs. Hatch. shot through the left eye. In the same room was the body of ner 6-year-old son, shot under the left eye and with her throat cut. In the adjoining room lay the body of Frank Backwood, 4 years old, shot through the head and with his throat cut also. In the same room lvino- on the bed was the body of Miss Bruce. She had been assaulted and her skull and face smashed with some heavy weapon. She had also been shot and her throat had been cut. Knives and revolvers were found strewn around promiscuously. A large posse headed by a deputy sheriff has started southward to scour the country. Sage's Assailant. Boston, Dec. 14. Note Broker Henrv li. norcroes oi Boston, who, it is sus pected, threw the bomb at Russell Sage. left, it is now reported, a note which has convinced his parents that he committed tne crane, xne note was left on his desk at his office and his father found it mere wnen ne entered the room. When he came from the room he denied that he had found anything. Now it is acknowledged at the Norcross residence tnat a message nad been found, addressed to Mrs. Norcross. It read, in part: "I am going to New Yprk on business, and if I am not successful and do not come back before a given time I shall not return alive." In view of the closely woven web of evidence which has been thickening about Norcross as a bomb thrower, it only needed a letter like this, if genuine, to set all doubts at 'rest. Mr. Adams and his wife, who live in the lower part of Norcross' house at Somerville, are the authority for the statement that the letter has been found. Burglars Foiled by m Priest. Holudatsbubg, Pa., Dec. 14. The parsonage of St. Michael's Roman Catholic church of this city was the scene oi a burglary and attempted murder. The burglars had effected an entrance into the house, and when Father Heine, the pastor of the church, appeared they opened fire upon him with their revolvers, compelling the priest to beat a retreat. One bullet was imbedded in the wan witnm a toot of the priest s head. The burglars were frightened away Bank Officials Indicted. Nevada, Mo., Dec. 14. At the request of Prosecuting Attorney Scott, Judge atratton ordered a new grand lurv em paneled to take the place of the one just uiscuargeu. asserting tnac tne latter cua not do its duty in pot indicting certain uann umcnus oi me oenincc citizens bank, which failed recently under peculiar circumstances. The new jury re turned true bills against the president vice president, cashier and directors of the bank. Mr. Cotton Dlichargcu. London. Dec. 14. The magisterial examination in the case of Mrs. Cotton, who was jointly implicated with her husband, the Kev. M. G. Cotton, in causing the death of a boy named nojaare. or wiucn tney was concluded, and rtv sulted in the judge discharging Mrs. Cotton from cnstly. He held that she only complied with the orders of her rmneh Tansy Wafers. These wafers are for the relief and cure of painful and Irregular menses, and will remove all obstructions, no matter what the cause, and are sure and safe every time. Manufactured by Emerson Drug Co., San Jose, Cel., and for sale by L Wilson. For cake, mufflna and mma nuRwvi. Injun flapjack preparation.. All those who have been paying MS to SR0 for a suit of clothes eaottld call at Dave May's 15S1 O Street, and examine the large line of cloths whiek he makes up Into salts for only fat. H. C. Martin, Auctioneer, nukes a specialty selling merchandise and household furniture. Address 837 8. 11th St OSNTLBMsUr. Gonorrhoea, Gleet inslLsnaeerhota PoaltiTslT cored in two days by the teases, trate marked the "King," formerly of Pam, Praaee. Will refund money if it causes stricter, ft package, 8 for 15. We warrant three packamta care. J. H. Habuit. draKglKLincobOeb. applies the trade THE LANSING THEATRE. Saturday, December I9th With a Grand Matinee Saturday afternoon at 8 o'clock. GUS J HEEGE The Originator of Anelo Sweedsh Comedy in YOH YONSON. The CapUfatlng Comedienne, Xiia ANNIE LEWIS While Insane. Pocghkeepsik. N. Y., Dec, 14. Frank Tone, a carman of this place, suddenly became insane and attacked his wife with a razor. Her screams brought assistance and Tone was prevented from muniCTins ner, aiurougn in las meantime she had been badly cut about the face, arms and hands. Tone, however, cut his own throat before he could be disarmed, and bled to death. This Is the great srobtaas of life which few satisfactorily solve, tome fall ba- caeae of pose health, ethers waatof luck, bet the majority from dendent grit- ! Waaler serve. They are nervosa, lrras- , Richards committed suicide by hanging . ! at hishome. Three weeks ago he had a tad -take the spirits nothing like the Restorative Nervine, awoorereo oj me great speciausv, ur. Milec, to cure all nervous b'adacbe, the blues, Xeu'ra Bo Idea flow cicely Hood's Sarsaparilla hits the needs of people who feel "all tired oat" or -run aown," irom any cause, it Vadache. the blnea nrvoa nroatraxloi rZZ- JzZuT jivl-C -ts ad hytena. '(rial bottles and TTjZZ , took oi testimonials free at all d Ho'-nTs Pill an Mnarlallv nnrm tha liver, rousing It from torpidity to Its No other preparation combines the 1 -ntnrJ dnflM mm ihimSIimIIibi mmA i IOSitive CODOmV. th iwuHat mrlt and i!t digestion. ' medicinal power of Hood's Sarsaparilla. g ere attack of la en or-, from which his physician thought he conld not re cover. Ho recovered enough, however, to lie able to get out. but his fainih noticed that he was very despondent . Mr. Richards was 70 years of age. Howling 'li Gr-ver sells honey for " . IV he and apricots for '21 ,c. And a Strong Company. PRICIS-25, 60, 75 and $L0O. LANSING THEATRE Friday, December 18, 1891. TUG OF WAR ! $175 in Prizes Greatest sport on earth. Represented b r Policeman, Firemen, Irish, Germane, Swedes, Penitentiary Guards. Admisslcn, 23 and 50 cents. FunkesOpera House ONE NIGHT ONLY. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 17. NEW The Private Secretary, By William Gillette, Author of "BVld by lie neT. "All 1 be Com- Will be Prenenlei with a cast of Unsurpassed Excellence, Appropriate Star s PRICES 25c, 50c, 75c and L00 -UNCO:N DIME MCSEE. Bohanan Bros Props. . Prop", Bohaim; Block. BOHANAN BROS, 0TFot tbe week Ctino railor Iof L ,ai' i cmi lilies ' nnco, in wot)itTsi lack daocr. i eiponent He Mac art. Th famous A ij b on (inw, j- r.eraUc sjxl ). ' f 1, Wei TDgf);). cf)Tiirt otiiai day, i-'des' Day. Saiarday, Cblldfesv" Day" 1VC ADMITS TO ALL. 10c M... UUPU WC L SPAPLRi 1 N t Vv or A r r K I i ! ! u i is be 1RCHIVE

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