Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on April 5, 1893 · Page 2
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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 2

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 5, 1893
Page 2
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FUEL FOR AM Dwellings and Factories Destroyed In a Few Hours. ALLEGHENY SEVERELY SC0KC1ICI) Tlio Fire Started In u l'&por TYarehuusr. Stroua Wind Helped Spread the rt;i:i". Cumberland, MJ , Visited by Two Vi-it Destructive Vires. PirrsBuitG, April P. At 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon fire broke out on tl". second floor of the ' paper warehouse; of Godfrey & Clark on South Canal street. Allegheny, and a general alarm was sent in, and within an hour the lavc frame building, which was filled with a stock of paper, was totally destroyed. At 3:4o o'clock the flames had communicated to the 5-story malt house of Eber-hardt & Ober's brewery. The strong-wind fanned the flames into intense hoc waves, which fairly melted that buil 1-ing and contents to the ground. Tre wind drove the flames to the midst of a row of brick and fra me dwellings c a South Canal street. Aid From I'iltslurg. Chief 31 u ?hy telephoned to the F:"' -burg fire department for aid, which sent. Before the two companies i'" Pittsburg h;id arrived, the dwell!'' woie in flames md their total ile-i.r tion was only a question of time. 3:43 the large lumber yard and plan;.:'.: mill of Klopp & Voegtly, onCue-tni street, was on fire, and the Heinz PicV'1 works were in danger. Five lninut-. later, the Hope Cotton mill, on Ma., street, became ignited and was soon A -stroyed. Three dwellings in the reir. the cotton mill also caught about th: time and were also destroyed. At o'clock it was thought the fire was r i-der control. Ir. is reported that a ch:! ,1 was burned to death and that sever.-ii residents of the South Cannal stre-"-. dwellings were seriously injured. T!.1 losses at this writing cannot b3 estimated. Firemen iDjured. Robert Badger and John Bohneyo, the firemen injured by falling walls, regained consciousness shortly after their arrival at the Allegheny general hospital, and will recover. The report that a child had been burned to death, also that a number of people had been seriously injured, is not correct. Several, however, were slightly burned. A correct statement of losses and insurance is as follows: The Losses. Eberhardt & Ober, grain elevator slightly burned. A correct statement of losses and insurance is as follows: Eberhardt & Ober, srrain elevator and malt house with contents, worth $175,000. insured for $94,UO0; Godfrey & Clarke, paper warehouse and contents, $65,000, insured for $30,000: Samuel Martin, three residences worth $-5,001', insured for $10 000. The lumber yard and planing mill owned by Klopp & Voegtly. as well as the Hope cotton mill, in which H. J. Heinze had stored a large quantity of stock, was damaged to a considerable extent but not beyond repair, ad was the other property enumerated above. The high wind carried burning embers to an almost incredible distance and many blocks away ueople were kept busy extinguishing small fires which caught on the roofs of their residences. CDMBEELASD SCORCHED An Incendiary Fires Destroyes Considerable Valuable Property. Cumberland, Md., April 5. A few minutes after 6 o'clock Tuesday erening, fire supposed to be of incendiarv origin was discovered in a stable in an alley in the rear of the McKaig block, on Baltimore street, bounded by Liberty and Mechanic streets, in the very heart of the city. There were a number of wooden structures in this alleyway, and . as the wind was blowing half a gale, the rear of the block was soon a seething mass of flames. In quick succession the buildings on Baltimore street, occupied by the New York Clothing company, by Charles "White, dry goods: Thomas Coulehan. groceries. and Sterns Clothing ' store were gutted. Meantime the Fire Was Spreading Kapiilly up Mechanic street, and with the wind showering sparks to remote parts of the city a wholesale conflagration t-eeiued certain. Mayor Hebb telegraphed for assistance to Washington, Pittsburg. Martinsbnrg-, Frederic. Froslbnrg, Park-ersburg. Myersdale and Bedford. After a sis hours" hard struggle the fire was finally gotten under control, having consumed sis buildings on Mechanic street and seven buildings on Baltimore street. Assistance had arrived at about 11 o'clock from Martins-burg and Bedford- Washington had started an engine and two reels, which were stopped at Martmsburg. In all, 1 5 places of busi:ies, a boarding house and restaurant and seven dwelling houses were completely destroyed. Another Hi- t i r-. While the fire was at it heighth up town -another was started by the careless dropping of a lighted match in a frame structure in the southern pardon of the city. Twelve buildings were completely destroyed before this second fire was subdued. As near as can be es-limated the total loss will foot up Soo . WO. lilrlirll .rrrpl. New York. April ". T3-cable w-& received here: 3ii3,v. -pril 4 CharleT Mitrhl accepli the nTr of ihe Coney Island Athletic ilul to fihl .Tim Corbel 1. iirnlr their jnfc-pices, for the purH-1 br club tTi-rpd. proriding Ihe ar1-,cl-i re fair. Will View lhr Klrrt. N"(iRF"i.K, Va.. April b. A number of college presidents have miie arrange-nients to have tbeir scholars risit Norfolk during the rendezTons of the navies of the worJd. as they consider such a sight an object lesson that eTery child should witness. Hotel nnrnt-4. Ch7Cao April 5. The new World's fair hotel, at Sixty-ecotid street and Orlfcby avenne. krown as the Lemont. and just approaching completion, -was destroyed by fire Tuesday afternoon. The loss, covered by insurance, will be fc.0O. TELEGRAPHIC BRIEFS. John Smith dropped dead at Memphis, lud., while couvii'Mug with a nelgu-! uor. j Kihvin L. Colby wa bound over at lliim- nionil, hid., iii $1,000 bonds for stcalim: a bicycle. Governor MilW'tto and ft par'y of South Dakot ins left Siunx Falls on n special train for the outli. Nina Shepard, who is wanted in Arkansas for a murder committed iu 1SU1, was arrested at, Decatur. Ills. Hnniht'ds of visitors took advantage of the delightful weather to visit the fleet at Fortress Monroe Monday. The office of The Arbeiter Zeituuir, at Belleville, Ills., wus destroyed by tire and August Stauber lost his life in the liaincs. The corner stone of the First German Methodist. Episcopal church of Klj;in, Ills., was laid with appropriate ceremonies. The charred remains of S. D. Liedy were found in his hay press at Point Pleasant, Bucks county. Pa., mid it is thought that he was robbed, murdered and burned. Two young men entered an all-ni;;ht restaurant at Clinton, la., and presenting revolvers induced the cashier to turn over the contents of the money drawer about $50. Dr. F. B. Hollister tried to commit suicide at Lima, O., by takintj a large dose of morphine. It is thought that an attack of ; rheumatism anddomestic infelicity caused ' him to attempt his life, j A negro desperado named Charles Morgan was lyncued by a mob of his color at Graham, Va. Morgan murdered a law , abiding neuro of the town iu cold blood Saturday night at a frolic. ; "W. J. Sanger, an insurance asent doing ! business at Grinnell, la., and at Marengo, was arrested at this place at the instance j of F. C Overton, general agent of the I Iowa State Insurance company, on a ! charge of embezzlement and fraudulent practice. I Colonel E. "W. Foster, Indian agent nt Yankton agency, returned to his home j Friday and found his wife sitting dead in a chair. The remains will bj taken to Blcomingtou, Ills., to be buried. Luther Brown, a member of an undertaking firm, received probably fatal injuries in a runaway at Oltumwa, la. The horses, a very valuable team, had their legs broken and were shot. JUDGE LYNCH AT AVOliK. A Colored Man Strung Up For a Too Free I TJde of His Revolver. j Charleston, W. "Va. , April 5. About a week ago Police Officer John Chandler 1 oi BlueSeld, Mercer county, was shot j and killed in a disorderly house kept by ' the notorious Kiz Redd, who has the ! reputation of being the wickedest woman in West Virginia. About mid-; night Monday night a row was started : at Kiz Read's joint in Graham, a sub-', uxb of BlueSeld, where a crowd of tough blacks and whites had congre-! gated. During the melee Charles Mor-i gan, colored, emptied a revolver into i the crowd, killing John Lcsseo, a col-j ored boy, who had taken no part in the disturbance. Morgan was caught by a mob of citizens, who lynched him from a limb of a tiee almost in front of the house and riddled his dangling body with bullets. Kiz Redd fled, with a portion of the mob in pursuit of her, and she is reported to have been caught and ! lynched on the Virginia side of the state line. The Scaffold Fell. West Superior, Wis., April 5. One of the worst accidents that has ocurred in this city for a long time happened just before noon Tuesday. A scaffold cave away on the belt line on the Har- j rington elevator, being built by Barnett Kecord k (Jo., and hve men were pitched 50 feet to the ground. Two men will probably die as they have interna injuries of a serious kind. The others will recover: They are single men. They have all been removed to the hospital and now lie there, some in an unconscious state. The llnclianan Tri.-il. New Touk, April 5. The trial of Dr. Robert W. Buchanan for the murder of j his second wife by morphine poisoning j was continued in the court of general , sessions. Evidence was given to show , that Dr. Buchanan was in constant communication with his lawyers before his : indictment, and that he was ready, bag ! and baggage, to leave New York on a : moment's notice. Dr. Mclntyre, the physician who attended Mts. Buchanan in her final illnei.s described the manner ' ; of Iit death and explained his treat- mem. liofeated Prohibition. ; HuTC-m-soN. Kas., April 5. The 1 . question voted on here was licenses to saloons. Frank Vincent, Republican, ; was the candidate of the license ticket. ' and Frank 'Calliday. fusion democrat. was tne proDiDinon. indications are ' ' that Vincent is elected bv a majority i ' ranging between 3K) and "Kj. The wo-! men voted eiinsively. and m a number ) of the wards the women gave a major- ! itv against the prohibitory candidate. Fought All "lj;lU Helena. Mont.. April -". Eilly Lewis , ot an rrancisco ana .urn uurce oi ! tt. : js t - - t i j Artralia font in the opera hoase here from HI o clock Monday night till 3 1 o'clock the next morning, wben Lewis ias knocked out in trie fift.yshtu i round. Tlie ptirse and side bet made the Stake ?1.'0. ' LATK.-T MAi.'KKT l.'EIMRT. "ii j, f.n Inn! I i I HIIJIVJ 711 (IV JtT.l l'U . t jI.I, r j i , MI1HJJ n-M-i.i. Tin- 3-t"11j rni line iri' tt- i jinri ttj -jl1- uadc -',.jl, T,;"J.r 1-m lli" 1 Ijjsi ili-rr Tin- mi nliamt TntTil "f TJlllfV 1 i.i i'-ti re firm. I,n1 -niil ',1,1 Tni"iitil il VJI-jf -w hljf Ll!.-, -r.7-, liHTr,v JITlO n ire lf.w -r. 1 ).- r in, vv rJ 1" VM3. i -tj1s. jujiI a di-dmr fr'Ti I1!' lueli' -1 x . , , , jn-jf-of Hie T'-ar of fri tkt 1'C ii"ijt,'K i ii i i.r. r.rfiia, v" liml. fonim'.Ti vi, j 1 1 1 T , ! Ksssij lnrrz City 1 U '.or. Vt.T-W (""-ITV It.-,"! i - :y. ic,-,.. .1,,,,. ij.u,,; iniiTlcj-l ' . T'f. t',.'lfi; 1. lit. 2.i. ' j'-:',fja;.. V,- Laafli; OiiwiiV, 1; muktl tlroui :c; ai',r,tUH3TUce. ' Received fresh every morniiij: Kuemic H ll;,inl)urg Koi! and puro Kyc Bread. Lome Veitli & Urn., KlU O. victor Flour litis a nine veins record in this city, mid the merchant does not him; to recommend the Victor as good :vb something else, as its record is made, but something else ie recommended to be us cood as Victor. Save disappointments by taking the Victor that has no peer. C. C. Wini'K, Proprietor. Wanted, immediately, a competent girl to do kitchen work. Good wages. 511 North Sixteenth street. A ijoOO piano to Hie most popular teacher. Burn gas m your cook stove at $1.3o per thousand feet ; it is cheaper than good coal nnil saves lots oi work and worry. The Gas company makes house connections for stoves without charge. The most popular brands ot cigars found at almost every stand in town "Double Eagle" and' -'Excelsior," and made right at home by G. R. Wolf Telephoned. Everyone in Lincoln reads TifE Xl-ws. When yoa are in want of anything advertise in The Ni:v s' ''want, columns." BUY YOUR TICKETS GOING EAST OK WEST ry'i'Z'tES Over the Chicago, Rock Is--'jfT-V land & Facilie Railway. A w--"v''tc'",r' .1 Magniiieent Modern Train iJ'ri .eaves for Chicago daily at 7r;p2S'3 ii :10 p.m., and tor Denver ii!Lte;.y at : AO p.m., and you rrive at either city early next morning. Chai: Curs free. Our own Dining Car service. C. Rutherford. Ant., Cor. P & tftli Sts. E. ST. JOHN, JOHN SEBASTIAN, Uen'i Jlr., Chicago. G.T. und P A, Utiicaco Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. To A.cvortieera Owing to frequent misundexstandiugE when advertisements or coanges oi standing advertisements are sent n by telephone, Thjj News dem-cst o announce that it will not be responsible for anv mistakes that may hereafter occur. For the sake of accuracy all orders should be sent to the office in writing. To change display advertisements the copy must be in bv 10 o'clock to insure insertion. Children ryfor Pitcher's Castoria. Deafness Coming On, A State University Student Tells How His Hearing Was Saved for Him. Mr. 0. Oleson is a student of the State University of this city. He had suffered four or five years with severe catarrh, constantly growing worse, until it finally affected and impaired his capacity for application or study. He tried nearly everything to secure relief, but without avail until he placed himself under thespecial treatmentof Dr. Chase. Mr. Olson says : "I felt all of the'Jnauseatinp- and flanpcrnrs syinjitoms of prolonged catarrh, and they were daily irrowinc more seere. My head was always clogged full and stopped up. O. K.V OK TiiK TK VViVEK-ITY. w i'.'i li77i:i'. roanm.- , nn-i L-remMiiv v . je.f .njid di-sd.-:u-d. follow d ) Vn:ni i-f n i M,,Vr ,! M V'V ''' ?' tnr" '" """'''l'"- !'T ' iH"y ,),;-.. i,,",, n j ,i ,i j ,,;j n,j,;v ih-iic.-i5'i:n-iirai,i'-. "w '.' 1 h "niv" r-it im fail n r ; '.nz. My jiiiofl --,7ifn'd l- lh TrnM- m inv hes'i slid wmM v.i;n,l rlT.ii'H'ii" in-' i rni"".ii r i iivv n . ,.nir,i - '1' '". 1 : i ,i . i iinmi: uvi shim h".- nc hm n,i i Ju ( inn in minmi .r i ! n v.. . m ) h- i '' 'fi ' ri.'m 7i3 - ;?v.:-:";4-v-:ii;'3;::,;r m.n -en-: i juIj.a. in,: j .m h-r; jlwi' lioin-'nadljilniram- $r A MONTH. l i:!l. 1 MP1JEM V. II. ,!.,-- J,N1H, ' ' " '' ":J. 1MH ru'.l'in:ii'..v m mi kti m -i or t in: VEincivr1- rr.',viREii. if , 1 ' T t 1 ri 1,1 I , '')""" '''mV n ! " t '1 -. MT wl . ... t, -.,,;,,,,, ., , , ,..'(, Mr' "I'll' 1M i 'iT '11111 lJi ,,lil (ijK'lanil M. wm 1116 O Strrei. Lincoln. Ti'fc F AV. BAUK 'M-n!-T.i PhyB.crmT). f i. j i -. " ' ' , . 77) . ' 7. : A-k your gmcery man lor the "WUbei Roll i" Milln" llo'tr. Chas. llarvev, io-priet r, l'',n,iu:ie for "L ttle Ilat.-hi't," "Nu-lvle I'late" and 'BiiKcj 'm tiii.-tai)ce." Every sack warranted. When Haliy ;. nv,. u..- v"u.-!orlii. Hllca -ic :u. r. C'luM, nu n u-d for C.i.toru. Vhvn -.lie li"-iii' Mi-. ' o thai; to Cixtoiiii. Whi'U -J'.t- 1 t'.'alilron, .Iio fair i lici:: Vn -loilu Oirt I'uppiHforlJJaln. Old newspapers fur s:ilo,10 cents pei hundred. S'kws ollice. Chiidrsn Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. WOOD'S " PnOSPHODINB, Tho Great English Remedy. FTomptly and permanently euros all forms of A'crtou4 weakness. JSm i.ufonji. Sih-rwi' otorrhea. Jmpotcncuand ati rpcaa of Jiouse or zxecssts. Seea prescribed over 35 years lu thousands of case!; IStheonfi Reliable and Son- cat Medicine 1-noim. Ask :.1nifCflRC for Woon'H Pnns. efore and After i'iiomne; If bo offers boiiio of this, leave his dishonest store. Inclose prlco lu letter, and w o will send by return malU Price, ono package- tl; six, $6- Otte trill tilrase. six icillctttm Pamphlet In plain se-iled envcloiie, 3 ftauipi. Addicts THE Hlilll) CIIKMICVI. CO.. 131 Woodward avenue, Oeu olL Mich. "Sulil in Luipuhi bv -J H. Hmlev, 'V Hnwni-d, H. W. Brmvii" O. Kector. A. L Sh.ider and dnijrtsst", everywhere. The Lansing rf hcatuc. E'O. A. CHIJHCH, Mnnaser. George Kennan, RussiiiM roiilu'ul r.uli". ' Illn.strat.'.l ly Stcreopticon and Calcium Lights. rndor imspioos of Uic l'ullndiiin l.iU'iury socicly of the Stuie inu cisitj , V"ednesday Evening, April 5th. PRICES: 25c, 50c," 75c and $1. are now on t-nle at the bos ollice. Fuxk'H's Opera House. Friday, April 7th. "Uncle Tom's Cabin." Ki iili-t:c iirmiiK'tioii of "Tlie Ponth Jkfore tlic ivr PETER JACKSON .. v-sn to m.-The AuVt.oncer Chase Parson Davics. .Scenic efTcrls u mnrel of umninceiUL' (from Stoekwell bTneetru, bim i-rnneiseoi. Scats on snlc Thurs.lHy. fFYOrvvnr.t the UITCr V ni'l? on the innrkel try n sack of Uic BOSS ! Mimuftieturcd l,v W. II. MANX & CO,, ilber, Nebrsskn. VI e ako nm'.c Ihe folloim; popular l,r;:iMis o! I lour .'I'Mii'srani i.r.ninliir 1'atem. ' hirin UiL-ii r,,-r, MniiL'hi Paictii. .lie!. J ron snL!:; l"u(.ril" !.:niily. E. IL Underbill, Mr, K0 :-ih Hth Street, Telephone 7S J. Liiii-i.hi, 7l-!- Tlio First Xational Banh O AND 10th STREKT. CAPITAL. -rURPLUS, $400,000 $100,000 UKUCEKS. X. S. Hakwood. President. Chaki.i:s A. I i anna, Vii-e-Prcsi,!.'iit. F. M. Cook, Casliier. C. . l.ii-i'iNcoTT. Asst. Cashier H. S. Kkekmas, " -DIRECTORS. - . . BARTOOI. 1. D. XACrAELiND. H. . CLA11X, T M UlRf,rPTT. johm rrr70K!i d E. E. S"OH, V. W. CCH-E, C. T. '--., r. J. nous. XOBX L. CAJtSOB. I j- T . ; naM M P. l UKK. I.njiw Veith Vt !rthr. J "Mflipt Grocery is il" cty. i.irr - -i.. m.. iiniT.r Ssu1;". i , vn iiei,, rs.j ano rn;" Oouti; T CfJ T T,T)'f u A 1 . AAYVyw.i ' i.mhi f-nn- - Confectioners. ('or. 1 0th ;.nd N Mr'-10. NUT- AM '(. Frff-h dail. arri'-a'-of 7-"n7i' from a '" liiiii-?. II i:.n'1 k l'r"'j ni i", Oiiiiv'l 7orl, ei"., r.r.-l ni l : ' nink'-'i "."7'. ntroffliiBWijjjtfniffLit''c What is O.storiii is Dr. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substituto for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil. It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty years' use by Millions of Mothers. Castoria is the Children's Panacea the Mother's Friend. Castoria. "CftRtorlaisso well adapted I recommend it as superior to any prescription Known to me." II. A. Alicncii, M. I)., IU So. Oxford Brooklyn, N. Y. " The cfo of 'Castoria' 1 so itolvcrsnl and its merits so well known that it seems n, work i if suiwreruKUiion to endorse il. Ken- are the intelligent famUies who do not keep Castoria witliin o-..y reach." (.'AllLOS Maiitys, I). I)., New York City. Tiik Centai'u .y-iW.'waa iimiUM ailFrTilM 1 am a Trav'ti.: mr.n In cn,i ( f ; ,1 ft i riii't ,. 'i I'm still 'i'rz: : , .:. ff v tN. "M ! i :'!p ! 1 ' v ..; ." t-, r !v Ai;J i-That he it- a 'Vc SANTA Sold by Traveling: wi .t,J CI: n. k. fairda; OUR SPRING STOC Is the most complete of any in tlio i-ily and we invite you to examine some of our SPECIAL OFFERING-. Saratoga Monsels Bed Spreads, S2.!)0 worlli 1 00, This week Home Crochet Quiits. our regular $1 .25 spread. At this sale Stamped Pillow Shams, elejant assortment, 25, 1)0 and 35c a pair. Fully ."3 per cent below value. Turkey Ecd Taliline, worth SOc. Our )rice tliirf week. r f o.l ""'l'"- i.'"v;im. v, t . ...K,-" At 25 per cent less than Bleached Napkins, our $1.25 quality. This week only tt Napkins, worth .'r'.25 This wee!: only 20 dozen yood hi avy Iluck Towels, ISxIIO, worth 25c. Reduced to A first-nns? $l."-'5 Cue linen Imsum Lamidried Shirt. This v.eck onlv ... M.r.iy other rare barjai:s at THE PROGRESSIVE BLOCH 1141-1143 , i'j;:;iENCK has t.inhl the juiMi.- mueli a- i the use and value ol SjcTiarles : hnt lh-r- :irc many jvrsons wlio would decidedly object v i: wearinc ill-litlin;; cluthini: ho still do not hesitate in the infin-i:i-lv i.Kire importan: and ! r.;.' i. ..!'.! r l" Fe'vciing ulafSea to purchase thein in the haph.r-ud .n u: ni.:i.;:u their ov.-ti sei'-i-li'n. instead of hav-inj: Mr-fTi incaUK'n tTit : ;i !i yc ly x-nli?t or p? ician. And many r i at ii .annot Ix- cin inc-l :h- danger in llm.- trealinp an organ whose jjj'vharii'-iH i of 1lie uv. i.c.iSt nature, and whose use is almost as val- J. B. TRICKEY & CO . Wholt-.); ..n l 1 all fn,,i' .,i .!.) p,.v-ii,'i' t i AX0TIH-K BIG CUT , 4 lbs Ww ll.iisnif. j " i-,,, ,,.a '" ... ,. , . , , ' " . rfliirtT'l1'! 1 ,1 ilfi .w '- rpir.i .in Al'j'ics . " V'-aTl Tapi'K . --C 2c . 2-V .W 4 1 mt- I Tpioca .'i " Vine Tlic- 1 lb. r,r-a),)a'l (V ooa. . Sw-t ("hocolflU- KoUh-d Miilanl GEORGE H.FRALICK, THE C. O. Telephone 752. Castoria. Cantorln cures Colic, Constipation, Sour Slomocli, Dlurrhceia, Eructation. Kills Wonus, gives sleep, and promotes dl pistlon, Without injurious medication. "For several years I have recommended your 'Castoria,' and shall always continuo te do so as it has invariably produced bcncQcutl results." ldiwiN V. Paiiokk, M. D., ISTilli Struct and 7th Ave., New Yo-k City. Comi-a-nv, 77 Mm. .. f-TiiEirr. Nr.w Y'ook. Crrr . : .;.-'.;.".!.!-: man S T'OAP : '.vl' rt'J only by --rs "I ' 79c 98c 15c 97c 89c 15c 89c lt..,cU,.l,,l ni;..a T r,ol, .i.i,' ..v,.. ..v.o "' prevailing prices. DRY GOODS EMPORIUM, & KOHN. O STREET. 1035 O Street K-uiil Jeweler?, ren uired will correct In - '-orni-U-l bv lhe use of clawe. IN PRICES 2 cans Krie llaspl ML-rrira - " Salmon 2 " Strawbcrrif? 2 " Condenfc-3 Milk 2 pkgs Slarcb Com Stjirlj 2 " Mjwvmini 2-tc 2 " Vtrriiicilh 1 " Rird cl 5c S-b. T.ox Urrb IV !1 Ibp. FuvTVi-nes fl 00 AW D. 21 17 u iIRST.

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