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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine • Page 62
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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine • Page 62

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:

ALL a low MAINE WEEKEND-Bangor Daily News Sat-Sun January 30 31 1988 Pride in appearance sparks jealousy id wo mu Pina sdzis 2 mere i CP all on Sol 0 cm -4 pm DELIVERY AVAILABLE Mon-Frl 1 1 am 2 pm I PRESENT THIS COUPON to our driver for FREE DELIVERY 1 THRU Feb 29 1 988 2 Call ahead 942-1111 440 Main St Bangor UBBDHBDBBaBBIBDaBBBaDDaD 1 was neither It was an accumulation of particles on my tongue! It is unbelievable that so few doctors are aware that this nasty little problem can be solved by a simple solution All of the well-advertised mouthwashes and breath mints to mask bad breath are temporary and therefore practically useless Please print this to let your mil- lions of readers know how important '1 it is to routinely brush the top of tongue as far back as can be reached with a medium-soft toothbrush Sign me ABE IN CHICAGO Wedding bells? Wedding bills! Who pays for what and everything else you need to know if planning a wedding can be found in booklet to Have a Lovely Send your name -and addressr clearly printed plus a check or money order for $289 $339 in Canada) to: Dear Abby Wedding Booklet PO Box 447 Mount Mor- ris 111 61054 (postage and handling included) DEAR ABBY I work in an office as a secretary I enjoy dressing in the latest styles I am 40 and my clothes are in good taste and appropriate for a woman my age I also wear makeup but subtle and never conspicuous keep my hair attractively styled too I take pride in always looking well-dressed and well-groomed 1 think people who always look their best feel better about themselves My problem: My husband who is 44 feels differently He thinks a woman dresses stylishly because she wants to attract attention hoping that men will look at her and ask her out! Abby he is wrong in my case I want to look my best for myself I am not trying to entice men to notice me and ask me out I want people to think I look nice but I do not want men to lust after me Abby I work from 8 to and never go anywhere else without him except for marketing and to shop for clothes He even gets angry if 1 wear a little perfume What do you make of this situation and whv does he act Would it be proper to send him and his wife a wedding card? How about a gift? I want to appear as sincere as possible I do not know his address but I could send it to his home and they could forward it to him Maybe I do anything at all However I feel a bit guilty in knowing that he is married and not acknowledging the fact What would you do? HIS EXLOVE DEAR EX If I still for an 1 would not send him a card or gift unless he and his wife had sent me a wedding announcement Christmas card or some kind of friendly greeting that bore their address DEAR ABBY: You casually mention that one can get rid of bad breath by brushing tongue as well as teeth You didn't stress the point enough! Abby I suffered with bad breath for 40 years and went to 21 doctors for the problem thinking my foul breath was caused by either mv teeth or my stomach It Abigail Van Duran this way? CONFUSED IN MISSISSIPPI DEAR CONFUSED: Your husband is pathetically insecure and his accusations are insulting He would prefer that you were so plain you blended into the woodwork He feels that he might lose you because he himself is nothing special The problem is his not yours DEAR ABBY I went with a guy for two years We broke up last October Last week 1 found out that he got married Even though we have not spoken since our breaknp I still care for him and I want to wish him happiness Danielle Steel! Over 75 Million Copies of Her Books in Print Now Read Her Latest KALEIDOSCOPE Joyce horoscope MRmPERRACK AugutaBoowBHniBiMrC(laiEIIwarthFtnningtanMillinockM-SkotfMgn-Wairvfll(Bar Hwtoor tummara) II CANCER (June 22-July 22) Finally you know what you want in a relationship A major career opportunity could develop from out of nowhere Take care of personal matters first the important ones LEO (July 23-Aug 22) Now is the time to work through a difficult childhood experience and try to understand your past You succeed in public Property matters should be given greater attention VIRGO (Aug 23-Sept 22) Take steps to make your home environment as comfortable as possible Emotional security means much today You have the ability to work well with troubled children LIBRA (Sept 23-Oct 23) Your public life will be as successful as your personal life is stable The memory of a past love may be haunting you Maintain your connection with nature SCORPIO (Oct 24-Nov 21) Artistic pursuits may interest you Use your ingenuity to patch up a troubled relationship See how your parents are doing love hearing from you SAGITTARIUS Nov 22-Dec 21 Little should pressure you or affect your peace of mind Your home life will bring you the greatest satisfaction Get organized so you know where everything is CAPRICORN (Dec 22-Jan 19) Allow time to take it easy Do what you can to strengthen your family life You may be feeling moody but not unhappy Matters of security are uppermost in vour mind AQUARIUS (Jan 20-Feb IS) Put the needs ot others first The conditions are better if you want to move Follow your heart not your head You can psychically tune in to others PISCES (Feb 19-March 20) Trust your first impression if you meet someone new be able to heal a past emotional hurt Others sense your genuine caring love engulfs you Moon is in Cancer feelings are important be surprised if you end up in a sentimental mood Buy a few more knick-knacks for your home Or go through your family album laugh and cry Find out about your roots the results could be fascinating You may even have come from royalty! ARIES (March 21- April 19) You find it easier to get in touch with your feelings Do what you can to help a family member Generosity counts in love: a modest gift makes the right impression (April 2()-May 20) You feel comfortable at home Fix up one of your rooms as a special sanctuary Others may be depending upon you for emotional support Finances are more secure GEMINI (May 21-June 21) Put down a few more roots there's no sense in being a rolling stone forever A real estate investment can prove lucrative Family members give you support WINDOW SHOPPING? Let Pella Help! Windows Doors Sunrooms Skylights ana so much more PELLA MAKES YOUR HOME A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE Muscle stretching prevents tendon problems WE'RE EASY TO FIND: Check this nap for our Bangor Store Location in the old Value House Toy Annex The Pella Window Store linilns IliHir better than simple heat application though because the heat gets deep into the tissue Heat no matter how you get it helps soothe muscles 'I To Your Good Health Yesterday's Puzzle Solved: 35 Hillside Ave Bangor ME 04401 942-2302 CALL US TOLL-FREE i-aooaai3649 Open Mon-Frl VName S-3 Sat S-Naon orbyappt Address Slat Tlephon bulge we? Why don't you try this exercise? Sit on the edge of a bench with your feet on the floor Now raise your knees up to your chest while remaining seated Then lower them slowly back down to the beginning position You should note the stress on your lower abdominals If you do doing it right and can expect improvement Dear Dr Donohue: I sprained my hamstring muscle My doctor has prescribed ultrasound treatment The treatments seem to be helping What is it the sound does to ease the pain? WSA nnnnaannnnannnn Hnnnrrlbnnnlnnnn nnnnninnnnnnnnn nnn onnnn tnnnnnn nnnnnnnnnnnn nnnatnnninnn MAIL THIS COUPON FOR YOUR FREE PELLA IDEA BOOK Zip- BDNX nnnnnennnnonnnn nnnnnnnnnnnnnnn BM5 US SAVINGS BONDS nnnnnnnnnnnn nnnnnrunnnnannrc nnnnnnnnninnnnn nnnn nnnn Ihnnnn nnnntnnnnnnnn By- Paul Donohue MD Dear Dr Donohue: You have written on tendonitis I am asking specifically about the Achilles tendon where I have tendonitis You have mentioned muscle stretches to help avpid it Please go into more detail on this problem and the stretching idea EC Beginning with the basics tendonitis is tendon inflammation That usually happens because of overuse and not allowing the tendons and muscles time for rest Achilles tendonitis is a common running injury affecting about half all runners at some point The Achilles tendon is the heel cord a combination of the tightness of the attached calf muscle and the heel's ground impact that sets up tendonitis The Achilles tendon really takes a beating in the best of circumstances When any tendon is stretched more than 4 percent of its length you are asking for inflammation That doesn't allow much margin for error And this is why stretching the calf muscle makes sense in prevention of Achilles tendon problems If the attached muscle is stretched you stretch the tendon so readily In other words you treat the muscle and tendon as a single anatomical unit Another factor in avoiding Achilles problems is to reduce the heel impact in running You can cut that down with use of good cushioning shoes And you can always reduce running mileage when you find that Soundwaves create energy by causing molecules to move about This creates heat This is what happens when soundwaves pass through tissue They heat the tissue up THE GREAT AMERICAN INVESTMENT wi oiiaour present mileage is proving too stressful to the heel and tendon I am also asked about the process of tendon healing It occurs in two stages In the first stage cells migrate to the inflamed area and begin laying down new tendon material This takes about two weeks in ordinary tendon inflammation situations During this two-week period rest is important That mean total rest After a couple of days of rest you can begin a limited exercise program but only to the point of discomfort not beyond And during the initial two-day rest phase use ice leg elevation and perhaps aspirin on a regular basis Aspirin is often overlooked for its fine anti-inflammation qualities One thing you want to do with tendon inflammation is to ignore it and continue to use the leg incautiously You can produce a tendon rupture something that can take a long time to heal Dear Dr Donohue: I have done sit-ups until I am literally blue in the face I still have the abdomen problem lower abdomen It bulges I think the sit-up program is doing a thing for that there some other exercise? AO We seem to get stuck with the sit-up as the answer to lower abdominal THE Daily Crossword MAINE 4 Hi Si 1 REGISTER NOW AND LEARN TO READ By George Cunningham and Gerry Dullea CHESS ACROSS 1 Winglike 5 Currants 10 Trolley 14 Race distance 15 Listing 16 Roof edge 17 (Austral film) 20 Ermine 21 Chin city 22 Before 23 Na Na 25 Aunts: Sp 27 Austral film 35 Linden 36 Lina a roof 37 Coast 38 Indians 40 Nourished again 43 Nor king 44 Short notes 46 Move slowly 48 Three: It 49 (Austral film) 53 Force 54 By way of 55 Inclined 58 Certain doors 61 Newsstand 65 Austral film 68 Lisa 69 The Ram 70 Weird 71 Restless 72 Bread Ingredient 73 Pats DOWN 1 Biblical prophet 2 Raise 3 Singing voice 4 Work into a new form 5 Light brown 6 News bit 7 Prime donna 8 Chooses 9 jacket 10 Golf gadget 11 Speak wildly 12 State 13 Bare 18 Set of values 19 Webster and Beery 24 Ripening factor 26 London district 27 Pollex 28 Despising one 29 Incense ingredient 30 Hasten 31 Spritety 32 Actor Nick 33 Ben 34 Allude 39 Persuaded 41 Noun ending 42 705 45 lr county 47 17-syllable verse 50 was not built 51 Dress 52 Poured 55 Pinnacle 56 Jostle 57 Chin society 59 pen name 60 Envisions 62 Music halls 63 Balkan 64 Door openers 66 Islet 67 Time zone letters RADIOTV STATIONS TELEVISION WMEDCh 13 Calais WGMECh 13 Portland WMEA Ch 26 Biddeford WPXTCh 51 Portland WLBZ Ch 2 Bangor WABI Ch 5 Bangor WCSH Ch 6 Portland WVII Ch 7 Bangor WTMWCh 8 Poland Spr WAGM Ch 8 Presque Isle WCBB Ch 10 Augusta WMEMCh 10 Presque Isle WMEBCh 12 Bangor AM RADIO STATIONS abode fgh CONTEMPORARY TOP 30-40 WGAN 560 Khz Portland WZON 620 Khz Bangor WKZX 950 Khz Presque Isle WYNZ 970 Khz Pqrlland WQDY 1230 Khz Calais WSYY 1240 Khz Millinocket WFAU 1 340 Khz Augusta 1 WLVC 1340 Khz Fori Kent WHOU 1340 Khz Houlton WKTJ 1380 Khz Farmington WEGP 1390 Khz Presque Isle WIDE 1400 Khz Biddeford WMME 1400 Khz Augusta WLAM 1470 Khz Lewiston WJBO 1590 Khz Gorham COUNTRY WRUM 790 Khz Rumlord WKXA 900 Khz Brunswick WOZN 1280 Khz Gardiner WDEA 1370 Khz Ellsworth WMCS 1400 Khz Machias WPOR 1490 Khz Portland NOSTALGIA WFST 600 KhZ Caribou WLKN 1450 Khz Lincoln NEWS TALK ADULT MUSIC WJTO 730 Khz Bath WMU 1200 Khz Bangor WMER 1440 Khz Westbrook BIG BAND WCDQ 1220 Khz Sanford WCOU 1240 Khz Lewiston RELIGIOUS-DIVERSIFIED WLOB 1310 Khz Portland WOXO 1450 Khz So Paris WTME 1530 Khz Auburn MIDDLE OF THE ROADEASY LISTENING WABI 910 Khz Bangor WQMR 1 1 50 Khz Skowhegan WDME 1340 Khz Dover-Fox WRKD 1450 Khz Rockland WTVL 1490 Khz Watervllle lx- 4 3H world champ Max Euve and many more prominent chess players Vera Francevna Menchik-Steven-son was born in Moscow Feb 16 1906 of Czechoslovakian father and English mother She came to England with her parents in 1921 In 1927 she won the first ever championship tournament in a 12-player round robin with representatives from seven different countries A series of five chess lessons on Tuesday evenings at the University of Maine starts at 7 pm Tuesday Feb 2 Sunday'Feb 14 is the date of the St Day Massacre a four-round Swiss played at the rapid pace of 40 moves in 60 minutes Entries may be mailed to Wayne Harri-man 40 Broadlawn Drive Brewer Maine 04412 For advance registration send $13 UM students and staff can deduct the $3 user fee The youth fee is only $5 in advance by mail but an additional $2 at the door The "Menchik Mate which reminds us of the "Kopec Mate" shown two weeks ago is based on the weakness of the Black pawn on h7 Menchik played I Qhtixh7 and Thomas resigned as he could see that with 1 KhHxh7 2 Rgl-hl-h Be7-h3 3 Rhlxh3 checkmate was inevitable By 1932 Thomas' induction into the "Vera Menchik Club" was a great honor as it placed him in a group ol the greatest masters And in Maine high school circles this year many a strong player finds it no disgrace to join the "Emily Giambalvo Club" as the young Hampden Academy player emulates perhaps the greatest woman player of all time FM RADIO STATIONS EASY LISTENING MIDDLE OF ROAD 92 9 Mhz WPBC Bangor 94 3 Mhz WYJY Biddeford 94 9 Mhz WHOM Poland Spr 96 1 Mhz WTMS Presque Isle 96 7 Mhz WCME Boothbay Harbor 99 9 Mhz WKZS Auburn White is to move and win in today position taken from the Menchik -Thomas game in London in 1932 The loser position was Sir George Alan Thomas international master and twice champion of England He was born in Constantinople June 14 1881 and was taught chess by his mother who was a very skillful player In this diagram we see Thomas joining the Menchik Club" This mythical club was founded by Austrian master Albert Becker who objected strenously to Menchick being invited to compete in Carlsbad in 1929 He said any master defeated by Menchik should be forced to join a fictitious made up of men who had been beaten by her He had to eat his words later when Menchik defeated him Eventually the Menchik listed among its members most of the world's great masters including American Sammy Res-chevsky British Col Alexander COUNTRY SOFT ROCK 1 101 9 Mhz WPOR Portland 106 5 Mhz WOCB Brewer 105 9 Mhz WIGY Bath 92 7 Mhz WOXO Norway 93 9 Mhz WAYU Lewiston 95 3 Mhz WALZ Machias 95 9 Mhz WHYR Saco 96 3 Mhz WWMR Rumlord 97 1 Mh2WYOU Bangor 101 3 Mhz WKCG Augusta 101 7 Mhz WOZI Presque Isle ROCK ANDOR POP ADULT 92 3 Mhz WMME Augusta 105 1 Mhz WTOS Skowhegan 107 5 Mhz WBLM Lewislon ADULT CONTEMPORARY 89 3 Mhz WHSN Bangor 92 7 Mhz WODY Calas 93 1 Mhz WMGX Portland 93 5 Mhz WMCM Rockland 94 5 Mhz WKSQ Ellsworlth 95 7 Mhz WWMJ Ellsworth 9 Mhz WDHP Presque Isle 97 7 Mhz WSYY Millinocket 97 7 Mhz WCXU Caribou 97 9 Mhz WWGT Portland 98 5 Mhz WTVL Waterville 99 3 Mhz WKTJ Farmington 100 1 Mhz WHOU Houlton 100 9 Mhz WYNZ Portland 100 9 Mhz WKIT Brewer 102 9 Mhz WGAN Portland 103 1 Mhz WDME Dover-Foxcrolt 104 3 Mhz WOZN Gardiner 104 7 Mhz WWFX Belfast NOSTALGIA 99 3 Mhz WLKN Lincoln BIG BAND 92 1 Mhz WCDQ Santord CLASSICAL FOLK JAZZ 89 7 Mhz WMEC Calias 1061 Mhz WMEM Pfesque Isle 106 3 Mhz WDCS Scarboro PUBLIC-DIVERSIFIED 90 1 Mhz WMEA Portland 90 9 Mhz WMEH Bangor 91 3 Mhz W-MEW Watervllle 98 9 Mhz WCLZ Brunswick DIVrRSIFIED- EDUCATIONAL 88 5 MHZ WHCF Bangor All Rights Resarvad Mfet i frjQlttSK MW IP SDxvHr 1 miMm

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