Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 24, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1928
Page 8
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?*5, , . .'5V* B>n ~-],.r R'f TN" nish and orrJrr.e of f:h«* district nr* n»Ths K. P. order is of the lorfff";t in Misr" FT»»IB* rf nnd Mr*. Humphrey of P«mtem, IR . pnrf (.TO brothers. O«5r% of rirciiit find has mwr!" of ChSeneo. s*rvicf<< wer? h«ld at 5 '30 o'clock this Rfternoon from, th* J n!in» Mark home !n Mt. O»rrr>H Burls? will bs m«4e in Vjnt<in, T at ih* p!»m> by kindly n«tpon<?«l to BRICK WALL OFNEW PROPHKTSTOWN H. S. CAVBS IN TUESDAY Will TelofWorks Mountain Teacher tons now pending for at th? conclusion of f.h*ir rnt , Ha!?. R»T* "T.Vsd." ! siKiw." It i* hf who ?he Applause which is vpry insistent *t their evpry nppp»rance, and fa> dr*e» so with credit to himself and fll! oonefror-d. They give a two minut* program. am! are play- Ins four times R day In Omaha, Thflr uniforms ftw handsome and 5t nwms as though thf-ir audiences cannot get enough of their snappy pppra linst mu.Mc. i str trtiiTt? JTKS fit£ngtnT?ntJ! tr\ th vrrv nrar future for Rockford am pI.M) nt D*v?nport. and it is quit probable that local friends will jro to one or both places to see the boy from Wiiiteside county. Mi-w Msrr Wsrd Shs Spanish hnil fichu. RH<1 pictures of Mw country di<rcu&«>d were paw^d • round. Among Uw Spanish Item* which members brought for exhibition w«s a shswl ovned by Mrs. 1^ ,T. Lively. Spmin trtl! be ^ivcn further ronskJfration n*xt Monday night whfn the club will m«t with Mr?, o. W. Bobinson. FORM ¥RAMATTC"CLt7B .. AT. MORRISON.. MORRISON WA TAN-YE CLUB HAS 11 GUESTS Morrison. Ill. Oct. 24.—(Special) F>vcn business ond professlonn young women from Prophetstown wrrr guests of the local Wa-tan-yc rlub, or wigwam, last evening at its mreMnft which was conducted along Halloween lines. In keeping with this spirit there were numerous witches, ghosts and other forma of spooks in evidence. Inasmuch as il Is anticipated that Prophetstowft will fonn a wig-warn, the second In Illinois, Miss Gertrude Vandenberg cave an interesting talk on what its fundamentals represent, the aim of the order, etc. Mrs. Mary Sands nlso sang a solo and responded with nn encore to the applause which was Kivcn her. SHOWER HONORS MISS MARGARET STEINER Morrison. 111.. Oct. 24.—(Special) —Miss Margaret Steiner was honoree at a miscellaneous shower tendered her Monday evening by Miss Dorothy Mitchell, Miss Vemabelle Edlund and Mrs. Ruth Knapp at the home of the former. There were about a dozen friends present, and Miss Steiner. who en Thursday is to become the bride of Richard Hall of Logansport, Ind.. became an adept archer when she teamed It was necessary to shoot with a bow and arrow at hearts which represented thf gift she was to receive. A pretty decorative scheme of orchid and green was carried out hi the home, refreshments being served after an evening of bridge. Hostess To Beading Club Morrison, 111.. Oct. 24.—(Special) — The Progressive Reading Circle held Its bi-monthly meeting Monday night at the home of Mrs. Carrie West, with the 18 members present answering the subject "Autumn" on roll call. A Hallowe'en program was carried out. the committee on this feature being Mrs. Grace Tripp, Mrs. Floy Wise and Mrs. Etta Ladd. Misses Mabel Wise and Gene Dawson were also present at this gathering and sang several appreciated selections. The next meeting will be - held with Mrs. Alice Hills. Morri-mn. III.. Oct. 24.— (Special) —The nucleus of n dramatic club has just been started in the high school, various officers nnd committees have bwn named, und It is hoped that the first efforts of the club will be ready for the public about the first of December. Mrs Charles McCall. Jr., will of Uw club. in charge The officers of the club arc- President, Florence Irlon; vice president Joe DcVi-ifs; secretary. JJetty Yohir treasurer. Dorothy Barrett. Various committees will be needed to take care of various details such as program, advertising, properties and lights, music, costumes and scenery design. Arlyn Carney is chairman of the committee which is to look after these matters, the members of the eame comprising two each from the four classes. Those- representing the freshmen are Helen Lazio and Gordon Hodges; sophomores, Curt Groner and Marie Brands; juniors. Kermit Watson and Virginia Whistler; seniors, Alic« Stllson and Harry Wyatt III. Oct. 24.—(RpfC- i»l>—About fifty f«»t of the foundation wftll nt the new school building CAVPd-ln at 11:40 o'clock Tuesday morning. At the time of the crash there were several men in the basement who were imperiled, but nil got out safely. The material will be a low «-•? ^H fl; ,. thr .. tiT j n , r .| TI ....j-.pj iS -. t . l - i ,. l - i ^ and will entail R loss of $1500 or more. Th? soil is a sandy loam find borders on quicksand, and the cave-in is attributed to the nettling of the ground under ths brickwork. CHADWICK"BRiFS Ustick. Ill, Oct. 24, The Woman's MIssionRry s»^0ty of the 8pririR Valley Prcshytfrinn sponsor an evening's pn- church Four Eeleased From Jail Morrison. 111., Oct. 24.—(Special.) —The number of prisoners now in the county Jail was on Monday reduced to eight, the snvallest that it has been for some little time. This was brought about by the release of our men. Hans Hanson, Roy Young Matt Sanger. who at the time of his' arrest gave the name of George Matovotch. and H. E. Wadsworth. Will Confer Degree Morrison, 111., Oct. 24.—(Special) -Sterling Masonic Lodge has in- ited Dunlap Lodge No. 321 A. F. & A. M.. of this city-to go to Sterling and confer the M. M. degree of Friday evening, Oct. 26. and it Is hoped that a large delegation will at- .end. Morrison High Events Morrison, III., Oct. 24.—(Special) —Two events of importance in school life are scheduled for Friday of this week, they being the game of football to be played here between Lyons and Morrison, and the tophomore class party, which will take the nature of a Hallowe'en celebration, including dancing and games, and at which classes will be guests. the other Married In Morrison Morrison. 111., Oct. 24.— (Special.) — A marriage license was issued to R. A. Chapman of Carroll, In,, and Jessie Stivers of Albert 'Lea, Minn.. on Tuesday. flbOllt The couple Monday were noon by Justice G. W. Howe, and were attended by M&e Blumberg und Esther Blumberg of Clinton, Za. The grocai is a MORRISON BRIEFS Morrison, in.. Oct. 24.— (Special.) — Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Mar&hail and Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Smaltx plan on driving to Champaign Saturday to atieud the home coming football game and celebration. A. Benedetti is going to Chicago tomorrow lor a short visit. Henry Burch and Roy Hammer went over north of Fulton yesterday and made a i&t of 19 fatalities in Uie duck families of the vicinity. Henry got ten of the number. Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Taylor of Oresimm, Oregon, who have beea viaitia# relatives and friends in thU vicinity since fair time, left Uut ev&- siiog fear Auatm, ill. A,itcr a few days ttere they will start the trip hgme over tbf Canadian Pacllic. Mr& L*»u-r Jacobs and son LeEoy fci>eiit Boiidity at Springfield, and Lester as .slightly improved. to sufferiag Mr*. a tia4 e&se of sor« throat. Mr. fc»d Mi-*. L. B. Stekter spent TK* day. famiMta ia Steritog. Hawk aud Mai- in Disen Bun- ai.idfeH»eiit MI operation ier appendicitu at a Chi- last week. Mr. Hodges lift ArdetU Given u not at the First i <rf utosws. Take Two To Hospital Morrison. 111., Oct. 24.-~(SpectaL) —Deputy sheriff L. W. Harrison and lupt. Z. D. Carney of the county lome accompanied two men to the Sast Mohne State hospital Tuesday -norning, one being a Morrison man nd the other an inmate of the county home. Morrison Guild Meets Morrison. 111., Oct. 24.—(Special) —Westminster Guild held a regular business session Monday evening in the church, an interesting discus- .sion on "The Younger Generation in the Church" being given by Mrs. George Goodenough and Mrs. U S Steiner. LYNDON BRIEFS Lynodn. 111.. Oct. 24, — Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Teach. Cora and Hazel Teach motored to DeKalb on Saturday to visit Mis Ruth Teach, a student at the normal school. Bob Settles who is working at Cassville. Wis., spent Sunday at his home here. Miss Lona Murphy spent the week-end .with Miss Helen Ahrens, a, student at the normal school, DeKalb. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Church and family of Cambridge visited the week-end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Osborne. .JiMd^ who. has Jieen in poor health is reported better. Mr. and Mrs. John tSaraer of Clinton. Iowa, were Lyndon visitors on Sunday. Mrs. I: J. Leatherman who has been confined to her home by 111- nes Is gaining. Mr. and Mrs. C. O. Chamberlain and son. Douglas Orton. were guests on Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. C. G Webb. Chadwlck. 111., Oct. 24.—Kyle Melendy and daughter lx:ona of Thomson; Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Hogg of Clinton, Iowa were callers at the J. E. Hicks home on Thursday afternoon. S. M. Cahn of Sterling was a business caller on Friday afternoon. Mrs. John Wright of Moville, la. Is visiting with relatives in this locality. Mrs. Wright being a niece of Mrs. Fred DJehl of this place. W. H. Smith and family moved into the D. E. Graham house on Friday which was recently vacatc< by Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Spealman who moved In the rooms over Mr Spealman's cream station. Mr. and Mrs. Bin Mohrman and family drove over from De Kalb on Friday afternoon and spent tili Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Mina Mohrman, Arthur Deutsche spent the weekend with hi? parents, Rev. F. W. Deutsche ard family. Mr. and Mrs. Cal Greenwalt of Lanark spent Saturday afternoon with relatives and friends. Miss EnoUv Rahn is substituting for Miss Lucille Cheesti=<\n at the Beedc School. Mis Checsman has been quite sick at the nome of her -parents and is under the care of a Lanark physician. Miss Hazel Zugschwerdt of Savan- an spent the week-end wltU her parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Zugschwerdt. George B. Teets of Milledgevllle was a business caller here on Saturday morning. Arlon Wykle of Geneseo spent the week-end here with friends. Mrs, Mary Felsing of Waterloo, Iowa, is "visiting her sister Mrs. Addie Imel and other relatives. Mrs. Ward Greenwalt and daughter Jacqueline of Chicago are visit- Ing with Mrs. Greenwalt's parents. Dr. and Mrs. A. A. Calkins. Mrs S. G. Eberly of Polo spent Sunday with friends. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schreiner and family drove out from Chicago on Saturday evening and spent Sunday with relatives! also attended the funeral of Mr. Schreiner's aunt. Mrs. C. C. Schreiner which was held on Sunday afternoon. Mr and Mrs. Vernon Hohnadel and daughter of Oregon spent Sunday with Mrs. Elizabeth Hohnadel and Dorothy at the Mrs. Emma Hohnadel home. Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hartman and family spent. Sunday at the H, P. Hartman home. Glen Kendall of Ashton spent Saturday with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Ware and daughter of Fulton spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Sam Tumbaugh. Miss Evelyn Pontnack is visiting with her grandparents Mr. and Mrs. John Kratz. Miss Helen Weber of Chicago th« Horn* ootn- Saturday. Herbert Ehwi iw><f Mr. find Mrs. Fred 8p*«Minf> of rj-mdwtrfc spent Ssturdny and aim- day in Krwunes at th« bomv. at Mr. Mr*. Frank Spauldln*. Mr. and Mrs. Mason BpauMUng K! hsby spent Sunday in Chadwtek at the Roger Spaxildlttf horns Mr. and Mrs, W. W. Flke spent *rvrral days last week In Chicago nt the Percy Norwood home. H!.'«fll Nye snd family of Dixon .'pent Sunday here at the Jame* Unhurt Iwrrre. • - • __ >«.,„.,»„.,. Mr. and Mrs, Ernest Wagner. Mr. districts" of Alpine! Term" "AlT'wrio " ntl Mrs - Albert Wagner and daufh- have heard Miss Durkee give pre-1 !pr Luc ll*. Mr. and Mrs. Qa.rdie Wol- vlous talks say she has a very in- ' l)crt Rnd tan Keith. Mr. and Mrs. nicMRgc and urge all who Wil!1 »tn Wttwillcr arid two children were Sunday dinner guests at the Guy Toyel home. Miss Luella Powers of Pnalrievllle spent last week here et the Frank Wrntherwax home. tertalnment nt the church Friday evening. The main number of the evening will be R talk given by Miw Ispeh Durkt's t?f FTiltOX'i, "RlttfiS of her work as teacher in the can to be prrsent. will be served In the basement nt the close of her talk. Two GOP Parties Monhon. Ill', spent the week-end with her mother, Mrs. Ola Weber. James Turnbaugh spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam TurnbAugh. Harry Stover of the Proving Grounds spent Sunday ...... ^. m^lher. Mrs Adam Stover. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Be jlovec and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Layer and family drove out from Chicago and spent the week-end at the James Waters. Sr.. home. Mrs. George Hicks and Robert and Mrs. Jim Mummert of Argo Fay spent Saturday afternoon at the Dan Curley home. Mrs. Chas. Hicks accompanied hold two parties this week, on Thursday and Friday afternoon*. nftrmoon In Polo n ' Mrn °° n Jamison USTICK BRIEFS Ustlck, 111., Oct. 24.~Mrs. Arthur Maat was taken to a hospital In Clinton Friday where she will receive treatment for an ailment of one of her hips. Mrs. Maat was formerly Misc Mary Wiersema of Fulton. Rev. J. H. Rcndall of Morri«> will conduct the preaching service at the Spring Valley Presbytcriu church next Sunday morning at I o'clock. Rev. William P. Berge o DeKalb conducted the services las Sunday nnd was entertained at th James McCullogh home. Sunday was the scene \>t a happj gathering at the Arthur McKec home In honor of both Mr. and Mrs McKee's birthdays. A delicious pic nic dinner was nerved at noon. Th following guests were present: Mr and Mrs. C. R. McKee, Mr. anc Mrs. GeorRe Vollbehr. from here Nell. Leo. Keith and Edith McKee of Carroll county, Mr. and Mrs. Al vin Rixon and son Earl. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rixon, son Harold aix daughter Dorothy of Lyons. la. Mr. and Mrs, C. Burton Hollms head of Fulton visited at the Ear Hollinshead home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. George Bechtel o Morrison spent Sunday with the latter'a parents. Mr. and Mrs Charles Patterson. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Green and :wo children were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. James Green. Mrs. Margaret Gsell returned to ier home in Clyde Saturday lifter •spending the past two months at he home of her daughter. Mrs. Wil- iain Stapleton and family. Mrs. Stapleton, who underwent an operation some time ago is gaining quite well now. ALL STEEL DIRIGIBLE.—Above, "The CSty of Glendate." world's first all-metal, steam-driven dirigible, nearing completion In iU hangar. Below. Captain T. B. Slate, designer and builder, standing In front of the all-metal gondola which will carry 40 passengers. Back of it are compartment* containing the boilers and machinery. COLETA BRIEFS • Mr. and 'Mrs. Peter P<£arsan spent j Mrs - Otw ee Manning to Polo pn the day at Sterling Tuesday. a> . . ... Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bolt and , a Mrs - Meryl Speiacer spent Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rosenow were j b H? dft , i ' *i ith relatives «t Mt. Car- diiirier guests on Sunday at the ! ro11 Wallace Eggerere accompanied home of Mr. and Mrs. Clark Rose- I tn f n home for a f ew days yisit. j - M r. and Mrs. O. H. Rahn ?nter- tamed the following at their home cm Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. George Rahn and daughter. Aiaia of Freeport: Mr and Mrs. Chas. Dial and dauglit«rs I>orothy and Ami of near LiJiark; Rev. and Mrs. S. G. Eberly of Polo; Rev. and Mrs. F. W. now. Misses Mabel Ahrens. Irene Miller, Vera Champlain and Ruth Newell ql sterling were guests Sunday of Miis Ahrens' parents, Mr. mid Mrs. Henry Ahrem. Mtes Fay Allen was removed frcuai the Sterling hospital to the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Allen. Mr. and Mrs. William Manning and Kenneth Lenimrt motored to Champaign, wiiere they s|>e«t the week end with their sou, Adam. a. university uudeut. Perry Dew aisd F. C. Thomas took Mr. Dew's class of tiie Congrega- ' Sunday school im, a. &ig-bt ;»**— Lyu- iug trip Saturday. doa about 8 o'clock a. HI. they went via Moiruou and Clinton to Pnuc«- ton.• Lectalre. Bettendo^f. They also visited Dftvc-nport «»d the park*. the Rock IsOaad The Ztppeius got -iu tjaau' from . . . Deut&che. Arthur and Fearl; Mrs. Ste««; Mrs. Amia Weber; Miss Ida Lelir; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Rahn and family ; Mr. and Mr*. Kline* Rahu &Md Evan and* Miss K*t»xryn Kurl von Linnaeus, a great botaa- ^i of the 16th c«titury, origmated Uie modem system of wwfmmilimr *««rp* *** Ittti&tss Coleta. 111., Oct. 24.—Milton Nicholas. Clara Reynolds and Mason Hacker returned home Friday irora a motor trip of the western "states, They spent a week in California and experienced much valuable experience enroute. They enjoyed the trip very much. Mrs, Ray Rahn and Mrs. Ben Bryson were over Sunday visitors with friends in Chicago. William Hyer. Jr., returned home ast week from Walden. Colo., where ie spent the past year. He has been confined to a hospital in the west with rheumatism and is improving slowly. C, L. Murless returned home Friday from a pure bred hog sale at Mt Vernon, la. Mr. and Mrs. Verner Wallace and Miss Ruth Wallace arrived Saturday night from Chicago for a short visit with relatives. Verne? and Suth left Sunday morning for Wtu- nfbagOj. .Minn., for a visit sister MrsrLft W. J. Hurless is enjoying soa» hdce strawberries picked from his :arden. He has several pickings get f the cold weather does not k soon. Mr. and Mrs. P. R. Parchen and children Mr. and Mrs. G. E. chlUia and daughter, Grace of Clinton. la, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mm C. A. Pulver. Mrs. Arthur Lorke and Martin Flyrui went to Chicago Thursday to attend the funeral of a sister, Mrs. John Maher. Mrs. Margaret Harrison left Saturday for Sparland, 111., to assist at the L. E. Dennis home on account of the serious illness of their three year old daughter who has been ill for several weeks and 13 not improving. and Mrs. Ben Hcalley and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Hollberg and two sons Paul and Allen of Mollne, III., and Mrs. Gertrude Bcgcman were Sunday dinner guests at the H. C. Knox home. Mr. and Mrs. Dick Yocum and Mrs. Allle Holbrook are visiting relatives in Chicago thla week. Mr. and Mrs. Truman Krob of Poln spent Sunday nt the Sunder- lund home. Both Mr. and Mrs. Sunderland arc in very poor health. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Bittner and family of Belolt, Wis.. spent Sunday here with Mrs. Bittner's mother Mrs. Delia Cheesman. Mrs. Effie Gault spent Sunday in Lanark at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Merle Ycaker and family. Mr. and Mrs. William Ewers and daughter, Joyce, spent Sunday in Morrison with Mr. Ewers' mother, Mrs. Kate Ewers. Mr. and Mrs. I. N. Evans and son, Bryant. Mr. and Mrs. Charlee, Moon. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Bernhizel and Mary Louise, and Dr. and Mrs. Runnels motored to Dixon Monday evening to see "King of King." Mr. and Mrs. Howard Battles of Sterling spent Sunday at the J. E. Millroy home. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Deets, Alice Kathyrn Deets and Harry Deets and family spent Sunday at the Russell Deets home. AWARDED CONTRACT FOR CRUSHING AND HAULING GRAVEL Coleta. 111., Oct. 24.—(Special)— Fred Hutchison of Milledgevllle was awarded the contract Monday afternoon for crushing and hauline the gravel for the three miles ol r , 01 ^ mite past the Fred Woess- i and two miles west of •ITT Wolberfarm. His bid was * 137 per yard delivered on the road Frank M. Johnson of Dixon was the next lowest bidder at $144 per yard. Harry Bowders of MUledge- vjlle had for hauling at fifteen •cents per yard per mile. Mr. Hutchison will start work as soon as the wsather and roads permit. ALBANY BRIEFS H. J. Stauter of Chicago was »!m»at. caused the death of a batch- week-end visitor at the home of Mrs.! er's assistant at Southend. The Jennie Clegg and daughter Miss point of the blade pierced an artery Evelyn. Mrs. Herbert Messenger nnd DEER GROVE BRIEFS Deer Grove, III.. Oct. 24.—Mrs, Charles Camery son Robert, Mrs. 3Ienn Camery and son, Glenn, Mrs. 3ert Wadsworth of Dixon and Mrs. Lem Camery of Ashton were visitors of relatives here Friday afternoon. Mrs. Albert Dlxon and granddaughter were in Sterling Saturday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lee of Tam- ptco were Sunday dinner guests at 'he home of William Stonesifer. Mrs. John Schwamberger and daughter, Margaret, were shoppers in Sterling Saturday afternoorf. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vestle and daughter and Mrs. William O'Mara of Rockford motored here Saturday. Urs, William O'Ncll accompanied hem home after spending several days In Rockford. The teachers of this vicinity at- cnded a meeting at the Sterling high school Saturday af- - •. - - J4.—Mr. and ~.. 0 . James Earl and family spent Saturday in Clinton, Iowa, on business Little Charles Hoelar is not Improving like his parents and friends would like to have him. Mrs. Margaret Beetle of Rockford spent several days the past week with her daughter Mrs. Henry Lahey and other relatives. . Mrs. Ellen Anglese and daughter Mrs. Clyde Rennecker and son Kenneth spent Thursday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Kennedy. Mr. and Mrs. Hurley Lewis and family of Rock Island spent Monday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Smith. Miss Mabel Pollard entertained her friend. Miss Alice Jones of Mo- llne, 111., over the weekend. Oscar Pope spent Saturday at the home of Mr, and Mrs. Francis Smith. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Van Buer spent Thursday in Clinton, la at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bley. Mrs. and Mrs. A. H. Pope spent Friday In Clinton. la., and were en- Clayton Knight of Amboy transacted busines here last week. Mrs. Mary Sanderson of Prophets- «wn.visited relatives and friends here last week returning to Prophetstown Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mothers of Peoria motored here Saturday and pent the week-end with the latter's mother. Misses Marcella and Loretta Pott if Chicago^ spent^ the_ week-end at JQJJJjJ — — Frank O'Nsil was a business call' in Walnut Saturday evening. Lauren Dirr and Glenn Bachdolt ttended the show hi Walnut Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Noble and laughter, VIoU were callers In 8ter<- Ing Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Cooney and aughter, Muriel motored to Joliet •riday morning. Mrs. Cooney and daughter will visit relatives. Mr. and Mrs.. Michael Delhey and Mr. and Mrs. Leo Jackley and chil- Ittjn of Rock Falls were visitors Sunday afternoon. of th. M for theh- bazaar. Oscar Pope aad Mrs. Sarah Pope were dinner guests Friday of Mr and Mrs. Willis Spears. Mrs. Ruben Hinea was hostess to th» Jolly's Farmer's Wives' club at her home Thursday » delightful time was spent by all present. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Rennecker _ home of Mr, and Mra. Clyde Lewis Schippcr of Savanna spent the week-end at home. Mrs. A. H. Pope was a guest of her aunt, Mra. George Heffelfinger Tuesday. Oscar Pope spent Monday In Clinton. George Hamilton returned Monday from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he spent a few days with relatives. daughter Barbara of Aurora visited from Friday evening until Monday morning at the home of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Kirst. Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Whitmer and family and Mr. and Mrs, L H. Nokcs and family of Rockford visited Sunday at the F. H. Seymour and Ol&f Lewis homes. Henry Kobbleman shelled new com Monday, the first to be marketed. Mrs. Anna Seymour returned home Tuesday from, a visit with friends at Amboy and Dlxon. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pierson entertained the following guests at a roast duck dinner Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ufkin and sons Kenneth and Earl, Mr. and Mrs, Albert Ufkin. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Deets. Mr. and Mrs. wlUTJfkln &nd son LeRoy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ufldn and son Lawrence, Mrs. L. B. Oltmans and children, Alice. Francis and Wayne, and Mrs. Fred Ruschke. all of Roc] Falls. Sheriff Kelly and wife of Morrison attended the A. T. Glassburn funeral and called on friends here Sunday. in his thlngh and he bled to death before medical aid could be summoned. ITCHING ECZEMA There is one safe dependable treatment for the itching torture of Eczema. The first application of Zomo usually stops Itching and when used regularly will help rid the skin of Eczema, Pimples, Rashes, Blotches and similar annoying skin Irritations. You will be surprised how quickly skin troubles will react to this clean, antiseptic, soothing liquid. Easy to apply at any tune. 35c. OOe and $1.00.—Adv. FOR *KIN IRRfTATtON* f! PROPHETSTOWN Prophetstown, HI., Oct. 24.-—(Special)—Miss Effie Barber, after a visit in Chicago of several days, returned to Prophetstown Monday evening She lias a sprained ankle, sustained in getting off a street car in Chicago. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Phillip arrived Tuesday evening from western Nebraska. They will remain some time in this section to visit friends. Mrs. Carrie Timmerman, who lives In Chicago, came Sunday and will remain for a lengthy visit with her son and family, Mr. and Mrs, Raymond Matthews. Miss Anna McNamara of Rock Island and Miss Gerdlne Brown will spend this weekend in Prophetstown with their parents. DEATH IN KNIFE SLIP London—A knife, which slipped white he was. carving a piece of , * mict «l with bad breath quick relict through Dr. Sd- warda' Olive Tubleu. The pleasant - MO U&eu tw bad ^~ -- -- —I-—— M •••«* P»illJ|.ll I bre«U» by aU -who know them Dr. BdwmrtUi- Oll*« Tablets act gen- Uy but nrmly on the bo*cls and Uv- stimulating them to natural ae- purifying th* eatir* »y*tein. dq TAMF8CC> BRIEFS Tampjco, m, Oct 34.—(Special.) —Mr. and Mrs. Harold Carlson and Mr, and Mrs. John SchaufT and • baby, and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mick- amily were visitors here Saturday vetting- William Boston has been oa the sick liat the pa&t weak. ley were business visitors in Sterling Monday. Mm Michael Siahl of Xhxon was K 'ffamptco visitor Tuesday. hat which dangerous calomel vuaaut apy or the bad after eMec~u. OUv* Tablet* bripg no griping, pam or any dtsagreeab&t effect*, Dr. F. M. Edward* discovered the formula after 30 fmrm of practice among paUettte afflicted with bowel and llvw complaint, with tlie attantJ- am bad breath. Olive Tablet* are purely a vegetable compound mixed with ollv# oil; you will fcaow them by tfaelr olive color Take aightiy for a w**fc «MJ B0 t« »i,« ettsct. -- —4dw, J(udali P. Benjamin was the only Jew who was a member of the Geo- iederate cabinet. Don't HAVE a Temper Hartb wonts, thoughtlessly spo- nsvar can be recalled. Do you wonder why you say them yau could itoi mean.. to 4&e person you'd utogt like to prot«frt, rather than hurt? Temper does not account for it fha real reaaoH lor. ..these • tetujpe?" «uti»ur&i* is this: A poisoned aysiam pol^om your mind WM$*» matter that is not reau-' rolls of figs, other fruits and rnsdicat*<J herb* sura d«licioia. T&ey ate "Ju«t enough"... .a well- balanced cmif ectioa plus a tasteless cctrra-Uve thai sets you: right with the wcarW. •'' • Ctive yoursatf a fiesh start eacl* lariy aad Usorougiiiy i«testto£s destroys your wr«s uf ( *iiMf You become nervous, ^ iJe, dull «nd worn-out, iic mat- fair tow much «le«p you h«ve had The spapte, rnodsra and pleasant way to avoid auto-intoxtcation is to 80c. «>c. All JUNK Junk is a nuisance to have arouncl It Is unsightly. Sell it to us and realize the most ready cash. All kinds of junk and old cars bought. Telephone 58 JOE RUBIN 412 West Second St., Rock Falls You Mr. Farmer We will pay the following prices for your produce. S !&. Springers and over TW*. S No. I Brown Eggs, per doz. No. t White Eggs, per doz Bhtckhawk Produce Co. Foot of Second Ave, TELEPHONE 333 i Girls Wanted For Factory Work f^te£^°TO*WBBa to earn good wages. Modern wnwXaP** &u±i! 1"? ^ort-et^?"^ 5 veen installed by this er~*«*»--» must be over 16 years of tion in person to the BpttetCompany

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