The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska on June 24, 1924 · Page 4
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The Lincoln Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 4

Lincoln, Nebraska
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 24, 1924
Page 4
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FOLK Ttih LISCOLX STAR-rVKSDAY, .H’SK i.l. tlsreìnUncoln f oirsrtt. Undcrwker.—Adv. I Hav* Macdonald photosrapb Ut.— Adv. ! Krauaa Corn tea and Roofing Co.. \ U.4413.—Adv. Ford Cars aold on easy paymenta. r, R. HussonK. ISth & O.— Adv. j it’s now nr nevt r l.ast \\®ek Fred . Schmidi A* Biom ciosln,' out sale — j .^dv. Laces and Trimmings of all kind.s | way below, by dressmaker going out of bu.'iiness, 3<(1 Nebi. .'^tate Bank BldKR—Adv. Saving depositors of the FirsJ. j .Salional bank of Lincoln :Ttay prc- srht their pavis books now for .luly interest credit tnd avoid waiting in . line .luly —Adv ; House Burglariaed—VV. K. Moran. * lliiS .'vorth Tw cnt y-eighth street, leported to police .Monday night tlwt^ his house had hcen entered and $10 j in cash and a $30 check stolen. i A Golduyn Picture Shows Start at 1, 3, 5. 7 and 9 COLONIAL Cooled by Typhoon Breeies J Harold,Bell „ powrrful novel Q WhenaMan'^^ Man' Bohbrtl Hair L.ARRY SEMON In .1 Riot of Laughter •TROUBLE BREWING” Show» Start at 1. 3, 5. 7 and 9 IDANCE Tomorrow Night, WASHINGTON HEIGHTS PARTY HOUSE 4 block» north Belmont school on 14th St For rent for private parties Phone L8417 for Reservation» LAWSON’S ORCHESTRA It becoming to most women, but It Is important to remember that the combing and brushing ol /»ag Aatr actually stimulate the scalp, whale with bobbed hair this (timulatjoo It larking If hair t» bobbed, frequent maasagtng of the *ralp u absolutely necessary and s^en- dtd resiilts are obtained by applying « small quantity of Newbro’» Hcrpicide with each massage Furp and cleat, without staio or dve, Herpicide ntay be used with abaolute eoa- bdenrc, in stimuJatr the scalp, prevent dandntfl and falling hair, and a» an atd to bair-hralth and beauty J ttmgle trxa! our// reninmce yta»/ tts Om tmU «i a// /''Vjr .'»uiuao. The Season’s Greatest Millinery EVENT 200 Trimmed—Dress, Street and Sport Hals Thia sal* IS one that no woman who needs a smart hat can afford to mits—sale includes hats of white leghorns, flower and ribbon trimmed, new white Panamas, Milan, Hemp, Hairbraid and combination Straw and Ribbon—in sand, orchid, rose, jado, black, black and white and solid white. Hats for all summer wear. Trimmed moet attractively. FAMOUS 1109 O Street m Our Wall Paper Sale continue.s ill this week. Highest grade vapein at very low prices. L’nion Wall Paper and Paint fo. 1316-20 P St. Next dnor Y. M. <?. A. — Adv. Today's Chandler will not be made obsolete In two, three or six months. Other makers have yet to produce their 1925 models Open this e\en- tng Card-Adajiis Co.—Adv. Smart Styles, good service and low- prices are cleverly combined in our new dresses for summer. Bu> now if you xvant full value for your money. Mary Jane (rarment Co.. 1423 O.—Adv. Home grown Black Ka.spberrieH and <'herrie.s. Apricots. Now Is the time to can as these crops are comparably hhort in season. D. A- .M Fruit Co., ISth and O. Berry p'ruit Co , 291 So iHh.—Adv. Fined For Speed—Leonard Schweop Avas fined $28 and costs by Police Judge K B. Chappell Tuesday morning on a charge of speeding A charge of pas.sing a car on the intersection was dismissed. Put on Probation.— Knbert .tones, foloied, was put on three month’s probation Tuesday morning by F’oiico Judge E. B. Chappell, when Jones was arraigned on a charge of disturbing tlie peace. Complaint was made by his wife. Spark Causes Blaxo.—F'iremen extinguished a small blaze In a truck bf longing to the Cusack Sign company ,at Twenty-seventh and FI atreets, Monday e\ening. A .spark from the muffler caused the blaze There was no damage Repainting Fire Rigs. — Firemen have practically completed repainting of the city lire apparatus. Each year the men give the varlou.s rigs a new coat of paint, and brighten them up. This has the double advantage of keeping the machines in first class appeat*«nce, and prevents deterioration. The work Is all done by the firemen. Fined $200 and Cost*—.Mrs Minnie li. Gartin. 2105 Griffith street, pleaded guilty in Justice Stevens’ court Tuesday morning to Illegal sale and pos- s(*Hsion of liquor. Bhe was fined $200 and costs by Justice Stevcrui. Mrs. Gartin was arrested Saturday afternoon hy the state law enforcement officers when they raided her place. Held For Postal Authorities—Carl Jordan, arrested .Vfonday afternoon by Officer VVilmer Edwards, is being held hy police for investigation by the postal authorities. Two rolls of stamps wi*i*e found In his possession He claims to have taken them whil^ working In tlio rnaimig department oT a St. Louis firm. Although stranded an ilsleeping in the railroad .Mirds. he spent his first two days In Lincoln at a hotel. Rail and Bridge Companies; Win Case in Supreme | Court. •South Sioux City May Not I Collect Cost of Paving From Them. Paving asse.ssments levied hy th* city of South City on the M k O. railroad and the Sioux City Bridge Co., which the district court of Dakota county held to he valid, are of doubtful Icgalft'. under the opinion of the state supreme court, which re- the lower tribunal and sends the case back to be, tried again. On the facts as presented, says the high bench, nn injunction asked for by the two corporations should have been Issued to prevent collection of the taxes, owing to irregularities in the assessment proceedings. The city is given permission to amend Its pleadings and make an additional showing. Sack« and Noah Must Pay. In a suit appealed from Lancaster county, the supreme court decides that Oliver Sacks and Fred Noa1i Deatlis Funeral services for May Alta Johnson, who dibd at Arthur, Neb.. Saturday were held at the St. Paul kf F;. church Tuesday at 10 a. m, in charge of llev. A. A. Brooks, Burial was in Wj uka. The body of Louis Scheih, .59 years old, who died Sund.'jy, is being held at Alba Brown .s funeral parlor,s. It will be taken to Dunbar for burial. Word was received Tuesday morning by Mr. and Mrs. C. VV’. l.,amb. 2702 Sewell street, of the death of Mrs. Je.^sie r,amb, wife of Harvey I-amb of Beverly Hills, Cal., a cousin of C'., W, L;imb. Thf hod\ will be taken to Pleasant Kill, Mo., for burial. must reimubrse Oscar Huffman for money he lost by purchasing stock In the Bankers’ Automobile Insurance Co., on their recomineridation. He obtained a partial settlement with the company, and they are declared to be liable • for the balance. His whole claim was $5.898. Counter Claim Not Sustained. The F’orhurger Stone Co. was suc- cc.ssful in g»'ttitig a reversal of the judgment from Lanca.ster county. In which a counter claim of $1,200 was allowed in fa\or of F'red J. Young, Jr., as against the compiny'a claim of $1.336 for building tnateriils furnished to Young, who had the contract to build a in IJn- I'Oln. If is held that Young did not cstiiblish his ( laini by showing that he h.'td been dr<ui;igiil in ati> vay i>\ delay in th loli\c-\ i>f the'rials. Affirm« Conviction. Robei’t H. .Milbi, lelc|tlionc m;ir^- ngcr at Bloomington, found guiltv of committing a criminal assault on the l7-> ear-old operator. Ruby ton, in June, 1922, must ser\e the penalty for that offense, the supreme court denying his appeal ahd affirming the judgment. Must Do Time For Contemp*. Dwlglu Taylor’s jail sentence of 3U days for contempt of court in Douglas count>. by trying to persuad-' two girls not to testify again."t John Griffin in the .Me.VrUle mcrder e.j.-so.r is permittfd to stand Affirmed Witnout Cptnions. Mowrr \ s. Schaldecker. .Munsingcr \.s. Swenson. H. D. Mercantile Co. vs, Kropp. Fial \ s. t’. tv. Swingle & Co. Schopp, .\dmr. v.«. Chicago, R. I. A P. R Co. Peth]tR?e Inner Mission A.ssn. vs. Jensen, County Treasurer. McHale \s. .\kin. <”oolldgc vs. (tmaha Flour Mlll.s Co. State vs. .Amei$can State Bank of Aurora. Ackerman. Receiver vs Maryland Ca.siialty Co. State \s. .American State Bank of Aurora. .Ackerman. Recei%er ve. City National Bank of l.incoln /’attcrson vs. State. Thein vs. State. Konccky \s. County of Douglas. tlieir Ii\es and reared their famijy In thirteen the church and Sunday school. He; grandson died Tuesday evening, .lune 10, at the home of hi.s daughter, ,\1 rs. P. B. Cruise, being seventv-se\en >cars, two nionth,s and three day.s of age. He lca\c.s two sons, five daughters. Obituani • Daniel C. Roderick. Daniel Custer Roderick was bom In Highland county. Ohio, April 7, 1847, He lived with hie parents there until at the age of nine years they moxod to .Adams county, Ohio, where he grew to manhood. He was the youngest of four brothers who volunteered for the Ci\il war, being seventeen >ears of age at the fi'me of enlistment, receiving his honorable discharge at the close of the war. He served In the 5lh Ohio infantry, being under General Thomas on the march to the sea. Fie was married to Harriett Matheny, May 24. 1866. To this union were born eleven rhtld^cn, seven of whom are living and .six present today. The youngest. .Mr.s. Daisy Poage, liviMg at Salem, Oregon was unable to be here. The wife and mother pas.sed on 21 years ago. (ine daughter, Clara, died four years afo, the other three dying in infamy. In I lie fall of ’6S he mov ed with his wife to Illinois, living thirteen >ears in that .stale, lie lived near and in Huhbell the remainder of hits life. He and his wife were members of tne T’nited Brethren church all grandchildii»n. and a large one great number of nephews and nivces, and one sister, .Mr.s. F^llzn .Anderson of N'arKa. Kan., she being the oitlv one of the family living. coNTRim ri:D You say you buy tobacco ou ils laste— icislcsriiflil because U's made from the best Kentucky lUirley tobacco that money can buy—and becausr evrr\ bit of it is slowly and thoroughly at/rti in unod, Thafs why you'll find aged in wood Velvet so mild and line flavored. Remember—aged in wood. Ijooerr A Mtes» T o » acco C o . Jr To properly nourish your body F-iineral servAes for Dharles C. Allen, 54 years old. who died at Augusta Kan., will he held at .3 p. ni. Wednesday at Hodgman's funeral parlors, .Mrs. Mi#id .M. Green In ehaige. He is a son-in-law of .Mrs. R I,. .Stnith,! J.121 H street, and leaves, he.side.s his I wife, one daughter, .Mr.s. .Milton L. I nver.street of Augusta. Burial will be in W>uka. ÍV Your food muit be in a form your body can readily digest. In Grape- Nuts is nourishment you daily need—in the form your body can smoothly digest ana turn into vigorous strength and health. Most people like it with milk or cream, ^rved on a million tables. BIRTHS. Safeg^uard Your Records M.'iv n o h.'ivp nn opt>ortnnit> to show \ nu the most efficient, accurate and si’mplest svstem for filing and finding p.aj'crs ever arranged in a vertical file drawer? l<:very po.ssiblr safeguar«! to jirevrnf mis- pl.irement of ttapers Is ttrovided. .lust rail FM.ll.l or Ff3400 and our repre.seniatlv e will call. GEORGE BROS. PRINTERS B1313 B3400 STATIONERS ENGRAVERS 1213 N St. TUB rOI.t.flWlNO I'ERTtPirATP;.«« I»|.' hirth wpfp filed in the office of the dtv | he»lfh department, Tuee<l«v. .fune 24 1 924: DEMTTROFK—Mr. »nd Mrs Alex. ' Route No. 2. H eon, .tune 23. , RNYPER — Mr, ami Mr» I'larenre 5 3«33 n »treet, twin», n eon and a dau«rh ter, June 21, m A> SUMMER CLASSES NOW IN SESSION Stoni'graphy, Accounting. Secretarial, Normal, High- Grade and Thorough. ENROLL NOW. LINCOLN BUSINESS COLLEGE Approved by the ,'4tat« liepartment of Education. \oeredlted by Nnt'l Aas'n of .Arrrevbted <’om'l. Schools, *- 8 C Birtg 14th and P St. Lincoln. Nebratka Castle, Roper & Matthews B6501. 1S19 N street Shirt Magnates Boost USED Piano and Phonograph \ SALE! An event that means DOLLARS to you. Every piano haB been gone over in our own shops and is GUARANTEED satisfactory. We’ve not seen these values even approached. Give the whole family real joy. Give your son and daughter a chance for a musical education. $450 Bacon Piano $336 $650 Bacon Player $495 $350 Cable Piano $160 $450 Story 4L Clark $298 $425 Bell Bro*. $247 $675 Fvers A Pond $383 $1200 Steck Grand $795 Brambach Grand $595 Us6d Phonographs Every home should have music when it can be bought so cheap $125 COLUMBIA OUTFIT (30 records). ..$85 $157 VICTROLA OUTFIT (10 records) . .$110 $157 VICTROLA OUTFIT (10 records) . .$100 $75 PORTABLE VICTROLA Model IX ... .$50 $25 PORTABLE VICTROLA Model IV ...$15 C Melody Saxophone Silver plated; gold bcII. L’avml $145 quality. During this .s.nle ou easj i>ayment.s — SI’F^’I.NL $100 'OSS t%40 Cverjrthínúmusicol )-tX4X O STREET. LINCOLN. NCBR. Immense N. Y. Makers of “Excello” Shirts Furnish Material For Overwhelming Cut Price Event. Copyright i»<!4. by the Postum Cereal Co., Inc. •'Go ahead! Give those folk a shirt sensation. We will help jou We want to get our line as well known out ther» as It iV; here anyway. ’ iiodKl 4Í these v^iintMimiuiiiiminiinnuiuiiitiuitiiiiiimiciMiiiiuiiiiutiiiim.iiiuniiiitiruuiiitiiii i.iiiutiiiiiitiiiiuiiuiitntMniiwMr^ X á HOLD-TITE $Q PLATES Ö Give« instant Adhesion (Suction i REAL PAINLESS EXTRACTION OF TEETH. FILLINGS all kinds . $100 UP. ALUMINUM PLATES. $20 Lome to this office of 20 years reliability where prices have always been 50 - lower than most dental offices. Immediate Service to All Dr.- Cousins Dentai Offices »119 O St. Phone 961A3 Sundays 10 te »? u>m'tu«e>itiu«mnn-^i-n«utir.Hi<i«tt<4K'r4itniiwnH|N|iiaiir}iu*HtMiitíl.’iiHHiMiinHiniim.»Mt«n)44ftt2iinNi|{]naiS. So spoke The Fxcello Shirt Manufacturing Co. of New York City, In response to a query by Gugenheims, l.tacoln Clothiers who are just now In the of an all inclusive Progress Sale. Itesult ia that Gugenheims lodav are adverti.sing that which ia pcrltaps the .strongest "fi'ne” hlrt event ever held in Lincoln. .No effort is made to feature •’cheap” shirts In this particular .selling, for the FIxcello jieople make nothing of the sort — they supply only the chic, sivippy, ex- iluaive, genuinely fashionable .shirts. .\nd it is on .such critically ’‘fiMe’’ shirts that Gugenheims are today featuring sensationally low prices Honey in the Extraordinary Closing Out Sale now going on here. You have never seen anything like it. Bargains, Bargains, Bargains. Come and be convinced. Gugcnheim.s are today undermining in many in.stances, even rhc wholesale cost of shirts that show infinile care down to the .stitch; .shirts that carry the air of “I'ifth Ave.” N. V. and other noted style centres. .\nd the l*est part of it all is that one ma\. while the several vhou.sund shiVts in this "F?xce!lo” Hpcctnl last.s. bu\ these ".smart ’ shiits at piice.s no higher than those u.sually a.«ked for — well just common .shirts. $1.^5 for shirts worth to $2 —$2.85 for .shirt.s worth to $1 and the lik(>; thats the range that should now attract better .shirt wearers to Gugenheims. .•see the annuunccmeiu el.sewhcre in totlaj’s paper; then visit Gug­ enheims, ft's the .store dtroctlv west of the Terminal Bidg.. scene of the large yellow and black «ign.s; where the "F^ogress Sale’ i.s brjng held preparatory to movi'ng into the new Gugcnheun building now being erect4»*l one door Men’s Heaviest Weight Overalls Fast color, hjjfh or suspender style. Sizes to 44 at the pair MEN! of course you want to dress up for the gloriou.s fourth— J’alm Beach and Silk Mohair. Suits. .Vll sizes up 10.79 to 46, priced . .. Closing out all our Curlce high grade suits. AH guar-an- tccd 100% pure wool at $14.85 to $24.65 None higher. .Men’s Cottonade Work Pants, also Palm Beach, Pants 2.50 values ........... 98c Mcn’.s S. <mt .Shoes, fanum« Fmdii ott .lolin.Hon 1.79 t>rand, pr...^.......... Buys all leather .scout 98c .‘■^hoe.s. All sizes, pr. Men’s Rockford |^ q Socks, pair... .... Wednesday-9 to 10 a. m.-Sheeting c 9-4 Bleached or Unbleached Sheeting, 600 yards, firm woven fabric, excellent wear. Regular 60c to 75c values. Per yard ..................................... (Limit 5 Yards) Look This Over, Ladies! Good wearing House Aprons. Many different kind.s in the finest Percale and Gingham materials, every one a surprise winning bargain. Solid colors, stripes and dots. pink, blue, yellow and col- ____ ors. On sale Wednesday afternoon from 2 to 5 p. m, while 30 dozen last. Sizes to 48. Each ..................... Bewitching Ijeautiful Pure Silk Dresses.^ made to retail as high as $20. FinestJp Canton Crepes and Georgettes in an array of styles and colors. Sizes 16 to 4 4. Values to $20 onlv........................................................... 29 New York Bargain Stares 901 “O” Street.—Lincoln. Nebraska. Beautiful Voile Dresses Htoutfl up to 52. The lovelieet new crcatlon.s made of fine.*4t imported voile. We venture to «tate these are the most handsome dre.sses ever offered it such a low price. Value.s $8 to $10 me nioar 36-in. Bleached Muslin Free of starch a splendid fabric, limit 10 yards to a buyer, yard Children’s Hose, all size.s, all colors, fine and heavy 1Q^ ribbed, pair ............ M'rimen s /d^iure thr» ad .'4ilk Hose. AH of fashion’.«»' latest «plots. French nu<lr. .»fri'an brown, fan, hiege, all RQr* quality, pair f : ver-Bead y Safety Razor with Si’x blades, a national advertised ,snd used razor for 2 bits SbktsCttaS fSOKMWSL The BIN (bitaUo Purchase — continues Wednes d a y. M.l. of the dozens of marvslous and timel> >nlue.» previously ad- xertlsed continue on sale — and more nen lots added each day’ «• well Come and save—prices can be no lower than these: MAIL ORDERS FILLED WE FAY P08TA0E Ratines. Volte. Etc.. A great purchase lot of lovely wash goods, the favorite wea3-e« and effects, at a far below-usual price! Fncludod are 32 inch Tia- sue In neat checks, plaids and silk checks, 36 i'nch Ratines In wantedB^^^^ solid shades, 36 to 40m | \ inch voiles in a hostj of pretty patterns! iind colorings. At this sale, yard ...................... — OOI..D’S—Second IHoor. nu' 43 Women* tliáht 0owns89( 96 yiipon Night Qow'n.s in this pur- chsse lot. Dainty styles of white or pink, printed nainsook crcpfs. haired dimit- etc. Short or no^h^W^^^H sleeves; many broidery trtmmod ccpfional values at ..^1^ Gold a —Fourth F'loor. 3.50 Corset GiPdles Ï.95 New model. 12 inch Girdles of pink brocade and elaatlc—smart atylea. complete with 4 garters ~ equal to .1.50 nuinhera in atork A special purchase permits tliclr s.ile beginning Wed. at only smart afvlea 195 Gold's —Fourth Floor Boys’ Wash Suits at 1.59 Oli\er Twist, lìalkan Rlouse nivl Midd,\ st.ilo» in these Wash Sulla for boy a of 3 lo 8 yrs tiood h.asortment of .«•ty le« «mi rolors—all wcll msde. of .acrvlci-- sble tiih mnlenals. On sale al ................... Wash Sulta 159 Gold’a Fourlli I lo'>r Women’s 1.95 Union Suits •Kiffcl .Maiii’’ I'nlon Suita of nain- sooka. voiles and novelty clotli bodt«c top, with aelf- beinstitclicd alrapa ;-Jil)oii or Inittonlcsa Sl.vlr.s. ,"<izea .36 to 41. »nliie« to 1.6.>, .Sale price, suit only ........... 4 Sold’*—Fourth Moor ■Hy clotli 119 Stamped Bedroom Sets This Bcdri-vom set Includes Scarf and Bin Cushion. Dressed .Set and Vanif.v Set. All white Indian Hesd, stamped for emhroid-^^ cry In *titches*^B^^™i and nnustiall.v sttrae-vv^LH five designs. .Sale priee^^^^RB Mic entire SKT enmn-^^^B crated shove ............. fiold's —Fourth Floor Pupihase Sale Specials In Toilet Goods! Bay Rum 6 ox. Bottle .............25c Witch Haisl, 6 at bottle ...... 25c Mspmald Bath Salts .................59c Schralz Bath S«lta, larga ... 85e Coty’s Fact Powdsr .................75c Melba, doubl« compact ailvar 1.11 DJsr Kiss, double compact ....1.19 Atuera Face Fowdor ...............Wa Le Trefle Face Powder ..........69o American Thermoa Lunch Kite I.Ä American Thermoa Bottle, 1 pint size ................... 1.00 Mavis Face Powder ..................S9a Pcpsodent Tooth Paste ........SOo Peboco Tooth Paste .................SSo Squlbbs Tooth Paots ...............39c GOLD’S—First Floor. Chicado PupdiaseSoedals Hum notions Hair Clippera for bobbed hair, gusrantsod ..........................1.29 Electric Curling Irons, guar. ..59c Electric Grills and Toaetere 100 Barber shears for bobbed hair^ Kotex, regular size, dozen Sana Sanitary Naokins, regular size ..................................390 Steel Shears, guaranteed, 5 to 8 Inch .............................50c Scolding Lock Hair Pina, regular 5c, ......... 2 for 5c Victoria Dress Shlelde. size 2 or 3 pair ............................15c Pic P'lc braid In white, red, pink, Copenhagen, rose, lavender, gold, green and black, yard ............10 GOLD’S—First Floor, 'The Be»l For*." »0 .Near llOl. 'n m

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