Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 4, 1968 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 4, 1968
Page 5
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ORTS Baseball ^ Baseball tHB ASSOCIATED v x AjfJli Baltimore Detfoit "Minnesota Wash'ru California .Boston 'New York Oakland Cleveland ,-Chicago etidai w. 13 IS 12 11 10 9 9 9 8 3 i League L, 6 7 8 11 10 11 11 11 13 Pet, 0 ,684 ,650 ,600 ,550 ,476 ,474 .450 ,450 ,421 ,188 ,B, ~'/2 /* 1/9 2V, ** /* 4 4 4V 2 4'/ 2 5 8'/2 NEW YORK - (NEAi-The polite name for thefri is garden hackle. Of should we say that's the euphemism used by embarrassed fly fishermen when talking to other sportsmen. But they really are worms, the slimy, peristaltic double* enders found six inches under New Orleans at Pittsburgh An ,2 the kl l£ °/, ^\ who New urieans at putsburgn, llse ^ em are tne kjnd O f gtt y s best-of»7 series tied 3*3 wrlo emerge once a year, on — ._^.^™^. — _ — the first day of trout season. Major League Leaders These guys are easy to spot. By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS They're the ones with the American League shi "y nevv waders and the Batting (30 at bats)-* Etche- clea ." 'clean, for Pete's sake) _u^ a. - - _ .i ' fjnt*lMr4*tr\nf-ft O t l *< in 4ltrt**fY*\trt Pro Basketball Playoff By T«£ ASSOCIATED ABA No game Friday Today's Game barren, Bait,, ,387; C a r e w. [ ishi "P vests ' Sure s the yj ot a Minn 359 ' few Japanese-made patterns RimV W/II«K-«.. MI— ie stuck in the lambswool patch Runs-Killebrew, .Minn,, 16; ovp .. thp Iflft hrfi ,,, t h) . vnn Friday's Results New York 3, Chicago 2 Baltimore 6, Washington 1 California 6, Detroit 5 Oakland 7, Boston 2 Cleveland 4, Minnesota 0 Today's* Games New York at Chicago Oakland at Boston California at Detroit Minnesota at Cleveland Baltimore at Washington Sunday's Games California at Detroit Minnesota at Cleveland Baltimore at Washington Oakland at Boston New York at Chicago; 2 . Monday's Games Cleveland at New York, N Minnesota at Oakland, N Chicago at California, N Only games scheduled (M) STAR, Prirrtld (TV Offset HAYAAAH!! The dir is shattered by this se.eam and the loud crack of a whip. The sound of thundering hooves, mingled with wild cheers of the onlookers, testify that the race is on. These are the cutter races that are so popular in Wyoming, Montana and other western states. The driver stands in the cutter, bracing himself against any good growth of crabgraVs. the wind, urainq his steeds to full speed tiJif 11^ M l^£UAl.t -If «i'. . B • _ . * 4 _ ^^ *^ ahead. The horses usually ore the wildest, most skittish nogs to be found. With two of these wild-eyed critters hitched to a cutter, anything can happerv-~and often does. The cutters themselves are homemade of steel barrels cut in half and mounted atop a pair of auto wheels. The rig resembles Saturday, May 4,1968 B Trt , ,_, - 4 e rt •„ . • over the left breast, but you R, Jackson, Oak., 15) B. Rob- know that sorne where in all inson, Bait,, 15, t nose phony accoutrements— Runs batted in-D. Johnson, maybe hidden in that freshly rt . . . _ . . Bait,, 15; Killebrew, Minn., 15. lacquered creel—there's a can a Roman Chariot and the Ben Hurs who Hits—Carew, Minn., 28; R. of earthworms. Jackson, Oak., 25; U n s e r, National St. Louis San Fran. Los Angeles Cincinnati Phila'phia Pittsburgh Chicago Houston New York Atlanta W. 14 U 11 10 10 9 9 9 8 9 League L. 7 9 10 10 10 10 U 11 10 • 12 Pet. G.B. .667 .550 .524 .500 .500 .474 .450 .450 .444 .429 '.— 2M 3 3V 3V 4 4V 4V 4>/ 5 5 . . , The honest ones use spin Wash,, 25. roc i s and just leave the old Doubles-R. Smith, Bost., 8; 5 Hunt's tomato paste can sit- tied with 6. ting on a rock. But the phonies Triples—Uhlaender, Minn., 3; are much too clever. They've 9 tied with 2. got those creatures 'stashed Home runs—Repoz, Calif., 6; somewhere, and they use a fly Killebrew, Minn., 6. rod and work out long, false Stolen bases - Campaneris, casts witn the lin ?- But wnen Oak,, 8; White, N.Y., 8. the g° b of wigglies hits the Pitching (2 decisions) - Har- water - vou know din, Bait., 3-0, 1.000; Santiago, It>! > gotten so that no honesl Bost,, 3-0, 1.000; McLain, Det., flv fisherman will go out on •? n i nnn. u/ n ,J n i « « opening day. The streams are toon ' ' etl * 3 "°' Jammed with the phonies. An• • other way you can spot them: National Lpae-up Tnev see a b '6 boulder in Battlne (30 at batsn - Rose mid s tream and immediately rin %• Fiflil 9tt IfM tro °P oul and stand ° n lt " II Cin., .398; Flood, Stl. .384. never occurs to them that a Runs-Flood, St. L,, 19; Rose, big brown pro bably was lurk- Cin., 17. . i n g j n th e ] ee O f that rock. Runs batted in-Perez, Cin., ^ there , was Qpening drive them ore worthy descendants of the men who won the West. ment. I deliberately hiked a .524 3 fflts — Rose » CIn '» 33 »' Flood i half-mile upstream through .500 Sv^St-L., 33. bramble thickets to get into a ~ L. Johnson, Chic., 8; reasonably remote spot. Friday's Results Philadelphia 3, Pittsburgh 2 San Francisco 5, St. Louis 4 Los Angeles 4, Cincinnati 3 Houston 5, Atlanta 3 Chicago at New York, postponed rain - Today's Games Chicago at New York St. Louis at San Francisco Pittsburgh at Philadelphia, N Atlanta at Houston, N Cincinnati at Los Angeles, N Sunday's Games Pittsburgh at Philadelphia Atlanta at Houston St. Louis at San Franisco Cincinnati at Los Angeles Chicago at New York, 2 Monday's Games New York at St. Louis, N Pittsburgh at Atlanta, N Philadelphia at Cincinnati, N San Francisco at Houston, N Only games scheduled NHL Playoff By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Friday's Result •< West Division Final St. Louis 2, Minnesota 1, two overtimes, St. Louis wins best- of-7 series 4-3 No game today Stanley Cup Sunday's Game Doubles- 3 tied with 7. There was a lovely stretch _/ 2 Triples-Kessinger, Chic., 3; O f open water that tumbled been a °y closer to the river 41/2 Clemente, Pitt., 3. down and suddenly leveled off tnan tne 8 u y' s head. Home runs—Swoboda, N.Y., in a smooth glide and, below "Hi! How're you doing?" 7; H. Aaron, All., 6, that, a deep pool where the quoth he, stumbling on down Stolen bases—Wills, Pitt., 6; river bent 40 degrees to the to be sociable. 3 tied with 4. • left. The water was high and I shrugged. Pitching (2 decisions)-Koos- muddy from the unseasonable .. Jeez l got 0 beauty " he man, N.Y., 4-0, 1.000; Wash- JJ™ dur '"g the previous said. He opened up the brand burn, St.L.; 3-0, 1.000. W ,?^/ f ?!^L!°° d Water ' "«w creef and iffted out a Chi Chi Learned Golf 'Fast' Strikeouts — Singer, L.A., 39; Marichal, S.F., 37. Texas League By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS , Friday's Results., Arkansas 5, Albuquerque 4 Memphis 8, El Paso 4 Amarillo at Shreveport, postponed, rain San Antonio at Dallas-Fort Worth postponed, rain Today's Games Albuquerque at Arkansas El Paso at Memphis San Antonio at Dallas-Fort Worth (2) Amarillo at Shreveport (2) fishd ,,.,„..,. thodicaty^ng Triad Th'e turbid waters, and going gorgeous brown that would two There lack of success. It had to be the poor condition of the water. I mean, never has a He looked sheepish. "Yeah," he said, avoiding my disdainful stare. "I got a . , man so artfully worked a couple more too I just love streamer through riffle and glide. Poetry, that's what it was. "them" to catch fish." He looked up, with that innocent pleading in his eyes. "How many you got?" "It's the felicity of the And then one of =isyu'^^ ? s ^ i^r ^ ^ SPORT-5 EDiTOtS NEw9PAPES ENTEBPCiSE ASSO IATION climb to the top and his personable antics have made him a favorite with the galleries. He also gets along well with most of the pros. "I've got plenty of good jokes for the crowd," he says. "When I make a putt or a good shot. I'm going to be \V| K -n golfers arc knocked lor nut looking athletic, happy and I m going to show ,,„„., ilu .| ll( | ( . Mi || t>| . B. n .| K . r (l | u . n vmil N ( .| snn Classic it. J want to cive the callerv • \ n i \ • <i i • , ' • ,• ,, \- sompthinP fnr its mnnpv wmlK>1 ')' I'lOll^Il he. s the <llllU|)K-sl s\\ m.ncr of all. V'lirs OUlllc(.IllIlg 1UI llo lIlUllcV. i A f * I 1 1 * l • Some of the pros used to com- a H°< wllt> ." lVllllc ''' s . P° l NVils " ( - s " «»K. '"• was a varsity plain about me. A couple - SII1 Mlt' \vniji, r blockiii.y hiick ;il Arkansas and made liis years ago they didn't like me letter on one ol' Bowdi-n Wyall's teams, lie was I!).") Always on Sunday o »iv*v v* v« \* vy i aicu WILIL /il *• j • i < gaudy patterns that had never Wewpoper £nterpr,se A™ i Gay Blade 'Dull' on Weekends Chi Chi Rodriguez By TOMMY THOMAS NEA Sports Writer By IRA BERKOW wearing black alligator loafers, Wilson combed his hair NEW YORK—(NEA)—One before a mirror. On a night of baseball's most eligible table was Esquire's "Good bachelors spends too many of Grooming Guide." NEW YORK-(NEA)-Chi Chi Rodriguez, 120-pound golfing giant from Puerto Rico, says when he drinks tomato hftor , „, . . .. juice he resembles a thermo- Sffrt "Pir^f ed 'n "I?* he meter. He enjoys poking fun said. First of all, there aren't at himself and his fellow ath- too many swinging towns, letes on the pro tour. Chicago, New York and Los .. { re member once in the out pers- but I get along with everyone now. Maybe it's because I'm not scoring as well as I was then. "And the young kids on the tour are just great. And they're smart. Some of them, when I first see them, I think maybe I'll take them aside, give them two strokes and beat them. Then I look at the newspaper and see they're beating me. "This is not good because 1 spend a lot of money just on travel expenses. Because I only go one way . . . first class. But so does everyone else. I know a pro who couldn't find room on the television in his hotel room intentionally) .. s a , d Wilsoni ri a ht h an n A ' f? e i roit ? l tar smiling, "but it seems I've right-handed pitcher, often been pitching a lot of week- many peoole . -> I L ' clubs — that's my favorite in either city. So I ioVnlglTt ^1°^ f ° r the " ext Shot ' n nho »!,„«>„ „.. * *?/ tiiiner a game of best-of-7 series No game Monday Minor League Results lives the kind of life his name" ends F ivrifc"tortay ta'toS form of e-ntertainmenr-then S" C ,S *- T«F > S SP^ T ! D PRESS S^»,». S ^ di 9? ted 8?«»P cSndition^anliS'can^be" Sf- ^"in W by \? p .£™" = "Now LosAngelesisa I remember when we had to hitchhike." One of Chi Chi's more humorous experiences happened pounds Ilicn. And now? "21(1 pounds ol' IIMIMIIK.T- ini< hi'll," he ^rins. . . . On tho t » it r t h c y call bachelor Harbor "The Mysterious iVIr. X." liociiiisc no one can ever find him once he leaves the course. . . . ICs Hie little limit's thill slick with you. When Jimmy Kills was a sparring partner for ('.assius ('.lay. and sharpening up Hie <leposed champ foe his lijL;lil \\-ilh Hrian London in Kn^land. .limmy would disappear on S u n d a y s, when he didn't have hi work in the rini*. Turned Jimmv Kills out thai one of the promoter's flunkies had a sou, 12, who liked lighters and Ihe w;der. .liininv would S?Sf~ »^ee«K ffSS: 11 - 5 "-"" **inrv-s* «£s? ne ^ h KL,^"«.•:• ^ ^ *-»:• <°" a SS'£S •*•*$•. ^¥E oTVironV' ^ hen he Was P la >' in £ in "Mex- ,,ii-k him up i-vrry Sunday iind' hop a li inn In iii-i.-iiiii)!.'. the caddy replied. 'Whadda ya 1CO ' Ihe seasidi 1 spa, for an outing. . . " ' " " l had hit L nto a sand tra l ) '" Sal Hando of the Oakland Athletics doesn't want lo knock he said, "and missed the ball Al Dark, who immas«d him as a rookie a year a«o. when he hree times. Finally, on the batted .192. lint he will admit, "Mr. Dark made me ehani-e fourth swing, I knocked it out a few things in my butting style. And (he bi K leagues isn't of the trap and into the cup. the place to experiment." . . '. One of the spectators said to I k-urlwarininM hasehall lahlnm: 17 \r,.i, a-., a lilllc ...-,.. r a companion, 'Kef it took him i.j.fi, st .| mn i ,--iii-li<'i- in s-ici-niii.ni,, c ,1:1 , ,,," i , ,,,. and his family from poverty that long just to cet out of the • • , i (..ilil M-ncd a pro- with a hot nutter and a nower- ^ ooa h«io i',, c » thLi, v,^,,, \ nnt , 'essional hasehall contrarl no hoiuis. !!<• cuiildn'l hit. But isn't he tired from the game? "Sure," he replied. "But not too tired to date. I get renewed energy." Wilson slipped on a white silk shirt Buffalo 2, Toledo 0 Richmond 5, Jacksonville 2 fa t«i. hn writ «»-? £ ? bout ting spots befor* I pitch. So Lately, however, Wilson's ex- i stay in my room and watch --.,.,,,.,...-, _, -_...__...,„_ _ „,.__; t • i r * oiojr in HIT i uuiii anu wcjicil l^uw LjUSAnPPPUcn Columbus 4, Louisville 3, 11 cur«on. to pjeasure pa aces TV I have'to. Imagine what great town. But f haVe'rela 8 . Innings Syracuse at Rochester, rain Pacific Coast League Phoenix 2, Indianapolis 1 Denver 4, Oklahoma City 1 10, San Diego 5 .. * , • i . * ••*•*%* »wt *«««Vt^t*«V'ITtlV»l- League cities he'd say if I showed up at the considerably by p ar k with red-rimmed eyes bulging out. I usually go out in have been manager Mayo Smith. In a hotel room, Wilson, 32, afte'r f pitch." discussed his bachelor problems. The 6-3. 215-pounder ? I'm only a hundred yards from the green,' Bolt snapped. 'Yes, but those are the only two you've got left in the bag,' the caddv an- tives in San Diego. So that's swered." where I spend most of my Rodriguez rescued himself "' - we play the - - - ' Portland 8, gray lined his pants that slim waist and and inserted golf cufflinks. "My life as a single guy has time when Angels. "For me, Boston is the best town in the country. I played there several years and know a lot of people. It's important for a bachelor to have friends You can be yourself. If you're not in a good mood and say something out of the way, they'll understand. Say the with a hot putter and a powerful drive that made him one of the longest hitters in the game, even though he stands only 5-7. "I started playing when I was a kid in Puerto Rico," he recalls. "1 would leave school early and go to the golf course. The club pro would wandering around the lou minors lor live wound up hack in his home to\\n. Ilii-n sporl- It'itiii, as a second-sli ini; ralchcr, hilling turner! mid Un- it weel take him to get it out . of the leetle one.' years, lit "A lady in the gallery asked "'Jr. {l ,v' • i- , , , me if I could speak Spanish. • I/I - ''ending lit- had no future as a player, he 1 said very little. Then 1 three- '« nmnii^in^, al Ihi- a^i- ol' 1>.~>, and traveled ami putted the next two greens. I minors another deradc. It was lon^h on a minor league heard the lady say, [Oooh! He salary raising a family of lour kids, lint aloiu.; the \\"iy, CAN speak Spanish.' " | u . ,,|so fj>ol a rhimct- to manage such choice \oimij lalrnl same thing with strangers and u Sf y dose'the sh'p abZ , hP , ar } ° f Chi Chi ; s aifjpcal \ s !l>> Hi "" ll) - Hid< Muml:i > :1I1(I ' IU '^'"' l "<^<>" '" l«7.- Oak- they'H think you're arrogant." Jsffi lt 2°EfSJ «JlSf ±h "jat fans can identify with ,„,„, ,-,„.,„ svs(( , m . Aml lhis x ,, 1( , his 17|h in u| ., ;im/l , | asked hfm abouT mint a I j" 1 ^ 1 " 11 ' J<|11 " -Mf ••"..=.,„ has linallv made ,1 lo .he hi, blocks and choking up. k ' iiw " ( ' " s i( n " irl ' U|lh llu> A"'l«'l'^"Yes, I admit sometimes ^"" th '" k •"'" |{n(M '' didn't know something when he quit that happens," he said. "In a Pr^fowtbsill for the movies a rouple ol y»'ar.-> a«o? I,ast >ear, WILSON, th*J Tiger«' suave pittber aud toute* grdier. romps on tbi' ouUidd grass St»V*« SiuujU'y. 3. SJH »f Oflrpit outliclikr Mkkt'y S(aaU-y. arrogant Wilson carefully knotted an iridescent gray-yellow tie and stuck in an auburn pear pin. "Cleveland's the worst town in the league," he said. "I often find myself with Mondays and Tuesdays off there. I just can't do a thing. 1 wouldn't have any better luck if I had a week off there. "Washington and Baltimore are also deadly, Washington is supposed to have millions of single girls. But 1 haven't seen many. Baltimore? It's like Washington, but wilh the reputation. "Detroit is poor, too." Then. reflectively, he reassessed "No, I'll say it's average." Wilson looks forward to Oakland "It's so close to San Francisco." he said, delightedly. "And 1 don't have to tell you what San Francisco means to a single guy If it's even a little like Minneapolis, I'll be in great 45 minutes before dark, which is why I became such a fast player. I would sneak onto the course and pla.y 18 holes in 45 minutes. That included a few •gimmies,' of course." Chi Chi retained his sense of humor during his successful recent tournament, 1 was a{,'enl informs us, Jiimn> raked in stioo.OOli { O r his as (be lirst shape. Oh, the women in Minneapolis. Wonderful, simply wonderful." He pulled on his light gray suit jacket ("The suit is custom-made, costs about $225 retail.") He had painted a fairly gloomy picture of bis social life. Hut. he was asked, doesn't being u celebrity have advantages'.' "Celebrity: 1 " be asked 'I never think of it that way Movie stars and politicians are celebrities Maybe some superstars Hut I ciin hardly imagine someone who rolls in the dirt for y living to bi- u celebritv " faced with a long putt. 1 would '""vie-makin^. And thcVre Mill have bet my home I would ">K >V'gro sex symbol. . . sink it and sure enough. I did It's hccn hell for Hohei to de Vicen/n shire (he imto- Then later, J had a very short rk-ly ol The lii^ (; 0 ol at the Masters putt but I really felt 1 would Argentinian has heen hii""ed Ir, Ihe m miss it. And I did. ol strangers. II, ha<la room lonl-np al' om "H you ever need a heart ||, a | forced him l,, hunk uj||, H,,,, , I win transplant, he told the guv. \,,<.;.. ..... ..,,,,,. i , n i , ,' "don't net mine" ' lonseil at all hours h, accept h•!<•;.; , r . . ,', . ,' , , , I'li'Hic calls. The |.resident ol Ari; ( nlm;^eiil I) Ihe latter is bad advice be- : ; ,, , . • .;• , • , .. , . ... . ,,, , i '< >> 11 \ , 111 n t INI, * (f 111 j t i ss; 1111} r in \\ • i s 1111'' 11 > u iti cause, thanks to Chi (.In s bi^ . • ,. •-is.-,. m oi m \\ .ismn,..n>n in heart, bis family is well-pro- " ' ' " ''. vided for and in the near lu "is reaction (o (lie furore: "I jusl \unit lei >;n iiaek and look ture, be bopes to take sonic at in\ parking lot." . . . He's an »Hiirr ol a parkin" lot in poor boys from bis homeland 'be middle of Iturnos Aires. . . . and make nood Bolters .it Helncen xou'.rm,. I'anl f.l.i .Mm.,!,'- ,le, ..si,,n I,, lllem s\\ilch Iroin \IU I,, CHS ;m ,| ,| ( , (I,, ,,,!,,, (,,,. Cl,ie;,..o "Maybe what bus happcm-d |Va, leleeasls u j|| n , s , ,)„. erslvvlnie M na. I, rlucU Til to me could happen lo tlicin. .....ml -i \,..,i- u,,i i i • i i i- > ,•. .•, , i • . be savs "I would like to teach f^,"' '^^ Ml " " ll| "" lx s l " ll(illl;; '» llHl1 - l( " ''"''I"" . and the rams .Hid ( Viccii/o \ ilcd linn all the kids in Puerto how not to be poor And bow to laugh , M-nlalm. he «rnsses as a maimlaclnr, r\

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