Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 23, 1963 · Page 20
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 20

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1963
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

Tin 1 ^<liarA RfQlsfgf-Mqil, Galcsbura, III. Tuesday, July 23, J963 1 «... n. ». a *> « * * 'I * * K » * * * fa- r "•jaw*"*.*** t * *• n '8 AND CASR Y b» WOMEN,. 7 -23 I JUST PUrTMIS OM THE VALVE AND PRESS 7 JN E NOZZLE/ T HATV AMAZIM(^<SETUS OF COURSE, MOW 111 MAFTA BUST DAP ANOTHER, CAN OF THAT S{ SHAVING CREAM/ CHUCK FULL or LUCK PROM CHECKERBOARD SQUARE Radio and Television TUESDAY, JULY 23 WHBF-Channel 4 5:00 San Francisco Seat: "17643 Case." 5:30 Local News, 5:45 Walter Cronklte with the News. 6:00 Restless Gun. "Hornitas Town." 6:30 Yancy Derringer: "Longhair." 7:00 The Lloyd Bridges Show. 7:30 Talent Scouts. 8:30 Picture This. 9;00 The Keefe Brasselle Show. 10 :00 Jim Koch News. 10 :10 Weather Show. 10 :15 Sports Final. 10 :30 Peter Gunn: "The Tender Touch." 11 :00 Theater 4: "Brave Don't Cry." WOC-Channel 6 5:25 Sports Reel. . 5:30 News. 5:40 Weather. 5:45 Huntley-Brinkley Report. 6 :00 Leave It to Beaver. •6:30 Laramie. •7:30 Smpire. 8:30 Dick Powell Theater. 9:30 Report From — JOiOO entries Leonard New*. Ui:10 Bob Browr Weather. 10:15 Ed Zack Sports. 10:20 Comment—Bill Gress. 10:30 Tonight Show. 12:00 Sign Off Headlines. WTVH-Channel 19 5:00 Sea Hunt. 5:30 Newsbeat. 5:45 Ron Cochran and the News. 6:00 Mr. Toyman. 6:30 Combat: "Night Patrol." 7:30 Hawaiian Eye"Two Million Too Much." •8:30 ABC Sports Special: U.S.-Russian Track Meet. 10:00 Newr .60 10:01 The Texan: "Desert Passage." 10:30 Hollywood's finest: "Army Surgeon." 12:00 Evening Inspirational. WHBD^Qwnnel 31 6.00 WMBD News 6:10 Weather Window. 6:15 CBS News. 6:30 Marshal Dillon. 7;0Q The Uoyd Bridges Show. 7:30 Talent Scouts. 8:30 Picture Tins. 9:00 Keefe Brasselle Show, 10:00 WJUBD News. 10 ;15 Westkerscope. 10:20 Starr on Sports. 10:30 Tfee Late Show: WmK^Chmnel 43 fi'40 Quick Draw McGraw. 6*0 Local News «vM Weather JS5 Hwttey -Brinkley. Ji.30 Laramie: "yengeanee." ." "Jfo J»maU WOT*" 8:30 Dick Powell Theater: "Everybody Loves Sweeney." 9:30 Report From — 10:00 Harrison and the News, 10:15 Weather. 10:20 Gordon Joyner on Sports. •10:30 Tonight J3how. 12:00 Evening Meditation. •—Denotes Colorcast. Station WGIL, Radio 1400 Kuocyclt* TUESDAY 5:40 White Sox vs. Tigers (2 Games). Newi on ine Halt Hour WEDNESDAY 4:55 Wake Up Show. 3:00 News. 6:05 Wake Dpi Show. 6:15 Farm Fare Program. 6:35 Wake UD Show 6:55 Robert St. John Reporting. 7:00 News. 7:05 Weather Forecast. 7:10 Sports Scoreboard. 7:15 Wake Up Show. 7:30 Local News. 7:45 Morning Show. 8:00 News, 8:05 Morning Melodies. •3:50 Notes on Modem Living. 6:55 What's New In Pink & Blue 9:05 Bulletin Board. 9:25 Uncle Harry. 9:35 iv.orning Melodies. 10:00 News. 10:10 Music, 10:35 Problems and Solutions. 11:00 News. 11:05 Morning Melodies 11:35 Trading Post. 11:50 Farm Adviser ProgTam. 11:50 Noon Day Devotions. '2:00 Noon Farm Markets and News. 12:15 U.S. Weather Forecast. 12:20 Local News. 12:40 Music 1:00 White Sox vs. Yanks. 5:00 N< ws. 5:15 Fulton Lewis Jr 5:20 Music. 5:30 Sports Parade. 5:45 Wall Street Report. 5:54 Weather. 6:00 News. 6:35 Music. 7:40 White Sox vs. Tigers. 10:00 Nightcap News. 10:15 Music rill Midnight. News on the Halt Hou? Station WAIK, Radio 1530 Kilocycles WEDNESDAY 5:59 Sign On. 6:00 News Headlines. 6:15 Illinois Farm Report. 6:55 News Around the World. 7:10 Local News. 7:25 Speaking of. Sports. 7:35 Astroguider 7:55 Paul Harvey News. 8:00 Local Newt 8:15 Weather Watch. 8:25 Hospital Notes. 8:30 Viewpoint. 8:55 ABC News. 9:00 Breakfast Club. 9:55 ABC News. 10:00 Local News 10:10 Mil-Rice Health Show. 10:45 Town Crier. 10:55 ABC News. 11:00 Local News. 11:05 Tradio. 11:30 Viewpoint 11:45 Things That Grow. U :55 ABC *News. OUR BOARDING BOUSE-Witb M?r. Boop>' E<3AT>,T T)Of*T WISH, |TO INSULT YOU, 3AKE, BUT YOlME J6 &EM HERE-THREE-. |DAYS WITHOUT TRYIN6 tO .6Y4INDL .E AMOME.' 'ARE YOU lLL<f: YOU SURE SLICE trfJ /WAY6E W& >|! CALAMI •C*aS6-Art[<5UOULO HAVE HANDED, AfyVOS) BUT I lAVfiSS HEAD >t A!rtTS0RE-'~I<3UESSI^ X AWT EXACTLY BEEN A> Goi SCOUT/ IT'6 3EST THAT I'M <&&TTIN V MATOOR NOW— fiO MORE FIGHT THAN Af «i eeaiNA BLENDER^ CANlDLED HE'£ MORE OUT (OF FOCUS THAN A TEMPERANCE [LEADER DOIN'A 6E5R , A » I 1 W If UlA, l*t-'lM. ttj.VS I SAKE 12:00 Omincast-News. 12:20 Farm Markets. 12:30 Paul Harvey News 12:55 ABC News 1:00 Local News. 1:25 Flair Reports. l:oo ABC News 2:00 LocaJ News. 2:05 Show Time on Broadway 2:30 Viewpoint. 2:45 Town Crier. 2:55 ABC News. 3:00 Local News. 3:15 New Neighbor. 3:25 Flair Reports. 3:31) inside Books. 3:55 ABC News. 4:00 Local News. 4:20 Farm Markets. 4:30 Viewpoint. 4:55 ABC News. 5:00 Local News. 5:15 Sports Round-up. 5:35 Little League Preview. 5:45 Little League Baseball. 6:55 ABC News. 7:00 Sign Off. Rioans Visit In Texas RIO — Mrs. Hannah Green recently accompanied Mr. and Mrs. William Andrews of Alpha on a trip to Borger, Tex., to visit Mrs. Green's sister*Mrs. Rachel McPeters. En route they visited relatives in Arcadia, Kan. Luther Peterson, who returned Composite Coin No particular Indian was used as a model on the U.S. Indian nickel coin. James Fraser, designer of the coin, said that the original bust was not a particular person but was a composite of three Indians. recently from Marshalltown, Iowa, following surgery on both eyes, is ill at his home with, pneumonia. Miss Ann Lake went to Streator and visited over a weekend with her college roommate, Miss Beth Bryan. Mr. and Mrs. William Lake went' to Wisconsin July 12, They planned to stay longer, but due to so much rain, they returned home July 13, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Newton and family of Shale City were Sunday guests at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pugh. Mi. and Mrs. David Smith, Little York called on their son-in- law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Loveridge July 13. ¥ V »$H11M, Ol /i 'Sf EAST o ^m «^ E SJsU »Adrift BmaiS AW? ^.M i i 3 "TWATCOFFHS y SOU NOteMUCH TOO FDR THATi I DlDNTkNOW YOU HADTO BB A (team-up 10 max, FREEZE, UYIN6 IN THB PLEASe „.LEr WE GO HELP COMB Ofl. ESWS THE CAVE FACE EASr .,.P *0BA6t. s / THE5E- TgASy 15 HAJ F IS FROZEIO. SI T HAS REGAINED HIS BREATH, HE HAV& NOT M0VE ».MAy BE PEA& ALREADy— LISTEN 1 50UNP L IKE PASCO 5H0UTINQ,,. (B 1963 by SEA, Inc. T.M. »e 3 . US. fat. 0(j NO.7THETD0N" SOUND R1GHT- NOPE.'. r -HE WAS >y PRESIDEMTDURIN' L MAH FUST TERM. on, IT DOESNT MATTER^QOEEN! V/HAT .HISNAMEIS-^ po' 4 HE'S OUT OF TCWN, AND >APAV»! SO IS ALL THE REST OE2-£ THE GOVERNMENT, EXCEPT VOO'.'-VOUARE. ACTING PRESIDENT//, w „ wm>.. PRIVIN& P1T0N5, THE CUMBERS INCH OVER TO THE OWVt LINEI7 EA6LE'5 NEST. NO VOU&TABOUT IT/ RIPPEP ANC 7 WEATHEKBEATEN, BUT NONETHELESS,,, AMlNKCOAr/ BIST WHERE PIP THE EAGLE SET IT; FANTASTEEC AS EET SEEMS, SISNOKE KANE,,/ PERHAPS ALFREPO HAS THE ANSWER/ LAST WEENTER,// EEM BAC STORM, BEES AIR LINER CRASH UF HERE.' EVERy&OPy KEELEI7,,/ WRECKAGE SCATTERED MANY MILES,,, f ANPyOUFISURE OUR WISE BIRP .SCAVENSEC HIMSELF A PLUSH l\W\m FOR HIS NEST,EH?MMM, COULP BE,,, TWENTY MINUTES LATER ^•liyj"*

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