Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 23, 1963 · Page 19
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 19

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1963
Page 19
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Tran $fmtUHhm ftfttcttt* April II AM* mtiums* Mr , i r«n M*U io AKMrr 10 DMVft ***««m l:U ft. >Hi f M ft. YH 8:80 rtl -JMi f. 148 ft. tit iM ft. HI • is om*h*,jMt *m M to KifliM OH ^.M ~ to Dtnvftf ..^Mtwaiia ft. m ge to KinM Q&~«~^ioo », m n to pmaha. iAMaia mjun & m 17 to Cftitfofnift i^^iiia p. m 1 tO D*h'" - — •ftiitft i^rtftftttoiiift ID CtJlti m«n-.\< :4Q ft, HI. 18 TCXAft Chlftf « HMi *Z *h«6:tO ft. n 18 supef Chief' BLCapitftft* 1 iJ r„ 124 OrftHd Cftayea M chicn _an 11:10 ft. HI 11:48 ft. m •sao p. m rtd Ctnjra •^uVr WSftSi^ft 90 P m ft K. C. Chlftf —..^1-JI:8» ft. HI. 18 Chief.-. .... «. *ft:98 p. m |S3 Grand Canyon 1 8 J 1 . Chief* JO p. m J* P. m .t:88 p. HI Market Reports Today (Salesbura Reafsfef-MoJl, QqfesbufdJH. Tuesday, July 23, 1963 Iti lr Texai Chief 17 Super Chlftf* usssss: — ,0 * >• B , Oftftfk, MttfftilkMnft 140 to Chicago* „*..»-^8:88 ft. m. * * %^8%-SiSHii :48 * m m 18 %ti&*sss!* m »' ••—Except Saturday •OS.SCHKOVLBr _ Waatktraad To Weft COatt To Wert Coaft 6:88 ft. m. _ . 130 p. m. 1o West Coaft ____^...B:48 p. m Eutboond To Haft Coast — ....12:01 p. m To Eaat Co"gotijhbotujd'" **° m To St Louis ylODO ft. m MOflllbOQBfl To Davenport eao p. m To Peo la ..1:18 p. m. To Peoria ——, .....838 p. m. NOTICE Tlie Board of Review of Knox County, Illinois, will receive complaints, which must be made in writing, signed and sworn to in triplicate and can be filed with the Clerk of said Board each day (Sunday and legal Holidays excepted) up to and including August 1st, 1963. Said filing of complaints must be between July 10th and August 1st, 1963. After August 1st, you will be notified as to the date and hour of the hearings on your complaint. Hearings will be held in the Office of the Board of Review on the third floor of the Court House in Galesburg, Illinois. By order of the Board of Review D. Reece Jones, Chairman. 7/2-9-16-23-25; 5t. ftfts aits) taiffry Red tbtm, Hfttctery Kmwvllte fUHMtt GiietlNfg Urge clean Eggs .22e Under grade Eggs -Me .Leghorn Hens 3c Heavy Hens » ?c Chicago Produce CHICAGO (UPI)-Produce: LiVe poultry special fed White Rock fryers 19-580; roasters 26-26 Cheese processed loaf 39 * 44; brick 89-43%: Swiss Grade A 50 55; B 49-53. Butter steady; 93 score 57%; 92 score 57%; 90 score 56; score 54%. Eggs staady to firm; white large extras) 36; mixed large ex tras 36; mediums 29; standards 30% Tomorrow's Estimates CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Official estimated , livestock receipts for Wednesday are 10,000 cattle, 5,500 hogs and 500 sheep Chicago livestock CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Hogs 5,000; butchers steady to weak; 1-2 190-225 lb butchers 19 50-19.75; mixed 1-3 190-250 lbs 19.00-19.50; 2-3 250-275 lbs 18.75-19.00; 1-3 285-350 lb sows 16V25-17.50; 350400 lbs 15.25-16.25 ; 2-3 400-450 lb 14.25-15.25; 450-500 lbs! 13.75-14.25. Cafctle, 2,000; calves 25; slaughter sheers steady to 50 higher; load and part load high choice 1,325-1,357 lb slaughter steers 26.00; choice 900-1,350 lbs 25.00-25.50; several loads good and choice 1,000-1,150 lbs 24.50-24.75; mostly good 900-1,250 lbs 22.50-24.25; several loads choice 800-1,100 lb slaughter heifers 24.00-24.50; part load high choice 25.00; mostly good 22.00-23.50; utility and commercial cows 14.50-16.50; utility and commercial bulls 17.50-19.50. Sheep 300; spring slaughter lambs about steady; choice and prime 85-100 lb spring slaughter lambs 20.50-21.00; good and choice 80-100 lb 18.50-20.50. cull to good shorn slaughter ewes 4.00^5,50. Backyard Sale Wednesday, July 24, 1963 9:00. a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 1601 N. Prairie Street 15 Free Item*. BIG BACKYARD SALE JULY 24-25-26 719 N. FARNHAM HOURS 9 to 5 30" Cai Stove, Refrigerator, Twin Bedi, Single Bed, Metal Cabinets, Chromo Breakfait Set, Pol», Pane, Diane*. Clothes. Alio a Craftsman Table Saw, Hand Mower, Power Mower, Ladders, Girl's Bicycle and Many Misc. Items. Rain or Shine Nothing Sold Before 9 A.M. Not Responsible For Accidents. Backyard & Rummage Sales, etc. Must be in our office 12 noon day before ad runs. Call 342-5161 Galesburg Register-Mail Display Advertising Dept. Interior Hog Prices SPRINGFIELD, HI- (AP) (USDA) — Interior Illinois hog prices (State-Federal); Receipts 15,000; butchers steady to 25 higher; 1-3 190-230 lb butchers 18.5019.00; 1-2 190-230 lbs 19.00-19.50; around 295 head 19.40-19.50; about 53 head Is expected higher than average yield of lean cuts 210 Lbs 20.75; 1-3 230-250 lbs 18.00-18JO; 2-3 250-270 lbs 17.25-18.00;, 1-3 280350 lb sows 15,00-16.00; few 1-2 around 300 lbs 16.25-16.50; 1-3 350-400 lb l4.MMff.6D; 24 400-500 lbs 1,100-14,00; 2-3 500^00 lbs 12.25-13.00. •eorio livestock PMMAi 111. (AP)-(USDA)- Hdgs 2,500; 1-2 190-230 lb butchers 19.25-19.50; mixed 1-3 180-250 lb butchers 18.75-19.25; 2-3 240-285 lbs 18.25-18.75; 2-3 280-320 lbs 17.25-18.25; 1*3 270-370 lb SOWS 15.30-16.75; 1-3 370-450 lbs 14.0015.50; 2-3 450-650 lbs 13.00-14.00. Cattle 675; choice 950-1,100 lb slaughter steers 24.75-25.00; high choice 1,000-1,100 lbs 25.50; mixed good and choice 950-1,450 lbs 23.75 - 24.75; good 21,75 • 23.75; choice 850-1,000 lb slaughter heifers 23.75-24.75; mixed good and Choice 800-1,050 lbs 22.75-23.75; good 21,75-22.75; calves 20; choice 25.00-26.00; good 21.00-25.00. Sheep 120; package choice 110 lb spring lambs 19.25; good 90 : 110 lbs 18.00-19.00. eeht a bushel lower, September •1,79%; cdfh higher, September $L23%*%S oats % higher to % lower, September te%.%; rye unchanged td % higher, September $1,261/6; soybeans 3-3% higher, August H61%-%. Bushnell Livestock Nos. Is and 2s, $18.85-$19.00. Market is uneven. Mixed weights bulk 200-250 lbs., $18.50-$18.75; sows steady; bulking at $13.50$16.50; cattle steady; lambs, 50 cents lower. Backyard Sale Corner Highland & West Main Wed. 24th — Thurs. 25th. 8 A.M. — From 5c io ? BACKYARD SALE 839 LOCUST ST. WED. - THURS. - FRI. July 24-25-26 Decorator Pillows, Clothing, Furniture, and Misc. Backyard Sale 1617 INDIANA DRIVE Wed. It Thurs., I io 4. Baby Furniture, Furniture, Clothes, Dishes, Books, Etc. FABULOUS SHADY GARAGE SALE Come One — Come All Something For Everyone. Wed. fc Thurs. July 24, 25 9 a.m. 'til ? Clean Sale Baby clothes and furniture, children's clothes, adults clothes, men and women, boat motors, jeep, antiques and misc. WINDCREST ACRES South on South" Seminary to Docey Doe Club, turn left, 2nd. house. WARREN COUNTY LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALES, INC. LIVESTOCK AUCTION SALE EVERY THURSDAY Starting Promptly at 12 O'clock Noon. Garald B. Fisher. Owner and Manager Phone 734-291* or 734-661) Monmouth. Illinois. ADVANCE LISTINGS THURSDAY, JULY 25 25 Choice native angus steers fleshy wt. 850 pounds. 36 Good to choice native steers and heifers wt. around 550 pounds. 75 Choice angus steer calves wt. from 425 to 525 pounds to sell in load lots. 75 Choice hereford steer calves wt. from 425 to 525 pounds to sell in load lots. 16 Native mixed calves light in weight. 21 Native hereford and angus yearling steers wt. around 700 pounds. 8 Large mixed stock cows from Ronald Lipes. 100 Duroc cross shoats wt. around 60 pounds to sell in one lot. Vacc. 150 Hampshire shoats wt. from 40 to 60 pounds, vacc. 140 Hybred shoats wt. from 70 to 100 pounds, vacc. Bogs from other sale barns will oot be accepted. STOCKER AND FEEDER CATTLE OFFERED AT PRIVAT6 SALE PAIL? 150 Choice angus stee» calves wt. from 400 to 500 lbs. on hand at yard. 150 Choice hereford ster calves wt. from 425 to 525 lbs. on hand at yard. - AUCTIONEERS HAROLD SACKMAN NORTON. PRATT Galesburg Hog Market Galesburg Order Buyers C. B. & Q. Stockyards Market active, 15-25 cents higher. Bulk of best eastern shipping hogs, $18.75-$19.00. Top $19.25. Quotations: 200-230 $18.50-$19.25 230-250 $18.00-$19.10 250-300 $17.00-$18.50 Sows: 300-500 $13.25-$16.00 Galesburg Grain Market Consumers Grain & Supply Co. 12:15 P. M. Wheat $1.80 Corn ....$1.20 old, $1.03 new Oats $ .58 Soybeans $2.47 old, $2.36 new DeForest Feed & Seed Co. Wheat $1.82 Corn $1.19 Oats $ .58 Soybeans .1 $2.43 Final Grain Review CHICAGO (AP) - Scattered early buying generated a general demand for grain futures on the Board of Trade and prices became firm to strong in the early afternoon. All soybean contracts were up two cents a bushel or more at times and most other commodities about a cent at the extreme. Carlot receipts today were estimated at: wheat 49 cars, corn 73, oats 16, rye none, barley 8, soybeans 5. Wheat finished unchanged to 1 Grain Futures CHICAGO (AP) - A little scattered demand firmed soybean futures slightly today on the Board of Trade but the grains showed little change. Trade was slow and mixed. Brokers said there were no significant incentives to do business and that speculators apparently were on both sides of the market, probably swapping positions toward quick turns in spots and long range investment buying in others. Commercial support was light. Dealers said mill buying of wheat still had not materialized as expected although a moderate volume has been going through almost daily. Wheat was % cent a bushel lower to % higher, July $1.80; corn Ys to % higher, July $1.23; oats unchanged to V* higher, July 65y 8 cents; rye unchanged to % lower, July $1.26 J /4; soybeans % to 1 cent higher, July $2.59%. The government will issue Wednesday its reports on stocks of grains in all positions and speculators say that could exert a bullish influence in the August soybean contract. They added, however, it hardly could be more than slightly bearish. New Torh Itocftt NEW YORK (UPl)-Stock mat* ket midday prices: Admiral 16% Int TAT 48& Aldens 26% Iowa PAL S6% Allegh Lud 36% Johns-Man 47% AUd Chem 48 Kenneeott 72% Kresge 23 Kroger 29% BACKYARD SALE Wednesday, July 24 575 N. KELLOGG ST. Nothing aold before 8:30 a.m. (Postponed if Raining) Baby equipment, toy*, clothing. Washer and tubs, furniture. GARAGE & DRIVEWAY SALE Wed., July 24—> - T 1442 M. Broad. Boys It Girls Back io School Clothes, Infants & Adults Clothing, Antiques, Dishes, Furniture; Toys, Doors. Lumber. Nick- Nacks. Rain Date — Thurs., July 25. BACKYARD SALE Wednesday, July 24 1322 S. SEMINARY ST. 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. Automatic Washer, Gas Stove, Baby Equipment, Assorted SUe Clothes. Numerous Other Items. Chicago Grain Range CHICAGO (AP)— Prev. High Low Close close Wheat Sep Dec Mar May Jul 1964 Sep Corn Sep Dec Mar May Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mar May 1.80% 1.79% 1.79% 1.80 1.86% 1.85% 1.85% 1.86 1.90 1.88% 1.88% 1.89% 1.82% 1.81% 1.81% 1.81% 1.53% 1.50% 1.51% 1.52 1.55% 1.52% 1.53% 1.53% 1.23% 1.22% 1.23% 1.22% 1.14% 1.14% 1.14% 1.14% 1.17% 1.17 1.17% 1.16% 1.20 1.19% 1.20 1.19% .65% .64% .65% .68% 1.67% 1.68% .70% .69% .70 . .69% .69% .69% .64% ,67% .69% Soybeans 1.27% 1.26 1.26% 1.26% 1.30% 1.29% 1.30 1.29% 1.33% 1.32% 1.33% 1.32% 1.32% 1.31 1.3P/ 4 i. 31% Aug Sep Nov Jan Mar May 2.61% 2.59 2.61% 2.58% 2.59 2.56% 2.59 2.55% 2.58% 2.55 2.58% 2.54% 2.61% 2.57% 2.61% 2.58% 2.63% 2.60% 2.63% 2.60% 2.65% 2.62% 2.65% 2.62% Alld Strs 50% Mis Chal 16% Alum Ltd 24% Alcoa 61 % Am Air 25% ABC Pmt 29% Am Can 45 Am Cyan 57% Am M&F 20% Am Mtrs 17% Am T&T 120% Am Tob 28% Anaconda 46% Armour 42 Atchison 27% Avco 26% Bendix 51% Beth Stl 30% Boeing 33% Borden 61% Borg War 44% Case 8 Catplr 43% Celanese 47% Cent Soya 28 C&NW 26 Chi RI 25% Chrysler 61% Cities Svc 69 Coca Cola 94% Colum Gas 29% Comm Ed 48% Cons Ed 85% Cont Can;45% Cont Oil 58% Deere 62 Douglas 23% Dow Chem 58% Du Pont 233% Eastman 108% El Auto Li 24% Erie 3% Firestone 32% Flintkt 20% Ford Mtrs 50 Friden 38% Fruehauf 27% Gen Dyna 23% Gen El 78 Gen Fds 79% Gen Mtrs 68% Gen Tel 24% Goodrich 47% Goodyear 34 Grant WT 23% Gt Nor 50% Greyhound 40 Gulf Oil 46% Homestake 52 Hupp 6% 111 Pwr 38% Inland Stl 39% IBM 432 Int Harv 54% Int Nick 60% Int Paper 28% Lockhd 48% Mar Oil 54% Maytag 35% Min Hnywl 104% Minn Min 59% Monsanto 51% Mont Ward 36% Morrell 24 Nat Bis 50% Nat Can 14% Nat Dairy 64% Nat Gyps 44% Nat Ld 73 NYC 19% No Amn 55% Nor Pac 43% Olin Math 40% Outbd M 11% Pac Tel 31% Penney 41% Penn RR 17% Pepsi Cola 53% Phil Pet 50% Pure Oil 43% Qua Oats 63 RCA 68 Rep Stl 36% Revlon 40% Rexall 37% Reyn Tob 37% Safeway 57% Schenley 20% Sears 87% Shell Oil 43% Sinclair 44% So Pac 34% Sperry 14 Sq D 46 Std Bds 73% SO Cal 65 SO Ind 57% SO J 68% SO Ohio 63% Stude 6% Swift 39% Texaco 69% Texas Inst 71% Un Carb 104 Un El 27% Un Pac 38% Unt Air L 37% Utd Corp 8% Utd Fruit' 25% Utd Gas. 38% US Gyps 86% ' US Play C 26% US Rub 44% US Stl 45% West Un 26% Wstghs Ab 29% Wstghs El 34 Woolworth 69% Yng S&T 100% ahead but well below tlteif highs of the day. ti &M chopped an early 8-point gaift to about 4. tfiM clipped a point from a 4-point rise. Polaroid, U.S. Smelting and Electronic Associates remained about a point higher. Du Pont's early recovery faded and the stock was down a full point. Magnavox dropped about 2 then erased all but a fraction of the loss. Rails continued to take fractional losses. Oils were atrong. Prices on the American Stock Exchange rose irregularly. U.S. government bonds gained strength. Corporates were irregularly lower, Markets at a Glance By United Press International Stocks higher in moderately active trading. Bonds irregular. U.S. government bonds firm in quiet trading. American stocks irregularly higher. Midwest stocks higher. Cotton futures steady. Grains in Chicago: Wheat, corn, oats, rye and soybeans mixed. Hogs steady to weak, top 20.00; cattle steady to 50 higher, top 26.00; sheep about steady, top 21.00; dressed beef steady top 44.00; dressed pork loins steady to 1.00 higher, top 53.00. Chicago Cash Grains CHICAGO (AP) — Wheat No 1 hard 1.95; No 2 yellow hard 1.95%. Corn No 1 yellow 1.30%; No 2 yellow 1.30%-31%. No oats or soybean sales. Soybean oil 8%b. Wall Street YORK (AP)-The stock held a fairly good gain in moderate trading late this aft. NEW market CALL US For Your Combining Needs — Whw* and Oats. List your Beaw "o n r d t?ra?,.' nd Sh ' Uta " <*» CLYDE OLSON GILSON. ILL. Trojan (-2103 Backyard Sale 1339 Rock Island Ave. Wed., July 24—8 to ? Clothing for everyone and Misc. items. FEED Abingdon 45% Cattle Supplement The Economical roughage Balancer. This is a true one pound a day concentrate. It contains 20,000 units of Vitamin A per pound. ABINGDON MILLING CO. Phone 89 Collect ONLY 8 MORE DAYS TO FILE YOUR OBJECTION WITH THE BOARD OF REVIEW. Knox County Farm Bureau Board of Directors MIXED HAY WANTED Call or see—Bill Bo wen. care Wertheimer Cattle Co.. Inc.— CBfcQ STOCKYARDS Galesburg, 111.—Tel. 343-5612 COMPLETE TREE REMOVAL Fully Insured — Free Estimates POWER STUMP REMOVAL OLSON'S TREE SERVICE Call Collect — Trojan 1-2103 Gilson, 111. Galesburg, 111, — 342-6234 FOR SALE Hotpoint Portable Automatic Dishwasher. Excellent condition. Cutting board top. Front loading. Phone Rio 872-2682. 20% DISCOUNT Month of August HAZEN CLEANERS ON CARPETS, FURNITURE OR WALLS. 343-9046 — 342-3669 ernoon. Oils, motors and steels rose. Volume for the day was estimated at 3.5 million share compared with 3.69 million Monday. Gains of key stocks went from fractions to a point or better The rise was irregular. Stude^ baker was under heavy selling pressure, dropping % at 6 in a parade of blocks. Studebaker trimmed its loss by % in later transactions. Other mo tors were unanimously higher. Chrysler advanced well over a point. All the other major auto makers were fractional gainers. The market seemed to be re> bounding from a string of nine straight daily declines, mainly because it was oversold, brokers said. "Glamour" stocks remained BIG FRONT YARD SALE 382 NORTH KELLOGG WEDNESDAY, JULY 24 9 A.M. Ladies clothing, lots of linens tc misc. items. In case oi rain, Thursday. FOR SALE FRYING CHICKENS Dressed, Ready tor Freeser or Table. Call Rio, 872-2682. WATAGA Congregational Church ICE (REAM SOCIAL SUNDAY, JULY 28 Serving 5:30 on the Church Grounds. Ice Cream, Pie or Cake 25c. Organ Music Furnished by Charles S. Gamble. TERMITES ROACHES - WATER BUGS Other Pest Control • Free inspection and estimates • locally owned and operated • Insured Frank Chemical Co. PHONE 342-5713 Dow Jonos Avorogot NEW YORK (UPD-Dow Jones 1 p.m. CDT stock averages: 30 indus 690.76 up 2.02 20 rails 166.29 off 0.77 15 utils 137.88 up 0.72 65 stocks 248.81 up 0.40 Tour- (Continued from page 7) the trip by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Crookham. Rebecca Circle of Roseville Methodist Church will meet on Wednesday at 2 p.m. Mrs. Herman Kington will present the devotions, Mrs. Clark Grrswold the program. The Naomi and Rachel circles will not hold meetings in either July or August. B. A. Tomlin, a patient in the Burlington Hospital, remains in the same condition. Paul R. Rast, pastor of the Roseville Christian Church, entered Burlington Hospital Sunday afternoon. Mrs. John Ockert entertained members of the M. C. Club on Thursday evening. Mrs. Nancy Humphrey assisted the hostess serve a dessert course in the Ockert home at 8 p.m. Three tables of brio'ge were at play during the evening. Prizes were awarded to Mrs. Herman Steele and Mrs. Charles Paull. No meetings have been scheduled for August. September hostesses wrll be Mrs. Charles Paull and Mrs. Doren Adams. Mr. and Mrs. Jan Sorenson and children are moving to the Jahn residence, located north of the Roseville Post Office. Sorenson, who was recently discharged from the armed service, has returned to Roseville from San Diego, Calif., where he was stationed. Mrs. Sorenson is the former*'Miss Mary L. Jahn. Members of the Martha Circle of the Smithshh-e Methodist Worn an's Society of Christian Service were entertained in the home of Mrs. Lyle Livermore on last Tuesday evening. Mi's. Mildred Dowell presented the program which was followed by a panel discussion. The group will con vene for a picnic at Young's Lake near Kirkwood on Aug. 1. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hodges have moved into the residence on West Penn 'Avenue, formerly owned by Mrs, Florence Parrish. Mrs. William Myers and daughter Judy, former Roseville residents, now residing in Moline, stopped here briefly on their way home from an extended vacation in California. Roseville High School Band, under the direction of Carroll J. Henderson, will present a concert in Eldi'idge Memorial Park, Roseville, on Wednesday, July 31, at 8 p.m. The band will also play on both evenings of the annual Warren County Agricultural Fair, Aug. 6 and 7. Mrs. Frank Pratt, who has been a patient in the Monmouth Hospital, has returned to her home. Governors' Will Appear For GOP Days Two Republican governors, Nelson Rockefeller of New York and John Anderson Jr. of Katfsas will appear in Illinois ift the next two months. Anderson will be featured speaker on Republican Day on August 14 at the Illinois State Fair. He is scheduled to appear in a program in front of the grandstand at 11:30 a.m. Anderson, 45, is in his second term as governor of Kansas, and served two terms as attorney general before becoming governor. Prior to that he was a state senator and county attorney. Victor L. Smith of Robinson, chairman of the GOP State Central Committee, said Anderson has an exceptional grasp of Republican politics, on the local and national level. Smith said today the GOP will have an openhouse tent opposite the north end of the grandstand again this year. Rockefeller' Appears Rockefeller, an aspirant for the Republican nomination for president in 1964 will be the principal speaker at a 16th Congressional District Republican Rally at the Ogle County Fairgrounds September 7. Stanley H. Guyer, of Rockford, state central committeeman, said the affair will be family style with free hot dogs, sweet corn, soft drinks and entertainment. Sen. Everett M. Dirksen (R -IU.) and the 16th District congressman, John Anderson (R -Ill.) have also been invited to participate in the program. Last year 4,000 persons came to hear Sen. Roman Hruska (Rr Neb.) despite inclement weather, Guyer said. The Ogle County Fail-grounds are located in Oregon. Hoffman Will Unveil Future Plans Saturday Rep. Elmer J. Hoffman (R-Ill.) will unveil his plans for future political life Saturday evening at the DuPage County Fair. Saturday will also be Republican Day at the Fair. Hoffman, representing the 14th Congressional District, has been mentioned as a possible candidate for governor 'on the Republican ticket. The formal program will begin at 6:45 p.m. in the assembly tent next to the permanent exhibition building. Rep. John B. Anderson (R-IU.) of Rockford will deliver the keynote address. Donald R. Smith, secretary of the DuPage County Central Com mittee, said all Republican friends from Illinois are invited to attend Hoffman is currently serving his third term in Congress/He was elected State Treasurer in 1952 and again in 1956. In 1961 he was selected by GOP colleagues as a member of the House Rules Committee. Stock Show Conducted J LITTLE YORK ~ winners havi been posted in the judging Saltir* day at the Little York LJvestoei Show, with trophies going to tHi grand champions. Sarah Hanna scored with hep Angus entries taking the trophies for overall grand champion beef cow and calf, beef heifer and fat steer. Overall champion fat lamb was a Corriedale entered by Fred Welch. Grand champion spring litter of swine was Chester-White breed entered by Kerry Smith. Gary Rankin took home the tro* phy for grand champion dairy cow, won by his Holstein. Also announced were winners in the window display contest. Win-* jiing entries, first to third, were the Bald Bluff 4-H Agricultural: Club; Little York Farmerettes and Little York Grade School. Winners Listed Following are winners in each division, number of first, second and third placings and the breed entered. Swine ' Allan Bertlesen, 1-1-0, gran« champion gilt, reserve champion spring litter, Hampshire. Kerry Smith, 2-2-1, grand champion boaf and spring litter, reserve boar and gilt, Chester White. Roger McCreight, 1-3-2, Poland China. Miks Anderson, 1-0-1, reserve champion barrow, Chester ."White; also. 0-1-0, Hampshire. J. Holer,, 3-0-2, Poland China. Peggy Hofer,- 1-0-0, grand champion barrow, Poland China. Beet Cailla Sarah Hanna. 3-1-0; champion Angus purebred heifer, purebred cow and calf, Angus lightweight steer; reserve, purebred cow and calf. Edgar Hanna, 0-0-1, reserve Angus purebred heifer. Barbara Campbell, 1-0-0, Shorthorn. Rosemary Orth, 2-0-1, champion Hereford lightweight steer. Alice Young, 0-1-0, Angus. Keith Chandler, 1-1-0, reserve Angus lightweight steer,. •Delmer McCreight. 0-0-1, Angus; 0-1-0, reserve Shorthorn steer. Dais Bertlesen, 1-0-0, Angus. Roger Mc* Creight, 0-1-0, Angus. J. Hofer;, 0-1-0, Angus; 1-0-0, champion Shorty horn. Mary Anne Bell, 1-0-0, Hereford. Charles Doubet, 0-1-0, Hereford. Steve Erlandson, 0-0-1, Hereford. Sheep Fred H. Welch, 6-1-0, CorrledaW;' all champions and reserves. John' Ballard, O-l-l, Corriedale. Dairy Caltle Tom Harlan. * 1-0-1, champion, dairy heifer. Holstein. Gary Rankin, 1-2-1, champion and reserve 1 Holstein dairy cow. Shirley Bertlesen, l-0-O, Guernsey. Penny. Jo' Rowley, lrl-0^ Guernsey, reserve dairy heifer. „, 'Guvs and Dolls'- (Continued from page 14)' : Teiin,, Memphis Meet KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (UPI) The University of Tennessee and Memphis State University will meet during the 1966 football season. No date or site as yet has been selected. READ THE CLASSIFIEDS! Sheriffs' Meet Scheduled in DuPage County The mid-year convention of the Illinois Sheriffs' Association, at which Knox County Sheriff Max E. Jones will be present, will be held Sunday through Tuesday in DuPage County, it has been announced by Elmer J. Hoffman of Wheaton, secretary-treasurer. Site of the convention will be the new Pheasant Run Lodge, just west of the DuPage County Airport and just east of St. Charles. Ray Trunk, Peoria County sheriff, is president ^of the association, which has two statewide conventions each year. The midsummer convention is held the last week of July in a northern county, while the midwinter convention, at which officers are elected and installed, takes place the last week in January, usually in a downstate county. Registration opens Sunday noon and continues throughout the day. A buffet supper, followed by entertainment, is on the evening schedule. Business sessions will start Monday and will be concluded Tuesday noon. Rep. William Jennings Bryan Dorn of South Carolina, a younger member of Congress, will be the speaker at the banquet Monday evening. burg visitoc, addressing members of the Galesburg Junior Woman's. Club, under whose direction the advance sale of tickets for the? two nights has been conducted,., The book, written by Jo'SwerlingV, and Abe Burrows, was adapted., from the Damon Runyon story,« "The IdyU of Sarah Brown," a. comely missionary having a dif : , ficult time keeping the Save-A. Tr Soul Mission from folding up. Supporting Palmer and Cathy Emma is a cast comprised of New York Equity performers. Move Special Stage The production carries its spe- J cial stage, over which thereis ai' : ,cover 25 feet in diameter.. ' " Color costuming, the produce! said, will be enhanced by lightj ing designed in six colors, redsj blues, straws, pinks, whites and greens, controlled by a master dimmer switch which graduate! the reduction and increase of light. ,. j Sound equipment, designed es* pecially for outdoor usfe, provides overhead microphones suspended at close intervals. The speakers are of different-than-usual de^ sign. They include two large cotf umn speakers composed of several individual horns, giving high] fidelity reception. In addition to the grandstand, and bleacher seats, there will be 400 reserved chairs on the track between the grandstand and stag! both nights of the show. McGuire Signs Pact BOSTON (UPI) — Connie McGuire, former Southeast Oklahoma State star, has signed his first professional contract with the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association. The 6-8, 200- pound native of Stigler, Okla., was the Celtics' fourth round draft choice this year. Gov. Anderson Of Kansas to Address Rally SPRINGFIELD (UPI) - Gov, John Anderson Jr. of Kansas will be the featured speaker on Republican Day at the lUihois Stat© Fair, the state Republican Central Committee announced Monday. Victor L. Smith, Illinois GOP chairman, described Anderson as "one of the younger chief execu-! tives in the United States earning important places in the Republican party and one who will be heard from in the near future." Anderson, 45, twice was attor* ney general of Kansas before he became governor, prior to that time he was a state senator and a county attorney. He now is serving his second term as governor, The GOP program, to be presented in fcont of the grandstand, tentatively is scheduled for 11:30,. a.m. Aug. 14,

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