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Oakland, California
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Roman law. which was then the law iu of death beating child bnto out Von I i at unuc inn HDflin PIT ACID' had called Caution to tbe Public. T. R. Burns, news deaUr Vmtii C.

I FOX Clinton Market. M. N. Stew A TaVSTBU PHTSiCIAN. To carry her; thio.igh.

th pains of ma and rait meats, vegetables, 311 VMt eratioa only after you have found an unlawful Uing with malice afore thought, an I then for the purpose of showing the legree of the public offense. Ami now, geitlemen of the Jury, let come back the line of thought that we were discussi lg yesterday when we took the adjourn! lent. i weuin street, bet. bixtband Seventh aves ternity and ihstead he had accursed his Ned Campbell's "DiriKO." 1050 Broad- wy, corner Kleveuth street. skill by makiai; an abort in of your seed and in the womb that God.had consecrated to you, had planted hi own.

I What llo Fresh broken candy at ThomrwSn'n. 4fi0 -Sven'h'Btreet, 10 cents. 1 had enddavored to snow you men commits adultery with a woman, leavetb understanding. He that doeth it destroy-eth his owo acul, and wound and dit honor shall he cret, and- his reproach shall not be wiped away, for jealousy is the rage of men, therefore he will not spare in the day of wrath; he will not regard any ransom, naitber will he rest content, tho' thou giveth many gifts." And that reminds me one attempt" made in the State of New York, I think at Rochester, to get redress in tha- Courts fur a wrong committed of adultery. There ia NO PUNISHMENTS.

For it under the criminal law of that land, either ther or here, a man brought suit for civil and ho re-c ivered a judgment of 610,000. The Jude would you if tivfe years after The hay 01 Defender. Chronicle advertisements, regular rates. Jerusalem, the civil law of the land. While the Jews were permitted to wor-hip cc irdin to the dictate of their consciences and the instructions which had been given to them, they wtre not the civil gov-erii'tni Jerusalem at the time, ml tkis was ONE OF THE MAkT TRAPS Tht wen sat in which to catch the Redeemer of the world and to give an excuse for puttin'g an end to his life before his time had coie.

The woman was found and brought before the great Teacher, but lb law ot i Rome, the Roman law, that which had prevailed in Jerusalem, per-tiiitted the man, the adulterer, to be slain by the haDd of the husband of the woman and he was already dead, so common law this was" a ward you hadji learned for'the fint time of that by the Broadway, aud Seventh and Broadway, doing business in Oakland the past nineteen years, wishes the public to know that his name appears in full on botji stands, not aa agent, for the purpose of defrauding any one; nd that the stand at Tenth and Broad way is not owned by him, all representations to catch trade ta the contrary notwithstanding. Just received a full line of new patierna, body Bmssells, tapestry and thn e-ply arpeta. Cur. Schreiber, 1064 Broadway For sale, at a great re ducti-m, 75 wall nut and ash bed room suites, for ca.h or on the instalment plan. Chr.

Schn iber, 10C4 Broadway. at bcrantom's, SCI Broadway. micide. I had shown you tne commission lot this gteat cnmei and justifiable what was or Jacob Scb rain's Nana ninm then also found: that tlwuiyh durine all go to Thayer's, 464 Eighth street. these years yu had bornefall the burden.

LAW OF EMGLAND, THE nd under fale pretenses bad been der.ied Somethiutr to be found nnwhpra nlw all th prmlejres of the marriag- bed, hf of Ulet'ant wedding and birthday preseLts, at AnnairongV. Twelfth street. had rubbed it Hit iu ho.aorli mil rCiived Terrible Arraignment Adulterers. Not on its -Written statutes, but its unwritten law.jtha't rests on the decision of anil in criminal cases, ths decisions of iuries. unreversed arethe- de it joys.

I need not wait your answer Beat dir.ner in town 25c six dinners hv God has written it in tbe-bock of the law the week Sl.1'0, at Tom HidLihan's, Winter's Hotel, Fifteenth and Broadway. cisions of coJrts, because the jury is the and engraven it on TH TA OF YOC EAItTS, whom every man has a court before) Oakland (dike Chronicle, WJ1 Broadway. M. P. Scrantom, agent.

tried, aud by whom every who is richt to be tried right to be man has a charged wit! French mixed rn ly at ThomusonV. 4(1 An Eloinent Appeal for the Freedom of Pr. Buck's Slayer. Seventh street, 25 cents. "The adulteifer shall surfely die," and I feel assured tiat by your Iverdic't you will not pardon this man's' criuie tor he bath comuaitted niie.latd the power.of pardon hath not beed given to, but you will Positively Ha Rranch More.

Furniture all description, K.lasa ann tinware, at H. SCH KLLHAAS. Less than Auction Fricct.j Now is the time buy bedroom and parlor furniture, 'cheap fr cth, at 408 Eleventh street. H. SCHELLHAAS.

a felony. I show you by the history more than six hundred Not only ii Twenty- 15 nt Meal for set it aside, and said thut a man who could be compensate 1 I euch a wrong by mete dollars and cents, has no nuch feeling as that tie til. 1 b-i injured by the act, and he wis It is not only the law of'a nature in which he in entitled to be protected, not under the law of God, and also, uuder the and constitutions of the States, but it is the law of nature, i mining through and acted upon by the wh -le criminal creation. The wild beasts the forest, even the birds of the air. light to tha death for the protection of their.

WAI.ITAL ItlUHTS, 75, at the PiW I ad- of England ft at it is the common -law of ay, betweenilN mth aud Tenth. years past, piitge ot hini )s you woul i judgel, and tun.pcrim; jJgment wifjh that ij mercy I showed you by reference that land, bd Win. GroKsaavites the nuhiis to call at that be was it brought bef ri for judgment, nd Jesus, knowing the duties of the visit, knowing that his time had not yst come, pronounced no juiimeut as to the law, either th; Romau 1 or the Jewish law, but reprimanded the who had eome by saying, "Let him amoug you who is without sin 1 CAST THfi FIRST Ojie by one they sluiik away until the woman was left alone, and thtn to her he' said, "Why are thesa thine accusers? Do they not condemn And she answered, "No, not obp." "Neither do gk thy way and tin So that taking into consideration the history of the time, the place and the circuuitancee ot to the hist ry of this country, and ot wuicn is 15BHI a oivirin as wll as hi warerootos, Franklin str-et, Ga-lindo Hotel il.ltjck, to his tir, the cases have been tried therein. a humane attitude iof the Law, If you intend sending for your iela'iona Eu-otw. cafi on- Whitnty Ex-piess, 855 Bri-adwy the common law of America.

stock of marbie mantels, monuments, that it is also wjll fsay that i-ince' God h-ith made tfce law, God his tones, etc. Mr, in concluding his argument, sail: TI11RTEEST1I PAY. Gentlemen of the Jiky: I feel somewhat humiliated, aft- allowing my mind re the flag of Lngland luef, Now here wl Mrs. J. J.

Whitney. clairvv-iTit and tt own manrutr lhath him the executor i the livf he hath eouimitted rij crime in its execution. And thi punishment of those who. shall tresoast thereon. Those of yon who have medinra, (of has removed to ioliks, guitars and ban js on install-, ments, f.

resfx-nyibie l'-ruecn's, 1070 Broadway. nowhere whe re the stars and stripes cheer the hearts a id protect the lives and interests of nit ia it held that a man is guilty of pul lie offense of any kind for Market H. u-e), Fi-an- to run back over the labors ot yesterday, been ae.iitoined to the wilds of the west, Hark! methliuks 1 her( a voice; from cisoo. aittiiigo, 1. 1 ii emleav tha vjiict of the Internal Olie, that 1 am not quite done.

orinr and departing from Dk E. W. Lees is again doing a L-reat at taction pncc, at VON wh knovv the nature of the beasts of tha forest, and tha birds of the air. know that slavin" the allulterer ot nia wire. try vfiur furaitur KlScjiVS.

my usual dfal of dentistry at his new ofiiea in tho of the Common Law. as I voice oi jiatige supreme, I tie. life that was iaken was in My keeping. It We speak Union Hotel.J East Oakland. Ail of his uhwrirten law; renting in tne said, as an was forfeittidi: under lly'ilaw.

it was I ild custo rera are cuniinx batrk to him ourts. and accepted by the this woudtiful it cannot be claimed that Christ in any mauner interfered with the judgment of bis Eternal Father, that he in any manner interftrsd with ths law which himself had proclaimed 2,000 years before, but if it can, then it is only to the extent of eayinir that He miti decisions of it it true. Cicero, the irreatet oratur of Home, in hi defense of Milo for the alleged murder of Claudins, before tba Roman Senate, proaounced a vindication of a who fixed thf measures of its days. In for their dentiibtry work of action, but this is 'more people as a ru Mine own apdbinted time I called it at My Lw. it is in some Arctic Cream Soda at Thompson's.

4ii0 even than a Qominon command. My judgment was executed bv higher law ot God, a law of nature, wbii Seventh street, 5 cents. that one ot Jly children Who most did Pacific Bask is second to cane ia the favidties it offers the rmsinftss community, Easlcni Lxcumlon, A third-class excursion will leave for alL Eistern cities on Ana. fully For partictiUrs. call or address hitney'e Express, 855 Broadway.

Give ns a call before making arrangements elsewhere. Also September 1, 18i5. Joht. Twelfth ftreet. has a fine it is most appropriate to ner: this is a law, Oh Not written, but born ILAW Ob' NATURE, Sujt.KllR THa BIN sense A One of those by nature ati things of which a man has with us; which we have not learned, or Far which tbe life was forfeited.

That assortmpnt of walnut dnd bedroom sets, and everything iu'the furnituie lir, cheajier than any other bouse in the city received by tradition, or but which nalienable right, but it goes child is in my keeping. HHt but obeyed we have taken, and sucked in, and than that; it is. a law of na gated the' punishment of ths weaker veel, as to the woman and the woman alone, tolas I said to you before, under the law as it stood there is no presumption to be reached, but that the man himself WAS ALREADY DEAD, Slain by the hand of the hiubjmd of the woman. From what I have already said, farther, even oaii anu see t) yourself. custom en Jea oring to answer me District Attorney's points made by him separately, from taking up my own line of argument, as 1 have mapped it out in my mind, I find that 1 Wave occupied more time than I ought bave sadly broken in on the regular order of argument, and repeated myself more than any man ought to do; and, as a consequence, after having consumed more than the time which I had allotted to myself, I find that I must still come back for a brief to claim your further indulgence, and 1 feel truly grateful to you, gentlemen, the careful attention which you have slwn.

The patience which yyni have exhibited during the- entire trial, during the argument whicii I I assure vou that 1 will endeavor in the little ture evidenced by a1 written law. It i a IWI1IBED FROM NATURES my commandjj who hath made th-e a judge between ma ajhd! biui? Judge not less ye be judged whn your last hiour shall florae." a All Iitiportttlit OUrorrrr. upon an antecedent written Common Law Herself; a law which we were not taught. ftJndatnental law on this sut- lhe most ilortint Discovery is that daors and' let Open those prion him go law. The ieet.

which uderlies. as the Constitution free. Let th fresh air (if heaven bathe which brings the most co. to the Kie-. but' to which we were made, which we were not trained in, but which was in-graiuad iu us.

Grecian nations gave the laws of the State, or of the underlies the it will be seen that this law of Divine origin and of Divine command was not a his fevered rjrow and ciol his taruin? number. Lr fr ivtnn jsew civilized Government, was n. Let hflin eo back if he will ti) that laws of all written Consumption. and CV'ds. pr.3 honors of ttie Rods to men who.have slain place which a one.

his apoyhomf-. but years a by the finprer thunders of Sinai on tal- seivethe health an 1 sa life, tyrants. hat have 1 not sen at li-Vi, amid llila ross the thrbflhrioi 1 ot wl ich is now writ nd is a otiiy pricel-ss bo in! 1 aftl cted. lets of endur What in the other cities of Greece hat ng stone, never to ne torgot- ten in Utters as nigtit, there ever to Cons-ump' toes it positively cu'e icn, but Like the Constit.uti was fivHe honors have I not sean paid to such ten by men mare dead letter upon the statute, nor wa it confined tt the Jewian nation through whom God spoke to man. Vot 2,000 years it became and remained the ciil law Of all the civilized government! of the earth, and it has never ceased to be tl.u law of the civilized mn.

More than 2,000 years it ation." Ih mine own ap- 11 mahf, Bronchitis, Anlima, etnain "Des "dnted timejil truction and mandatory in trrse in con and I al.ihe shall of l.adle Attention Whr yon desire your rfret-ses made in the latest style, and iu an excelier.t, go leave your orders at M's. E. V. -Tthn-on'-t parlors, 31.15 Twelfth street, between Franklin and Webster. -le agent for the Iae system.

iooil Ciicer ia lFriendiy to flea 1th F.r a generous api-etiyjnir weal, promotins; vitality and capabi'ity for ao to the I'hiladelphia Best nursnt. Meesrs. Spiars Welti, the proprietor, sp ire no pain in catering to their patrons. Maonetic Shikliks are a n-twork tine eteel magnets and a protection fr-im the bravo knife and assassin's bullet. lOtJ I'ost street, San Francisco.

Hoarseness, aisn: JLJut. on whit words have 1 no heard in their prie. They are almost and afiecti ms the hvaa written the eternal coin that mnv vet have tj say, to be Ions. Gentlm, I thank you.i 1 am Throat, Che msecrated to Immortality in the memo and Lungs, yield at to curative powers. If je.

God irrant that notoae yoo any shalt not kill." "Thou unit adultery," shalt its wondeifu pointed and to relieve-ytin AT THE EARLIEST rOS'SII'LE MOMENT. form. I it maud, "Th sh lit not covet th (I in which ries and worship of men, and will you not books ot those was kept on the statute aver have such causa to act as this defend this. df-t a Bottle Fie-1, at neighbor's wife," in the or- only abstain- rutii conferring honors upon ant ha but it that ereat nuisfoitune ever K1KKLAXI TI.uWBKIbGE li.iiur th-y were placed upon those There are 1 say as I look over, two the Saviour of so irreat a people, but will loes befail "ydii, I feel assured that you Store. Larg4 bles of atone, irst was memorable you even allow tuin to he borne away would act as He did act, an 1 then G.d points which should b.v noticed-before I had come to part of the defense, 7 (eutl-men, li are SHALT NOT KILL.

TH speed your teic and puide Jthe t)ullet that silent when homes are invaded; when wives OverIijil veiirsion On Tues ia-i, a well oivan- is sent for tlH adulterer's beart Jxt offense was a twio-fold of- the which rests upon justifiable homicid to which I will trail your attention at this are prostituted, and. ed with that of killing, and Lzed excursiori will leave Oxkl.icc aud tense compa DAUGHTERS DEBAUCHED, PICTURED AND PHOTOGRAPHED. i rjincisco fori the til at overland was tice repeated in differ- the coiiiman ticket office, Ninth strte'. between ent form. And they do not expect to be waited for, when he who waits must suffer an unde- 'I'ltc His Sheriff I Surprised 011 rhou ehalt not eomtnit adul-shalt not covet thy neighbor 's Broadway and Va--hinijton.

J. H. Hopkins. IletM-tu (row or on f. M.

Davies, General Ticket tery." "Tho wife." Aft this pomiuand had been so When ShRriil Hale jreturiied from Ofhce, No, 2 New Montgomery, street. aerved penalty of blighted hopes, of blast-od honor, of a wrecked life, and in the end same lAtuusfity law-uifer written, tne under the Falp.ce llo'el, San Francisco. Stockton ye-jtaiiday, having in" custoly must find no redeems. Gentlemen, tell us spake then urito his servant Moses, and commanded iim to say unto the people' all Overland 1 ii kel rice. an insane partem, he was'.

more i worse- that to adopt such a doctrine as I advecite here will lead to indiscriminate slaughter. Oldest "stun in these things land the things which he so commanded Iwnre of the statutes, formu ly, aa it werw, isurprieea than He ever countries from which we thrive our laws. It has been omitted from the written laws of the governments of latr year, not be-couse it has ceased to be 1 iw, but -bet-ame it has corns to be recognized as a law of nature, ttanding above THE WRITTEN LAWS Of men, and on which the injured party, by reason of the fact that it is a criuie against which it is promulgated, is a secret crime, not easy of detection; one, I gay, which the injured party has the ri'ht to pat into instant execution; auswer to his fellow-man only whn he faiis to prove a case within the law. And Khali tiiey sy from the history of charges which have been made and of homicides which have been committed under circumstances like these, that is not tie law of to-day The District Attorney tells us that it may be the law of God, but it is not the law ot these United States. Think of it for a moment.

Great and happy nation, almost rtlxTY MILLIONS Of PEOPLE, Inscribing; on their banners, placing in the hands of all its people, in every important coin of the realm, their motto, "in God 'CP, 0in'h rates! Berth -t. st- Best routes and cause the streets to run with blood. was in his life. Tha hrst thing that tired J. H.

HOI'- clstcked struct him was the was the following ncte in TTTvtj If it be so, still let it be done Better that litre should die than that the mothers of men 'should be made prostitutes, men lated as a le of Procedure for the enforcement of Shis fundamental, law, written on the ta les of stone and handed down to the peoi le under circumstances so awful, so sub ime, and these statutes were Itedutlioiivln Hue nrat, At the Bay City Market, Thil J. Ger-hrdy. Proprietor. The finest asscrtrEent of fresh meats can t)e obtained at "cheaper rates than any othirr place in Oakland, everything neat and and poods delivered promptly. Send your orders in and be satisfied.

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Cl ristianSchreiber, 1004 liroad- way, Oakland. ii Subscriptions Taken for All kinds of literary matter ani deivered to an i rt cf the city, or milled to any ad.lres.. A cm-. stage of the argiuiu'iit, one of them is as to the preSumotions which arise in this case. There two presumptions of the law in this case, which, in my judgment, equally balance each othejy' One is that of which' we" have talked of on.

both sides of this case heretofore, the pre-Bitmption ot insanity whieji exists in the defense, prxves to the contrary. The other is the presumption of innocense, which always exists in favor of the defendant at every stage of the proceedings until by your verdict you shall say a defendant has been proved guilty. These two presumptions I say one weighs against the other. Both stand until the contrary is proven. The District Attorney has claimed the presumption of sanity.

The evidence rather of insanity more than outweighs, not only the presumption of sanity, but, ALL THE OTHER EVIDENCE. rook Out! ptjiiuii v. louuu uil uii usi; Your depufjiesi, desirausiof expressing to you their abpiaciation pf ths uniform ceane to be born and the race be extin is down Cheaper than ever. guished. The command was to multiply and replenish the earth, not to satisfy, to written in thle living hearts ot men, so in-, Choice American meats are sold at Sjid-ou's Market, 7 Eleventh street, one door wroueht in man nature tnat tney nave kill in the womb, and bastardize the lace.

courtesy wits which you have always had tbeir photographs taken and grouped around oh a of your own counterfeit presentments, an appropriate frame, an 1 nijjwiwish me, jon their behalf, been handed town from generation to gen- from Washington, where vou will find the very best of fresh salted and smoked meats. l'he command can only bs obeyed bv pre- H.000 years. Tney have be- eration tor vervine: the sacredness and the purity of sausages of -every kind, at the lowest casii come a the marriage relation, a relation by God prices. Martin M. Sampson, proprietor.

to present the same to yo. PART f)F HIS VERY NATURE; 1 elephone 131. While wa ars averse to! baintr arrested. E.HTAI1LI5HED IN KDEN or taken under attachment or other etbeial Of his existence; they guide his intellect; thev mold hi emation; they control his 1 Ths nicest lufach rooms in Ir'ranciecc. for for the propagation of the race on earth, process, we shall offer no jresistence if you laJies and gentlemen, fs at the original stain 8 created in the image of oiur Maker.

But will; they ar a part of his very Bslf, and will now se.ze, talcs and carry us away, in tttKery, 'Jis Buper street. the proposition is not true th it it would the fprit ol that personal attachment constitute th moving springs of his every of itself inaugurate a scene of slaughter whl feeli cvutident veu have for us. All I.ikI to Rone Srraiiii. Edward Shepherd, of Harrishnrg, 111., we trust," and then deny that the law of God, the law of him in whom we trust, is the law under which we live. Look at the results of the actions of man and tell me that there is not a hand of God in impulse.

A trionir these statutes it was W. a. Harlow. ana mi tne tr.eet- witn mood, it is a provided: "Whoso shed leth mau'sblood by ssye: Having much ber.eht" ne next surprise was the sicrat ot a man hi blood be shed. 31y disti libel on the utilization of our tim-j and of our country.

A lulteruU life is not the magcifijent fnes of photograph all in Given on the subject. Now, a presumption is something that rnay be rebutted by evidence, and arty evidence that leads to conviction points to the truth in the opposite direction, overbalances a mere presumption of la4, froui Ll'Ctrid Litters. I feel it my duty to sufferins; luuiardty know it. Have had Kuished bro tier, the llistrict Attorney its every act. Go into the purlieus of normal condition of -t but only one frame.

Iu the ceuttr was i ex. E. has called pur attention to this statute, crime, ao into the places where men are a runniiif; sone tin my leg tor eight 3 ears: my doctors tdld me I would have to have a rare and grievous sin, aj secret commis nd he has Hale, the S'dbrjff, and h4 was surrounded yeii to so qonstrue it as mst exposed to the acts of the vicious. plete line 'atest Kand-trd works. Pocket librwy edition exchenged.

T. R. BUKSS' DijKiti, Tth and Broadwy, ard feth and Broa-iway. Beautiful Ladirn! And gentlemen and profs-' manicure; cosmetic mask; esixcial attention given to beautifying: the hands' finger-nails. till 8 p.

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ly is neces the botie scrsbed sr amputated. I used. follow the police iuto the Baroary coasts of the great cities, and see how many times punishment is proi led expept that which nse the b'-dy, unaided by the fendatit, bee. and I submit it to you, that theevidend that has been "riven in "this case, and sary, at thispoint, to' explain that the ioetead, three Lot'les of Biiters God himself provides, tor which I.e uoes en made the instrument of mind, has SlierifT wa? entrapped into havina provide that the earthly Riuni-hment shall and. sefen bokes Arni.a Jvilv.

and tnj- lesr now sound and jvhich I averted yesterday, coupled with i in executing the law which A-hnuhty they are tired at, shot after shot, in Cane quarters, tso, within four or five feet, the police themselves are made- the targets of icture taketl at the ctflebrate I 'gallery Ito 8ubsennenuv, seams', the shall refer be inflicted at the h-tnd of those who most do sofTer from the Sin Gentlemen. Electric I'-ittn-s are sold at fifiv cer.ts a tery. But from the hour in crime of adu VV. W. Ijkuiea, 911 Roadway i Here lso, six other pictures-! were taken as 'another pieces ot evidence on tnat subject, to which 1 did not allude, but to which my bolleairue did, that it was ap 1 cannot close and aabmitltht case finally the most vicious of men, and iu all these places the crac'i of the pit 1 is a iaoiiiiar Huckieu's Arnica Salve at per box.

I wlitch-that statute was adopoted to vou, for wnen 1 clo.e ot this tliows: loj.tlle upper rt hand: corter THE UOIE OK PROCEDURE iefendant is hushed. the photi) gfaph of d. C. Jamescu, 1 Sotire! Just at Season's Market a car i Ticket Office, 40S NINTH ST11EET, letween Broadway and Washington. J.

sound. el noi one in pvj enect, perhaps, NOT ONE IN 'TWENTY IS FATAL, Of every civilized government on eaith ot the' Criminal Court. In th REMEMBER THE EVIDENCE. lie can no longer bel believed either has providedjthat when a man H. Agent.

choice E-tstrn Htinis. which wiir right hand orier is an joval piiiture of liad of N. also 4 Deputy! Sheriff be sold i parent from the testimony which had beer, given her that during all these even long weeks the mind of this defendant, struggling as it was, was struggling betweeirthe impulse oTsuicide and -impulse of homicide. I "say, take all those elements- together, I submit it to you that it more than outweighs a pre But look at the bullets which God speeds from the hands of his children for the lives ally, wilfully, deliberately, aud of his at i'-h c-nts per pouod; also a Sohmer upright piano, in ue forotily nice lat of Dupee and Wtittaktr's malice aforethought, slays his fellowrnan nd eai-itt-at the 1 rooate Court. Iu speaking for himself or by counsel in his own defense.

I say I capnot without aking you not to forget tha evidence our months, saie for ssh or in Hams, to beisoid at a trreat reduction. ther photoifniiphs in thfc frame are those liy man shal he be slain, and they have of the Go into the yreat H. brary of the Nation, into the great libra stallment. Urueun's Mu-ic Store, 1070 Order your meats, by telephone and they also provide' Uroadway. which has been presented here.

I am tjiskill, ChieS Deputy! Under heriSF Harbw, J. C. Corlidge, ries of the wo-ld, and loo'c over the history ment of gui will be sent I you from Samson Mirker, 477 EleventiJ street, nr from Wash sumption of sanity if thtre were no con bs followed by one of the ablest, most eto- tribunals tor the ascertain-, and in the administration This punishment, prescribed eator, has been i reasonably Scott's Knialston of Pari. Cod Liver of those cases, and see how in everv in of tru law. nt Jailer im K.

H. Chief ment men at the bar of this State. I have stance, when he has been wronged bv the by min's Oil with Ilypophosplitt eft in Acute ington, freft chanra. Mautix Sampson, pioprietor. Telephone 131.

1 maaniticent frame niad" every reason to believe t)i it he is ueeply acts of the adulterer, fires at the wrong fellow conviction, and when. certain to Pulmonary Dr. F. B. oak, withji a jLeautifuljcarved bbrder of impressed with the teelina ot his true duty under such circumstances, by the ludu ew York, 8ya: "I fi id your Emulsion very The Ofsier Home doer; how certain God guides the bnilet and reaches the hsart of the sinner.

You trary presumptions that also tended to militate against it, and that there is no evidence on the. part of the prosecution that tends to overbalance or contradict this evidence of insanity. All the rebutting evidence which was introduced by iii this caue, and that hi will not inten oaK leaves atid acorns. lhe inner impotent Court, it has been ment ot a tionally overstep the bounds that Has changed hniids, and the new maiajrement have now a place the lmbii-: can eat of the beneficial after all scute pulnirnary atta-tks in adults, and in children." can't find in the history of all the cases, ascertained bat a man has wilfudy, de- panel is of lighter oak, jveriug third p.inel of ebouied gold The papepar- are prescribed tor those who rep libertely, with intent and with malice nnest tne marlor-t anorOs. 1 he imstrv, cakes, pies.

you can't find in tha hut ry ot your country a tase where men have sought to exe onts arounl the seven "photographs are torethoujhq killed his fellowrnan, he who One Dollar defendant on that subject I submit to are from derrick's Eclipse Bakery, aud all other eatables kr from the beit Eastern resent the but I cannot forget, nor do I deire you to that he -stands here to cb-se this case, speaking in th-? made of wtlod, with" paper induntintrs cute this law of God, no matter how wild executes the llaw is protected even from For watches and warranted; R'as es 10c, (1. -w- ev li a ra Vi ii ii marrii art it lit and CahforniajOysters in all styles a specialty, 1vDirc I np.mriutnr. a ti IT. l'he Sheriff as iustrv kileased as he is the trouble I ot a defense, by a stitute clocks and jewelry repaired. T.

l. HAEL, 3 you but tends to strengthen the evi dence of the defense on "THE QUESTION OF INSANITY. maniacal condition they my have been at permission of the Stat which declaoes his act to be justifiable ixth street, San I rancisco. nrprised oyer this unexpected tribute of and 4id Serenth street, opposite depot. Pri; of California, but th representative of the time; that the bullet has not gone homicide.

Because the tfoviernuieut has nection Irom his subordinates, rand it vate rooms loniauies an-t escorts. home to the place where it was inten led. thus providejd for an enforcement ot That rebutting evidence has already may be saui that inaMmore delicately bssT dtonurc. rooms ana lowest rates, at LYON Look at all the cases of which I have al THIS DIVIK'E AXD FUNDAMENTAL LAW been, reviewed by my colleague and par a KINdSY'S 4UCTK planned or puely executed compliment ready spoken and it is not always even Against the trims of murder, the iudivid to a deservitig lothcial was ever devised. private and prrs feeliaf, and he, probable caanot I wouldn't undertake to siy that I uld, at least, and I don't believe that he can forget the interest in which appears, and Whije he will conscientiously endeavoii to.

adhere jj to the law, it can but be expected that'j he will, in some tially by myself, and I shall not attempt gain to review it, but shall leave "that branch of the case with these remarks. Tlie Swiss Confectionery. The best iee cream mauuf matured on tLe where THE BULLET 13 FIRED ual man is stldom found taking the law Don't hawk, jhawk, blow, spit, and dis- into his own hands, and slaying the slayer By the party who is wrong' d. Take even Coast, served in any 'pirt of the city. Particular attention given to orders for wed- ust ovgrybady iwith youfl offensive -breathe showing you how these presumptions of his fellow-pnan, but if it does happen, cases where one of the parties was the lost I measure, voice tha bitterness ojj those who i i I li.tra Kltn weigh and tailed to weigh in the consid but use Dr.JjSage's Catarrh Remedy and linsr parties or receptions.

WILLIAM J. as it sometimes does in new countries, that ninm in ami IVrf JjT-'I. mminijt in thA A.ll- I nd it. -IM I 'I i J. F.

(LA AGE, proprietor. 41S Twelfth tf ation of the law is uncertain, the adminis there we fin street Oakland. PUBLIC, NOt PRIVATE!" INTERESTS. Tkis is not a case whsire we are to be tery, has been the instrument ot God to Ierf mptor Auction eratioa of this case. The other point is one-to which allusion has already been made, not only by the District Attorney in his argument, but once or twice the people tiain? up, and ntervention of Courts, put- without the inish the adulterer, and still the bullet Of the entiijei furniture tf L.

L. Wintrin- Schellhaas' Little Cart. Schellbaas keeps a little cart, As cute as cute can be; And everywheie that That you're sure to see. took it on the boat one day, It made the people etare To see a horse and cart so' small, Advertising bargains rare. And so the police felt in duty bound To take the rig in hand.

And tell how Schellbaas bargains Are the cheapest ip the land. "Why are bis btrgains all so cheap The eager people cry; 11 Ii Cause he buys and sells for cash." The policeman did reply. MORAL." So, if you want your arniture cheap, As well as durable snd You'd better cdl H. Schellhaa, At 4)8 Kievenh KINSEi, tha only furniture auc fedy execution this lw of God ting into spe comes home, and Lod in his own wiy and ger, 1240 Adeline strevti between Four governed on either sidet by bitterness of persons. It is a cass where the people in tioneers ia Shis city, will buy er sen you crim6 of murder, and no man against the by his own means, and through these in in your hearing during the-trial, that is teenth and pisteenth streets, rid ly, Aug.

out. I struments, executes law, which we the evidence of this defendant lying in their majesty are simply seeking to know 14ih, at 10 clock a. on the premises. will sell, without reserve, twi wrlor wait to meet i his victim, and we had have no riijht to deny is our law so long as we publish to the world that in God we Stovks of all kinds at II08 Broadway. pecial Notice.

i All gas consumers receive a reduiti of suits, Turk.Bh eiasy chair, patent rockers, already heard it said, wre shall undoubt if a public offense has been committed, not one where they are seeking to redress any, private wr onsts, not; one where they trust. The man who finds that his bed mantel mirirmrti, four: Black walnut bed edly hear it said again, that he was a room suits, IBrossels and; inxrain carpets. has been his wife debauched, his home desecrated, his mot sacred place cold-blooded assassin lying ia wait for 2c to perjceit. 011 their bills if they hair and mattrtfsst-s, marble-too are seeking to gratify any personal feeling of hate, of revnfre, or even of grief. Th State never stops in foci such a, his victim.

adopt Automatic Burners. B. desolated, turns to the law of God and center tables a No. 1 jMadallion range and Jb Jtiush, ti-eueral Aeent; yo4 Broadway, finds it written thereon. "The adulterer utensils, crockery, cutUry and tinware.

and while he will address you most Now, Gentlemen of the; Jury, if you run your mind over the history of 'these cases to which allusion has been made in shall surely be put to death, ile hnds this lerms, cisn. bale po-itive. tjronds may Horse; Pasture and Board. eloquently is entitled to, and I have no law one of being, created by his Creator, be examined pnl Thursday, 1 between doubt will 'receive, your careful Animals bastured and fed hay at $8 per assured to him as a protection by the same the" course of 1 this argument; if you 10 a. m.

and. Pi. m. attention. I ask you when he ia done to month; staJblinr G.

Hukey, will reach what has been read and said iEii. Goodman, Auctioneer. come baek to the facts of this case. Look Thirtf ItuysOuly. You can iy any and everything at H.

power that gave him breath and life, a protection of which man shill ink deprive 1 ark streeti tast Uaklsnd. 1 -r -r tj 1 at all its surrounding; I see the terrible It I le I Pnnl. him, a protection of which the trien of this Goro SiltlM 1151 Broadway upon that subject that this act of lying in wait is one of the peculiar evidences of it is an act attending weight of oppression under which this man bids them. Nay; but it has not beear so in reference that other provision of the common law "Thou shalt not commit adultery." "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's v. ife." The same jcode of procedure ipresc ribed by TI ALMIGHTY POWER Provided for tjie enfordement of this provision, thus: "The man that committeth adulterjHvit i apother man's wife, even he that commit etn i adultery with his neighbor's wife, ti ie adulterer and the adulteress shall surely be put to death." This law, like the othe was enforced for many generations, anc preserved by many of the statutes of the civilized world.

Under the Levitical.Code, both of' tbe guilty parties were stoned to death, and all of the people of Israel ware permitted and expected to farticipate ih the infliction of the penalty, Greece, by the laws of Lycurgus, adultery was pv aished the same as murder, l'he Saxons burned the adulteress, and over her ash erected the on which to hang the idulterer. In England, in the reign of i lU red, tbe adulteress was scourged fro tithe to tithe SCHELLHAAS', grea'ly reduced rates; chairs, rockers, bedstead wi'h H--y bed single lour 408 country have said in their Constitutions A nttie unnueht win cr.nvirce any one) for picture suffered during the two months, or nearly that SCHELLHAAS' ids the best and I they will not deprive them so, that ne was learning ot eroes almost every homicide that" has. been He venth street. Recomnicuded by the Faculty. cheapest place to buy or sell your furniture.

AS IN THE OTHER CASE, wrongs that at least were represented to committed where the Jury have said that 1 A French dinner or a cosmopolitan have been done to him, and which he be He returns to the law of his country for Burke's Dublin Porteri Burke's Erglish Original Tforkrl, Srealibvt at the Philadelphia Restaurn-, lieved to have been done, which the stat at the moment of THE COMMISSION OF THE HOMICIDE Ale, Burke's Irish Whiakev, best imported. conviction of the offender and ute says is assumed to be true: I say. bear For sale by Richards, Harrison Sher of the offense, and behold: They are silent. Eleventh aad JKroadway. Eat charcoal biscuits for Dyspepsi 1550 Broadway, i.t wly fitted np and entirely renovated.

The best and finest varieties of fresh and salt i.uis in muia liie defendant was insanej in three or wood. four cases, the Canada case, of which WEIGH THK EVIDENCE, He applies to its Courts and is scoffed as a cuckold, and with Jeremiah in his aeony. Depit: 1120 Market street, between Fifth SMITH lit Have lartre assortment meats in the city. Order taken and delivered free of -charge. Jos.

Simox. Prop. spoke yesterday, and three or four oth Put yourselves as nearly as you can do in and bixtb streets, ban Jt rancisco. he "My heart within me is broken; ot school supplies at 1104 Uroadway. era, the defendant hunting his his place, and let your judgment be not alii my bones is shakine: 1 am like 1 Eat iron bicuits for nervousness.

Depot: I i Backlon'a Arntea Salve. drunken man, like a man whom wine hath only one founded npoa woe but founded I 1 Nsw To Bfty- IVM INlarket street, ban JF rancisco. -i Important to tbe Ladles upon justice, tempered with mercy. You ovcruoiuc, oounuiw ol iua i-nvv, ui un-c The Best Salve in tha world for Cuts, In the Cole case he went from to Albany, hunting his victim, and ottbe words of his Holiness, for the land have heard the evidence in this cause, you Bruises, Soles, Ulcers, Salt Rheum. Fever so in three or four others.

In the Sick is full of adulteries; the pleasant places of If you think of buying a sewing machine. CJfTIL DEATH EXSCED, know tbe provocation that wai given and Sores, Tettpr, Chapped Hands Chilblains, the wilderness are dried np and their do not tail to see the new No. 8, made by iL nri 1 fL ttt 1 the utter inability of the laws of the State But the a lupterer was hanged upon the Corns, and all Skin Eruptions, and posi courses are evil and their force ia not mm this eeaaop neJirli erf ttmio. IKON w'si preacripCioa ft this eoaaoD nearir of tome. IKON aician'a piianiption for first convenient tree.

In France under tne iTueeitra vv iisifu i-uauutacturing jQ New improvements for 1885 make it su to furnish any redress for that great wrong, or any protection to him or to others from tively care Piles, or no pay required. It rieht." In his aponv he Dondereth the At very one needs to mm aome the laws of Louis the Debonnaire, both is guaranteed- to give perfect satisfaction. wrong that is done him. In his distress sort enters into almost fur pity thnaa who used boildinc up. repetition of thosa wrongs.

In perior to all others, simple, durable, light-running and noiseless. CaJl and sea it, cr he railleth tha mandate that God had or money fetunded. I rice 20 cents per parties were put to death. Constantino the light of the evidence box. or stfle by KlK.r.LA L) iJifRO W- written in tha Book of Law and engraven also inflicted the same penalty.

In Portu given, yoo would not if address llvd Watdnncton street 1 BKlUtili 1 'I you could restore the life which has been upon his own heart, and yet findeth no relief at his country 'a hands. Nature Steinwat square Piano, in splendid con lea case he went hunting his victim, and in almost all the others that of itself ia lying in wy to go hunting for a man but in almost all the others the defend- ant made careful, studious arrangements for the commission of the homicide, and actually lay in' 'wait to find his man. It was so in every one of the cases to which 1 alluded yesterday, and the fact that he so does lie in wait is no evidence un-. der the statute of murder -is not to be considered in determining the question of murder. That a killing results or is v.

it. 1 v. gal the adulterer was burned to death, but tha husband, if he chose to do so, could save the life! of his wife, and in such cases taken. Ought then the slayer of one who Delias Furniture Store. dition, for Sale ior $300; cash or install- riseth up within him.

Emotion rises supe bore sucb a lite, acting nnder such cres The best jaad cheapest ilue to buy firt- I ments. Bruany'a Music Store, 1070 Broad- sae was len on wun a una. But it rior to intellect, and wig OBETS EMQTIOX, 408 class s-rnrniture, mattresses. way, Oakland. sure, such overwhelming pressure, ought he to fear or expect that all tbe history of i Twelfth strleet, Oaklan.L,t Bjl Special Request.

the past should be wiped away, tha la Aad, lor the moment, tne earth may t- claimed by I the prosecution in this Case that the Great Kedeemsr when he was on earth repented thia Unwritten law of God, that he mitigated the punishment of adul Go to the1 auction sale fine c'oafa and which the people themselves have declared Nick Williams has added to his excellent through their Courts, should be forgotten. oyster and Coffee parlors. No. 1106 Broad wraps this lafternoon I and' evening, corner Thirteenth Istreet and Broadway, ofSce of and tht be alone shou'd be selected out quake, and the heavens fall, he stands the conscious, self-appointed executor of the will of Almighty God, and puts into execution the supreme law of his being; .5 i tery, tnitt tne counsel Tor tne prosecution forgets the history of the way, a nrsiHuass restaurant, wmcn includes for puniihttent everything the most fastiduous could de time the law of the place in which the Domestic Sewing Machine Co. An elegant assortment and a positive chance ir TOU HAVE WIVES, i the Way of edibies.

A. hne menu Redeemer agood when this pcece was en uuua uy iub uauu vi uiu uu lies 111 wait, is not made by the statute evidence of the fact that it was an unlawful kill- ing. Yon must first find murder- before you consider the question of lying in wait. Murder ia the unlawful kill- the adulterer shall surely be put to death. "ion have, daughters, yon bave homes bargains.

and the beat to be found in the market. acted to which he called your attention. Shall it be said, that when, by man's great always the rule of Nick, and for a It was in erusalem. The man Christ wrong, and the government's around whichjduater all your most sacred affections, and in which are cherished all homelike dinner, he takes tne lead. was a Jew, do reco? iized and teaching in bas been dethroned, tne intellect shaken.

A youn with a capital from J2.5C3 and the synaogie. A woman was brought to and bead emotion alone given RFTTflMIC- ing with malica aforethought, it is not a killing done by to to invest imatpaying bos mesa. Weber's Hotel. power over will, a man is placed to exe those things for which men most desire to live! You, too. are compelled at times to call tha doctor to the bedside of your wife A rare.

Ruarantee ot a per income from cute the law uf Gad against his fellow T.JrftxJc. HAS Tt EQIA1, Fer Weatne, I TkKKS IX ADCLTERT, The ne buiidinz oi Twelfth and Frank S12a to $175 per month. 1 Address fBL K. -l Xmn nwwIiriiiA ttkjljt man, he shall be held responsible to tbe IX WAIT That constitutes murder. After i is aei iDjnrwn.

Aud it wasldemanded of him what could and your children. lo save their lives. lin streets' is now open as aaecpnd-claa tnis cmce. i i raiee ike you very law which refused ta protect him, a-4- you may De, aa re is dslendant was, com hoteL MJr. A.

Weber, the proprietor. Kvatan. Km(m ADiettte.AUa Dieetiea be done to her. Had he said that there and tha suffering already heaped upon polled to submit their naked bodiea to his Ax upright Piano, used only two moaths will spare) no effort in making his guests have found the murder, after you have Ijound there was a murder, then if there evidence of 1 vinir in vou tlr him, be multiplied, where God himself It dorm nn biackm or mrnre the tMh. ean.

hmA-acbe or prod ace nstipM--eir Jnmmnctm dm Dk. O. H. BnratCT. a kadtac phrciaa oC ministration and manipulation.

Mut for sale at a sacrifice; cah or installments comfortable. 1 ne rooms are sunny an was no law jto puniatt ner; bad be commanded thJ multitude that she should be set free, he would have been denounced in hath guaranteed protection? rso, a tbou yon at the same time submit iirnenn JVLnaic store, 1970 Broadway. handsomely tarnished. rice of room. aand times no An-1 aa I have already roem to nis lust, and yeur SI 25 to $2 50 per week, an i 25 to 50 cenu Bro-m Imn Bitrm is a tharovghly ism.

I -cm it in taj practice, aad ftM told yon, nowhere in the history of this SrLVR-tG5EaccordeoD cheap. BrUenn's, per night. With board, 93 50, 50, and tnat into consideration to determine the degree of order, not to determine whether it was murder, for as I said to you early in this case, the statute does thejsynagogfe, in the Holy of Holies, which he acknowledged as the place for the wor arm oe paraiyzea tor their defense I can trustfully answer from vour own hearts. nnl all nlftae lana mr In OtL JBW 1U.U mroaway. upward, per week.

country, nowhere in THE HISTOET OF CmiJZED KE3T, WEtat wonld yen bave done if vour home ship of His I rather. Un tbe other hand, had proclaimed tbe law of Bis Father, Statue of Liberty SMITHi a. 11M Brtwdway, tfeeOfi had been entered aa this mania was, wider the guise of friendship of the most sacred IDs this been dona. When a man commits this great oSTiuse against his fellow Will soon be in poeit'on her pice.Co cpta la eonditwa of the mfntm. Bmm' tj iwuaBj a poaiine ttoowty.

1 a all that kr Ouuinehaa tr3 mrk sad tmBaad ndoaaa wimppex. Taikr ao ether. Made only bv BKUATl fH EM ICjU. te. BALTIXSBKlia.

nISil aad allti Ui 14 ei prims fnv leUtw. infmuat vm abea ctit-. eta Tr- my by ill lealen IB taediccaa. or aar adiaaB on recap ot So. susux not aay that every killing done by lying in wait is murder, bat it says that every murder committed by lying tin wait is murder in the first degree, so that the and pronounced judgment against th woman, he would have been denounced at tba court of tha higher, the Roman rale of BDinistration and vour wife debauched by ahe can th? world how man, he takes his life into bis own hands, sella Carpet, uoar biin whoa yon most had trussed, whaa dace eaa bills 25 ti 150 per cent, with and this was recognized as a fact, even in Jerusalem, aa a man setting no seditions.

Only L25 per yard, a H- SCHELL- Rapplyea" automatica. u. jr. iins io4 you bave done when your wife was going: down into the valley of the shadow settin; huiualf np in judgment against the lying in wait Urtoe taken into consid Soloxons timr, f.r he said: "Whoso Mattings front 17 npwardaj ji ifij, isroadway. i i.

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