Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 30, 1944 · Page 4
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 4

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1944
Page 4
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Page Four NAUGATUGK DAILY NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30,1944 dflbe JSaflp Published -Every Evening (Except Sundny) by THE NAUGATUCK NEWS CORPORATION NAUGATUCK. CONNECTICUT Trli'phoncn *«8 uncl 22SB—All Dcpnrtmcntii Entered an Mccond cltxsa maUnr nt. the post office in Conn. • SUBSCRIPTION RATES Puyablo in Advance 1 month * .75 0 months *•!.3 montha $2.25 1 ycnr $0.00 FLEDGK TO TUB FLAG—"I pledge nlle. Klnnvv tu the Flag of tho United Stilton <>! America mid to the Krpulillc for which It •lamia. On<i nation Indlvlilblf, with Liberty uml Justice for nil." WEDNESDAY. AUGUST. 30. »!(•«•! GOOD SITE FOR AIR STATION The recent iitinouneement that tlie Civil Aeronautics Board will, examine iippliciitioiis. for air transportation services in the Ne\v I'higland aix-a .has nrousi-d much interest in Naugutuek, in in view of the suggestion that the air field at Uethany be i place on the route of of air lines. Bethany field is wel purpose and -would, it excellent site for such a station, Whether it \vill be taken into consideration remains to be seen, but if used a.s an airport on a bit;' transportation line it would undoubtedly hi'ing much business to this .section. ised as a stopping one of the group I situated for thai is believed, be an DO YOU REMEMBER? From' The Files Of The News ANOTHER FELLOW WHO PICKED THE WRONG.rBOOKMAKER 20 Years Ago Mr. nnil Mrs. Henry Bird, Mrs. Gertrude Smith, and Jnno Twitcholl left for u Labor*'Dny weekend motor trip to Long Island. ' > . o—O—o Thomas Sufrruc, of Ward street, Joscph^Grant, of Cherry street, Norval Turner, of Gorman-'street, and Mortimer Qulrk'c, of Scott street, were nt Walnut beach in Milford. o—O—o •',. >.., ' • 30 Years Ago -'- ,. ; Lea Scars of Aetna street was a patient in \Ya- torbury hospital, recovering from an appendectomy. o—O—o Mrs. Patrick White and Helen Ten-ill returned from a visit in Newark, N. J. o—o—o Marie Gillian took a position as clerk in Knox drug store. who Around the Clock TUMBLING SATELLITES At the end of the lust war, Bulgaria surrendered on Sept. -i', IMS. Turkey signed an armistice on Oct. '30. Hungarian and Austrian republics were declared • nn Oct. '1, 'Bavarian <>n Xov, S. The Kaiser abdicated on Xov. f) and two days later, the Armistice was signed at Coin- Turkey led the present procession, joining the Allies on An/c. -. Romania came next. Bulgaria expected to come before Romania, but she stopped to haggle over territory, and Romania stepped into her place. ' From Sept. 29 to Xov, 11, 1918, was 4: clny«—six weeks. From Aug. 2, ][>44, 43 .days bring the time to Sept. 14, Gould this be Ihe great day:' < >r do events move- more swiftly now than then 1' Or should ojie count the 4.'J'days from K'oinania's Atig. 25 * Specula!ion in those affairs, as in most others, is futile. Nothing is over exactly the Sfirue. It is certain, however, that the end will not long bo delayed. When the satellites go tumbling, it seems that the planet, is breaking up. Kut soon the Hitler regime will appear in the memory a.s a mere meteor—a flash across the sky, find gone forever. Where now are Hitler's thousand vears'.' PENS AND PENCILS the an .illic- it is said to be rulings of the lots, in order to with a "bhick It is probably inevilable that, in combined confusion of a war and election year, there should be tro about voting. But in some states there seem to be needless fuss and confusion. In Ohio, for example-, required by law and by secretary of state that ba bo valid, must be market lead pencil." -Just what special virtue or demerit there may be in the color of the- pencil is not clear. Xor is it clear why pens, especially fountain pens carried habilnaUy by so-many voters, should be ruled out. Musing on these.' niysU-ries, Keod. M. Wiiiegfirdner of Washington Court House, Ohio, urines a special legislative .session. He wants to amend ihe law so that .service men and women "may mark their ballots with pen, and ink. lead pencil, blnck lead,.pencil, lead end of a pencil, bullet, or in any~other way, just so the precinct election officials, when they start to count that ballot, can determine •what was the reasonable intent of the voter." And with this attitude both the G. T. and the civilian voter might agree. Al Zullu, Vincent Miilesky, Bill Shapiro, and Al Mennillo of Beacon Falls took in the nag races at Belmont in New York Monday. It svasii't reported whether or nut (lie boys lost their .respective! shirts, but they did lose their confidence in the sprinting abilities of several horses There is an old bicycle on display in The Xangaluck .Fuel (Jo. window that has pedals working in an up and down direction, instead of the modern system of rotation. The name of the bike is unknown, altliuugh "Pump Bike" is a name offered by Louis Kackc. • 1*1 ie vehicle is owned by Conrad Ham, whose father, the late (ieorgc C. .Ham, rode it in many races in Dntchess County, N. Y., before the'days of the automobile. Mrs. William Fernandes, the former Ellen Diamont, was recently honored at an outing by her fellow Risdon Co. em- ployes. The folks presented her with a gift. A good time was had by all Here's an address,, which if used will bring a" soldier a lot of cheer—for there's nothing like getting a half dozen or so letters at mail call: Pfc. Francis A. Daly, 31048763, 0o. "B", 760th R.-R. Diesel Shop Bn., APO, c-o Postmaster, New York, N. Y. Broadway and Elsewhere AU KKVOIB FOB '«• HOL.LYWOOPIA: lie nl one of the ,inKye» " loons is the president of marry Bitty Gar- York, Sept. ,.. inke r lop-i.innci Columbia will rett, actorinc, i" 2>' 35 Stuart Holme.*, "ho silenis. i* pW>K »• )^ or •The MissinK Juror"—and not the misslnjf one. ..Madeleine Cald- wc-11 and that Los Angeles newspaperman should fid In radio. . .Acquanclte and Nelson, both of the (screen; intcre«tin;» plans, . . Marx, the sour comedian, i» , w '? G>.n..lbc ox-MrH. Leo Gorcey. ..Ch*r Icy '^Sarncfs pretty vocalist, Kn» St-.-irr, "hw^nccn a lawyer -who j^. ' 'has been posing around as showing man Mrs Humphrey —„- . hi* picture in nor lock.*; Mrs- Bogart is so well'Known in Holly- a ~. wood that the impostor got a lot ha-h.-i. ..Director Mike CurUz, wants what he wants his way. shouted at dignity and says it his way, Ho* Russell: "Get more in your nose—and your shoulders make more aloof!" "YOUR MIND AND BODY" WASHINGTON ISy HELEN" ESSAKY (Central .Press Columnist) Bv I'-OGAN C'LliNDJiNING, SI. 1>. Lt. and Mrs. John Hoey (the missus 'is the former Mary St. John) o!.' llf) Scott street, became- ihe parents of'a ha by buy at ISt. -Mary's hospital Tuesday at fi:57 a. m. The dad is in Undo Sam's army. Uncle Jim Hoey (one "o") is helping with the cigars Wo hear that Tommy Horn at the h'isdon C'n. is quite a poet (shades of ,Sgt. A. .Farrar! !) Tom's hobby is writing poetry about his follow employes. Corp, Andrew Knott of Great Hill, Seymour, who is well known here, is now home on furlough after being overseas for several months. He is with the U. S. Marines William Carson, of RFD 1, is a surgical patient at Waterbury hospital Wally Szczesiul of Railroad avenue, Beacon Falls, was a day older yesterday. The Scoop was in town yesterday buying pencils and stuff, getting ready to go back to school next week with the Naugatuck high school juniors. Suinu Food Oddities THERE ARE WAR CUSHIONS It' France is ivproachod ('or her downfall, slii' could truly say, as is suites ted by the brilliant writer mi foreign affairs who s^-hs hiniselt' Periinax: 'MCng-lancl Jintl (lie (,'haiinel, America the Atlantic. All \vo had was the Mouse- river.'' Geography cannot c-hanyo, hut aftc-v the war France should be able to count support in the hour of h'ouble. Jack Lenl, of New street extension, returned from a I h limbing irip yesterday that took him up as far as Maine, and down as far as Scranton, Pa. He also touched .'Buffalo, X. Y The end of summer is closing in on us'fast now.-It really went by this year. It won't !>e before local residents dig out cooler weather wearing apparel, even the kids, perhaps nut ga : .>e t rotting to school next week < only last Friday that school cussed foj- the summer, they figure Xurm .'B-.ilakiles is trying to get a good giuve in order to play some soffball. It has been suggested that he get a .mitt of an inferior type and then bjame it J.'o.r any bud pi ays. . •• long their Why, will I . It re- lols of queer things-—scientific or not — about fuods Unit do not pet in the textbooks on nutrition. Perhaps the text .book writers think they are too trivial .or not sulllcietitly proved, but. at least, people hold strongly lo food opinions and xuidc the nutritional part of then' 1 lives to them, and they arc cor- 1 tainly worthy to bu examined. My father and I were once in the reading room of a public library and a pompous looking £Cn- tleman who was t'oin;,'. from rack Lo rack reading'^ the newspapers' nodded to us. J. asked Father who he was and he replied—"Oh, I presume he is ono of those people who have views." Well, we all have views about , food, and in spite of his wiihn'r- ij^ scorn, Father- had them too. Indigestion in .Mualtfiy 1*0-01)1*1 For instance, why 'do some foods disagree with healthy people? I am not talking about sensitiveness, or a'.lct-yy now—I said ialtby people. : Tu-finty-four healthy yountf col- lefro students said onions K»VP them abdominal discomfort. Somp investigators decided to invcsH- f-'ute this. So they fed to all twenty-four students onions prepared five different ways, accompanied by potatoes, bread, butter, fruit and a beverage. The onions were oflered—CUi'ay, sliced; (2) raw, sliced and soaked in vine- Bar; (3) cooked an hour a.r.d .a half in an open kettle; (•!) cooked an hour and a half in a 'closed kettle; and CD) cooked until len- clei-, thirty minutes, in an open kettle. Then the subjects reported on questionnaires us to how they wore affected: They ali hod some symptoms' no rnattp.r how the onions \verc prepared. The women had mostly abdominal discomfort with rcpur- gitation of food into the back of tho throat. The men had ^.-as, bclchinjj, "indigestion." and prolonged after taste. The symptoms lasted from a. few minutes to Wasps Fighting Hard For U. S. Recognition Women Flyers Hopeful That Congress Will Act • WASHINGTON — There's talk around town in aviation spheres that the WASPS have not yet lost thi>ii- sting-. The WASPS are [he woman flyers organized into a jrroup by Jacqueline Cochran. was Teacher Coins' lo pat them on the back? Or had they been Bad Boys ani were they gains '-o get 10 demerits, and a. trip to the woodshed? Mr. '-Nelson and Genera! THE CASH REGISTER in the (,'yp-joinus are jingling; the ticket- racks for the hit shows arc as bare as Hitler's future—'.he buyers buyers arc in town! Once a year they descend on Manhattan in volume, and then-come the glad, gala days for Broadway. Even now, in a loposided sellers' market, buyers must be entertained. It's a tradition.. .Johnny O'Connor this week starts, his 17th year as manager of Fred''Waring — never a word in riling between them, only J handshake...As soon as the ships can make it. there will be a flood of real champagne pouring in. The ihnfty and cagey French have been secretly making it. bottling it and'hiding it all the time..-. Nazis in South America are being promised another war in ten years —from that Continent direct to us . ..Claudette Colbert had a relapse and can't work for another ihree months. cializoH MAPJON EAREEE, coc^"XK. holrosa, «ur«linB over Carlo* Csr v.inlcs, th<; handsome ilotlcui J3ui- K laj-a broke into the a pwlw j;; of Sol Tcppcr. but they overlooked the solid KOld frame wound • t), photo of d.-incor Karen Coop er which Tcppcr thinks ig hi« ttc .{ precious po»s«;!ision. ..Loi» j^ drcws J';»S':1 chartered a Jimouefn." to drive her U> Atlantic City in n, middle of the nisht. We thou-h- that was hard to do...Ki s H '* Dantine all wrapped up j n Ava Gardner. ..Since Mae Wc«t sun-ted playinjj Catherine, she hu had the Romanoff (not Mike) roy»l crest embroidered on her lingerie, no less. ..Marlene Dietrich had fou«ht against exploiting her loji Then she saw the ads for 'Kismet.' They are plenty gam-oro-Js. CONDUCTING THIS COLUMN, which to this reporter is a President Roosevelt himsolf, it is i Hurley arc not at all alike tempor- I'amcntaily. Pat Hurley is a likely Irishman who can tell a 'jaunty reported, would see them given • government ' recognition.' Miss Cochran, who is Mrs. Floyd ) Odium when she isn't training ] story, sing a jaunty song and pay aviatrices and manuf.icturinu cos- | ;l n( , ;L i n ,nj useful compliment. Mr. Nelson is lively in a solemn way. He's got a poker face and a bland smile, though, which may be metics. has been struggling since the beginning 01" the war to get women flyers the same military and government -recognition cn- joycd by WACS. WAVES and SPARS and Marines. Congress hasn't been too responsive to the hopes of Miss Cochran. Jr. fact, the House smacked down Representative Costello's bill providing for "the appointment of female pilots and aviation cadets" before it gnt its head up off the floor. The House used that old 'quick killer method of "striking out the ' enactment clause." Every bill pix'sented to Congress begins with the .phrase "Be it enacted—" When, a motion is made, and passed to strike out "the enactment clause", there isn't any bill left. Senator Lister Kill had presented a WASP bill to the Senate but it went put like a. Fourth of July firecracker when the corresponding bill died in the lower legislative body. But, as I said hcforo, the WASPS arc still wiggling about. Dormant for a while maybe, but not extinguished. a help ir. China, THE PICTURE of Donald Nelson, VVPB chief, and Gen. Pat Hurley going to China hand-in-hand delights my wayward mind. The two gentlemen were standing side by side, looking very erect and secretive in a White House anteroom the other afternoon. You knew Teacher had sent for them. Had they been Good Boys and (n\v hours; and some until the next' day. They all had symptoms when the onions wore eaten ftiw. •• The least number of uncomfortable symptoms occurred, when the oriions were cooked thirty minutes, unti: tender, in an open kettle. Only about a lil'th of the subjects had any symptoms worth mentioning by this method of preparations. After the raw onions, .the next most complained about were the onions cooked in a closed kettle one and a. half hours. Older Indigestible Foods The an me thing was found substantially. in similar observations with cabbage and cauliflower. The digestive disturbances were at .2. minimum'when cooked until ten-. dfcr, about thirty minutes/ in. an opor. kettle 1 and most marked when" , cooked in a closed kettle'for an business on Maple street, soon ] hour and a hair. The explanation of these findings is probably. • first, .that .'all widely held is the idea that children should not eat fried foods. Dr. Frank Howard Richardson, of Brooklyn, however, sets himself out to disprove this and has done so to his complete satisfaction, Professors Buggers and Ivy state that fried foods are more digcs- Lucius B. Tomlinson, well known local jeweler is getting stronger after recuperating- from an operation some time ago,, and expects to return to his house of • tible than others a.nd have proved it by experiments on potatoes. They state — "The starch of the pan fried 'is more easily digested than that. of the French' fried: and the French fried more easily digested than that of' the boiled potato." Charley J, Waskowicz, former member of the News staff, and .family have moved to their new living quarters on Walnut street. Ves, these are terrible times: and mi top of cve.rythin.n' else comes the insuf- i'ernHe shortagc-of golf'balls. these vegetables have a pood deal of fiber and IT eaten raw -thqy. would' disturb u finicky digestive- musculature. Besides, they all con-'- tain sulphur, and prolonged cook- in" in cove-reel kctt'.cs seems to'de- compose these sulphur compounds and favor the retention 'of 1 ' volatile vegetable acids which fa- QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS D. M.: Explain the disease os- teomyelitis. Js it hereditary or contagious? Is there a cure? What are the symptoms? A.: Ostcamyclitis is a pus infection of Ihe bone. It lights in the bone from some other infective point, usually a crop of boils or j carbuncles of the skin. It is not j contagious or hereditary. It is ! usually, curable, but requires sur- Kei-y and prolonged rest. The symptoms are pain in the alTcctcd bone and fever. XOW WHAT WE of the Allies are going to set up governments in Germany and Japan. I'm wondering how the Old World will seem when Anglo Saxon crusaders march in. France, I understand, is making big plans for the coming of the Allies. Dispatches from Paris say that Parisians arc paying as much as 10,000 francs for a place on the Champs Elysees to view the triumphal Allied entry the city. What do you suppose has happened to the-chateau on the Seine behind, whose high iron gates 1 left a. young daughter one bleak February afternoon in the successful hope that she "learn the language"? Will it soon be opening its gntcs for the young Americans of the North and South. The South Americans, both young and old. are, so travelers report, awfully anxious to get to Paris once more, North Americans may be Good Neighbors, .but. it is France the SouUi American under- sta.ncls and loves. Italy is happily coming to again. Foreign Minister Count Sforza is asking for its pre-war colonies. 1 haven't, been worrying too much nhni:t Italy's colonies, but I hope that covered' bridge across the Ai'no is still standing. The Arno itself is a muddy yellow stream even in the .tourist season. But those little shops that line its bridges.— how j'a.scmating they are with their beads and jewels. Such ]ovp- iy garnets they do up in gold workmanship for those Arno shops. Some day,"of course, we'll hp tripping to Germany again. How long- do you-think it will be before that famous, .beer hall in Munich will be so crowded with Americans that a native 1'amily can't push its way in? .You paid a certain amount for a ticket into the hall. And you drank all the beer you could Mold without charge for'in- dividual stel'ns. JOE FIELDS, author of many musical hit librettos, has r.ot won a llnal divorce decree from Mrs. Germaine Sarlabous Fields. She contested his action and he moved to have it dismissed, without trial, at Las Vegas. Ncv. Therefore, reports that he remarried were com- plc-.ely unfounded .Errol Flynn's new tin-ill is .1 Texas beauty-winner. Corky La Fcuch; Barbara Moffctt, in New York enroutc to au overseas USO jaunt, is forgetting him with Lt. Bob Gregory, ex- wrestler and ex-husband of Princess 13a Ba. IN THE BROADWAY SECTOR, in the OO's. there's a little delicatessen lunchroom called the Stage . ..Iu= proprietor is a little chap named Max. ,He is earnest, affable, obliging. . .Good will is his passion ..Harry Hcrsbfiold, the wit, goes there for the Yiddish delicacies ..L^ist time he stopped in, ho rubbed "his hands and asked, "Max, any today?" .Max shook his head and answered, "No. And you're lucky. Becus. if we had them today, we'd be out of them bv now!" detached job, since he does it only one month in every twelve, is i recurring revelation in humas m- turc. After many years of diily exposure to the rcatcions of pto- ple who get their names in ihc p^ pel's, it i.-J still an amazing ' ence. .One encounters, and intensified, the two principi! classes with which we who writ* Tor publication arc in constant coa. tact: those who would go to zay length to get their names in priat —and those who would extend themselves a-s far to keep their names out .,And these who publicity, arc not, by any only performers and others who thrive on the public and proSt by publicity ..The type-hound ij & '.i- miliar manifestation that crops out in every walk of life; siac-c- doles about him and her are inexhaustible , .Conversely, to EE- merous others, ink is poison; aot that they have anything much to hide — they just shudder at baring others "pry" into their afTain. Were they not interesting, no one would wajit to. But many of these have mude themselves "copy"... So this is largely a job of fighting to keep items out and fighting to got them, in ..Some 'day, some other year, we'll write a cokmft about that. Waller Winclu'll's column will bo r««sutiied on his return from vacation, Friday, Sopt 1. You're Telling Me!? By WIT-LUVM KITT (Central 1-ress Writer) MISS ETHKI, PACE, of tlio literary department of tlie. Frieda l r ishl><»in Agency, U \V, o2ml St., Now York City, road our sngjioMion hero for an organization of amateur xong \>-ri(<T.-. anil crwirio/i of an as-ont who would undertake lo ropro- s<>nt thorn. She volunteers to iindort;ikc it. She is ready to lielp the unknowns to forni an association and is willing to al- toinnl. to hroak the ico with pul>- lishors. We will lx- int-onsoly in- terost«xl in the progress though this is our final column for the si-ason. Wo will find moans of spreading- the word if anything Milisfeuiliul reMilt.s from this nromisinjf beginning WRITE HER! FLO LEEDS, who was a famous Ziegfcld beauty, tells us that Flo Hart, who was one of the most famous Ziegfcld beavitics. is happily married to a physician in New Jersey and" deep in war, welfare work...Nina Conroy. the model, and Joe Ferderici, cllicioncy man , for the Todd Shipyards, a welding item. . .Xin.-i Foch. who will be in the film "A Song to Remember," is t.hc dauaghter of Consucla. Flowerton. our first society warbler...John Hen?., Jr., ex-husband of Myrna Loy. escorting Kay Penton, called the most beautiful gir! THE HEAT was so terrific, at an eastern zoo ;hat a hooded vulture passed out. In weatber like that, how he must have er.vioii ihe bald-headed eagle. Just about a month iron; new- a lot of football coachos will be announcing plans for rebuilding for the 1S-15 season. Grandpappy Jenkins says .he understands places at: the pe»ce table will he about as. hard to Kfl as t-wo seals on the 50->»r* line. A girl war worker may not necessarily balk at returning to house work. She simply would be refusing to reconvert from slacks lo a kitchen aproo. It's getting so Hitler is afraid to I rust aiiy of his pals, unless they are bumped of.£ by the underground. N"im- it's Romania which h*' changed sides in this war. Eri- the Nazis, as bosom companions, don't wear very well. Too much spinach, says an il<OT> may interfere with the digestion: There's a clipping that Junior is bound to have framed and hung up prominently in the dining room. SKIRT or'PAXTS FREE with order, this wook only. too Church St DEEN'S M. G. S.: If a woman has been or, a diet and reduced to' normal weight can she eat foods which contain 1,000 calories a day and "not gain-any weight? ' : 'A.: After the body weight has been reduced to the desired 'level the. proper procedure- is to recalculate the daily caloric requirements at your new weight and stay within, them. There are few vor stomji,Qh,a.nd..4ntestinal upsets, .adults: who:,,-XVill. ,f?air. "weight on AmonfT^o'tn'Si-' rfo'tions that'^atc;: -3,000, calorre's^'tia^^ .- . WILL CUT RATES Washinjrton, Aug. 30—(UP) Beginning Sept. 1st, American Telephone and Telegraph company rates will be reduced for overseas radio-telephone service between most parts of tho United Slates iir.d Central America. ' The Telephone company lists reductions up to nearly $7 for three - mjnulc week-day calls to Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama. Nicaragua, Curacao and Dutch Guiana. Electrical Supplies Lighting- Equipment BOMB 'KM WITH BOMB* Victor — Columbia — Uecca > Hecords ' SWAN ELECTRIC CO. 15 CHURCH ST. TEL. 2574 Holland Furnace Co. Furance cleaning with big power suction machines. Also gas proofing and furnace repairs. — Telephone -5. Naugatuck 5629 Waterbury 4-1OO3 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conn. *BUY WAR »OM»S

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