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Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania • Page 5

Shamokin, Pennsylvania
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SHAMOKIN NEWS-DISPATCH. SHAMOKIN. PA- WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 5, 1934 PAGE FIVE PINCHOT CALLS Cast Entertained By Miss Gortner BRUNO AND SIX Unemployed Will OTHERS DEMAND Buffet Luncheon Served Those Who Played la "Mill of the Gods." National Secretary of Unemployment Councils Will Speak. TO BE RELEASED FOR REDUCTION ON REALTY TAX Governor Says Burden on, Realty Owners Must Be Lightened. Counsel for Defendants in Kelayres Riot File Writs.

The cast of -The Mill of the Gods." a play presented recently by the Young People's Fellowship of Trinity Episcopal church, was pleasantly entertained last evening by Miss Miriam Gortner, North Sixth street A delicious buffet luncheon was served those present and the evening was spent in playing games and engaging in a novel treasure hunt. Miss Sara L. Wiest, directress of the play, was the recipient of a handsome coffee table presented her by the members of the cast in appreciation of her efforts in their behalf. The guests were: Venerable Robert T. McCutchen, Barbara McCut-chen, Carolyn Kelfenstein, Kimber Savidge, Smeltzer, Marie Rhodes, Bill Armstrong, Sara Wiest, Pauline Kerkam.

Joe Hall, Bill I. Amter, national secretary of the Unemployment Councils of U. S. will speak at a meeting to be held on Saturday, December 8, at 7:30 p. m.

in No. 2 courtroom in the Sun-bury court house. The meeting is sponsored by the congress arrangements committee of Northumberland county, as a preparation for the Unemployment Insurance congress wiiich will be held in Washington, D. C. on January 5, 6 and 7, 1935.

The topic of Mr. Amter's speech will be "Unemployment Insurance or Slow Starvation: Which Shall it Be?" All individuals are invited to attend this meeting whether they are members of the Unemployment Councils or not. Organized groups are invited to send delegates. HEADS SCHOOL BOARD Edward' Watkins, Ashland, well HARRISBURG, Dec. 5 (U.R) The tax burden on the local real estate owner must be lightened promptly, Governor Pinchot said' today, in outlining three steps in his last administration toward that end.

i One of the items to reduce suchj taxes, he said, was the proposal for the state to take over 53,000 miles of second class township roads, which would have saved the local taxpayers more than a year, but the legislature re- fused his plan. "Another item was the 10 peri cent, cut in teachers' Weitzel, Peggy Protheroe, May Jen- kins, John Shoop, Paul Griffith, Miriam Gortner. Habeas corpus proceedings in an effort to free Joseph Bruno and six other defendants in the Kelayres pre-election eve murder cases, in which five persons were shot to death, were instituted yesterday afternoon in Schvylkill county court by former Judge Charles E. Berger, Pottsville, chief counsel for the slayers, and came as a surprise. Judge C.

M. Palmer, who received the legal papers, set Thursday morning at 10:00 as the time for the argument. The action, it was pointed out by attorneys at Pottsville, has been taken by the Bruno family counsel to compel the special prosecuting attorney, Alfred Thomas, Meadeville. recently named by Attorney General William. A.

Schnader, to present some of the evidence he has gathered against the accused and which will serve to indicate along what line he proposes to build the prosecution. A veritable battery of legal counsel is being assembled by the Bru-nos for their defense. In addition to former Judge Berger. as chief counsel, former Judge Howr.vJ Bechtel and Attorneys Bert Freiler and J. F.

Maloney, Pottsville, and Frank A. known salesman who makes weekly visits to this city, has been reelected to the presidency of the school board at that place, a post he has held the past several years. d21 Ifo "Do jou wish it for yourself or as a gift?" orkmen Remove Dirt From Roads x-mcnoc saia. mis actually weni through. I regretted deeply the necessity for this move, but it has prevented the teachers from the vicious practice of secret and illegal salary cuts.

And it saved the tax payers more than $12,000,000 an- Ralph Bashore Wins Scores of Workers Laid Off Two Weeks Ago Recalled for Work. Bruno, Kelayres, the latter a nephew of Joseph Bruno, leader of the Bruno faction and held as the sponsor of the sensational massacre, have been engaged. It is also reported about the court house at Pottsville that an attorney of national renown has been approached and has agreed to become identified with defense Position in Cabinet The state highway department has a large force of men at work at present removing hundreds of tons of debris from the Elysburg-Catawissa and Numidia highways, DON! QUOTE ME: nuany in a time wnen iney were hard pressed." The governor pointed to his efforts to replace the fee system by fixed salaries in the collection of local taxes as another means of relieving the burden on real estate owners. "That would have saved the taxpayers more than $4,000,000 a year, but the legislature killed the bills," he said. "The whole unfair fee system of paying public officials is doomed in the end," he declared.

"Another item In the Pinchot plan of relieving the taxpayers is the consolidation of third and Pottsville Lawyer Named Secretary of Forests and Waters Dept. WASHINGTON, Dec. 5 (U.R This is the speaking season for ambassadors. They always like to get in a word or two before congress opens. Alexander Troyanovsky, the Soviet ambassador who smokes Rold- the result of washouts and slides following the heavy rains of last week, when at many places the roadway was blockaded by slides.

Scores of highway workers who had been laid off two weeks ago were recalled for service. The state sent fleets of trucks and other equipment to be utilized in the debris removal and in the reconstruction of washed-out sections of highway. Throughout yesterday the county commissioners' offices at Sunbury were kept busy receiving reports of fourth class school districts, which tiDDed cigarettes, will speak in Phila- PHILADELPHIA, Dec. 5 (U.R) Eight cabinet positions- had been billed today by Governor-elect George H. Earle.

The latest appointments announced were those of Arthur Colegrove, Corry publisher, as secretary of property and supplies; Ralph M. Bashore, Pottsville, as secretary of forests and waters, and Colonel Fred V. Kerr, Clearfield, as adjutant general. delphia as soon as he returns from Moscow. He talks convincingly, usu ally on economics or international law.

The tall and massive British ambassador, Sir Donald Lindsay, made his first speech in six months at New York recently, urging Anglo-American friendship. Japan's dapper and astute Am small bridges having been washed out by the high waters while in Earle had previously named would have saved over $3,000,000 yearly. Placing poor relief in the various counties on the county unit plan would have saved more than $2,000,000 a year." The state collection of personal property taxes would have meant a reduction of $4,000,000 in Jocal real property taxes and an income tax for school purposes would have saved $10,000,000 a year in real estate taxes, the governor said. These were other proposals made by him during the past four years. Charles J.

as attorney other instances major bridges were damaged and, will require imme- diate attention. bassador Hirosi Saito pleaded fori RHOADS CO. OWNS WRECKED SHOVEL general; Warren Van Dyke as secretary of highways; State Chairman David L. Lawrence as secretary of the commonwealth; Dr. Luther A.

Harr as secretary of banking, and H. Edgar Barnes as secretary of revenue. Other major positions in the cabinet which remain to be filled are naval equality before the Academy of Political Science in Philadelphia. Ke will speak again soon in Boston. Chinese Minister Soa-e Alfred Sze, who is American educated and an orator in a number of languages, solicited foreign investments for China in another recent Philadelphia address.

Andre Laboulaye, the calm, quiet In an account of the disturbance at the Edgewood "bootleg" mine Kin Notified to Claim Two Bodies those of secretarys of health, wel- fare, labor and industry, mines, and te4rday' was erroneously agriculture, in addition to an in- ucsuujeu surance commissioner. a blast of dynamite was the prop- French ambassador, opened the erty oi tne dick ana smitn uon-Although Earle said yesterday the itr CT rnmnanv nt H1rfm tracting Company, of Hazleton. list of appointments would not be Noakes and Niece Will Be Buried Soon if They Do Not Arrive. announced until he had completed the entire cabinet, these posts were left vacant when he made public his latest selections last night. Dr.

Edith McBride Dexter, chairwoman of the Mercer county Democratic committee, was believed to be It was learned today that the excavating machine is the property of the Rhoades Construction" Company, of Ashland. The wrecked machine is still standing on the spot where it was unloaded, although valuable undamaged parts have been removed by employes of the owner. in line to head the health depart- French art exhibit in Baltimore. He will speak again in New York. Pink-cheeked Augusto Russo, the smartly-dressed Italian embassador, stumped the Italian centers 0 New Jersey, visiting Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Morristown and making speeches and inspecting cultural centers.

Hans Luther, German financial wizard and ambassador, visited the Pacific coast and midway points, inspecting German interests and giving interviews. Our own ambassadors aren't doing so much talking. They're busy. Our man in Japan, for instance, Joseph C. Grew, is trying to settle.

the oil controversy. William E. Dodd. the ambassador to Germany, has been trying to get a couple of Americans out of jail and protesting over Germany's treatment of American bondholders. All is quiet in France and Italy.

ment, while the post of secretary of welfare was expected to go to Dr. J. 'MAN IS JAILED ON Evans Scheehle, Delaware county Republican coroner. BENCH WARRANT Other appointments which Earle was expected to announce before the end nt this week included the nam-1 Peter Locites, Mount Carmel, was DUNCANSVILLE, Dec. 5 (U.R) The bodies of Lemer J.

Noakes and his niece, Winifred Pierce, found in a railroad station near here more than a week ago. will be buried in Potter's Field unless relatives claim them shortly, authorities said today. Blair county authorities said they intended spending no more money on the case, which attracted nationwide attention when they and the bodies of Noakes' three children the "Babes in the Woods" were found almost simultaneously, 90 miles apart. Relatives telegraphed from California asking that Noakes be buried beside the children at Carlisle, but authorities said the relatives either must supply funds for such a burial, or come here and claim the bodies. MOTHER OF FOUR ABANDONS KIDDIES ing of Harry E.

Kalodner, Philadel- scheduled to appear yesterday in' phia newspaperman, as his personal nminai coun, at moomsDurg secretary, and Colley S. Baker, Answer charges of driving an auto-Stroudsburg newspaperman who mobile while under the influence of was Earle 's personal campaign man- liquor but failed to respond to the ager. as chairman of the workmen's summons. A bench warrant was compensation board. DIES SUDDENLY issued, Locites was located on a I farm near Bear Gap and was lodged jin the Columbia county prison to I make certain he will be on hand iwhen needed.

The case will be called later in the week. VA ivuviivji-. i stricken with an acute heart at DIES IN FAR WEST tack as she "turned to her home Under The Federal Housing: Act you may now enjoy at once, an AUTOMATIC RANGE REFRIGERATOR WATER HEATER And Other Permanently Connected Household Fixtures oo Small Payments Up to 3 Years to Pay No Indorsers No Security iiouowing ine evening miiiung, ana Let Uncle Sam and Your Danker give you a "helping hand" Home owners, under the National Housing Act, may include a gas or electric range, refrigerator and water heater, when permanently connected, under the home improvements eligible for low cost financing. No indorsers or security are necessary. All that is required to obtain a loan is that you own or have an equity in your home and enjoy good standing in the community.

Call at your own local bank, building and loan association, or any other financial institution cooperating with the government for the details on the arrangement of your loan. When you receive your money, purchase from your Local Dealer or from us, any approved make of refrigerator, range and water heater you select. Loan payments may be extended up to three years, thereby resulting in small payments. Our low domestic rates justify your action of Frosty Valley, Stuart Girton, 68, Mrs. Kutneiia quick, 20-year-old Miss uorotny noweiis, aaugnt- north of Danville, died before a Columbia county mother of four er of Mr, and Mrs.

John Howells, nhvsician could be summoned to ad- F. D. BITTNER DIES F. D. Bittner, widely known Al-lentown banking official, merchant and leader in civic affairs, widely known thruout this locality, died at his home there following a brief illness, it was learned by local merchants with whom Mr.

Bittner had been associated in a commercial way over a long period of years. children, was arraigned yesterday I Auburn, Washington, former resi- minister aid. Mrs. Girton was in before Judge C.C.Evans at Blooms-1 dents of Mount Carmel, died at her perfect health preceding the attack burg, charged with abandoning her home at that place, according to and was one of the most widely kiddies. I messages received by regional rela-, known women of that rural com-The court, after hearing testimony tives.

Death was due to a compli-' munity. Her, husband and five chil-of court officers and welfare work- cation of diseases. the latter including Mrs. Lewis ers, ordered the case continued to) The Howells family, related to Johnson, Riverside, this county, the next term, pending arrange-; numerous persons here, removed survive, ments being made to have the from Mount Carmel to the far west' Special Wednesday to Saturday Men's Half Soles Heels 69c Ladies' Half Soles Heels 49c mother and four children placed In a number of years ago. Miss How-homes and the arraignment of the ells was a registered nurse, having father to compel htm to aid in pro- been stricken ill a short time after; i Children's Half Soles Heels.

49c viding for the maintenance of his her graduation from a hospital. The wife and children. parents and one brother survive. RETI RN DYNAMITER Edward Buscavage, Shenandoah, arrested several weeks ago in Oklahoma, charged with having dynamited a Shenandoah home more than a year ago, was returned yesterday to the Schuylkill county jail at Pottsville in charge of a deputy sheriff and will be arraigned for trial during the criminal court ses- slon opening next Monday. Men's Rubber Heels I9c Ladies' Rubber or Leather Top Lifts 9c Shoes Dyed Black 25c Electric Shoe Repairing 519 N.

Shamokin St. Diaper Firm to Keep Up Mothers' Service Golf clubs in this country cover approximately a half million acres. Triplets occur but once in every 7,000 cases, among white people. ma (937 gag CLEVELAND (U.R) Diaper Hy-, giene, Unlimited, a call-and-deliver service for mothers, (and babies) i which recently became snagged on the pins of a receivership action, is to continue "unlimited" under direction of the court. Nearly 100 frantic mothers, who subscribe to the service for as many as 24 diapers a day, were relieved when Common Pleas Judge George B.

Harris appointed a receiver to operate the business as usual. An unsatisfied Judgment of 8727 brought against the diaper concern by the Eagle Laundry company resulted in the appointment of Clyde Crosier, driver at the laundry, as receiver. CIVIL ENGINEER. Says Captain Eric Loch: "Camels bave been my cigarette for 9 years. The longer Ismoke them the more I appreciate their rich, mild flavor.

I smoke all I want and they never jangle my nerves." Better Living Only with dependable, year 'round refrigeration can you be sure of positive food protection. Winter Is no excuse for doing; without refrigeration. Government statistics show that only an average of IS days In a year give safe Better Llvint; The new, fully automatic, time and temperature controlled ranges rive you In-tant, clean, odorless heat. You can serve perfect meals with an absolute minimum of attention If you cook with a modern automatic range. Better Living; With modern, automatic water heatlnr, you can have an abundant supply of plp-Inr-hot water day and night and you'll probably And It costs no more than the old-fashioned method you use now.

CARRIER RETIRES Harrison Foust. Milton, has retired as free delivery carrier at that place after 33 years of service. He estimates he traveled 235.000 miles during his term of service. Married In Morgue OLYMPIA. Wash.

(U.R) Not exactly the most cheerful place for a wedding, but O. H. Mittelstadt, mortician, and Mis? Dorothy Thomson, both of Seattle, were married In a local morgue. NEWSPAPER MAN. Ray Baker of the INS says: "The most enjoyable way of easing strain that I know is smoking Camels.

Formyexperience has been that whenever I feel 'all in' I can quickly restore my energy with Camel' v.viMhwYMwu..'.::v: -W I 1LI Pennsylvania Power Light Company BUY AND USE CHRISTMAS SEALS PREVENT TUBERCULOSIS XMAS 8PECIAL IN TAP DANCING AT PARIS CONF. 322 N. Shamokin St. Will offer complete dance for $1.00. For be-(inner In claw, 25c.

Mr, Pasco teaches every night from 6:00 on. For appointment 'phone 926. EXnORER.Mn.Wm. LaVarre reports? "I am devoted to Camels. Any time I'm tired I stop and smoke a Camel.

It wakes up my energy in no time. And here's an important point. Smoking Camels stead-ily, I find, docs not affect one's nerves.".

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