Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on June 20, 1884 · Page 3
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 3

Oakland, California
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Friday, June 20, 1884
Page 3
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3L hi b " :"'T - " : ) S V i V OAISLAITP PATX EVianiTg TiaBTOTIV gBIDAY. JTOHD . 20, 1884. PROGRESS OF TKE WCSX " Om the CnHfnrmlm Md KewSMl Bali? reed With n RonpltnUttte-er the . WerK Alnf D - wi- . representative o Ths TRlStJitS enlled yesterdays the office of the Calif ornU nd Nerda Railroad, with a view of ae- certaining wnat progress had been sonde la the building and equipping of the new road. . Captain Jonn Smith,. the oontrao-tor of the road wm absent, bot fata anUU ant, Mr. Z.rT.Leodes, the desired information concerning the progress of tbe work, from hich it appeared that bat little had - been done since the ' date of the account given., rant time ago in The Tribunc It we then stated that fire miles of road had been completed between the bay terminus at Emery's station and Berkeley; that a force of mm were employed in grading the road beyond Berkeley; that contrast ; had b en entered into with San Francisco firms for rails; iron -work, etc.; that c were under construction at the Comrmy'a shops; that the first engine wP. arrire shortly after the first of .- Jdy: and that a . wharf would be built extending into the bay for a distance of 4,C!3 feet, in order i to f oilitata f e t r communication with San Francisco. The only real newssj concerning the progress of the roa t is mac two miles of road-bed above Berkeley have been graded and prepared for track laying, which will be begun immediately upon the arrival of the locomotive, which has been shipped from the East. It was stated thst .the road would be completed to Walnut i Creek; a distance of thirty-five mile, before December next, and that ; REGULAR TRAINS Would then be run, connecting with tw-e Company's ferry-boats at the proposed wharf. The route of the road hss not as yet been definitely decided on, and tbrt routes are now nnder consideration. Should the road be built a -cording to the map appended to the pr -psctun of the company, it will run through the Sen Ramon valley. By a new survey Cpt5n Smith has found that a tunnel through the hi'ls. at a point twenty nvles north of Oakland, will be unnecrssaiy.- lois f-it will contribute materially towards advanckfg the work. At the car shop to she west of San Pablo avenue and Fortieth street, a force of mechanics are at work on the construction of six- flat cars and two r. JUger cars to be used in the const, action of the ror.i. The contract fo.- the ra?'s has been let to the Pacific Rolling MiUs; the contract for the wheels and castings to John C. (juinn, and the contract for the wrorght i'on work to the Phelii Manufacturing Company, all of San - Franc co. It wasf-aso stated by Mr. Landes that the Company had not negotia'-d a loan ot-i t5,G00.00O, with the Central Trust Company of New York, but that the Central Trust Company had been apoointed Trustee of the California and Nevada Rai'road . Company, and the bondholders.; : APPOMATTOX POST. A Coming- Cavmpflre Wearing the Refpalntlon Cap and Badge at the Wrenjr Tiiiip. Appomattox Post, No. ED, G. A. R., met last evening at their hr in Medical College, Clay street Commander Thomas being absent, the Chair wn occupied by Senior Vice-Commander W. E. N orris. Two mors old soldiers were added to the long list of membership of the Post, One of these is a retired ofiicer of the regular Army, residing at Berkeley. Department Commander, J.'M. Davis, has issued an order rebuking those comrades who, of late, have been wearing the regulation cap and badee of the Order in processions or meet ings other than tbat of the Grand Army, as by doing so comrades" place themselves in such a position that they are liable to be courtmartialed for tre oHense, and dismissed f roin membership in the Grand Army. ' The Post was viatted, by a distinguished member of the G. A. R. from James A. Garfield Post, No. 9, Department Colorado Comrade S.Rr "Osgood, who, being called on, mt le an able address, which was well received. t A joint campfite, for the benefit of the two Posts, will shoiily be given. A small admission fee will be charged, the money to be used to assist in defraying the expenses of the Decoration. Day Committee. More applications were received from old soldiers, who de sire to be enrolled ijb Appomattox Post, and who will be initiated At the next regular meeting. MEETINGS Tfl-NIGHT. . The Colored Clttaenc Tlie , TJatom Leagae The Feartb Ward Republicans. The Union League of this city will hold a business meeting this evening, at their headquarters in Armory Hall, on the corner of Twelfth and Washington streets. It is understood (hat 'the matter of the election of a uniform for the League will come up, and samples will be submitted, from which to make a choice. - Tbe colored eitiiens of Oakland will hold a ratification meeting at Germania Hall, and will be addressed by W. W. Morrow, Carrol Cook and 11. T. W. James. A rousing meeting is expected. Tbe Republican Club ef the Fourth Ward will hold a busineri mining in the - Vincent brock, end all Republicans of the Ward are requested to be pre 3nt and sign the roll, if they have not already done so, Apponaattex Vtmu'i Belief Corps. The first regular meeting of Appomattox . Woman's Relief Corps, No- 5, Department of California, was held at Appomattox IlalL Medical College, Clay street, Mrs. Parritt, President, in the chair. There was a large attendance present. The names of several new members were added to the rolL Much enthusiasm was mant fest at thfl announcement, by one of the officers, that a large number of ladies were about to connect themselves with the corps, and that constant inquiry wc being made by ladies as to the object of the organization, and the steps necessary to be taken s to insure membershin. The By-Laws were adopted, and standing' committees ap. Sointed, and are bow in full working or-er. The hour of meetiner baa been changed tt 2:30 P. each Weono-day. Hiving for its principal ob'c the relief of all suffering veterans sua their families, and to visit the sick, it is eaueetly hoped that the patriotic ledka of our fan city will re-pond by jorn'ing the corps, and thus aid their Bisters in earing- for the old soldiers who offered their servici to their country, in her hour of peril, that the Nation might live. ( - j - : 'Sfettesi fer aa InJametloM. The motion for injunction on the cae of J. W. Rowland rs. the "Wentworth Rot and Shoe Company was1 partially argued before Judge Greene to-day, and con tinned until Monday, to be' concluded then. An Injunction is sought to restrain the defendants from, removing the engine and boiler and seme other machinery from -the- building at Berkeley which mtil aa a watch factory. These .claimed aa fixtures by the plaintiff, aad be seeks to prevent their removal to the new nremiees of the defendants at West Oak land. . : :.---, , A rrrraat Skipper. A San Francisoe eommkaion. merchant, namAI Kellogg, who live in this city, dlaved the 5 o'clock boat frora San Fraa oiacb some eevea m inn tea, whDe he skipped round the deck ta avoid hving a vacant read to him by s 8ej FreeSsoo ffieer. Mr. Kellogg had some troabl;Jwo or -ti. .m with a deck hand en the " boat, who poshed Mm redely, and he warrant was on a charge of battery brougci liy the deck-hand. - Mr, Uo gave sau in sa ' "7 His Kle-e-tb Cwasastest. CkMBty Clerk T. L ABea has received a, Botiaeatfciea from ' A ssistsnt Adjata-t General Brash that hie appolntaeat oa fhm tf of Maior-General Walter Turn boll baa beta accepted t general head ouartera,- aad bis commia eioa aa Lieutea-nt-Colonel will iasoe a sooa aa Governor Stonemaa returns to Sacraaaenta. Cote net Allen now holds elevea commission .nt nf which are. of course, row extinct. -11a has been in military service for sore than thirty yeara. sat wM He la rremvieten d enteee4 te ': Pava fla of ITS Charles Mingo, the negro cpvicted yesterday In the! Police Court; of an' In 'amoaa crime wa-this morstnMteatenced to pay a fins of $175 with the alternative of 165 days' imprisonment. It had been expected and hoped,' by the respectable por tion of the community, that the- same coarse would be- pursued in this as in similar cases heretofore, and that this dangerous crimi sal would receive a tence of six months' imprisonment with- ut the alternative of a fine, which he will urobablV pay after he has served a few weeks, when he will be turned loose to repeat his outrage or carry ont bis threats against he.poiice officers. The Governor will npt pardon him as he did Melville, and it b rather strange that a not imposed. When be like sentence was was told that his picture must betaken for the roffiie's gallery, after he had been sen tenced, be absolutely refused, .to go with the officers, saying that he would die before he would submit to the regulation. He was burled hi to the dark cell, where he will remain until he changes his mind, a punishment altogether too mild for the crime nf which he was convicted. He has madej the wildest and most deadly threats against those why have had a hand in convicting him, staling that he intends to begin the slaughter with a Winchester rifle and finish the job. with a bowie knife. This afternoon a gentleme visited the City Prison to identify Mingo n the person who bad perpetrated a similar crime to the one of wheh he was convicted yesterday, and it was necessary to use a pistol to Indnee the wretch -to leave the dark cell, i Ha was fully identified,-and Mingo will be cfearged I with a second offense against public decency. It U stated tbat be attempted the life of the gentleman who identified him, at the time he was caught in the act of perpetrating the outrage referred to. Mingo will work in the bhain-gang with a ball and chain, and evesy precaution jwill be taken to prevent his escape from custody. -t- POTTER'S GAUE. eewllar I C tndla(ai Thol PtCBlIar I Circa Distances Swr- I rtandlacjas Assifrniaent. W. W. Potter, who, it is said, runs a studhorse poker game In this city, was examined in San Francivjo y ;sterday, in reference to the peculiar assignment made by the Wes. era Paper Company, which did a large iurines9 at tZ3 St ome street, He said tfat heceaw d to have pc session of the stove and goods ofj the compriy at 400 San-some street, on the 12th inst., when tl ey were assigned to J. M. Iowe and C. Ht Wood.! Afterward Wood's nrme was erf d from the bill of : tJe, it 1 ng at- tbe time the rsignment was wa: le. It was made for the benefit of i articular credito. Everything wns sold for the claim of the Graham fa perl. Lowe, and for ter's i wife both! Company, i held 1 tbe claim of Pi : amounting to ah 4 $11,300. Potter also trained t! tbe Company owes h i father, b. L. Potter, at int $8,00, for which he i ,ceived property worth $11,000, consisting of warehouse receipts, fco. i and wrons and and book, acrount. Three creditors are said to have received r'l the p'opery of the Company except tbe tency at Liick Alius, which was not aligned, but the people there were inetruc' d not to pay any money to any one except S. L. Potter. Tbe transfer to (Lowe, Pot it said, wa maie on the morning of the 13 ih inat.,and oo inventory was I tskeu at the time. At the beginning of pis examination he testified that the assignment was made on June 12tb. The bill of isale wr mr ie and given to Lowe about noon, but even after that $650 worth of mrtni"a paper was removed rrom tbe store and deliverer! to S. L. f otter mm oecuritv fori morjev that W. W. Pot ter aaya he advanced to hjm after the bill of sale wr i made. ' The property in the store wr valued at ?5,C X), ana Lciwe took this as security fof his two claim), amounting to 12,t30. I EAST OAKLAND ITEMS. Specially Reported for The Tribune. J. Harding; of Nile, is booked at the Union Hotel. I Mr. EL H. Lawrence has gone to Santa Rosa on a vacation. The Hon. John S. Enos will deliver the oration at Badgerfs Park on the Fourth of LJuiy. . ; jluv vuivu ivce! uwiae a -a n in t,iro cau entertainment and ball at Washington Hall: on Friday evening, J une 27th. Welter is enlarging and otherwise improving bis property on the corner of Sixth avenue and East Eighth street. Frank Rosso, tee well known proprietor of Rosso's Cottage, on Lake Merritt, is re ported to be recovering from his recent illness. I Miss Kittie Carrick and Miss Rhoda Hayes, left East! Oakland yesterday for the Gevsera. where thev will spend two 'weeks. , I i The sidewalks on the east aide of Sixth avenue, are sadly in need of repair, in many places the planks have warped to txxoh an extent that tbtey are dangerous to pedestriaus. I Miss Nellie C. Mathews. Tf East Oak land, and Miss Addie Gushing, ! nf Berkeley, have gone (to Captiin Caching's reach, near Monterey where they Will spend a few week. ' Though stiU very weak from the effeet of his late illness, Mr. A. W. Swett is able to be about, and takes a short walk every day. I His speedy lentire recovery is hoped for by his many friends. j A largeaquarium has lately been put in position in the front window of Melvin Jt Co. 'a drug store. It is about six feet in length, and contains a number of fish, several species being represented. - A horse, phaeton and harness were- die- posed of at constable' sale, in front of Justice'' Howard's - office this morning. The outfit brought only $63, aad was purchased by a Mr. .Tucker, who resides in the neighborhood ef Fifteenth street and Sixteenth avenue! ' ; - - '- Word has been received from tbe "Merry Tramps," new encamped near Guernyville, mat lanigren. tae artist, la making a sketch of the camp in oil which will. when completed, occupy one of the panels ia the cabin of the new ferry-boat plying between San Francisco and Point Tiburon. All the campers are welt, aad are enjoying wemeeives worougniy. PERSONAt MENTION. Walter Nicholson started East by this afternoon s overland train. He will re main la Washington for two years on business. : Miss E. A. KockwelL the well-known artist, has been cemnuaaioned by a Phila delphia gestlemaa, now a resident of this cta.e. to paint the seenery in and aronnd Pescaderd. - POLICE COURT. Tbe following Jbtu linesa was transact. J in the Police Court this morning: Sarah Howard, drunk;! ' fined 04 or 2 days. Peter Sbaae. drank: fined; $6 or 3 days. ! Charles Lockford. drunk: sentence June 31st. John Gilltnan, petty larceny, and Phoenix Perrin, Sagh Havy, Lizzie Han. no van, jLom Murphy aad (Jnarles jutnob, drunk; aeateate ittorrow. John Gill-aaa, petty larceny (second charge); set for J one 27th. Charles Mingo, sxposure oi person; nnea f lja or 175 day, : SUPERIOR COURT. Department Oae No nroeeejis Department Two Greene. Judire: June 20th: J. W. Rowland vs. the Wentworth Boot and Shoe Company, motion for aa injunction pertialiy beard and coatinned to Jane 23-1. ; I ' - Department Three Ke proceedlnga I ' : ACssSrauUia, Master Meyer Lissaer, a lad 13 yean of age, aad tae aoet oi a well Known asercaaat ia I thia city' will be eoBfinaed ia tbe Jewish faith, at lie Synagogue, to-morrow morning, daring tae repular aerrkeL with elaborate eeremony. ,- The young maa to a remarkably bright boy, who, at the laat examinatioa of I pupils in the ;public schools, waa honorably promoted to the High School, lie hae a large number of friends and acquaintances, who will be present at the ceremonies to-morrow. - TAMMm AfID CLEYUAriD. i VTIutt Jehm Kelly Hae e 8ajr Afcoat te New , -Desaaorarjr.---;:;' iff New York, June 19th. The Tammany special train left Saratoga at 3 p. M. to-day, teaching the Grand Central depot at a -at. The baa. played "Home Agaia'aad the party separated."" Thegeaeral sentiment among the partisans of Tammany Hall was oae of satisfaction that they had been admitted ta the councils of the party on equal representation with the County Democracy. .Nor were they willing to admit that the Manning machine had achieved a victory at Saratoga. On the contrary, they declared that the,: proceedings of the convention showed-plainly that Governor Cleveland's ' friends were' afraid to make a test vote on tbe question of in i tructiog the delegation from this State to vote for him at Chicago. I The opinion was freely expressed by the shrewdest and most observing of the Tammany i leaders that it is the intention of those who were the loudest in their declarations f Oil Governor Cleveland at- Saratoga t throw mm overDoara at Chicago and endeavor cast the vote of New York; for Payne "Do you assert that the result .r , - tne convention is a victory lor u-overnoi Cleveland ?" John Kell v was asked. x ao not," ne repiwa. am not u anv means certain that the majority of til delegates to Chicago are in the interest of Governor Cleveland, although an earnest effort is being made by his friends to make-it appear so. Delegates are credited to him without any foundation in fact. Indeed, I am certain that in some districts delegates have been claimed for him whose preferences are for Bayard." 'I "Do yon accept the fact that no effort was made to instruct the delegates to vote for Cleveland as evidence of his weakness ?" . ) : "Unquestionably. Had they felt strong enough, such a resolution would have been presented by Governor Cleveland's friend, and an effort made to pass it for the effect it would have on, the other State delega-i lions." J if "Why did not Mr. Flower make a better showing?" ' j j, "I presume that can be explained by the fact that the opposition in the Convention was more anti-Cleveland than in favir of Flower. Still, Flower is stronger and has more friends in the delegation to Chicago than the!, figures printed have given him. Recollect that there was no actual test vote as between Cleveland, and Flower." j: There are all sorts of figures as to thi result of the straggle of factions at Sara toga. The Sum's correspondence gives to Cleveland, outside of this city and Brooklyn, thirty delegates, and to Flower fourteen. Bearing in mind the fact that the Kings county delegates go especially in the interest of Siocum as a candidate for the. Vice Presidency; that the Tammany Half delegate will go for Bayard, and that one of the - delegate3-at-large is Flower's friend, and 1 also political manager. the doubtful elements in the New JTork delegation .to Chicagj can read;ly be tcec, A gentleman, for whose means of inside information and wacity the Saratoga oxm-espindent of the Time vouches, says tbat it will be founctj aft?r the deiegat - ariive at :Chicr?o, that Cleveland hci t'lirty-one delegates who are really in favor of h:s nomination, that his opponents number thirty, and tbat eleven delegates will nrea that the icandidates he taken from outiide the Stated nine of them being for Bayard and two for a Western candidaO. i POLITICAL GOSSIP. Cleveland Lcidlns In New Vork Indiana Snfe tor the- Repnbl cane. . I Washington, June 20th, It seems to be settled now that Cleveland will be the nomine? of the Democratic National Con! vention, and the booms of all other as pi raits have about faded away. This lays oat Bayard, Payne, McDonald and all the Western candidates. Democratic opinion here is also unanimous tbat to Indiana Will be given the second place on the ticket!, with a majority of chances in favor of Mc Donald.! The taction of the Indiana Be- publican Convention to-day in nominating ftepresentative ualkmn for Governor, places that State out of the doubtful list. for Calkins is certain of carry log it for the Republican party. Calkins j is one of the strongest men in the House and is a favor ite with men of all political '.parties. He is possessed of wonderful ability, and is eloquent and powerful ia debate. A nam ler of Democratic Congressmen here sent mm telegrams of personal congratulation so-ngD.iT ; WEST OAKLAND ITEMS. . Specially Reported for Th Tribune. Seventy-six emigrants wSll arrive at the ' mole to-morrow morning. I H. Gill has .purchased a lot on Third street, near Adeline, for $700. The tides for to-morrow are hich water small at 11:30 A. M. , mad low water small at 3:57 p. M. I S. C. Lairson has purchased a lot on the south west" corner of S:tonth and Union streets, Tor $1,950. f , . " Mrs. Ann Harris has purchased a lot on Adeline street, between Fourteenth and Twelfth,; fort 3,000. i A bridge is under process I of construe- tion at the railroad yard, which, when completed, will spaa the Colorado River at JDeming: " ; The Methodist Episcopal Church of West Oakland is tlCO richer than before the lecture delivered by MrJ O. B. Smith, at Hansen's Hall, onls'it Tuesday evening. The lecture was a great success, and the members of the Church, are exceedingly gratified. ' , - s, i The second -of a series of match games of cricket, for atrophy, will take place at tbe Uiympio Grounds, on Center Btreet, tomorrow afternoon, the Merlon "and Occident Clubs being tbe contestants. The (.am a on lx-t Saturday was-won by tbe Occidents. The wickets will be pitched at 1 o'clock. 1 'I The foundation for the new buildintr on the northwest cotaer of I Seventh., and Feral ta streets was laid yesterday. The building, a already stated in this column, will t a two stories in height, the lower story to be fitted up rs a store and the not jr aa a dwelling. The length of the rternoons gives the West Oakland Tennis Club ample opportunity to wield the rocket, Tbe elub has greatly im proved of late. . . ' Oo last Wednesday evening a meeting was held in West Oakland for the further consideration of the proposal made some wka aw. to erect, a hall in that portion of tbe city. The committees of investigation appoint jd at the first meeting reported tnatwbiie tbe varioua fraternal societies of West Oakland could not aid the project officially, yet man of their-! members were ready a individuals to aid la the erection ot the proposed halL It ma decided to erect the hell at the corner of Seventh and Willow street. The plana and estimates in coma up lor discussion at the ne: meeting, which will be held shortly. He Wae net Swindled. Mr. A. Selna caQed at the office of xaiBCNE to-day, . and stated tbat he was not the party whom Thomas O'Beirne bad swindled out of So on a money changing racKev." it was some otner man. He V Detroit Vs f"i citizen of , Wood ward avenue wm yesterday boesing the work of fitting screen doors to bis bouse, when a bub, with a very charitable 1 expression j of countenance, turned ia at the gate aad inquired: -1: : , v . - . . trou to bate pcreea doora I Yea.r , - 4 ,i "To keep tie out ?" i - Yea." Thea atop work eight Yoa sroa'ttieed 'em." "Why notr where you are. "Because X live fust back ot voaoa the other street, and this morning: J bought a cow. I'm going to keep her in the barn all summer,, and you can bet your bottom dollar that every fly ia the City of Detroit will put in kts full time oo ber back. I had one three yeara ago aad she drew flies ia from seven miles around. aad three diZdrent fly -screen men sued me for . dam .agee for killing their Bum mers tMISUMtS. mm oispaTCMS. Commodore Garrison an Assignment. Hakes Notification Comtaittea to 7ait on Blaina To-moxroir. L . l" Canada Endeavoring to Secure tlie Montaaa Cattle Trade. El Ma-di's Daaaaad on tba tfndir of toagela.- SPECIAL TO THE TRIBUNE Orrtson ' Credit. New Yobk, J one 20th. It was reported on Wall street yesterday that Commodore Garrison had suspended and4 was obliged to make an assignment for the' benefit of, bis creditors. In answer to numerous inquiries .the Commodore said: "The report that I have failed is abao-lutely false. I am worth $20,000,000." Emigration Commissioner Forest, who is Commodore Garrison's confidential business manager, said: "The Commodore has not made an umgnment, and does not intend to. The notes of the Cleveland( Pittsburg it Toledo Railroad, which he indorsed to the amount of $50,000 went to protest yesterday, but this was done as a matter of business so a to fix the loss oa all the stockholder alike. A meeting will be hell at which tbe amount of the Commodore's liability will be fixed." Forest appeared to regard it aa of very little moment. ' GIBRTSOS'S FAILCBB BXFOBTKD,, NkwYork, Jnne 20th 12:30 P.,M. Cornelias K. Garrison has assigned to John T. Perry preference $61,000. Com mod ore Cornelius K. Garrison is well known, as he was formerly deeply interested in Pacific Mail, New Orleans and West India steamship lines. He is a large stockholder in profita ble gas companies in this city, St. Louis, New Orleans and other large cities, and was principal owner of the Missouri Pacific railroad, but sold out a few years ago to J ay Gould. He has been interested lately in numerous railway scheme?. He was formerly a resident of St. Louis and made the bulk of his fortune prior to the rebellion. Fenians Summoned to m MeetiBar at Cbfcnjro. London, June 20th. A Paris corres pondent of tbe Time says: Stephens, the ex-Fenian Head Center, has forwarded to the active members of the Brotherhood at Chicago a manuscript circular sum mothing an early uaeetiu? at Chicago. Prominent Irish-Americans are willing to oin a new movement in favor of military organizations on the line proposed by the late John L Mahoney., Stephens . de. dares that tbe services of several distin guished European officers have already been placed at his disposal, and he is sanguine that he can -secure others. No definite plan of. action will be proposed until the meeting of the convention of Irish patriots, which is soon to be held' in Paris. (To this convention the Chicago conference is invited to elect delegates. After the convention an ad. dress is to be issued to the Iiish at home and abroad, expounding the aims of the new movement. Amon; the plans of operation mooted is a scheme to dis patch balloons, manned with despera does, oyer England to -drop explosives upon town sites : tolow. Captain McCafferty is commissioned to examine the plans and apparatus. Several Fenians in Paris have volunteered for aerial expedi tious. Tbe Cat Mar ef. Ottawa. June 20th. On behalf of tbe cattle ranchers -in Montana, the Canadian Pacific Railway authorities here rep resented to the Minuter of Customs tbe propriety of allowing cattle from the Western States to be carried through Canadian tsrritory in" bond for export. Montana ranchers propose entering stock at Fort Walsh and driving them to the Canadian Pacific Kail, road for shipment. An effort will be made to control the cattle market of Montana and other Western States. The Minister has agreed to the relaxation of customs regulations so as to bring this trade in Canadian ports. Deatb of Klyron C. Lake. Reno, June 20th. Myron C. Lake, the richest man in Washoe county, died suddenly this morning of esthma. Mr. Lake came to California from Illinois in 1850. He settled on a farm near Susanville in 1858, and came to Reno in I860, He made a fortune by bis toll-bridge over the Truckee in the Washoe excitement, and owned the ground where Reno stands, the sale of which doubled bis fortune. i ,.f The NotiSentien Committee. -Boston, J one 20th. The committee appointed by the National Republican Convention to notify Blaine and Logan of their nomination, met md decided to take a special train to Augusta at 10-o'clock and aemaiu at headquarters until to-morrow morning, when the J com mittee . will wait upon Blaine with the nomination, which wiH be tendered by Chairman Henderson, after speeches and other exercises, the committee will leave for Portland, where a reception baa been tendered by the citizens. They will reach Boston Monday" and than retain borne. w : " A Bnnqnet to Sargent. ' " : Nrw YOKr, June 20th. A cable special says: Ex-Minister Sargent is again to be complimented by a public banquet, to be given at the Army and Navy Hotel, Pall Mall, Wednesday evening, by a number of English and American gentlemen, who are indignant at the treatment of Sargent by Bismarck. , The principal speaker will be Minister LowelL ;--!.'. ; Atteel mf a Railroad. -Stbaccsk, June 20th. Ao attachment this afternoon was filed oo behalf of Ward and Mackay of Newbetrg upon the. West Shore property in Onandago county. They claim $250,000 for contract work in the oonstruction of the road; ..A ad icdala at tached foots up $40,000. Kl BaMI'i Throats." . Cargo, Jane 20th. Mabdi has again written to the Mndirot Dongola, summoning bun to espouse his cause. , If he ae- eruiescea, he will be made Governor of tbe province aad allowed, to keep aQ taxes. If he refuses, the troops of Mabdi will kill and murder all belonging to bha. ri-.. ' i . Vallmree KepertedU - ' wNxw YosJune 20th. Failurea. f or tae past seven days ia the United States, 182 Canada, 23. Casualties continue Burner-ous on tbe Pacific coast and the Sooth.' ; TaePwslSiays Bata m. ' " Washibgtoh, June 20th. The President, accompaoied by Secretary Lincoln and Gen. Sharp, jpt New York, arrived hero this morning. , Beports f Berber. 1 S0Axnr, Jnne 20th. Twenty-one ' pilgrims have arrived. They left Berber tm May Z":h, and say Berber bad not fallen at that time. i... ' i , t - w -. ..ir A, Story for fiabbat-Breaiera. . - Pail Mall Budget. A correspondent, referring to the criticism of certain Scotch Sabbatarians in regard to Ar, Irving's Sunday journey's in; America,: says: -''la Chicago i and vither Western eities many of the theaters are open on a Sunday. Mr. Irviag. being asked his opinion of this adoption of the French view of the seventh day, spoke strongly against it, whether oa so-called Scriptural grounds or not I cannot say. As to breaking the Sabbath by travel, it would have been impossible f.-r him to f olfiA his engagements unless he had Repent some .portion of the seventh day on the railway. If a man's morality is to; be judged on the lines of tbe Sabbath Protectioa Society of Scotland, he Master whom they am aupVosed to serve stands condemned by bis professed worshippers. And this thought reqii-ids me of a storv I have heard Irvingtell about an old Scotchwoman (living far from Balmoral) who criticised Queen somewhat hostile! y I for b ridden out ou a Sunday. Met w retort that Christ' himself pluck of wheat on the Sabbath, tbe orthodox old person (no doubt a member of the Sabbath Protection Society)! exclaimed: 'Ah, yes; I ken all about that, and I iinoa think any the better ou him for it!'" i Y';-.l ' " An Economical Han's Experisnoe. Chicago Timet. Horace H. Buell, of Chicago, not having sufficieut money to bay a ticket, conceived a scheme of being sent as express matter to Mopliattao, Kansas, aud naa successful, lie arranged a box so thst he could sit in it, and could, if necessary, open it and release himself. He got into his box and was placed on board the cars. He left Chicago last Thursday, and arrived inMenhattan shortly after midnight on Saturday morning, and was dumped out on the platform with other freight. His expectation was that he could escape in the darkness, but the box was set down bottom side up, with the lid against the platform, and his scheme was frustrated. When he was rolled into the express office at the depot, still worse misfortunes ait-tended him, for the .box was so placed that be stood on his head. The clerk then began checking - up, using the box for a table. Buell stood it as long as he could andthen made his presence known," greatly frightened the agent, who was going to shoot into the box. At length, however, they released him. He paid the express charges, $9 25. A ticket would have cost $17 54. Franca in Collaqnlal Conversation . PU Mall Budget. The custom of iutrodncing French terms in colloquial conversation is by no means deejied bad taste; in fact, it is rather pschutt just now. That they are not always quite apropos does not. matter much, neither V it of importance whether they are correct to the letter. What can it matter whether we say coutt qui covfe instead of coiUe que coutt, or la. -Franca'ts for a la Franccdee? Such' thVg8 are hardly noticed among thjs French themselves. Frenchmen, htjwever, occasionally have a laugh at them, and now and then present the world with a choice selection of Anglicized idioms, warning at the same time their compat.iots to abstain from Gallecizing the language of the Saxons. A few English phrases are set up as dangerous to use in France for instance, 'fi ve o'clock's teas, " raou ts, " 'flirtage, " etc. Amusing as these sound to us, our attempts to use French phrases are not less so to our neighbors. Tito Largest Family in tbe Csaa-try. Cincinnati Enquirer. Near this place live one of the largest families in the Unitod States. Mr. Joel Vaughn has been married four times. His last three wives were all widows, all of whom hr 1 ch:,dren by previous husbands, respectively eight, seven and four, a total of nueeen. These four wives bore Mr. Vaushn twenty-seven children, which, added to the nineteen step children, fcave Mr. Vaughn control of forty-six children. There are thus seven different se- of children. The old man is now eighty years of age, and his youngest child is but an infant at the breast. Aa TJsonbt Introduction. Ao Indictment met a Conviction. "Hello. Convictioni: I haven't seen you for many a day. Where have yon been?" "Oh, I've been out of the city". Where have you been ?" "Right here, doing the same old busi ness. " . . As they talked a Detective came around the eorner. "Ab," said the Indictment, "here is old friend of mine : you ought to know him." The detective and the Conviction were introduced. "Excuse me," said the Detective, as be walked away haagbtly. "I am making no new acquaintances now." How the Kangaroo Acted. SomervilU Journal. "So you went to the circus, Mary?" "Oh, yes. and enjoyed myself very much." "Did yon see the kangaroo in the menagerie 7 "1 did. and felt sorry for it. iroor thing, it is dying, isn't it ?" "V by, no. What put that into yonr head?" "The way it acted. When I saw it, it seemed to be on its last legs." i- Sea entr Nlt. To-night will be "Souvenir Nifhf'at tbe Oakland Theater, and the souvenir to be presented to every lady will be a beau tiful cabinet photograph of "that precious baby " tbe star performer in Heart of Oak. In this picture the baby is laughing, iiks anything." its chubby cheeks swell ing with unrestrained mirth, and its dim- plea fists ready for a bandf ul ot any bread that may come within its grasp. Souvenir performances are a novelty ia Oakland, and this one will undoubtedly be crowded. Tbe public is already familiar with the drama, its thrilling pathos and its bright comedy. It only remains to speak of the scenery, which Is the best that has been put on the stage at this place of amusement, being the property of James Heree, who brousbt it- with him from tbe East. There will be three more performances of Heart of UaJe, to-nlgbt, to-morrow after, noon at the matinee aad to-morrow sight, - -f Co-(naloau Nat. C. Goodwin-' Comedy Company will appear at Diets Opera; House, this evening, ia the side-splitting, farcical ab- suraity, uonjuiion, the funniest play on the boards. Every member j of the pany is a humorous star, the play itself is tbe epitome of rollickmz wit aad fun. and the only drawback to tbe representation is ,wu uivMHMuniws van - wifraee - tag per formance laugh so load aad heartily tbat people5 Jath galleries caqnot hear the dialogue, 'lais evening, however, the com pany line kindly consented to eeaae talk. ing while the uproar ia ia progress, so that those who attend may have bo fear of missing any of the bright witticisms of tbe Soia eee lbe mthUas king. r Confusion on thy hsnaeis wait; v- : Though taaned by eooquest's erimeoa wing, ' Confusion i-gns throughout the States ' o Oakland Tlvolt. f . ' The next -attraction at the Oakland XlvoU wiil be an adaptation of the great JTrencfc drama, A. Woman if the People. which-wiH bo given fcwaorrow afternooa for the first time with Miss Sarah Stevens. a well known Eastern octrees. -fa the lead tna role, supported by a fi rat-class com paay of dramatic artists. It is the intention of the management to produce none bat the best plays, which will be put oa a ropu suuceaoiuo. A Tlge Raaen. Tb"is is none of your' common' circuses." It is a refined circus, which mores among the very highest' circles of hippodromie society.; The horses have received a e'ess-ical edoeation and are .about to Join tbe class of '88 at the University. The baby tigers-f are too '1 sweet ,for " anything, and they : come from Mexico. Id fact they are the first tigers ever imported from that marvelous country, where tiger raising is a new industry. The proprietor of this circus ia thinking of start Jog a tiger ranch in tbe southern put of tbe State, where tbe eliraate is admirably adaptedto. the business. 1 Clowns erow remarkably well down there also, if planted head. downwards. This Is another advantage of tbe glorious climate of California., They appear to-morrow matinee and evening. , HIKXNO STOCK REPORT. fW - - Sis Fuiciboo, June SO, 188. Tbe following sales were made at the Ban f rao-eiaco Stock and Exchange Board ; .; . nomine suss' aawn a saswoa. j 976 A1U....1 952 00 60 H Pia .......S 00 Anrenta . 10c 253 Kavajo.. ...... 4 00 800 N Belle I 5c 100 Ophir. 75c 160 Potoai. . . . ..40ee45c 150 Bav 70e 460 8 N ....1 10 80 Syndicate 60c 150 Union O .. 6xt 160 Yellow 81 - ,. , I f. i '. 853 Navajo. ...... .4 00 400l Benton 60c BoJi.....4 004 06! .. -. 2ac 16 Con V I0c 270 U C ..66c 1270 H a N. 761 100 Justice 30c 100 Mexican 75c 680 Mono. . . .. .8580c TBSTBKOAT ATrSRBOOM BAtBS BSOCtiAa S1 aioir. 720 Alta ..... U Best B.... 730 Bodie O. ... 800 BeUe Isle.. 660 Benton Con 300 Bullion.... SOO Cal 200 Con V...:. 2 Chat. ..... 100 Exchec..... 160 GC r , ..1 80 ..i an ...4 oo ....75c ...50ci , . . .4 :c ...05c ...16e ISO Hex i.7380c 2630 H N. 2 762 7tt 100 Mono... . .803 13 6 Navajo..3 803 S5 95SKM H 1 . . liC 100 Occident' 9JC ISO Ophir...". .7c 600 Sierra HI 0091 05 . SO Ct&Q n . ..35c 6 Union C.;..7066c ...10j ....65c! SHIPPINO IWTELUGEWCE. 8 Vranelaea.. .Jan SO, 1884 Arrivals m Tbcrspat, June 19. StmrGraaada, Connolly. 19 dar from Panama, etc; pea and mdse, to wuliem. Dimood and Co. bohr Champion, Ianap. 24 hours from Albion Eiren 74 M ft lumber, to H Watherbee. Fkidat June C ,r - Stmr Queen of the Pacific, Alexander 67 hour, from Victoria; passengers and mdse, to Ooodall, Perkijs end Co. bchr Fanny Oilmor. Farley. 48 hours from Bante Cruz; 840 bbls lime, to Davis and CowelL - She Joeejh Rosa, Henry. 40 hoars from Humboldt; 392 M ft lumber, to Cal Redwood Oo ' Dapartnree. v Thvbkdat. June 19. Bcbr Ester Coboa, Beck. Signal Port . " Bchr John Frederick. Beck. Stillwmter Cove. Friday, June 20. , Bchr Christina, Bteffina, Johnson, West port. " Sehr J N Ingalis, Olsen. Navarro River. Schr Ellen Adelia, Charlsen, Bowen's Iandmg. Bchr Ida Florence, Nelson. Salt Point. . Sehr Reliance, Topfer, Russian landing. Bchr Jennie Orimn, Boyle, Point Reyej .- DEEDS AMD MORTQAQES ! ! SpeaaUf Reported, up to Soon Book Dau, Jor The Tribune. 4 i i DEEDS. raiOAr, Jnne 3d. " G W McKeand to W H Blair 25 x 8 to Bay of San Francisco, 8 Clinton avenne, 225 E from Chestnat, Alameda 275 T W Leydecker to J Latgen 24x300. N Sante Clan avenae, at K line Anghinbaiigk teact. Alneda : 655 F State. Jr, to Ella H State, his wife 60x2s8, E Audubon, 624 N from Bancroft Way. I Berkeley -Gift... j... J IsaleU T Haven te H GU 50il06i N Third. 28 W from Adeline. Oakland. ; 525 S Tama toT W Leydecker 69x300,- N Santa CUu-s evenue, at K line Aaghinbaugh tract, Alameda 2700 Maria L Clarke to C D MetcaU 25x125. E Filbert, 175 N from Twenty-eighth, Oakland 850 C H Kelly, by Sheriff, to Oakland Paring Company Block bounded by Permit. Kirk-ham. Twenty-fourth and Twenty-sixth streets, Oakland, (2 deeds) a , 4395 MORTGAGES.; Faro r, June 20. W H Blair to Alexandrine H Smith 25x8 te Bay Saa Francisco. 8 Clinton avenne, 225 8 from Chestnut, Alameda ...S 200 Edward D MeKee to J M Wiley Undivided 4. 8E corner Union and Twelfth. E to Magnolia, by S2-::, Oakland Morris Brown to MO Fritso Subdivision A, lot 11, block 7Tt, Watts -act, Oakland. ..... Benjamin White and wife to Union Savings Bank LotaUO and 41, Tuttle homstead, Oakland. .T. EUen Mulvey to Srme Lot 14 aid poiUon 22. block H. Bar View homestead. Oakland H U Strang and wife to Mr M H ie welling et al Lot at SB corner Bay and Main streets. Pleasanton 2500 167 2600 500 2000 The Anstrian Afaslclans. The Daily Herald. ' The Gypsy Band is silent, peculiar and musical, and their exhibitions given last evening at the California Theater, will long be remembered by those, who love good music. There are just twelve in number and they all march out on tbe stage dress-en in pretty uniforms with' high topped boots aod their j violins in their hands. They are dark, swarthy-looking fallows, and from their continued silence from be ginning to- end it is auite Drobable that tbe are unable to speak English, but nevertheless the Creator has given these "big" Austnans a genius tbat ts wonderful, for their instruments sobbed and laughed at their will, and the leading musicians of the city showed their appreciation by repeated demonstrations. Farenz A. Jay, tbe lea der, is a powerful man. and as he stands there in front of tbe others with his placid face and bristling beard, no one could ever immagine that there was anything delicate, refined or musical in his soul, but he plays like an angel. They will play again to-n'ght and there will be a good house to beer therm Every Tear. . It is customary with all merchants, at the end of each year, to take an inventory of all- goods on band, before July ; 1st. Isow is the time that H. Scbellhaas. the well-known furniture ' "dealer of this city, is meditatinar 'taking stock;" and previous to : doing so he has decided to reduce the prices of his goods to such a low rate ae to enable him to sell off a large portion of them, to make- the time that would be consumed in - taking stock as short as possible. The public now can secure fine bargains by calling and examining tbe prices. ; i '. ; , lnptevsnsais, The new building to be erected, eorner Broad way and Eleventh street, near MB. 8CH ELL-HAAS' Store, is to have a saloon ia it named .Nowhere so tbat when the married customers come home late, and their wires want" to know where they have been, they can safely tell the truth, - . - j ; . Wanted to Kxehange. . Bed sofas aod single lounges for cheap second hand furniture, at H. SCH&ULHAAS, 4C8 Eleventh street. 8AMX ft CO. have added all the latest fm- prevements to their mOL , Their flour is the best a the market. Aaansesnent. " AQ -the Boe stage settsuiis at Dista Oners House and Oakland Theater furnished bv U. 8CUELLHAA3, 408 Eleventh street. " SAMM flow is the best. :-f. Bayl Bay! Bayl " ' We win sell vea farnrtuseaad eareets cheaoer than you can buy in 'Frisco. : Call aad see us. H. SCHKLLHAA8. : ----- v-' - - SAMM flour ie manufactured by tbe improved roller Parlar Bete sussl ames Ara plenty ami ebeap as H. 8CHXXHAAS,- 08 Elev-ith treat. I -: ' - f New To-Day. FOB THE THtf "'CZnlZ:" ' FW(WdtGP. i Bsmra T Cs-tofsBa : - i .. KELLER'S SHIRTS ! I ARE IN THE LEAD ! Disianclng air Coislrs SALES INCREASED ....TO. .. 300 : pbzenj per Month, ill JpcweslDg from all parts of the CoaM. WC.BE IMITATORS AJtE DEMOK. WHO-ESALE MAXITFACTt1 ABE MIDO-EMEX AKE HAXDIC fPET BT vTUOLCaALE rOFIT8, "LA ' K OF FA CILTTTE8 TO CIVK 8ATIsFA4TIO AHO ACTUAL IOOKA5ICK OF 8HIKT MS rKEMBXTaV 1 vtih...: -: - 1 . :j. - ' . ; ; MFJ FAtlXITTES AJTD EXPEKZEIVC . ES ABLE ME TO CTAKASTEE Ql'AIJTT FIT ISO FKICE M ETEBT KfSTAXCE WHETUER BHIKTS ABE BOC-HT FBOH STOCK OB MADE TO XEASI BE. NO EXTRA CHAB-E WHE3T HABB TO OBDEB. ' ' . :; ; ALL HO hate sot vet tested mt SHIRTS ABE IKVITED TO DO SO AT MT FACTOBT AMD STOBE : i-Ji ' I i .. . ' 1007 Broadway, M. Ji Keller .I If. FIELD HAS OPENED AT 1152 Broadway, cor. Thirteenth St FINE ASSORTMENT OF Flowers, Feathers, etc 1 We Do Not By Tifty Dollars worth of goods oat of a ten-roomed I- ! : - i house and then pack It .wit a. a lot o unsaleable furniture at night, and sell it at auction, bat offer you Thousands of Dollars' worth of Goods, at Auction Prices, at PriTate Sale, and plenty of time to inspect it in, at 408 Eleventh Street, H, SohelHtaks. For Freserring' and Beaatifjing-the Complexion. ' : CAMHT.T.TSK hsii been sanctioned by the medl-cal professioo. and is tbe only harmless article for tbe complexion' The reeoendeaon of forty of the leadinf physiciaas has been published. POISON OAK. -i .. CAMELLTNE Urn sore ineventive of oak -poison ins; and jives speedy relief in all cases of sunburn " arlee," SO Cents. - FOB "BALE BT AlX DRUGGISTS. FOR THE COMPLEXION T mHXS EBGANT TREPASATION IS THB X most perfect beaatifler kon. It is pore and harmless, detihtfal in itsapplieaUon and wonderful in Ms effects, while the closest s. 'tiny tails to detect its use. -i Prepared ." ,; - ... '- . H, BOVHAN, Cite Ust... Oaklosd For sale by all druxgist. . Ca ak bsriiit, Jb. T. A. Bosnrsan etmMl to 111 bniUijMr- u. Inr.il, ... 9 7 win 1 mmmamimm iisiii mu uie snisinajw o elecant balls, new furniture, first-class facilities, aod a full oorps of experienced teachers, band fas sircalars. - L1F8 BCHOfaARSHIP. $70 C . The saost Fopolar 8 not r cou Improvement of San Joaquin River, CaL U. S. Kxusssm's Orncs, 63S Ksurr Strsst, 1 Ssjf Fuiowl Cil.. Jane L 1.4f I SKALtD PROPOSALS, Of DUPLICATE, rOB eoinptetiaA' the cat U the DsvBs Elbo Saa Joaquin Bivcr, CaL. will be reeatv ee-anCT 13 JQJy s, when toey wl 1 be pabUoiy epeaed. Hfsecktteattoae, forme ef Mds end all neeeassrT f onsspsa may om optainefl ae uus ooice, appUcatioB,. :,.. e H. ITETOKLL, :-.. - - ; 'it Cot Corps ef KnjnneerS. w AXTEB-A -OODCIBLTO era! IwniaeeiMk. in a ariva faasilvr nea su par moniniJayij as Ji nnmine aim - r t . ... Jeao-lwx CA3 ci:'j:i3 toc3 a tk:usaj:3 Tbe PoBey of tbe Oakland Oaa Uehi Ckaanny mmem is sraaa se nwy ujii ini a (as to t Mooie oi Uj-m citv ta lj has been to ruon tbe uri aaraoidiy as it oonnsiently so d. bsssnsa its ova 1st esti are a intimately bound 11 with those ef the people it serves, that it advances both by a buerl policy tn Ha business. Continainf this policy tni f 1 it tr 1 ' pri r to eons s was tt T TO lli TOU-BAD CUT? IO ft;, C A ' APTs. JANTJ Aii y 1. 1 -5 At W;i pnos no ethss- dssnrly ion ot art-act bnt u so csf- pana sat a. . - , . iy erder of tne boatu. . . . ' 1 . . V - jcrrn a. eastlisd, ssM ''". . . ' ..,.ITH a....; , J i Summer Millineru asj v saW LsV - AUCTION Nsw To.Day. WEEKLY TBfflDIIE For 1884 WHI .Maintain its Reputation ae the REPRESENTATIVE f.E WSPAFER ' ALAMEDA COUNTY. Pnbllshed erjr Saturday 413. 415 and 417. Eighth Street TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO. HAVTNO A RESIDENT COBRED. PONDKPJT in every town and villaee in the Oooi ity, every item of interest in each locality ie Ktnerea ana puDuanea tn its columns. ITS EDITORIALS are earefnllvprerarea and all questions of the day will be discussed Ina candid spirit, with an especial aim to promot the interests of tbe people and especially to aid In the development and prosperity of tbe County., of Alameda. i , TR- ' tiUCCLTCRAL DEPART MENT is replete with valuable Information for the Parmer, Horticulturist. Vine Grower and Stock Kaiser. ALL. IMPORTANT NEWS bv telemnh and mail from all parts of the world will be pub wm ia a concise lorm. j It is the aim of tbe publishers to soaks The Weekly Tribune A TTeceaaity la Kveryr Hemseheld. Send It to Your Friends In the i East. TKR-3, Including Postage, One year (including; map) .... ..fS BQ Six months I 1 f0 Three months....,....- T6 ill ' . I ' CLUB RATES, Including Pottage. Club ot Five, a S5 each, or $11 tS - len, ft to each, or 23 60 Twenty, fi 00 each, or . $40 00 v An extra, copy will be sent free to the party getting up each. club. v NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE SEND YOUR ADDRESS -t By Postal Card, and receive by - ! return mail : ....or TBS.... Troy Weekly Tunes. UNSURPASSED eeeF0Rea General and Local News. i CORRESPONDENCE ....reon.... All Parts j of the World INTERESTING TOPICO. One Tear. . j. Six Montba.. TUree MontliB.... One Month. . . . 1... ...?l.CO eCO.. e its f XI. FRANCIS, SON tz CO. Troy fi; Y. ' GAS STOVES ! Bo 8oetx' Ecouomjl No iabes! I OFFICS OP THE OAKLAIID GASLIGHT CO. UWwrW4Q UmJ Ilwrfl'sj WUlwJ ron fiAT.n act to nrrrr. 1 WMBoO, Bats, Rpest and Broil. b-Utst rm. :, citai-t ixn.' Apjrst0eCpmcIr, S. TJ. ccr. XTit td . : - I n f"! Tf"T want Tbe I." rf ! A I ' 1 i . I "s J-ixw:-!er.te fi x-. L Vfe-lt UbA CJk JL . u, a

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