Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on July 23, 1963 · Page 16
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 16

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 23, 1963
Page 16
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JtJBfittfrMotl, Gotesburo. IK. Tuesday, July 2& 1963 , One of the ffee atta* ™'< ttotw ttfb* presented each , day of the Knox County ; Fair at t p .m., S p .m. and ? p .m. will be Sky Diving, ' an exhibition by the Illinois Valley Parachute Club of Peoria. imps, with delayed parachute openings of up to 60 seconds, will be made from altitude* to 7,500 to 10,000 feet, with landings to be v ifnade on the infield in front of the grandstand. The club was formed in February 1965, by several Peoria and Pekin individuals interested in the sport of parachuting, with dub membership growing to its present 30. hute Club to Offer ion at County Fair til August 19*2, the elub pur chased Its aircraft, a Stinson Re tiaflt, capable of carrying a pilot and four parachutists, tt is pow ered with a 300-horsepower Lyco ming radial engine. . Ruled Stifplui Essential equipment for the sport of parachuting has been listed as a main back pack-type parachute, 28 feet in circumfer once, and a reserve parachute, 24 feet in circumference, which is worn on the chest. These two parachutes and their related equipment generally are surplus, purchased from the federal gov ernment, and the cost when modified for sport parachuting is be tween $75 and $100. The main parachute is packed •Ms* if" **$ - •« •WW* *«* Y «wi* The KNOX COUNTY FAIR JULY 29 through AUGUST 3, 1963 Is Proud and Fortunate r this year to present our Fair patrons with on outstanding Mile Long Midway 4* ' m ': w* . •*« is* 50 Thrilling Rides — Shows and Attractions For Your Entertainment The BLUE GRASS SHOWS C. C. GROSCURTH - General Manager ETHEL GROSCURTH - Treasurer-SecreUry by the parachutist himself and the spectators will have the privilege, if they desire, to observe the repacking of the parachutes after each exhibition. The reserve parachute,is packed by a licensed, parachute rigger. Other nece& sary equipment includes protec tive headgear, boots, coveralls, goggles, and instrument panel fi. new member of the club un dergoes approximately 14 hours of ground training conducted by an experienced parachutist. A stu dent is required to make five static line jumps, in which one end of the static line is secured to the plane and the other to the rip cord in the parachute. When he exits the plane he falls approximately eight feet to the end of the static line and the ripcord is activated. These five jumps are followed by free fall jumps with the initial delayed openings of three to five seconds being increased as the jumper becomes more efficient. Advanced para chutists make delayed openings of 30 to 60 seconds from altitudes of 7,400 to 10,500 feet. Four Classes Arranged For Tractors Gaining in popularity each year and made a night, instead of an afternoon attraction in "1962, the tractor pulling contest at the Knox County Fair will be presented Wednesday, July 31, starting at 7:30 p.m. in front of the grandstand. The four classes of tractor competition include lightweight, up to 4,500 pounds; mediumweight, 4,501 to 6,000 pounds; heavyweight, 6,001 to 7,500 pounds and extra heavyweight, 7,501 to 9,000 pounds. Prize money of $165 will be awarded for five places, ranging from $60 to $10 in each of the four classes, for a grand total of $660 in the contest. ' Tractors will be weighed in, between 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m., the day of the contest, at the elevator division of Knox County Oil Co., Knoxville. COMING DOWN—One of the members of the Illinois Valley Parachute Club, which will present exhibitions at 2, 5 and 7 p.m., each day of the Knox County Fair, is shown in drop from the club's plane. Landings, following jumps from, altitudes of 7,50010,000 feet will be made on the infield in front of the grandstand at the fairgrounds in Knoxville. 105th ANNUAL KNOX COUNTY FAIR JULY 29-30-31 and AUG. 1-2-3 Live Barrow Show Prizes Tally $746 Premiums in this year's live barrow show at the Knox County Fair total $746, with the judging to be announced by the department superintendent the day prior to the opening of the fair. Seven places are listed for cash awards, total $175, in each of four Classes, the single barrow 190 pounds or under, single barrow over 190 pounds, pen of three bar­ rows, average weight 190 pounds or under, and pen of three, average weight over 190 pounds. In addition, the award to the grand champion single barrow, with first and second winners to show, will be $15. An $8 goes to the reserve champion single barrow. The $15 and $8 awards also will be presented to the grand and reserve champion pen of three barrows, with first and second place winners to show. Separate trophies will be presented to the exhibitor of the grand champion barrow and grand champion pen of barrows by hog marketing interests of Knox County, the Galesburg Order Buyers and Western Illinois Packing Co., Galesburg. CRASH ROLL—Pictured here is a crash roll, one of the stunts in the Aut Swenson Thrillcade, to be presented Saturday afternoon and evening, Aug. 3, in the closing day of the Knox County Fair at the fairgrounds in Knoxville. Auto thrill shows long have been an important factor in programs at county fairs and this popularity has prevailed at the Knox County Fair, where this year on the closing afternoon and evening, Aug. 3, performances will be presented by Aut Swenson's Thrillcade. Added to the usual thrills provided by auto drivers and motorcycle riders in' this year's presentation, fair officials reported, will-be an array of special acts. These include Candy Candido, "the little man of a 1,000 voices," Emmett Kelly Jr., comic pantomimist; the Jungoves of Holland, balancing act; Ann Marston, world's champion archer; Frisky and the Four Little Friskies, a pony act from West Germany; Jon Friday, strat'ocycle aerialist; Jimmie Trog, breakaway trapeze .perform' Chiquita and Pedro, mechani etf dancing dolls from Holland, and otterJKSW; , A troupe of ftftrirtfffe tta&fcvlfe, the Ttollicadettes, will tipftaf In Roman sieepltthafe races over the elevated ramps. Vm4 CefnfHWte Pre-falr information on the Thrillcade is that the repertoire of the thrill driven not only is patterned for spectator excitement, but some events are highly com* petltive. One of these is the Gold Cup Crash Roll Tournament, a competiftve event in which points are scored on the basis of the number of times a contestant can somersault an ohimedet automo* bile end-over-end. Another is the Blltr Ball, spectacular Karting game in which drivers disdain all protective devices except helmets. This event, it was report* ed, has caused more casualties in the past two years among Thrillcade personnel than any other stunt. Also listed among the stunts is the ramp-to-ramp leap of an automobile over Dancing Dyna, listed as thrilldom's only performing elephant. This sometimes is executed in a -late model truck and sometimes in a stock model sedan or convertible. CS«tra''N[f»lfit«; •fierce per bottom) WITH PURCHASE OP FAMOUS QUALITY MINNEAPOLIS' MOLDBOARD PLOWS BUMNtt OUR "PRC-SEASON MAW PUSH" ROSELLE FORD TRACTOR AND EQUIPMENT CO. Knoxville, 111. er 1VICKES DISTRIBUTION CENTER Plumbing - Heating - Electric - Lumber - Building Supplies BRING THE FAMILY For a Day of Real Entertainment Rides — Exhibitions Shows - Racing - Livestock GALESBUR AN I0NAL BANK o.» LUMBER Ph. 342-6106 4 Miles South of Galesburg on Route 41 PLUMBING Hours • Mon. through Fri. 7:30 5:30 Sat. 7:30 5:00 Ph. 343-5018 EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN FOR ROOFS ASPHALT ROOFING 235 lb. TUFTABS per sq. $6.73 235 lb. SEALDONS per sq. $7.89 1 250 lb. DBL-COVERAGE T-LOCKS per sq. $7.92 ROLL GOODS 15 lb. Felt per roll $2.10 55 lb. Roofing per roll $2,05 30 lb. Felt per roll $2.10 65 lb. Roofing per roll $2.25 45 lb. Roofing per roll $1.80 90 lb. Slate per roll $2.90 GALVANIZED STEEL ROOFING v VA" Corrugated, 28 Gauge 8' - 10' & 12' Lengths per sq. $9.85 FENCE AND GATE QOARDS Douglas Fir, Smooth 1 Side 1x6 & 1x12 per M $120,001 WIRE FENCING, American Made 939-6 -U Fence T ... 20 rod roll $28.35 832-6.11 Fence 20 rod roll $24.60 1047-6.11 Fence .20 rod roll $32,50 |2 pt. Barbed Wire 80 rod roll $ 7.60 PENTA TREATED FENCE POSTS 3" x 7' Round , ea. $ .75 4" x V Round ..ea. $1.15 7' Sawn Half Round ea, $ ,75 No, 9 Brace Wire 10 lb. coil $1,50 WESTERN RED CEDAR SIDING Beveled — Clear and Grade A 1 /2x6 $122.50 Vax8 ____$133.50 %x!0 Full Lengths, 6' and Longer 185.50 OAUSPURG ILLINOIS MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Revere GLASS-LINED WATER HEATERS * Featuring . . . # Fiberglas Insulation § Baked Enamel Finish f Magnesium Anode Rod • 100% Safety Shut-off Controls | GAS HEATERS — Glass Natural or LP (Bottle Gas) 30 Gal $47.50 40 Gal $56.85 I ELECTRIC HEATERS 52 Gal., (L'ow-Boy) 52 Gal $70.85 Glass $60.50 82 Gal $89.75 UPSON PRIMED SIDING %" - 12"xl2' $162.95 Siding Fasteners (400) Per 100 $2.50 ea. __$ .02Vi FORCED AIR FURNACES -Low-Boy Oil 84,000 BTU $221,85 —Low-Boy Oil 112,000 BTU 260.30 -Hi -Boy Oil 84,000 BTU 217.60 -rlli -Boy Oil ...112,000 BTU 268.80 —CounterHow Oil 84,000 BTU 218.85 -Counterflow Oil 112,000 BTU 273.05 -Low-Boy Gas 105,000 BTU 162.85 -Low-Boy Gas 125,000 BTU 194.90 ^-Hi -Boy Gas 73,000 BTU U3.60 -Hi-Boy Gas 100,000 BTU 132.45 -Hi -Boy Gas 130,000 BTU 161.20 -CounterHow Gas 100,000 BTU 146.30 -Couaterflow Gas 130,000 BTU 179.85 Other Sizes Available KNOX COUNTY FAIR RUNNING RACES FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 1963 Park Hickok, Knoxville, 111. -—.Superintendent Telephone 289-9357 Premiums Offered In This Closs $731.00 All entries will be made on Friday, August 2, from 10:30 A.M. to 12:30 P.M., to the clerk of the course on the infield. RACES TO START AT 1:00 P.M. FRIDAY, AUGUST 2, 1963 RULES 1. No stall fees will be charged. 2. Entry Fee for each class will be charged as designated. 3. The Superintendent and his inspection committee reserve the right to bar any horse and/or equipment from any class. 4. The rules committee considers all horses other than Thoroughbreds to be Quarter Horses. , 5. All horses must carry 30 pound Western saddle and Western bridle except the Pony classes. 6. Superintendent reserves the right to cancel any class race that does not FILL with a minimum of 5 horses. 7. Automatic Starting Gate will be used for all Quarter Horse Races. 8. Pony races will be started from a HOLD position. 9. Quarter Horse Running Races winners will be determined by photo-finish. Quarter Horse Contests winners will be determined by electronic eye. CLASSES 1st 22.50 2nd 3rd 17.50 12,50 4(h 5th 7.50 5.00 12 .00 10.00 7.50 6.00 5.00 22.50 12.00 17.50 12.50 10.00 7.50 7.50 5.00 6.00 5.00 1901—Flag Race (Entry Fee $3.00) 1902—Vi <> Mile Quarter Horse 30.00 20.00 15,00 12,50 10.00 Race (Horses entered in this class not eligible to enter in 1907) 1903—Children Pony Race, Vi- Mile. (Pony 48 to 54 inches.) (Entry Fee $2.00) 1904—Clover Leaf Race T (Entry. Fee $3.00) 1905—Children, Pony Race, Vs- Mile, 14 years & under, Pony 48 inches & under, (Entry Fee $2.00) 1906—% - Mile Quarter Horse 30.00 20.00 15.00 12.50 10.00 Race: 1st place winner in class 1902 not eligible. (Entry Fee $5.00) 1907— Vi - Mile Quarter Horse 75.00 45.00 30.00 Race. Horses entered in this class not eligible to enter class 1902. (Entry Fee . $10.00) 1908—Handy Horse Kegs 82.50 (Entry Fee $3.00) 1909—% - Mile Ladies' Quarter 22.50 Horse Race. (Entry Fee $3.00> 1910—% - Mile Farmers' Quarter 22.50 17.50 12.50 7.50 5.00 Horse Race. Horses competing in Classes 1902, 1906 & 1907 are not eligible. 17.50 J2.50 17.50 12.50 7.50 5.00 7.50 5.00

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