Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1928 · Page 11
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1928
Page 11
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f , „/ f .f f nf t-f* Im F i \\t !« ?**«,. 1 Farm* ft«3 Ij»tt8 f C'lwfera (WILL hs sml hmtf-r, e*. whirh halishwrt rr<-*U!fn' Martin Van Bnren out of ofT!e»' And tnstnll- *rm. fmnk Perth, oit* Of t*rm« c»n be arranwl. A »0t»M be con- in p*rt pAtjntnt, W. S. Me- gfnte of THinol*. of t.o*Ssy's m*k*v. f<! "TlppteanftB and TylFT. too." Or t>f> rnur.h fherrof *.x rrmy b* " Ribbon ap*T!*d palnti hlf Jwr at 98 Th» vR-toriows WhSfs *trc pwrsly an opposition petrtf. with no laws, no lolc no prtistrflm find not rmich CHBVROLST rmighoui, «3»6 7-R, a new p»ak. nnt! mor? th»n bl* th* ye»r>. Sow. nn«l International Klrkcl Jurr,r>t<l 5 point* on th about l»tt*r demand futttn* Tntml receit* of wh«*t Duluth- much *msll*r th*n R vw>k or n yf»ar no. amoimt- BARO.MN In m~mnmU'"?«rm"of " of «rt>H Improretl Jsnrt on cement n»d cJoss to tharket. of a candidate. The Democrats h*d Unit"*! Fruit of 3 point* «t»sl American V. B. 8tw»l common Cttrhlrte advanced » point OH trf California motor. p»!nt ' *tig ttnwi like nrs?, hw»t*r unfl been Sn power TO yeisre. Van B«r?n had be«n weakened by the panic of 1R37. which he Inherited from Jackson and the bank fleht. but was W. 8, McCloy, fiterlSng. «*}« itgenl. " " sie* anrt (Sterling, of K«!r! Court. John M. fitBgfr, «ollcltor this reliable Jong-life r«bi>»r. p»tnt «n<l with a b!<xk of ftROO Pit,t.«, two m\lf* stronger than CV«r With his party. 1 5-B. Montgomery Ward dropped 33-4 Wanted—lute «t Elrane W»-W OHAHAM BROS, two-ton, c3oa«3 cab ana »tst*e boay, 1 new tirps, ofpr- ntea Brings, etc. Priced to sell quick IT. •ST imWINATSONAI, l^ ton, cnb »nd «rt»ke body, Him n<"w throughout, et ft «anilg of 81416 cold cR«h. (t780. 4s FORD ton truck, e!c««l c*b ami good riabbcr and motor, Tamplcc phone. Shipping Awa. Speedwmgon, famous for eertlcc, I ton closed cab, chassis rebuilt, TOUKINO OARS of nil kinds, ISO up- wenla. R<ml buy*, down payments. EaJ5y terms. Good trades. BEtL MOTOR SALES OpSN EVENINGS AND StTKDAT A. M. «»« WJCOST ar. PHOKE CHEVROLET'S USED CABS— ffORD touring, good «id« cur tains. A good car. ton truck, cab and grain box. CfHEVROLET ton truck, cab ami grain tax. ' TELEPHONE 088 Xf OTD-6MJTH CHKVBOLET SALES 813*516 LOCUST ST. them now. The largest assortment years has arrived and they're the be*t and newest varieties to t» hud from Holland. Also a full line of Peonies, I*oppl*j, Evergwnn, Frui£ Trees and other nurnery stock. All fully guaranteed. Ktghlasd Part: »ur*erle», % mile north of Lincoln Highway on Freeport road. Call 634. COST end attrnctTra'~iiVe''room. story and * half IIOUM. practically new with suing*. Everything In first claw condition. For quick sale priced at $4250. Mortgage 82500, recently rr- n*w*d for three j"e«rs, Bw< ownfr on pn»ntUwn. ft03 Ninth Are., sterling. Phone 652-J, PAI^~A~b«rBaln~ln~"Tc<>~BcfcJ~"of level, productive land in location. Eaey terms. Not much ca«h required. Lonjc time on balance. Pos- nr-xt March. \y. 8. McCloy sales amumge. made -freeh dally, just fiwih lean pork. dslldouaJy «ea- so&ed. Try a pound for breakfast, Yaull want more. Sterling Market, 610 Bast Thlrd^ St. Phone 683. SWEET pear datrvTSiBg^olcur owii containers; Hiinry Thome, 3& mllea south of Bode Fells. Phone County 833-2. p«ir elder. tour milea northwest of Sterling. S» AT Tins BAHQAIW tX>OQB roadeter, winter top. wheels, only $68. OLTMAN MOTOR CO. parlor furnftoe ta to beau- tlful that it harmonise* with tbe very Wt«s* furniture It'» walnut effect IB mechanicall duced in porcelain, alt repro- finish. . Bold by A, Q..Hoak. Ill W. Tftird Bt. OOPPBROLAC DQRT this t»la tiemos- next week at Myiin and 319 Xact Third 8t. Open aings all POHD tudor ccacn, coupe. A-l shape. T rt>adiitffir. Oh^ap. ...... 823 DODQE sedan, good tires, cheap. NASH 0 4-passengcr coupe, A-l fl throughout, JPQBD CQftCb. STERLIKO HASH SALES ecdaa, driven 84 miles. 0TAB alz coacli, A-l shape. llflflS PORU coupe. GEAHAM PAIGE sedan, ueed only e« dcmonatrfttor. Xi&TB *3? ESSEX coupe, like new. £$37 CHEVROLET I0ip*rlAl Landau. roadster. IU5COND1TIONED and rea4y to do. We want you to drive them. ' V. K. BBQWH MOTOR 8ALK8 a W. YHIHP ST. PHO«H M7 t MOTOR INK OABAGE * DAY AND NIGHT SEEVICS 40) K. THIBD SI'. PHONE J867 JSmCK OPFKB8 «v«ral ]«i« model c*ru at very tntarwrUi^f prto«. City Motor CorpontUori. washer. power, uaed one »caoon, »45; Union custom hand loom, never been uaed, all equipment, two potinds fll|er tre« -wltfc Iboia. phc* »60. Call Prophcts- town Central. 1SO-3. renltncea, lot lOQxlOB, on pared »tr«!t. A bargain if taken »t oner. Ben owner on premises. 1505 Sixth Ave. REAL VALUE, tight rwrnsTeYery "convenience, hardwood floors, excellent location, three-car garage, friendly = 5^5i52!iJ^ n !^ r z_ : !liJEL T ^£i. 8t - ~XioU"for~Bal»' ' 83 810 PKB MONTO'~b"\iyiTa^Tne~Eoaie Bite in Oilman I>»rk Addition. Rock Falls, Paved rood, good water and drainage, electricity. 8«e L. K. Olt» rnsn. Legate OBAY enamel -bed room eu-'te, bed davenport, »36; piano; young man's overcoat. 93; lady's coat, size a. »io. aoa J Locust St. Phone^ iaa7-j. WOTfra ROOlS suite; also CaU at 1001 w. Third St. Phoae 1000. SAJlSTIC range and heating stove. A-l condition. Phone 728-R. ""63 STORY & CkARK piano, A-l condition. Cheap for quick sale. A bargain. Call evealaga. Phone 1661-M. aatt aeii 'AC K*elu*ire AO Itcter at L, B, East Third St. at Third ATO. tuba>. B coup* made Into' 54 ton Cfood runnlus eondltioa. Very Harry R. John, 406 Locuat at. 13 C TKKACO" Oil 1* the choice of many. . Try it. Viwtng's Service Station. 400 I tot ATO.. Rotac FaUa. OIL" for perfect lion. K. p. Vlerlng, Ttesaco Service Station. 400 First Ave.. JJout Fella. al B*ttcry and ZUctrJo Co, 4 Business Service *ppare> «s SKCOHOHAND dottangTiireaMa and winter cc*ta. etsfc 86 an3 84. goad condition. Cheap, 70S ttxta KUMM im -J. StSSS'S high grade Hboe8,~i at w. H. j. Mueller, aio iocurt basement. Inquire J6SO-W. 1009 SetenUi Ave. Phone Wanwa—To Buy CASH KSB DJIMS Sever** BBAD ANIMAL DlSFOfiAL years old. for hour, e&ch d«y. OftR *t 6teli)U3« City *. »Htt. Mre. K- CASH for dead animaU, Pbon* IfSft-J or 335-W. Sehraflerti jggftfe SterBag. WANTSD to Ibuy, outdooT Mulma, ari*woia Ant. water, hofe and cold. Osatkaaen. Blitfa Ave. front room tn toodera prjvst* hoiae. Close in. 313 Ave. FOURTH AVE.. 601—Two single rooms ia quiet modem home. clo&e Us. lor also wa»c«Qn*cUns rooms furniaiuid for light Mcdera. Two adult«, 406 teiat. Apply In osra &a4 NCio** to, A»iai4* Apply in penswu Mrs. H. 1. w*»ted at Uaoola 'i^vero. lot two ol laid tlv« *cr»s: four Keren. MUtb total four point room and btwidi •ebooJ. THKK8 et. *sy IsitJuJsts at a minutes i-WKI) ADIttlMSTHATOB'S NOTICE Estate of William Allen, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed administrator with will annexed of the estate of William Allen. deceased, late of the County of White- alflo. and tha State of Illinois, hereby give* notice that he will appear before the County Court of Whltealde County, at the Court House in Morrison. Illinois, at the December term, oa the flwt Monday in December next, at which time all persona having claims agftlart eaid eatate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of baring the same adjusted. All persona Indebted to aald estate are required to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated ibJa ninth day of October A. D. 1928. Charles J. Warner. Administrator with will annexed. Cert K. sadden. Attorney. — . Oct. C. 18. 23 Al»MI\!STR.Vi«a'8 NOXiCB""""" Estate of Hetue Dctweiler, deceased. The undersigned having been appointed administrator of the estate at Battle Betweiler, dcce»«d, late of the County of Whlteslde. and the State of Illinois, hereby given notice that it will appear before the County Court'of Whlteslde County, at the Court House In Morrison. Illinois, at the December term, on the first Monday in December nest, at which time all persons having claims against said estate are notified and requested to attend for the purpose of having the same adjusted. All persons Indebted to «ald estate are required to make immediate payment to the undersigned. Dated this ninth day of October A. D. 1838. First Trust and Savings Ban* of Bterllng. Illinois, ^^ Administrator. Own S. Sheldon, Attorney. •• Oct. o. 18. as LEGAL NOTICE State of Illinois } Whlteelda County j In Circuit Court of October Term A. D. 1828 Bdwia F. Lawrence vs. Elizabeth A. SheUhamroer. X. Oould. Trustee, successor to John IPishar, Trust** to Trust Deed from Elizabeth SheUhammer, recorded in the Office of the Beoorder of Whitc- 8t*t«* of America, Northern of Illtnol*. tut. In the United Bt*t*s District Court in and for s*id district. Western division. In the nuttier of Christian J. BUck- frt, bankrupt, Ko. 1653 in bankruptcy. To the creditor* of Christian J. Blsckert, of Town of fttontmor«ncy, In the Count.? of Wh!Uf,!de, and dl». trirt Bforwald, B bankrupt. Notice is hereby given that on the 17th day of October, A. D. 1828, th« Bald Christian J. Blsckert was duly«d bankrupt: and that the first meeting of his creditors will be hfld at the county court room, oowrt houw. In m»on. Illlnola. on the ISth d«y of HoremNfr. A. D. 1928. at t*a o'clock In the forenoon, nt which time tha said creditors may attend, prove their claims, appoint a trustee, examine the bankrupt, and transact such other business as may properly corns before said meeting. Louis H. Burrell. Referee in Bankruptcy. Freeport, Illinois. October 23, 1938. Jacob Cantlln, Attorney. Hoc* Illinois. Oct. S3 In fcm» quarter*. fnUure c-{ r*ll- r«4s to supply car* *m» gflten an a srmson trxlHy for curtailment of do- w/?M»t srrlvmls northwwut. An»»i^ R>«is;ned WM th*t f»rm- «rs »ir? bi:?y with fall work. M**n- trmdf report* w«r* current th»t U«»*!»B««U buying Abroad wa» e»p«t- •d «s«»n to have a steswiylng effect upon work! prie*» of wtswit. und that JB f»rt Ofrmany !$ buying ffwfly, M natire offrtiDg* art light. ORAIN R.IKOE (By Awoclated Preiw) Wheat— Dec. March High Lew Close M*y Corn— Dec. March May OaU— In the Circuit Court of Whitealde County, October Term A. D. LEGAL NOTICE 6tate of Illinois ] County of . J. Alice aaulrapp and W. P. Flock. partners, doing business as Oaulrapp & Flock, Complainant*, T8. Fred Mayn&rd and Maude Maynard. Defendant*. Notice ia hereby given that pursuant to a decree entered in said court on October 16th. 1938. the under - aJgaed, Special Matter in Chancery of •aid court, will ecu at public vendue for cash to the highest and beat bidder at the south entrance to the City Hall In the City of Sterling, Illlnola. ~ " — —* ~ 24th. 1&28, at 2.-00 Part of P*rm Lot Fourteen (14) In -the-Oemo pufchaae-ttt -the e. a -Qt«a*- t«r of Section 35, Township 21. North Range 6. East of the 4th P. M. described as folio ws: on November o'clock P. M. Dec. March May * Bye- Dec. March May Lard— Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. March May Ribs— Oct. Dec. Bellies— Oct. Nov. Dec. 1.18% 1 21 i, .03'i .B3', .88 .43'i .44 H .46 1.16% 1.3 1H .81 U .83 »» .43 .44 1.03% 1.08', 4 11.95 12.36 1.00% 1.02 '4 11.37 11.80 12.22 •85 1, .43 H .44 H .44ft l.oi H 1.0314 on the first nale. Tlie upwurri ptire ttmdertet prrsnoi!nf*tl R» trading wns Inflvirncwl b? reports of mprgfr*. Htlfferilnit copp*r pr!c«! nnd riinior? of Block M«l higher raih dividend*. Hcc»nt easing of call money rutwi, coupled with » fnllint? oft in cotnmerrlftl demands, «r«;our- *ge<l a renifttutlon of pool opnraUons. A few big blocfe* cbangf«! bftttiln !n thp early trading. AtMkn June*«, which fwld K« low an 81 K f.hnre thlt< op«n*<S with a block of 7,000 at 7 7-8. followwJ by ons of 1*.000 shares »t S »nd then moved up to 6 5-8, an extreme ovurnlght gain of point*. International Hlcfcel quickly lost 5 points of its early gain of six points. Motor Products »nd Western Union *o)d 4 point* higher and Atncr- ic«n InttrnRtloual. Muthlfson 9lke.ll, Dunhlll, H. H. Miscy. Kel«ey-HAyet! Wheel, Commercial Solvent* and Radio »old 3 to 3 1 -3 points higher. Foreign exch&ngea opened et*»dy, with Dterllng cable* uucbftngM at M.B4 31-39. U, 8. Steel returned to Its Job of leading the pack upward, and *old at But the Whigs waged a campaign of "RoiM*. Humbert and Nonsense," end hordes of new voters were attracted. But the year is also notable for the successful politic*! ansmetivers which beat Henry Clay out of the Wl>ig nomination «nd sstabEshed the doctrine of availability which tuw since barrwl many great men from the presidency In favor of comparative mediocrities. «R»M»ea- Be Right," The Whig conVention met In R Lutheran church at Hftrrlatjur», PB. F resolved on h*rmony. Clay had said he would "raUier be right than president." though few be- lletcd Mm. He was a distinct majority choice at the outset: he had continued to Isad his party In Con- BUurtoa 11.40 11.40 11.55 11.95 13.10 13.75 1X15 1S.40 1B.OO 13.30 UVE STOCK CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (U. S. Department of Agriculture) Chicago. Oct. 23.— <AJ>.).— 1633-8, when the pressure of Ing iwlos threatened to bring about « general setback. A. M. Byera declined 9 points and a number of others lost 3 to 4. Motor Products, which had a violent decline lute yesterday, recovered 11 points today. International Harvester end Mathison Alkali rote 8 1-3 and 7 point* respectively. LJtUe luterwt w«o manlfeeted in the tnna- portation oharee outside of "fioo" preferred, which rose 4 points. The rate on atandlng loans was reduced to 6 per cent, MISBIWG AVIATOR WAS FORCED TO LAND celpur 38 WO; butcher* and light hoga 10 to 20 cente lower Chan Monday's higto time ar weak to lOc lower than tha average; packing sows around 8t«ady; top. $9.80. Butchera. medium to choice, 350950 5b., S9.10<»0.60; 300-380 lb.. ftfl.lfl County. Illinois, in Book »58 on Page 355. Lee Hansen, Oeo. Scnlnekel. Mrs. JtttgJe JBaag, Mrs. A. M. Bhilton, ftldi#rd HatMtef, a, B. Duncan. M. M. Bouatrom, Andrew Carper. 8. B. Car* per, Ida Carper, F, B. Bebeoa, w. H. Oould. and John Beaee. Ho. 4004. Public botlca le hereby given that IIQt jp^BTiK|lfc|^^ of £,. ^fMTrftft of made and entered on tha loth day of Ostptesr, A. D. IB38. the Underslgnecl, te«S«l M«rt*r lu Chancery will, oa Hte 10th Any of November, A, D. 1888. at . . hour at ei»v*w o'clock in the toenoon of tfaaft- day, at the south trout door at the City Hall hi the City of Sterling, in saJd County, rail at public v^tUiu« to the hl«he»t and ban Uddftir for otah the following dewribed preuilsea, to-wit: The • MmheMfc Quarter of tha Southeast Quarter of Section Fourteen; the Southwest Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of Section Thirteen; the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section Fourteen; the North li&if of Section Tvaaty-tbree; the North HjUf of the South Half of Section Twenty-three: the Southeast quarter «f tbe Southeast Quarter of Section Twenty- thre*; the W«»t Hslf of the West H*U of Section Twenty-four; tweaty dcrcjj off the lawwr or ly end; of «u islund in Muck Kivowu M Biuct«r's Imlaud ly itix acte* off tte » tract of twenty-five am* b? J. H. Joha«ta and Wil« to J<*«*sh BroiJiertitia, by ia Sha B««C£<t*Jf« OHi«s of WHte- Uiiooi*. to BoiA "W* it*. beiBg part «| the aaid B*x> _ at a point on the weftt aide of Orove Street, in the Village cf Como opposite Uw Southwest corner of Block 4 to oald Village of Como and running thence South 41 degree* We»t, 351.3 feet; thence 38 degrees weat S40 feet; thence north 58 degree* east 280 feet, to the weat aide of Orove Street; theses «outh 34 degrees. East 487 feet to the place of beginning. Also commencing at a point where the west line of Orove Street In the Village of Como Interaeet* the North line of Farm Lot 14 In the Como purchase; thence running south-cuterJy on the west line of Grove street BO feet to the true point of beginning' thence south-westerly 300 feet on a line parallel with Third Street In eald Village; thence aouth-easterly parallel with aald Grove street 180 feof "***** »0rtt»-«aterly parallel with tald Third ctreet to the Southweetar- *- -"- ~* earow Strwt; thence North•aid Qrove Street 180 of bcslnntng, ultu- ty of Whltealde ana 160 lb., W.66 (38.45. Packing sows, «8.3S98.80. ftp, medium to choice, 00-130 lb.. Molnea, Iowa. Oct 33.—(AJP.) lAeut. Howard Beswick aviator raise- ing Binon BundAy noon, when he ten the Oreat Lakes. X1L, naval training stattoa for Omaha, was In Des Moines none the worse for a slight eraah occasioned by his being forced down ten miles, from Des Mylnea Sunday-«v*aiRg gress and nationally. Thuriow Weed of New York had come determined to defeat him. New 'York and Pennsylvania delegates were preaching that Clay couldn't carry their atatea. The anti-Clay groups nmmged series of private tniormtd bolloU, Introducing the unit rule into them. Clay led on the first ballot, but after three days Harrlaoo had been maneuvered into a majority. letter flot. Clay lost because he was a Freemason. It wan believed that the anti-Masonic element would knife him in New York and Pennsylvania. Thaddeus Stevens of Fennaylvanifc, violent anti-Mason, had plotted with Wetd. stereos had obtained a private letter la which Scott stapidiy had tried to conciliate A northern *atl-sJ*veiy politician. VtottlBK tto-Vbiiate deleeaUon'a hfadijuarters, Stevens dropped the letter on th*r fteor "accidentally" and left. The virfia- tans picked it up. read It and deserted Scott for Harrison. Harrl- Trw ***4 irytef. » @Hs &$p$£'t s^®* Democrats hsrted eile" »nfl "old Harrison and at tft» "atwiiUooisr' they heard b* had ooee said tt» peop!<? had ft right to petition Coa» " on rtarsry. "f^Wtewu WmUs," Who paid for ell ths decorations? Well, there wtft no InvcstigaUons, Senator Beaten of Missouri wro!« years later "Th« Influence of the power was enormous and to the utmost, and in amounts of money almost fataik*u$ and in ways undreamed of." Beaton charged fraud in the election. The noUw tocreased summer and fall and the nation passed from hystraia Into dtitt*. um, Sven Clay supported the Whig Uofcet, altboush Sarrtam'S nomination had thrown him drunken rage. Stamping i floor, ho had aald: "My 'are not worth powder asd to kill them." the son with promised to a__a»blnet reward _bu.t Stevens Cattle receipts ijooo; caivea 8400: mostly steady trade on steers; «upply relatively ec&ree; weighty cattle very scarce; eastern shipper demand etlll at etand»Ull owing to New York Kosher strike; fairly good market on one etocic and bull*; vealora 80o low»r, largely 914.00. Slaughter classes: St«ers), good and choice. 1300-1600 lb.. ai4.00e 17.93; 1100-1900 lb., $14.00 an^fi; 860*1100 lb., «i3.79@17.&0; common end medium. 850 lb. UP. W.78&J4.00. P :. good and choice, 780- Btote cff Jacob J. Ludena, Special Master in Chancery com^all * "—• ««««^« C«t. 23, 80. Nov. 0 State of Illlnola \ Wtoltealde County j • In the Circuit Court. of the April Term. A. D. 1928 William J. Dtehl et at v*. George C. Dtehl. Public Botira l« hereby gjytn tlilkt in pursuance of a decree of mid court entered ta aaid cause on the fourth day of June. A. D. 1828. the under*JP«« *!«**«• in Chsucery will, aa the atfi day of; Novembw. A. D. ia», at the tour of two o'clock in tb* afternoon of tb*t day, at the residence on the premises hereinafter described Township, 860 lb., .. Heifers, good and choice. 850 lb. down, 514.00 <s 17.00; common and medium. 87.75$ U.OO. Cowa, good and choice, »9.35@ 11.76; commao aa<J medium. »7.00@BJ3. Low cutt*r and cutter, $5.78 « 7.06. Bum, good end cbolw (beef). W.60 @io.7fi| cutter to rasdluia, *8.78e tfcoie*. cull «ad common. *8.00«ia^o. Stootar and feeder «t«*r«. food and chofcs*. Ml weUihte. *11 .80 a 12.76; Beswick eald neither he nor W.j**!".-.. , . W. Burrington. machinists mate, hlsj w ";jJr e "nomttMrtleii df Harrison companion were injured. "* ' * "*-"•' Frats Cannot Fledge First Year Men At Knox Oatesburg, IU., Oct 2S.~(AJP.)~ Fraternities and sororities at Knox College which Blnce their establishment ia the sevenGes. have set their own dates for pledging of new members, lost that prerogative by action of the college trustees. The beard at & special meeting ordered the Greek letter groups to pledge new members in the sophomore yew. The custom has been to do it in tha first year. The new order demand* that nil freshmen live in the men's dormitory. Students express resentment at losing what they believed are their rights in regards to cheating members and charge the elan was adopted to relieve the financial situation at the men's dormitory. " ntl of Virginia, the Whigs their great oligr 4tf ballyhoo. They had no ^ sad they la , County, IiUao}«, ecu at public aoctUm to the hishen and best bidder t&« iag described real e»taUt, to wife- number Twanty-thre« (W\ and the west iwUf of Lot aua,be r Tw*n»! four (84) in UM uub-tilviaioa oi the quarter of the south wart of SwiUoa oumber aix (8) in Towasfaip number Twenty-two (at) north, Bange dx east of the 4Ui P it lng 15 acrim; the BOrtbeatt qiterter of ths ****** aforesaid comtaaa and medium. Sa«« rooeipu isxwOj no particular activity early; r« w sale* *&4 bid* about ataady on deatrabte uatlvt*; * little higher tor choice of. ; irmre klliera practicaUy absent; a&tttp about sfcwidy; ttuUeatiotu firm etu a limited suunly eZ feeding Itimltuit * ^ lambo. tmnlML socm and choice. M d °wa. *iaj8»lS.ttO; medium. * "* "~ Ctl,j| lb. Zeppelin Will Spend Night At Scott field Scott Held, Belte^tlie, HI, Oct. 23.—<AJ».)-Captatn W. K. Kepner announced that he had been ia tele- «Mty. Mo., Oct. a.— (A.P.)— uneven, around *t**dy; Hogs ButeJwcB, "w*dTum~to i ^cliolc«. Ux. «|»3««j)0; SOO-iifiO lb.. « TWO (3) («} ftn4 Stx («) Tfar** (S). ' UMS soattiewit quarter of the norti- wwt «<t 8«ctioa Seven 13,800; oUvca 8.0MJ: alow, tteady to a*o lower; other rlme» little eb«ng«d. Uslfers. good and ebBfa». 850 lb. down. tl34»8 «§ 18.78; coaimuQ and medium, «7.tS «13JJ5. V«te«, noilk fed. saedium to cbaaat, «7A>t*ia.&0; cull a&S corn- titan, graphic communictktiaa with Hugh Allen, American representative of the German Zeppelin Oompauy at Akron, Ohio, and_that Mr. Allen etated the Oral Zeppelin would atay *t Scott meld Thursday night Captain Kepuer said the Zeppelin wmiM proceed frpm"liluftuwat, W. J.. directly to Scott Field Thursday and that it would «tay bare for the night. Mr. Allen eaid that Captain Von Schiller, ground pilot for the Zeppelin, would arrive here to take charge of afrangemeota for the moortug of the jSeppeliu. TH£ WEATHER dared not oppose tha Democratic doctrine of non-interference with slavery, but they sang, shouted and paraded to victory. Monster parades wert held every where. Some fool In Congress hac sneered at Harrison's birth in a log cabin and the cabin with bar reled hard cider, the general's fa vorlte drink, became campaign symbols. Brass bands led long pro cessions of cabins, «v^?^»^rinB, cider kegs, brooms (to sweep clean), and everything that might be Identified with "Old Tip." hero of th* BatUi of Tippecanoe against the Indians. _ ASMS of Crew&&, • Crowds at great Whig toast mceUnfa were actually measure by ttt» acre. Everyone made atum; speeches, even Harrison. Congress men seat bales of pro and anti Harrison literature into the states Horace Oreeley established the weekly "Log Cabin". When Postmaster General Amos Kendall head of Jackson'* old Kitchen Cabinet, resigned to write for Van Buren, Whig mobs sang obscene campaign songs before his door and sisofe Clay had foreseen the Whig victory — Harrison's plurality f»s HS.OOQ, thus: Popular Harrison ...... 1,275,000 Ef«cfea»I Van Buren 1,129.000 Van Buren'a defeat was tenifte, espccliiUy in the electoral college but Le had 364,000 more votes than he had against EarWaoa In 1836 and more than any oteitt- date up to thai time. Ballyhoo. corruption or both had boosted the popular vote 40 p*r cent tn four jrearal The sittuficant new Abolitionist or Liberty party, bavins nominaU «d James a. Burney ct Hew York. polled 7000 votes. Thousands of into Washington WhSgs pcoted for the innugura- Uon, many .of them after jotac Harrison, refusing a fired off cannon to frighten hi* wife ttnd children. The mobs adopted a hundred Whig slogan*. The Democrats renominated Van Buren unanimously. They and endorsing the Thomaa Jefferson, men) and econ- $V VSjjj 10,76. KQ4 cbcac*. all wetgbta. common and medium. (By The Associated Forecaat till 7 p. m. Wednsaday. For Chicago a&d vidaity— Mostly fair tonight and Wednesday; slightly colder Wednesday; winds mostly geatl* to modarste west to oorth- weat. For luiu^~Moetly fair Utuight and Wedms4«y; ^%hUy wano«r to- algfafc in Bouta «ad ««at«U poitkms; cooler Wediiasday ta weat and north perttoaa. In4i«i*— Fair ia aouUa. part- iy stoaay iu tt&rth pcurtioa tom&bt ; cMghiiy warmer to- olgbfc tft HWith*esi wad central pof- Uoue; cockr W*<tofe&d»y ia murth- Mostly, fair to. .** « 'paHiMk (7), «U Ccaiaty, ostnt of bid ««b in Wedutaflay to ewtt and adopted—•- platform—denotrndn* abolitionists —* " " constitution, <MJI^JI} lights osay. The only hiteh came when Vk* president Johnson failed to ««t • two-thirds majority, where upon the convention refrained from asasiuatkig anyone for vice president and left it to the states to pick their own m November. The party la power had laughed at all the antics of the Whigs, calling them "animal shows". But finally they worried. Whig orators were appealing to the masses by comparing log c&bin fare with Van Buren's sumptuous style of Uvtog. They ridiculed "Little Van" as a "sweet little fellow" and a "weasel." rode down Pennsylvania av*mt» on R white charger. AH the U« gabtoj and. coonaaln* end < ~ kegs were bnmth$ sa far _~ jamboree. The Inaugural puntde marched up and down tha awajoo for two hoars before depositing Harrison in the White House. After that, the Jobhunters began to pour into the White Homsa and a month lat«r Iferrteou had died in the rush. PROBER U20IAETH8 $10,000,000 DEPOSIT Philadelphia, Oct. tS.— (JUP,)— . District Attoniey) Monaefcaa, who is directing a grand Jury investigation of gtng murders, rum runners and police bribery, is canoes About 15 bank accounts m which deposits of more than $10,009,009 ««e made in one year under Jtetttfcx* The prosecutor said today b« fee* ved the accounts wexe opened by bootleggers and that he was endeavoring to team whether thera was any poli«» conneettoa with thttE. John a McCulioch. pr«^d«nL and other effkiaJs of the ttank, hava bwsa questioned by the graM iaty t but rtoae of them was able to throw any light OB the identities of tto depositors. SIX . — PaUore of « miner to Urap ten stl'to of dyaamlte befora tfrtoy them is beliered by Botoert W8y, state mine |£> be lives of six meauTthe east Coal Coaiay of ing that of B. B. aaear hew. to Lilly, fatted to plao« tits explosives m a hole beta* ftrtag, were recovered by reacua es&mn «ts hours after the expkeio&, T. T. Durhsua, Riahasd Alfred Davte. the Utfier tro ware th« other vMj»«. south fmir to- tmight ia ; Meter Wsdaeaday tit 004 th Io«f«--£ieij*raily fair toai^ht uifbt ia *«u«*ttB tt^tteww porUon; ee&te* Vf&^^n^y m egat ^4 sj^ ALL WAYS THE BEST Exide Batteries FOR - ...... -TOE .............. ' ----------------- ......... ---------------- -." SEEVICE AT I WEST * & «**»§ tii-jr

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