Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 30, 1944 · Page 1
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 1

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 30, 1944
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Vci, LXVIH, No. 203__ __ _'_^BJBTABLISHiED~l885" Yanks Take 'A Progressive Newspaper For a Progressive Community'? '>; WEATHER Fair Tonight Full Report On T«cc S WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 30, 1944 Leased Wire Service of the United Press Price Three Centfl , 30 M Post-War Industrial Outlook In Local Rubber Plants Termed Excellent Fine Business Prospects At Footwear And Chemical Factories Here Officials reported here toda that (hf post-win 1 outlook In th b'niii'i.! Suites Rubber Compnn (ootwi'ir plnnt. hero and the Nan (.•iitiick Chi'tiiicnl, i.s regarded a In tho footwear plant, where sonu- spi-eiallzt'il war production in ;url cells and mechanical depart niiMit production In metals, has b«-n tin; major point In this tick! for tlu' pus* somi> time, the taper Ini; off in production of the past ,«VIT:I! wi'i'ksi has effected sonic Production of life sav'.ng rafts tini! \\'i' sav'.ng suits some time ago was shifted from Naugatuck and thr closing out of production In !htu t'ii'ld will have no effect on production In the local plant. With only a small proportion of civilian rubber goods having been product-u" here in the past several jvnr*. loc:il footwear plant officials hiuv Indicated that many, many mon;h.i of top production will be nsci'ssary hero before even tho backlog "f actual rubber needs, without ruservc stocks, nru taken care o!. In addition at the U. S. Rubber Co. footwear plant there will be no conversion period needed before thi- swing into 100 per cent civilian produciinn takes place, as there IH no M'pkio'incnt of machinery or niulpmtint necessary,' it is uridur- stood, .Vatigatuck Chomle'a! hntv'tls havo Indicated satisfaction with tho postwar production picture Inasmuch Shortest Distances To Berlin From The Allied Fronts Today (By United I'ri-ss) Till- .Hhord'ttt distant CM to B'Tlin from iidviuictxl Allied fronts to<lii.v; Northern France—JJO (from point nriir Vltry I'mnoois. Gain of 70 for wroUK Southern France—!5!)0 miles (from piilnt ni'iir Grenolde. Uiichnn4f,.. ( | for work). Ituly—5JCJ miles (from point near .IVKcuru. Gain of 18 miles 111 M'l'l'li). RuMMiii — 32S mllo.s (from point near Warsaw, Unchanged for week). ta the local factory Is a supplier of raw mtitori'.ils and specialized products to industry. It wus pointed out here today that the N'augn- tuck Chemical, other than in spo- cldliZ'Hl products, has had few d p'Ct contracts in tho war. produc lion picture. Allies May Test Hitler's Gothic Line In Italy The Allies arc preparing to test Hitlvr'.x Gothic line In Italy. British, Polish anrl Italian troops «n thi; Adriatic front Jiro cxpect- M! momcnloilly to begin the long- fttt'atti'il attack on the Gorman lioavy concrete and steel fortlflca- lioiw. The eighth army has Hi! high ground overlooking Foff- Ha river, which runs parallel to '•he Gothic line Cor six miles In- Iiind froni the Adriatic. Simultaneously, a. BHllsh destroyer xhclled the Pesaro urea, '•Morn anchor of the string of 'ortiflcntions intended to defend northern Italy. The line runs In & southerly direction from Pesaro. curves northward over Florence, "ml is anchored lo the west at a P»int 20 miles north ot Pisa. front dispatches say the Al"<H have cleared the general area Itm milns northeast of Florence, "no western sector held by tho American fit'lh army remained al Naugatuck Heads Check Development Warden, Borough Engineer Inspect Sewer Lines On First Picture Of New ... LATE. . . YANKS JIEACH KEIMS Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Forces, Aug. 30— (UP)—It Is announced that American troops have reached the cathedral city of Reims. The Americans also reached the Aisno river line 10 miles north of Reims, and captured Chalons, 25 miles southeast of the cathedral town. oOo GERMAN BASES BOMBED T.oridon, An*. 80—(CD—American wurplikncK cMtlrrmUiil at more than 1,000 xtranif today ultncked the Gorman iiivvnl l> Si' Kiel am) turrets In the lironicn co.ixt- al area. NAZI REPORT Nazis Say They've Given Up Ancient City Of Rouen, 65 Miles Northwest Of Paris; Americans May Take Reims Hungary Hit In New Red Drive London, Aug. 30—(UP)—The German D^B agency reported today that 'strong Soviet forces" had penetrated the Plocstl area in southern Romania. -r—oOo ARMY-XAVY GAME Glenridge Estates Warden Leo J. Brophy and Borough Engineer Charles D. Curtis are e"aro?u!ly watching the progress of the Glcnrklgc Estates 200- home development west of Park avenue, and making daily checks of the various improvements that are being effected there. The two officials for the past week have boon inspecting the sanitary sewer lines that are now being Installed in the streets of the urea, checking on the quality of the pipe that is being used, and also the joinings of the pipe. Borough ofliclals pointed out that through those inspections, it will be known Just how the sower lines in the development aru laid, and will be a protection for home owners in the area, as well as the borough, when the Glenridge Estates are formally accepted by the borough The matter of grade lines in the street cutting out of the development, only a short distance from Hillside avenue, also must be set up according to adjacent property, olllcials indicated today. The- lingo no-ii,' of ;» n-2i> Supt- > rfo'rl.ri!ss is wnipjicd In nmoke UK It roars over Ansluui, Manchuria, where tho Shown Steel Works were lilustod in .;i daylight rnid. In tills first photo to arrive sliowing one of tin- liiigi; lioinlMTN engngcd In tlii,' historic raid, the blaz.; on the ground uttuHta to the il;iin;igu to the. Uirgnt. U. S. Air Forces Iludto- photo. (International) Coal Situation Here In Naugatuck Promises To Work Out About Normal Washington, Autr. SO—(Ul')— Secretary of the Niivy Porrewtal announces that this year's Army- Navy football Kunic will |je played in Annapolis on December 2nd. Fish, Game Club Clambake Plans Complete For Sun. May Cause .Difficulty Naugatwck con! dealers report toclny that matters ' are moving along very njcely in connection with the delivery oC solid Cuol to local dome owners, but. stated that conl is not cominfr in Fast cnoufrh to enable them to build up any kind of a reserve stock. Local coal dealers are endeavor- School Board Session Very Unlikely For This Week Indications point to another mcctingless Thursday for the school board, according to information received from reliable sources Two Breaks Reported In Boro Schools Hop Brook And Pond Hill Schools Are The Scenes Of Vandalism ROMANIA O OAIATI ^ALBANIA ITALY The Red war machine continues to tear through the crumbling Balkans ON U) entrance to Hungary watt begun by way of the Carpathian* (IndlcuUHlh.v-arrow). Also the .road up the Danube (Indicated by Hlmdfd area) ha* -been further cleared as RtiNxian forces 1 land from tho ISlnck sea and overrun area* near the Danube mouth. With Ploestl and Bucharest both in Uie path of the terrific drive, the Push toward Vienna jrets well under way. Meanwhile (2) from Allied head- <liiii rlcrs Conies the statement that the Aegean sea Is now blockaded. (International) Wounded Local Soldier Receives Army Discharge Two more coses of vandalism to school buildings were reported this morning by Superintendent of Schools Harold E. Chittcndon. Por.d Hill school and. Hop Brook school! William E. Jepson. son of Mr. were apparently vandalized by and Mrs. J. P. Jepson. 74, Gorman street, was honorably discharged Republicans Name Sites For Ward Caucuses children, it is believed. At the Pond Hill building, a post August 21,' nt the Stnrk General supporting the roof over the porch | hospital in Charleston, S. C. was removed, leaving only one column holding up the covering. What c , jg., on Gurlda might have been done with the sup- has spcrt 18 monlns si port cannot be determ.nted. M''.W IMVOKCK IlKCOItD Reno. N'uvuda, Aug. 30—(UP) — AiWwt bus been a popular montl 'or divorces, A .survey of court- nousit records In Rono discloses '"at a new all-time record ha." •en set during this month. Over 'WMlivorce actions have been filet '" rin b the first 23 days of Aug- President Millard Fillmore Wrote A Letter To The Mikado •Villai'd Flllmore, 13th Prcs- M'-Rt f,f thtf United States, 'urni-d the koy which opened inc door of Japan to tho rest or the world. HP -sent Commodore Perry to the Mikado w "n U letter. f "ou. too, can start ,1 series ^ events that will help open ;,'£ door to Japan for the by buying all the Bonds Possibly can. Bet extra money for n vv ar Eonrl. ar-ll something you on t need any longer. Get a wycr through a News Want ' u »y B.mds For * Future Freedom" T ° Plnns nre complete for the Nau- Satuck Fish and Game Club, Inc., annual clambake and outing at Schiklprcn's prove Sunday, Walter A, Gcsseck, chairman of the event, staid this mornlnf;. The affair starts at 10 a. m.. and until tho clambake Is ready at 4 p, m., hot hoast beef sandwiches, hot dot;s and hamburgers will bo served. The menu includes clams, clam broth, pickles, relish, sweet potatoes, tomatoe.s, corn, chicken and clams on hall-shell. A turkey shooting contest in which participants will not shoot at turkeys, but at reversed targ-cts, will be n feature of the entertainment -and activities. Turltcys will be awarded to the twenty winners. Horseshoe pitching, and fly and bnit casting will also take place, with a bit of trap shooting if enough ammunition is available, Mr. Gesseck said. Th'e deadline on tickets Is Thursday. Over 250 arc expected to attend. HOLIDAY I'AY MMITED Boston, Aug. 30—(UP)—Em- ployes working on war -Jobs Labor Day must be paid time and one- lalf—but no more than that. So •spoke George H. Foley, regional United States Department of La)or attorney, in calling attention o an executive order limiting t holi- lay pay. October 1st, with 'those who filled their coal ration questionnaire first, receiving first deliveries. Local householders arc entitled to 87 1-2 per cent of the coal the burned last year, according to gov eminent ration, and indications ar that if furnace fires are startui here too early, many homes wii bo without solid fuel before th real cold weather is over. Householders who are entitled ti half of their coal now but whosi coal bins will not hold that quant ity, will have their bin fil'.od, it was said, hut then must wait until al other orders are taken care of, before roceving any more. 1C there is a shotngo of fuel in the meantime those householders whose small coal bins, prevent them from receiving their full 50 per cent do- livery now, may be in real difficulty later on, it was stated today. However, one coal dealer hero stated that the majority of Naugatuck coal bins are large enough to enable a 50 per cent delivery being made at any one time A substitute fuel, that Is un- rntioncd re-claim coke, of which there is a plentiful supply it was stated, is now available in Naugatuck, and . is being mixed with other solid fuel by some householders to secure additional heating coverage Another large dealer is said to have placed in stock .a largo supply of cord wood to aid his customers in keeping warm this winter. —When your appetite In a hit Jart- wl, lind you arc looking tor *omc- .hlnif different In food, »toj> at Juir* Ilctttiiurunt, Church St.—Adv. Local Soldier Arrives In England ir.g to meet unless-all members arc present, and during tho summer months, vacations interfere with a perfect attendance, A' high school teacher and two teachers for the grammar schools arc expected to be appointed when the board • meets. Schools open Wednesday, September 6. Harold E, Chittcndcn, superintendent of achools, said this morning that the vacancies will be filled; with .substitutes, who will carry, on until the permanent appointments are made. The next meeting of the school board may not take place until the second Thursday of September, the regular mooting day, it was |-e- ported, although a special meeting might be called before then. The local soldier was wounded 19-13 on Guadalcanal. He nee recciv- ! ing the injuries in various hospitals Panels of glass windows were j throughout the country broken by marauding vandals at T the Hop Brook school. And a cop-i . n ^°" sorve f °»-'ff>™!'- v wilh thc v ' 102nd. Connecticut National Guard ing stone from thc wall was also j removed and rolled into a hatchway at thc school. This has occurred since the closing of the j playground, Mr. Chittendcn ^aid. Other schools havp t also been the victims ot vandalism in the past year .including the Tuttlo house music shed, which suffered several broken windows a number of months ago. . Reagan's Clambake Plans Completed Plans for. the Reagan A.. C. out- ng at Kelly's farm in Prospect have been completed, It was report- id this morning. • Thc clambake will bo held Sun- lay w.ith'a varied monii being; pro- Jarcd, Francis Galvin, chairman, ;ald. A of athletics has icon arranged with a Softball 'nmc between the Reagans and he Post Office of Naugatuck the e:iturc attraction. Refreshments will be served un- il the bake is ready. •'. Next Monday Is Closing Of Summer Schedule Next Monday, Labor Day, marks the end of the summer closing in the majority of tho Naugatuck stores. For the months of July and August tho majority of local stores have been closed all day on Monday of each week, enabling clerks to enjoy a live day week during; tho hot weather months. Following Labor Day, stores will resume their 6-day schedule although the Carlson Furniture Co. Inc., will maintain the Monday closing plan, and many of the grocery stores will be closed on Tuesday afternoons each week. In Co. "I", an . Ansonia unit. Hc was with several other Naugatuck men — John DeFranv.o. LcRoy Schcithe, Sam Barto, .and Alexander Wasdo, before he transferred to thc ICIst Infantry, of the 20lh Division. Sergeants Schcithe and Barto have since returned to the States, Thc local guardsman received a wound in the leg as he was making- his way to nn outpost on 'Canal. The bullet shattered thc bone and he was not evacuated for about 3G hours. H.C- served as a runner. He left with thc National Guard in January, 19-10, and after spending some time in Camp Elanding, Florida, his unit was sent overseas to .the South Pacific area. At the present he has no plans but to rest for a while. Chairman Charles P. Kodenbach announced today that the Ward Caucuses of the Republican Electors of the Town of Naugatuck will be held September 6 at 's o'clock at the Town Hall building, the J. C. Raylkwich, Jr., office at 106 South Main street and in tho Polish American Club building at 199 Bridge street. Each ward will name seven delegates to thc G. O. P. Town Convention to be held at S:30 o'clock thc same evening with the convention to choose four delegates to the 14th Senatorial convention, and to select, four dele- gat esto the Probate District Convention, and to transact »ny other business. Probate Judge Stephen J. Sweeney is thc only G. o. P. candidate for that office, while Representative William A. Painter is seeking the nomination for thc State senatorial -post. Injures Hand At Bristol Co. MACHINISTS STIUKE TOUKKD BATTLE FRONT Washington, Aug. 30—(UP) — „,, . . o i i, , ~ , , • '"dor-Secretary of War Patterson Mrs. Andrew Sokoli of School ancl Lieutenant General Brehon- street has receded word from her Somervoll are back homo after- a husband Private Andrew Sokoli battle front tour. Patterson and ot the US.-Army, that he has the army service forces chief have 1 arrived safely in England. . Docn wi ,. n N . LVV Secretary Forrcs-1 Private Sokoli has been in the 'tal in the Mediterranean and army Since January and is con- European theaters. Patterson willi nected with tho Chemical Warfare speak over a nationwide • radio unit - ' ' J hookup (C-B-S) at 10:30 tonight.- i ' Thompson'villc, Aug. 30—(UP)— .Some 300' machinists arc on strike at the Blgelow - Sanford carpet .mills. The .men said the unauthorized walkout was in protest against. a War Labor Board decision on working, hours. This is. thc second walkout in two weeks at the plant, A strike of jacquard weavers was adjusted 10 days a go after a week's suspension of operations. —When .von think of music, think of M«tro Music Mart, 88 Church street, . sheet music, records, etc. Joined our'Record Club? Mrs. Mac Lagrand, of -19 Phoenix avenue, was, admitted to Waterbury hospital yesterday after receiving- injuries to her hand at the Bristol Co., whore she is employed. Mrs. "Lagrand caught her hand between the rollers of a blueprinting machine, and suffered lacerations of the fingers of the right hand. Hospital authorities said this morning that she was resting comfortably Patents Assigned To 1. S. Rubber Co. Capital Of Champagne Has Been Outflanked From West And South . BITTER BATTLE HAS DEVELOPED IN SOUTHERN FRANCE Confluence Of Rhone And Drove Rivers Is Scene Of Heavy. Fighting (By United Prcsw) Allied victories are piling up in the fast-breaking battle fornorlh- ern France. Thc British radio {heard by CB-S)—says the Americans have captured a village exactly from thc Belgian border. General Eisenhower's- headquarters received reports that ' the Americans already havo captured Laon—a highway and rail hub GO miles northeast of Paris. Laon controls a network of escape routes that lead .from the now-threatened robot bomb coast, to Germany. Yank tanks and infantry columns were within a mile and.a hejf of Laon last nigh!.. At the saine time, the Germans say they have given up the .'ancient city of, .Rouen,, thc city where Joan : of .Arc . was .burned at .-'he 1431. .. • . . ' .Rouen—a commercial as well as communications center—is on t'he Seine river 65 miles -.•northwest -of Paris. If was'"OUtflankod earlier this -week, and a German- com- munique said the. .Nazi garrison abandoned the city alter destroying all 'dock instalallions and other, military objectives. The fall of Rouen is expected to speed thc British and Canadian march on the big ports of J.e Havre, -J5 miles to the west, and Dieppe, 37 miles to thc east. The offensive toward !hc rciot coast is g-aJning momentum. Allied armies have linked their bridgeheads across the Seine above Paris for a frontal smash against —the area. ., There's a chance Lieutenant General Pattor.'s hard hitting taking part in the swinjr toward Third American Army tanks arc tho robot bases. Pattern's tanks began the thunderbolt drive toward Belgium. But front line dispatches now disclose that this offensive has been taken over by Lieutenant General Hodges' American First Artny A London broadcast <by the Blue Network) says thc Germans have called on garrison troops from Nor- • way in an effort to stem the Allied drive through northern, France. But many of these ' troops, thc broadcast, adds, already have been captured in the swift advances toward Belgium. As the Americans plunge closer to thc Belgian frontier, the British radio says all able bodied patriots in Belgium have been called on to join the resistance army. Continued o-i Page 3) WAR BONDS VICTIM OF ATTACK William E. Messcr of Cheshire has been issued a patent for chem r ical compounds that has 'been assigned to the United States Rubber Co. Charles H. Stitcfer, Naupatuck resident, has received a patent for 2-mercapto dihydro pyrmidinc derivatives that has been assigned to the United States Rubber Co. I Thc above information is made available to The News through the office of Patent Attorney Harold G. Manning of Waterbury. Boston, Aug. 30—(U-P)—A 22- year-old Springfield man has been the victim of a strange attack on Boston Common Ihis morning, John E. Dolan, told police that three youths attacked him near thc Buddies Club. He said he grappled with them . for a brief time, then they threw.a jar-of acid in his face. Dolan sustained second- degree, burns on the face, hands and arms. Ho said he knew of no raeson for the attack and added that his assailants didn't say a word to him, from the time they appeared until they fled. Ration Board Stays Open Labor Day, The Naugatuck Ration board on Church street will be open Monday, Labor Day, for usual business, bul. will be closed Monday evening. Tuesday, the regular closing day, thc offices will remain open all day. including from 7 to 9 p. m. The office will be closed Wednesday. . —Don't niinH the MR waving* In the August Sale of Fur* now underway at Raphael'*, NiiUfrnhick'R FiUihlon Center, Church Mtrcet.—Adv. » thig. American S^ But ** the crew i<s -t * place north ns ^L^,^?S^ mor;

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