Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1928 · Page 10
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1928
Page 10
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s . ^ *. p _. f-i^f f n * '. Kt* no mor n fr«TTt hrr, , prnpeily I"*?T *?fn*T r "> ' 1 : J,fjp**^Y frnm . « trlrk Jrrr^ !»»«-> t^r ..-I,.,,, * ny party. Tt'«; my bir'h- Hffp?? an firm ?snd; Monaco WR sao !n^ejws*le«t prtn- r.'ivfitv m»j.«l h.-> rfr. grimir. fxi>ri»s<!!f>ti ofl They pa.«wl up brnad, Pd «!*IM to s long and rioors o '•?•» trick Alivsti'f hsrf y thst intrisri!"! A!*-"- i«!roved! in-"h- jclpullty for princ* W** <!fspo*«MtiM .Jerry's attention t feftar !»rr to to tart *nfr*i t» tit» law t« «rire h« Insist* »n talk- dlnnw. H? , I he fact Sh*i Ix^intfn* Is fctr. with NOW GO ON WITH THE STORY CHAPTER Vlt. • All right." AlesU-r said - ly. "I'l] come to your party since you're so irrrilstlblc. but only upon one condition." Ixnnlinr rauEht Itfr breath. She tiirf not like the firmness in his \osrr. "Yc/ti will him* to ask Miss Ray nl<o." Alcstcr added after a significant, pause. Leontine flashed daBBtrs «t him, hut she said nothing until she could iorcc herself to speak indifferently. What ever else Leontinc Lcbaudy was capable of she could practice se,lf control. But she wouldn't give in without R struggle. "Really. Alcster." shf said with a nervous smile, "Ml?* Rny 1 5 hardly the sort of person to ask to one of our parties." Alester did not smile back at her "Why?" he asked. Leontine shruRRtd. "Well . • . . her npci)nranc? for one thins. She looks like a. rum- niaKC sale and she's a complete washout as far as pep goes. She'd be a wet blanket." "You're JcPlous." Alester told her brutally. 'Mi^ R ay had a na.stv i blow on the head yesterday. You'd RO to. bed for n r.cek if anything like that happened to you." Leontinc bit her lip. ' j "Just the same . . ." «,hr began. "Just th» Fnmc you will have to nr. 1 : her if you want me." Alester interruptrd. "Oh. all" I^ontlne flared "Brms; hry n u t , SC e that she has something drcrnt to wear." "Leave that to nice." Alerter replied. * * * Lcontine \\.is now thoroughly arouicd over Jerry, She guessed that Alestrr had brought the girl to the Flolliric Stone Inn just to torment her. but he was carrying; his intercut in Jerry * lutle too" far. Mie thousht. when he insisted upon haviau her at a party in Which she I could not po-sMbly fit.- I How had I." met a Kirl like that, 1 anyway? A 10-ceiu pirl who didn't drink! Shed never known Alester to care for anything so simple before. She |:ut the que.slion to but ' Alc.ster would not tell her how n-i had crashed the pirls' camp. Ver>' well :;hr told hers-lf. she would get the information from Jerry! And spike anv Riowing ambition the girl might have nt the same time "I'm sorry I didn't know you had an accident," .she said sweetly to Jerry when bhe and Alester returned to the table. "Stupid of me no to sec that you have a bandage under your bandeau " Jerry regarded her in surprise. Her sudden pleasantness was puz- into privet* room* lusurinnUy fur nl.«hfd. In on? suite waiters were for ft private part.r. .Terry n bowl of orchid', on the l*b!« thick yellow candle* in silver candlesticks. She rfftHzrd then that was a, rendezvous for mmr people. No wonder the waiter ha< looked ftftStfttifp »t her. threw open a heavy ma Iwgany door nnd stepped into 5 large room, holding the door open for Jerry to follow. "Lie down on the choice Jongw." »hc ,e«id hospitably and motioned toward what Jcrrr would huve called t-hp scfa. It was covered with s lace spread and many small silk pillows. Jerry knew something about lace and the idea of reposing upon R spread such BS this seemed almost sacrilege to her until she reminded herself that wealthy people used their best things. "Have you any smelling salts?'she asked Leontinr, remembering hose the Carstalrs butler had >roucht to camp, "Ml set you f,ome can de Co- ogrtr," the other replied and closed he door. Jerry sank upon the chaise tongue and breathed a filj?h of relief. She had not known how weak she really wns. Leontine hurried into an ad- ominc room. In a moment she was back with n large crystal »M!e Some of its contents she wured on a soft linen towel and segan to bath? Jerry's forehead. She had wondered nhout the Rlrl'i omplcxion. It was nlmost too pcr- ert to be natural. And yet Jerrj bviously wrs not a patron of a STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY ' ^^^Z^s^tSj^LM^^bM, OUT OUE WAY Bj Wiliitmi OWE BOARDIHS H00SI By Ahira On/tf "Miss Rjiy ought to go home," Dan said crisply. LeonUne smiled at Jerry. "But I wish you'd come up to my rooms first." she said. "You Up-to-The Minute Styles DOWN TO PRICES YOU WILL LIKE TO PAY (THAT'S OUR POLICY) . *=/ V-~. -** , ' • AROUMO AM' KEEP } E>/E. OM ME , AM* ME. O uTO H M C SS^.^. SuT" o v COURSE ALL -WMT lAeT » SOME AROOMO A loT" S/»<\s^ 7-3OHAU-BOT OH - ^* " 1 '" ' l ^-*" " "~~~ ^-.±MiA±J.J^t^m^.* I»AT Off. CaOOO FOF? MAM OR , c 3ALESMAH~SAM We Serve Yw? Bootery HI Lmiut Street Street. STERLING, ILL. One of Our BEAUTIFUL ALL WOOL Suits or Overcoats Thousands of men today are paying up to $50.00 for their suits *nd topcoats without getting any better quality or any more value than the Incomparable Great Western oilers at our unequalled price of $24.50. All Wool-Made to Order Perfect Fit Guaranteed We otter you finest quality all wool fabrics to choose from —the newest weaves, latest patterns, and most up - to - date colorings. We give you high grade hand tailoring In every garment. We cut and tailor every suit to individual measure, and guarantee a perfect fit. Complete new hne now being shown at only »24.50. Try our Dry Cleaning. Every garment comes back looking fresh, crisp and spotless, Telephone 132 CHAPMAN The Tailor Ctmnlng, Boning, ing, Ktpjiritif/ First Avenu ROCK FALLS It Should Be Easy , f\M' V0£ WOT. WOMOERI M' WOULD IT 8€ Fo r 05 TK~K&:P"ON VJ(F OUR QOWM tM Vo' -CEC.LAH 1 ?' fREOKLES AND HIS FRIKKDI Oscar's Definition C-M-I-R-Q-P-O JWO!.' XT MUST D-i-s-r." ,/ BBSCM& MOP6 IT ISMT LETS GO OMEC AMD SEE" BOOTS AHD HEE BUDDIES Ah, There, Cecil! '.BOOT^- j vi" ! j HONOCVJfc j'&blA ALL U5IAV rf fM -TH' BfQ CAMPAf<5MS .'-* t-f MAV I Witt HVUSI ~.-, ^,~,^ bU-rtiA WKH : fHerE"HAMPS^ PANORAMA PROMISE T EM SO I UloMY POCKB1S ICE BOK1 IS A MAN 75MCT 7i=AOV£S CANARIES WKISTU6# 600OQMVWC5GOS,

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