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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 4

Bangor, Maine
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PRINTING! NORFOLK BALTIMOIU: and Washington. D. C. 8TEAM8IIII' STEAMSHIPS of tLi uil from end of Central Wharf TUESDAYS FRIDA i FOLK and BALT1MOKK. WII.LIAil LA lett: GKO ROB AITOLB, lapi.


Capt. Frank si. Howes. Freight forwarded from NORFOLK to bv Steamer Lady the Lake. Freight forwarded from NORFOLK to 1lifpvi-and RICHMOND, by nverorraii: and i Vis- and TEN Es.EK AIRLINE to all p-unt- VI il TENNESSEE.

ALABAMA and LEnjp.n-SEABOARD and ROANOKE U.K.t Valuable RealEstate for Sale The mbeerlber Intending to tenon Wat, offer, for ante fcia boneetend attested li' onr half mile from the central portion qr the city, containing 15 acrea of land, suitably divided mto Mowing. Factorage and Tillage, and well fenced. TTnna. 94 48, pain 15 bv30. The buildings ar a two story Honse 24 byM, Pointed and blinded, good cellar and furnace.

EU 15 by JO, Spire, heavydotfiS, or fcVesseT under Full sail and changing into one fantastic shape after another, the picture would slowly fade into 'Vapor. at Whole cities have sprung up before my eves; I could have pointed- out which one of the different cupolas supptfted to be the City Hah, and which steeple, according to my estimation, belonged to the First Presbyterian Church and could have shown the exact locality of the harbor, from the number of its masts I saw across the roofs of the houses yonder. Even Phil was; deceived one morning. I asked him why he stopped the ambulance, and allowed the mules to rest at so unusual an hour in the day He pointed to a mountain I had not noticed before, which stood almost in front of us, and was steep and bare, of a light clay-coipr. There aint a man driving Government mules knows this road betterll I do but Ill be demed if ever I saw that mountain before.

He asked the men if they thought it could be mirage, but they hooted at the idea it was too substantial for that altogether; it was a mountain nothing else. But while we were, all four, so intently gazing at it, the scene was shifted the mountain parted, leaving two steep banks the space between apparently spanned by a light bridge. Oveb-iand Monthly" Oa ud after MOHDAY, Maj 23d, 1870, train, will run as follows Leaving Bangor, via the E. N. A.

Railway, at 7 35 A. M. and 4.45 P. M. Oldtown at 9 00 A.

M. 6A5 P. Milo, 11.10 A. M. and 7.20 P.M.; arrive at Dover and Foxcroft at 12.15 and 8.20 P.

M. Returning Leave Dover and Foxcroft at 5.30 A. M. and 2.15 P. Milo at 6.18 A.

M. and 3.30 P. M.j arrive in Oldtown at 7.52 A. M. and 5.30 P.

and in Bangor at 8.55 A. M. and 6.35 P. M. The Train leaving Bangor at 7.35 A.M., ami Dover and Foxcroft at 2.15 P.

will be a Freight Train with passenger car attached. Passengers will be ticketed through from different points upon this line, and from Mooeehead Lake to Boston, via Sanfurds Independent Line of Steameas, on and after Monday, May 30th. Stages connect with the trains at Milo for Brown-ville and Katahdin Iron Works, and at Dover and Foxcroft Station for Guilford, AbJjott, Monson and Moose Head Lake. L. II.

EATON, Sup't. Bangor, May 20th, 1870. Eurepean and North American ON and WEDNESDA May II, 1870, Train-will run as follows: Leave Bangor (Exchange for Mattawamkeag at 7.30 A. and 7.20 P.M. For Oldtown at 7.30 and 11.30 A.

and 4.4T and 7.2u P. M. Leave Mattawamkeag, at 4.1.3 A. 1.10 P.M. and Millord at 6.25 and 7.45 A.

1.15 and 5.15 P. M. Trains arrive in Bangor at 7.12 and 8.55 A. M. and 2.15 and 6.35 P.

M. The 7.20 P. M. train from Bangor, connects with stages at Lincoln Station for Calais, and at Matta-wamkeag with stages for Houlton. The 7.20 P.

M. train will not stop at Mt Hope, Basin Mills or Webster. J. Supt. Bangor.

May loth. 1869. Maine Central Railroad. ON and after MONDAY, June 21, lou, the Passenger 1 ruins for Portland, Dexter and intermediate stations on Lilia Road, will leave Bangor at 7.3u A. M.

Accommodation Train for Dexter and Waterville and intermediate station, will leave at 1.36 P. M. Accommodation Train from Waterville and Dexter, will be due in Bangor at 10.50 A. and from Portland and Boston at 7.14 P. 31.

Tickets sold to all stations on this line, and Boston, and baggage cluxkod. EDWIN NOYES, Supt, June, I860. Portland Sc Hennebec Railroad SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, 3Iay 23, 1870. PASSENGER TRAIN for Portland and Boston, leaves Skowhegan at 9 A. 31., connecting at Kendalls Mills with tpuin on Maine Central and E.

N. A. Railway. Leave Augusta for Portland and Boston at 5.45, 11. U0 A.

31., and 3.15 P. M. TRAINS FROM BOSTON. Jlorning Train leaving Boston at 7.30 A. 31., connects with P.

K. train leaving Portland 12.45 P. 31., at Brunswick with train on Androscoggin R. at Kendalls Mills with train on 31uinc Central and K. N.

A. Railway. Noon Train, leaving Boston at 12.00 connects with P. K. train leaving Portland 5.15 P.

31., for Lewiston. Bath and Augusta. THROUGH FREIGHT TRAINS Leave Boston daily at 4.00 P. 31., for all Stations on this line, arriving earlier than by any other line. lgrT'liese Trains are supplied with Refrigerator Cars, which enables dealers in Fresh Meats, Vegetables, Fruit, to have their Freight delivered in good order in tlie hottest of weather.

Through tickets are sold at Boston for all stations this line, and baggage checked through. Stages leave Kenualis Mills, Skowhegaai, Yassal-boro, Augusta and Bath, for the principal towns North and East on their routes. L. L. LINCOLN, Supt.

Augusta. May 23, 1870. 07 EERS SAMBTJCI. Catawalm Port Grape P. J.

Sherry Mine The nbovo Wines are made by 3Ir. Speer, hoe reputation as a wine grower tand pre-eminent. They are well established and long known by the Medical Profession as the most reliable ami valuable wines to be had. Every fiunily, at this season, should use SPEERS SAMBTJCI WINE, celebrated in Spain and Portugal for its beneficial qualities, highly esteemed by eminent physicians use! in Knrnpcnn an, I American HnspitakanJ by the first families in Eurone and America- the the first families in Europe and America-Excellent for weak and debilitated crson aged and infirm, improving the appetite and benefit-ting the ladies and children. As a XMrtvetio It imparts a healthy act ion to the Kidneys, and Urinary Organs, very bemdiiial in Dropsy, Gout and Rheumatic Also Speer's Port Grape Wine.

Is pure juice of the Oporto Grape, recommended by Physicians as pSsesiiig modical properties superior to California or lmiorted Wines. 63Nonc genuine unless the signature of Alfred Splkr, Passaic, N. J. is over the cork of each bottle. For sale by Druggists and Town Agents who also sell Speers Standard Wine Bitters.

A. SPEER, Proprietor, VINEYARDS, Passaic. New Jersey. JOHN LA FoY, Paris. Agout for France.

June 12 dwly nly 8 VEGETINE. Purely Vegetable. Natures Remedy A valuable Indian Com- pound for restoring health, and for the permanent cure of all diseases arising from impurities of the blood, such as Scrofula, Scrofulous Humor, Cancer, Cancerous Humor, Erysipelas, Canker, Salt Blietuu, Pimples and Humors on the Face, Ulcers, Coughs, and Colds, Bronchitis Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Pains in the Side, Dyspepsia, Constipation, Costiveness, Piles, Headache, Dizzi-n s. Nervousness, Faintness at tlie Stomach, Pains in the Back, Kidney Complaints, Female Weakness, and General Debility. This preparation is scientifically and chemically combined, and so strongly concentrated from roots, herbs, ami barks, that its effects are realized immediately after commencing to take it.

There is no disease of the human system for which the VEGETINE cannot be used with perfect safety, as it does not contain any metalic compouud. For eradicating all Impurities of the blood from the system, it has not equal. It has never failed to eff ect a cure, giving one and strength to the system debilitated bv disease. its wonderful effect upon these complaints is surprising to all. Many have been cured by the VEG-ET1NK who have tried many other remedies.

It well be called THE GREAT BLOOD PURIFIER. PREPARED BY II. It, STEVENS, Boston, Mass. Price 1 .25. Sold by all Druggists.

Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1870. by H. R. Stf.vens, in the Clerks Office of the District Court of the District of Massachusetts, mayll 3taw6w I as day. its use and the the One Six qs mu joicatik 3 amt AT Btciipoe.

Through all tbo long and weary years That saw the bitter strife, We gar our prayers, our hopes, our fhan, And watched, through eyes oft dha with tears, The struggle for the With swelling patriot hearts, we bade Our own brave boys God speed, When venturing all life holds most dear They marched to death without a fear, Our country's call to heed. God wrought his work the strife was done And free, our land so dear; When home beneath our Stripes and Stars, Our heroes marched with wounds and scars, aij not all were here. Of some, in sacred solemn charge, OJhe Southern fields still keep The well-beloved dust and some Among the wild-flowers of their home Haro come again to sleep. Our grateful hearts their tribute bring Our thankfulness to prove To those who saved this land of ours, To raise out shaft, we wreathe our flowers, s. With gratitude and love.

Oh, God of battles, hear our prayer! When, life's warfare all Is past. And we are purged from earth and sin. Grant us thy grace that we may win Thy heavenly peace at last. AIL 80BTS AFD SIZES. Natural watering places the epes.

A superfluous garment a waist-coat. A Nameless Deed An unsigned will. How to make a fire hot Keep it coaled. A bird of ill-omen The Kaven-hue officer. What the Greek Government must teach the brigands The Grecian bend.

Dr. Mary Walker is said to have presented a gentlemanly appearance in Texas. Why should Romeo not Jiave cared for the month of June? Because it was not July yet (Juliet.) Adelaide Phillips, on her second appearance in San Francisco, has been greeted most enthusiastically. Question for McFarland. When a man goes around declaring his brain on fire, wouldnt it be a3 well to blow it out Texas is supremely happy.

Water is a dollar a bucket, and whiskey about the. same price, so that it doesnt pay to adulterate the latter. Canada is beatific over a five-headed and twenty-legged kitten. At last advices three of the heads and twelve or thirteen of the legs had deceased. A Western locomotive ran over a man who was sifting on a rail reading a paper, and now all the local sheets are claiming theirs as the one which proved so fatally engrossing.

It is said that the reason there are so many mutton-heads in existence is to be found in the fact that such a number of children ar perfect little lambs. There is a tide in the affairs of men which taken at its flood leads on to fortune. Massachusetts man, who has for some months sold a patent mediciue, has just in the nick of time turned undertaker. The St. Paul Press says that if Russia will do them the favor to kick up a little fuss with the sick man of Constantinople, the fortunes of the Minnesota farmers will be made for the coming year.

A new dwarf, weighing but fifteen pounds, has been discovered in San Francisco, and christened by Bamum Admiral Dot. At such a size Dot can hardly be expected to carry one. When a great man dies, says Quilp, the first thing done is to resolve to build a inouu-. ment to lirs memory, and the second is not to build it. Another committee of the Cuban League lias gone to Washington to fight for Cuban independence.

And all the time the Cubans in the field are calling for more men. A Hartford gentleman now remembers to have made the remark, when dining with Dickens in 1842, that that man will one day die of paralysis. What makes the coincidence more remarkable is that Dickens died of something entirely different. Demidoff bequeathed the sword of Francis I. to the French nation.

It was captured in the Madrid Museum by Napoleon who gave it to Jerome, and his daughter Mathilde married Demidoff. When they separated he kept the weapon. Are you connected with a paper here? asked a countryman of an inmate of the Indiana insane asylum. Oh, no, was the reply I have been to the insane asylum, and am cured a man never funs a newspaper after he is cured. The New York Evening Post says of an eccentric old lady who recently died in England, that an inquest on the body showed that the deceased was the daughter of a Spanish nobleman of high distinction.

The little white satin shoe worn hy the Duchess of Berry on the night her husband was assassinated, and stained with his blood, is preserved as a relie in a salon of the Fau-burg St. Germain, where on reception days it receives the homage of legitimist visitors. A Piute, who in the streets of Virginia City, Nevada, seized the handles of an electrical machine, quickly begau a war dance, and cried out. Hi-yon, whoa, you stopee wagon, do im small. He was released, and breaking through the crowd, took himself to a safe distance, and then turned, drew himself np to his full height, and with great dignity remarked, Shoo Fly A Wedding Outfit.

The Patten Voice tells the following: A few days ago a healthy looking Frenchman came into one of the stores in this county, appearing as though he had which he was aching to tell, and very soon relieved himself by saying that he had just come from the house of the man dat publish peoples. He said he was going to get married Sunday, and after telling how smart his intended was, not very bad look, too, said he wanted to buy some things for the occasion. His purchases were as follows: (we give them for the benefit of any young people who may think they cannot afford to get married.) WEDDING DKESS. 9 yds print $1.32 Linings and trimmings .49 HOUSEKEEPING 8UPPLIE3. 1 coarse comb, .10 1 fine comb, .15 Maple sugar, .10 Crackers, .10 Tobacco, .20 .65 Total, $2.49 He took his purchases, remarking, He bet heriil be glad when she see dat dress, and started off for the residence of his Dulcinea.

Yon see it dont cost much to get married, if one only thinks so. Blood op St. Jancabius. In the Church of San Gennaro (Saint Januarius), at Naples, are preserved, in' a tabernacle behind the high altar, two phials, containing a solid, reddish substance, said to be the dried blood of St. Januarius, Bishop of Benevento in the latter part of the third century, who suffered martyrdom under Diocletian.

The tradition runs, that, when the saint was exposed to be devoured by lwng In the amphitheatre at Poz-zuoli the animals became tame, and prostrated themselves before him. This miracle converted so many to Christianity, that the Ro-' man commander ordered ium to be decapitated. After death, the body wag removed to Naples. At the time of the removal, a woman, who collected the blood of the saint; deliv-cred it in two bottles to St. Severus, in whose hand it Immediately melted.

According to the belief of many. Catholic, this miracle of liquefaction still takes-ptaie, at least three times every year; and the occurence of it is the occasion of the greatest religious festivals observed by the Neapolitans. The head of the martyr, and the phials containing his blood, are carried in solemn procession to the high altar; and, prayer having been offered, the head is brought into contact with the phials, the blood In which Is thereupon believed to liquefy, The phenomenon, however, does not always take place Immediately, and occasionally it fails altogether. The excitement of the congregation when the pretended miracle takes place is only surpassed by that caS, is considered an omen of the worst possible import. Oliver Optic Magazine.

srs asass'HIsjKEj in be to to If A 1 2 ed. P. A CKERMANN, Fresco Painter', In Encaustic. Oil and Distemper Colors. Abo, House and Sign Painter Imitator of Wood and Marble.

Room, is Schwarts Block, Bangor. Junel4 4w PATENT SOLICITING I 111 ED. II. COOMBS, Boom No. 9, Exchange Bloch.

refers by permission to Hox. Isaih. Stbtsoh, Hoy. Geo. Stetsox.

Hon. J. A. Peters, if. A.

W. Paine, Esq. J. S. Rowe, Esq.

T. N. Egeby, Esq. may 30 tf W. T.

HILLIARD, Attorney and Connsellor-at-Law, OFFICE Over Mercantile Bank, Hammond St- Bangor, Nov. 22, 1866. tf (Times copy) National House, Harlow st. Bangor, Maine, A. B.

GKEENOUGH, Proprietor. THIS HOUSE is situated in the most business part of the City, and is now open to a a the travelling community. i I The Proprietor hopes by strict and personal attention to receive a liberal share of patron The tables will be furnished with the best the Market affords, and every attention paid to the wants of his guests. There is attached to this House a good STABLE, with attentive Ostler. Charges Moderate, A.

R. GKEENOUGH, Bangor, Sept. 13. B. F.


broke, Foxcroft L. Powers, Houlton. mcli5 tf Le- KEMO VAL. By reason of his rapidly increasing business in the first families of Bangor, hnd this portion of the State. Dr.

H. F. TEFFT felt compelled to provide more elegant apart-ts for his DENTAL OPERATIONS, which he Has ments has found at No. 4 Main Street Over Stone Daggetts New Store) Where he is prepared to do as good work, in every art of the uenistry business, as can bdone in 'aine. He refers to the ONE THOUSAND FAMILIES.

In this part of the State, for whom he has performed dental operations, as proof. Remember Main St. No. 4. Up Stairs de7 Near Mason's Comer.

Sten ci I Cutti ng. HINGLE BRANDS and STENCILS of every description cut at short notice. Brass Alphabets, Stencil Paste and Brushes, constantly on hand. Name Plates cut in Roman, Writing anu Old English letters, with superior indelllble ink. Also Key Checks ana Rings of every style.

Agent for Golding's Elastic Hand Printer, the best thing out for Printing on Envelopes, Labels, and Wrapping Paper. WM. H. EARLE, No. 2 Harlows Block, (Up Stairs,) East End Kenduskeag Bridge.

Mar. 12. SIIEIiMAN EOBINSON, (Successors to Rowe Sherman,) DUMBER Commission Meroliants, and General Forwarding Agents, L. W. SHERMAN.


mch3 tf Special Notice. TIIE subscriber, of the lute firm of E. S. S. LOW tenders thanks to his friends and the public for past patronage long bestowed, and mid inform them that he is ready to attend to all orders in the MOVING LINE.

Brick, Wood or Stone Buildings, Raised or Moved to order. Residence, 28 Centre Street. Box 385. 6. B.

X-iOW. Bangor, April 1, 1869. JOHN F. ROBINSON, Attorney and Connsellor-at-Law, Lincoln, Maine, Strict attention given to the collection of demands, novll GREENE DANFORTH, Civil Engineers 74 Middle, Cor. Exchange PORTLAD, ME.

Civil Engineering in all branches. Surveys and Estimates for Koadfo, and Railroads, Water Supply and Water Power; Designs, Specifications and Estimates for Wood and Iron Bridges and Roofs. CHAS. E. GREENE.

J. H. DANFORTH. may4 3ra FILES FILES "YTOW IS THE TIME to Sharpen up and get 1A reaily for business. I have on hand 1000 DOZEN FILES, And am finishing off 150 Dozen per week, which I am selling at Tlie Lowest Prices, and will warrant them equal to any imported, CSCall and see them.

OLD FILES RECUT, as usual. JOB COLLETT, april21 Exchange Street. J. H. CLJSRGUE, 117 Exchange St.

Ladies and Gent's WIG-MAKER Hair Manufactnrer, Where can be found a Large Assortment of latest styles Chignons. Braids, Switches, ami Curls. Wigs, Halfwits, and Front Pieces. Old Hair repaired at short notice. Also an assortment of Yankee Notions and Fancy Goods.

jau26 TIEE Chamber Furniture. Dining Room Furniture, Library Furniture. IIa.II Furniture. Office Furniture. Manufactured by GILMJJT, TOWNSEND CO.

are unsurpassed by any in the market, and are offered for syle at VERY REDUCED PRICES, Wholesale and Retail, at and 10 Granite Block, East Market Square. Factory Morse A Mills. Bangor, June 30. 1870. SOLDIERS OF 1861.

100 Bounty. The Supreme Court of the United States has Just decided that those Soldiers who enlisted under the first call of the President, prior to July 22d, 1861, and who were honorably discharged upon a Surgeons certificate of disability, are entitled to a bounty of $100. This bounty has heretofore been refused to Soldiers who served less than two years, unless discharged on account of wounds. Under this decision, will be paid to those discharged by reason of disease. We are authorized to procure this bounty, and will collect it for those entitled, promptly, and at the lowest rates.

Applications will be sent by mail upon request, to those who cannot call at ear office. Those for whom have not previously done business will please forward their discharges to us, and we will send neecssary papers by return mail. As these claims will accumulate at the Department, soldiers will see the policy of sending their discharges early, in order that their applications may filed immediately. MACE LAUGHTON. Attorney, and United State.

Claim BANGORr MS. Mch 22 IR 0 GOOBENOW. -I COUNSELLOR ATTORNEY DOWS BLOCK, Comer of Hammond Central Sts, Kot12 B-foNOOB. VINES, of (01 klncU, at Jujm BCOBXK a on be mill the its The Mil lot 26 or 1 H. T.

HBLMBOLDS Concentrated Fluid Extract BXJOHU. Tlie Great Diuretic, The Proprietor trusts that his Remedies, from the act of being advertised, may not be classed as Patent Medicines. Helmbolds FLUID EX Til ACT II II is a Pharmaceutical Preparation. The proper name is given, and it is the most active which can be made; it is indorsed as a cure by all medical works, for such diseases as recommended by the Proprietor. It is pleasant in its taste and odor, free from all Injurious properties, and is taken by Adults and Children.

It is Tonic, Diuretic. Blood Purifyitg and Invigorating. Enfeebled tnd delicate constitutions of both sexes will find it far more strengthening than any of the Preparations of Bark or Iron. See Medical Properties contained in Dispensatory of the United States, of which the following is a correct copy BUCHU. Its odor is strong, diffusive, and somewhat aromatic; its taste is bitterish, and analogons to that of mint.

It is given chiefly in complaints of the Urinary Organs, such as Gravel, Chronic Catarrh of the Bladder, morbid irritation of the Bladder and Urethra, diseases of the Prostate Gland, and Retention or the Incontinence of Urine, from a loss of tone in the parts concerned In its evacuation. It has also been recommended in Dyspepsia, Chronic Rheumatism, Cutaneous Affections, and Dropsy. Testimony JURE OF GRAVEL OF FIVE YEARS STANDING STONE PASSED AND TO BE SEEN. Savannah, May 14, 18C9 Dr. H.

T. Helmbold. Dear Sir: We introduced your Fluid Extract Buchu" in this country about eight monllis ago, and are happy to state that it is meeting with universal favor. We wish to iuform you of one instance (a-mong many) where your Buchu" has worked wonders. A man in our country named J.

B. Estell, has been suffering about five years with gravel. About six weeks ago he bought one bottle of your Buchu, and before lie was through with one bottle he passed a gravel that weighs eight grains, which we now have on exhibition in our drug store. He will never be without the Buchu in house again. Your preparations are gaining favor every day.


T. Helmbold, Esq. Dear Sir. I commenced taking your Extract of Buchu about two weeks since for an affection of the Gravel bladder and kidneys. I have suffered by spells very much for a few days past.

But yesterday relief came through the effect of vour Buchu. A stone passed my biaddet about the size of a large pea, and I now feel perfectly well and entirely free from the pain that I suffered with so hard.I attribute my cure to your medicine entirely, and would recommend all persons similarly affected to try it. I have great faith in its curativo powers. Yours, truly. THOMAS J.


G. CANNON, Druggist, Westport, Conn. H. B. WHEELER, Vestport, Conn.

BRADLEY HULL, Westport, Conn. Dr. WAKEMAN, Reading, Conn. R. W.

ROBINSON, Wholesale Druggist, New York City. And many others if necessary. CURE OF KIDNEY AND RT.ADDER AF FKCTION OF A PATIENT SEVENTY EIGHT YEARS OF AGE. Thanks to Mr. Helmbold.

Girard, March 13, 18G9. Editor Cosmopolite I desire as an unsolicited tribute to the merits of Helmbolds Buchu, and for the benefits of those similarly afflicted as myself, to say that after consulting many eminent physicians, and trying nearly all the best advertised remedies, in the vain hope of finding relief from aggravated kidney and bladder diseases, from which I have suffered excessively for many years, good fortune finally suggested to me Helmbolds Buchu, which I commenced using with little faith, and no apparent beneficial results for about a month. At the expiration of that time, however. I thought I commenced to experience slight relief which encouraged me to persevere in its use, and now at the expiration of four months, although I am an infirm old man, nearly 78 years of age, and consequently medicines cannot be expected favorably affect me as they otherwise would, 1 have found such unspeakable relief and permanent benefit from Mr. Helmbolds valuable discovery, that feel I ought to publicly record the fact, as an acknowledgment to him and a valuable suggestion to the public.

Yours respectfully, D. M. LAREN. Mr. Larenrefers to the following gentlemen: Col.

DAN RICE. Girard, Pa. CHAS. STOW, Esq, Girard, Editor Cosmopolite. GEORG H.

CUTLER, Girard, Pa.f Attorney. C. I. HINDS, Girard, Attoney. Capt.

D. W. HUTCHINSON, Girard, Attorney. DAVID OLIN, Girard, Merchant. DAVID E.

DAY, Girard, Merchant. C. F. ROCKWELL, Girard, Merchant. B.

C. ELY, Girard, Druggist. CASE OF INFLAMMATION OF KIDNEY AND GRAVEL. From Morgan, Frazio Co. Glasgow, Febuary 5, 18G8.

Dear Sir: About two years ago I was troubled with both inflammation of the Kidneys and Gravel when I resorted to several remedies, without deriving any benefit whatever and, seeing your Extract Buchu advertised, I procured a few bottles and used them. The result was a oomnlete cure in a short time. regard your Extract Buchu to be decidedly the best remedy extant for any and all diseases of the Kidneys and I am quite confident that it will do all you claim for it. You may publish this if you desire to so. Yours respectfully, EDWIN M.

FEAZEL. United States Hospital, Salisbury, N. March 10, 18GC. H. 1.

Helmbold, Penn. Deah Sik: I wish you to send me one dozen ofyour Sarsaparilla Extract, and half a dozen of your Rose-wash. Allow me to say, that your prepartions are very satisfactory, not only to the practitioner, but also to patient, and I shall endeavor to bring them to universal use in this part of the country. Please forward these medicines again as before, C. IX, per express.

I am sir. Very respectfully yours, M. F. A HOFFAM, Surgeon in charge of Hospital, CERTIFICATE OF A DISTINGUISHED MIDWIFE. Philadelphia, Aug, 8.

1869. Helmbold, 8ir: I have used yeur Extract Buchu with many of patientr and can speak of it in the highest terms every case, and consider it a valuable remedy, and that should be in the hand of every midwife. Very truly yours, REBECCA STANTON, M. D. Ask for Uelmbolda Take Other.

no Sold by Druggists and Dealers Everywhere. Frice $1,25 per Bottle or Six Bottles for (11,50. Delivered to any Address. Describe symptoms in all communications. ADDRESS XT.

T. HELMBOLD fS Drug and Chemical Warehouse! S94 BROADWAY, N. Y. yONfc ARJ GENUINE, unless 'done up in steel engraved wrapper with He simile of my Chemical Warehouse and signed T. HELMBOLD Mnroli MTOw mayt dwly9 As THE BANGOK DAILY WHIG AND COURIER, OFFICE, Keriduskeagf Bridge.

ALL KINDS OF PLAIN AND FANCY Job Printing EXECUTED WITH NEATNESS AM) DISPATCH. We have all the Facilities FOR DOING ob orli, TO BE FOUND THIS SIDE OF BOSTON, And shall endeavor at all times, to see that Work is promptly and faitlifully done; and hope to receive sufficient additional atronage to remunerate us for the large outlay and expense incurred to promote tho Comfort of onr Customers, And save them the trouble of climbing two or three flights of stairs, to procure a job of Printing. WE INTEND TO KEEP UP WITH THE MODERN IMPROVEMENTS AND Give our Customers as Good Worh as can be Secured. We have now in onr Office, among other Material, a Babcock Steam Power Press Babcock Steam Power Half-Medium' Jobber Babcock Quarter-Medium Jobber; Babcock Eighth-Medium Card Press Gordon Franklin Card and Bill-Head Press Ruggles Rotary Card and Bill-Head Press Large and Small Hand Presses; Ruggles Cutter; Ruggles Rotary Card Cutter, Arc. Ac And are constantly receiving Additions of Type FROM fliiladelpliia, New York anil Boston Foundries We are Prepared to Execute the Best Style, in MAMMOTH POSTERS, HAND BILLS, SHOP BILLS, PROGRAMMES, CIRCULARS, WAY BILLS, BILL HEADS BJLLS OF FARE, LABELS OF ALL KINDS, BANK CHECKS, BANK BOOKS, BLANK NOTES, BILLS OF LADING INSURANCE BLANKS, TOWN BLANKS, SURVEYORS' BILLS, WOOD BILLS, MILK BILLS, SCHOOL BILLS INVOICES, WEDDING, VISITING, BUSINESS CARDS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS AND QUALITIES, cheap os any other establishment in this vicinity.

Persons wishing; for work in oar line are in rited to call, as we can suit them, both as to Style and Price. PRINTING- DONE WITH Black, Blue, or Red Ink, OK WITH TWO OR MORE COLORS, And particular attention paid BRONZE WORK. can ami SOUTH CAROLINA: hy the itAL? OHIO K. R. to ami all piacts Through rate gic to ouih ai.d Fine arrommodm Fare, mcludin? Berths and Meals folk, fenny-eight hHr; to lialtlinon, For further mfonuation t.

E. SAMPSON. Agent. June 3. tf 53 Central VLrf, International Steamship Co.

EASTlORT, CALAIS, AND ST. DIG 15Y, WINDSOR AND Spring; Arrangement -Two Trip jt-, fij; aid at. I O.e So-amcr Ni.W SSSWirK. rapt. E.

B. 1 i apt. K. B. Wj and the NK-V EN(LAXfr.

J.4r will leave Railroad Wharf, t-m: ol.Va. every MONDAY, an 1 1 LRSDA for Eatort and St. Returning ill leave St. John and Monday and Thursday. Couuceting at Ea.tirt with the Seatnr -for St.

Andrew and Calais, and with Railway fr and Houlton Connecting at St.John with the PRESS, for Digby. ami thei; Vijulor ami Halifax, ami with the E. N.A Kail wav for and intenucuiate i received on days of waiting an oclock, P. M. For other information, ap; Jy at 22 Wot Square, Bangor.

aprl2 jyj'tdtf A. R. STUEBS, Shortest Route to iew Vork Inside Line via, 8tonington. From Bo.r,n and Providence rr1 -way at 5.30 o'clock 1. 31 "'Sunday evpted.) CIijih It new and elegant Steamers at Soningbui, and arrive at New York in time lor early 'i rains South and West, ami Ahead ol all other Lines.

fog nr storm, ia4-ngr, lv paying exira, can t.ike the Night Trail vi.i Line, aving Stoningmn at 11. 3 P. and ing New Yolk before 6 bck A. J. W.

RICHARDSON, April 26, 186.9. Fall River Line! FOR New York, Philadelphia. Baltimore, Wa-h-ington, ami all principal points Wk and West, via Taunton, Fall River and Newport. JEav tlT'Cahiji, Dec Baggage checkeu through and tran-derred in N. 1 of cliaige.

New York trains leave the Old Colony and Newport Railway Deiot, corner of South ami btreet8, daily. (Sundays exeptcd) as follows: at 4 P. arriving in Fall Rivr 40 minutes in of the regular Steamboat Train, which leaves Bvr at 5:30 P. connecting at Fail River with the and magnificent steamers PROVIDENCE, Capt. It.

31. SLMMONS, BRISTOL, Captain A. These steamers are the fastest and most rehiie boats on the Sound, built expressly for salety. and comfort. Thi Line connects with all the 'vni L-ern Boats and Railroad Lines from New York g'in West and South, aud convenient to the Caliform Steamers.

To Shippers of Freight this Line, with it? new and extensive depot accommodations in and large pi in New York, (exclusively for the bu-nu of the Line.) is supplied with facilities for freight and passenger business which cannot be surpawd. Freight alwavs taken at low ratet, and foruardtj with despatch. New York Express Freight Train leaves 1.31 P. goods arrive in New York next inorui! 4 about 0 A. M.

Freight leaving New York ari on tiio following day. at 9.15 A. 31. For berths and ajudy at t1--Company's office, ar No. 3 Old St ite Hou-e," rn- of Washington and State sire ts.

and at dd Oo. 3 and New Hirt Railroad Depot, corner of South Kneeland streets. Boston. Stcameis leave New York dally. (Sundays excelled.) from Pier JO North River, foot of Chamber --at 5 P.

3L JAMES FISK. ITes't. M. K. SIMoNS, 3rauagicg Director Narraganr- Steamship Co.

GEO. SHIVERICK, Pass. Freight Agt. Nov. 8.

may 13. ly Eor Boston and SUPERIOR Steamers, John lirooks and 3Iont rea 1 Having been fitted up at a gn-'u -evienc ith a large nuiultr of u- tiful State Rooms, will run the a-n as lollops: Leaving Atlantic Wharf. Portland, at o'clock, and India Wharf, Boston, every day at 7 ochxk. 1. (Sundays execptedi.

Fare in Cabin, -JJeck Fate, Ltu CSFrcighl taken as usual. L. BILLINGS, t. Seutcmher 27. Pacific Mail Steamship Co.s THROUGH LINE TO California and Cliinct.

Sea-Going FARES GREATLY REDUCED. Steamers leave pier No. 42, Ni -river, foot of Canal street, and 1 e-o'clock noon on the 5th, and 21st. wlien ttefc lhe -T pels. Anne 21st.

HENRY rHAUNf EY, Capt. Ma in coiuiecting with COLORA1K), Captain Farm One hundred ponmls of baggage allowed adult. Medicines and attendance fiee. All departures touch at Manzanillo; that of tbc 81st connects at Panama with Steamers f-r Pacific ports; 5th and 21st for Central Ann-n r.u port; and those of lt touch at 3Ianzanillo. FOR JAPAN AND CHINA.

Steamer JAPAN, leaving Son 1st, 170. For freight, passage tickets and all further inf. r-mati-n. apply ar the office, on the liarl, CANAL Street, North River, New Y'ork. F.

IL BABY, Agent. Or to C. L. BARTLETT Sr New i Agcnt, 16 Broad Street, Boblun, and I. BLAKE.

9 Central Bangor. June 2th, Mains Steamship Company. Kcw Arrangemcut. SEMI-WEEELT T.TVE. On and after the 18th in.

tie fine steamers DIKJGO, ami FKAN-CONIAaill, until luriher notice, run follows: Leave Galt's Wharf, Porlland. every Mondav and Thursday, at 5 oclock P. M.f and leave Pier 38Eaf River, New York, every Monday and Thursday at 3 oclock P. M. The D1K1GO and FRANCONIA are fitted np with fine axonimodations for par-sen gars, nicking this the most convenient and comfortable mute for travel i between New York ond Maine.

Pa-sage, in State Room, $5. Cabin passage $4. Meals extra. Gools forwarded to and from Moutrcal, Quebec. Halifax, St John, and all parts of Maine.

Shipjers are requested to send their freight to the Steomei as eurly as 3 P. M.f op the day that thev leave Portland. For freight or passage applv to EMERY FOX, Gaits Wharf, Portland. J. F.

A3IES, Pier 38 East River. Portland. 3Iav 11th. 1868. A SAFE, CERTAIN AKD Speedy Cura FOR flenralia A5D ALL NERVOUS DISEASES.

lb Effects are Musical. An UNFAILING REMEDY for Aecssicia Facilis, often effecting a perfect cure in a single No form of Nervous Disease liuls to jield to wonderful power. Even in the severest case of Chronic Neuralgia, effecting the entire system, its for a few das affords the most astonishing relief rarely fails to produce a complete and permanent euro. It contains no materials in the slightot degree injurious. It has the unqualified approval of best physicians.

Thousands, in every part of the country, gratefully acknowledge its power to soothe tortured nerves, and restore the failing. strength. Sent by mail on receipt of price and jostage. package $1.00 Postage 6 coins. packages 5.00 27 It is sold by all dealers in drugs and medicines.

TURNER Proprietors. 120 Tremont Boston. Mass. ct20 WSrS deowly CAUTIO AH genuine ha the nitre PeruTlam Sjrup hot Peruvian Bark,) blown in the glass. A 82-page pamphlet sent free-.

J. P. DiHevonx, Prepnetor, 36 Dey New York, bold by all Druggists. Barn 24 by 48. shingled and clapboard eL The whole situated on elevated land, commanding a nne view of the river nd city.

jk. ii one undivided of three stores, with the land they occupy, situated on the corner of Main ana Two8 hunderd acres of wild land, lytag on the road from Ellsworth to Lameino, on which there is considerable quanity of lumber and wood, and easy of or any other Information, enquire of the subteriber on the premises. JQRI)AN May 12, 1870. eod 6w Por Sale. My New 2-Story French Roof House, on Ohio ajtiJL street, Cemented Cellar, Hard and Soft Water J12JL one of the pleasantest and most desirable Apply to or address SAMUEL NASH, 30 Ohio Street.

places In the city. JudelO 3taW For Sale- $1000 down; Balance A GOOD HOUSE, on time Also, one to rent. Apply to junelO 3 taw A. L. SIMPSON.

FOR BALE. North Tenement of Elder House on Davis Street. Apply to STRANGE. House for Rent. A CONVENIENT NEARLY NEW HOUSE, on Palm Street, near State Street, for rent, possession given immediately.

Enquire of Mayto 4w GEO. W. LADD. HOUSE FOR SALE. THE NEW MODERN BUILT HOUSE recently occupied by the late Amos Stickney, on Centre Street, will be sold on reasonable terms.

Possession given immediately. Apply to M. T. STICKNEY, Merchants National Bank. Bangor, April 22.

1870. FOR SALE. A A GOOD TWO STORY HOUSE, Ell and 3 Stale, No. 92 Kenduskeag Avenue, Lot 205 by 130 feet. The house is in first rate repair.

For particulars apply to J. D. WARREN, No. 1 Main Street. Or B.

LEWIS, 02 Kenduskeag Avenue. j3 Tenement Wanted. Immediately, five or six Rooms within five minutes walk of Postoffice, by man and his wife. No children. Best references given.

Address, stating terms and location, ARCHER, Whig and Courier Office. way3 tf Convenient House and Lot On Centre St. FOR SALE, Enquire at No. 30 Exchange St. apr30 For Sale.

A DESIRABLE TENEMENT, No. 177 French Stroet, with a large Lot, will be sold at bargain, and possession given May 1st. Apply at the Real Estate Agency, No. 12 Central Street. K.

S. PRESCOTT, March 25, 1870. House for Sale. A COTTAGE HOUSE, situated on Fourth Street, near Union. Will be sold at a bargain if applied for soon.

JAMBS DUNNING. Bangor, June 1, 1870. HOUSE FOR SALE. No. 15 Fourth Street.

In good condition, convenient in its arrangement, desirablo ns to location, The lot measures 118 by 64, and includes a garden, and outbuildings. E. F. DUREN. FOR SALE.

THE PROPERTY on Burleigh Hill, in Bangor, now occupied by Perley G. York, containing about 22 acres of Land with agood 2 story House and Ell, two Barns, and a most splendid Maple Grove in front of the house, which makes the whole very desirable; also, 21 acres of Land adjoining the above, and 92 acres of unim proved Land, mostly covered with a thrifty young growth. The property above described, all lay within from 14 to 2 miles of the Kenduskeag Bridge, and 10 acres or Land about 4 miles from the city. This property will be sold at a great bargain for cash. Apply to R.

S. PRESCOTT, No. 12, Central Street, or to the subscriber on tho premises. Dr. H.

O. BURLEIGH. Bangor, May 20th, 1870. For Kent- Two very desirable tenements on Centre Street. Enquire of may27 NORTON FARRINGTON.

MIILS AID WATER POWER FOR SALE. We offer for sale, on liberal terms, our Mills, con sisting of one Single Saw, for sawing long lumber one Shingle Machine, and one run of Stones for grinding, with good Water Power to run them. Also the Water Power above the Mills, on falls at the foot of the Lake, where a great head and fall may be obtained, which would be capable of running a lrge amount of Machinery at all times. Also the Water Power on falls below the Mills, where a fair head and fall may bo had for running Machinery of any kind. Tliis property is situated only about one mile from the E.

N. A. Railway thirty-five miles from Ban-gor. This a first rate chance for a Woolen or Edge Tool Factory, or business of any kind requiring Water Power. As an inducement to capitalists to invest here, the town has passed a vote to exempt from taxation for term of ten years, capital invested in any manufacturing establishment which shall amonut to five thousand dollars or more.

J. E. H. TREAT. Enfield, June 4th, 1870.

tf House and Lot for Sale. MI offer my House and Lot for sale, situated on Birch Street. House, Ell and Stable, newly finished and painted, with excellent well of water. A generous bargain if soon applied for. Enquire of WM.

P. BLAKE, JunelO lw No. 73 Bangor, Me. Farms for Sale. THE subscriber wishes to dispose of TWO FARMS situated in Etna, about three-fourths of a mile from the Depot For further information npplv on the premises.

SAMUEL ABBOTT. Etna, June 1, 1870. VALUABLE TimberLands And Mill Property It SALE. THE subscriber, desirous of disposing of all his interest in Timber Lands and mills, will sell on fav.orable terms the following One-Half Township No, 5, County. Range 4, Oxfor The whole township contains twenty-six thousand (26,000) acres; is heavily timbered with spruce, estimated at sixty to eighty millions, all of wnich stands within near and-easy hauling distance of the Magal-oway river or its branches, which runs through the town, or Parmachena Lake, which is embraced within its limits.

Also 10,000 Acres of land in ByTon, Oxford the Town of well covered with large Spruce timber. Swift river and its branches run through these lands and empty into the Androscoggin below Rumferd Falls. Also 1100 Acres Timber and Wood Rand in Town of Gorham, N. H. two miles above the Alpine House, on the line of the Grand Trunk Railroad, and the banks of the Androscoggin river.

There is a large quantity of wood these lots which, from its proximity to the Railroad, is steadily increasing in value. Also 9500 Acres Lands in the Towns of Albany and Stoneham near the village of North Waterford, Oxford County. This land is covered with thrifty sapling Pine timber, standing near Crooked river, which runs through the tract. Logs put into Crooked river can run to Saccarappa, or by hauling four to five miles they can be put into the Saco. There is a good privilege, witn a single saw mill on the tract distance to the canal at Harrison ten miles to the railroad at Sbuth Paris twelve tnilao.

Xhe land is valuable lor settling purposes after being cleared of timber. Also 43'5 Shares of Stock in the Lewiston Steam Mill Company, whole capital stock being represented by 827 shares. The jproperty of the company consists of a amount shingles and laths. About fifteen acres land in the dry of Lewiston, well located for building purposes, and thirty thousand acres of timber land, well located on the Androecoggin river and branches, from which but a quantity of timber has been cut. JOHN LYNCH, Or, LYNCH, BARKER CO.

Portland, Aug. 11, 1869. aagl7 istf For Sale or to Let. Steam Mill on Kenduskeag Stream occu-pied by E. H.

H. RolHns. The lot has a water front of 260 feet, a part of which runs back about 400 feet to Harlow St. The is 80 by 46 feet, two stories. There is also on the a store house, 140 by 22 feet, 2 stories, one 75 by feet, a stable and three tenements.

The mill will be sold low, and on easy terms, with without the houses. For further particulars, enquire of B. H. H. ROLLINS.

Bangor, March 9, 1870. lw Sawtf Dissolution. rriHH FIRM HERETOFORE EXISTING UN. der til. style of BARB LORD Is this dsy dissolved by mutusl consentjgtlie retirement of M.

BABB. FRANK X. We the undersigned hsve this dsy entered Into eeputnership under the Basse, of BABB A LANCASTER for the pnrpoee of csrryins on the Wholesale GROCERY BUSINESS at the old stand of BABB et LORD, 24 Steeefc ABSBKV JL O- hm JLANCASXKK. Bangor) April 21, I8T0 Apr 23 to 1 A I do the O. Mr.

my in one Unfailing ye Preservers, LAZAKTJ9 CELEBRATED Sfc MORRIS Perfected Spectacles, Glasses. and Eye For Sal by C. SWEET, Bangor. J. HAYNES.

Oldtown. J. EMERY, Bncksport. may? DR. LAUGHTONS Office hours are from two to four oclock P.

M. Patients with diseases of the Eye, Ear, or Throat which require instrumental examination, are buested to call on Wednesdays and may 12 lw Agents Wanted Immediately to work for the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance of Boston, Mass. Apply until further notice, to J. T. N.

LORD, Genl Agents, Biuehiil, Me. may4 3taw4w Mild, certain, safe, efficient. It is far the best Cathartic remedy yet discovered, and at once relieves and invigorates all the vital functions, with oat causing injury to any of them. The most complete success ha 8 long attended its use in many localities; and it is now offered to the generalpublic with the conviction that it can never fail to accomplish all that is claimed for it. It produces little or no pain leaves the organs free from irritation, and never over taxes or excites the nervous system In all diseases of the skin, blood, stomach, bowels, liver kidneys, of children, and in many difficulties peculiar to women, it brings prompt relief and certain cure.

The beat physicians recommend and prescribe it; and no person who once uses this, 'will voluntarily return to the use of any other cathartic. Sent, by mail on receipt of price and postage. 1 Box, 0 25 Postage, 6 cent 5 Boxes, 1 00 38 12 Boxes 25 39 all dealers in drugs and medicines. TURNER Proprietors, 129 Tremont Street, Boston, Mass Bank of the Metropolis. Nos 41 and 42 State Street, BOSTON.

This Bank, having remodeled Its Banking House, making it one of the most pleasant and convenient of access in the city, will continue to receive Deposits, discount promptly for customers, buy and sell Bills on London. Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankkfort-on-the-Mafn, and all other cities of Eurojie, Asia or Africa, and issue Letters of Credit for travelers (which will be honored in any part of the world) upon the most favorable terms. Parties would do well to apply before engaging elsewhere. We are constantly receiving lettersof the following import: -Saml A. Way, Esq.

Having traveled in Asia, Turkey and other parts of Europe, with a Letter of Credit issued by yourBank, 1 take pleasure in acknowledging the uniform courtesy and attention shown by your correspondents. EDWIN HADLEY," N. B. A commission will be allowed to Banks or Bankers who order letters or bills for their friends, marl 2awl3w oaw39t LINCOLN HOUSE, LINCOLN, MAINE, Has recently been purchased, thoroughly St renovated, and newly lurnished, and wiil be iSLkept as a first claws hotel. Hie subscriber has had twenty years experience in the business, and hopes, by personal attention, to receive a liberal share of patronage.

This House is on theline of tlie E. N. A. Railway, 48 miles from Bangor, and is one of the best chances for excursion parties in the State. Good Hall for Dancing connected with the House.

Also, good Stable, with free coach to and from the dejiot for patrons of the House. Stages leave the House daily for Calais St. Johns. Charges moderate. H.

EC. FISKE, J. W. Liubey, Clerk. Proprietor.

apr7 2a Boomage Notice. THE owners of logs rafted at the Penobscot Boom in the month of May, are requested to call and pay the Boomage on the same. Six per cent discount will be made on bills paid on or before the 20th inst. ABRAM MOOR, Treas. P.

L. A. Bangor, JuneC 1870. tj 20 To the Honorable Judge of Probate lor the County of Penobscot Tlie Application of Owen Moran and Michael Boyce, of Ellsworth and Bangor, in said County, who represent, that JOHN CARROLL, of said Bangor, is insane, and whose property is in danger of being wasted and lost, has become incapable of managing his affairs, and so spends and wastes his estate as thereby to expose himself and family to want and suffering, and the said city of Bangor to expense; They therefore pray your Honor to appoint some suitable person Guardian of said John Carroll. OWEN MORAN.

May 31 1870. MICHAEL BOYCE. STATE OF MAINE. Penobscot, ss. Court of Probate, May Term, A.

D. 1870. To the Aldermen of the City of Bangor in said County In the Name of the State of Maine, you are hereby required to make inquisition in relation to the foregoing Application and Representations, and to decide upon such evidenee as you are able to obtain whether the said representations are true and as soon as may be, report the result to the Judge of this Court. In Witness whereof, I have hereunto set my Hand, and the Seal of this Court, this last Tuesday of May, the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy. JOHN E.

GODFREY, Judge. Attest Ambrose C. Flint Register. To the Honorable Judge of Probate for the County of Penobscot The undersigned, Alderman of the City of Bangor, in said Countv, have attended to the duty required of them in the foregoing Warrant, and report, that the representations in the Application, upon which the foregoing Warrant was issued, are true, so far as said application states that the said John Carroll has become insane so far as to be incapable of managing his affairs, and his property is in danger of being wasted and lost. JOHN S.


DOLE. L. J. MORSE. June 6, 1870.

CHAS W. ROBERTS. STATE OF MAINE. Penobscot, ss. Court of Probate, May Term.

A. D. 1870. To John Carroll, of Bangor in said County In the Name of the State of Maine; You are here-here cited to appear before me at a Probate Court to held at the Probate Office in Bangor in said Coun-v, on the last day of June, A. D.

1870, at three of the in the afternoon, at a hearing then and there be had on the foregoing Application, Warrant and Report, and show cause, if any you have, why you should not be adjudged insane so far as to be incapable of managing- your affairs, and why a Guardian you should not be appointed. Witness my hand at Bangor, this last Tuesday of May, A. D. 1870. JOHN E.

GODFREY, Judge. Attest Ambrose C. Flint, Register. lw )r. Pattees Spring Bitters.

The only Blood Purifier and Liver Invigorator now in me. Never fails to cure Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Dizziness, Biliousness, Eruptions on the Skin, Humors of the Blood, and all complaints caused by Impure Blood, Obstructed Circulation, or a Deranged and Diseased Condition of the Stomach, Liver, Kidneys and Bowels. you are Sick, try these Bitters. The very first dose will do you good. tRead.

following, which Mrs. B. Kibble, of Great Falls, wrote us July 10,1869: my testimony as to what your 110116 for m6 For ten years I was not own work owing to a disease of the much swollen, and twice the 1 tried tne best physicians but eotud get no relief, some pronouncing me incurable. friend recommended your Bitters, and I helped ms right away. have taken four bottles, and my liver is reduced to 066ith completely restor I think it is the best medicine now in use for liv-ar complaints.

I have recommended it to my friends amTthey are using it and feeling greatly improved bottle warranted ts give satisfaction; or-mowey refunded- For Sale by all Druggists in Bangor. jovjis jziZKMtrrsu, x. ToTteSfor 9 it we be Murray Lanmans Florida Water, The most celebrated-and most delightful of all perfumes, for use on the handkerchief, at the toilet, and in the, bath, for sale by all Druggists and Perfumers. jan2S xl4m REMEMBER THE PLACE. No 1 MSI EM IffiDESElG BUM, ON LOAVEIt FLOOR.

N. C. DQJTNLNG, MA3TUFACTUER OF a Portrait and Picture Frames, And dealer in En cravings, Cbrauea Fancy Goods Also Materials for Wax Flowers, may 17 w3m No, 73 Main Bangor..

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