Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1928 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1928
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

.VI S«? .1 rt «i'* rf l B ! i\\lll' •,., *. tl ' T- « n « " f IH^ ^1 <^J*^t-*. Tt of of c'i 7n«>H»v rv wp I* I?* fifty 7*«r« in found t«fti. rto nit vWi if b* mS-mn'kr- ; In thSi sfstemmt T nm d"-- ffi fj*>nnAl tvVhi-,, jt df* 1 ^ no? that oisr twfTnrTi''n!. ! c t" p^r* with one lof» or if- raHonnl rr- towrces without complete protect lot to the public interest. I'have el- ready stated that where the ROV- ernment is engaged in public works for purposes «el flood control, o! navigation, of Irrigation, of iclentlfic research or national defense, or in pioneering !n a new art, it will at times nscesRRrfly produce power or commodities as a by-product. But th*y must be a by-product of the inftjor purpose, not the major purpose Itself. Econsnjle Just ire. "Nor do I wish to be misinterpreted as believing thnt Uio United States is free-for-all and devil-take- the-hindmost. The very essence 01 equality of opportunity and of American individualism is that there 11 be no domination by any group or combination in this republic whether It be business or political. On the contrary. It demands cco- jNmiic Justice as well as political and social Justice." The republican standard bearer explgJnrd that he felt deeply on this subject because during the wnr he had some practical experience with governmental operation and I control, adding that he had wlt- J nessed not only fit home but abroad j the many failures of government in j business. "I have seen Its tyrannies, jit* Injustices, ita destructions of »eK i government, its undermining of ihe very instinct* which carry our people forward to progress," he said. "I , have witnessed the lack of advance, | the lowered standards of living, the 'depressed spirits of people working j under such control. j "My objection is based not upon ;the theory or upon « failure to rec- •oenise wrong or abuse, but I know • the adoption of such methods would j strike at the very roots of American life and would destroy the very bas- iii of American progress. ; Can SoHe Problems. : "Our people have the right to :kaow whether we can continue to isolve our great problems without 'abandonment of our American ays- 't«n. I know we can. We have ;; demonstrated that our system !s re- apoiwive, enough to mett any new land Intricate development in our economic and business life. We have .demonstrated that we can meet any j economic problem and still maintain .our democracy as master Jn ita own ;house'(u:d that we can at the same • tlmc_preserve <^u&Mty of opportu-^ nlty and individual freedom." 1 Stating- that the American people from bitter experience had a ; rightful fear that great business ; units might be used to dominate ; industrial life and destroy equality ;of opportunity, Hoover said that ^years ago the republican adminls- Itration had developed methods "by •which abuses could be prevented 'while the full value of industrial •.progress could be retained lor the .'public." j Public Utilities. j He added that where great public futilities, such as the railroads, the Jpower plants and telephone systems, were "clothed with the security of partial monopoly," the republican idinlnlUmtioa had Insisted upon he principle that there "must be he fullest and most complete con- rol of rates, services and finances ;y government or local agencies. J <»nr» to Th* Tfpi'h)!"<* '*8v-'»r"»-rl t.h»t. by r>~ln p!««« ' 'of ycv^-nmTit. ord?r* l d. liberty, ! m !fy R»d freedom to" the "in- i 0 »r American wtpwlmtnt in hini*n e'e'-fftre hM yield**! * «§*n?- f>f »»,H..hfine nn'psr*tt*.!»S in al| fh« World ,'' • If !m« com* n««.m' to th* aboil "in nf poverty. to th* Abolition of Mi* f^sr of want,, th«* humanity I'** rifr r?«eh*d bffarts" his «ald. 1 FYpstrrss of th« |HMrt «*r«n j?f»rs is fh» proof of it Thin «!oa« furninh- hp «n«wCT to our opponent* who m to inttndu«e dftt-roetlv* *!?- t* Into th* ey*te» by which this has b«*n • ftfflKiapJUshtd." H«TlfW)rjf th* profrtss which he contended h«d town m*d« under the *ntem h« hud outlined ** *d- mM«tered by ih« republican ad- mlnigtration, Hoover told his audience that "« continuation of the policies of the republican party Is fundamentally necessary to the further ndvancwnent of this progress und to the further upbuilding of this prosperity." i Frp«dom And "My conception of America," he said in conclusion, "Is a land where men and women may walk in ordered freedom in the inde.penden conduct of their occupations; where they may enjoy the advantages o wealth, not concentrated in t hands of the few, but spread through (lie lives of ail, where they build and safeguard their home* and Rive to their children the fullest Advantages and opportunities of American life, where every man shall be respected in the faith that his conscience and his heart direct him to follow, where a contented and happy people, secure in their liberties, free from poverty end fear shall have the leisure and impulse to seek a fuller life. "Some may ask where all this may lead beyond mere material pro- grcsa. It leads to a release of the energies of men and women from the dull drudgery of life to a wider vision and a higher hope. It leads to the opportunity for greater and Krcater service, not alone from man to man in our own land, but from our country to the whole world. It leads to nn America, healthy in body, healthy in spirit, unfettered, youthful, eager—with a vUion searching beyond the farthest horizons, with an open mind sympa- hetlc and generous. It is to these ilgher ideals and for these purposes that I pledge myself and the repub- lean party." p In tn*t In th«t. In t»rr> of (xsnfW*t« > * whteh f>f mj Of martM*. dls«««ten on Mm esllsttral J^j*s prewnted by tls» of «3f,fw»r lf»t«s eut ef ptotforaM wtifeh c»ndt<l«t* In tJh*Jr spe«cl«?s may «iscl*«Tor t Inject Into the eftmpiiifTt, will !n fluenc« nmny Tt>t*rs pro snd con but not th* nventfe vot*r of whom am DETROIT FACTORY FIHE CAUSED W75.000 LOSS Detroit. Oct. 33 — (A.P.) — Fire which originated In the boiler room swept through the plant of the Ajax Bolt and Screw Company here yesterday, causing damage estimated at $375,000, Consider th* quwUon of prehiW tlon, msny will ?ote In th« el«tion on* wey or th« other with this in mind, but when ths platforms of the two treat pwU«s t*ke pmctlcslly th« sftme pdtAtlm In «p3ioldln« prohibition, and profelbltlon Is a part of the cot!*Ut«»on 61 the United at* tra the swage cltlssn will not regard it «* an issw which should determine his vote. As a result of the expressions of Governor Smith, ad- vers« to prohibition a national policy, Borne dry democrats may vote for Mr. Hoover and some wet republicans may vote for Mr. Smith their votes tending to offset each other. But not so with the average rltluen. If to vote his sentiments on tho prohibition policy, which is not at ieaue and which cannot be decided in this campaign, meima that he votes adversely to his own views on the real and greater issue of pros- You will find us individually interested in every job of dyeing and dry cleaning that you bring to us. We never let our work become routine. Every job receives careful attention. "We Keep-U-Neaf In f ... thHr pJat- fornw to attempt farm i-Hi^f, to hops that either the ff---nonnr principles or dftftils of any particular mca-fe- ure to effect it can bmim« * major issue in the rnmp»lsn. The aver- nge roter fen*** Uiis. Again the d*morr«Uc ps»rfy for decades hns been the r-ontirming iwJ bitter opponent of tin? protective tariff which has been firmly eslab* lishert as R national policy by the republican party and under whlcJi we have achieved our unparalleled national prosperity. While, in its last platform the democratic party promises » certain acquiescence in the policy of protection, it is manifestly to avoid the ir-sue in the campaign. A promlw to do .something which for years the democratic party had schooled Its members to abhor, is not easy for it to carry out if placed in power. To attempt to unite itself in congress to a right -about-face upon the tariff would mean instead some oblique movement since it would invoice an effort to square its traditional policy with a plntiorm plank adopted nr, R campaign expedient.' The revision of the tariff at the hands of Us traditional enemies instead of its traditional friends would unsettle business confidence snd, destroy prosperity. Democratic suc-j cess would plunge that party into' P<r- - N i,- r j-u n of of S c ' n P,">if ANNUAL GRAFT of police nnd pnliiieal fig s«rf<i now placed xl $2,500,060. UQfOR SELLING reported virdially fitopfNHl through At least terapo- rary closing down of more than 1000 saloons which for months had openly. . EVERY MEMBER of police force transferred to a new district. "WE ARE accomplishing what we s«t mil to accomplish," myn District Attorney Monaghau. uttrr confusion in carrying out R legislative program when, upon prohibition, the. chief executive would be out of sympathy with the party platform, and upon the tariff, the rank and file of tho party would be out of sympathy with tho platform average citizen senses all this. Average oVter A Tower. Thew ore the reason* which in tlie Worlds Finest Kadke Bros. 1510 THIRD AVE. Phone 82 Aseocy, Better Faint Store 251 THUS THOSE OF ANY OTHER BRAHB fEver since It fir*« came before the public Pontiac hai been reeof- nised a» the world's AH * And now a new measure of value distinguishes the Pon« tiac. For t<xlay'fl Pontbc Six provides even finer performance and more advanced style —finer performance resulting • > from a new, more highly per. fected carburetor and ncwr manifolding—more advanced etyle from the use of smaller, Murdier wheels and larger tires. Today's Pontimc Six offers you even more for your money than it* own famous predcces- 00r». Come in to see it and drive It and you will marvel at all that $745 will buy. JOHN HOPPLER & SON Telephone Main Iffl 4U Locust St. F. L. W'oodsoa, Morrison, I1L Johnson Motor Sales, Prophetstown, 111. Erie Frank Motor Salts, Erie, III. PRODUCT OP GENERAL MOTORS Replace old or inferior tubesuiibnew Cunningham Tubes and enjoy modern radio repro* ductton,* 1 . Your Heating Problem will be a real joy this winter with BONNY BLUE COAL No matter what unit you use— whether a stove, circulator, furnace, steam or hot water plant. Long &urninff«~»i!®M* Mwt^ltitle Ash Just an exceptionally good coal, arid we know that you will like it once you try it. 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