Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on April 1, 1869 · 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 1, 1869
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Sf!;: THE BANGOR DAILY WHIG AND; CO U R1EK. i.i' -' . , tSR& dfmtri. JOHN H.LYNDE, - - PROPRIETOR THURSDAY, APRIL 1, 1869. - Is Democracy Revolutionary ? it is evident that a large proportion of the Democratic party have not yet thrown off their rebellions and revolutionary nightmare. We bave been told time after time that now the actual clash of arms is heard no more in the South, we should orgive those who took violent measures to uphold principles which they could not peaceably engraft upon the government, and allow them once more to sit with us in council and to assist in the guidance of the nation. The Republican party have wisely demanded that before these requests could be allowed some guarantees should be received whereby these foes of the Union shonld be held in check in' the future. They have been just and reasonable in these demahds in the name of peace and good government. The element of sedition is not dead though it is apparently at rest. Neither is it confined to the South. It is the only safe reliance of the Democratic party to accomplish that which cannot be done by legitimate means. It is the idea recently enforced by the Democratic legislators of Indiana to defeat the peoples tvill. When the people in 1860 lost confidence in the patriotism of the Democratic party, the machinery of that party was surren deTcd to a most reckless set of adventurers.-These leaders were only prevented by fear from openly espousing the cause of the Southern Confederacy. .Power they were after, and infamy appeared as nothing in the balance against defeat. Their ill-suc cess has been owing to an unwillingness to adopt any doubtful means, but in their constantly mistaking the character of the people whom they have striven to defraud Their acts of terrorism in the Sout h . prevent an honest ballot were not worse than their frands in NewYorkand New Jersey, and their deceptions everywhere during the last Presidential struggle. Their present attitnte in Indiana is no ex ceptions to their general rule of conduct and creats no surprise with those who have studied the character of the Democratic leaders. The lath constitutional amendment was candidly considered and fairly adopted by Congress, and no honest man will claim that it does not express the will of a great majority of jho people. Among other States, it was transmitted to Indiana, and by the Governor of that State recommended to the Legislature for adoption. Knowing that a square vote of the peoples representatives would sanction this amendment, the Democratic members, (who constitute more than two-fiiths of the Legislature, which by a singular provision is sufficient to defeat a quorum) leave their seats and go home. We need not argue the vicious intent of this outrage, for the perpetrators do not deny if, and the Democratic papers uphold them in it, and declare they will con tiuue to resign till themeasure is defeated. We need not state the immense loss the people of Indiana incur by their transactions, for these men do not undertake to conceal it. But the people cannot but recognize this last resort of the Democratic seditionists to keep the country in a state of anarchy and instability at any cost. They cannot fail to rejoice once more that they have steadfastly declined to confide in the hollow promises of those leaders who went about the country last year predicting that all sortsof injustice would be enacted if they were rejected. They will not fail to remember that the principle of secession which sought to destroy the country after failing to govern it, is not dead, but yet actuates the men who seek to command the Democratic party. We must still be vigilant to secure peace. Political and Personal-The Georgia Congressional election is fixed fur the first Wednesday in Hay. The dis position is universal among the Demoarats to putforward as a candidate only those who can take their seats if elected, and not take the chance of the removal of disabilities by Congress. Ex-Governor Parsons of Alabama addressed the people of Ashland, Clay county, in that State, a few days since, in which he advised the people to forget past political differences, and unite in an effort to rebuild the shattered fortunes and restore the wast ed land. He urged the people to use all the means in their power to secure a representation in Congress by the citizens of the State. The English mission seems to be still in doubt, notwithstanding all that has been said about it. The indications are that it lies between Hr. Motley and John Jay, and the friends of both gentlemen are hopeful. The St. Louis Republican says : An en thusiastic lady correspondent, writing from the capital, speaks of Gen. Logans complexion as a brilliant olive. lfor pity sake, do not let him come to be known as Olive Logan. He has long been known" in Illinois as a-live Logan, says the Hera. The Presidential campaign of 1872 is already opened by one of the candidates, the irrepressible and voluble George Francis Train. As yet his principal supporter seems to be Hiss Susan B. Anthony, who proclaims him as the comiag man of the White House. The Postmaster General has suspended special agent G. W. Summers, and reinstated Foster Blodgett, in charge of the Augusta (Ga.) postofflee. The President was quite well yesterday, and received callers as usual, among whom were Senators Cole, Sprague, Sherman, Morton, and a number of Representatives. No delegations visited the White House. A Washington letter says of Browalow : Trembling like an aspen leaf, his hands, feet and even his jaws are in constant tremulous motion ; ho sits there like a candle burned to Us socket, ready in a moment to go out. Every movement is that of a most enfeebled invalid, slow, languRT and unavailing. His voice is so feeble and tremulous that his son, who constantly attends him, must place his ear close to his fathers lips, and thus convey his words to his friends. Day after day the eyes of his friends in the galleries are fixed upon the old man, as be sits, or half -lies there In his chair, a silent, quivering wreck. He has reached the Senaterthe goal of his latter day ambition, but to drop when barely across Us threshold, too feeble to stand even while taking the oath of his office, and too faint to ever utter a sentence that shall be beard across the Senate chamber. Orphans Fair ! SPECIAL notices: Penobscot Lodge. No. 7. .A. Grand Fair 'IN AID OF THE; Childrens7 Home, WILL BE GIVEN AT NOROMBEGA HALL, C0MENC1FG Tuesday, March 30, AT 10 OCLOCK, A. II AND CONTINUING THREE DATS. The Hall wiU be open day and evening. The tables will be amply supplied with a variety Usefu of articles. Fanciful, Useful and Ornamental, and all kinds of Refreshments Fruits, Confectionery, Ioe Cream, etc., etc. In oonneotion with the Fair a Befectory will he opened, and meals furnished at all honrs. Entertainments will be given every evening as follows I. O. of O. F. Sta t ed M ee t i ng THIS (Thursday. lEVENING. at 7K oclock. J. W. HUMPHREY, Secty The Annual Meeting Tuesday Evening, Jlarch 30th, Charades. Tableaux and Recitations. Wednesday Evening, March 31st, Musical Entertainment - - Old Folks Concert Thursday Evening, April 1st, Theatricals, Of the MERCANTILE ASSOCIATION, for tho , choice of Officers Iwill beholden at their Library Room. THURSDAY Evening, April 8th, at 7M oclock. AH persons having out Books belonging to the I Library are requested to bring them in before the time of meeting. J. F. ROBINSON, April 1, 1869 lw Secretary. Tableaux, etc., by the Yonng Folks Union Club, The various Societies are exoected to supply pro visions for the tables in the following order: FISST DAT. UNITARTAN, 2d METHODIST. HAMMOND STREET, 2d BAPTIST. M. M. R. A. Chapter. CENTRAL. EPISCOPAL, SECOND DAT. 1st METHODIST. UNI VERS ALIST. The ANNUAL CONVOCATION of Mount Moriah Chapter, for the choice of Officers, will beheld at Masonic Hall THURSDAY EVENING, April 1st. at 7 oclock. A full.attend-ance is requested. Per order: mch 21 . J. BURBANK. Secy, 1st PARISH, 1st BAPTIST, The Sale of Pews THIBD DAY. & FREE WILL BAPTIST. SWEDENBORGIAN. ADMISSION,' Day time, 10 cents. Evening, 25 cents. Per order of Executive Committee. Bangor, March 22d, 1869. In the Central Church, French Street. (Rev. Mr. Field.) will take place on TUESDAY Evening. I April 6tb, at 7 oclock. Per order, march 31 Carpetings and Dry Goods ; BANGOR Conservatory of Mnsie, INCORPORATED FEBY 18th, 1868. New Masonic Building, - - Main Street Under the direction of MR. CHARLES W. SHANNON. The Spring Term of this Institution will commence Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, March, 22d, 23d and 24th. , t ANo pains spared that will ensure the greatest progress to all pupils placed under the chaigeof this Institution. Pupils received and classed at any time. Private lessons given if desired. For further particulars address MOODY T. STICKNEY, or CHAS W. SHANNON, mch 19 sn Executive Committee, LADIES & CHILDREN'S HAIR DRESSING SALOON, No. 2 Smiths Block, ( OPPOSITE WHEEL WRIGHT & CLARKS.) I have fitted up an elegant room expressly for the purpose, under the chargtfof a lady of lare experience, who will spare no pains to give satisfaction to the ladies and children of Bangor and vicinity. Hair Cutting, Shampooing, Coloring, Curling and Frizziog, in the best styles of the art. CURLb and SWITCHES furnished to order: Top-Pieces and Wigs made, repaired, and cleansed. A choice assortment of Perfumery and Hair Restoratives constantly on hand. Hair purchased, and the highest cash prices paid. 4 Separate entrance to Ladies Department I shall also continue at the old place, with experienced help, to attend to all wants of gentlemen, in the various branches of the Tonsorial art. PARIS GHEE, No. 2 Smiths Block, Opposite Wheelwright A Clarks, Bangor, March 19th. 1869. snlw VELOCIPEDES I VELOCIPEDES!! C. P. KIMBALL A LARKINS improved French, American, and New England Pattern VELOCIPEDES! Ourlong and successful experience in the manufacture ot Fine Carriages.led us to believe we could improve both.tbe French and American Velocipede, and we are quite sure we have succeeded in doing so. We have now at work some seventy-five of the best carriage-smiths and machinists in tho country on them, and the result is tho mostpcrfect. Velocipede yet produoed, eombining all the best qualities of the French and Americon patterns. Wo use no cast or malleable iron in the construction of our V e-looipedes, the materials being wrought, iron and steel, with composition bearings, steel tire, axles, Ac. Our low priced machines are all mode of the best materials in every part. While we are making every.improvement that will make the machine better, we are also using every effort to bring the price within the reach of all who are willing to pay for a good thing, and have established the following prices : New England Pattern, cheap finish, no springe, $75 to $5 New England Pattern, with springe, 5.85 to 1 5 Prench and Amn Pattern, fine finish, $125 French and intn Pattern , with brake, fancy colors, gold stripe, fine finish , $125 Having purchased the exclusive right to manufacture Velocipedes in thiR State under the patent granted November 20tb, 1866, we caution all persons against making any kind of Velocipede in the State with crank to front axle, or that in any way infringe upon this patent. Persons who have commenced their manufacture previous to this notice, will be liberally treated by at once calling upon C. P. KIMBALL A LARKIN. Portland, Me., March 10, 1969. sn2m Sanfords Independent Line WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Passengers ticketed from Bangor by Coaches and Steamer, to Boston and river landings. Tickets for sale at tho Eastern Express office. No. 5 Hammond Street. -AT- The Sale of Pews In the FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. Harlow-st., . (Rev Mr. Hazlewood,) will take place on MONDAY EVENING, April 5th, at 7 oclock, march 30, 18c9 REDUCED PfilCES. Stmr. Cambridge, Will leave Winterport for Boston, every Tuesday at 12 oclock M. touching at all the usual landings on the river and bay. Will leave Boston for Winterport every Fbidat at 5 oclock P. M., touening as above. Fare from Bangor to Searsport and Belfast. $2 00 to Camden and Rockland, 2 50 to Boston, . 5 00 " Winterport A Bucksport, to Boston, 4 00 Ne extra hazardous freight taken. Freight taken at last summer rates. WE OFFER FOR A SHORT TIME Dec. 1, 1868. LOOMIS TAYLOR. ( Agent. Emigration from Canada. A Montreal paper says that at no time within the last twelve years has there been such a large and continuous emigration of agriculturists from Canada to the United States as at present. It is estimated that as many as five hundred persons, most oi them yonng men, are leaving the country every week by way of Montreal. Unfortunately for Canada, the men who have the energy to emigrate are just the men who are.most needed in the New Dominion, and the papers are doing all in their power to k$ep their young men from crossing the line and settling in our republic These facts may lead the people to seek commercial salvation in annexation to the United States. Childrens Home.. B., O.. and Milford Railroad. 100 Remnants of Carpetings, fie Howe Sewing Machine from 5 to 20 yards each. For about three-quarters of their Value. Milford, Oldfcown Come to and Upper Stillwater- the Rescue. On THURSDAY, Tickets from the above places, for a passage to Bangor and return, including admission to the Fair, will be sold at 60 cents for the day trains. 75 cents for the evening, and the entire proceeds of the saleof these tickets willjbe dona-, ted to the Home by the generous proprietors of I thfe Road. 1 Return Tickets on Tuesday and Wednesday will be furnished free. Train will leave Bangor at 10M oclock Thursday evening, for Milford and intermediate stations. mch30 IN THE STOCK ABE BRUSSELLS, TAPESTRY, 3-PLY AND WOOL. , We wilt also offer for a short time our ENTIRE STOCK of; -A-t X4. fiTain Street. . A Good Family Machine. Tiy it. A. L. SPENCER, Agent. feb 10 sn3taw3m For Rent, on Front Street, AaA On Steamboat Wharf, several LOTS suita-jj.'M bio for Store Houses, A For particulars enquire of JAMES S. KOWE. Esq., or J. O.'KENDRICK. Agent. Bangor, March 22, 1869 sntf At Reduced Prices. Embracing Best Quality of Fair. Childrens Dome. PRINTS. NICE SHEETINGS GOOD ALPACAS, in cols, FINE BLACK ALPACAS . Buy Me, and Ill do You Good. Manly vigor and robust health secured by the use of DR Langleys root and herb bitters.- Ihy sharpen the appetite, promote digestion, ex- - compliance with a resolution of tho Senate, some correspondence between Hon. .Lewis Cass andPresident Buchanan, on the occasion of the former gentlemans resignation of his place in the Cabinet, was transmitted to that body on Tuesday. It is simply a confirmation of the well known sent! The Maine Farmer of last week in noticing the defeat of the Stale Police bill contradicts the statement made that Gov. Chamberlain had a veto prepared, in case the bill had passed the Legislature. The Farmer says : In reference to the veto message of Gov. Chamberlain we have good authority for sayiDg that no such document bad ever been prepared, and no assurance had been given that the bill would be vetoed ; whether it would have been or not is best known to Gov. Chamberlain himself. Passengers from Milford and inter- mediate places, coming over the European and North American K. R., to attend the Fair for the Childrens Home, may receive return tickets free. These tickets will noon and evening, Thursday. A train will leave Milford each evening at 6 o clock for the convenience of those wishing to at-tendtbe Fair, and return at 10 P. M. It is expected a like arrangement will be made with the Maine Central and B., O. and M. Rail Roads. mch 29 fnr 19V aio 1 ,v auttrPen ice appetite, promote digestion, ex-fi 19Q pel humors, banish dyspepsia, cure headache, cos- for -Ur, it I tl'eQef?. laziness, general debility, jaundice liver for 50 cents! I !i,nd Iho whole train ot bilious diseases. Our Stock of Room Papers Being very large, we are trilling to sell 'from 5.000 1 TO GET PATENTS. to 10.000 rolls at a reduction of 25 per cent. FOR OPINION. NO CHARGE. I Purchasers in want of any thingin the line of Send slrntch ir . .. .. ! f&M 1 "U1 fid esaay, Wednesday and STICKNEY & ROBERTS 1 ??d bonifications, draw- Bangor, March 20th, 1869. SPECIAL NOTICE. Fair for Childrens Home ! FOR TEN DAYS ! ings.caveats: assignments prepared; rejected claims prosecuted. Also interferences, extension of patents, and appeals. Patents taken out in all European countries. - Illustrated pamphlets, 110 pages sent free Address MUNN & CO., No. 37 Park Row, N. Y. ian!2 3md Schencks Pulmonic Syrup, Seaweed Tonio and Mandrake Pills, will cure Consumption, Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia, if taken acoording to directions. They are all three to be taken at the same time. They cleanse the stomach, relax the liver and put it to work : then the appetite becomes good ; the food digests and makes good blood ; the patient begins to grow in flesh ; the diseased matter ripens in the lungs, and the patient outgrows the disease and gets well. This is the only way to cure consumption. To these three medicines Dr. J. H. Schonck, of Philadelphia, owes his unrivalled success in the treatment of pulmonary consumption. Tho Pulmonic Syrup ripens the morbid matter in the Jungs, nature throws it off by an easy expectoration, for when the phlegm or matter is ripe a slight cough will throw it off, and the patient has rest and the longs begin to heal. To do this, the Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills must be freely used to cleanse the stomach and liver, so that the Pulmonic Syrup and the food will make good blood. Schencks Mandrake Pills act upon the liver, re moving all Obstructions, relax the ducts of the gall bladder, the bile starts freely, and the liver is soon relieved: the stools will show what the Pills can do; nothing has ever been invented except calomel (a deadly poison which is very dangerous to use unless with great care), that will unlock the gall bladder and start the secretions of the liver like Schencks Mandrake Pills. Liver Complaint is one of the most prominen causes of Consumption. Schencks Seaweed Tonic is a gentle stimulant and alterative, and the alkali in the Seaweed, which this preparation is mado of, assists the stomach to throw out the gastric juice to dissolve the food with the Pulmonic Syrup, and it is made into good blood ithout fermentation or souring in the stomach. The great reason why physicians do not cure con sumption is, they try to do too mnch: they give medicine to stop the cough, to stop chills, to stop night sweats, bectic fever, and by so doing they derange the whole digestive powers, locking up the " and eventually the patient sinks and PRIZE MONEY I Men in FAT.RAGUTS FLEET in New Orleans P,CI? n KBARSAGE when she destroyed the Alabama, can now obtain prize money byap-plymg in person to THOS. C. STEVENS. . No. 1 Mam Street. Bangor, March 16. tf DIED. In Dixinont, March 30th, Joseph Garland, aged 58 yearp. (Portland papers please copy. Exchanged, IJIHE person who took a Water-proof from the ante-room of Norombega, Tuesday evening, leaving one with a name on it, is reqaested to call at D. bUGBEE A COS, and exchange, aprl 3t Now Books. BY-WAYS of Europe, (new edition.) by iaiard Taylor. Biographical Sketches by Harriet Martineau; Now and Forever, by Mrs. Leslie; The Story of William the Silent, by Mary Barrett: Recollections of Lord Byron, by Countess Guiccioli: Edelweiss and Villa Eden, part 1, by B. Auerbach; The Factory Girl, by Miss M.B. Braddoo; The Generals Daughter, by Anna Argyle; Two Life Paths, by L. Mulbach; for sale by D. BUGBEE A CO. aprl . AUCTION E. B. PATTEN, " Commission Merchant a, . act nr No. 37 MEROANTILE SOU-. Special attention given to th Estate at private or j ublic cale. Houses, Farms, or other Property!, r "S'" ted to register a description of the z- !' 1 1--.. TOBACCOMOBACCO 9ATT.EK HAS RECEIVED A FRESH i-I.'CK F Haney Tobacco i-r.I 1 Which -fce.0 fieri for AT LOW PRICF.s Dissolution of Co-partnership THE firm of PRESCOTT BROS is this day dis-solved by the death of the junior member of the firm, (Mr. J. F. Prescott.) The subscriber will settle all accounts, and pay all debts owed bv the firm. W. fl. PRhSCOIT. Bangor, March 1, 1869 Notice. The subscriber wishes to inform his friends and the publio that ho will continue the Arrangements have been made by I ww wy.wTgwhich persons cpming'over the Maine I DURING THE ABOVE TIME 5TB SHALL BE FOU.VD AT THE Mrs. Sara E. Wasgatt, Teacher of the Piano. The Paraguayan Complications. Tho House Committee on Foreign Affairs met yesterday morning in Washington and began the taking of testimony in the case of our Paraguayan difficulties. Ex-Minister Washburn was examined at length. He gave facts in detail of the Bliss and Masterman imbroglio with Lopez and his own connection therewith, and also a full history of Lopezs outrageous conduct toward the American Legation and other prominent foreigners. There were no facts devolved however, that have not been stated in the published correspondences. Porter C. Bliss who has lately been at his home in Cattaraugus county, N. Y., and who suffered great indignities at the hands of Lopez, will be in Washington in a day or two and give his testimony before the committee. Central K. it. from Waterville and intermediate stations, including Dexter, to attend the Fair for the Childrens Home, will receive return tickets free. These tickets will be furnished in the Hall, on tho evenings of Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and will be good any day thereafter du ring the week. mch S9 4t Old. Place, . RESIDENCE. No, 95 ESSEX STREET. Oct. 8. 1868 ? No. 20 Main Sckool Notice. And shall be glad to sell any of our stock in the line of TboExamination of Candidates for admission to the High fechool will take place at Mr. Littlefields school Room, on FRIDAY, April, 2d, at 2 oclock r. M. lead pencil Candidates will come prepared with and rubber, and without text books. The Public Schools will commence on Monday Apnl5th. , Per order of S. 8. Committee, march 29 4t C. P. ROBERTS. Supt. - young HORSE- weighs 1000 lbs. Inquire of S. A J. ADAMS A CO.. mroh24 1 2-3wsn 65 Main street. Hats, Caps, Boots, Shoes, Furnishing Goods, &c. That may be out of style or shop worn, AT Auction Prices! CALL AND BEE FOR YOURSELVES. Thos Hersey & Co., 20 MAIN STREET, 1 0 pposite Revere House.) ? BOSTON THE Trustees of this Institution take pleasure in announcing that they havesecured the services secretions, dies. Dr. Schenck, in his treatment, does not try to stop a cough, night sweats, chills or fever. Remove the cause, and they will all stop of their own ao-cord. No one can be cored of Consumption, Liver Complaint, Dyspepsia, Catarrh, Canker, Ulcerated Ihroat, unless the liver and stomach aro made healthy. . If a person has consumption, of course the lungs m some way are diseased, ei ther tubercles, absesses, bronchial irritation, pleura adhesion, or the lungs are a mass of inflammation and fast decaying. In such cases what must be done? It is not only the lungs that are wasting, but it is the whole body. The stomach and liver have lost their power to make blood out of food. Now the only chance is to take Dr. Schencks three medicines, which will bring up a tone to the stomach, the patient will begin to want food, it will digost easily and make good blood ; then the patient begins to gam in flesh, and as soon as the body begins to grow, the lungs commence to heal up, and the patient gets fleshy and This is the only way to cure consumption. When there is no lung disease and only Liver Complaint and Dyspepsia, Schencks Seaweed Tonic and Mandrake Pills are sufficient without the Pul-monic Syrup. Take the Mandrake Pills freely in alimhous complaints, as they are perfectly harm- Dr. Schenck, who has enjoyed uninterrupted nealth for many years past, and now weighs 5 pounds, was wasted away to a mere the v?ry. stage of Pulmonary Consumption, his physicians having pronounced his case hopeless and abandoned bun to his fate. He was cured by the aforesaid medicines, and since his recovery many thousands similarly afflicted have used DrSchencks preparations with the same remarkable success. U ull directions accompany each, making it not absolutely necessary to (personally see Dr. Schenck, unless patients wish their lungs examined, and for tn19 fill Tn AOa La ia nvAfAPsiA..! T M a LI. D . ? . 1 Clothing Business, At the OLD STAND, and will keep constantly on hand a good assortment of CLOTHS. Ready- Made Clothing, and Furnishing Goods; Particular at tfntion will be given to CUSTOM WORK, and fits aro warranted. S-.Thanking my friends for their liberal patronage in the past, I would solicit a continuance of the same. w. H. PRESCOTT, april 1 lm Real Estate for Sale. $36ft0 00 2600 00 2f00 00 2200 00 2250 fO ISO) oo 1700 CO 10iO 00 90 0 00 House and Lot, State Street, . House and Lot, Hayward street. House and Lot, Hammond street, v, . .Tenement and Lot, French street, Hrica House andLots Lirfcoln street. House and Lot, Union street. House and Lot, Fifth street. , House and Lot. Elm street, I Tenement and Lot, George street, ALSO House Lot on Fif h street, House Lot on Upper Broadway, House Lot on French street House Lot on Centro street. House Lot on Grove street, r arm id Orrington. 90 acres, barm in HoldeD, 32 acres, ' Farm in Hampden, 14 acre Apply at Real Estate Office No. 12 Central-7t'. April 1.1869 2w . S. PRESCOTT. R. S. PHES.CO 'p q REAL ESTATE BttOKEK, Commission Merchant, Audi u0ii'.a No, GENERAL APPRAISEE 12 - - - Central s'k ett. rciwtit J. B. F03TEU, General Commission Merciwr and Auctioneei, No. 44 West Market Squaro No. 3 Granite Block. Ti GAO 00 .V0 00 Vtf) oo 300 01 20 0A 20X 00 1V0 00 850 00 PAINTS, IVe areSolo Agents for Baugor for the White and Red Lead FACTORY OF Hall, Bradley &. Co., of iNEW. YORK, whore Leads and Zincs are un- S.TanSwH the markCt for NOBBY AND STYLISH ! ! WHAT Adams Hats & Caps, New Stock Spring Styk-, - JUST OPENING SILK HTA'l'S OF OCR O ir.Y HAyuI ACTCUL-. OX THB BROADWAY BLOCK. AND TEE Latest and JTcst Fashionable Styles Caps and Felt Hats? JZ3 CALI. AND SHE ! -v- We also keep on hand and for sale, those well known brands. Forest River, Boston Pure, Katah-din and Queen City Leads, with the mo3t complete assortment of Paints, Oils and Tools, be found in the city. 9-all for sale at the low-est cash prices. BLOOD Sr BO WE, Prl 121 EXCHANGE STREET. to Penobscot Savings Bank. oUheeminent and. well Xnewn Dr. A. H. HAYES, TO REMOVE AlOTH PAICHES. FRECKLES and Tan from the face, use Pebrys Moth Crime in .New York. The New York papers are calling the attention of the peo- Fheckbk Lotion. Sold by all druggists, only by Dr. B. C. Perry. pOR. BLACK WORMS. AND PIMPLES ON the FACE, use Perrys Comedos and Pimplr merits of Mr. Cass in opposition to the do-1 pie of that city to the curious revelations I REH5DT.BreparedonlYby DYKd'PEBav4VBond nothing policy Of Buchanan, administration made by the publication of the criminal M relative to affairs in Charleston Harbor. Ih statistics for 1868. The whole number oi tLe letter submitting his resignation he slat- arrests during the year was 4712 Of these ed at length that it had been his opinion, only 605 were disposed of in the courts which he had urged before the Cabinet, that leaving 4107 cases unaccounted for. Out ef additional troops should be sent to reinforce 78 arrests for murder, only 15 A Good Barrel of Flonr for , ...... i -v cases got a the forts in the harbor of Charleston, with a far as the courts. Out of 13 persons arrest-I Trri mm i wt d ence 8hou,d they be r for bieamy ony d wed, and out WEST AND SOUTH attacked, and that an armed vessel should of 65 cases of arson, only two were tried. I . VJ U 1 II j likewise be ordered there to aid if necessary There were 255 arrests of receivers of stolen in the defence, and also, should it be neces- goods, and only three trials. Great Rednetioa of Fares! I EIGHT DOLLARS ! TO ALL POINTS late Surgeon U. 8. Army.,V;ce-President"of Colum bia College of Physieiansand Surgeons. &o. This Institution now publishes the popular medical book entitled The Sciatic, of Life, or Self-Free-ervatoon, , written by Dr. Hayes. It treats upon the JSrrors of Youth, Premature Decline of Manhood, beminal Weakness, and all Diseases and Abuses of the Generative Organs. Thirty thousand copies sold the last year. It is indeed a hook for every m&uyrUIJSmei!in Particular. Price only $1.00. Ibis Institute has just published the most perfect treatise of the kind everoffered the public, entitled sexual Physiology of Woman , and her JJiseases ely illustrated with the very best engravings. ! This book is also from the pen of Dr. Hayes: Among the various chapters may be mentioned. The Mystery of Life Beautiful Offspring, Beauty, its Value to Woman. Marriage. General Hygeine Woman. Puberty. Change of Life, Excesses ot the Married. Prevention to Conception. Ac. In iei?Us&f4nFwph oIoIhu$2 ?; Turkey Moroco. full gut, ,itherof these books are sent by maiL securely sealed, postage paid, on receipt of price. Ahe Peabody Journal of Health, a first-class 1 6TSrye!l)eSttT? paee8- 32 columns, published on the first of February, and every month during the year. Subscription price per year only &U cent Specimen copies sent free to any address, on application to the Peabody Medical Institute. ing Physician?-18 M D- Re3ident and Consult- this purpose he is professionally at his Principal fTlHIS BANK (chartered by the last Legislature Office, Philadelphia, evenr baturday. where all let- -I is now ready to transact business. Deposits f"' -JJ -J TT- 1 be received upon as favorable terms as by ally Bkin Room of ters for advice must be addressed. He isalsopro-fessionally at No. 32 Bond Street, New York, every other Tuesday, and at No. 35 Hanover Street. Bos-ton, every other Wednesday. He gives advice free, hut lor a thorough examination with his Respirom-eter the price is?$5. Office hours kat each city from 9 A. M. to 3 P. M. of tho Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed Tonic each 51.50 per bottle, or $7,50 a half dozen. Man-drake Pills 25 cents a box. G. C. GOODWIN & CO, 38 Hanover St " ... the Eastern Bank.. Mercantile Square. The well ; .-j va SUV ties cuuueeieu Wlin it 18 a sufficient guarantee of its safety and success. A. M. ROBERTS. President, x . .. , UWIN CLARK. Treasurer Bangor, April 1, 1869 Notice. 38 Hanover St. -Boston, wholesale agents. For sale mni? c by all druggists. jany 7 snly rTHS Stockholders of the Greatworks Milling and - Manufacturing Company, are hereby notified Old Silk Hors: MADE OVER AS USUAL, at W. U. & N. G. ADAMS. mch 20 No. 3 GRANITE BLK r FOR TEN DAYS ! At No. 6 State Street YOU WILL FISD DRY GOODS. SELLING AT LESS PRICLS Than at any other Store in the C.':j ! Card Printed on Envelope? AT THB Whig Courier Office , KEHHUSEEAO BRIDGE 1L.111 , i uereoy noi fihVhrnAnAnual held at the Of-I AnrifSh C'ner C-;in,pangor, on TUESDAY , k at 0 clock A. M., to chooso officers for hL m Dg yea -and on aDy oer business that may come before said meeting. COME AXD SEE ! Remember G State Street ! AYER. W. O. Bangor. March 2th, lvj.. I57 tj H, STRICKLAND. Secrearv. Bangor, March 29. 1869 -ecre.ary. 93 cts-93 ets FOR SALE, Assessors Notice. A?tS.f.Hore?- six years old, weigh-ing 1200 lbs each; One fine Carriage ilerse, weighing 1000 lbs; One Peddlers , - Cart, new; One set Double Harnesses; 2 Milk Cows in Bangor. Also, a farm of THLIhibniiar?t3 f he City of Bangor, and oth-, fctUk V1DF jxabie Prprty Within said City, ; S:.!1.!'1! .and.r55uested. to bring in fo MaysvilKAookt 40 acres cleared, nut ohrmt vs tnn, There is I Guardian, Executor, Ad- Roftns'p3 0f e!r fJlsl and all their E-tates. Money on hand or at CALL AT No. 28 Central St., sary, in the collection of the revenue. He also urged the President to be ready to collect the revenues in Charleston Har bor by having a collector stationed in connection with the fortifications, to act in case of emergency. Holding these views, which were so notoriously at variance with the Unt.l the courts and district attorneys do their business better than this, there will be no dimunition of crime. Via BOSTON, NEW YORK. PHILADELPHIA. PITTSBURG ALBANY, BUFFALO. NIAGARA FALLS. DUNKIRK. SALAMANCA. CLEVELAND, DETROIT. See I THROUGH TICKETS WILL MAKE VERY NICE IBREAD. With a little milk mixing. For saleby the MUTUAL STORE CO. Bangor, March 17th. 1869. 4w f; ? may be consulted in strictest confi-r??2e-on bU mscMOf requiring skill, sooresy and experience. j --uj r . ? 40 acres cleared, cuts about 25 tons hay, yn excellent mill privilege on tno farm. .The above will be sold at a great bargain if ap- K SC O TT .DC entralsreetCUlarS eDquir0 f E march 31, 18:9 lw AND SEE What We are Novr Sellir FOR IXJaTuaek)th.'l869.e 1Celief- BQayl6 sndawly THE AMERICAN "While the Congressional Committe on I Elections was holding a meeting the other dy an altercation took place between two well known secession sympathies of the rest of its member8. Stevenson of Ohio, and cf the Cabinet, Mr. Cass felt it his duty to Burr (Dna.) of Illinois. The latter gen resign, and did so without hesitation. The I afruck the former and in return was correspondence shows beyond a doubt that sfrnc himself, but the contestants were sep-had patriotism luspired the administration arated before any serious damage was done, of Buchanan, the Union might have been sadatsmaii sacrifice of blood and trea- I Hartford rosth'as For sale at Greatly Reduced Rates, by P. M. BLAKE. General Agent, , , , No . 9 Central Street, Bangor COMPANYDfr MAIL STEAmIhIP COMPANY, for California, China and Japan. Tickets to and from KEEP YOUR MONEY FOR THE ST. HELENA DOLLAR STORE! OPEN SOON. WITH -IMPORTED STOCK. England, Ireland & Scotland. - STERLING EX or sale in sums to suit. mch 20 sn ont Believe BUTTON-HOLE Over-Seaming , AND SEWING MACHINE. Wonderful Invention! ni8r(aft0A0J0the.Ke. ivacePt such as is by law Taxation.) which they are possessed of on the first day of April, instant, and to be pre-pared to substantiate the same by oath. tefPUrPx0?? of receiving said lists and LD transfers of Real Estate, the undersigned will be in session at their Office during the business hours ofoach day. from the first to the lth of A- pnl instant, ( Sundays excepted), and any personal I will not 93 Cents. marchCO Dress Making. BCASMITnS CAN MAKE JEWEL-d?Sn5 h?;trakTln8mithscaJk rePair it. And. also. !i xea you ntust have such manufactur-' UifiJ .repairing sent to Boston. Dont believe such stones even if dealers in the article tell them but bear in mind that. ibnw,rtd a waiJer for neslect 'of ny person m bringing in true and perfect lisis. as required by PAMELIA GRAY would inform friends and patrons that she has returned aL taken Rooms at No. 171 Essex street. march30 lw MERCHANTS LINE. It does seem as if poor Hayti is destined to political annihilation. Lawless violence , reiSna everywhere in that unfortunate little State. According to official reports, the revolution, or whatever it may be called, is conducted in the most barbarous and inhuman manner, outraging ail the usages and laws of civilized communities and convert-1 ing what claims to be a war into a savage butchery. The contending parties seem to vie with each other in the daily massacres Prisoners of war are shot in cold blood " women are butchered for beine relatives of I Bangor and Penobscot River. ... , iia!rJh'8tleamer TIBBETTS will of the country. He is just now paying his respects to James S. Babcock, Democratic " - candidate for Congress from the Hartford district. Babcock was formerly a Republi can, but in consideration of certain favors, switched off on to the same track with Johnson, in company with Mr. Dixon. This is the way the satirist of the Post him : Bangor, Maroh 6tb, 1869. Agent. Ladies, Misses and Childrens BOOTS AND SHOES! SELLING V ery L o w At 0. F. PATTENS. meh!8 2win Mai Street under Hatob Honse- EBEN 3TEVENS, TSTo. 38 HAMMOND STREET, OrroSITB THK CODET HOUSE, Can MAKE or REPAIR any thing in the Jewelry line, and will warrant every stitch." I assert,06 d!rect to me' and have me prove what Bang or, February 20th. 1869. tf . . Mount Hope Cemetery CORPORATION. The Annual Mecticg of t members of said Corporation will be ae j f the office cf the Merchants Mutual Inur tace C n; pany, en MONDAY, the 5th day of April nest, r three o'clock P, M., for the choice of officer-, ali the transaction of any other basinc?- :t r. come before the meeting. -n I ,, v JOHN BRIGHT. Sen's. Bangor Savings Bank. - Bagor. March 29. my .ihosepn'Lso5s!pboI1Jcglect to comply with this fhi 1 bo fd.ibarUd by Iaw from appealing from ter abatement. SSrS,0n thelf a,phcation THOS W. BALDWIN, "M. ARNOLD. K. S. PRESCOTT, Bangor. April 1. 1869 .thbeehTeMsthef I Pembscot CountyFair Bank on MONDAY, the 5h day of April, instant at 2,4 clock P. M., for tse purpose of declaring a I Dlv,dend- JOHN PATTEN.1 Secretary8 I Ground Company Telegraphing ! A small class is now in successful operation at the j Bangor Business College, Special Notice. lbanka Md" and Bangor Sayings Bank. under the instruction of AN EXPERIENCED OPERATOR. For particulars call at College Rooms, or address C. B. LAKIN, January 28th. 1869. sntf Principal. The First and Only BUTTON-HOLE ' MAKING AND SEWING MACHINE COMBINED, That has made its advent In this or any other Country. Corn Corn, 2000 i'n!rnI kv Ir.M i c JttSt ft- ceived by Rail,-and for sale by , . GEO. W. LADD, aprl lw w. March PROPOSAL willberci byKM. B. HAYfOKP. indent of said Company, ishmg and setting trom.? '! Maple and Elm ihade IhLL on said Grounds, the j Spring, and warranted. JuilX S. PATTEN, Secretary No. 2 Broad Street . Special Notice. Dissolution of Copartnership This Machine is warranted to execute. to the great est degree of perfection, ail kinds and varieties of THIfiwblCrAr?r. of.tbe at firm of E. A S. S X DO W A CO . tenders thanks to his friends and rpHE Copartnership here'ofore existing bfireu L the subscribers, under the name ot - the THOMPSON A CO., is dissolved by mutual sent. The business wil be continued, it the public for past patronage long bestowed and I by S. T. Thompson, la intorm them that he j . The Times says, Mr. Babcock acts from principle. He does that. Just as the fel-I low dined off a roast turkey, so far off he could not see it. vrT8 Hartrd Time in its biography of Mr. James F. Babcock, says : He could . . . I not falsify the record of an active Dolitio.l t eir opponents, and all conceivable attroci- I life of thrty years. There neverP was a ties are freely employed in furtherance of truer .tbinS Ab Trains gottherec, what niaims to be the cause of liberty. Oou. W him falsify ly PalUdiu ment ibei!,8 f our Govern- Speaking of Mr. Babcock, The Times 5 pressed to interfere to stop 8a8 1 parties accord to him honesty of these proceedings, on the ground that, th-I PP08- Theres no such Babcock as that, tb nnhii V''UUD1D vuaima to nis mends and C upon hli BJ0ort SnTshfiSSSffiSSiffi, iff T" April 1. Department, wh ch he has with reluctance consent- I bo doolarH ?sA,nday of jlpr!l dividend will ? .2 discontinue from this date a change nee..! I earnings for the past 6 months. tat!d by the claims of en enlal7ed manufMtnrin; Taf aate .of 8eTen peI oent- per annum, andwhoiesalo business advertised in anothlr col- I . S.r! Ui?.a1.at6d,by th.e Bank, and THROUGH TICKETS! would inform them that he is ready to attlnd V. .it Braid-1 ! Bangor, March 30. 151? S. T TKOMP-cN G. M. No" ELL. lw - ing, Binding, Gathering, and Sewing on, Quilting, Ac., Ac., umn. Bangor. March 3. 1869. J. OB. col- darling. Merchants Line. STEAMSHIP WM. TIBBETTS. Boston and Penobscot River. !Iott.uardrdepsitra 5rom lo8. and the in-?hraf,ed val? of money, render it tolerably certain thBankingaRomn lJo?l1MainstreeaupnstairlU- JoHW PaTTXH?KT.Pr?CKBRINa ,President-BangorMarch 15th. 1869, tApI Sanfords BETTS3 fmship TIB- tdUoVt?wle.aTl?t Winterpert Independent Line. SPECIAL NOTICE. TO ALL PARTS OF THE W E s' T ! SS LESS 4 Than by thcr Routeom all Points GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY ! NorokthaebrSeBcId0oN-H0LE-in aUy Residence, 28 Centre Street. ' s. Bangor. April 1, 18f0 Belfast Box 385. S. LOW. GRANDOPENING bine can do O v e r - S e I Making the over and over stitch, by which sheets and pillow-cases are made 8neet which i can work Eyle-t aming, tch. by which At is the only Machine Holes, and Moosebead Lake Railroad Company. ATAiIYnt f tbu Btesident and Directors of I . .8rai Company, .held at their office in the City oi Belfast on the 27th inst., it was voted, that an I -THIS MORNING 'th e .Wmad (1fi!p'r ntiTm1 eichnd f.Ll A h. 'ld Corporation, and that the very MuNDaY, at 8 H o'ofock'A evV THuSfiDA Y Wbarf- Boston. parties put themselves' Luuiar the 7l h 6 ' Prt ' ' ' Mer.,rex?r2elfa8t ,Dd Tnant &bT- 2.' Defai?hiafioIlformati0w epquire of Deo-16 lgg- n M. M. FULLER. l...i HARK 1 ! The steamer CAMBRIDGE. wiU Boston for Winterport, Satur-ii Hi.411 place of the steamer Katahdin until the river is dear of icV.f ,T3ee notice of Winter Arrangement. . international law, and ought to he restrain! W-Dg an' Bangor. March 6th. 1869L0QM1S TAYLOaRJ Agent. r ,do Embroider 'over the edge of rarmenta Tf stitch (alike on both sides.) uses a straxght needle, and has less and hntip fini.k.j Tickets at Lowest Rates Vca Boston. N. York Central. Buffalo and Detrit. it 8implS a child can do atestMarketartu rand Trunk Agents.orL f?.b.Bp.aidr .Treasurer, at his office TiTYid before the first day of May next. Belfast. March 29W186- CeThFw N- Trearcr- LOST A MEMORANDUM BOOK. BETWEEN THE'I i'TT t!nn?0TT d D- Whit.s Store, beiong-U. 2 Bola J. Stone. Stockbridge. Mass. Who- ST. HELENA . Dollar Store ea in the name of humanity. New Coffin Warehouse. bquar. . December 1. 1868. VM-0W-ER8- dAw -Eastern Agea t. vj41 ABE WABBANTED. I wTeu?aThV,dldtore of mch29 No 25 Main Streets UNDER THE HATCH HOI Fatos Km thlsastyearfSt Cas3 the I Copartnership, mt l . . B lUBiuuu Bum. M I The corresponde nt of resentation is with him on the stumD the Boston Advertiser think, the Indian 1 P HARK I HEAR TE AFFLICTED ! ! Chri.ri hShyrePectbl citizen1 ofcorpus I eiannd-vfeoPJd a Physi- uL1! TLf arumor6d movementPon bu d., I t. .. T..r committee ot the Senate will report against the Stuart and Welch scheme for dealing with the Indian question. They have no objection to the appointment of commission of five or seven persons for advisory purposes, but cannot see the wisdom or pro-prtoty of putting $3,000,000 into their hands be propo,d- The probabilities seem to Jacksons Catarrh Snuff ATJD TB00HE P0WDEB. I A gold medal ' and-CABify Wariroom" in wnStionPJith o .A8x rrrrdt nr Furniture Rooms, and are prepared to furnish any I aiarr Hcadache, Bad Breath, Hoarseness Asth -thmg in the above line. P,uJh ROsWwOoE , Bronchi,. Oouoke. Detfne.,7,; WAJUIUT and ELM, And all Disorders resulting from COLDS in HEAD. THROAT. AND VOCAL ORGANS. at New England Mechanics Fair A SILVER MEDAL Tha Mucfflmr ci Hammond street Bakery- A IlC 111 V wltJrV uOIVGu I rpHE subscribers hare taken the HamnooJ w w I 1 Kakery, nearly opposite the Court iioo-e.AB-j bave formed a co-partnership lander the nm HE WES A LEATHERS, for the purpose THE COFFIN3and CASKETS. we ean suit all who will give us a cheaper rate than ever offered in Mexico. Our informant says that he itnol! I e3ttrtions practiced uoonthem alcted the we are eonfident wiUooit movement i h.t dlrtton bi'toauSti V8 B" ' Will BOOB be made. Troops are being rap- duasea of the ?rin opener 6(37 Curf. of five ua a call before purchasing elsewhere lilt in exand u ugSt J 1 --"?t-undftd;-to ind reLar-aiDe ,.ent forthepur- mouomVhae?tfffroi.wBhont fof for a movement It? co""j b m hUi! of female. Mexico. .Addi- ' -D0end-8paln-Dltar Brownsville! e ire oon fi det6Wff can n? I I buTlttlVdl0' Wrk ia b It is the Champion Premium Machine of 1868. 93 Cent Store ! e purposes! . in on the Baking Business, in all its bnDce?-" e hope to receive a liberal share of patp'na-r- Bajgor. March 29. 1869 F. F. HKUI3. W. H. LEAliibi- ter, quickly removing I pose of being in readines, on the heroic land of utis are PeiDF con 1 Prinoipled men skilfnliv aJTj on- I Tl - JKu"S:d.n3S Prlces Aam Reduced ! body as an amendm... . Y i w rownsviiie. Fort Eingold and MaLoted to -not haMt, orsufferin endment -to the Indian bill, RI Taso nd Corpus Christi, it ia thought. I B.nnd learn their when it comes up for consideration. The W w.V18 bVe of nPPlie- ? whtog ?o-remitoX0Iia sn for paUnU I -D-,4.1 j PortIand Kersene Oil for carrying oat the treatie. mvl. by Gen. be pointa named.-fNew Orin. OenL Sherman . peace commission. The House 1 rejected these amendments at thalastaesslon, ooideDOonlo fefern RnT 1 probably do so again : so that th. 1 1?? n wblch the alaewinw n. SfL-T and will robapjy do bo again ; point at issue may be settled in a conference I biabeJtJ committee. d be other SoJ Morol obvkm. Dr. Stevens Cough Syrup : The new disoovOTy. an ,afe. Is this beaati-th chotoest agent, known to median hqdft of a Colder Cqush. are 6? botU bh!h wHIoortjmumly Vet a Suraaioa Abticl Fire XestlSe Emeu Fir Te.tlk4 BAKasLS mar I in BABB & LORD'S, No. Ixekange street "ving Bad Breath and Headache; ?; .3 d ??. ip Catarrh; is so -IS House Lots for Sale USTow Open AT THE OLD ffie5SgS?5aaraSS&?Boston Button Store, Dslioions SflTiM.f.irm flf rtvnlTwt.t. l I Practical work no other can. W j8 ?JI . 3 Broad street. Several pleasantly situated Lota on Ohio street, known' ,a Ewer Tavern Stand. Forpartuu-U' and terms apply to GEO. on Ohio street, or WM. P. DIcEU. mch29 tf Delicious Sensation of Coolness and Comfort. la the best Force Tonio in the world I 8old wOPER, WILSON A CO- Preps, Philadelphia. WL-'ii-, DEN A CO. and B. F. BRADBURY. Bangor; ludJt Retail byYlTood M SoweJf! Patten i'Co., N. g" . Wo, '' Sewing MaoWne Depot. erNGER. . - , , . WHEELER JB WILSON, , GROVER St BAKER, vllittio. owwe ' du b STANDAR SEWING MACHINES, for sol. by ' d.7l CHARLEg HALE. J4 Main Bt no other can. We want 'nlrMy to CALL AT OCR ROOMS, AND Examine these Machines. We have a lady operator who wUlbe pleased to SHOW THE MACHINES. And give yon samples of the work. ' All kinds of Stitching : - DONE TO ORDBE. He Stare and CaU Before you Buy, DAIEL'wniXE, Agentr ' MUdn u f WAT0RE8, CLOCKS AJSD JEWELST, mehM ,J SKDUSKEAG BRIDGE. Bancor, Male. 28 Central 8treet, So famous for Nice Croods & Low Prices. DONT FORGET TO . Com ZEarly, Co1Tan,dmfe1ItoBKa U a11 our oodsat J. P, Tucker. 28 CENTRAL STREET. ATTENTION ! VELOCIPEDES, rpnB largest rink in the city is t ba , JL found op Hampden Road, below e1r,Jr, House, now in operation. No stairs to ! posts to butt against. Gives us a call, one and all. . Earle b Lynch, Bangor, March 29th, 1869. .proprietor Iron Flange SAFB, will be sol? at a .teeat bargain, it applied for soon. -JPh2S aw Q. W. MERRILL 66 Main St. . April. A TBANTIC, Yottcg Folks and, A. mch 20 reewved hy D. BUGBEE St CO. New Books. Life of Horace greeley, by Parton. Tne Story of William the Silent. Py Ways of Bn rope, by Bayard Taylor Little Few-NuS Merchant. T . - mch 29 CHAS Wrapping Papers JND TWINE, of every deription ffir DTSSaBkEACa R b k

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