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Lincoln Journal Star from Lincoln, Nebraska · Page 7

Lincoln, Nebraska
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Monday, July 7, 1952
Page 7
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iJnroln Evrntn« Journal ■nJ Nfbmoka Stal» Journal Monday. July 7. 1952—P.M. 19th Annual All-Star Game Is Tuesday National League Starters ★ ★★★★★★★ Simmons. Raschi Are Starters CAMPANELLA Dodcers LOCKMAN GUnto ROBINSON Dodfers HAMNER Phillies THOMSON Giants SACER Cubs MCSIAL Cardinals SLAUGHTER Cardinals American lie Starters THIL^ADELPHIA (A’) — Curt rest for the All-Star Game. Simmons for the National League i'tengel probably wishes now he and Vic Raschi for the American ^shalitV had eave the mound league will be the opposing pitch- ,he start of the fifth inning of ers in the 19th annual All-Star Sunday’s first game because of a Haseball Game at Shibe Park muscular pain in hi.s chest. It is Tuesday. not known whether the 14 game Simmons, the fireballing left winner will be available for action hander of the Philadelphia Phillies Tue.sday. who returned to major league As for Reynolds, he has a badly ba.seball from the armed services sprained wrist. He couldn’t grip at the start of the 1952 «©ason, has the ball prol>€rlv Sunday because ^a record of seven victorie.s and two of inflamation on the right thumb •defeats. He has hurled four shut- and wrist. If that wasn’t enough outs. headaches for a manager who has Raschi, bellwether of the world yet to lead a winning All-Star champion New York Yankees’ team—he’s directed two Stengel pitchinft staff, has an eight win will b«' without George Kell, star and two defeat record to carry third baseman, and probably Dorn iinto the dream game. DiM.nggio, brilliant outfielder, both O O 0 of the Hoston R^d Sox. Kell is ! MANAGER lx>o Durocher of nursing a groin injury and Hithe National League said he Maggio a leg injury, w'ould follow Simmons, who will • • • hurl the first three innings, with HERE’S HOW Casey has filled Gerrv Staley (11-tt) of the St. in. Ixnil.s Cardinals or Hob Rush (9-6) I. Named Gil McDougald of of the Chicago Cubs. the Yankee« to «ub for Kell. BERRA Yankees ROBINSON White Sox AVILA IndUnt RIZZUTO Yankees ROSEN Indians MITCHELL Indians BAUER Y’ankees MANTLE Yankees O • May ,^^BeWron^ ^ f By W ait Dohhins Is the minor league manager the forgotten man? There have been four changes in major baseball loop pilots this season. Fred Hutchinson was an unexpected choice at Detroit; inexperienced and a regular member of the Tigers’ mound corps, he relieved Red Holfe. Marty Marion, who took over for Rogers Hornsby, could league. Charley Grimm, Tommy claim only one season of master-minding and that in another Holmes’ successor at Boston and Steve O’Neill, who replaced Eddie Sawyer at Philly, have had more chances than any other pilots in the business with the single exception of Bucky Harris of Washington. Frisch Had Chance Another pilot, now in radio, Frankie Frisch, also had more than his share of chances to make good after he left the “Gas House Gang” at St. Louis. Why don’t the big league moguls bring up a minor league skipper? “Old Marse” Joe McCarthy didn’t do so bad with the Yankees. There are only five major league pilots at the helm today who haven’t been fired at one time or another and a couple of these gentlemen are treading on pretty thin ire. This group includes Billy Meyer of Pittsburgh; Paul Richards, White Sox; Phil Cavarretta. Cubs; Eddie Stanky, Cardinals and A1 Lopez of the Indians. It is interesting to note that Meyer. Richards and Lopez each served tenure in the minors before being moved upstairs. Time Ik Ripe Many baseball ob.servers think that the time is ripe for a realignment of the two major leagues. It is reported that the Philadelphia Athletic« are in a bad way financially and have been getting considerable help from the American League. The Boston Braves are in a bad way and in St. Louis the Browns are suffering now that the Cardinals have started to climb. It all sums u p to the fact that Philadelphia, Boston and St. Louis canmit support two clubs. The American League can’t afford to ':eep pouring money into a losing enterprise although drastic steps may be a year away. On The Mound rs,. 2. Indicated he’ll replace Dl- Maggio with Mickey Mantle of the Yankees if the Boston are can't play. S. Named Jim Turner of the Yankees as hatting practice pitcher to replace Ted I.yons of Detroit. l.eo nurochvr. manager of the WHHTRKN l.K4(.l'K W I- I’rt Calorada Harlan ......... S.% ..%«« CarMn 47 ST ..%«* Hloat CIO ................. 4.S 37 .34* Pratar ........................... 41 SH ..337 Wkhlta ........................... 43 3S ..331 Omaha 41 4! .4S4 Oat Moiaat .............. 34 4N .41.3 I,laa<»la ZS 33 .34« AMKRICAX I.KXCI K W I. I'cf. 4.3 44 4Z 3» 3» 31 3t Z.3 .«Its .3«4 .360 .334 .SZ« .4.3« .41« .33« ^molUya CURT SIMMONS — Faces Americans. VIC RASCHI-AL him. hopes on •Hof Fight T onight A's Averages Batting NATIONAL I.K34ÌI K W I. Prt. ................31 II .70« Vorh .... ........... 47 Z« .«4 4 M. I.OMU ........................ 4« 34 .37.3 Chira«« .................... 4Z 3.3 .343 ChlladHiihIa .................. 3.3 40 ,4«7 MaclHuall .................... 33 4 4 .4Z» llothHi 30 4« .3*3 ■■ilitbarah ZI 3* .Z«3 IVTKKNA riON 31, I.KAtil K 33 I. I’cf. 3loalrral ........... I4«>«hat4ar ................... Hrrarata ......................... Toraaln .............. HprlaaOald .......... llalOmara ......... oiiawa ............ 11 affala ASIKUICAN The New York Giant manager waa not sure which of the two right handers would hurl the middle three innings. He said too, that he was not definite on who would go the final three for the favored National Leaguers. Casey Stengel, manager of the ’American League All-Stars, said Bob Lemon (7-7) of the Cleveland 7«*i to 5 favored National Leaguers, ilndiansvwouid go the middle three also was forced to make a switch, innings for the junior circuit. He. Elwin (Prearher) Roe of the to<i. was not definite on his third Brooklyn Dodgeis asked to i|e ex• «ihurler. cused to visit his seriously ill I»» o O O father in Arkansas nurcK’her r*; STENGEL WAS having his agreed and immediately named problems Monday. He had been Jim Hearn of his own ftinnt.s to ¡5'*,counting on the junior circuit’s replace Roe. „ n uu pitching ares to stifle the big bats A rro33’d of about of the favored National Leaguers, receipts of some $160,000 Is ex- 3 But unless there are last minute pected. il* recoveries, it looks like Stengel Another $12,1,00() will be derivwl •i« won’t have the services of little from radio and television. All the ¡J, Bobbv Shnntz of the Philadelphia money goes into the players an- 3 » ’ Athletics or Allie Reynolds of his miity and insurance fund. The own Yankees. Stengel was being funny Saturday when he promised Shant* that the Yankees would knock the amazing little guy out of the box early on Sunday so he rould ri.B. 4« 4« 43 4« 37 3S 37 3.3 .«ON ..3«3 .334 .■3*Nl .4«! .433 .4 40 .437 ' ab H 4 «wari Z 34 Iter«» 30* I ManilNl Z 02 I Hocli iNiry *2 ' llnldrn ZN« I 33 > 1 « izr. U.jrdBor Z. 3 S Trt» 4 « NliaaU 170 Rirh'to« 71 h 77 • I «7 23 7« 30 .3» 10 3« 14 r Sb 3b «2 17 2 13 .3 1.3 « 4 » • I 1 I 4 4 2 I .3 I 2 Ibi 3« 31 40 14 34 SI 31 4 20 5 Mllwaiibtc K««mi* I'U« act. l,oal*«iU« .32« Ht. r«*i .301 ladlaiuuMilb .2*S Mlaar«iM>lls .272 ( olamlMi» .27 1 CbaHMla« .24« ------ iso Sunday’s Rebulu .212 .1*7 31 37 3* 3* 40 4« 47 47 AHHÍMIATION W I, HU. 31 27 .«34 34 30 .«43 .42 42 .30« 41 42 .4*4 41 43 .4SH 37 46 .43» 37 47 .440 2S 34 .341 4‘* • II'» 17«. 20 '» 23 34 (i.R. 3 • '» S 10 12'» IS'» 14'» VB American I/'ague holds a 12 to 6 edge in the series although the Nationals have won the last two and seek to make It three in « row for the first time since the game was Inauguiated. NEW STAIHUM GUTLET—In order to relieve congestion at Memorial Stadium, Unlver.- ity of Nebraska athellle officials havo •• provided a new entrance (above) to the northwest area. Beforo ^ the new entrance was rut into the stadium pro|>er, the traffic afttr football games was bottle-necked in that aeelion since the on|Y exit was throught the renter section. (Journal Photo.) / * NU Grid Ducats i a» Are Going Fast 1 It 12'« 13 1«'» 17 23 All-Star Hurlers Take Poundings By WALT DOBBINS Journal Sports Editor clear the stadium projier Hkvtf been completed at the northwetC hind Brooklyn, and still getting With Bobbv slated to ‘•«'•n»'»- ^rivej make another bid for All-Amerlea WHy is under ball toting honors, Gornhusker West Stadlunfj f.Kdbnll fans have already plucked ¡>nd a heavy wire cyclone fencC off most of the choice seats in Nebraska’s Mem..rial Stadium as- f>d board affair around the prac^, Buring Business Manager A. J.i“*'® _ iI<ewandowski of a full house for jthe five-game home slate. Coach Bill Cilassford’i eleven, I rated as one of the upper bracket Bill Will Aid ** 3* 14» HrabCMli V«« lli«b««l PHILADELPHIA (i¡P)—-Steaming Bfii heat may put the premium on stamina tonight in the welter- ii,K^3,iibiirr weight title bout between Cham- • pion Kid Cavilan of Havana and ; Gil Turner, the 21-year-old chal- --lender (rom Phn,delph,o. HaSlillilS WlIlS ■ I" 2» N f;« 12 13 22 . « . I Pitching Ip h Hi 6« 52* ; III'! «I«!l «» «3 74 **3ii II« 27'><i 32 2'b 3 bb 2« 31 41 41 3* 37 .VI 14 WTHTRItN LKAGt'K LINCOLN «4 HImi» ( II» 12». »*3.. rail . UArblla «I i'alurado Hprbw*. 9 Pé., rate. * I |>a«bl» 41. Iirarrr 10. * i Umaba 4-2. H*» Mala« «•» * " AMLRICAN LBACiVB I ,5 N.W York 5 «. HbUaarUUOa 2-T * WaOiinalaa 5. Railua 2 * " 4 hlcaau 3. ( Itrrtaa« 2 , ll«lrt>ll S. lU. Loab • ,* 'V NATIONAL LKAGTK ! S*m Vafb 21, Hblla4«lpbia 0-4 fine pitching from such bs Paul j^quails this year, opens against Twrn Nlofvldk Paul Mlnner and Warren South Dakota here Sept. 20. The iTClfiliC illHM Hacker who season’s finale at Norman is n n - ,1 k 11 m «.i.» hitter and a four-hitter resepc- 22 Football and baseball will ml* tively. In the American, the ' ' • • • Wedne.sday night at Shermaii Kenaiors were stili suspended in f»irai»i imv r .. . ..r. Field. fourth place. »KADUNE fi,r picking up Cornhusker Grid Coach BUI Eddie Stanky’s Cardinals were lewrvallons is Aug. 30 and (;iaBjf„rd will join local baseball . . .. ... (inlv ikncf liatnrafa aro . . .. ... . llr«H>bl«a N, Roaop 2 I bica«« S-2. 4 Iprlaaall 1-0 »1. laHil* *-«. HUI*h«r«b 3-4 I.NTKRNATIONAL LKAGl'B KocbeMtr 3. TaroMo 3 IIHtawa «-4. Raffalo 3-3 HrracMM 4. MoMreal 3 llaJliSHir* 2-1. HprtaafIrM I-A AMKRH AN AHHtM lATION , laMilirlll« ll-l. iPdUMpolU 3-4 HASTINGS — Hastings swim- 1“' Midwest '•‘•»••e«'** •• * ftiinw csi , Swim Crown hMlrUoM <21, pp<l.. rals. .M oih I uv ' r Gumea Will the •6-year-old keed from the Cuban canebrakes wilt under the fury of Gil’s sw'arming attack*’ Can Turner carry his pace over the 15-round route against Gavilan, the indestructible man? Those are the questions to be answered in Municipal Stadium AAU swimftiing ilP where 40.000 fans are expected to here, edging Omaha Field Club by pav $300,0(M) to .«ee the latest home point, 108-10i, n . wkhthin LKSnt'K town sensation bid for a world’s Hastings swimmer Cail Benia ,, moin .• m ..« i «to iiflo 'it 8 nm fCSTl the only triple Winner in the •»ebi« *i i'»»*»* line ai o p m. ivai i. | , ...¡..nimo ih«- 4fiii w»«»»« *i • uior««« hph ««* With prosjiccls of hot. muggv m»’n s divi.non, winning th . weather and daytime temperature «<»0 and 1.500-meter .‘ vents. He « around 95, this could build up into swam on the winning n \ tion 4L LFAnra another Sugar Ray Robin.son-Joey meter iree-style relay n » «•»»• iibeSai*«. Maxim duel of survival. However, Jane , , ,,, , V there will be no glaring television 800 and ^''\hO*metf r frw-s y I iieHfluV R (»UIllPR lights at ringside because radio, Norma Lllsworth. Omaha, ^ i-bii«4.ipb4« « TV and theater TV all have been «‘t a new record 'he lOO-me^r «nn. --------- -----barred. breast stroke event, with a time Unbeaten Turner, with 25 of ^ u 1 O A knockouts in 31 straight wins. Omaha Field Club Coach George /%H brings a sensational record into D*U protested the Hastings c- the ring. But he face an tory, however, claiming a fol • experienced veteran of 98 fights violation by Omaha Peony I ark who has been knocked down only prevented his club from piac ng once in his 10-year pro career, higher and getting enough points A total of 19 arrests for fishing By United Press Baseball’s annual All-Star game may be a delightful ex-1 itravaganza to the fans but It’s' IsUiU just an added, unwanted ¡chore to the players and man- lagers. I Just how the players and pilots Cnd.r’wh.Tno lhrcu;r.nt"-T..Vt;Hm"'wirh nin. ""'y “ ian."'ln'i;o„mi,,;”Kran N.irCiho strattd again Sunday straight victories which have P»' \ ,V / ,. * k J i leaves the A’s business manager !fewer than six of j 2 over .50« and within 4'^ «"»f IJJ» ‘f 'he upjier balcony ^ Wednesday for pro football ers named to the American and Giants *^** dutv in Canada National League squads saw ac- . * valuable player Advanre firket reservatiohs at tion and thus will come up for , . , . made twlav the moment are highest for the Tuesday’s game without pro,H.r P^^ probably would go Ihl'A’s followint Wedn^Mlay’i either Shantz or Allie Hcyn.ilds J L tiit. “yhe ceremonies will bo short each deliberate rase of snubbing t»m Clark. Naclo’la'aoecesÌNMN takes over business dotJea for rest. The (an., how^r cuuw J-kr -‘7,bay with Min-^ some solace in tnc lacl inai in . . - m»^«. ik vV-Vr ’-iiid of ncMitn'» CioW.H Oopher« Nov. 15, *™ cvrvmvi. y. w... u. ...v.. ïndraâ,t,ÏÏvTÙ.kr «'<• ■'"•“»-n'» horn, f.nnlv. umiounu diy i.s L.uxr |, - h»««* fnr of the 8 o’elo« k game time,” prom- ed by many to tie * tlîiîl. ’'Tyïw.n" ‘«’<1 A. Q. Sctiimmel. presldVnt of . yi ar and now back íi^rtid ’’D.rtIruTsriv ">*• Lincoln Civic Bssebsll Assod..,..., ii;p-v,..,rw;;;dd=,7 S!;’;. "Äv,,' 'r ¡ir «w,-™ <-»»'y s'--«-' "■■‘■'-y I Braves. Bobby .Shantz of the A’s, ^ bust of the Ih. All-Stpr «.mv, ju.tlr. 't'ri: umphed over sin and the 'jayp/ pitcher lost. Those tugged with [ _i„.. Sal Maglie of the Mike Garcia of the Indians ami Satchel I’aige of the Browns. • • • .MAGLIE WAS beaten by the I’hilll«-s, 4 to 1. after the CJiants |l)eal Roberts, 2 to «; .Sjiahii was 'hammered by tin* I)oflg<'i.s, 8 t»i 2, "TT "'drth ld.n,.T d, tw.. y,.n.v» Sun- I’iiiekanI lloiiierN Rill I)eiiv4‘r L oncs By the Assoelatrri Press Bill rinekard |»ound»'d his By Commission h." n dhuiTi, 7 to 6- (V»rc,,-, I- “«“'- I»" " 'I"'"’' ved to the vJhite Sox.' 3 to 2. 'h“ I>*‘nver Bjars from h'nwlng a 13 innings when Minnie Minoso '« Gavilan’s record of 82-12-4 lacks fn win. the glamor of Turner’s perfection but it reflects the Kced’.s willingness to fight ’em all. Ord Defeats S-H All-Stars ORD—Ord defeated the Sherman-Howard All Stars, 7-1, in a sj»ecial Independence Day tilt. Golf Tourney Pairinjjs Told Winners m »«'( nitUHMi 4 )NiM«i«r —Woo er C»l Ilenir lUttin««, '..VIZ 2»*i«r fr»«»i»l*— W on br Uuk H.-it «V .'lO 't lOO owltr bc««<l tlfuli»—W <in by lu«» .Mlndiik uniiih» l-'n ld ' iuh 1 ZI •• 300 mMll*« r»Uf—W '« bv «»m»h« P...ny l'«fk i.Mrrrill IO k J««. Irrrr MvOuir. Ina Ci.rnr»» 4 04 *i ... HOO ■M'ltr frttMtl* r»l«y —W -in b» 11 «» lin»v ' A lf»m « 1 11.». 1/ lim Aiwlif'i’n. Ilia Hill, Mill 10 M» V-, .... IIUUM—M.rI. IliHlKvt. Omith* I’rori» OMAHA—’^Pciirin^?' cinn St«irtin|R IlHi-mrltrr frw %l>l»—l td omah* ( times Tuesday’s qunl.fying U’...,.—» .1 M.m,. luu.n.- Dan Dilla cracked out a three- round of the Nebr.-^ka Amateur,, „ . run homer in the third to ,ce Invitational Golf Championship u,..!..-n.ii i.o., » 1 « the game for Ord. Bill Novosad announced Monday, i»rr*»i .«r,.*»— r.m Amiif--» . u. .,j ,u,. A), Pairings involving Lincoln golf- ii.,a » » - * pitched for Ord and h( Id im Ail ... .tixi mrl«r ladmdudl imdl»» - xvir. k- Sf, s' slfnW- •»('d ItK-lyl.d' Mill l' .I«rry I:.,.-- ». t and hunting violations were reported by the Nebraska Gam«' Commission. This total accrued ov«T a two-wei'k ixTiixl. mil. Following are the offenses of those arrested' although win Ixiwed in Si III S3 TV33* «• *•»••••••’■ . . hit a home run, and Paige, reliev- ' .v, i„ . .K-r ________« ing Ned (iarver, suffered the de- In the nnly «ither games, a feat as the Tigers t»eat the doublehead.*r at Des Moines, the Browns. 8 to 6. for th«ir second «truggling Bruins were ^^aten 4.0 straight under Fred Hutchinson. In other games Sunday the Cubs beat the Reds. 5 to 1 and 2 to 0, the Cardinals downed the Pirates, « to 5 and 6 to 4, and the Senators defeated the Red Sox. 5 to 2. dowaki reported, "partiruiarly for Kanaas, Colorado and Oklahoma and our allotment for the Jayhawk and Buff games will prnhahly be gone before the start of the season.” 'Die e«»mplete Nebiaska slate; Home Sept. *2«: ,S«»ufh Dakota. Grt. 4: biwa State Get. II: Kamas State. Nov. I: Mib.soun. Nov. 15: MiniK'kota. Away Sept. 27: Oregon at Portland. Oct. 18: I’enri State at State College. Get. 25: Colorado at Ikiulder. Nov. 8: Kansa.s at I.awn*nre. Nov. 22: Oklahoma at N«»rinan. Th«* n«‘W exits whlrh will help and 2-1 by Omaha. Rain post- poiM'd a single Wu hlta at Colorado Springs game and prevented play of a Lincoln at Sloirx City double- 'I'he Colorado Springs game was KeronI S<‘l rescheduU'd for a doublehead«'r llritÌKli Open Gity Softball Muny MONPAT Ti30 « M. 4* H, «.Uin^rt »• r.HMItrr Club lAAAl, Iv*|i.f «'»nkf» *• <;r»ln f'.i- IA Al I. V* il.ihsar iluni* (All ««ml N»l'l lUnk V» Cat« (|ml ». ,*v.*UM>l .)t «'iininiri.r »( Oncut« (.rn.ral lli>*i>ilal Karla ( I Hi «3 H M. - hbnwallfr va Jinarnt lAAIIi t.aa ( .1 va Trlrrb.«»« ( a <AA3i. llnf>M .Mft va Hava (All Hotl «'.ma.rvafl«)» *$. (.■•lUa lA'Jn llavrliMk va Hirtb K.irit R>. Um Plaea MONDAY 7i3o V Mrf.hant* ««. Mick't Tiaaaeoft «ULLi Havelock M4INIIAY Ti 30 6 .M.—K«vi> Air *a Ctntumênê (AAll Hi 43 I’l«r( U Clrtaart v(. TeSMI M. h »I K.LL i College View MO.NIIAY 7iSH e IS.—T'illMn» Malr Rank W. C. Y. Ouilavka Kll.l.i Í aT' J llauv I,, (Hr,. b„l. .,.n„hl .„,1 Tuv.,.., n,.h. Xl, i.Tri!;; U,!. ÄX": ludf thf games and the D'xlgers leading Hlafcla» W UlMNil ■ H»r«U Windrll (I Huebra ut Omaha, linrd 110 vnd cnala Nuia-HraMiralv Ylvlilia« U Uh RaaMaiU I'aritiH I't and (<iala Coiar Murkv of Mrmphia The National by 4 '^. The White IJnroln DriviT I. 4 ’II| 1 n itnu, fmrd 410 and <»aiv Mr and .Mra Sox, Indians, Senators and Red ‘::w: .v.r.* i!,;,,,.*'',?,;'. «V, ,;r »L. »'.ihm »' < ..i.( 1....1 it..and ■««(> and a«v.-va<d I'l in litr»ildn<rd dam ^ a S( < oiids timing tOp|K'rl (hf* trials ia‘■I .SCOT»* ailiOtlg the «'arl.y Amcri- and he won the third heat and «an finivi ei . Ilijiitcr, wlio won Royal Lytha Course Monday to I«'ad the early finishers in tlie round of the OMAHA -Jim I/ive of Lincoln Britisii Open golf « liamiiiori'yhip. ». a dr. mini..»* ml *»a «mf.-. »Ird lalvrtv ».laKn« I'l««» «.f KfvldrM* I 'd ( I'.rkrr "t K>1 wiule till' «Rants wer« range of tiie Diulger*. A yi'ar ago th( Whlt(‘ Sox wcie the AL lead- Stars to six well scattered hit- He whiffed 14 batters. 1 « 7 I» ( 10 . M.. I"''', r' last-man-out ra» • He was siiadcd the Brltisii am.itcur title in 1921, Di'k Brown of Ornai.a in the .iiot a 73 on the Royal Lytham ffr'itlill-. (f)UI.S«*, • T' am Mltn I>.>»im» I m. dn while game Om Odd (KKl 00.1 011 0 "« All Slara cud Hattcori Spiltn.k .!-k.i»'.,iav.. I.ukrvaiaic/ (7) and Millvbach. Mudala, rvovo tad tnd S Jnhiiaun W.Nf h.'ia.m, (Imaha and .h rn .Cndi ('■ ft I ‘ti'i am liitk M<!-.hnrr I inculn llr (U n». Il..rrin»iii(i (tm.ih.- and * hu< k »’ar 1 ( 1 » ( imaha •>2.- am i'harlr* ddlr l.insaln. «;. >(». KaniHjft (Imaha and T.d Nlkirl (Imah. 0 IS » m Mtlph (Whdrvl M.rd, I.imoln .lor Wialrr. (Im.ha. and IVll .Nclvon Irti _ mimt Red !»'»«I am Sian Siri'h. I.mcoln: Miav» Kriipinvkl. l-' and Mill Nro'• Omaha * rKia l' 0'.S am Jaik Hr.kinli»r!> Lin..'»» Mob nihi nirl.r»—W n bv Omoha I'. l.mvfln and Orvillr I'ratt (e- iha i>„,» iv . *,,tth. Ku/ir Avrrv. Mar lori’iaiti Ihrm Mrho» _ > 1 " Trv , n,,, ■ , „ j, », K..!!. * - h (i:- Iiivlna —4rp Ni.'bralt (»(«»»»a I't* '* I'.rk |(»u mrtrr trtr'lilr —'. li r facbvrn. V .(k Rpd Sox Adil Nine BOSTON (Jh—The Boston Sox have added nine players to their roster since the start of the ijiu teason. Seven of the players were /.irairan. (imaha and Il.r'ild Mark, r (lir.ihi acquired m deals with other clubs, lo to a m cmr * W rvlitn til ilru. and «all (vmola < »r^ ma 11 1'. ?m 1 II .( Mrrrv l.tni .ln, l-a Ki-«»« . Jr (»mahr and Marvm ah. dm, .ha a m I»wk -raral- r Ir ! m. .In M l- M. d. r (Kiiaha. .nd M I Aarnn ' - ,h,. Another Story on Page 8 UGmra'k IfMial««» tiHi HiA'tvr Ír4r*%l»lr \K ^ t II., ■ ». ( I If..» f. .rd ZiMi mtlrr ba«k»tr<>h»- \\>in by Unr K-il (,rr •- d.i.,f • I'. , I'ark :i i » Kill ui»l»r brtaal vtrok» - W m hv Ni rma Kl, VI itth I- ■' 1 I't-inv I'aik 1 '4 1 (n.n rr, .fdi 3 (Mrmrl»» mrdl»» »»la» — W.m by fltn.,» 1 '. ■».> ¡'ark M t.aii> (.lant Ku fin» ». K . M - , .Mary Klltn W ain» 4 4 V h laklnr and t'ovv..^^na ^h-.rl < «'Mvtr. (vk,l of NcW Y(»lk 1 H *r* Í'í l'lktt* fc*fl ta I I i «al ( vfN -rMj a 4 »%.-‘ 4 í ir* in uh - huuìì ÌUoiikìyn i njoyrd un 8* [)ir ,»'! ovr-r the Giants • • • SIA.N .Ml SI Aiv. of the Cardi led tin NalKKUtl leagues hitters I nrd with .333, nine jiíiints ia-lter liian i.nrd Atw« ll of Chicago. In tiie AL, Ferri.s Fain of tti«' A’s,. l»'i nif •* averag»' witii Billy 1,1 GrxKlman of th»' Red Sox on»- p»)inf tiehirid and Al Ro‘«n of Tflilor lf«U SEAT COVERS AU Makaa aai Moiata ■29”- ScOisfactiom Ctmramtaaé FRED S. SIDLES MOTOkS INC 17ili « O 91. S-70S7 ei.yvrtvl.ili «I »vhiirl I l>h II. f W - I'r Un,I 110 an<! ! Î, -.'»ari i.t W ; id. . I.nrd »V. mint R«M la t l«t»d »V(rr«m. y.ih I Mrlmd» .■( »"it » ! .( .u |(.. 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