Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 29, 1944 · Page 7
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 7

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 7
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iai] live 4 NAUGATUCK DAILY NEWS Need Have Advertise Them Here TODAY! Automotive Wanted To- KCIICCI- Service* Inexpensive: "A sufc place to buy und sell 1SWO BUICK SEDAN J nckiirtl-AV.-itcrbnn-, Inc. a- Wutertown Avenue Dial <J-G109 Equipped pre-war Goodyuar 19-U Plymouth 2 door. with (muter tiros, 193D Ford deluxe -I door. Riulio .mil livutcr. Excellent tires. Chevrolet.--1 door. Fair con ditlon. $:.'00 HOTCHKISS STIiKKT GAUAGli, 'Phone Employment Ill-Ill Wanted—I' tflrl or wonuili witutrt school K'':uUuit ( - with typ iW i-xprrii-iiui!. l-Vrmiuu-nt pos tian. Vi-ry plousnut office- work Ni-ws Office. For Sale J''or ht)K SAI.K — " family |U>IIM<> of .1 rooms. ICxtrii Itn'^e lot ca:«l siuiithwost side. Putsy Phon la, i'.siluir, 3-1 to ur 5*3 Hi{fh St. KIlJIlT room, --family hoil-tf. All inipvovi-mt'iits. in j-iooU condition, ;.«:• K""ixt' and icu-jrt! "lot. Price Sj.Tuu. Also rJ-i-oom 2-famlly hausv. xiiniK'o and extra build- In.!; lut. i'riee Sli.SUO. A. Shcpluy, Tel. --IS.'i. SIX ruinit. uiii'-fiiiiillj- holist-, till irr.provt-moiiL*. Johnson St. Two .'tun:!v huust.' on Sco'.t Si". John Heaiy. Tc'.. 5031. Jlll.l. ST., :i fiunlly liousr, minimi int'ori!". 1 fruni rents, $1,030 yearly. Suit |irii>!. ST.i*iX). See Joseph V. Kosko. C Union St. Tel. -IU2S or MI":. 8 KOO.M I Toast- for .ink-. dfncr of late Guorjto C. Hum, M.< Cliff street. All modern im- provi-inent.M. Apply Trust Dept,, NiiUKatuck National Bank. 3u Wanted To IJuv O.NK, Two and three fiiinlly houses want wl. Also farms and lots. Tel. ,1031, Auto X-jirts — PLYMOUTH AUTHORIZED Sales Service Pnrts, Accessories Malcolm W, Stan- Corp. •IS* Wntcrtown Ave. Dial 5-1WC .Auto AUTO PAINTING SIMONIZING Jimmlc's Garage, 73 ' Ward 5-1203 Watcrbury Automotive OKOKK Now—For limited Htipply of seasoned wood, for stove, I'iru- place, und furnace. Also field stones;. sand;j gmvol, one conl ranye, one.gaa runtre, one wutcr lieuter, alao cedar I'e'rv'ce and clothesline points, nnd numerous 'other items.''LiKht trucking and moving. Dial 2302 uflcr -1 p. m. G. Sulinarcli, OSS So. Main street. Clothing OUR 33rd' • AUGUST '.8A&E'"" Is Now Going On Ho re's You r .01) a rice • To Bay AndvSave- Hero' we go again.'.with more suj>er values for Auin>Ht|?,",-Wh!lc LADIES' vt GENTLEMEN'S SUITS Tailor made, $28.75. New Full and Winter Styles. JOHN MAGONK 397 N. Main St. 28 Household Articles COMPLETE Homo /llrlllshlMj;M boux'ht. for cash. HI&'lii-Ht prices puid for electric rcCrigurntoi's, washers, and stoves, regardless of condition. Francis Fimiitare Co. •H9 NORTH MAIN STRRKT Telephone 3000 Motorcycles, Bicycles !« 1XCI1 llicycli! condition, boys. <j p. m. minted. Call 395-1 Good nfter KLECTHIC Itvf rlgurntor, jfii.s stovi; electric u' a s h o r PI case call 370S. wanted. Contractors Painting •ArKU ITAN'GIXG and Piilntlnp. W. F. Cota, *17 Cedar Street. Tel. 0-155. Cars of export freight other han conl nnd yruin unloaded ut \tlantic. Gulf and Pacific; ports he first huh 1 of 19-1-1. totaled 893,- tOC, compared with 012.97-1 the ame period in 13-13, a -1C per cent ncreasc. SIZE M hoy's suit. Worn ONLY TWICE. Blue tweed double breasted. Call 2109. AMJilUCAX \V:iluut ilinin- UUile, G chair. Also 2 trunks. Phone 3102 Id .I'IKCK walnut, diniiit; n>um set( in froocl condition. Also 30 sq. yonU inlaid linoleum. Ajiply 121 Aetna St. between Ti and U p. in. Lhe supply lasts somo of comers' will snatch up unbclle'vablo •bui-gains'in fine' living-room sultea,' bedroom suites and quality dining' room furniture' 1 . This furniture comprise)! one of oiir biggest purchases,' a -. pre-war purchase that' has made'ou'r'sclectip'nBjilar.ger now than ever before. j'noludc'cl ; ' : mvthiH tfrcat event; ure bedi'6"piii,*8uito.s~'in great ' variety' . . . pcriocT" 'istylcs, modern;'and. Swedish 'jtaoclcrn, almost any kind of suite you cou.'d wish for-. . . clinoUe'^BUitus palorc '. . , and a tremenclous";scluctlon of occasional pieces, kitchen furniture, i-ugsi nnd flaor-coveringa^- and nursery furniture. There ,ia ^furniture for 'every roon\. and.'-^osl !'ncerls. Suu these outstanding values now at Albert's und SAVE! Connecticut's Lm:y.cs-t Furniture 'Sto'!''6'., : --^ A-L-B-10-E-T-S C" 2GS Soul)) Ma in- St. - WnterburV''- -•" VDJSATJ-Iv TO 'KOAC11ES" will rl your 1 home .-of. roaches'and ants or rnbh'ey; refunded. $1.25. 'Adamt Pharmacy '6rY.Unicm.Cily Pharm acy, ' • ^' •' ' ;' '' t ' ' '' KIXCHKN Cubliiut—white caiunel modern, pracUca} Made by Sellers. McFarla'nd!-' 17 Cbd'ar St Gl<;i»vood "K" r.ou! range. Complete with hot water front. Also on'c gas heater, A-l "condition'. Call 5-177 after 6 p.m. GLENWOOO Itltchen -range. Oil and 'gii's with black and white trimming.; fWestinghousc. electric refriEe'ra;.or. ' !•( "Hot'chklss St. .-. Noon .'hour, or call Wtby. n-S7S7. Mr. Larson! . - 30 CKIBS — Youth Beds, Carriages, chairs, Play Pens, balhi- ncttcs, large selection of toys. Lowest prices in town. . BEACON KIDDIE CENTRE -73 GRAND ST. Wtby. UABY unto lied*, $3.98i, l>al>y auU scats, also large selection of toys THE RADIO SHO? 180 Grand St ' Watcrbuj-y . ' • SOU Musical JOJJA-S MUSIC SHOP Wo buy, t«:ll, ..>x<;)i:m)fc, and repair a)) kinds- of : inatrurhents. Lowest prices in the city. 380-382 So. Main St., Watb'y,' Conn. ' ' Education 3.1 Local And. Private .Instructors DINA-SCHOOL OF. MUSIC STUDIOS—WATBY. 4-D028- EDS South Main—11 Wilson Street Piano — Voice —Mandolin Children, Adults, Advanced, 'Beginners, Rapid Piano Course for Adults Instructions .KATIN Scientific MIISSURI;, (j<>"d field. Masseurs .needed. Evening Classes. Write for free bookOct. CoilCfre Massage. 77 Plaza, Bridgeport.' • '. JACK O'HKIKN—WKLDING .;281 So. Main St. Wal:crbury Tel. NHUJJ. 2. r j21—Wsitby. 4-8418 l.'rofcuslonal Sorvlccs iNG and slip covers. Amay.ingly low prices. Allen's Upholstering Studio. " Mastercraft •AHifrts. Grand SI: Watcrbury. Dial -i-OCIS RKD top Insulating- wool. All types. Installed if desired! T. J. Won- tambault, MO No. Main St.' Union City. Tel. 2G83/ ' ' USTOM RKCPHO^STKRING — Special 2-picce Suilo $59 GRIFFIN UPHOLSTERING CO. N'aueatn'ck • '• •' ' ' " ' ,. J'l.-ino Tuning S YOCIK J'lANO In dp-top Kha|H! for your oominsr •/all .and winter pleasure?- Call Metro Music Mart, 88' Churclr-"St.. : 'for expert service.- Dial ."J2S7.' KI-ECTKICAL JtcpoJrlnK Hervlo* Appliances " » " specialty/' 'Hay Decker, 402 N. Main St. Tel. -JOOP. Oil, BUHNKRS cli-annd nnd -rn- paired, All work guaranteed. Tel. ' 3020, Harry Churchill.". - , Order* taken for new Elcctrolux cleaners. Also parts and repairs. I, NisHcn. Bonded'repairman. 3 Torcsa avo. Dial 4822:-^.. 40 Clrunlng Arid'Dyeing- KIEVMAX-S. Great Dry Cleaning Firm, offers its first cla»n dry cleaning not only in family RW- mcnLs, but blankets, rwjfs "and otti- er speclnlties In Ihts field. KIEVMAN'S ' 7G..Church Street BUY WAR BONDS AM) STAMrS Frederick, JTd.,' after 80 'years, still is paying off a $200,000 ransom to .1 Civil general, who threatened to burn-the town Interest amounts to $531,000. The debt will be paid in I9S3. I3.CZ SAWYKR By ROY CRANK To Boy" CAS H ror y ° ur .^i-^CAi, Mecca Music Co. 203 They keep fighting- You keep buying WAR 8QMDS BAN'K nafo itepo.slt l>oxiis \vimlt:d'. Highest casl: prices "p.'iid. \yir.e collect, write or phone what you hnvo to offei-, J. K. Murphey;-He- pub'Iic OOS-1, Sl. r i Yctuman Ave.. \Vebster Groves 10, Me. S Anil Olil Gold lioiiKlit. Watch rejJaii'in),' our specialty. ' GRAND JEWELRY , 312 Grand Street ' Dial G-0082 FINE CAST IN THE BAD FILM NOW AT THE STRAND THEATER WK, HAVK BUVKK.S for 1- family huuses. Jos. V. Rosko, 3 Union St. Tel. 4S2S-2052. Announcements 12 .-\nnounceuienti~ MONUMENTS Special prlr;e» on All Memorial* N. RICHARDS 2GO 3o. Main St. Naugatuck mum: AFTI-:I;. LABOR DA Y Thi! children will bi- K"inK buck to school; the coal bin 's'.' fni-1 tanks will nued to be filled; the family will want warmer 1 clothns; r.-tc. If you n.H-d KXTP.A CASH for these oi other essentials, phone •l-27«2 and ask MR. WALL to arrange fi loan. A loan of $100 cn.its SlP.fiO when rupalc! In 12 c(|U:iI principal con.iecc- t'ivi. monthly payments. PHONE Dick Powell. Linda Darnell and ack Oakie share stellar' honors in "It Happened Tomorrow," Rene Clair's sprightly comedy now plny- Inp at the Strand theater released through United Artists. A story property acquired by Arnold Pressburfrer from Colonel Frank Capra when he left the movies for -Ihc armed forces, "It Happened Tomorrow" rnis one of the most unique und hilarious plots ever to reach the screen. It is the tale- of Larry Stevens, youn^c reporter on the Evening News in 1S90 who receives a copy of iomorroow's newspaper. .. ,to- cluy. As a result ot" his ownership of the paper, Stevens finds himself involved in a series of strange adventures during the course of which he wins a fortune nt the racetrack, predicts the future with uncanny accuracy, and finally lands in the calaboose when the police link Ills name with crimes he has predicted after reading tomorrow's newspaper. The tangled events unravel to a surprise climax after the phantom newspaper predicts Stevens' death. Dick Powell plays the lauph- fillec! role of reporter Stevens. Linda Darnel! provides romantic interest as Powell's fe'irl friend. She portrays a clairvoyant who ilorig with her uncle (Jack Oakie) puts on a fake crystal gating act. An outstanding supporting cast has been assembled to get the maximum of mirth out of the comedy. Edgar "Slow'Burn" Kennedy, Edward Brophy, John Phi- lllber, George Cleveland, SifT Ru- World War A Year Ag-o August 29, 943 o- -o (IJy United J'rcss) Germany interns KinK Christian, 01' Dcnivmrlt, deposes the ffovci'n- mcnt and pTaces the entire country under law. Danish navy fights German troops who attempt to soi:!c) the Copenhagen Navy yard, by blowing 1 up ammunition dumps antl scuttling: those wai'ships" unable to ff'-'t away to Sweden. I Great Britain nnd tho United Suites svarn Germany that she would bt; held accountable for atrocities perpetrated on civilians. lieriin rejects Swedish note pro- testinfr sinking of two fishinfr boats: Germany declares ships had been in forbidden waters. • On Russian front. Soviet U-oops ca'pture I.-yuboiin, west of Khar- kov. Allied bombers conLinue heavy hombinR of Italian railway com- RECORD CROWDS . . VIEW "GREENWICH VILLAGE" AT LOEW'S Last night with tho 'sliou'iiifr of tho 20th Century-Fox's new Tech- r.icoior musical, "Greenwich Vil- luffo," audiences at the Loew •T-'oli theater were treated to tho merriest Mardi-Gi'.'is of'laughs, tunes, romantic doings and K^S spectacle to hit a local screen' in a lonjr, lonff time, and mighty welcome' it '-was too. Apparently, always more' than a stop-ahead of-the llcl<l iri'miisi- cal, 20t)i Contury-Kox has really "shot? the • works" on this one, including the stand-out-cast starring Carmen Miranda, Dor. Amcche, \Villiam Eondix and Vivian .Elaine, "The Cherry Blonde." a perfect di'Qum of a production and the most dazzling Technicolor, this side of heaven. The film is packed tight with more thrills lhar, a Mardi Gra.s, more gals than a 'JrJiU'cm, more songs than a flock of mocking birds and solid, downright fun that reaches u new high in hilari- IX SPREK NEIT ENGEtSCHE. NO, YOU DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH. OKAY, SCOUT, I'LL TAKE A CU&KCE. THIS IS A CASE WHERE BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS KOMEN SIE,^ MYNHEER so I'M ro;&p V»ITH you? BUT :,HOW:rol-KWpw;.VDo;RE DUTCH, AND NOT GERMAN)?: HOW DO I KNOW YOU'RE NOT jINVCAHOpTS \yiTH THE JAPS ? JUST WY LUCK. AND THERE'S NO WAY OF PROVING THIS NOT* FROM THE COBRA It GENUINE.' ETTA KKTT =ANSWEp IS.-- RIGHT HEPE/ SNAZZY LITTLE FOXHOLE.' WHEPEyAGOIN'TD SEF UP CAMPAIGN /M YOUR HOUSE. 2 WITH YOUR OLD MAM ? INCLUDE .. --AND MOM SAID WE Vi COULD USE 7WE LN ING j BOOM FOR ANOFFICE-l ' SECJIICT AGENT X9 By ROBERT STOKJn . ou.s entertainment. Anyihinj,' can- mumcations; shoot down 2S enemy | am ,_ c|oos hrippon in "Greenwich P lanoK ' Villafre," it all starts when Don Amtehe, in the role of a .corn Jed Kunsjin with a Carnegie Hall com- p)t;.\ - , \vho has come East to realise his ambiLions- as a composer of serious music, wanders into New York's famous Greenwich Village at tho height of. its /.ani- est, meet celebrated period. Before man. Paul Guilfoylc, and Marion Muriin all combine their talents in featured roles. On the same program is "P.;ici;- et ?rfan" with Tom Nonl .-md Jeanne Hates. GOT SURPRISE PRIVATE BUCK Boston, Aug. 29—(UP)—A Newton man received quite a surprise from an automobile dealer, bul. in the end the dealer wus the most surprised. Chester Holbrook was called by used Oar dealer Jospeh Levin, who asked Holbrook for his gasoline ration book bc- causo he had just bought the Car. Holbrook notified police who found that Levin mistakenly purchased Holbi-ook'.s stolen car. Ho.'brook got his automobile back. But Levin was out $023. you could say, "Stravinsky!" Carmen Miranda, the village fortune teller and fortune hunter—spots him, and steers him into William Ecr.dix's night club, whore she. is employed. Th"e co-hit on this grand entertaining program is "Thruo Little Sisters" with Ruth Terry. DKSl'UOYJiO JJY KIKE One-half million Ions of wire arc manufactured into nails in the U. S. each year. Stafford Springs, Aug.- 2D—(UP) —Firo has destroyed the 14-room Bosquet Convalescent Home of Stafford Springs. Teh women patients were removed to safety when the flames began to spread from the roof''throughout- tlic frame building, ; .- •-'.. , Teddy Roosevelt Kin Marries "I'm troubled with spots b«for« my «yes, Doc—usually a number first, and thon seven will come Money Front a News Want Ad to Buy Extra Bonds The former Pauline J^onjfwortli, pranddaiiffliter of the late ^President Theodore Roosevelt, nnd lier grotmt, Alexnnfler' McCoi'niiolt Sturlii exit from Uif Emmanuel church in Manchester, Muss., following (heir marring.'. The bride Is the d'aiiR-hivr of the l:it<- Nicholas Lon'i;- wo'rth who was Speaker of tho Mousn of 'BuproHcntutivcs for Nix years, (jnteniatioiiiil) :-j . ;... VOUR Hl6f HAS BE£N T£LUN6'/ JAWOHLl fCH M£ ABOUT YOUR EXPLOITS t& STWE ZU IH R6R FAIR ENOUOH! weu., MAIHO> / WE CAN HATCH A SCHEME / AT TO TRAP US A PEW N4Z(«... / WE'U. LY nett josr 1 A SPOT ON AN f&&> ) I WE, PEOPLE.' HEU.C, CORStlGAN I YOU COLONEL HUNTER SLAD TO' KNOW YOU AGENT GERMAN* B.-UIJ.TEV- .GpOGLt;. AXD SJS'l'FJTY SMITH By BILLY DE BECK TWE SWUF'LESS SKONK III HE ORTER KNOUJ TO TOSSL£ UJIF Pi SHUT-TAIL VOUMG-UN OJMftR'S GOOGLE, IN T^E OWELLIN V40US£,SUT LEETLE JU&Hft\0 BRICK BR.4DFOKD By-WILLIAM KIT! nnd CLARENCE GRAt 1 DON'TJ-ACKLE -SLUG! ) GOOD IDEA,BRICK I MUGGS AND SKEETEB By WALT.V BISHOU PL«VINS TICK-TACli-TOC. —. AKP IP VOUR GRANDPA LOSES IT'LL COST HIM

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