Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1928
Page 6
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, H! . Off 33. - (A.fM an; cf hi-? $ah|<H*t mftftpr, Ow>. JW, irrfrmelttR «JHnr nf 8*tth» Orwfc. <Mteh'» Moon .T *~S5*e*-Ii"?,f"p;T." to f to fh* f .h*ine of Mr. Df»!llver jidfjiTsswl th# an mi*! path«rine of tb«° Inland Pres Association b?rr, "1 »m not surf." he said, "th* this subject. 'Us Buckere' is gram mM~ic*ny correct. It should be. p»r Imps. 'We Suckers." ftut, consider l.n§ that w OwsvtpRpfr publishers *rt the nbjm- le.wn I think i should be placed in the east, ""I have here n satchel ermtstln Ing-fane week's collection of fr«s pub Jttlly mat ter as dumped on Thf Bat tl* Creek Moon Journal. In thi week's mill, no less than 76 sepjir at* types' of space -baggers cmigh the fr« «<=e of our cohimnR. OcltiK farther Rhd dividing Mirse types in to Individual concerns an norganlBt tlom rcprrsentfd brings the figure to 327. "If these "C types alone had eae! taken a ten-inch ad $533 would have been ndded to our income. If the 337 separate space seekers taken a ten inch ad, the revenue Would have been $1,563. "This mail consists of the fol lowing: Political advertising, 5! pieces, between right and nine a day radio publicity. 38; automobile 'news stories, 20; government publicity 12; magazines. 10; schools and colleges. 8; movies, 6; utilities, 4, am ths remainder from two score other organizations and companies. "There were 52 letters of political campaign thunder, mostly out of Republican headquarters in Chicago The campaign managers pay ca.«,h money lor radio broadcasting, billboards, posters, newspaper plat* matrices, bands, halls, speakm, but not a red cent to the newspapers With some of us they even rub it In by demanding a campaign contribution. It costs $8,000 to $9,000 to broadcast a political speech and anybody can tune it out, at will. Between $8,000 nnd $9,000 for shooting In the dark— and not ft cent for newspaper publicity going into a definite number of homes. "I am a Republican and my part- her Is a Democrat; We compromise by throwing every line of unpaid political advertising Into the wastebasket." Secretary's Report. Publishers were urged not to print free publicity by Wll V. TufTord, wcretary of the Inland Daily Prc« Association, in his report today to the October meeting of the organization. "The evib of free publicity, which *ve have been working on for five pr six years, arc still with us," he *aid. "There is only one remedy to suggest. . Don't, run the stuff." Mr. Tufford said he refrained from Ik dkcu&siou of a movement to es- ~t»Ulttn"~c$~rn"jnflioTy cenaorirjlp of advertising and to make publishers co-responsible with fraudulent advertisers. because of the "alarming control it would give politicians and Others over daily publications," The cut in second class postal Irates, secured last July, had been Sound Inadequate, he reported. PLEADED GUILTY TO CHAE0E OF FORGERY New York, Oct. 23—(A.P.)—After pleading guilty of attempted forgery In signing the name of William Randolph Hearst, publisher, to a check for $15.000, Danbridge H. Bibb, who &ald he was a San Franci&co contractor, was sentenced in general sesalons to an Inde- termine term of from six monthe to three years in prison. Bibb bad served prison terms in Illinois and California. . t>T. T>. R.swlSnt*. st*t* director ef ' bsNsITh. May s«J.d that whil* n *«• H! nw* efi*n than m.rt that 9* p*r of nil do«roift»? dt*th* In Illinois last yssjf wci'fs snwnst m*>n, »nd th<jt during the «sme llm? lew fh»n 52 wr tent, of Mrths were n»»l«s. Out o? the 28 centtHftrtanii who were nnmbtr*d mtnonf the *7,ft§8 fataliiip* downstair, fifteen wtr* %*om<?n, although total deaths of men fxcp*d- ?$ tnow of women by 4,773. Fiirth prmore. 14,1 more women than men hnd jmssed fheir RSth birthday. "Tn th* adult population." aafc Dr. Rswllngs. "women experSenc more Nines* th«n men from every sort of sickness for which com parisonR are warrantpd. This .state ment is based on a house to houtu survey made by the U. 0, Ptibll health nerrice. The rewss is tni among children less than ten year old. "Girl babies are more apt to stir vive their first year of life than ari boys. While 65 ptr esnt of the births last year were male*. 66 per cent of the deaths of children under one year wsre boys. This eltuatlor prevails from year to year indicating that the male baby require? much more painstaking care than the female at the outset of life, "Prom Infancy throughout the remainder of life until the &%$ of 88 the death rate among males Is higher than among females. After pas- ing 85, the number of deaths among women Is greater, for the very simple reason that there are more women than men In Hint nge group and even women en n't live forever, 'The most fatal group of diseases last year was that classed as general, nnd includes cancer, appendicitis, rheumatism, goiter, and the like. These disorders caused 6,316 fatalities downstate, and women fared worse than men, the number of female deaths being 3,481. From external causes, the low among males was 3,060 against 381 among females. Old nge was credtt- •d with the deaths of 108 women and 185 men." PATRON SHOT BY TEACHER THREE WEEKS AGO DIES Benton, 111., Oct. 23 — (A.P.) — harles Richardson, prominent farmer of the Doty school district near lere, died Monday in the West Frankfort hospital from a gunshot wound he received when assaulted by Floyd Watson, & school teacher. The shooting occurred three weeks go and followed a quarrel between Watson and Richardson over the punishment of three of Richardson's children, who were attending the school taught by Watson. Watson, a candidate two years ago for state representative on the democratic icket, was arrested following the ouaniid~IieI(r~In~jail unlH~¥ week ago, when he was allowed to ilc bond on a charge of assault to murder. : There was hope then that Rich- Tdson would survive. He was ra- ,rrest«d today and held on a charge if murder. An Inquest was conduct- d here this morning. slSTER OF CHICAGO'S MAYOR WINS D1VOECE Chicago, let. 23 — (A.P.) — On irounds of desertion, Mrs. Florence Jurkhordt, sister of Mayor William iale Thompson, was granted a dl- •orce Monday from William Burk- mrdt, former member of the Illinois •oinmerce Commission. Bank clerks, schoolmasters, estate agents, a chemist and an architect ere among the students attending special classes for the training of clergymen in England. PORTRAIT CALENDAR One pic-tu re oi eaeh-dozeiLtakeji Jaefore^ 1 will be mounted, free, on a beautiful portrait calendar, Chase Studio Photographs live forever 320 Lxmt St. Tel. 880-J FEEL WONDERFUL? Food that "Stands By" You Means Better Prices for Your Property/ Aectlon »a!a adTcrtteMwenta »re ran In the slws «i»ee Jn the sample btlow. Beeawm ef conditions *t ttw prmeat time » special auction nale rate *or fanners will t» made thin searan. An *dverU**ra*nt dollar to the one below will be run one time for $15, tw» tUnea for $88, three times for 849. A wUe Cantwt b« succwwfn! wnteiss there to a crowd prt»«nt. A crowd cannot be wcnred without libers! edTertl»i»ff. Tb» Dally Gazette often the best medium, with over 6500 circulation dally, In tW« territory, f« *4- auction tales. Thews prices are ft bl* reducUon to famien over former rmtca. The Preparation for a Successful Sale How To Get The Crowd. How To Get Bigger Prices. Read All Of This. I'OU HAVE ONLY ONE CHANCE Bear in mind that all your goods are going to be sold on ONE day, and on that day depends whether you make or lose ]>erhaps several hundred dollars. A_ few_dcHars^ _espense is absolutely ~nothing at all comimred~wIlTrtIfe'Tni-~' portancc of advertising i'our sale RIGHT. nlahing them with a convenient meth» od of talcing them home. • Machinery, Buggies, Etc. Should all be clean, in good repaiy and so arranged that each piece csn be'teen by the bidders and tlie auctioneer can see his audience at all times. Harness should be newly cl**n*d end oUcd and should be sold on the horses If possible, WONT TAKE CHANGES 111' SCRIMPING YOUR ADVERTISING The sample form on the opposite will be of material assistance in making up your list to be offered for sale. As the reader always goes over the list carefully be sure not to omit,anything, as some particular article may bring a bidder many miles. Note after each article, in a short-and-to-the-point manner, a description, as "a fine matched team," "sound and well bred," "nearly new," "weight, color and age," "coming fresh soon," etc., as the case may bt. If you have any article that is of special value, be sure to mention the fact. Well bred horses or cows, a line lot of hogs, a flock of pure bred chickens, good implements and tools, well - described household furnishings, all prove a good drawing card. Helpful Sale Suggestions Your Horses, and Cattle Should be carefully groomed and made tfi look as_well..£s_nossjble.. _Number and tag every head. Lead it out by itself that the bidders ni&y not have their attention diverted. Hogs and Sheep Should be graded in different classes, not too many in a pen. All their surroundings should be neat and clean. Fowls Should be cooped and crated, not crowded, and sold with coops and crates. This increases bidders by fur- MifcellaneoB* Articles Should not be left in the corners of the "yard, barn or house, of"tiftder piles of rubbish. If they are worth selling at all, flsh them out, clean them up, get them ready and get every cent possible out of them. Do Just As You Advertise—Always Nothing can be more Important, A suspicion of side-bidding will kill a sale, no matter how bie the crowd. Make It an open sale and take your chances. Be Sure to Have a Lunch Some auctioneers refuse to cry a sale without. A full stomach, or the prospect of one, makes a good bidder. Don't omit the hot coffee. The Auctioneer Qet a good auctioneer—the best to be had—one who is honest and reliable and whose statements can be relied upon. He must be a man familiar with anything you may have to sell and be able to see and explain the good points to the bidders. The Cleric Bhould be a plain $md rapid writer, well known to the community where the sale is to be held, accurate in figures and personally agreeable. He should be familiar with the financial condition of the bidders^ sq^ihat he may be able ToTgivs advice along this line. Terra* of Sale This depends on th* time and other- conditions. Sales held in the fall should have nine mouths to one year's time; if in the winter, six or nine months. Ask the auctioneer or the bank where you expect to dispose of your paper. As to charging interest or giving time without discounts for cash, you should be governed by conditions. I will sell at Public Auction in Washington township GREEN ISLAND, IOWA on the land known as the Theodore Martin farm, on Friday, September 7 beginning at 10 o'clock a. m., the following personal property; consisting of Thoroughbred and Grade Stock, described as follows: 121Head ofLCattle These Caltle are all T, B. Tested 3 herd bulls. 58 Shorthorn cows and heifers. 42 Holstein cows, heifers and calves, 18 Jersey and Guernsey cows and calves. Pedigrees for Pure Bred Stock may be obtained from Mr. Theodore Martin. 15 Head of Horses Blue roan mare. 2 years old, weight about 1380; red roan ware, t years old, weight about 130(H black mare, 14 yean old. weight about 16WJ; blue roan mare, 2 yean old, weight about 1200; bay colt, 2 yeara old, weight about 1300; span grey mar**, S year* elg, weight about £800: black mare. 8 yean old, weight about 1800, colt at aide; black gelding, 8 years eld, weight about 1500; spaa mules. S yean old, weifht about 2109; black and white Shetland pouy, 8 years old, colt at tide; Shetland pony, I year eld; 8beUao4 pony, 3 yeara old. | 150 Head of Hogs 26 brood sows, 1 Red boar, 13 Fall pigs, 110 Summer pigs. Sheep*-24 Ewes, 14 Lambs MACHINERY 1 ford roadster with box, Kelly duplex grinder, 1 t«n feeder, i International silo «SHt- ter, 1 hay rake, 1 ear corn »Ueer, £ munare spreaders, 1 Smediey self feeder* 1 Twin City tractor, 8 iron wheel truck wagons, 2 bay racks, 1 McCormlck «i«e delivery, 1 JVjfMtioa ridin ^glgyg ^*M» Mm lginl Haaaerter mower, S tractor dtsca, t tractor f*nf plow, S Mtto CeneeNi banwii. 1 hpfac McCormkic Dfwrinf bay loader, 1 com binder, 1 MeConolok binder. 1 I aovil, 1 (rlttdetone, I emery wheel. I bench vfct, I Champion drill, 31 Bt Super tatelurf, 1 feed cooker, 1 spray outfit, 1 band cUpper, i MWiag estftt, »U and equipment, Terms of Sale, Cash Lunch at Noon, No property removed until paid for. Dell McElroy, Sheriff F, J. K»K»t£, C. H. Gibson, Cietfes J. B. Mt&a«fliUa, Bee H. McGowtn, AacU, Your Sale Advertised in The Daily Gazette Insures Successful Results The Largest Farm Medium in This Territory-Ask Your Auctioneer-He Knows CaM Main Make Contract for Your Newspaper Advertising When You Engage Your

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