Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on November 7, 1861 · 1
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 1

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 7, 1861
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r rzm'WWH ' 7; ;r-; . -i-rr rrTr . , " -: BY 'WHEELER - & LYNDE. ; THURSDAY , MOREING, :N OYEMBER 7, 1861. VOLUME. 1SYHL NUMBER' 110. 1 .- Dr. LIGHTHILL Has extended his stdy in this city until November 17th. DR. LIGHTHILL, Surgeon to the Medico-Surgical Institute for the Treatment of Deafness, Catarrh. and Diseases of the Eye. NO. 34, ST. MARKS PLACE, - NEW YORK, Is now at the Bangor House, Bangor, where he willremain until November 7tk, one month longer than first anticipated, where he can be consulted on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, DISEASES OF THE EYE. Noises in the Head, Discharges from the Ear, Earache, Catarrh in its various forms, and all the various Diseases of the Eye Successfully Treated. Ope ations for Cross Eyes, Cataract, Artificial Pupils, Eistula Dachrymalis, &o., performed to the entire satisfaction of the patient FOR the last ten years DRS. LIGHTHILL have paid exclusive attention to the treatment o Diseases of the Eye, Ear, and Throat. They have practiced in some of the largest cities in the Union aDd in order to centralise their business and acoom mod&te their patients, they have permanently located in New York, where one of the members of the firm, with his assistants, is constantly present to attend to their pr&ctioe. For evidence of their success in the treatment of the Diseases of the above mentioned Organs, the reader is referred to the an nexed notices of the press, selected indiscriminately from a laree number in their possession. HOME TESTIMONIALS. CATARRH. This is to certify that I was afflicted with Catarrh in the worst form. I had a constant discharge of mucous from my head into my throat- Hardened pieces of mucous would come from my throat and nostrils, after a severe effort to raise them, which almost took away my strength. I had a severe pam on top of my head and above my nose; my rood would not digest easy. In fact, I was completely run down. Physicians would call my disease incurable Last Spring, while Dr. Lighthill was at Portland, by the uersuation of my friends, I placed myself under his care, and after two months treatment was entirely cured, and have remained well up to this. WM. E. JAMES. Portland, September 28th, 1861. Success of Dr. Lighthill. We are pleased to notice the success of Dr Lighthill during his stay thus far in the city. The following remarkable case is thus attested : To the afflicted t oih Deafness: I have this day been made almost a new man, by an operation by Dr. Lighthill which restored to me my hearing, of which I have been deprived for nearly 17 years My deaineb came on gradually. I am 54 years of age, and e:ide in Winterport JOHN J. THOMPSON. Bangor, Sept. 25, 1861. Bangor T imes, Sept. 23th, 1861. Mr. Eeitor This is to certify that Dr. Lighthill operated to-day upon my wife? eye for cataract or blindness. Mrs. Parks has been totally blind for one year. After the operation, she could see, and directly knew the persons around her by sight, which she has not been able to lor over one year. Respectfully, WM. fl. PARKS. Dr. Lighthill. at the sametime, and also at the house of Mr. Parks, operated sncoes fully upon Mits Mary Ann Kimball, for cross eyes or strabismus, and in a short tin e straightened her eyes perfectly. Miss Kimball resides with Mr. Parks, at Hertnon, where both patients are doing well, and can be seen by those interested. MARY A. KIMBALL- WM. H. PARKS. Hermon, Oct. 4,1861. Bangor Times , Oct 5th. Another Cure by Dr. Lighthill. The following certificate attests the success of a difficult operation in opthaimic surgery for the cure of the rare disease of a turning np of the eye : Ths is to certify that Dr. Lighthill straightened my nghteye, which was turned up under my upper eyelid ever since I was two years old. My age is 24 years, and I reside in Oldtown, Me. . HORaCJSM.DICKEY. Bangor, Oct. 7th, 1861. Bangor Times , Oct. 7th. Below is a description of Catarrh by Drs. Lighthill: C atarrh . Catarrh is one of the most offensive and deleterious diseases which affect tbe human frame Its seat at the commencement is in the mucous membrane of tbe- nose; but to show by what means it exerts such a pernicious influence upon the general health, and how it extends itself to so many important organs, a short description of that membrane is requisite. The gastro-pulraon&ry mucous membrane commences at the edges of the lips and nostrils, nro ceeds through tbe nose and mouth to the throat, from whence it is continued through1 ut the whole length of the alimentary canal to the termination of the intestines, and also along the windpipe ana its various divisions, as far as the air cells for tbe lungs, to which it affords a lining. From the nose the membrane extends through the tear passages until under tbe name of conjunctiva ft spreads over the forepart of the eyeball and inside of the eyelids. Other offsets from the nose line tbe frontal, maxillary, etbmoioal and sphenoidal sinuses, (small cavities i-itaated in the bones bearing the same name ) A prolongation extends through the Eustachian tabes to line that passage and tympanum, or middle ear. Catarrh in its first stages is an inflamation of the ining of the-nose It produces a feeling of uneasiness, neat and stiffhess in the nostrils, which are often closed on one or both sides, caused by the thickening of the membrane from inflamation soon a thin, watery substance commences, excoriating that part of the skin with whieh it ocmes in contact. - If the disease is not checked then, the discharge soon beoouies thick and purulent, of a greenish yellow sometimes tinged with blood, with an edor more or less disagreeable, and sometimes very offensive. The breath of the patient becomes so revoltingly offensive as to isolate him from society, -and render him an object of disgust to himself! The discharge frequently drops down the throat, and has to be hawked op in order to obtain relief the senses of smell and taste become greatly imp&red and sometimes entirely lost a distressing headache makes its appearance as the frontal sinuses become involved. and neuralgic pain in the face and head, as soon as the other sfnuses become aflhoted. If the inflammation extends through the Eustachian tubes to the middle ear, the hearing becomes more or less impaired it it extend down the throat it gives Tfce toayBpepsia, bronehitU. nd oftentimes Consumption. The experience end Investigation of the greatest eavaas in medical science hawestablighed the fact, that in two thirds of the cases of Consumption, , ibyinfiama sir peseagea Msnssmher that the best and only pure r ConsuMaui ' it commenced by ipfiamatton find ulceration of the . r Js vrevet In eonaaetioa with the -treatment of Deafness, Drs Lighthill have met with Catarrh in its various forms, and became acquainted with the fearful In roads it makes upon the general health, and with the alarming extent to wnieh R prevails. They found the remedies which are-geoefally prseciihnd d Urn attention for it nntinlj- Iruairiiilsiii ui j i paid to U whLly RtfWitftir lW, consequently unltod Surf i forts in that direction; and hire finally succeeded in establishing a system of treatment which effectually and permanently cures the worst Smyrna The treatment eonsiateof remedies applied both loci and constitutional. The loci ones are applied in each a maaner a te oome in direct contact with the diseased parts, far better and more effeo-tnally than it could be done by any means em ployed heretofore. '1 be constitutional remedies are soon as to exert a benefielal and curative infloence on diseases of tbe m noons membrane ip general, and on this special disease in particular.--The remedies used, and the method of their application,are entirely origlnaL olO Patronize Home Manufactures. BOOTS AND SHOES PLUMERS PATENT ANATOMICAL LASTS I iFrom J. V. C. Smith, M. D-, formerly Mayor of Boston. PLUMTSRS PATENT BOOTS. The Undersigned has worn a pair of these Improved Boors, and feels grateful to the Inventor for the comfort derived frem them. The nice adjustment of the sole to every part of the under surface of the foot, is an important circumstance which seems to have been entirely overlooked till Dr. Plnmer planned his Last and Boot upon truly scientific principles. These who have onoe had an opportunity to test the real advantages of these Philosophically made Boots, will hardly be reconciled to wear anv other. J. V. C. SMITH. Boston, July 26, 1861 J. C. Plumkr, M. D.. Dear Sir? I am greatly delighted with your newly invented boots which 1 have worn during the past winter, and only wonder that the world should have been so stupid as not to have made the discovery half a century ago. Any one with a grain of common sense and a moments reflection, cannot fell to see that your Patent Boots and Shoes are per-fectly adapted to the foot (that wonderful piece of Nature's Mechanism ,) giving to every portion of it a ful and equal support ; and i am sure that those who once make trial of your new invention will never go back to the old fashioned boots or shoes, which are so prolific of Corns. Bunions, and a thousand other troubles. Your u Patent Boots seems to be part and parcel of our Physical structure, supporting the toot firmly, giving steadiness to the gait , and promoting human comfort to an eminent degree, especially in walking over rough surfaces. I wish 1 knew of some means by which I conld make known to every man, woman and child in Chistendom, the nature and importance of your Invention. Very truly yours. MORRIS MATTSON, M. D. 65 Sukimer Street. Portland, July 12, 1860. Dr. Plumer Dear Sir: Having learned the principle upon which your Anatomical Last is made, I was favorably impressed as to its efficiency in relieving a difficulty whioh all have experienced, who have to walk considerably, viz: severe pain in the feet after much walking. After having worn the boots made upon the Anatomical Last, I found my anticipations more than realized. lean walk nearly all day without experiencing the above named difficult degree 1 also escaped the torturing ty in the least degree process of breaking in my boots, for they were as easy at first as after they had been worn, Truly Yours, U. H. BUR BANK, M. D. Corner of Congress and Temple Streets. I have been engaged for over six months in the manufacture of BOOTS and SHOES on the Plnmer Patent Last with decided success. Experienced workmen are employed, the BEST stock used, and a perfect fit guaranteed. Tfcomas Hersey, sept30 dft w3m No. 20 Main Street. CONSUMPTIVES. AN equal and normal circulation of the blood is health. An abnormal, that is to say, an ex cessive or deficient circulation or stagnation of the blood, is disease. To illustrate torpidity of the Liver is caused by stagnation of the Dlood in that urgBU, uujeasoB ua uie xuuuoj b, iuuuiuiaviuu vi vuv Lungs, Diseases of the Heart. feo., by the same cause, viz: Improper Circulation and from the some cause spring all minor forms of disease. To discover a certain cure, then, lor these diseases, the first great enquiry necessarily is. What causes the blood to circulate ? For centuries it has been a matter of much study among scientific and medical men and while many experiments have been made and much labor expended upon the enquiry, it has been left to this century among its other wonderful increase in knowledge, to make this grand discovery, also. Acknowledging that life the gift of the Creator, and that in Him we live and move and have our being, we still venture the remark that as the Slanets move in their spheres and ail vegetable life ; governed by certain absolute laws, so animal life is traceable to a fixed cause, whioh remove or destroy, and death, the certain effect, follows. Analysis of the red corpuscles of the blood show them to be compounds of iron, sulphur and phosphorus. The air we breathe, we know to contain a very jarge proportion of oxygen. Oxygen brought in contact with a metal evolves or emits electricity. Electricity brought in contact with a muscular fiber, causes it to contract. These facts being indisputable, we have now the solution as to tho motor or motive power of the heart. The oxygen in the air we breathe coming in contact with the iron corpuscles of the blood e-mits electricity, which coming ip contact with the heart causes it to contract, and hence the power which expels the blood and sends ittinelingthrough the remotest arteries. What then. are the causes of Consumption, Dropsy Palsy, Paralysis, St. Vitus Dance, Dispepsia, Epilepsy. Fever and Ague, &o., a deficiency of the red oorpnsoles containing the iron, sulphur and phosphorus, which causes a deficiency of electricity, and consequently an abnormal circulation. The blood becomes wa tery, colds and bronchial complaints and prostration ensue the sufferer beoomes nervous, and subject to rheumatic pains and neuralgia complaints of the liver and kidneys set in. in short, almost every type of disease but virulentffevers may be traced to this deficiency in the blood, of the corpuscles or red globules. Old a e causes a deficiency of corpuscles, and while we do not pretend to say that we have discovered tbe elixir vitae, we do say that life can be materially prolonged by the use of the Blood Food. which restores the red globules, and thus the normal circulation. Consumptives ! Friends of oon sumptives ! Sufferers from any organic disease ! ! L nfortunates. -who have by excess of the body or mind, reduced the standard of the blood anddimin-isbed the red globules: ladies suffering any of the distresses knewn as female eomplaints,be persuaded the Blood Food can cure you lthas cured thousands oi desperate oases where aU hope has been given up. Do not reject it, do not throw away your only hope. The Blood Food is an unfailing remedy give it a trial. An elaborate treatise, carrying out and fully pro ving the theory advanced here to be correct, win be mailed to any interested party. On tbe receipt of two 3 cent stamps. Blood Food is sold by all drug 6 botes, free of expense, for $4. Price, single bottle, i. It is put up iir 8 os. vials, in yellow wrappers -the old land, in small bottles, in red wrappers having seen done away with and bears the tab-simile signature of Church A Dupont upon the fece of the wrapper. Beware of counterfeits and imitations C. T. DUPONT, Bole Proprietor, f . - 409 Broadwaywfew Tort. In Bangor by V. F. BRADBURY, W. L-ALDEM h CO , ana A. P. BUILD. , ... dec27 tyistp3taw w . 1 . Copartnership. rnHR subscribers have formed a copartnership on A dir the name and style of ZteorSwn tr Ary! Cot the purpoto of aerryins on the Tin War and Blieet Iron Business, 1 in .11 If Tin n .hr. and hare taken the J, -fir jfHii Stand, on Exchange street, formerly occupied by MUcKtU t- iHartvn, where they win be prepared to take orders for all Unde of Jobbing In their line, whiohwtll be drae promptly Jtod In aJKKkmanllk. manner. Pump, sot or repaired. Cash amt.-th, hlppfo, j 1, - - W JCBRYAM X. -J Baocsp. May i. ite m . - t , xjr i 'Wt TAtTBir4 A lastneel. Oot- 23- The Union The Union 1 1 he oSkriTs WANTED I TO FORM A COMPANY FOE THE Thirteenth or Fourteenth Maine Regiment. Men of intelligence and temperate habits are wanted. Enlistment for three years, unless sooner discharged The pay is f 13 per month and rations, to commence to om the tune of enlistment. A BOUMTY OF ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS Will be paid each iaithful Soldier at the close of his term of enlistment ; secured to the heirs In oase death. For further particulars, enqulie at the Recruiting Offices, at Hampden Lower Corner and at Newport Village. Also at Orland. By authority from the Governor. JOSEPH P. FRENCH. Oct. 23. Recruiting' Officer. $JCavalryV olunteers. Wanted Immediately, A FEW MORE able bodied Men wanted sor the Cavalry service, to form a Company in con nection with part of a Company now m Augusta, - 5 years; weight, 125 to 168 pounds. Ages, from 18 to 45 v w Part of the officers' of , the Company will be taken from among those who enlist here Now is tlie Time For the Young Men of Onr County to enlist The Company, when complete, wiU be one of Lhe best Regiments raised in tne btate. Young men of our State should enlist to fill our own State Regiments before enlisting to fill Regiments of some other State. This Company is to go with the Cavalry Regiment now forming at Augusta, JOHN- GODDARD, Colonel. Attached to this Regiment is one of the best Bands in this State ihe Houlton Cornet Band, A. 8. Davis, leader. Also. 12 or 15 Buglers wanten. Pay Thirteen Dollars per month,and Rations and One Hundred Dollars at the dose of the war. Pay and subsistence to commence at the date of enlistment. tyOffioe In Exchange Block, Corner of State and Exchange Streets. 6E0RGE WESTON, Reoruiting Officer. Bangor, Oct. 11, 1861 lf ore HORSES WANTED I FOR THE ARMY. From 20 to 40 HORSES will be purchased, for the Cavalry Service, at East Conntk, on I3ATURDAY, the 2d day of November, at 9 o'clock A, M. Alike number at Monson, on M ONDAY, the 4th, at the same hour of tbe day. A like number at Dexter, on WEDNESDAY, tbe 6th, at the same hour of the day. A like number at Newport on FRIDAY, the Sth, at same hour. A like number at Bangor on MONDAY, the 1 1th, at same hour. The Horses must be sound in all particulars, from 15 t" 16 hands high, not less than 5 nor more than 9 years old color to be Bays, Browns, Blacks, and Sorrels good square trotters, bridle-wise, and of size sufficient for tbe puspose above named. 'A small proportion of Gray Geldings will be purchased. The Horses must be well shod. The Horses will be purohaseu by W. A, Blake, Isaao Daniorth, Cyrus Arnold, and John Morison, Ksqs. JOHN L. HODSDON, Acting Quartermaster Gener&L Augusta, Oct. 26, 1861 Volunteers! Volunteers! ADOPTED CITIZENS TO THE RESCUE. O Our Country Calls to the Field 1 CORCORAN, MEAGHER AND MUL LIGAN LEAD THE WAV! The Stars and Stripes Forever Forever float that standard sheet ! Where breathes the toe but falls before us, sdu With Freedoms soil beneath our feet. And Freedoms banner streaming oer us ! WANTED IMMEDIATELY One hundred able bodied men, from 18 to 45 y tars of age, to form a Company to be attached to a Regiment now being raised in Maine for the United States. It is intended to make this Company one of the best yet organized in the State. PAY $13.00 per Month and .Rations. Saved Rations, $3,00 per Month $100 Bounty at the Close of the "War. Men wiU be paid at the close of every month. Pay commences at -Enlistment. Good board far-nished lor Recruits; those wishing to board at home will have $20 per week allowed for same until mustered into service. Office open day and evening. OFFICE IN TAYLORS BLOCK, Kenduskeag Bridge, lately occupied by Crane A Cos Express. MICHAEL BOYCE, octlO Reoruitini Officer. Dental JNTotloe. Dr A. BARRETT having returned to Bangor in improved health, will resume the praotice of j is profession, in at! its branches, at his old Office, over H. M. Kent's Store , fio 9Mam Street. The Vulcanized Rubbkr Guv is now superseding all other substances tor Betting Artificial Teeth, and has been thoroughly tested 'and approved by tbe best dentists. Dr. B having had six months experience in putting up Teeth on the. Vulcanized Base, and having examined many sets that had bees worn from two to three years, and which were as perfect, in every respect, as when first made, has the utmost confidence in recommending this method as superior to all previous modes in comtort and usefulness to the wearer, cm well as being more cleanly and desirable. Dr. Barrett having procured one of tbe most approved steam vuloanizcrs, is prepared to put up work in tins style for those who may desire. oct9 3m F umlturo MADE and REPAIRED. THE laksoriber bas taken a shop at the foot of State Street, in the New Block, where he u prepared to man afoot ore and repair Furniture of nil kinds, . Chamber Sets, Secretaries, &o., &c. Br ordering of him, pereons can have their Work done in a thorough manner, which is notalwayi the ease with gooda bought at a store. fiT Work promptly and laithfolly done. Orders si i eolioited. ,0ct. 8. - -. JOHN CARLISLE. BOOKSObjeot Letinn for Parents and Teachers; Silver Cord, and Home on the Moor. For Bale by , , , ALONZO BABTLETT. Ice Ice-Ice ' O B for nl. m any quantity, and delivered ot . ail part, of the City or World r Lcrw' & Dummer. I i JSr3ttloe. 4v.j M V At Low Prieei, at ihe- t Maj. Gen. B. F. BUTLER TO COMMAND. THE TWELFTH MAINE REGIMENT Will form a PART OF THE BRIGADE. Oae Months Pay in Advance ! ARRANGEMENTS have been made by which this Regiment will reoeive AT LEAST one months pay in advanoe. A few strong, temperate men wanted to fill up a company goifig into this Regiment. Fay, $13 per Month. $100 Bounty at the Close of the War. Pay and Subsistence to commence from the date of enlistment. By Special Authority frem Gen. BUTLER and Col. G. F. 8HEPLEY. John F. Appleton, RECRUITING OFFICER. Recruiting Office, JSo. 19 Central St. oct29 ,f HAMLIN BATTERY FLYING ARTILLERY I ! AN opportunity is now offered for smart, active men to enlist in this splendid troop of Mounted Artillery. Tbe enlistment will be for three years unless sooner discharged. The pay of privates and non-commissioned officers is from $14 to $2200 per month, in addition to clothing, subsistence and medical ottendance. A BOUNTY OF 8100 will oe paid to every man at the time of his discharge. ' Capt. J G. 8WETT, J. H. P FROST. M. D., Recruiting Officers, Harlows B.ock, Harlow oct28 Street, (Up Stairs.) (Times) VOLUNTEERS For Sixth Maine Regiment ! To fill the Companies commanded by Capt. Chandler, Dover. Capt. Frasier, Ellsworth. Capt. Snowman. Buoksport. Capt. Fuller, Corinth. Lieut. Soper, Oldtown. J have been authorised by the War Department at Washington, to have enrolled and mustered into tbe service of the United States, a sufficient number of able-bodied men to fill up the above Companies, and tor this purpose shall visit soon the towns of Dover, Dexter, Milo, Oldtown, Buck sport and Ellsworth. This Regiment will receive tne same pay, $13 per month, extra rations clothing, sc. as the regular Army, ad eaoh recruit, upon bis discharge will be entitld to One Hundred DoUar in Cash.. The time of enlistment will be three years, or un til the end of the War. Persons wishing to enlist in this Regiment, or desiring any further particulars in relation thereto, will address, or make personal application to Lieut. J. O. ROBERTS. Oct.& Hast Corinth. GEN. BUTLERS DIVISION Stand by the Flag Volunteers are Wanted, TO make up a Company fbr the 12th Maine Regi- meat, to form apart of Gen Butlers New Eng land Division. GEORGE F. SHEPLEY, ESQ., Or PORTLAND, WILL BE THE COLONEL. Only able-bodied men, from 18 to 45 years of age, will he taken. It is intended to make this a splendid Regiment. Pay, $13 per Month, and Rations. A BOUNTY OP $10, will be paid it the dose of the term of service. The men will be paid at the olose of every month. OPPICE, No. 21 West Market Square. SAMUEL F. THOMPSON, Reoruiting Officer. Bangor, Oot. 1.1861. PARSONS C o ugh Candy! An agreeable, safo and sure remedy for Coughs, Colds,- Irritation and Soreness of the Throat and Lungs. Its freedom from all unpleasant taste, and the facility with whieh It can be administered, render it invaluable in the above diseases in children. A. PARSONS M. D.. Druggist,' , ' 229 Congres 6A, near New City Building, . Portland. N. S. HARLOW. Agent for Bangor and vioinity. Ol6 lsptjl ... -e HAMS CUBED. PERSONS having Hams which they wish to hare Cured, ean be accommodated by leaving them at H A. LAUGHTONS i continue to cure them in vhe same manner whieh gave my father, Tmorerr Colby, so much credit, and shall endeavor to do the work faithfully. " ' , 016 2m ' ; WM. H. COLBY. Haacock;jBailK.rv .X'pjSTRIBVOOM trftwentyAre jroent hav JlL mg been ordered by .the Supreme Judicial Court, on all bills and claims Allowed by the Rs eel revs acaiBBt said Bnk f UMfoe is hereby given Hint said peeeenlage will by paid t thd . . bidder, of oertiloatM of claim. .given by the nudorsigneion presentation of Mid oerUfloatea, at our office la XUs-wurth. W -- B- WATERHOUSE,'- ; UOswcritt. j xlalTttjg: it Courier. Roster of the Maine Regiments Wh have procured from the Adjutant Gep erals Offioe the names of the commissioned officers in the several Regiments of Maine volunteers, as they stood on the hooka last week. Some appointments have been made for which commissions are not yet issued, and the names of those resigned still stand upon the books: Second Regiment Infantry. Charles W. Roberts, Colonel, Bangor. George Varney, Lieut Col., appointed CoL of Seventh. Daniel Chaplin, Majir, Bangor, John E. Reynolds, Adjutant, Samuel W. Hoskins, Quartermaster, Oldtown Samoel B. Morison, Surgeon, Bangor. Augustus C. Hamlin, Asst Surgeon, Bangor. John F. Mines, Chaplain, Bath. COMPANY OFFICERS. Company A Rinaldo B. Wiggin, Captain, BaDgor; James Dean, let Lieut., Bangor; Horace Brown, 2d Lieut., Hampden. Company B. Charles W. Tilden, Captain, Castine; William S. Mudgett, 1st Lieut, Stook-ton; George I Brown, 2d Lieut., Castine. Company C. Elipbalet 8. Morrill, Captain, Brewer; William R. Currier, 1st Lieut.,, do.; Francis P. Hall, 2d Lieut., do. Company D. John S. Sampson, Captain, Milo; Halter W. Sturtevant, 1st Lieut., do; Stephen D. Miller, 2d Lieut., do. Company E. Levi Emerson, Captain, Bangor; James W. Adams, 1st Lieut, do; Thomas Foster, 2d Lieut., Hampden. Company F. Albion P. Wilson, Captain, Bangor; George W. Brown, 1st Lieut., do; Warren H. Boynton, 2d Lieut, do. Company G. Augustas B. Famham, Captain, Baogor; Frank H. Garnsey, 1st Lieut, do; Horatio Staples, 2d Lieut., do. Company H Daniel Sargent, Captain, Bangor; Edward L. Getchell. 1st Lieut., do; Ralph W. Morse, 2d Lieut, do. Company I Disbanded. Company K. Fernando C. Foss, Captain, Oldtown; Albert G. Fellows, 1st Lieut, do; Albert D. Cowan, 2d Lieut., do. Third Regiment. Henry G. Staples, Colonel, Augusta. Isaac N. Tucker, Lieut. Col., Gardiner. Edwin Burt, Major, U. S. Army. Albert B. Hall, Adjutant, Augusta. James H- Tallman, Quartermaster, Bath. Thaddeus Hildreth, Surgeon, Gardin-r. Frank H. Getchell, Asst Surgeon, Waterville. Henry C. Leonard, Chaplain, Waterville. CONPANY OFFICERS. Company A Reuben Sawyer, Captain, Bath; John S. Wiggin, 1st Lieut, do; George W. Harvey, 2d Lieut , do. Company B. Edwin A. Bachelder, Captain, Augusta; Edward P. Donnell, 1st Lieut., Bath; Edward C. Pierce, 2d Lieut, Augusta. Company C. James M. Colson, Captain, Gardiner; George S. Andrews, 1st Lieut., do; John S. Moore 2d Lient, do. Company D Charles A. L Sampson, Captain, Bitb; William H. Watson, 1st Lieut , do Company E. Gorham S. Johnson, Captain, Hallowell; S P. Lee, 1st Lieut, ; George O. Getchell, 2d Lieut., Hallowell. Company'F. William C. Morgan, Captain, Augusta; Royal B. Stearns, 1st Lieut, Skow-hegau; Jefferson Savage, 2d Lieut., Madison. Company G. Nathaniel Hdusqom, 1st Lieut, Benton; William A. Hitch, 2J Lieut, Waterville. Sinoe promoted to the Captaincy, in lace of Capt Hesseltine Company H. Francis E. Head, Captain, Waterville; John R. Day, 1st Lieut., do; Edward E. Fuw, 2d Lieut , do. Company I Moses B Lakeman, Captain, Augusta; Frederic Elliot, 1st Lieut, Bath. Company K. William L. Richmond, Cap. tain, Wmtbrop; W. H. Owen, 1st Lieut., Brooklyn., N. Y. ; Charles B. Haskell, 2d Lieut, Read field. Fourth Regiment. Hiram G. Berry, Colonel, Rockland. Frank S. Niokerson, Lieut. Col., Searsport. Appointed CoL of Fourteenth. Silas M. Fuller, Major, Belfast " ' Jabei B. Greenhalgb, Adjutant, Rockland. Isaac C. Abbott. Quartermaster, ' Josiah Carr, Surgeon, Minot. Abial Libbey, Ass t Surgeon, Richmond. B. A. Cha.e, Chaplain, COMPANY OEFICERS. Company A. Henry W. Cunningham, Capt., Belfast; Richard S. Ayer, 1st Lieut., Montville; Alonzo E. Libbey, 2d LiAit , Unity. Company B. Elijah Walker, Captain. Rock-laud; Ornn P. Mitchell, 1st Lieut, do; Julius B. Litchfield, 2d Lieut , do. Company C. Charles P. Greenhalgb, Capt, RocklaDd; Charles A Rollins, 1st Lieut., do; George F. Crabtree, 2d Lieut, do. Company D. Lorenzo D. Carver, Captain, Rockland; Thomas B. Glover, 1st Lieut, do; Charles L. Strickland, 4d Lieut., do. Company E. Stephen C Whitehmse, Captain, Newcastle; James D. Erskine, 1st Lieut., Damariscotta; Jason Carlisle, 2d Lieut, do. Company F. Andrew D. Bean, Captain, Brooks; James S. Haxfurd, 1st Lieut, do; Chas. H. Burd, 2d Lieut, Belfast. Company -O. Edwin M. Smith, Captain, Wiscasset; William H. Clark, lat Lieut, do; Guatavus Randlett, 2d Lieut, do. Company H. Company I Ebenezer Whitcomb, Captain, Searapoat; James A. Fowler, 1st Lieut., do; Robert H. Gray, 2d Lieut., Stockton. ' Company K. Joseph L. Havener, Captain, Belfast; Benjamin Kelley, Jr., 1st Lieut., do; L. B. Biebee, 2d Lieut., do. Fifth Regiment. NatV niel J. Jackson, Colonel, Lewiston. Wil.iam S. Heath, Lieut CoL, Waterville. Edward A. Scammou, Major, Portland. George W. Gr&ffam, Adjutant, Stephen H. Manning, Quartermaster, Lewiston. George E Brickett, Surgeon, China. Francis G. Warren, Asst Surgeon, Biddeford. John N. Adams, Chaplain, Portland. . , , . company omens. . . Company -d.--Henry R. Willett, Captaint Palmyra; William Merrill, 1st Lieut, Gorham, Frederic Speed, 2d Lieut, do. " " ' Company B.- Robert M. 8terens, 1st Lieut, Biddeford Samuel FI. Pillsbury, 2d Lieut, do. Company C. David S. .Barrows,' Captain, Saoo; Abel C. T 8tevens, 1st Lieut, do; William Hi Shaw, 2d Lieut, - ... L Company XL Chart s H.r Small, Captain, Topshom Oeorge-. B.f KentdatOD,- 1st Lieut, Boothbay Daniel Of dark, 2d Lieut, Portland. Company JS. Aaron: 8.0 Daggett, Captain, Greene; Lmdley P ' Lament,-1 1 Lieut , Lewiston ; Edward M-Rokinion-, 2d JJt, ADoa. Company F. George P, Sherwood, Captain, Portland? Nathan Wallref;' ft Eletatj1 do; Gso. E. -Atwood; 2d LfootA SaWirMfc VTboB,iil Captain, Portland f Albare P. Harrlri lit Lieut, .. SbMrt i 'SfcsPherren, 2i Efout-Portland. . Co mpa n y " iL George E- Brodn, Oiptain, Portland; Richard 0. Shannon, 1st Lieut, 'do; George W. Bickoell, 2d Lieut., do. ' " " Company I Clark 8. Edwards,' Captain, Betbelp John B Walker, 1st Lieut, do; Cyrus M. Wormell, 2d Lieut, do. i Company K. Hamlin T. BucknUm, Captain, Minot Burbank Spiller, 1st Lieut, Raymond; Charles K. Packard. 2d Lieat . Hebron. Sixth Regiment Id fantry. Abner Knowles, Colonel, Bangor. Resigned to take effect Jan. let Hiram Burnham, Lieutenant Colonel; Cher-ryfield. Frank Fierce, Major, Bucksport John D. McFarland, Adjutant. Ellsworth. Eugene F. Sanger, Surgeon, Bangor. George W. Martin, Asst Surgeon, Houlton. Zenas Thompson, Chapl-in, Portland. COMPANY OFFICERS. Company A Charles H. Chandler, 1st Lient, Foxcroft; AddieonP. Buck, 2d Lieut, do. Company B Isaao Harris, CaptaiD, Ellsworth; Otis W. Kent, 1st Lieut., do; Albert M. March, 2d Lieut, do. Company C Benjamin F Harris, Captain, Machias; Jona H Ballinger, 1st Lieut, do; Cbas F Stone, 2d Lieut do. C.mpauy D Joel A Haycock, Captain, Calais; Ruel W Furlong, 1st Lieut, do; Henry Waite, 2d Lieut, do Company E Jos Snowman, Captain, Buoks-port; Beoj J Bnck, 1st Lt Jo; Virgil P Ward-well, 2d, do Company F Wm N Lyset. Pembroke, Capt; John M Linoolu, do, 1st Lieut; Simon Pottle, Berry, 2d Lieut. Company G Ralph W Young, Rockland, CaptaiD; Frank C Pierce, Augusta, 1st Lieut; Hi-am B Sproul, Cherryfield, 2d Lieut. Company H Geo Fuller, Corinth, Captain; Jos G Roberts, do, 1st Lieut; Geo Roberts, do, 2d Lient. Company I Albert C Burton, Oldtown, Captain; Henry R Soper, do, 1st Lieut; VsE Stinchfield, Milo, 2d Lieut. Company K Theodore Cary, Eastport, Captain; Thos L Roach, do, 1st Lieut; Cbas Day, do, 2d Lieut. Seventh Regiment Infantry. George Varney, Colonel, Bangor. Appointed. Selden Connor, Lieutenant Colonel, Fairfield. Thomas H. Hyde, Major, Bath. Elijah D Johnson, Adjutant, Lewiston. John M Russell, Quartermaster, Skowhegan. Thomas C. Barker, Surgeon, BaDgor. F M Eveleth, Asst Surgeon, Presque Isle. James A Vainey, Chaplain, China. - COMPANY OFFICERS. Company Ar. John W. Freeze, Captain, Houltou; Timothy Swan, 1st Lieut , Houlton; Joseph G. Butler, 2d Lieut., Presque Isle. Company B James P. Jones, Captain, China; William L. Haskell, 1st Lieut., Poland; Eli H. Webber, 2d Lient., China. Company C Charles D. Gilmore, Captain, BaDgor; John A Bachelder, 1st Lieut., Old town; Albert P. Titcomb, 2d Lieut., Lincoln. Company D. H. A. Dalton, Captain, Read-field; 11. Sidney Hagar, 1st Lieut., Richmond; George E Morse, 2d Lieut., Bath. Company E John W. Channing, Captain, Fairfield; Albert A. Nickerson, 1st Lieut., do; Augustus F. Emery, 2d Lieut, do. Company F. Wm AI. Cushman, Capt .Portd; James N. Andrew, 1st Lieut, Biddeford; Joseph E. Walker, 2d Lieut., Portland. Company G Chirles H. Gilman, Captain, Portland; George B. Knight, 1st Lieut., do; Simeon Walton, 2d Lieut., Cape Elizabeth. Company H Edward H Cues, Captain, Bangor; Tuomas S. Cates, 1st Lieut., do; Henry C Snow, 2d Lieut, Hampden. Company.I Henry Rolf, Captain, Mayvil'e ; Hovey Austin, 1st Lieut., Presqe Isle; Charles H Hasey, 2d Lieut Houlton. Company K Greenleaf K. Norris, Captain, Monmautb; Granville P. Cochran, 1st Lieut., do; Jona B. Cook, 21 Lieut.. Lewiston. Eighth Regiment Infantry. Lee Strickland, Colonel, Livermore. John D. Rust, Lieutenant Colonel, Camden. Ephraim W. Woodman, Major, Wilton. James Dingley, Jr., Adjotaut, Auburn. Augustas H. Strickland, Quartermaster, Livermore. Paul M. Fisher, Surgeon, Corinna. Jonathan S. Houghroo, Asst Surgeon, Solon. Henry C- Henries, Chaplain, Lincoln. COMPANY OFFICERS. Company A Austin S. Bump, Captain, Wilton; John M. Adams, 1st Lieutenant, Wilton; Warren F. Thompson, 21. Farmington. Company B Joseph F. Twitchell, Captain, Patteo; Charles G. Perry, 1st Lieutenant, Island Falls PI ; Luther B Rogers. 2d, Pattm. Company C John E Bryant, Captain, Buck-field; Isaac H. McDodaM. let Lieutenant, Back-field; William H. Timberluke, 2d, Livermore. Company D Henry Boynton, Captain, Detroit; Franklin E. Gray, let Lieutenant, Plymouth; John R Sprague, 2d, Parkman. Company E ihouias HutcbiDS, Captaiu, New Portland; Thomas S. Hutchins, 1st Lieutenant, Portland, Isaac A. Phillips, 2J, King-field. Company F John Hemingway, Captain, Sanford; Aicrzn E. Kimball, 1st Lieutenant, Biddeford; Johu M. Roberts, 2d, Alfred. Company G Augustus A. Hoyt, Captain, Gouldsboruugh; Wilber F. Lane, 1st Lieutenant, Ellsworth; Edwin B. Bates, 2d, Dedham. Company H John F. Milliken, Captain, Belfast; Edward A. True, 1st Lieutenant, Hope; Charles E. Howard, 2d, Portland. Company I William MoArthur, Captain, Limington; Charles H. Robinson, 1st Lieutenant, Unity; John E. McUrda, 2d. Jefferson. Company K John Conant, Captain, Bangor; Henry Brawn, 1st Lieutenant, Oldtown, Hillman Smith, 2d, Bradley. Ninth Regiment Infantry. Rishworth Rich, Colonel, Portland. Column Harding, Lieutenant Colonel, Gorham. Sabine Emery, Major, Eastport. James C. M. Furbish, Adjutant, Portland. John H Lowell, Quartermaster, Hallowell. Joel Richardson, Surgeon, Rock'and. Cyrus D. Tuck, Asst Surgeon, Fairfield. COMPANY OFFICERS.- Company A George F Granger .Captain, Calais; Frederic A Emery, 1st Lieutenant, East-port; Joseph Noble, 2d, Augusta. Co posy B Zina H Robinson, Captain Bath; Jonathan P C Fall, 1st Lieutenant, Topsham ; Alfred T Robinson, 2d, Batb. Company C Thomas L Reed, Captain, Augusta; Henry Sewall, 1st Lieutenant, Augusta; John L Emerson, 2d, Portland. , Company D William F Baker, Captain .Moscow; Wmihrop H Hall, let Lieutenant, Palmyra; Sylvester B Tioy, 2d. Wellington. Company E Edwin W WedgwoodCaptnin, Cornish; Ansel G Marston, 1st Linteaaut,Cor-msh; John Agidrews, 'id, Btddefon, -v.. ?. Company J'-rHoratio Bisbee,Jr, Captain, Canton; Elisha' S Bisbee, 1st Lieutenant, Peru; John Blake, 2d, Turner1. - J " -1 ; ; Company G Enooh H Hines, Captain, Hbul-ton (.Robert j -Oray! t Lfewtenant, Houston ; Charles O Brown, 2d, More. --. . . Company .H Washington I Chase. Captain, Earn Msefeuss; 'Samhel B Barclay; TH Lienfra-ant. East Machias; William Gray, 2drU Company I Scollay D Baker, Captain Bangor; Billings Barstow, 1st Lieutenant, Brewer; Elton W Ware, 2d, Orrington. Company K Thomas E WeDt worth, Captain, Gorham ; Chester B Shaw, 1st Lieutenant, Gorham; Charles A Brooks, Buxton. Tenth Kegiment Infantry. - Gfcorge L. Beal, Colonel, Norway. James S. Filiebrown, Lieut. Col., Lewiston. Cnarles Walker, Major, Portland. Elijah M Shaw, Adjutant, Lewiston. William S. Dodge, Quartermaster, Portland. Daniel O. Perry, SurgeoD, Portland. Josiah F. Day, Assistant Surgeon, Portland: George Knox, Chaplain. Brunswick. COMPANY OFFICERS. Company A John Q. Adams, Captain, Sac; Ephraim M. Littlefield, lt Lieutenant, Saco; Charles E. Pierce, 2d, Saco. Company B James L. Black, Captain, Portland; Charles W. Roberts, 1st Lieutenant, Albert L. Turner, 2d, Portland. Company C William P. Jordan, Captain, Portland; Benjamin M. Bedlow.let Lieutenant, Portland; Benjamin F. Whitney, 2d., Windham. Company D George W. West, Captain, Fort Kent; John D. Beardsley, 1st Lieutenant Grand Falls; H. Martin Binney, 2d, Cambridge, Mass. Company E Albert H. Estes, Captain, Portland; Cyrus Latham, 1st Lieutenant, Portland; Andrew C. Cloudman. 2d, Port!a-d. Company F William Knowlton, Captain, Lewiston; Edward K. Butler, 1st Lieutenant, Lewiston; Abel G. Raokin. 2d, Lewiston. Company G Jonathan Blake, Captain, Norway; William W. hitmarsh, 1st Lieutenant, Norway; Henry R. Milletf, 2u, Norway. Company H Charles S. Emerson, Captain, Auburn; James C. Folsom, 1st Lieutenant, Auburn; Pbineas W. Dill, 2J, Auburn. Company I Nehemiah T. Fuibish, Captain, Portland; Hebron Mayhew, 1st Lieutenant, Westbrook; John T. Simpson, 2i, Portland. Company K George 11. Nye, Captain, Lewiston; John F. Withered, 1st Lieutenant, Monmouth; Fayette Bicknell, 2J, Oxfud. Eleventh Regiment Infantry. John C. Caldwell, Colonel, East Machias. Harris M. Ilaisted, Lieut. Colonel, Bangor. William M. Shaw, Major, Portlmd. Charles J. Pennell, Adjutant, Portland. Ivory J. Robinson, Quartermaster, Augusta. Albert S. Clark, Surgeon, Bristol. William C. Gordon, Assistant Surgeon, Plymouth. COMPANY OFFICERS. Company A George W. Tukey, Captain, Portland; John M Beal, 1st Lieutenant; fort-land; Simuel G Sewall, 2d, Aug ista. Company B William H. Kimball, Captain, Augnsta; Nathaniel W. Cole, 1st Lieutenant, Augusta; James H. Albee, 2d. Augusta. Company C Robert F. Campbell, Captain, Cherryfield; George W Seavey, 1ft Lieutenant, East Machias; J. Wiliam West, 2d, East Machias. Company D Leonard P. Harvey, Captain, Weston; John D. Stanwood, 1st Lieutenant, Springfield: Gibson S Budg-, 2d, Springfield. Company E Samul B. Straw, Captain, Bingor; Francis W. W is well, 1st Lieutenant, HoldeD; Francis W. Sabine, 2d, Bangor. Company F Woodbury S Pennell, Captaiu, Portland; Eli B. Bean, 1st Lieutenant, Parsons-field ; Randall Libby, 2nd, Porter. Company G Winslow P. Spoffcrd, Captain, Dedham; Charles E. Illsley, 1st Lieutenant, Harrison; John S Dodge, 2d, Tremont. Company H Nelson T. Smith, let Lieut. Charles A. Fuller, 21 Lieutenant, Corinth. Company I John Pomroy, Captain, Bancroft; Beojimin B. Foster, 1st Lieutenant, Orono; Simeon H. Merrill, 2d, Bridgton. Company K Jonathan A. H1I, Captain, Stetson; Melville M. Fosim, 1st Lieutenant, Newburg; Albert G. Mudgett, 2d, Newburg. Twelfth Regiment Infantry. George F. Shepley, Colonel, Portand. William K Kimball, Lieut. Colonel, Paris. David R. Hastings, Major, Lowell. Horatio N. Jose, Q a lr term ister, Portland. Etward W. Thompson, Captain of Artillery, Brunswick. Thirteenth Regiment Infantry. Neal Dow, Colonel, Portland. Henry Ru.ft . Jr , Lieut. Colonel, Norway. Davis Tiltson, Captain of Artillery, Rockland. It is stated that Frank S. Hesseltine of Waterville, is appointed Major of tbe Thirteenth, although his name is not returned ss being commissioned. Fourteenth Regiment. F. S Nickerson, Colonel, Searsport. Aaroo Hayden, Lieut. Col , Eastpoit. T. W. Porter, M jor, Bangor. Ulteemh Regiment. John McCluskey, Colonel, Houlton. sharp Shooters. James D. Fessenden, Captain, Portland. McClure, 1st Lieut., RocklauJT Barker, 2d Lieut , Augus'a. 1st Regiment Cavalry. John Goddard, Colonel, Cape Elizabeth. Thomas Hight, Lieut. Col , U. S. Army. Samuel H. Al en, M ijor, Tuomaeton. David P. Stowed, Major, Canton. Calvin S. Douty, Maj r, Dover. Benjamin F. Tucker, Adjutant, U. S Army. . Edward M. Patten, Quartermaster, Portland. COMPANY OFFICERS. Company A. Warren L. Whitney, Captain, Newburgh; Sidney W. Thaxter, 1st Lieut., Bangor. Company B Jonathan P. Cilley, Captain, Thomaston; William T. Coleman, 1st Lieut., Lincolnville; Frank M. Cutler, 2d'Lieutenant, Union. Company C Robert F. Dyer, Cnptain. Augusta; Dudley L. Haines, 1st Lieuteuant; Read-field; George S. Kimball, 2d, Gardiner. Company D Charles H. Smith, Captain, Eastport; Andrew B. Spaulding, 1st Lieutenant, Orland; William Mont2omery, 2d, Bucksport. Compeny E B H. Putnam, Captain. Houl-too; John H. Goddard, 1st Lieutenant, Cape Elizabeth; Oscr A. Ellis, 2d, Lincoln. Company F Nathan Mayhew, Captain, Portland; Stephen Boothby, lat Lieutenant, Portland ; Jarvis C. Stevens, 2d, Portland. - - Company G Augustus J. Burbank, Captain, Lewiston; Zebulon B Blithen, 1st Lieutenant, Lewiston; Isaao G. Virgin, 2d, DixfieU. j Company H G J .Summat, Captain, U. S. Army, Charles H Baker, 1st Lieutenant, Ekow- began. Company I Lewis O Cowan, Captain, Biddeford; Paul Chadboorne, 1st Lieutenant, Water-boro Frank W Pray, 2d, Shapleigb. Company K George Prince, Captain, Bath; George Cary, 1st Lieutenant, Houlton; John D Myriek, 2d, Augusta. . .Company L R B Jennings, Captain, Fartnr-fogtoa; Constantine Taylor, 1st Lieutenant, U. 8 Army; George Weston, 2d. Oldtown. - Company Jl George M Brown, Captain, ; Bangor; John O. C Bowen 1st Lieutenant, U. 8. Army; Evans S. Pillsbury, 2d, Gadford.1' Fayas AocapxNT. Ur.t Samoel -Wormwood, at Alfred, while, .driving team," -one day last week, foil beatath theeari wbeef. hy which he was injured eo.aa to qaare his death. ' -

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