Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on June 22, 1855 · 4
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 4

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, June 22, 1855
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BANGOR DAILY WHIG AND COURIER. . J STEAMERS. Fare Reduced! $LyOto Boston- $2,25 to Lowell, by Sanfords Independent Line! The favorite SteamerJ BOSTON. Capt. E. H. SANFORD, having been thoroughly re-l the past winter, will run as paired and refurnished , follows during the Steamboat season of 1835: Leave Bangor for Boston, every Monday and Thursday forenoon, at 11 o'clock, touching at all the usual landings on the river. RETURNING Leave Fosters South wharf, Boston, for Bangor, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY afternoon, at 5 oclock, touching as above. FARE From Bangor, Hampden, Frankfort, and Bucksportto Boston, $1,50 to Lowell. $2, 25; from Searsport and Belfast to Boston, $l,2o to Lowell $2,00; from Camden and Rockland to Boston, $1,00 to Lowell $1,75. Meals extra. Agexts ox the Rivek : T R Wasgatt, Hampden; Oris Kaler & Co., Frankfort; J W Patterson, Bucksport; C C Crary, Searsport; Jos E Davis. Belfast; E M Wood, Camden; M W Farwell, Rockland. No Camphene, Burning Fluid, Matches, or other extra hazardous freight taken. All Freight must bo accompanied by Bills of Lading. LOOMIS TAYLOR, Agent, junelo tc HAIL HOADS. Penobscot and Kennebec raIL-road Opened to Pittsfield. ON and after MONDAY, April 2, 1855,- Pas senger Trains will run between Pittsfield and Waterville, as follows, to wit: Leave Pittsfield at 5.15 and 10.20 AM, for Waterville, to connect with the trains thence for Portland and Boston same day. RETURNING Leave Waterville on arrival of each train from Portland. Stages run daily between Bangor and Pittsfield, to connect with trains ea'-h way. EDWIN NOYES, Apr. 27, 1855 Supt A. & K. R. Bangor, Oldtown, and Milford ' Rail Road 'Company. Summer Arrangement. Outside Passenger Line OPPOSITION BOAT To Boston and Lowell ! $1.50 TO BOSTON. The SUPERIOR and FAVORITE STEAMER PENOBSCOT, SAMUEL G. FLOWERS, Master, BUILT expressly for the outside route, having been thoroughty overhauled and placed in first rate condition throughout, conforming strieS-ly with the U. S. Steamboat Law, will commence her regular trips between Bangor and Boston , touching at intermediate landings, on Thursday, the 14th inst., and will continue running during the present season, as an exclusively Passenger Bot, as follows v Leave Lower Steamboat Wharf, BangOr, every MONDAY and THURSDAY morning, at 10 oclock. RETURNING Will leave the end of Long Wharf, Boston, every TUESDAY ad FRIDAY evenings, at 5 oclock, arriving early the next day FARE From Bangor to Boston, Pangor to Lowell. Belfast to Boston, Rockland to Boston, Way Fares as usual. Meals extra. Ali persons are forbid trusting any one on account of this boat witnout a written order from the captain or agent. IgAs the Penobscot will be run exclusively Jor passengers, and will in no case carry freight of any description, (except express packages,) travelers may feel assured of findingevery convenience and comfort furnished by any passenger boat, for passages only, having superior accommodations. Apply on board, or to F. D. EDMUNDS, Agent, Lower Steamboat Wharf. Bangor, June 11. 185;! d&w Fpr Boston Direct ! ON and after MONDAY, April 23, 1855, Trains will run as follows, till further the further notice is given. LEAVE BANGOR At 6 oclock A. M., 114 A. M., 54 P. M., After the 1st of May a Freight Train will leave Bangor at 94 A,M. and Oldtown at 124 M. A Car for passengers will be attached. aprill9 E. HARRIS Agent. (Dem, Jour, and Mercury copy) Androscoggin and Kennebec RAIL.R O AD. 6. STAGES- Travellers, Attention. A Short &. Cheap Way Lubee, Eastporf, Robbinston, Calais The subscriber will continue to run his Daily . Stage between Machias Sand Lubec Leaving Machi- as at 6 oclock AM, and arriving at Lubec at 11 oclock same forenoon; Returning, will leave Lubec at 3 oclock PM, and arrive at Machias at same evening. Persons travelling to any of the above towns will find this a cheap, quick and easy route: being 12 miles shorter than by the Dennysville route, and travelled through in the day time, giving them an opportunity to get their regular meals, and stop oVer night at Machias. MATTHEW CLARE. Machias, April 10, 1855 d6m Walter Smith & Cos Line. STAGE NOTICE. Through to Moosehead Lake same day, THE Bangor, Monson, and Moosehead Lake Stage leaves Bangor every Monday, Wednesday, and Fri-oclock, A. M., day, at 6 passing through Levant, Exeter, Garland, Sanger- ville, Guilford, Abbot, and Monson, arriving at Greenville, (foot of the Lake,) early the same evening. RETURNING, Leaves Greenville (foot of the Lake) every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 5 oclock, A. M-, and arrives at Bangor, at 5 o'clock, P. M. NOTICE A stage will leave Exeter on the arrival of the above stage from Bangor, passing through Garland village. 'West Dover, East San-gerville, and Guilford Centre, connecting with the Summer Arrangement. above at Monson. Books kept at the Penobscot Exchange, Franklin House, Bangor House, and at our Stage Office on Harlow Street WALTER SMITH & CO., Proprietors. Bangor, August 2. Bangor and Skowhegan STAGE, ON andafter MONDAY, April 2, 1855, Passenger Trains will run between Waterville and Pmdland as follows : Leave Waterville at 6.45 A.M and 12 M., and connect at Portland with trains for Boston. Passengers by either train can reach Gt. Falls,-Lawrence and Lowell, same day. Morning train from Waterville connects at Danville Junction with trains for Paris, and noon train connects at same place with train for Paris,- Gorham, Island Pond, and Montreal. Returning, trains arrive at Waterville at 11.4-5 A.M. and 5 P.M. Trains on Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad run between Pittsfield and Waterville, to connect with both trains each way leaving Pittsfield at 5.15 AM and 10 20 AM, and arrive at 1,25 PM and 6,25 PM. Stages between Bangor and Pittsfield connect with each train. Through tickets sold to Boston and' Potfland as heretofore. EDWIN NOYES, Supt. March 27, 1855 Leaves Bangor every Monday, Wednesday and Friday ,-&t 6 oclock A. M., Passing through Hermon, Carmel, Etna, Newport, Palmyra, Pittsfield,, and Canaan, arriving at Skowhegan early the same evening? RETURNING, PUBLIC HOUSES. Eveleth House, At Foot of Moosehead Lake, &REEKTIL1E, ME. EXPKESESJ. EXPRESS NOTICE. KENNEDYS W. II. CROSSMAN, formerly of the Waterville House, Waterville, PACKAGES and Freight of all kinds will be called for by our wagon, in any part of the city, by leaving notice at our office, No. 22 West Market Square. Express leaves for Portland and Boston every STARTMMUiUT IR(-e. WAT EVERY WHAlf SHOULD KC The Greatest of the Age ! How oft:: MR. KENNEDY, of Roxbury, has discovered in one of our common pasture weeds a rem cdy that cures FIERY KJJU OF JLYlOt, J mu vsn i w 1.! nf th Moniay, Wednesday and Friday mornings, per from the worst Scrofula down to a common pim-and JOHN bHAW , formerly of the 8teamer Danq Webster. For Boston, direct, ev- ... King House, Bath, would respect- fully announce to the public, generally, that they have taken the above named new and convenient House, and furnished it throughout with substantial and elegant furniture, and are prepared1 to furnish the Traveling Public or Pleasure Parties, with better accommodations than can be found at most Hotels in large cities. As a Siimmr Retreat For Hunting, Fishing, Bathing, or to the lovers of Bfeautiful Scenery, this House and location offers great attractions more probably than any in the State of Maine. Persons traveling for business or pleasure Will find at this House a table well supplied with the luxuries of the season, good Rooms, and every accommodation which can be desired. The subscribers hope, by strict attention to business, and keeping in every respect a good House, to receive a liberal share of patronage: CROSSMAN & SHAW, Proprietors Greenville, Jan. 20, 1855 tf spin?.- WADLEIGH HOUSE, OLDTOWN, ME. S. W. DUDLEY. The above well known stand has been thoroughly overhauled and renovated, and in all its appointments the comfort of the traveling public has been consulted. febl STANLEY HOUSE, WATER STREET, AUGUSTA, ME. Q W. RICKER, would DR. J. H. SCHENCKS SEA WEED TONIC, -FOR THE Cure of Dyspepsia. Leaves Skowhegan, every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 8 oclock- A, M-,- and arrives at Bun-6 oclock P. M1. gor, at Books kept at the Penobscot Exchange, Bangor rlo- House,-and at our Stage Office, on Harlow Street, WALTER SMITH & CO.,-aug2 Proprietors-. Katahdin Iron Works f STAGE NOTICE. respectfully announce to the Traveling Public that he has reopened the Stanley House. Augusta, and furnished it throughout with NEW and ELEGANT FURNITURE, and made every arrangement necessary to continuing it as a First Class Hotel. This is the most centrally located House in the city, being directly opposite the Depot, and in close proximity to the steamboat landing, Court House, Post Office, and but a few minutes walk from the State House. Business men, or persons traveling for pleasure, will find that this House affords every convenience or luxury that can be desired, and the Proprietor is determined to spare no pains to make it in every respect second to none in the State. Books for all Stages leaving town will be kept at this House. In connection with the above are good Stables with attentive and careful Hostlers. Nov. 28, 1854. pie. He has tried it in over eleven hundred cases, t and never failed except in two He has now in exI his possession over two hundred certificates of its ' value, all within twenty miles of Boston. Two bottles are warranted to cure a nursing sore mouth. One to three bottles will cure the worst kind of pimples on the face. Two to three bottles will cure the system of biles. Two bottles are warranted to cure the worst canker in the mouth and stomach. Three to five bottles are warranted to cure the . worst cases of erysipelas. i One to two bottles arc warranted to cure all humors in the eyes. Two bottles are warranted to cure running in the ears and blotches in the hair. - - j - Four to six bottles are warranted to cure cor- Friday morning, at 5 oclock, per steamer Daniel mpt and running ulcers. Webster. I One bottle will cure scaly eruptions of the 1 J. A. A OSE, Conductor. 1 gk;n Agent, Portland, FRINGE, 84 Exchange-st. j j .-o to three bottles are warranted to cure the I it l.-q.i....,.- ... year to year in t for one day t i,-,-l tie - ..." ence incident In the ,,, j.,, Tiri-: la.ooMixc But a fur y.-nr :'u j.4 : ,? , and bu'.yah ow. I.,' .-j liy. ;j: li : hi n a?lj. v ,n Rh'l n.i , 1 iG-r !) .I ;tL-i f ri-,. i;. r-- - j 1 " , - n- 1...1 i, I m: it , Tmngmlitlnrr -yj j T. S AL-1 w.rj ;j rr-r.f-h- f.f, u m ink K i . uvit.. 1 ALSO Will leave for Boston direct every Monday and Thursday, at 11 oclock A.M. Edwards 6c Co. Offices Boston, 8 Court Street. Bangor, 22 West Market Square. april26 WINGS Bangor and Mattawamkeagj EXPRESS. LEAVES Bangor at 54 oclock, A. M., Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays Leaves Mattawamkeag Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. A GENT 9: W. H. SANGER, No. 1 Stricklands Block, Bangor. GEO. SCAMMON, Nutc & Scammons store, Lincoln. C. J. FAY, Cottage Place, North Lincoln. GEO. W. SMITH, Asa Smiths store, Matta-tvamkeag. Henry S. Wing, Proprietor. Bangor, May 5, 1S-35 dXre THIS remedy is composed of a compound prep- j aration of a common weed growing along the sea shore, and is a certain remedy for the cure of Dyspepsia and its accompanying diseases, to wit : The new sea-going Steamship E N. KNOX Capt. LEWIS WINCHENBAUCH, Will leave stmr Penobscots wharf, Bangor, for Boston every TUESDAY morning, at G oclock, touching at all the usual landings on theRiver and Bay. RETURNING Will leave Fosters Wharf, Boston, every THURSDAY afternoon, at 4 o'clock, touching as above. I$g"Fare from Bangor to Boston $2,50. Way fares at usual rates. .Freight taken at fair prices. L. D. PHILLIFS, Agent. Bangor, April 12, 1855 Travellers Inland Route. FOR PORTLAND, Boston and Lowell. The Steamer DANIEL iWEHSTElt, Capt . Samuel Blanchard , of nine hundred tons burthen, built expressly fora sea-goiug Steamer, and for speed, strength, style of finish, and accommodation for passengers, has never been equalled by any Moat north of the Sound. She will leave Bangor every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, At 5 oclock A.M., touching at Hampden, Frankfort, Bucksport, Searsport, Belfast, Camden, and Rockland, and connecting with the Cars for Boston and Lowell, at Portland, arriving in Boston at an early hour in the evening. No bills paid by this company unless ordered by the Captain or Agent. RETURNING Leaves Portland for Bangor same evening, on the arrival of the o oclock Train of Cars for Boston, touching at all the landings on the Penobscot River, as above. FARE From Bangor, Hampden, Frankfort and Bucksport, to Portland, 2,00 to Boston 3,00. From Searsport and Belfast to Portland, 1,50 to Boston 2,50. From Camden and Rockland to Portland, 1,00 to 2,00. From Bangor to Lowell, 3,00. Belfast to Low-eM, 2.50. Rockland to Lowell, 2,00. Way Fare on the River at usual rates. Meals x:ra. Passengers by this route arrive several hours in advance of any other line. April, 1855 W. A. BLAKE. General Agt. Sour and Sick Stomach, Loss of Ajtpetite, Headacher Pain in the Side and Breast, Palpitation of the Heart Ulcers and Eruptions of all kinds , Chills and Fever . Gravel, and Diseases of the Kidneys, Nervousness, Weakness of the Limbs, Fainting Spells, and all di 'i cases peculiar to Females. THE Bangor cmd KataJi-, j-. din Iron Works Stage leaves I an gor every MONDAY, WEDNESDAY & FRIDAY, At 6 oclock, A. M, passing through Glcnbum, Kirkland, Bradford, Orneville, Milo and Brown-ville, arriving at Katahdin Iron Works early the same evening. RETURNING, Leaves Katahdin Iron Works Tuesday, TTntrs-day and Saturday , at 6 oclock A. M., and arrive at Bangor at 5 oclock P. M. Books kept at the Penobscot Exchange,. Hatch House, Franklin House,, and at out Stage Office on Exchange street. PALMER & MORRILL, Proprietors. Bangor, Sept. 19, 1854 d6mjan9 Continued from last week. R. R. Discovery No. 2. Railway Renovating Resolvent POSSESSES the most quick and potent power over all Chronic; Scrofulous, S philitic, and Skin diseases.. In six hours after the first dose is 5akcn:, the patisnt will feel its health-renovating efficacy. For all Humors. The most foul and corrupt humors will in su few days yield to the cleansing, purifying and renovating influence of the II. R. Resolvent . The most loathsome Sores, Ulcers, Nodes,S Aell-ings, and the most Frightful Skin Diseases ! OPERATE by their powerful influence on the Have been cured m a tew days by Jtaaicay s Reno- ij voting Resolvent. It is pleasant to the taste, and the patient feels no disagreeable sensation of sick- ness at the stomach. LET US REASON TOGETHER Nearly every person is more or less afflicted with Dyspepsia, or some of the diseases connected with it, and it is with feelings of pleasure that Dr. Schenck can announce to all such the discovery of the virtues of the Sea Weed, which is just the remedy for their ailments. Dyspepsia and the many diseases arising from it, is caused by the deficient secretion of the gastric juices, and weakness of the powers of the stomach. The effect of the SeaWeed Tonic is felt soon after it is taken, as it supplies at once the principles of the deficient gastric juice, and the food is digested naturally. In fact the Tonic so nearly resembles the natural gastric juice that chemists even find difficulty in distinguishing them. It gives tone and strengthens the stomach, j TT has been the lot of the human race to be thus enabling it to secrete the proper quality and j JL weighed down by disease and suffering. HOL-quantity of Gastric juice, and Dyspepsia and all its ! LOWaYS PILLS are specially adapted to the diseases soon disappear. - I relief of the WEAK, the NERVOUS, the DEL- It is a well known fact that nonejsuffer like the ICATE, and the INFIRM, of all climes, ages. Dyspeptic, for in addition to the Dyspepsia there ' sexes and constitutions. Professor Holloway per-is often either Headache, Sour and Sick Stomach, sonally superintends the manufacture of his med- Pain in the Side, Palpitations of the Heart, Chills and Fever, Gravel, Disease of the Kidneys, Nervous Weakness and Trciftors, General Debility, Faintness, Loss of Appetite, Bad Taste, Fever, icines in the United States, and offers them to a free and enlightened people as the best remedy the world ever saw for the removal of disease. Stoppages in Females, all or each of them arising I Th pop Pillc Pnrifv tlio Plnrwl front a disordered shite of the Stomach, and here! 1 rlllS r urlly l,le BIOOU. is a newly discovered remedy , for the trilling sum of one dollar, that will cure all this train of disease These famous Pills are expressly combined to operate on the stomachy the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, the skin, and the bowels, correcting any derangement in their functions, purifying the - , blood, the very fountain of life, and thus curing Sea eed Tonic is a pleasant bitters, giving a per- : disease in all its forms, son a good appetite and good digestion: is put up Chronic Diseases That have been lingering in the system, corrupting the blood, softening the bones, prostrating the muscles, for ten, twenty, or forty years, have been radically cured by Radways Renovating Resolvent. Great Lung Medicine for a I Lung Complaints. Persons affected with weak or ulcerated Lungs, Tubercles, Bronchitis, Hacking, Dry Cough, Difficult breathing, or Spitting Blood. Radicay's Renovating .Resolvent will in a short time remove all obstructions from the lungs and throat, and impas strength and soundness to the wvak and diseased lungs. There is no medicine in present use that has made so many rapid cures of Lung complaints as Rad-tray's Renovating Resolvent One day will alter the diseased condition of the lungs, and check the ravages of decay. The public may rely upon an effectual cure of the following diseases by using the Renovating Resolvent : Chronic Rheumatism, Scrofula, Glandular Swellings, Hacking dry Cough, Cancerous Affections, Syphilitic Complaints, Bleeding of the Lungs, Tic Dolcreux, White Swellings, Tumors, Ulcers, Skin Diseases, Ilip Diseases, Female Complaints, Dyspepsia, Water Brash, Gout, Rickets, Salt Rheum, Bronchitis, Consumption. Liver Complaint. in quart bottle, always agrees with the stomach, and one bottle generally effects a cure. Whenever the bowals are cdstive, the tongue furred, or the complexion sallow', a few of Schencks Mandrake or liver Pills are to be used, A box of these Pills accompany each bottle of the Tonic, and will be found in a recess of the bottle.covered with a label. SCHENCKS MANDRAKE PILLS Steamboat Notice. The Penobscot River Steamboats VXTILL commence running between Oldtown v V ' and Five Islands on and after MONDAY, I Will be found to possess those qualities necessary to the total eradication of all bilious attacks, prompt to start the secretions of the liver and give a healthy tone to the entire system. Indeed, it is no ordinary discovery in Medical Science, to have invented a remedy for these stubborn complaints, which develope all the results produced by a heretofore free use of calomel a mineral justly dreaded by mankind and acknowledged to be destructive in the extreme to the human system. That the properties of certain vegetables comprise all the virtues of calomel, without its injurious tendencies, is now an admitted fact, rendered indisputable by scientific researches; and those who use the Mandrake Fill, will he fully satisfied that the best medicines are those provided by nature in the common roots and herbs of the fields Dyspepsia &, Liver Complaint. Nearly half the human race have taken these Pills. It has been proved in all parts of the world that nothing has been found equal to them in cases of disorders of the liver, dyspepsia, and stomach complaints generally. They soon give a healthy tone to these organs, however much deranged, ana when all other means have failed. Ill Health. General Debility. Many of the most despotic Governments have opened their Custom Houses to the introduction of these Pills, that they may become the medicine of the masses. Learned Colleges admit that this medicine is the best remedy ever known for persons of delicate health, or where the system has been impaired, as its invigorating properties never fail to afford relief. Female Complaints. MONDAY, I Fills open the bow'elsand correct all billions , I derangements without salivation, or any of the in- eave Oldtown for Five Islands at 7 oclock A. effects of calomel or other poisons. The M., connecting with the morning train of cars from eeretion of bile is promoted by these Pills, as will Bangor. i e seei by the altered color of the stools, and dis- Leave Five Islands for Oldtown at 6 A. M., ar- Pingof the sallow complexion and cleansing riving in Oldtown in season to take the 2 oclock e t train of cars for Bangor. j Ample directions for use accompany each box of A Moac will leave Oldtown for Piscataquis at 2 I, if Pe of a quart bottle of the Sea oclock P.M. on and after Tuesday, April 24,1855. Carriages will be in readiness to convey passengers to and from Mattawamkeag. Weed Ionic and box of Pills combined is only one dollar. But separate boxes of Pills can be had of any of the agents for 2-3 cents. These remedies are prepared under the personal supervision of Dr. J. H. Schenck, proprietor of Schencks Pulmonic Syrup, the well established remedy for Consumption, Bronchitis, Coughs, . . , Colds, &e., &e.t and the inventor of the celebrated Having made arrangements with Rcspirometor, for examining and detecting all the Massachusetts nurserymen t diseases of the Lungs, Heart, &c. D. W. MOOR, Agent. Oldtown, April 23, 1835 tf FruitA Ornamental Trees. : I can furnish to order, if applied to before the 1st of April next, any quanti-ties of superior Fruit and Ornamental Snrlrces, ubs, ines, &e., at the nursery prices. Catalogues may be seen at my store, 4 Wall-st feb23 WM. MANM Paints Paints. I AM prepared to furnish Paints, of all descrip tions, at the very lowest rates. I have just , . , - - - - just received S tons Lead, 500 galls. Linseed Oil, 5 bills. Varnishes ami Japan, French Yellow, Veri. Red, Ac., Ae. ' J. S. INGRAHAM, nuy 3 WHOLESALE AGENTS. Philadelphia GILHERT, WENTZ & CO., 117 N. Third Street. New York-C. V. CLICKENER & CO., 81 Barclay Street. I'oston REDDING & CO., No. 8 State Street, And cxery respectable Druggist throughout the United States. declo deowly Honey, IN comb, just rf-ceiv.ed and for sale by I m:y7 SAML DEALING. No Female, young or old should be without this celebrated medicine. It corrects and regulates the monthly courses, at all periods, acting in many cases like a charm. It is also the best and safest medicine that can be given to children of all ages, and for any complaint coi.scquently no family should be without it. Holloway's Pills are the best remedy known in the world for the following Diseases : Asthma Dropsy Bowel Complaints Debility Coughs Colds Chest Diseases Costiveness Dysftepsia Diarrhoea Inward Weakness Lowness of Spirits Fever and Ague Biles FemaleComplaints Stone and Gravel Headaches Secondary Symp- Indigestion toms Influenza Venereal Affections Inflammation Worms of all kinds - Sold at the Manufactories of Professor Holloway, 80 Maiden Lane, New York, and 244 Strand, London, and by all respectable Druggists and Dealers of Medicines throughout the United States, and the civilized world, in boxes, at 25 cts, 624 cents, and L each. ife There is Considerable saving by taking the larger sixes, N. B. Direction tor the guidance of patients in every disorder are affixed to each box, muyl855 powd&tv x Feeble Men and Women, Whose nuptial beds for years have been couches of disappointment and regret, will find Radicays Renovating Resolvent a true invigorator and renovator of the diseased and disabled parts. Ali unsoundness is removed, and every organ in the system restored to health, strength, ana vigor, in a few days. internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate it into healthy action. They remove the obstructions of the stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the body, and, by restoring their irregular action to health, correct, wherever they exist, such derangements as- arc the first causes of disease. An extensive trial of their virtues, by Professors Physicians, and Patients, has shown cures of dan gerous diseases almost beyond belief, were they not substantiated by persons of such exalted position and character as to forbid the suspicion of untruth. Their certificates are published in my American Almanac, which the Agents below named are pleased to furnish free to all inquiring. Annexed we give Directions for their use in the complaints which they have been found to cure. For Costiveness. Take one or two Pills, or such quantity as to gently move the bowels. - Cos-tivencss is frequently the aggravating cause of Piles, and the cure of one complaint is the cure of both. No person can feel well while under a costive habit of body. Hence it should be, as it can be, promptly relieved. For Dyspepsia, which is sometimes the cause of Costivencss, and always uncomfortable, take mild doses from one to Jour to stimulate the stomach and livor into healthy action. They will do it, and the heartburn , bodyburn , and soulbum of dyspepsia will rapidly disappear. When it has gone, dont forget what curea you. For a Foul Stomach, or Morbid Inaction of the Boioels, which produces general depression of the spirits and bad nealth, take from four to eight Pills Worst case of ring worm. Two to three bottles arc warranted to cure the most desperate cases of rheumatism, j Three to six bottles arc warranted to cure sult-rlicum. Five to eight bcttles will cure the very worst ee of Scrotula. i A benefit is always experienced from-the first bottle, and a perlcet cure warranted when the above quautity is taken. Nothing looks so improbable to those who have in vain tried all the wonderful medicines of the day as, that a common weed, growing upon the pastures, and along old stone walls, should cure ! every humor in the system : yet it is now a lived j ! fact, have a humor it has to start. There ' are no ifs nor ands about it, suiting some cases but not yours, lie has peddled over a thousand bottles of it in the vicinity of Boston, and Knows . the effects of it in every case, Jt has already done some of the greatest cures ever done in Massa-i clm.Hctts. lie gave it to children a year old, to T old people of sixty; and has seen puny looking ' children, whose flesh was soft and flabby, restored i to a perfect state of health by one bottle. 1 To tho'-e who are subject to sick headache, one ; bottle will always cure it. It gives great relief in ! catarrh and dizziness. Some who have taken it ! have been costive for years, and have been regulated by it. Where the body is sound it works quite easy, but where there is any derangement of the functions of nature, it will cause very singular feelings, but you must not be alarmed they always disappear in from four days to a week. There is never a bad result from it on the contrary, when that feeling is gone, you will feel yourselflikc a new person. I heard some of the most extravagent encomiums of it that ever man listened to. No change of diet ever necessary. Eat the best you can get and enough of it. Roxp.liiy, Sept. 19, 1S53. This is to ccrtifv that H. li. HAY, Drmrgit, Portland, is the duly AUTHORISED GENERAL AGENT for my MEDICAL DISCO VERY 'for the STATE OF MAINE, and that he is supplied with the GENUINE, direct from mv Laboratorv. (Signed) DONALD KENNEDY. For sale by dealers in Medicine generally. tgTG. F. SARGENT General Agent for Bangor. mchl4 3taw4thpd&iswlyr. ' DREADFUL fid m tii An'l mu-t thij r femf-lyt So N. : The roTDoly is I y k anl knowing th r.:n Thr-i-e are poinn-q i,t ;.i THE MARRIED PRIVATE lt r aw(t i ns a INHERITANCE- : r.:;i.vrs. - iVre Il.r -,r 1 SYr. f' nVIPAXIOY klU. N, -V y WOMAN'S MEDICAL BY DR. A. M. M PROFF.-R OF JLSE.--KX OK 7jivv One Hundredth Edition, ON FINE P-VITH, FTTH A J ' - A Ftialar-1 wnrk of rMnl -V-! n r in tbn ratulr tr-ins .f tl.- -j-.-it tr.i -n PbilaTflphin. and Vt booksAlh-rs in tlm Tnln-d -late.s. it '.rn- i.r-; -J ! in 1S4T. since v.hi-h lime 1 FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND COPES I have been sold, of which there ut ONE II LVD RED Till iCSAXD SEN I EV attesting the hih e-tiuiatani in tvh'.ch it h L.. liable popular MeEical BOOK FOB KVEHY the aatlior having V-; ex-Iu-i-.- treatment of corn plaints pf c-ffinr to f-:u'.. which he is yearly consulted by ihou-and? i and by letter. Here every woman can di-cover, bv cor.-. symptoms with lhoe described, the causes of, and the proper remedies for. .-r The wife about becoming a mother Li instruction and advice cf the ir.r rr- 230. M VI, F KM ALE future health, in respect to whi bids consulting a medical goLti nvna. 11 rtroctirn and advice, anl al.-o evjl'iu r.-arr which otherwise would orcaion -v tr cd t: the peculiarities incident to h- How many are suffering from t rr itics peculiar to the female sy-b.m. rri.h uc Viu. ce the health, the effects of which t:.v are icmorsr.!. ar! for which Ihcrr delicacy foil Ms r:e:.l a.ffre -..rr c- cLse- ATWELLS HEALTH RESTORER, Vegetable, Physical Jaundice BITTERS for the cure of JAUNDICE, LIVEIt COMPLAINT, INDIGESTION, COSTIVENESS, DYSPEPSIA, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, II E A D -ACHE, LOSS OF APPETITE, G E N E R AL D E JB I L I T Y, COLDS, FEVERS, &c. Many suffering frnra ; or from fiuor cibus (-.rrakn in constant agony for many n. meat. Many bare 'f r and slow and uncertain re r- - hazarded during such tim. c-ineans of prevention, ameMrM! l It is of course imfracffeaKc subjects treated of, as tlK-y are tended for the married or Header, are you a hu-b.m! or a : a -t s mother? Have yon the s!n -eie w.-.:br- r,f 'Gjy z. ts at heart? Trove vunr rinerhy. an! 1- -e n in learning wbr.t cantos interfere with the r Vh -.ti happiness not less than your own. It will ..vcM. yz acl yours, as it has to thousands, many a d.y of j;.a anxiety, followed by eleeple-s night.-. incnpcMM.. mind for its ordinary avocation, anl eihsu-tMg means for medical attendance, medicines crl aivcri.-iJ nostrums which otherwise woi.H provite f'r Md rzj years, the intirmiih s of ago and the proper e!a:o:.'cf yonr children. In consequence of the universal popularity r.f tii Nervous People Should take Radimys Renovating Resolvent. It will make the most nervous, weak, gloomy, and dejected victims of nervousness feel healthy, vigorous, and happy. Price of R. RResolvent, 1 per bottle. igFor the remarkable at first, and smaller doses afterwards, until activity and strength is restored to the system. For Nervousness, Sick Headache, Nausea, Pain in the Stomach , Back, or Side, take ffom four to eight pills on going to bed. If they do not operate sufficiently, take more the next agy until tney do. These complaints will be swept out from the system. Dont wear these and their kindred disorders because your stomach is foul. For Scrofula, Erysipelas, and all Diseases of the Skin, take the Pills freely and frequently, to keep the bowels open. The eruptions will gener ally soon begin to diminish and disappear. Many dreadful ulcers and sores have been healed up by the purging and purifying effect of these Pills, and some disgusting diseases which seemed to saturate the whole system have completely yielded to their influence, leaving the sufferer in perfect health. Patients ! your duty to society forbids that you should parade yourself around the world covered with pimples, blotches, ulcers, sores, and all or any of the unclean diseases of the skin, because your system wants cleansing. g To Purify the Blood, they are the best medicine ever discovered. They should be taken freely DIRECTIONS. AS- AN ALTERATIVE, to regulate the Stomach and Bowels, aid Digestion, ana give Tone and Vigor to the whole System the ordinary dose i45 from half to a whole table-spoonful, in as much water, before eating. TO ACT AS PHYSIC, from half to a whole wine glassfull Vary the dose according to the age, constitution and condition of the pj.tient. FOR DYSPEPSIA, Spitting up Food, sense of fullness and distress in tho stomach, take a teaspoonful after eating.- FOR BILIOUS AFFECTIONS, take chough to operate as physic, following with smaller doses to clear the stomach of Bile, and give tone to the system. FOR SUDDEN COLDS, FEVERS, Ac., take large doses, ont o in four hours, till it operates as physic, then follow with the ordinary doe. FOR LIVER COMPLAINTS, JAUXDICE,-BILIARY OBSTRUCTIONS, &c- take in ordinary doses, and continue its use till a cure is ef- efficacy of Radicay's . . ...... Regulators, the most perfect, pleasant and effectu- and frequently, and the impurities which sow the al medicine in the form of pills in use, see next ; seeds of incurable diseases will be swept out of the 1 pu weeks paper One of R. It. Regulators is a dose. Sold by druggists everywhere. H. H. Hay, druggist, Portland, general agent for the State of Maine. Agents Guild & Harlow, J S Ingraham, G F Sargent & Co, Bangor; E N Jones, G O Goodwin, Brewer: W O Poor, Richard Moody, M D, Belfast. nov3Q 55 e3wdly BOUNTY L.AJNDS. rpIIE hundreds of Soldiers for whom Land Warrants of less than 160 acres have procured by Isaac 6l John L. Hodsdon, and if deceased, their widows or minor children, and ali others entitled, can receive the benefit of the new Act, personally or by letter, to General ISAAC HODSDON, at Exeter, or the subscriber at Bangor. John L. Hodsdon, 2d STORY DOWS BLOCK, formcrl pied by McCRILLIS $ CROSB ' N. B. Land Warrants purchased, as usual. March 6, 1855 d&wtf WINGATE, Fashionable Hatter, Nos 12 Sf 13 Franklin Avenue, Between Court and Cornhill-sts., Boston. ENTRALIfY located, Convenient for all, Langleys Bitters, AT wholesale and Retail by the agents, J2 GUILD & ft Ail ' ftLO W, 100 Driving Boots, PRS. Extra CALF DOOTS, tnanufac-r tured expressly for River Driving, at ' J1KMEN3VAV & RERSKYS, not in costly apartments, nor subject to high rent. Ui der these circumstances, being a practical hatter, and having had long experience in the business, he can sell the best Moleskin Hats, (usually sold for 5,) at the low price of 4. Terms cash. On hand, at all seasons, the Best Quality of Hats, of the .most approved fashions. Hats made to order, and warranted to fit. Gentlpnjen, by sending the size of the head, can have a fiat forwarded by Express to any part of the system like chaff before the wind. By this property they do as much good in preventing sickness as by the remarkable cures which they are making every where. Liver Complaint, Jaundice, and all Bilious Affections arise from some derangement either torpidity, congestion, or obstructions of the Liver. Torpidity and congestion vitiate the bile and render it unfit for digestion. This is disastrous to the health, and the constitution is frequently undermined by no other cause. Indigestion is the symptom. Obstruction of the duct which empties the bile into the stomach causes the bile to overflow been nto ie blood. This produces Jaundice, with a long and dangerous train of evils. Costivencss, or alternately costiveness and diarrhoea, prevails. Feverish symptoms, languor, low spirits, weariness, restlessness, and melancholy, with sometimes inability to sleep, and sometimes great drowsiness ; sometimes there is severe pain in the side ; the skin and the white of the eyes become a greenislj yellow ; the stomach acid ; the bowels sore to the touch ; the whole system irritable, with a tendency to fever, which may turn to bilious fever, bilious colic, bilious diarrhoea, dysentery, &c. A medium dose of three or four Pills taken at night, followed by two er three in the morning, and repeated a few days, will remove the cause of all these troubles. It is wicked to suffer such pains when you can cure them for 25 cents. Rheumatism, Gout, and all Inflammatory Fevers are rapidly cured by the purifying effects of these Pills upon the blood and the stimulus which they afford to the vital principle of Life. For these and all kindred complaints they should be taken in mild doses, to move the bowels gently, but freely. As a Dinner Pill, this is both agreeable and useful. No Pill can be made more pleasant to take, and certainly none has been made more effectual to the purpose for which a dinner pill is employed. PREPARED BY J. O. AYERy Practical and Analytical Chemist, LOWELL, M A 8 8 - AND SOLD BY fected. GENERAL REMARKS. These Bitters will be found a boua fide Headache Curcr; also, a great HUMOll CORRECTOR, and an unequalled remedy for Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Costiveness, Ac By their detergent qualities they expel all viscid matter from the system, purify the blood, and give a vigorous, healthy action to each and every function of the system, thus securing PERFECT HEALTH. Price 2-3 cents. Sold by C. AV. ATWELLProprietor, under the U. S. Hotel, Portland, and by dealers in medicine every where. jn4 d&wtJyl as evidenced ly it PNimor.linary iale. v tr. tiens liave 5v! well on vi '3 tLe puLlic. ly :' litis spnri1'-- t-c r. anl Minvj'titi".' r-f copyright, ai! an-l 'inceptions, it has been louuu Er. then-lore, to PUBLIC In buv n Irtu.k tho von!s A. M. M.o r.c. ll'J l.i!ertv Mre-t. N. Y., i (an! t-i.fv ..? Clerks I'fV.ce r-n the hack of the t.:k- " oulv of reH'eiaile arvl hon'r.iMe ! n! r-, er . 1 -J mail, and ai.!res to hr. A. M. Maune' .r.:. BIT Upon receipt of One LVllrr THE MAR RIED WOMANS PRIVATE PAN ION is sent (no, J All letters most be post.-ru!. A. M. MAUH1CEAU. box Z Publishing Grfice, No. York. AGENTS IN N David Lnghce, Bangor; M". wick; Ilti-'-ey A V. ebb. Niw Augusta: W Billing-. K wav. K Clark. Bath' G : ' ' Lord. Portland; U T A1" Caldwell. Il;-a,r; (i L K ' J Itamsev. New . Jan 2655 P A American . jbkts. d FcreUn. Once :xcv r T F NT OtTXb AG WITH I.. 3 i ( -' - 1 No. 7o State Street i ( s T ' N ivnn.'MA i ion - .ley Si.; Buy me and I5il do You Good. country, AU ftinffa of Hats repaired at short notice. mcfi9 o5 oawly Burning Fluid Camphene for sale at A. H. HAY, Druggist, Portland, Me., General Agent of the State for my Cherry Pectoral and Cathartic Pills, to whom all orders should be addressed. Sold in Bangor by G. W. Emerson, G. F. Sar gent & Co., Warren L. Alden, S. E. Perkins, J. S. Ingraham, and Guild & Harlow and by Drug gists every where. eowdly nov964 in INGRAHAMS. GRAHAMS and Petersons Magazines, recd at BARTLETTS, Now is the Time to Use Dr. Langley's Root mul Herb Bitters, Compound Dock Root, Sarsaparilla, Prickley Ash. Wild Cherry , Dandelion, Mandrake, Rhulmrb, "Root and Herb Jaundice Bitters' Only 37 1-2 Cents lor a Quart Bottle-Only 25 Cents for a Pint Bottle Purify die Blwx! and yon hare health. Cleanse the Fountain and'ihe stream will be pure. Decidedly the greater Medicine for the Least Money in the world. The Ladies alllike them for they are sure to do them good. The Root and Herb Ritters have cured the past year, 19.000 cases of J A UN DICE, 11.000 cases of LIVER COMPLAINT, 17.000 cases of DYSPEPSIA, 20 ,:00 cases of BAD HUMOR, 25.000 cases of COSTl VENE8S, J3,0n0 cases of PILES, 12.000 cases of COUGHS and COLDS, andhavc cured and benefitted more than 200, OoO persons besides. Diseased liver formost of the van. Was fought and conquered by great Langleys plan; Next gloomy Jaundice, trembling tied the field, By Langleys Bitters forced at last to yield Then dread Dys;epsia left the scene of strife, Nor dared to face the ginriou draught of lile ! Bile, Headache, Hutnnrs, Piles and Costiveness, Those dreaded ills which cause such wretchedness, By Langley's Bitter, are forced to yield. While Health and Strength united take the field. Are you temperance folks when this medicine is used, Nodrink'aleobolic is by it infused ; Nor need the fond mother feel anxious alarm. To the tenderest infant it cannot do harm. Pleasant to tato and always does good. Wholesale Depot is 99 Union Street, Boston. $3rSold in Bangor by J. 8. Ingraham, Guild A Harlow, G F. Sargent & Co., V. L Alden, Win. Mann, H. W. Fuller, and S. Dealing; Dr A. Rogers, Hampden; 6. Libby. Orono; R. S. Kinsell, Oldtown. may 26 IMPORTANT i.w v - s v . L? The suh.-.-nb: r. i Ule Aei::n- i.:e Office, under the Act f ta-h ucU-rm-.i.c a sent adtaiitnec-:. in nplh - ..n ' to those otlt-reJ iimitroi- ta oi.i ransreiiicnt' thereby on conthu'lcil h hint. 'IhllilA of tirenry. a' l'-tM I'.u K hv olaers. "i. by him m tuc c.i"' and tho v.:;ht!rau al laiou after the rep.' umi. f ments. ami all m cc'"-..ry procuring p.;!.ni prepared, and udw.c remo tifie matters repe. ling ments uf patents. Inventors cun not only carious on the iut rca-e-mAw vail themselves of the e;vin n-.' lice, an extensive library ot works, and correct accounts ; -this and other countries; be-m. journey to Washington, the u-y -well as all personal trouble in o. -tents. Copies of claims of an) 1 bv remitting otur dollar. Asi;i u Vashington. R- I J'uli' During the time I occupied tlu ri' ol Pare.. is R. H. EDDY. Kmi.. I the Parent Uitice, as Solicitor of Part nr-, if any, persons acting in that rnp.u it . " 1 business before the Patent Ortii e . wIhi comlucted it with more -kill, -- regard Mr. Eddy as one tf the tct ''.j'1 skillful Patent Solicitors re the I mtl no hesitation in assuring inventor- th'i 1 ploy a person more competent and tru-i"'! I'? lon Gaiters. tUSTOM MADE, of various colors, adapted to the season, for sale bv A. K. P. LEIGHTON CO., capable of putting their applies! tor them an earlv and favorable .. lice. KI.M1M) HI Hht- Late rotnini-'-iem r PaTI-'T OH1-1 R. II. Eddt, Boston, Mass, tiir: YtKir facilities for the jroeruli connected with this office, an equal to t 11 voiiru Ac. agenl. I am very rclu lly. N K t',ininn toner Boston, SepL 1, 1S54 iftawclAweo" L - For Sale, Bv theul.rfribor.oi:cr oiul Ihnui twelve j MUD WAGON: hand iltitttry " a?'-1 iL1v ...rovvirtr siv nassen'.. ,r superior six LT Sleigh. - Also, a large lot ot rirs sroKES. -ruo-s j. . V .'i'VKl's E MMA No. mnv4 6, received by

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