Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on November 23, 1866 · 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, November 23, 1866
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BANGOR DAILY WHIG AND COURIER. ;fn Z ' - n . t. . I1' j-.VjK r i ' ,r,L - - T tm yStltijg & dttrr. WHEELER A LYHDE, PROPRIETORS WM. E. WHEELER, EDITOR. 9;Buaines letters should be addressed to the Publishers. Whibju k Lthdi. FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1866. Political. The St. Louis News says the effect of the Republican victory in Missouri is seen in' the rapid'increase of immigration Immigrants who had camped along the Mississippi, in Illinois, waiting to see the result of the election, are now crossing the river ' in great numbers and purchasing farms and homes. At a recent election in Galveston, Texas, for Distriet Attorney and Judge, 1070 votes were cast, the largest number polled at any election since the secession of Texas. Charles S. DeLong is canvassing Nevada for the purpose of securing General Nyes place in the IT. S. Senate. He accuses Nye of having received $3000 for pardoning a . man while he was Governor, and cf having Provided our PecPle wiU- subscribe an ade-pocketed $8000 belonging to the Indians. I luate 6um for its endowment. A committee A "Washington special says that Secretary McCulloch will not object to the removal of Commissioner Rollins from the Internal Revenue Department in case the President - will appoinl David A.' Wells to the place. An effort will be made at the next session of Congress to take - the appointment of the Revenue Commissioners from the President and give it to Congress. The Fbesdmen ik Georgia. There are npw in Georgia 48 schools for freedmen, with 64 teachers and 2755 pupils. Of these teachers 23 are colored and 40 are white, and of the scholars 1109 are males and 1646 females. . The freedmen themselves are sus-' taining 34 of these schools, with an equal number of teachers and 1080 scholars, and they partly sustain 14 other school. During the month of October they paid about $1000 for the purpose of education, which shows that they are willing to pay for their education when they' have the ability. The number of schools and of scholars is rapidly increasing in Georgia, and will continue to increase as the freedmen realize more fully the benefits to be conferred upon them by the schools. There is still considerable antagonism between the whites and blacks in Georgia, and murders of the freedmen are of frequent occurrence in many of the coun ties. A Permanent- Investment. The N ,Y. Sun says: The English holders of reb. el bonds still seem . to be troubled with tho hallucination that they will some day realize from their investment in the defunct Southern Consederacy. This delusion manifests itself at intervals and under different phases. According to our accounts, the af-flicted bondholders are just now laboring under the phantasy that they can in some way attach the money due to the United States from England upon the Alabama claims, for the liquidation of their claim - upon the deceased S. C. It does not appear just how they propose to arrange this little matter, but they apparently imagine that tho United States is an idiot. Such is lu nacy. The rebel bondholders have about the same prospect of getting back their investment in the Confederacy that the latter has of coming to life again ; not so much as that, in fact, for the ex-rebels have repudiated both these bonds and the silly Englishmen who invested money in them. The only consolation that we can give the bond-. holders is the assurance that their investment is perfectly good, so long as they don t want'to use the money. For a secure, permanent investment we know of none better than theirs. The humiliation caused by the election ol John Morissey to Congress is somewhat lessened by the consolation 'that the English cannot cast a stone of reproach at us. For it is a historical fact that John Gully, who was one of the most noted prize fighters of his day, and who fought several fierce battles with Pearce, the game chicken, and Greg' son, in 1805, 1807 and 1808, was elected as a . member of the British Parliament in 1832: and sat in theEouse of Commons as the representative of the borough of Pontefract until 1837, when he declined further political honor. George Francis Train has written a letter descriptive of the Pacific Railroad excursion. . Onthe trip the party passed a prairie dog village, of which Train says : A million dogs. Two Bhot. Ancona kills a dog. - Painter a rattlesnake. Five hundred shots and two killed. I shot none, because I could not see what harm they had done. They were not rebels. How peculiar they live. A prairie dog, an owl and a rattlesnake, and in one hole. ' A radical. Conservative and Copperhead living in one Happy Family 1 Betters from Mascali, Sicily, of the 19th of October, mention that an unfortunate landholder, who was reputed wealthy, was taken, and in order to compel him to divulge where he had secreted his riches, he was placed under a wine-press and literally squeezed to death. At a school in Connecticut there was a janitor who took care of the school build ings, and who also kept boarders. One of the boarders owed him $20, and as a receipt for $20 or over requires a two-cent stamp, the man gave the boy a receipt for $19.99 and gave him back one penny, thus saving one cent. If anybody can beat that in mean ness, lets hear of it. Amherst College is soon to have the largest meteorite possessed by any cabinet in America. A mass of meteoric iron, weighing 535 pounds, found high up the Rocky Mountains, and secured for the college by Mr. J. Alden Smith, late of Hewiston, is now on iU way from Denver City, Colorado. It was shipped at St. Joseph, Mo., on the 3d instant, and will soon arrive at its destination. Captain Webster, of the U. S. revenue steamer Mahoning, has been awarded by the British Government, a gold chronometer and chain, in acknowledgement of his services to British seamen in distress during the winter of 1865-66. The Bangor Orphan Asylum. JTo the Editor of the Whig : You have called the attention of jour readers to the appeal from Rath to aid in establishing a Home for the destitute chil-dren of those gallant soldiers and sailors, whose lives were sacrificed in defence of their country, and havo expressed tho wish that tho appeal might meet with a generous response. Probably no one would object to the fulfilment of that wish if it be done by those who leel able to let their charity do its blessed work abroad, as well as at home, but the citizens of Bangor generally, may well be excused from answering this call, when it is remembered that there is now a strenuous effort being made to establish a Childrens Home in this city, in which special provis- ion is to be made for the care and support of tho orphan children of soldiers and sailors. It can hardly be necessary to remind the public, that a liberal hearted gentleman, formerly of Bangor, now of Boston, has promised to erect in our city, a building suitable for the above purpose, at a cost of $12,000, of gentlemen and ladies have the matter in charge, and it is understood that they have decided that $25,000, with the property now owned by the Asylum, will yield a sufficient sum, in addition to the yearly subscriptions, to support such an'institulion. Of this sum only $10,000 have yet been subscribed. The time has passed for doing any thing about the new building this year, yet the raising the money ought not to be longer deferred, for the old Asylum building must soon be e.ther extensively repaired, or its use for that object abandoned. We have heard it asserted by those who ought to know, that whed the $25,000 is subscribed, and the Home erected, the Bangor Sanitary Association, (not yet defunct, for they have an executive committee still in being,) intends to appropriate a band-some sum, from the fund still in their hands, to this very object, viz : to provide for the support of the orphans of soldiers and sailors in this Home for destitute children. Under these circumstances, Mr. Editor, what shall tho citizens of Bangor do? Send their money to Bath ? or shall they, by immediately filling up the required subscription make it possible for our city to bo bene-fitted by the generous offer of Mr. Pitcher ? Is the latter course any less patriotic or less truly liberal than the-former ? Possibly some gentlemen like to receive frequent calls from a ladies begging committee! ! We should judge so, from the reply so often given, Cant attend to it to-day am so very busy call again. If Bangor is determined not to do herself . with blood vessels, nerves honor on this occasion, perhaps those among anc absorbants. One of the obvious usc3 is to se-1 1 & I Crete and DrcDare the bile. It lilretvi&a us, who carry the cause of the destitute or phans very near their hearts, had better send their contributions to Bath. Whatever is to be done, twere well it were done quickly. Ifov. 20. Capture of Railroad Robbers. The Louisville Journal gives the following account of the capture of a portion of the gang of thieves and desperadoes who threw a train of cars off the track of the Nashville Railroad last week and robbed the passengers: One of tho party, Stephen Conwell, a young man of about 20, made a full confession. He says that two men, residing near Franklin, named King and Finn, conceived the idea. These men sought allies, and got teri men besides a negro, who proved a lead- ing spirit in the whole affair. The partv I pr0(uc'DB a fiw of bile, met at a mill about four miles from Frank-I , , lin, where they matured their plans. They Fldmon Syrup Seaweed Tonic, aud Man-then rode down towards the railroad, when drake Pitts, one of them proposed to stop at Conwells t'11 strengthen the system, purify the blood, and , .si v 1 . . . ripen and heal ulcers on the lungs. home until be could borrow his pistols. I A volume would be required, to give a brief ac-Gonwell refused to loan his pistols, and was I count of the remarkable cures performed by Dr, anxious to know what was going on. Final- 1"1 " J ly they urged him to go along, telling him the whole plan. He accompanied them to the place on the road where it was agreed that the track should be torn up. Here the negro showed them how to pry up the track, and they forced the rail on one side out, but had not time to remove the other, when they heard the train approaching. So they piled some loose rails on tbe track, and moved back about three hundred yard3 to await the train. Conwell says the train thundered along in the darkness at full speed, and when it struck the rails on tho track it seemed to him as though it jumped fifty feet. Then he wished that he was safe at home As soon as the locomotive rolled down the hank, the gang rushed up beside the cars and fired, each man a shot, up in tbe air.1 They had agreed to do this to frighten the passengers, and if any one returned the fire they were to shoot into the train. No one fired, and the men entered tbe cars, leaving two men and the negro outside as a guard, while they robbed the passengers. As soon as they had finished this they started for the express car, but found that the car had fallen on its side, and that the only open door was on the under side. Before they could force the oth er door open the whole car was on lire. They then rified the baggage car of what they could carry, mounted their horses and rode off four miles, when they stopped, plundered the baggage that they had and divided the spoils. Conwell says that when the division was made each man had $11 in money. They then dispersed, each going to his home: Soon after the robbery some detectives were put on the track, and some of the military were sent down there to hunt tho matter out. Tbe citizens of Franklin extended every assistance in thoir power, and by their knowledge of persons and places, enabled the officers to get all the gang except the negro He cannot be found. New York, Nov. 21. The Convention of Life Insurance Companies of the United States, which was organized at Hartford, Conn., on the 12th of September last, met in the rooms of the Chamber of Commerce in this city, at noon to-day. The object of the convention is to discuss affairs of interest to all tbe companies, and especially to take action to secure uniform laws regulating life insurance. Nearly all the companies in the United States were represented. Special to Boston Adv. Patriotic Zeal of the Venetians. Only sixty-nine votes were given at Venice against union with Italy ; 641,758 In favor. Forty-five provinces have announced the amounts subscribed by them to the Dew national loan. They were asked for a first installment of 77,400,000 lire ; they have actually subscribed 127,000,000 lire sixty-four millions subscribed by individuals. N. Y. Post. A young man named Charles Thompson who says he robbed a broker in Detroit of $4000 three years ago, gave himself up to the police of Cincinnati on Thursday, saying his conscience troubled him so that he oould not conceal the crime any longer. He, had spent the $4000 in Canada, whither he had fled. "Washington, Nov. 21, 1866. The Republican associations of this city, without distinction of color, are perfecting their arrangements for their welcome to Congress. They propose to have a procession of Union Leagues and boys in blue, an address of welcome by General Logan, responses by Senators and Representatives, and a banquet in tne evening. Largo delegations of boys in blue from Philadelphia and Baltimore are expected. Western Republicans arriving here are earnestly urging the impeachment of the President. They propose as the first step the election of Senator Wade of Ohio as President protemporo of the Senate. The Republican of this morning has a very severe article on the attempt to remove Mr. Davis from the Assessorsbip of the First District, and designates the Democrat who attempted to engineer it as the Vallandig-ham of Massachusetts, who ought not to be tolerated by any loyal official of this Government, especially at the expense of the I Conservative Republicans. Special to the I Boston Journal The Charleston Mercury was issued Monday morning, for the first time since February, 1865. It admits editorially that the war annihilated the theory of States Eights, and proposes to devote itself in the futuro to tho internal development of Southern interests. SPECIAL NOTICED St. Andrews Lodge. FRIDA Y EVENING. Nov. 23. ffl There will be a Special meeting of St. YY ndrews Lodge No. 83 F. & A. M., at Masonic AAHall, THIS EVENING, at-7 oclock; Brethren are invited. Notice. THE PENOBSCOT SHEEP-KEEPERS ASSO-CIATiON, will hold its annual meeling at the Court House in Bangor, TUESDAY December 4th. A full attendance is desired. rot 23 Bn D. M. DUNHAM, Sccty. Families Will find it to their advantage to purchase their Gaiters and Slippers at T. E. MOSELEY CO.S, Summer Street, Boston.) Their stock is at all times complete and the prices reasonable. nov 23 MANHOOD! The causes of its DECLINE, and means of its RESTORATION. Illustrated to gentlemen only, at Norombcga Hall, Saturday and Monday evenings, at 8. Last and best. No man can afford to lose it. At 2.30 to Ladies only. Female Health. Seats to each, 50 cents. ASPhrcnological examinations and advice, with charts and full written opinions, and advice touching health, best business, marriage, managing children. Ac., Ac., daily, from 8 a. m. till 10 p. m., at the Penobscot Exchange. Call soon. nov 22 SOHENCKS MANDRAKE PILL. A. Certain Care for Diteased Liver and the manA Dangerous Maladies which are caused by a morbid condition of that organ . To give the public a clear understanding of the mode in which SCHENCKS Mandrake Pills produce those wonderful effects which are attested by thousands of reliable witnesses, we present a brief DESCRIPTION OF THE HUMAN LIVER and its functions, which will make the operation of this popular medicine perceptible to every mans understanding. crete and prepare the bile. It likewise'fiUers" the blood and separates that fluid from all impurities. How indispensably necessary to health is the proper performance of this fanction I If the liver is diseased, it cannot purify the blood, and if that is sent back through the lungs, brain and other parts in a mobid condition, it must cause jaundice, biliousness, obstruction of the kidneys, gravel, and many other complaints more or less painful and dangerous, but the least of them quite enough to make a man sick and uncomfortable, and unfit for the performance of any of the duties of life. This unhealthy State of the system very often ends in pulmonary consumption. The circulation of the blood is conducted in this manner: The heart sends the vital current down through the arteries ; it passes through the flesh, taking up all impurities in its progress : then the stream of blood flows backward through the veins, and passes to the liver to be puri&ed. It is impossible to cure consumption, scrofula, or scarcely any other kind of ulceration while that important organ, the liver, is diseased. It is for that reason that regular physicians rarely cure consumption. They usually begin their treatment with the use of some cough medicine, the basis of which is morphia or opium in some shape, which locks up the liver instead of relaxing the secretions, giving a tone to Schencks medicino, viz: Pulmonic Syrup, Seaweed Tonic, and M andrake Pills all of which are accompanied by full directions for the use ot them. DR. SCHEKCK will be professionally at bis rooms every week. 32 Bond street. New York, and 35 Hanover street, Boston, from 9 A. M. until 3 P. M. He gives advice free, but for a thorough examination with the Respirometer the charge is five (5) dollars. His medicines are for sale by all druggists and dealers. Also a full supply at all times at his rooms. Price of the Pulmonic Syrup and Seaweed Tome, each $1.50 per bottle, or $7.50 the half dozen. Mandrake Pills 25 cents per box. GEO. C. GOODWIN & CO.. 38 Hanover street, Agents for Boston. For sale by all'drugi3ts. nov 23 sn e4thwly Official. DEPARTMENT OF STATE. ) Washington, November 15th, 1866. Information has been received at this Department from Mr. Luii Monti, the Consul of the United States at Palermo, Sicily, of the death, on tbe 19th of October, 1866, at Palermo, of John H. Cbipman, chief mate of the bark Caro. Deceased was a resident of Bucksport, Maine, nov 22 3t Dr, E. G, Goulpi's Pin-Worm Symp. The only sure and effectual remedy for the Asca-ndes or Pm-Worms. It will afford relief to children or adults m twenty-four hours, and effect an entire cure, when taken according to directions. Sold by all druggists. nov 22 sn 3taw 4w Peace Hath, its Victories. To prevent or conquer disease is a grand achievement ; and as surely as bullet and bayonet will destroy. so surely will HOSTETTERS BITTERS preserve and prolong life. This is the'most trying period of the year. Th stamina of the strongest yields more or less to fhe consuming temperature of - midsummer. Vigor comes from every pore. The strength of man passes away in invisible vapor, and weaker woman becomes reduced and nerveless. It was to meet such difficulties that Hostetters Bitters were given to society. It is to prevent the evil consequences to which an unbraced, depleted, debilitated organization is liable, that they are recommended as a Sen her Tonic for both sexes. Old people die of exhaustion every day, who might have kept death at bay for years to come, by an occasional resort to this powerful and harmless vegetable stomachic. Nine-tenths of the community, rich as well as poor, work continually. If thoir hands are unemployed their brains are busy, and head work is as depressing to the vital energies as muscular toil. But tone the system with Hostetters Bitters and tho wear and tear of business life will be compara tirely unfelt even in the most oppressive weather. N langour will be experienced, for as fast as the vital forces are expended they will he recruited and renewed by this healthful restorative. As a summer Invigorant it is indispensable to young and old. Sold everywhere. Not. 22 sn 3tawdAw2w E. L. APPLETON, TEACHER OF THE VIOLIN, PIANO, &c.. No. 74, MAIN STREET, ROOM 9. Mr. A. calls attention to his giving accompanie-ment lessons to students and amateurs desirous of playing the works f the great masters, and others, for Piano and Violin. Pupils received on Guitar, Flute, Ac., as osual. T0rieri,left atMeMra-HARLOW k SPENCERS, No. 28. Mam Street. noT 75 E. P. LANSIL, COOPER 4- CISTERN MAKER, Would inform the people of Bangor, and the public generally, that he is prepared to make to order and warranted, at reduced prices, ,, CISTERNS, TANKS, WATER CASKS. &c. Orders left at MUTUAL STORE CO., Central St or GIBBS, PHILLIPS k CO.. Broad SL. will receive prompt attention. Poet Office address, BOX 469. nov 14 snfw NOROMBEGA HALL! Thursday and Friday, Nov. 22 and 23. THE GREAT CONSOLIDATION, NEWCOMB & ARLINGTONS MINSTRELS, Now tho Popular Sensation of the Day. Assooiated with this Talented Corps de Afrique I are the two best Living Comedians,. THE WONDROUS HERNANDEZ, and BILLY EMERSON Commedian , The Greatest Song and Dance man In the world. Six first class Comedians appear nightly In connection with the other portion of this grand entertainment, which will prove to be of an entire new and original character. Admission 35 cents. Doors open at 7, commence at 8 oclock. Reserved Seats, 50 cents nov 17 sn6t- N. B. ROBERTS, Agent. NOTICE, Assbssobs Office, 1 Bangob, Nov. 19th, 1866. J The Assessors will meet each Saturday afternoon for a few weeks, to attend any business that may come before them. HOLLIS BOWMAN, T. W. BALDWIN, WM. ARNOLD, nov 20 sn3w (Times) Change of Time Two Trips per Week. J Winter Arrangement, 1866-7. inside" line Portland and Boston. ON and after Monday, Nov. 19th, ?he Steamer LADY LANG, Capt A. J. Whitmobb, will. until further notice, leave Bangor every Monday and Thursday morning, at six oclock, touching at all the usual landings on the River and Bay (ex - cept Searsport). arriving in Portland in time to connect with tbe Steamers of the PortlandSteam Packet Co. for Boston same night; or tickets are sold on the Lady Lang that are good on either the Boston and Maine or Eastern R. Road, on the first train after the arrival at Portland. RETURNING, Will leave Portland every Tuesday and Friday evenings at nine oclock, touching as above. Fare from Bangor, Hampden, Winterport and Bucksport, to Boston, by Rail Road from Portland. $4.50. From Bangor, Hampden, Winterport and Bucksport, to Boston, by steamer from Portland. $4.00. From Bangor; Hampden, Winterport and Bucksport, to Portland, $3.00. Meals Extra. J. 0. KENDRICK. Bangor, Nov. 19,1866. sn Agent. (Times and Jeffersonian) REDUCED PRICES. STTJBBS Is selling best quality of Ladies Rubbers for $1.00. Ladies Double and Single Sole Serge Boots, reduced 25 cents perpair. All Boots and Shoes made by C. H. Breed A Co., of Portland, are warranted. RIPS SEWED FREE OF CHARGE . STUBBS BELIEVES IN Quick Sales and Small Profits. STUBBS, No. ' A. N. . 4 Main Street, nov 20 sn Under the Hatch House. DENTISTRY. DR. B. F. MILLS. - - - DENTIST, Late of New liork city, at tho residence of Mr. Wm. Mills, Bridge St.. Oldtown. Best style of artificial teeth, mounted! on rubber base, for only $25 a set. Those interested call early, ns he remains but a short time. r.ov 9 sn iwd ! CLOTHING ! J. E. CHAPMAN has iust received at No. 6 Stricklands Block, another big stock of CUSTOM MADE CLOTHING, Hats and Caps, Oil and Rubber Clothing, Trunks, Valises, Bags, Ac., Ac., which he is selling very cheap. Call and see. m25 sntf Tickets from Bangor, DIED. In South Orrington. Nov. 20th, Nellie M., daugh--i rn tit t t A i I ter of Capt. Grant and Margaret Wentworth, aged Positively Two Nights Only ! 17Tye;Tra d e months. In Unity, 8th inst., suddenly, Mrs. Lydia Taber. wife of J am es Taber, and daughter of Josiah and Betsey Harmon, ageo 32 years. In SkowhcgaD, 10th inst, Mirs Lucy McIntyre, aged 84 years. In Portland, Nov, 18th, Mr3. Frances E., wi e of Mr. George W. Dunning, aged 54 years and 8 mos. THE advertisement published by the Agents of the New York Lile Insurance Company does not attempt to controvert the statements we make, drawn from the Massachusetts Insurance Commissioners Report, viz; that of the four leading Offices the New York Life now Issues the least number of Policies, Insures tbe smallest amount. Receives the least amount of Premiums and Interest: Costs more to transact its business, and that their ratio of loss to amount insured i the largest. The following Table is from the last Report of the Massachusetts Insurance Commissioners, uni versally acknowledged to be tho most reliable authority on Life Insurance in the country, and all these statements are made by the Commissioners themselves, Number of Members, Connecticut Mutnal, 29,425 New York Life, 15,508 Amount Insured. Connecticut Mutual, $80,220,371 Pennsylvania Centl Railways New York Life, $43,365,304 Eatio of Assets to Liabilities. For sale at the Union Ticket Office, No 9 Central Street. P. M. BLAKE, sept 18 sn Agent. Sanfords Independent Line. FARE From Bangor, Hampden, Winterport I and Bucksport to Boston, $4 00; to Lowell $5 00. Meals extra. No extra hazardous freight taken. All freight must be accompanied by a bill of lading in duplicate. LOOMIS TAYLOR. Agont Bangor, April5, 1866. d&w Dr. Blaisdells Office, 21 HARLOWS BLOCK, RESIDENCE 69 ESSEX STREET. OFFICB HOURS FROM 2 TO 5 P. H. mch 2 SD DENTAL NOTICE. Having bought the Office, Practice, and good will, of Dr. N. 8. J enkins, I am now prepared for the practice of Dentistry in all its branches. FILLING, EXTRACT-INGi CLEANSING. ARTIFICIAL TEETH Inserted on Vulcanized Rubber, Gold or Silver, at reasonable rates, and warranted. E. C. YOUNG, No. 3 Union BlockMain Street, over Aldens Drug Store. Bangor. September 12, 1866. It gives me great pleasure to recommend to my atients my successor, Dr. E. C. Young, as a skill-ul practitioner of Dentistry, oct 26 sn N. 8. JEN KINS, D. D. S. FRANK ROGERS CELEBRATED TEAM COLLARS, Can bo found at the Manufactory, NO. 16 CENTRAL STREET. Also an entire New Stock of Saddlery Hardware, Carriage Trimminge.&o. A rood assortment of Harness Leather, Robes, Blankets, Whips, Harness Tools. Brashes, Ac., eon- . stantly on hand, which we are offering to the trade I aslowfas can be bought in Boston. Rogers Collars all arc branded with his name. ROGERS, PARKHURST & CO.. No. 16 Central Street. Bangor, Oct. 17, 1806. sn MARRIED. In this city, Wednesday morning Nov. list, by the Rev. Mr. Fay, Mr. Albert H. Johnson, to Miss Josephine K., youngest daughter of Captain Wm. Flowers, all of this city. In this city, Nov. 22d. by Rev. C. C. Everett; David O. Floyd, ef Washington, D. C.,t Parah H., daughter of Wm. H. Perry, Esq., of Bangor. At Brewer, on Thursday the 22d, by Rev. G. W. Field, Mr. Benj. L. Cbadboorne, of Eastport, to Miss Sarah L. Gregg, of Brewer. In East Corinth, Nov. 21st, by J. Hawes, Esq., Mr John P. Townsend, to Mrs. Lncy AUen, both of Corinth. In Madison. Nov. 6th, Mr. Warren Clough, and I Mrs. Eophronia Perkins, both of Madison. Nov. I 11th, Mr. William H. Longley,of Norridgewoek.and Mrs. Mary Allyn, of Anson. In Canaan, 10th inst., by T. B. Barrett, Esq., Mr. Edgar D. Ames, and Miss Sarah E. Gleason, both ef Canaan. In Belfast, on the I7th last., by Rev. Mr. Pike. Mr. William C. Downs, of Belfast, to Miss Eva g, Collins, of Liberty. - - In Palermo, Nov. 3d, Mr. Charles B. Dolen to Miss Flora A. Hanson, both of China. MARINE JOURNAL. PORT OF BANGOR. A R R I2V E D . THURSDAY. Nov. 22d. Sch Melrose, Smith. Waldoboro Scb Cherokee, Smith, Rockland CLEARED. Nov. 22d Brigs C P Smith. Veazie, Messina, by .T J Stewart; J Bickmore, Tracy, New York; sobs 0 M Pettit Clark, Philadelphia; Vicksburg, Me Cormick, New York; Isis, Bullock, Port Morris: Helen Mar, Hutchinson: Anna Gardner, Knowles; Red Rover, Hart; Sarah Ann, Pendleton; Pavil ion, Parker: Onward. Arey; Golden Rule, Sylves ter, and Levant. Smith, Boston; Express, Aikins, Provincetown; President, Perkins, Lynn; Julia A Mary, Linnell, Salem; Almira Rogers, Fletcher, Brighton; Sunbeam, Pierce, Belfast. Launched, 22d, in Brewer, from the yard of Mas ter Dunning, brig Rachel Coney, of about 2C0 tons She is owned by Palmer A Johnson and others, and to be commanded by Capt. Coney. 9 Cleaned, Repaired, and Made Over, in the best manner, by Fred.-R. Seelen, Practical Furrier , 58 Main Street, over F. Meineeke8 Fan cy Goods Store. Fups & Skins bough tat the highest market price. n232m Harper and Godey Received by ri0R December I 1 CHAS. IIIGHT. Opera Glasses, A SPLENDID ASSORTMENT. Foreale by nor 23 CHAS. HIGHT. Fancy Articles, SUCH as Work Caes, Cord Cases, Tourists and Dressing Cases, Work Boxes, Writing Desks and Portfolios, Ink btands, Pencil Cases, Ac., just rccd by nov 21 CHAS. HIGHT. Flour and Com. BARRELS Extra State Ohio FLOUR. GOO Bm-hels nice CORN, now landing from schs. Z Snow and Atlantic? nd for sole, nov 23 S. H. DALE A CO. Pork and Lard. 1 A A BARRELS Extra Clear Western end Bos-1UU ton No. 1 PORK. 50 Tierces. Barrels and half Barrels nico LEAF LARD, now landing and for sale, nov 13 S. H. DALE & CO. Fur Glove Lost. Aright hand otter glove was lost Thursday afternoon. The finder will receive a liberal reward upon leaving tbe same at tho Whig office. nov 23 St N. SAVAGE. WHICH IS THE BEST? Connecticut Mutual, 144.30 New York Life, 125.28 Policies Issued iu 1865. Connecticut Mutual, 8101 New York Life, 4108 Amouit Insured in 1865. Connecticut Mutual, $23,735,080 New York Life, ' $12,883,709 Income of 1865. Connecticut Mutual, $3,858,210 73 New York Life $2 447 439 56 L'ew iorK- Eatio of Expenses to Eeceipts. Connecticut Mutual, 9.86 New York Life, 12.65 Eatio of Losses to Amount Insured. Connecticut Mutual, 91 New York Life, 1.32 These figures incontestibly prove that of these two Companies the Connecticut Mutual Life has The largest number of members, Largest Amount Insured, Largest Surplus, Largest Business, Largest Income, That its expenses and losses are tbe least, hence that it is , TIHIIEi BESTl The statement that the New York Life does the largest new business in Boston is without doubt correct, and is solely attributable ta the ability and activity of their agent, hut the inference ttbey draw that their large business there is owing to the superior advantages offered by their Company is simply an absurdity, as the real popularity and public appreciation of any Company Jis shown by its total business. AGfr' Pamphlets, Applications, and all necessary information, furnished by B. Plummer & Sons, General Agents far the State of Maine. nov23 Knives, Forks, ISUOODS and Table Ware, I3VCO'VA.XJ. J. W. COVEL, GOLD, SILVER, & OREIDE PLATER, Carriage Irons Plated to order. Harness Trimming at Wholesale and Retail. PLATED TO ORDER. Watches and Chains Re-nlated. J W COVEL No. 13 Park Street, Granite Block, nov 21 lw Bangor, Me. WM. T. HILLIARD, Attorney and Counsellor -at -Law, OFFICE , Over Mercantile Bank, Hammond St. Bangor, Nor. 22, 1866. tf (Times copy) Pork and Lard. KC BBL8. HEAVY MILWAUKEE PORK, OU 60 TIERCES LARD.-Landing from sohooner Balloon, and for sale by JAMES B. FISKE, nov 22 18 Broad St. Harper and Godey, HOURS AT HOME, Childs Hour, and other magazines for December. Keeeived by E. F. DURBN. Subscription received for the sew year at lowest rates. e ov 22 THE OUTPOST; Milly; and other new books, nov 22 reod by E F- DUREN, LIFE IlliHI. Whicli is tlie Best Company to Insure in? t S the question that interests all persons whocon-t template effecting Insurance. This question stands at tho head of our notice, and .all facts which tend to give the correct answer to this ques tion are interesting to the publie We eesire the true answer, and will use aU the mns within our power to obtain it, and thank the Connecticut Mutual, through their general agents, for so iar noticing our advertisement as to institute the com parison. , They say In a recent statement published by the New York Life Insurance Company, they IV. a comparison of business transacted in the otate ol Massachusetts by four leading Life offices, Irom which they derive the consoling fact that they do the greatest business in the State. As they have honored us with tho notice, we drop the other Companies, that the Connecticut Mutual may have the full advantage of the comparison, a The New Business of these Companies in theCity of Boston, for 1864, was as lollows: New York Li fc, 51.2,600 Connecticut Mutual, 14,500 New Business for 1865: ' New York Life, Connecticut Mutual, (printed in our adv. by mistake, 31800.) New business in the whole State of Massachusetts, for 1865. New York Life, Connecticut, 1,030, i0a These factsshould be consoling to the mana agers of anv Company. Would it not be gratify ing if tho Connecticut Mutual could exhibit the same results in the same localities ? Their consolation is derived from the fact that there are places in which they are doing a large business. It the persons in those regions understand the subject of Life Insurance and financial matters better than they do in Bos'on or in the State of Massachusetts, would it not bo interesting to name the localities ? Is it not rather Irom the tact that the plan of Life Insurance, as worked by the Connecticut Mutual, is not understood, that enables them to succeed ? It is known to all agents, and to none betterthan those of the Connecticut Mutual, that in a'majority of cases the parties rely rather upon the integrity of the agent than their own knowledge of the com parative standing of the Companies. Now that the Connecticut Mutual has been so kind as to make the comparison, we hope it will be full and fair.and to that end we will join in the examination of the Reports of the Couimusioners of New York and Massachusetts, with the statements and correspondence of underwriters and financial men, and the Connecticut Mutual may then perhaps discover why their business in Boston and ir the ftatc of Massachusetts is not so large as in some other localities. The correspondence between CemmisrionerBarnes and Dr. Phelps, then Secretary, but now President of the Connecticut Mutual, was then generally circulated and well understood. (I he correspondence mav be found in the New York Reports of 1864t which may be seen at this office.) If these reports hod been a freely circulated and fully read in all other localities as they were in Boston, they would probably have had the same results. W e will only add that in 1861, 62 and 61, the New York Life issued more policies than any other company in the United States; that in 1864 and 'c5 its cash receipts for premiums exceed those of the Connecticut Mutual; and its excess of income over expenditure in I8bo(sce York Commis ioners Report, page 13u) was $1,042,812 90 Connecticut Mutual, 958,837 69 Ratio of Cash Expenses to Cash Receipt New York Life 16.80, Conn, Mutual 20.52, Losses in 1865 as given in New York Commission ers Report, which was made two months later than the report quoted from by the aforesaid Agent : New York Life, $473,522 Connecticut Mutual, 608,112 We will issue, in a few days, a circular instituting a comparison, in part, and trust that through the efforts of both parties tho public may be enabled to answer the question propounded at the head ot this article. HALLOW ELL & FARNUAM, Agents, Custom House Building. Nov. 22, 1S66 CAUTION To Purchasers and Dealers in the Celebrated Water Proof and Cold Proof AK0TI0 G-AITEE SHOES,. Patented by T. C. Wales, of Boston. Ths Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company , of Naugatuck, Connecticut, would inform Dealers and the public generally that they are tho exclusive owners of the Patent and Sole Manufacturers of the above-named Shoe, and will promptly prosecute any and all infringements of their rights undr said Patents. All genuine Arctics are 6ounc with cord and have the name of thePatentee and of our Company on the bottom. All others are but poor imitations. The public will promote their own infegfsts by purchasing those only made by this Company, at Naugatuck, Conn. WALES, EMMONS & Co., Nos. 171 and 17. Pearl Ft., Boston, and BREEDEN Sc SOUTHWICK. Nos. 107 and 109 Liberty bt.. New York, are Sole Agents for tho sale of the above named Fhoes. James E. English, Prest, Geo. H. Scranton, Treas. nov 22 6td SLEIGHS, SLEIGHSI WINTER IS COMING! A FEW VERY NICE SLEIGHS from the Factory of WING A TE. SIMMONS & CO. will be sold cheap if called for soon. Apply to S. S. Stevens, No. 5 City Point. Bangor, Me. nov 21 lw Illustrated Books. EVANGELINE; Maud; nov 22 recd by Tennyson, Ac. E. F. DUREN. $10 to $50 Per Day! CAN BE MADE by purchasing a State or County right on one of the best domestic inventions of the age. Terms very liberal. 5 Call at No. 122 Main-st, near Bangor House sept 27 tf COLE & ARCHER .. STEAMBOAT NOTICE. Last Trip of the Season. w - 1 la On and after Friday, tho 16th inst.. fiaiKthe Steamer 'TTY OF RICHMOND will make one more trip (tho last for the seasoD,) leaving Franklin Wharf, FRIDAY evening, 22d inst., for Machias and intermediate landings, returning, will leave Machias Monday Morning, 26th inst, t ROSS & STURDIVANT. Agents. Portland, Nov. I5th. 1866. n21 t ft HOWES Standard Scales, ALWAYS TAKE THE HIGHEST PREMIUM. These Scales are placed entirely upon their actual merit, as EVERY SCALE IS WARRANTED TO GIVE ENTIRE SA 1ISF ACTION. Railroad Track, Hay, Coal, Portable and Counter Scales, Butcher;-., Druggists and Brokers Scales, of every size and variety. - New England Warehouse, No. 46 CONGRESS STREET. Boston, Mass. Old Scales repaired, or taken in part payment for new Michael Schwartz, dt jan 1 139 and 141 Exchange St., Bangor. nov 2L NEW GOODS RECENTLY PURCHASED IN NEW YORK. A. GOOD ASSORTMENT OF ALEXANDERS KIDS, LADIES 0L0TH GLOVES, Alexanders New Styles, IRISH AND FRENCH JONES CAMBRICS, And other popular makes of WHITE GOODS, At THOMPSON & HICHBORNS, nor 21 REMOVAL. SEKENGER S GREEN HOUSE b haa been removed from York to Newbury f street near the Cathblic Convent, where 1 he is prepared to supply Boqnets, Drosses, Wreaths, &o XS BX2ZTOFORS, And will be happy to have the ladies of Bangor$all and see his new and choice varieties of Plants, Ac, nov 14 3m ADAM SEKBNGER. AUCTION! By J. B. Foster & Co SALES ROOM 44 West Market Sr No. square Horse, Carriages, Harness, KOBE, &o., &c. On Saturday, November 24th At 11 oclock A. in West MaiUe; cmar QNE MORGAN COLT, four a bout l.OO Tbg. ",,J One nice Covored Carriage. One Open Buggy. One Silver Plated Harness, Shawl Robe, Blanket, lla'tor, Circinglc k iiJ( Persons having articles which they wM, cri , ?nlhPJZaZe cal1 at More 44 WfcfcT MA KK1T fcVEUAKE. nov 2.1 2t 1 By R. S. PRESCOTT No. 12 Central Street. HOUSE and LOT CORNER OF Spring and Centre Streets. On Monday, .November 26th At half-past 2 oclock p. m. on tbe prcmLc, TH AT. very desirable property on the comer r Sprmg and Centre Streets, The hou-e heir. No. 26 Centre Street, two stories high, all anil in good condition, with gas, pure hard jnd2 water. Lot about iO feet on Centre, and 70 feet Spring street. A most desirable property -heir. W1illnnlllree minutes walk of thecentre of bu-in,-.-2 AS- Terms at sale. nov 22 't- (Times) HOUSE and LOT NO. 105 yore; street. On Tuesday, November 27th, At 2j oclock p. M. on tho premise?, THE Dwelling House and Lot No. 30 on the of York street, now recur ud by JOHN A. KELLEY, Ktq. The buildings are well arranged for convenience of one or two larni lies, and centrally situated for an active bume man; Lot 65x135 teet. A very desirable opportunity tor some one ot the many that have spent dajs und weeks for months past in pursuit of a boue, to attend the sale, and become their own landlord bv purchasing. Terms at sale. nov 2 Adams & Johnston, Auction & Commission Merchants, 2 HARLOW BLOCK, Keaduskeag Bridge, Bangor, He. BEING CONNECTED WITS ONE OF TEE Largest Commission Houses IN NEW ENGLAND, WS OFFER TO T 11 E TJt.lDE Cottons and Woolens, PLATED WARE, CUTLERY and FANCY GOODS, At prices that cannot fail of giving perfect satisfaction. WM. ADAMS, T. V, JOIINSTO August 8th. Vessel Wanted. One 200 to 250 Tons, 1 feet draught, to Lad here for CAL YESTON, (Texns) immediately. - ALSO, One 125 to loO M. capacity, to load for Camden. J- GILMAN CRAM. Broker, rt i 25 Broad Street. November 19, 1866. lw FOR SALE. A good white oak Schooner, ICO tons register, well found in sails, rigging, Ac. 190 tons coal; can carry 100 M. green Hemlock Lumber out of the water. Is strong jnd staunch. Price low. Apply to P. McCONVILLE. Y essels W anted, TO LOAD PRICK for FORT TAYLOR. Key West, immediately. P. McCONVJXLE, Ship Broker. nov 13 RIFLES! Muskets GUNS! ,50. GARIBALDI RIFLES, In perfect order, good for either Ball or Shot, at the Lw price of Two Dollars and fifty cents each. ,50. PRUSSIAN SMOOTH BORE GUNS, Two Dollars and Fifty Cents c.ich. ft 5. Iron Mounted Carbines, Two Dollars and Seventy-five Cents each. ,oo. Mounted Carbines. Three Dollars Each, Everybody should secure one at these low prices. For sale by JOHN B. FOSTER & GO., Commission Merchants and Wholesale Flour Dealers, No. 44 West Market Square, Bangor, November 21 FIRE! FIRE 1 1 DAMAGED IN THE Late Great Fire on Franklin Street, BOSTOIST. Sheetings, Linsey Woolsey, BLANKETS, And many other Goods that will bo sold cheap. Thompson & Hichborns. nov 21 - BARBERS SHOP. I HAVE TAKEN SHOP No. 2 1-2 Kenduskeag Bridge. OVKft FLAGGS 8HO STOBt, FORMERLY occupied by Joseph Jones, and a prepared to wait upon easterners in a eatisiao t0cfeanaahave8, elearontly dyed hair, and genteel cutting, can always be obtained at . y Give me s call. nov 21 lw ISAAC rlA V t

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