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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor, Maine
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4 nd enjoyed pleasant interview with Hon Geo. Evans at hii house in Gardiner. At five oclock in the morning on Thnraday the Charter Oak started on her return to this Sentence of Gov. Borr. We learn by the Providenee Journal, me Bu preme Conrt at Newport, ft.

1. having refused the motion in arrest of judgement, sentenced la- Thomas W. Door to imprisonment at hard city, amid the enthusiastic cheers of a large company. A meeting was organized on board bor, in solitary confinement, in the State Prison at Providenee, for the term of his natural the boat and a call being made upon Hon Ed' ward Robinson, the candidate for Governor who passeuger on board, he responded in a was a Previous to the sentence, in answer to the customary question whether the prisoner had aught neat and highly appropriate speech reviewing to say why sentence should not be pronounced 1 with much discrimination the powers of the General Government and the measures most conducive to the general welfare. His reasoning was forcible and his re mat ka were listened to with marked attention and received with great applause.

Several other gentlemen addressed the meeting during the day and Col J. W. Webster favored the company with the following Impromptu Song. Tube. The Rose of AUanJale.

against him, Gov. Dorr replied in a speech boldly reviewing the action of the Court, and concluding with the declaration that he would not exchange his place as a prisioner at the bar for a seat beside the judges. He has been committed to the State Prison in accordance with the sentence of the Supreme Court, by the Sheriff of the county ol Newport. Mr. Sullivan Dorr, the father of Thomas Dorr, has petioned the Legislature for the par-doh of his son, or a co mutation of the punishment to imprisonment in the county jail.

Correspondence ol tbn Boston Courier. Washisotos, June 22, 1844. FVrhaps never in the history of our Government, from the very first establishment of the Constitution, has Un-re assembled in Washington or elsewhere, a House of Representatives of such ordinary, and' even' debased character as the one jnst adjourned. Ignorance, presumption, and coarse buffoonery, were its leading characteristics. The morale of its constitution was of the lowest grade'.

qu might have found there every phasis ot character that distinguishes St. Giles, or the worthless purlieus of Paris intemperate language, obscene conduot, unprincipled and feckless acts. The House seemed an assembly ol bacchanals, where every thing was toleialed but decent behavior, and nought en-coftaged but licentious abandonment. Coarse epithets, the blackguard of the streets uses only in his immoderate anger, here formed the staple of speeches, or ordinary conversation the language of the daily haunts of immoral members was transferred to the highest deliberate assembly in the land the vulgar debauchery of the most abandoned places of the metropolis was familiarized within the walla of the capitol and the immoral perpetrator was saved the necessity of blushing, irora the encouragement of example. Vice assumed more hideousness, as it became moie prominent.

One member of Congress was discovered in passing off the excess ot stationery be had pilfered, in exchange for a carpet-bag. He never wrote, but he could journey at the rate of twenty dollars every hundred miles. Another often disgraced the State he represented, and the House to which herwas accredited, by the exhibition of beastly intoxication, and its consequent impurities. While still another, more dishonored than either, was shamefully driven from the city, from having been detected in playing with marked cards. The arts he had learnt with the gamblers of his own grade, before his election, he practiced in Washington and mulcted his colleagues and gentlemen with whom he associated to a larger amount than bis mileage and per diem.

He was turned out of the post-office department (or official malversation, and gained a seat in Congress where he has more than justified the expectations of his constituents. As a lover of the institutions and character of our country, we must deplore such things. Nor is our regret sensibly diminished, that the culprits were members ot the dominant party in he House. We grieve more, tar more, as a CO PARTNERSHIP NOTICE. CoeparUiersbtp StoVe Hard and respectfully.

solicit a share of patronage.1 HENRY A. WOOD, Bangor. LEWIS P- READ Sc Providence, R. july 1, 1844. I 'i CIRCULAR.

THE subacriber truly grateful for the many marks of favor bestowed upon him for the lest five years by his fellow citizens and friends adjoining Counties, would respectfully request arse -'w- patronage of as many as can make it convenient Capital 8 250,000 Well invoumj hereafter, and assure, all that he has so connected I Soared to himself with manufacturers of Stoves and bthr FiraenHtauses Stores Mill a Lr dwnilge he will in hi. new capacity be at pplied with the very best of Castings 1 repairmJ1tockt of best quality of Iron now known for fcf naChfane taring, and would state fiwthe satis-1 tb, 7 PMt State, Applications for insurance out of the Vermont Iron, not one tb his knowledge has crack- 1 companied bva imundanonh buld'ngs, ed or broken from the effect of fire, and of more than jj recejF prompt attention 8ame Ft pi 2000 worth purchased of the above named cast- c- 1 ings by him for the last five years not one tenth of one per cent has cracked in fair common use. This must be acknowledged by all to be without a parallel in stove veuding. Owing to the extreme demand for Stoves of this manufactory the subacriber has been unable heretofore to be amply supplied with Stores of their make, and in order to eoroorixeu to manufacture and hU increase his supply has been induced to connect PatentShewer BATH, an article which is himself in business with the manufactory at Ver- mg into general use, in Boston, and is hi.hlv mont and Rhode Island, and would invite all who 6 are in want of good, strong and durable Cooking i (Lrrleaae call and examine. Stoves to call on Hkbry A.

Wood Co, No. 1, June 3. 2, 3, Mercantile Block, Broad Street, where they will at all timea find good assortment of the above named Vermont Castings, and an extensive eaaort-ment of other kinds of Stove Castiagi. Mr W. would call the attention of his country friends to the celebrated Maine Farmers Cook Stove invented by himself in the fall of 1841, and introduced by him about two years since, of which he has sold near 300, and in every case has given the most entire satisfaction.

This stove has 3 fire rooms one of which will admit wood 26 inches long or common cord wood aawed once the back fire room is smaller and is immediately under the oven and with a few chips or light stuff the oven can be heated, and 2 boilers boiled and that without -heating the room to put the most delicate lady to the least inconvenience in dog-days. The Charcoal or front fire room is calculated for broiling, boiling or frying, but is more particularly calculated for broiling and frying as by opening the front doors of the Stove all of roe steam of frying which is the most offensive will escape into the atove and past off into the pipe it has in all 5 places for boiling and a very large elevated oven and will do more business with the least trouble of any stove now in use. july 1. HENRY A. WOOD.

SARSAPARILLA MEA1L Come all the Charter's generous host Come listen while ye may And while we Cheer friend Robinson Wei shoot Hurrah for Clay The Whigs of Maine will do the work Theyll give the coons their due Theyll bid farewell to Jimmy Polk And say good by, to Hugh. Great Robbery. On Monday night one of the baggage cars of the train on the Utica and Schenectady Ra il-way became detaohed and was left behind, The accident was not discovered until the train arriv-ved at Schenectady. The bagage car was brought down by next train, and a gentleman trom Michigan, on examining his valise which was in this car, found the lock had been picked, and $10,000 in money taken from it. It is not known whether the robbery was commit-ed on board the car, during the night, or on some previous day, between Detriot and Troy.

4t3 Our ship of state in atrength and pride Well man her in the fall Her crew will help the Captain guide Her safe thro every squall When storms assail and tempests lower And clouds obscure the sun The Whigs of Maine will prove a tower Led on by Robinson. Let Locos tremble fear and quake Let Polkites preach and pray The Whtas of Maine their raaks will brake Un next election day. Poor Martin sleeps at Kindervale Buchanans lost his day Now let Tecumseh weep and wail While we will shout for Clay. Steamer Macedonia Burned. The Louisville Journal says, we learn from the clerk ol the Duke of Orleans, that, on Monday morning, the 17th the steamer Macedonian, Capt Cleghorn, bound from New Orleans to St.

Louis, took fire in the pantry or cook-house, and was entirely destroyed. The passengers Let Texas heroes shout the cause Protection cast away them abuse the wholesome Laws Approved by Henry Clay November winds will cool their brows Their work will then be done Well ere that day redeem our vows With Clay and Robinson. (some hundred ot them English emigrants) were i patriot, than we rejoice as a partisan. .11 got safely on the Louisiana shore, a lew! If we turn Iron, the moral to the intellectual 3 character of the House, we find no cause lor miles below Natchez, losing nearly all their bag- congratulation. A popular assembly of meaner gage.

The deck passengeis barely escaped with their lives. As far ascan be ascertained, no person was lost. AVERY nice Article of (Bead prepared the subacriber and will be furnished ven by the Gross, dozen or staple Bottle. A LSO, Lemon Syrup, a prime article which is sold the gallon, dozen or retail, by G. W.

LADD june 26. NOTICE LL parsons having unsettled accounts with the subscriber are requested to present the same for settlement. Also, all persons owing the subscriber if due and over due, either by note or book account are requested to make immediate payment of the same. The Charter now in stately pride Moves gaily on her way While all she bears npon the tide Are friends to Henrv Clay Weve stuidy hands and hearts of stone For every Loco wail Then give three cheers for Robinsons And hail Kentucky Hail. HENRY A.

WOOD- july 1. OBoots and shoes are advertised in Cincinnati with iron soles, which can be put on or taken off at pleasure, being very light, and at the same time beautiful and durable. DRUMS Fresh FIGS, very low by jnly 1. G. W.

LADD. 500 BUG- mtellect could not be selected at large through out the country. With the exception of a very limited number, it was a gathering of the most ordinary individuals. Some were ignorant of the elementary principles ot law others had not read tile constitution they had sworn to hold sacred; and not a few, disdainful of grammar, and innocent ot orthography, outraged common sense, and perplexed even their own understand-ings. And their presumption even exceeded their ignorance.

Men, who could not spell the words political economy, undertook to explain its pnn ciples and those, whose confined education and limited experience left them unacquainted with the easiest rudiments of finance, gave ns treatises upon banking, if all could write, with some it was a matter of difficulty with still more was their penning to be deciphered. The schoolmaster must have beci twill, wAwnroet of them educated at home. 50 PACKAGES Rich and Desirabl GOODS: Madame Castellan, who was so great a favorite in Mexico and this country, has very well in London. OTbe New York Express says that the re f. on proud Steamer press along Let noth) check your way And while we jdlo wertul xur Well shout aloud for Clay Our thanks are due to Captain Howes With him we love to saO The next well cheer the Ladies fair Shes the.

Rose of Allandsle. JUST received, and now opening for tale wholesale and ret.iil at Boston prices CHEAP NEW WORKS AT BEES. BRISBANES Exposition of the Doctrine of Association, price 18i cts; Also Haroers Pictorial Bible No. 5, Littelrs Living Age No 7, Columbian Magazines July. Also, Godey, Graham, Companion, Mo.

Mirror and National Magazine, Arthurs do. for Shakespeare; James last Novel Rose DArbra, Coasair of Casco Bay and Ellen Hart, by Ingraham, aaA -Shu Birthright, Mirror, New. Piano Porte Mmi. all the popular and new -Works reCd as soon as Juy moval of Mr Ellsworth from the Patent Office is expected in the course of a short limo. No.

16, MAIN-STREET. TUOS. A. WHITE jnne 25. is3w isOTTCET OCoach lace which lormerly cost 20 cents a yard, is now manufactured at Lowell by machinery for 2J The teeth.

both for appearance and health THE v-t-rfe- have ihi, d.y formed. partnership in trade under tW A tfoad Sp Durham. JAS. (1. ALDEN jnne 18, 1844.

CHAS. DURRli Fire Works. onght to claim great attention Rich people, who are covetous, are like the cypiess tree they may appear well, but are HERES FUN, a fresh supply of Fire Works recd and for sale by STAN WOOD CO. LEECHES, LEECHES. AFRESH supply just recd.

A. YOUNG Jr. AO june 26. 22, W. M.

Pin On arriving at Thomaston a salute was fired from the shore and as Mr Robinson left the boat he was loud and tapturous cheers. At Belfast the Waldo delegation was escorted by the military, and a large number of Penobscot and the eastern delegation into the village to the front of the Eagle Hotel, from the steps of which they were addressed by 1. Washburn, Jr. on invitation of Ralph Cr Johnson, Jr. Esq.

Col J. W. Webster responded in his usual happy manner when three cheers were given upon each side and the company separated. The passage op the river was delightful and the people at the several landings were en thusiastic in their reception. jnly 1.

End Ken. Bridge. ASSIGNEES NOTICE. CtOLOMON PARSONS Assignee of the Estate raneuno Assignee ol the c-state To all this, there are some brilliant exceptions. How must Massachusettss octogenarian orator have felt in such a crowd a giant sporting or dmgusted with pigmies.

He seemed to have fell the degraded character of the assembly with whose councils he was associated, and to have avoided as much as practicable, all connection with its deliberations or deeds, through fear of WhigMeeting. future history He was among them, like a being ot another order a creation of an earlier In pursuance to a notice there was a large and perlji enthusiastic meeting of the whigs, at the City Other exceptions were the two Jngersolls, Hall on Saturday evening the 29th inst. which gentlemen both, and snholais; Severence of was organized by choosing N. G. Norcross, Esq.

I man and enU; Wmlhrop ot Massachusette. whom it is Chairman and b. C. Hatch, Sec. A report was annece88ary t0 prai.

Barnard of New York made by J. S. Bayward, Esq. in behalf ol the some from lVrras)i vania, Maryland and Ohio; delegates to the State Convention. After which 1 Dromgoole of irgmtn Barringer and Saunders the meeting was ably and eloquently addressed r.

White of Kentucky; and others of other States, ol and PORTER, PORTER. A LARGE supply constantly on band ml flL sale cheap. A. YOUNG Jr. A CO june 26.

22, W. M. Flat of Henry A. Warren Co. of Brown Sf Warren of McLellan, McIntyre Sp Co and of Me- JAMES NEW NOVEL.

ROSE D. ALBERT, or Troublous Tina Romance by G. P. R. James.

Price I for sale by SMITH A FENb june 26. Lellan McIntyre, gives notice that he has been authorised and empowered by the U. 8. District Court for Maine District, to compromise and settle the demands belonging to said several Estates with the several debtors for ninety days from the sixth day of July inst, and that also on the fourth day of October next at ten oclock A. he will at public auction at the office of GOSS Sr the city of Bangor, sell all the notes, claims and demands which shall not h.

re been paid or compromised on that day. SOLOMON PARSONS, Assignee. Bangor, July 1, 1844. EAU DE COLOGNE. UN NOU VEL assortment deau de elogne 1 fabrique de A.

YOUNG Jr. CO. a vn auNo.22 West-Market Place. JUDk june LlFir ir I It AJVC No. 13, Exchange street, PORTLA' men talent, gentle1 by Hon.

George Lunt ot Newburyport, Mass. many deportment. Still, however, in not sut-and by Hon. E. H.

Allen, Hon. Edward Kent ficicnl numbers to characterize an assembly of and Natl an el Hatch, Esq. of this city; on u.o- 0Tr hundred persons, tion it voted tha, the thanks of this meeting! be presented to the Bangor City Greys lor the noisy, selfish demagogue, and the unprincipled acceptable and soldierlike manner in which i partisan, to the men ol sound judgement, and BROTHER are Agents for Xj Mutual Lite Insurance Company, of FANCY SOAPS. AVERY extensive assortment of Fancy Soaps; Cosmetics, and Perfumery, by York. Hon.

Leri Woodbury at Bangor. Large hand bills about the city and scattered through the country, announce that the Hon. Levi Woodbury of New Hampshire will address the Lo oo Foco State Mass Meeting in Bangor on the Fourth of July. It is amusing and instructive to Witness the readiness, ease, and quiet air of triumph with which the South Carolina school of free trade and nullification politicians assume the lead of the party, since they succeeded so beautifully in doing justice to the eaaee and justice to the man, by thrusting Mr an Buren and his friends from their stools. The party is now committed, body and soul, to the nltra free trade projects of those utterly opposed to all protection to American Labor, and therefore it is well that they put forward such men G.

W. LADD. june 29. they performed escort duty on the 26th inst. Voted, to adjourn, N.

G. NORCROSS, Chairman. S. C. 'Hatch, Secy.

Fresh congress water jmt recd. ALDEN DURHAM, june 29. 5, Market Sqpare. the enlightened patriot, upon them must rest the consequence. In their powei is the choice between good and evil between useful and villainous legislation.

The passage of wise laws, and their honest administration, dependson them so they choose, ao must the result be. PEQUOD. The American brig Mary, French, from Aux Cayes, while lying in the harbor of Am ICayes, would have been tided of the entire cargo by the natives, had it not been for the prompt and manly interference of Commander Freelon, MARINE INTELLIGENCE. lo this Company the whole of the nett prop divided personally among the insured, qmount is endorsed on the Policy, and the amount is payable on the death of the party or her representatives, thus combining the tt tages of a Saving Institution of the best kind Lite Insurance, bv which those who are not wit may provide for their families, and capitalists safe and profitable investment. The advantages of auch insurance to the in ual, to his family and to the community, are ous.

A prraon 30 years of age, by po ing annually, may secure JlOO to bis family he die within the year, and one in his 40th yev do the same by paying 1 69. A young man 21 years of ape, without capt paying 9 00 may obtain a Policy for JIM year, and thereby procure means to begin b' purchase tools or a library, or complete so lion. We have already made Policies for FORT OF llANGOlt. wool on its back. We like this issue.

Ribl of the U. Slates sloop of war Preble, as it was to his skill and courage, also ol his brother officers, that the Captain wus indebted for the safety ot his crew, and preseryiliou of the vessel and cargo. To Shoe Iftnuufaclurers AND PURCHASERS. 1 flD SIDES Select Overwu New York Sole JLUU Leather. 30 Middle wt.

N. Y. Sole Leather. 50 Eastern Tunned Sole Leather trom 14 to 18 cents. ALSO, Over and Middle wt.

Oak Tanned Leather. ALSO, Slaughter Upper Leather, Patna do. ALSO, Oak and Hemlock Tanned Calf Skins, tome very heavy and choice for custom work, selling rapidly at (he cheap Shoe and Leather Bazar by E. I BALDWIN. Fresh Stock of Shoes jnst received as above, juue 29.

d9tw2t nivui CsL Jtto 30 Schr MNina, Dodge, Tirouin, ilrnma ARRIVED, rirqum, ilprnmnn, Norwich, Roitno. Lunndn, Kirhjuiinck, do Miirtho Washington, Pauerloo, New Packet, Johnson, Newbury port. Clio, Merriman, Arrest. The Baltimore Patriot states that Charles T. Toriey, a collored man, has been attested in ftlp Gen.

YVaahiogton, Berry, Proepect. poses. A creditor may give himself additional ser Ch.arfr,.dUp0 Vhi Taylor clnpb.lhGasdaloopa. for a debt due him by insuring on a debtors I Court Courier. The following cases were argued before the Supreme Court on Saturday, viz.

Samuel Butman vs. Hezekiah Winslow fiJcCtilhs lor Pl'ff, A. G. Jewett lot delt. Jeremiah P.

Fowles vs. Thomas H. Treadwell et Paine for pl'ff, Godfrey for drl't. Wm. Neil vs.

Israel Washburn, Jr. et al YYilsqn for plff, Washburn ferdefts. Sabine Pond va. Asa Walker Kent Sc editing for pl'ff, Walker pro ee. Edmund Hall vs.

Robert McDuff Ingersoll far pl'ff, Washburn for deft. that on (0 The ttkowhftgan Carion stntes Nchr Htni, Herriman, 1 GRAND VOCAL In England where investments pay not per cent, per annum, the profits to assures will Seen very great, aa the following person at the age of 30 effected insurance fife for 1000, at the expiration of 80 CONCERT. of Winr.hester, Va with being a fugitive horn justice in that State. The crime alleged against him was stealing negro slaves. This person is supposed lo be Rev.

Charles T. Torrey lormerly ol Massachusetts. The statement of the part he is supposed to have taken does not seem to afford much evidence oi his guilt. Messrs, j. k.

a edward kendall, J. M. WHITE, and MASTER G. KEN- ft KOC Filins. 10 KEGS the beat Chewing Tobacco.

12 Kbit Saleratus. 15 Bags Cape Coffee. 10 Chest prime Souchong Tea. 20 Doz. Brooms.

9 Muuroe Water Pails, for sale very low by june 29. MOORE BUTMAN, 7 Maio-st. dcath oF the insured, the accumulated pwb' gather with the sum insured, gave his 3000. In this Company the investment large) are now paying 5 per andth ities that the resulti with this office will 1 favorable, if not more so. DCCtj DA LL, from Bosloa, and Mr J.

G. JONES, the celebrated Harpist from London, respectfully announce to Use citiaensof Bangor and vicinity, that they will give a Concert at the New Court House will give a Concert at tbs Nojperion having T' mom and fi 1 1,00 per month, should delay a on Wednesday Evening, July 3d, commencing at (q-1- before 8 oclock. Policy at this office. tor From Marngnez, P. R.

The brig Aldrich Capt John G. Pierie, from Mayayoes, P. R. I3lh inst. arrived at this port festerday.

We learn from Capt. thit the aland had been visited with heavy to his sailing, for several successive days, which served to restore vegetation to its wonted state, and the prospects lor lull crops were quite flat-teiing. Sugar was scarce and high, and also were hides. The market was gluttered with A CARD. Temperance Triumphant.

Wednesday laqt, Capt, Ramxgl Searle, Isaac Marshall of Waterville, Levi Parker of Norridgcwoek, end John Johnson of AthensjhUe at work shingling n. finllding in Skowhegtn, were precipitated to the ground, i distance of eighteen feet aod were severally much injured by the breaking of bones and tj rarer? bruises. They are nil likely to recover. jo Any information that may tuned by calling on the subscribe-june 25, 1844. 6w Tickcta 25c.

to be had at Mesars. Smith Sc Fen-no. D. Bugbee, E. F.

Duren, the Bangor House, and at the Door en the evening of the Concert. Children half price, jnly I. Mohair Shawls jua American produce, which met with very dull sale. CARTON Mohair Shawl. IrmrpH Ralzorines.

Baragcs, fringes, Bidzorines, Darogcs. A- jun GRAND JUBILEE. THE FREEDOM OF THE DRUNKARD, FIRST AND LAST PLEDGE Will be periormed oa Monday July 1. AT THE CITY HALL, With a company of 9 ladies and gentlemen, under the direction ot Mr. G.

H. WYATT of the Boston Museum. For particulars see bills of the dav. june 28. from 20 to 50c per yard, Lawns, White Goods Mass Meeting at Milford.

Hie whig Milford will celebrate the approaching Fourth of July at Milford, by a procession, collation, and by several addresses and other matters appropriate tb the occasion. The whigs in that vicinity are requested to be present and unite with their friends oo the ooeasion. CHEAP READING. rilHE White Wing a Tale ol New Orleans, price I Hi; The Forgers Daughter, 12, Easy Nat The lone Indian of the Magalloway, 12, The Fortune Teller ol I.vma, For sale by SI'ANWOOD A CO July- End Ken. Bridge.

GENUINE FAMILY MEDICINES SOLD BT D. BUGBEE. BANGOR. BUCHAN Hungarian Balsam of Life Jamess Expectorant and Curmin itive Balsam; Sum-meiv rectorial Syrup; do. Medicated Gum Hem- u.q Plaid JUD Missouri.

The greatest enthusiasm seems to pervade the Whig party in every section of our country The papers teem with accounts of mass meet ings. There was an immense gathering in the town ot Jackson, Cape Giradieu Co. Missouri, on the 3d instant, at which Judge Edward Broughton presided Resolutions pledging the support of the meet-ing to Clay and setting fort I the great cardinal principles ot the Whig party were adopted by acclamation. Speeches were made throughout the'day distinguished fr iends ol -the canie, and an adjourned meeting wus held on the following day, whiob wax' numerously attended. -Baltimore American.

ffTCsptsin Stockton hat given a hundred dol tars to the fund in aid of the diatreseed relatives of the persons slain during the Philadelphia riots. Consisting of Lace rirlpe brics, Book Mcslina, India Tarleton Muslin, S'6' gammer Titrliv PRESERVED GINGER. Ac. I7IRE.SH by o. W.

LADD run' Pickled Limes, Mixed Pickles, Ol- look Strengthening Planter; Shermans Poor Man Caler Ketchups, Mustard, Eng. in Bottle Plaster and Imzvnges; Wrights Indian Vegetable 0a wy low. Pillq Bradleys Purifying and Preserving I Juna bove Medicines constantly oo hand and Warranted genuine, by the Agent. iV'Y D. BUGBEE.

BLACK TEA. A SUPERIOR article ef Black by FREDERIC LAMBERT, tO littU crabi jUD 0The Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Express states that there is little or no prob bdily ol an extra session of Congress. N4 June 8.

3 Exchange street. 200 June 25. Democrat copy. dlw.

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