Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on January 11, 1869 · 3
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 3

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1869
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JggPii tg'&flr D-iigi T? VHiiiffa AjtPe w jq u.R3 e r. TELEGRAPHIC to THR J Whig&Courier. FEOM WASHINGTON. y? asbis qtob, Jan. 10. The statement generally published that about five hundred thousand dollars stand to the credit of Judge Busteed in the Bank of Mobile is untrue. Evidence taken before the Judiciary committee has not been made pnblio, and Judge Busteed express the conviction that theoom-mittee will dismiss all charges against him as unfounded and friuolous. The petition for the pardon of Sr. Mudd, addressed to the President and signed by the Democratic Senators and Kepresentatives, has been pthced in the proper channel for consideration. NEWS FEOM THE SOUTH. Tennessee. Memphis, Jan. 9. The Grand Jury to-dsy found a true bill against Doran for the murder of White-field The Board of County Commissioners ye-terday subscribed three hundred thousand dollars in aid of the Mississippi Railroad, hence to Paducah. Active measures are being taken by friends of road to secure its completion and with a good prospect of success. Nashtilli, Jan. 10. Hon T fc Richards sometime ago introduced a bill in the House, which was to be submitted to a vote of the people, authorizing a convention, to be composed of members of the present Legislature, to convene on the 22d of February, to enfranchise the disfranchised people of the State. The bill came up in the House touay, and was indefinitely postponed. Georgia. Augusta, Ga., Dec. 9. It is said the murderers of Martin and his two sisters, who were murdered, robbed and burned at their house in Columbia, S- C., a few weeks ago, were taken from the jail at Appling, and lynched. A white man named Anderson Upson, and three negroes, who composed the party, confessed to having murdered Martin and his sisters, and the subsequent burning of the house and their bodies, in order to cover guilt. Virginia. Richmond, Jan. 9. As an offset to the operations of the Va. Commissions m Washington, theState Grant and Colfax Association have adopted a memorial to Congress asking, in view of the deceptions practiced by persons whose disabilities huye not been removed, that no further steps be taken in that direction, until the applicants have proved in the coming election, that they favor reconstruction by voting for it. A committee is to be sent to Washington to oppose the amnesty movement. The remains of Hon John M Botts arrived this evening, and were laid in State in the Senate Chamber. Louisiana Funeral of General Rousseau. The funeral of General Roesseau took place this afternoon, and was largely attended. Resolutions of regret were adopted by the Legislature and City Council. The public offices, and nearly all houses along the line of march were closed during the passage of the funeral cortege. CABLE NEWS The Ada, from Meddleborough, Eng., bound to blew York, has been picked up by the Derelict aud taken into Dieppe, Hoi land. Tbe crew who had abandoned her have landed at Lowestoft, Eng. Constantinople, Jan. 9 The Greek Blue Book, copies of which have been received here, contains a statement that Ignatius, the Russian Ambassador, the Sultans Court, had assured the Greek Minister here that the Sublime Porte would net refuse any action of Greece in reference to Crete. Pans, Jan. 10 Tha conference for the settlement of the dispute between Greece and Turkey. The Greek and Turkish representatives both manifested a very conciliatory disposition and a peaceful result to the deliberations of the conference is looked forward to with confidence. The Slave Trade San Fbancisco, Jan. 8. The packet Morning Star has arrived from a cruise among the Micronesian Islands. She reports slave trade openly carried on between the island and the coast of South America. t Correspondence published iu Honolulu present accounts of outrages perpetrated on the natives by slave traders. Missionaries are urgent in the demand for interference of American, English and French war vessels to prevent unlawful traffic. Tbe ad vices from the Micronesian Islands reports the presence in those waters of large brig named the Waterly, Capt. Benjamin Pease, flying the British and the American, colors by turns. She is armed with two 12 pounders, seven six ponnders and two stern chasers, properly mounted, and is well supplied wish small arms and ammunition. She has a full crew consisting of European and Americans, They are well drilled. It is not known for what purpose her heav y armament is intended. Vessels cruising among the Caroline Islands are warned of danger from the armed. (The Bogota Murder New York, Jan, J ames Logan, who is charged with having murdered Charles M. Rogers, in Twelfth street, on Thursday, Dec 81, last! evening walked into tbe 20th Police Precinct, and surrendered himself to the officers in charge. The police claim that evidence in their possession is sufficient to ensure the conviction of the prisoner. ' Important Decision. Baltimore, Jan. 9. Chief Justice Scott delivered an opinion in the habeas corpus case of Henry Dress-cher, a non-resident trader. , Dresscher exposed goods for sale without a license to do so. - Judge Scott decides that the Constitution of the United States does not give any con trol to Congress over the domestic trade of States, and concludes as follows -I am of the opinion that our State act in question is not in violation of the Constitution of the United States, and that the petitioner has no cause of eomplainL It is therefore adjudged and ordered that the petition be dismissed, and that the petition be remanded to the custody of the war. den, until discharged in due course of law. The prisoner can be admitted to bail at any time. Dresseher was aceozdingly recommitted. Progress of the BevolntioR in Cuba-New York, Jan. 10. The Herald publishes the follow! a g special dispatch : Havana, Jan. 7. ' Advices from St. Jago do Cuba 4o (ha 1st Inst, are received. ' i. Gen. Cespedes, "Provisional President of the Republican Government, and Senor Aquilera were with the insurgents near that city, and have proclaimed emancipation of slaves. They condemn General Mar molds course in destroying the aqneduet, and com plain that people of the Western Department have not headed the call of tbe revolution, and that the Junta at Havana was- furnishing no money. - , It is reported that Col, Baanagri has failed to occupy Holquin, and that he has been compelled (o return," wounded, to Gibraltar. 1 Newt from . Nutvites is to the 5 tW JTd accounts are gives of Valmaeda operations-. t . it- Gen. Qaecada is said to have landed from Nassau with 80 men and 8000 rifles. -Fuerto PrJnoipe it jUH surrounded by email bands of Insurgent, ; Id til ' alidad Yhgtttt,.biee&-700 4nsurgent-pd 500 Spanish troops, t. latter were defeated with heavy leee. Acoaio reached Puerto! Principe se the 20thmlt- - The Wounded have died.' The proclamation of General Quaaada lips been received. - t - . . .j . , e- Havana, Jan, 9. ; A proclamation by the Captain General, abolishing courts martial foe the trial of civil cases, was today promulgated. Heavy Earthquake in Mexioo Many Persons Killed by Falling Biddings. San Fbancisco, Jan. 9. A letter from Ualima, Mexico, -givee- -an account of a terrible earthquake experienced in that city on the morning of December 20th. For several days previous the volcano of Calima, 80 miles from the city, exhibited symptoms of internal commotion, sending forth smoke and steam, accompanied by a rumbling and shaking of the earth. The morning of the 20th was Ushered in by a gentle rocking of the earth, which gradual ly increased in violenoe until the walls of the bouses were cracked and everything breakable demolished. The vibrations were from the northeast to tha southwest, aud lasted nearly 40 seconds. The cathedral, a warehouse, and several brick buildings, were cracked from top to bottom. The people were startled from their sleep and rushed frantically to the plaza. It is re ported that several persons were killed by the falling of the walls of the National Ho tel. The shock was felt a long distance in the interior. In several places the ground opened, trees were uprooted, hills .levelled, water courses changed and a general uphe'av ingof the earth took place. At the city of Manzanillo, the cathedral, which bad stood shocks of earthquake and storms for several centuries, was riven from top to bottom. Some 18 or 20 persons were killed by the faliing walls of the American Hotel and three others were buried beneath the ruins of a warehouse. - - r New York Items, &o. New York Jan. 8. Jas Logan, charged with the murder of Charles M. Rogers, end -who last evening surrendered bimaeitutbe police, continues to manifest apparent unconcern and professes ihe utmost confidence of being able toprovb his innocence. An extensivetbaw has prevailed at all psints along the Hudson for the last week, and all the streams leading into the river are greatly swollen. The crossing is yery dan" gerous. jL Counterfeiters Arrested ' 'Cincinnati, Jan, 10. Three counterfeiters, with a lot of nickel coin and implements, were arrested today. The U S Commissioner committed them to jail in default of bail. Eailroad Accident Worcester, Mass , Jan. 9. A Frenchman named Hall, belonging in Dayvilie, Conn., was run over near Daniel-sonville by the last train from Norwich this evening, and fatally injured. He was lying on the track and probably intoxicated. Alaska Items San Fbanci8co, Jan. 9. Late advices from Alaska have been received here. A portion of the garrison buildings at the mouth of the Stickern river had been d stroyed by fire. Capt Hennessey, of the United States Army, committed suicide by shooting himself through the heart. News from the Queen Cnarlotte coal mine is encouraging. Sitka was nearly depopulated. Some three hundred persons left for St. Petersburg during the month of December. Marine Piaster San Francisco, Jan. 9. The schooner A Crosby was wrecked last night near Sansa Cruz. The crew, five in number, were all lost. Matters in Hayti Havana, Jan. 9. News has been received here that Jesuran, the Curacoa banker, who went to Europe to contract a loan for President Baez, of St Domingo, has returned unsuccessful. It is stated the failure to obtain money will probably" cause the downfall of the Baez administration. New York, Jan. 9. A Port au Prince letter of January lBt reports Salnave in possession of Miragoane and six other towns along the coast, the inhabitants having joined with his troops in driving the rebels. Aux Cayes had made proposals to surrender. It was thought these successes in the south would hasten tbe surrender of Jackmel and Jeremie, and thns restore the authority of the government throughout the whole peninsula. Tbe rebels in the north still hold St Maris, and it is reported that they have received arms and ammunition from parties in Boston, who formerly traded with the Island. The government monopoly on coffee as removed, and the trade was opened to com-petion under the following regulations One quarter of the coffee to be exported shall be given to tbe government, including all charges for sacking and delivering. The remaining three quarters shall -pay au export duty of two and a half gold dollars for a hundred pounds, and two per cent, of amount in addition. the Fire Chicago, Jan. 9. The dwelling house of Mr. Hess at the Railroad bridge over the Ausabie river caught fire this morning and was entirely destroyed. Mrs. Hess and her son seven years old, perished in the flames. Monetary Affairs. New York, Jan. 9. Money easy at 7 per cent. Exchange 10314. Gold 135. US 5-ZU coupons U62 1 12; 1864 109 :1865 109 : do new issue 108 ; 1867 do 106 ; U 10 -40s coupons 106. . - Paoifio Company, 122 : Chieago and Fort Wayne 109; Now York Control Railroad 158 Erie Bailroad, 40 preferred 62: Alton 146; d-preferred 150. , - - r Markets. - New York, Jan. 9 es 6.100 bbla State and Western is grades are easier Super State, 6,00 Flour sale dull and high A3s Mtra. 6,S10di01. Southern dull and droopinfr- sales 800 bbU extra 7.10i2.75. California dull W jeatekMeddull and droopier sales 40,000 59,000 bushels mixed wcotcru 1,06 U10, for old, in store and afloat; new S3a 95 : white Western 90 93 cbBtis f , Oats dull and heavy rales 84.000 bushels W esters at 75 m store, and 78 afloat. Beef steady sales 130 bbto new plain messj 9,00 16.60 : bow extra do 14,00 lk&0. Pork u firmer sales 700 bblr nrw moss at 29.25 is heavy sales ,706 tie roes at 18 a 20 cents Butter steady. Cotton 1 ct better sales 6800 bales middlins upaadsat 28. . , steady-sales 100 hhds Muscovado deCse quirt sales 700 bars Bio an private Molrases dulL Rice dulU . - Naval 8 tores quiyk-splrM (uipentine 50s5U Petrolstua quietr-oruds 18 ; refined bonded, if a a. do mss tie fieoee j 75 for oombinr : ; 42 a 48 for pulled : 84 aM for Tenor I Mtfffor CaUornir. - ''" Livtrpoel frm Cotton per steamer J " i ar JAmv -Wheat firm salss Xo. l at Lfil L26: o.2 at No 2. kyn pringf xnd thfo UmulOoWoo i Id b the plfica srlreted. Th yMrI870 bn horn fixrd rlrewSy, fiid. tite YteMikh' urumrtti U 2? . ' n&'Vf 43. 1 i 4 a n i eooirfVT ,1V dmieMi J --Remsrka6'l 'qht9t ' pervades , thif $kilic headquarters, hud tb Foliee -Court Is id inruSh us .with u item, ii . s-c,-; ' The soli, weather . haa About deatroyed our glebing. T&dfUge jtoad'bpteeh ganger ehd BlWortlr, la " Weiost destitute of snow as In summer, and ,th stage goes on wheels to-day, The utrty complaint we have to make of the temperature,! Is that tt Isnt cold enough. But the Indications as. we go to press are that a change js in 'store Jor us. Geand Akmy Series. The sale of tick-, ets for the fifth entertainment and lasVCon-cerf ofthe Grand Army Series, commences this morning at Bartletts Bookstore; as will be seen by Preference to tbe advertisement. We advise those who have not course tickets, to go early and secure their seats while there are good ones to be had, as the concert ope that Bhouid be heard by every loVer of good music. - ( 5 Mr A G. Hunt came near losing a val uable horse on Friday,by his breaking tbro the ice while driving on to tbe.river at the ferry way, He was got out with the assistance of the bystanders. An Irishman named Joseph T. Sullivan being intoxicated, got into an altercation on Exchange Street, on Friday, and during the tnelee, got stabbed in the leg. He could not identify the person who inflicted the wound. On the Hub. Our Boston correspondent spoke the other day about a grand peace celebration which those felloes at the hub have projected. It is one of the biggest things ever got up In this or any other country. We trust Mr. Gilmore will not Hre in his efforts until the success of the undertaking is made a certainty, and when the wheel of time brings us to the 15th, 16th and 17th days of June, may we be there to see and hear. The idea is an axle-o nt one, and if the solid men of Boston fail to give the required aid to carry it out, no pun-lsh-ment will be too severe for them. Fibs in Cherbteield. Mr. Haynes of the Ellsworth stage, informs us that the barn belonging to John Barber, in Cherryfield, was destroyed by fire last Thursday night, together with ten tons of hay and six head of cattle. No insurance. The fire was communicated by sparks from the chimney of the house. The Methodists of Waterville are building a fine church. They are liberally aided by R. B. Dunn, Esq. Sawyer has msde some excellent views of the ruins by the late fire. Bequest to the Bangor Srminary. The late I. Washburn Esq., of Worcester, Mass., has bequeathed to the Theological Seminary in this city, twenty thousand dollars, on condition that a like sum will be raised by the friends of ' tho- Institution within two years one half to be applied to tbe increase of the Library fund in the name of the testators wife, and the other half to the increase of the Washburn "Fund. There is no doubt the sum required will be pledged at once by the friends of the Seminary. Mr. Washburn during his life time was a benefactor of the Seminary. County Conference. The semi-annual meeting of the Penobscot County Conference, will be held on Tuesday and "Wednesday, January 12th and 13tb, with the Congregational church in Brewer Tuesday, 10 A. M., organization and business ; 11 oclock, sermon by Rev. Wm, M. Barber, Prof, in the Theo. Seminary ; 1 J to 4 o'clock, P. M., Devotional Exercises and Discussions ; 6J to 8 oclock, eve ning, Devotional Exercises and Discussion 8 oclock. Sermon. The time for holding the State Convention of the Grand Army was erroneously stated in our paper Saturday. The Convention is to be h eld in Augusta on the 20th inst. It will be an occasion of much more than ordinary interest. Marine Disaster. A dispatch informs ns that the barque Bride, of London, Irwin, master, was wrecked six miles East of Cutler, Maine, night of tbe 1st. during the thick snow storm. Was deal loaded, bound from St. John for Londonderry. Sails and rigging saved and taken to Cutler. Hull breaking up. Cargo will probably be lost, Our Astronomical Observer has seen the Grecian Bend. By the aid of a powerful glass it was first discovered over the Western hills and far away. Tbe astronomer gives his opinion that it must have been visible to the naked eye at the same time in Fifth Avenue (Gotham) and op Beacon Street, (Hub). The planet is unlika any other heretofore discovered, in that it is in form a cross between deformed humanity and that classical and soul delighting pattern of grace, the eamel. As the son travelled P. M., the planet was distinctly Inspected by tha nude oculars of out artist. It is not a fixed star, nor a brilliant shootiBg star or comet. It is eccentric in its coarse. It trsveleth not with the sun at present, 'but contrariwise. Its destination is eastard ho The theory of the French philosophers is that It shineth not for all, hut for the god of fashion. .Our firmamental surveyor gazed upon its multiform proportions till it crossed the zenith at the point of the Customouse, took another inclination to the eastard another bend forard, and was finally lost to view in the constellation of more goodly planets, and sank in the horizon in the vi cinity of the point marked Quoddy Head. We see by the Belfast Journal, that lively Capt. of that city, has recently caught aud forwarded to Boston, two tons of smelts, with a single line, two hooks attached. We could have hardly believed the fish story, had we seen it in any other paper. ST. Andrews Lodge. Tbe following of. fleers were installed in St. Andrews Lodge, F. and A. M., on Friday evening last by Edwin F. Dillingham, D. D. G. M. A P Baker, Master. -EH Bradbury, S W. James F Kimball, J W. E F Dillingham, Treasurer. C H Ham matt. Secretary. M G Trask, 6 D. Alexander Margesson, J D. Wm B Dole, 8 S. - John W Dole, J S. A B Faro bam, Marshal. Zebulon Grover, Tyler. Bangor Produce Market. .Saturday, Jam. 9th. Loom hay continues plenty on the market at from $14,00 to "$15,00 per ton for the heat brought W, and, inferior loads sell fit from. 11,00 to 13,00 f oats arc worth from 76 to 80 cents ; hfiriey l,I0 to 1,125-, yellow eyed beau are seHlng-Qulck at from 8,40 to 8,50 ectra pea helms, 8,76f potatoes from 70 to 76 oents, and hut frwomiog to ; -packed ho Wria worthfrohi 8510.88 anddOoentejcom saes lamp, 8 tedO, end a ; hiorarticle of tomp Wou U Wag from 42 to to eeatsy .eggt 86 cenUf.UkfnTSitolSr.Otot !- iTa Idea, 20 to 23 eeoSee Rnsd. hogs Ifi to li inE-froeE-lOW to Pmmad JteytomMIrom Uastorah cord ; groenAo., from 0 to 70 ; dry tol wood, 6,00; c6N, -12(0 12,26 per ton. Ifi Boston, JauktOD White potatoes v ar telling from tb? cork r the Bos top and Malpe depot from. 7 5 to 80 ornts, vf y plenty and -dull, J: u 7 e Aw . Intelligewt - Dog. A gentleman realdlng inLewisUin, acoording tothe Jour-nfiy drove With hi hors and slejgfi to Livermore a few days rinse, and (topped at the bouse of a friend. I A favorite dog, who is greatly hftreed 'hla.borje, .accompanied him.. The gentleman drove farther on the next dfty..nd returning a few days after-. Ward, tqpje4 at hi frfsradjn Livermore to warm himself, - hitching his horse near the door, intending to drive on in a few talnhtes.'.l.Dneturnlngte' his sleigh,' he took up tbe-reins- and to his surprise, found some qae had cut them. In two. .The fact seemed strange to" him, bn t hd thought some mischievous buy had done the mischief and pulliDg on the reins,' drove up bis horse. Still greater was his surprise to find that the animal moved out of the thills, leaving the sleigh behind. On examination he found the thugs bad been out apart above the whif-fletree, and the horse was practically cut free from the sleigh. ' . Further examination showed the marks of teeth i i the leather, and the faithful wag of the faithful dogs tall, aa he stood looking at, his masters predicament, showed that the dog it waa who was the guilty party. The dog is exceedingly . attached to .. the horse, always following him, when harness ed, and remaining at his side in the stall. He noticed that the horse had baited at the place where he had spent a night, and evi dently desired to unharness him that he might again receive the shelter and hospital ity of the neighboring stable. Joel Giay, Esq., has subscribed $40,-000, to the stock of the Somerset Railroad, in addition to the $10,000 he has previously subscribed, ThiB brings the subscription up to half a million and an assessment will probably be at once made. Bo says the Lewiston Journal. - The Journal says a young man named Springer broke an arm in two places on Tuesday, while putting a belt on a wheel in motion at Messrs. J. L. H. Cobb & Co.s Woolen mill ia Lewiston. Mr. Olfene who was burned in the face at this mill a few days since, is rapidly recovering. We learn from the Skowhegan Reporter that the village district has voted to build a brick school house to be completed by Dec. 1st, 1869, according to the plan presented by the building committee, and that the committee receive proposals to build according to the plan, and that the bouse when complete shall not cost over twelve thousa'nd dollars. The Journal understand that Mr. Chas. . Atkins, of Augusta, ene of the Fish Commissioners under resolve of the Legis-latura. bag resigned. The Biddeford Journal gives the list of vessels built in the District of Kenaabunk during the year 1868 : Name. Tonnsge. Builder. Ship Lathley Rich, 1357,23, Crawford and Ward. 873 89, David Clark. 483 63, . 1220.67, 71.64. Barque Asterias, Tremont, Ship F. N. Thayer, Sch. C. H. Price, Geo. Christenson. Sch. Aaron Perkins, 45.82, 4052 63 Total Tonge. The Lewiston Journal says apples are getting plentier in that market and somewhat lower. Says the Oxford Democrat, Charles H. Gammon of East Buckfield, has shot ten foxes in Hartford, southwest of Bear Mountain, within seven days. He deserves the thanks of the farmers in that vicinity, who raise turkeys for the market. A correspondent writing from Dover, N. H., to the Portland Press, says that about 150 barrels of ale are sent from Dover and Portsmouth to .Portland weekly. He adds : I do not think the whole of this part ef New Hampshire pays that amount of money for goods monthly to your city. -The Portland Argus says that Mr. Geo. McCarty of that city, aged about 62 years, slipped on the ice Thursday, in that city, and fractured his hip. The Portland Argus says that the remains of the late Hon. James Mann, were interred at Gorham, Thursday. There were burial services at the residence of his father-in-law, Mr. Johnson. Rev. Mr. Abbot officiated. According te the Rockland Gazette on Monday afternoon last, a man from Owl Head, by tbe name of Philbrook, in consequence of some domestic infecility, concluded to shuffie off the mortql coil by cutting his throat with a razor. The wound thongh deep waa not a fatal one. This is the second attempt he has made within a few weeks to commit suicide. The first by laudanum, some weeks since. The Galaie Advertiser last week said, the steamer Queen made her last trip for the season, on Wednesday night last. Our river Tor a mile down, may he said to be dosed, but the Ice is not strong enough to cross on, and it is not likely to be unless we have coldor weather than we have had yet. Tbe coldest night dr day we have had, has net sent the mereury lower than eight degrees below zero ; and that Jn one instance only. The Weather at this writing is quite mild and seigbiDg capital. At a meeting, on Friday, 1st inst., of the directors of the Calais National Bank, Mr. Frank Nelson was elected cashier. Jos. A Lee, Esq , having resigned. Mr. L. has held the office, we understand, twenty-nine years and six years, and from all we con learn, has discharged the duties of it, during those many years, in a manner satisfactory to his employers, says the Advertiser, The Journal says that one of the wings at the Us S. Military Asylum in Augusta, has been finished and is how occupied. The entire building is in rapid prooees of completion under the direction of CoL Cutler, and Will be In readiness for the disabled heroes of tbe late war who will he comfortably provided tor. - The Belfast Age says, that smelt fishing U said to be bristrup the Fassagassawaukeag river. They sell in that market at about a hjfltng a pound.,1 J . Vv -The Oarr girl, charged With attempting to poison Gen. Websters family in Bel fast, by pulting croton qll Jn some cake, has bad n further exaiqioetioif and been bound over for trial., . - In Belfast, according to the Age; business changes are frequent there lately. We note the following on Fbenix Row; HJ Leaks, jeweller, to 65, Mala Bk; E H Rey aeh tallor, to Main Stret,ovsr Caldwetti stor, red L&Peevep aftd AmoaStoser are DwWtJSfi wtared tote perteershlpunder ttse drta of PrescoVt frtabar,.niar tito toot of Mates Biseeti Two young men have takas thawoodso atora formerly ototto piad fey F A. Catla p-DHlaway A Poto Mava t tto aturwom & HfiyMft' ' to nj.. jjVag'tH tftsto a & : Mattery. Jookyery, promising, for, be bip fate idieyi irter t in Belfast auotherma-ton. 'tarter & boand McGllvery A Cd.J a gtUDg togeth a large amount of shfp-in thelr 'yards hnd landings, and White & Co., are building a) new'wharf on which build a Ship jnjthdr yard. .. , Annual Deport of the Bangor Children's Home, for 1868, Ladies : . . ; , . . ,, Last year you were called together aa members of tho Bangor Female Orphan Asylum ; fo-day we greet you" as members of the Bangor Childrens Home". In assum iag tbe hew name, wa assume new responsibilities, 'and ap enlarged capaolty for usefulness. The institution is no longer for orphan girls alone, but its doors are open to destitute children of both, sexes. , - Oar Finance Committee, owing to their pereeveranoe and efficiency, and the generous response pf our citizens, were able to report early In the year; that the fund, twenty-five thousand dollars, necessary to the acceptance of Mr. Pitchers offer, was obtained. Previous to this, a lot of land,.situated on the southeasterly slope of Thomas Hill, and commanding an extended and delightful view, waa received from Mr. James Smith, Jr., of this city. The folio wipg action waa taken r Voted, That the managers most gratefully accept from Mr. James Smith, Jr., the noble gift of a large lot of land, situated on James, Ohio, aDd Highland Streets, containing nearly two acres, as an eligable building sito. They are also gratified to learn that Mr. Pitcher finds the above location eminently suited to his long contemplated pur pose of erecting a new bouse for the Asylum Association, which is to be styled The Bangor Childrens Home. Mr. Pitcher, true to his promise, immediately msde preparations for building, and on thq second day of September, the cornerstone was laid with appropriate ceremonies, and dedicated to the memory of Mrs. Sarah March Pitcher, through whose bequest it is erected. Aud what more fitting memorial for one whose brief life was filled with gentle and charitable deeds I It is now expected the new house and grounds will be completed during the coming Bummer, when we shall rely upon the generosity of our friends for aid in furnishing it in a neat and suitable manner. The meetings of tbe managers b&ve been fully attended, and an unusual degreo of interest manifested. Mrs. E. J. Treat and Mrs. John Bradbury have retired from the Board during the year. Mrs. Bradbury was one of the original members, and always manifested an untiring interest, laboring zealously and faithfully till failing health compelled her to resign. In September the managers very reluctantly accepted the resignation of their Secretary, Mrs. E. L. DureD, who had proved herself a very valuable officer. There are connected with the institution twenty-nine children, and four assistants, viz. matron, cook, nursery girl, and seam- stress. j in months of February and March, during the temporary absence c the matron, several attempts were made to fire ttaehon.a. which occasioned much anxiety and alarm. Proving to be one of the children, she was removed to the Almshouse, and afterwards, through the kindness and interest of Mr. Pitcher, who took her into his own family for several weeks, placed at the Reform School for Girls, in Lancaster, Mass It has been necessary to call a physician but a few times, and our thanks are due to Dr. Field for his great kindness and attention, gratuitously rendered ; also to Dr. Morison, who was called during the illness of Dr. Field, and to Dr. Harlow for furnishing needful medicines Iu February, the children enjoyed the rare pleasure of a sleigh-ride, through the kind-ess of Capt. Chas. Sanford, and on their re turn a bonntiful collation, prepared by Mrs, Orin Shaw, Mrs. George Lancaster, and others. At the Hammond Street 'Sunday School excursion in July, twenty of the children were furnished with tickets and provisions ; and in August, they spent a delightful day with Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson, of Car mel. Going and returning in the cars, they were indebted to Mr. Small and Mr. Pitman, for their fare and other kind attentions. They were present at one of the matinees of the Penobscot Musical Association, by invitation of Mr. Duren, and in December, were invited to a supper for the Missionary Society connected with the Hammond Street Church. For ten years, Mrs. G. W. Merrill has provided a Christmas Tree for the children, and furnished each child with a present, This year it was filled with useful articles, books, toys, Christmas cakes and candies. One of the presents is especially worthy of mention a bed quilt, pieced together by a little girl, but nine years of age, Mist Julia Strickland, and qnllted by her grandmother, already past her three score years and ten Mr. J. P. Tuoker invited the children to his store Christmas morning, where a variety of Christmas presents awaited them, and in the evening they were made happy by an Invitation to the Christmas Tree for the Unitarian Sunday School, where, among other things, Santa Claus delighted them with the gift of a complete set of The Little Prudy "Books, and The Dotty Dimple Stories. Among the first donations of the year was a check for one hundred dollars from Mr Jeremiah Curtis, of New York, and as there was no pressing need of its immediate use, it was appropriated to the fund, A very nice Wheeler & Wilson sewiDg maohine, from a benevolent gentleman in the city, whose name is withheld at his own desire, was another most acceptable gift, Indeed, it had become so necessary that an effort had been made to purchaee one, and the sum of seventeen dollars and twenty-five cents collected, which will now be approprL a ted tq some cities equally necessary convenience. A few little girls on Cedar Street, held fair, the proceeds of which, twenty-seven dollars, were seat to the Treasurer In the hope it might add somewhat to the comfort of the children at The Home. This is the third successive year that aid has been received from these little girls. We have received very acceptable gifts from the following firms in Boston: Messrs. Jordan, Harah & Co., O. F. Hovey & Co. Hoqghton, Perkins & Co., and A. Hamilton & Co. - .-w Besides these, we are indebted to many of th merchant of cur own city, who not only remember os in the way of gifts, bat deduct from titeir usual prices, when we purchase of 9 . i t Fifidiag sa .effort Jaost be made to replenish ofit, frlllng ftiaS It Va decided to make an ppsl to ton? of our citizens pn tha 4ay juroaaAfag Thanksgiving. V . -Wh.woOlS glad!', toentioit Individually each person who teapondod and express to them eai ihuk. It ozr llntite would aUuW. st iu 60"ytoatyd ww fifty irpair MV; aftMlHrtoaT. : Five oUur 1jrwi"H -r --u fourteen efc,'7rtIoh'witoUM wm aaaoouttdto ona haudrad Wd two dollars. - .it ii -te i, Mirt mA jrii Six barrels. ofilqr each sent by different individual! Werd mqs$-scceptabl4 donations. Eight barrels hTitpples which weto luxuries, as our food da not permit the purchase of them. About-Ji barrels of potatoes, one barrel of crackers, sixty pounds of sugar, several pounds of tea, forty pounds of buckwheat with syrup to go with it, fifty pounds of codfish, a bushel of beaus, a bag of meal, several boxes of raisins, several boxes of grapes, a box of starch, a box of soap, aud a very nice chopping machine, a nice lot of yarn, worsted goods, cotton goods, cotton flannel, hoop skirts, nnder garments, and sundries. Also, provisions for Thanksgiving Day, consisting of turkeys, chickens, oysters, mackerel, cranberries, squashes, and other vegetables. These nokbeing sufficient for the winter months, soma gentlemen kindly interested themselves, and a Levee was held December first, which realized the handsome sum of two hundred and forty dollars. In connection with this there was handed to us a ten dollar bill from Mr. George M. Weston, of Augusta, who, unable to be presont, manifested his interest in this way. We remember gratefully the no less acceptable donations from month to month of household articles, clothiDg, milk, and in their season fruits and vegetables, from kind and benevolent ladles. We cannot Tefrain from expressing our thanks to Mrs. W. B. Hayford for her continual remembrance of our needs. To Mrs Ellis for the amount of knitting she has done, and to other ladies who have assisted us in sewing and knitting we are very grateful. Tbe amount received from subscribers, as appears in the Treasurers report, ia five hundred and eighteen dollars and twenty-five cents. An increase of one hundred and forty-three dollars and seventy-five cents over the previous year ; but surely not more than half what we might reasonably expect. The expenses of the year have averaged early two hundred dollars a month, and this with careful economy. To meet thdse, the Treasurer has been drawing from a fund of one thousand dollars, which was collected some years ago by former manager and placed at interest, but which is now nearly exhausted. So it is evident that even after the interest of the en dowment fund becomes available, unless the number of yearly subscribers is largely increased, we shall still be dependent in a measure upon tbe charity of our friends. And is it not a benefit to a community to have in its midst an Institution appealing to its charity, where those who take pleasure doing for others may see the -result of their efforts 7 We feel confident that the citizens of Bangor will take pride in sustaining the managers in their endeavor to make this Institu tion one of the most useful of its kind and an honor to our city. Respectfully submitted. S. E. Sabine, Secretary. treasurer's report. Amount received for board aDd Amount received from subscription, Collection from Central Church, Unitarian State aid for Soldiers orphans by D. Brastow, Esq , Proceeds of Levee, Life Membership, Childrens Fair, Donation from Mr. Rufus Dwinel, Thanksgiving donations from twenty six persons, Other donations, U. S. Treasury Bonds, Premium on Bonds, Coupons, Balance in treasury from last year, $316 25 618 23 87 3 75 00 90 00 240 00 50 00 27 00 50 00 102 00 122 39 1150 00 105 90 96 55 14 35 Total, $3045 01 EXPENDITURES Amount paid matron, For assistance in family, Paid seamstress, Paid Mr. F. W. Pitcher for money expended, Paid insurance, Paid for milk. Paid for copy of act of Legislature, Amount for household expenses. $269 84 252 96 55 57 26 00 9 97 287 84 1 25 1493 Total, $2397 14 Balance to new account, 647 87 We have since received from tbe Hook and Ladder Company a donation of $25 00. Also $30 00 more in response to the Thanksgiving appeal, and $50 00 more from Hr D. Brastow for soldiers orphans. $16,000 of the Endowment Fund have been collected and placed at interest. Annie H. Tewksbury, Treas. BUSINESS NOTICES jBgf The auction sale of Millinery and Fancy Goods at E. H. Cass, Main street, is postponed for the present. Goods will be Bold at private sale at bargains. I a speedy and certain remedy ior Coughs, Colds Eoarstnesst Sore Throat, Bronchitis. Catarrh, Jn JiucMza, Whooping Cough, Asthma, and the various Affections of the Lungs and Chest. The attention of those afflicted with colds, ooughs, and with any disease of the lungs, is di recten to this valuable remedy. The season of the year has already come when, on account of the sudden changes in the weather, oolds and ooughs are easily taken, and if neglected may lead to disease of the lungs. What is needed under such circumstances, is a reliable remedy speedy in affording relief and effectual in arresting farther progress of the disease. 49" To arrest the existing irritation of the air passages and the lungs, speedily and effectually, the seat and cause of eough, is an important step gained toward relief and cure in the first stages of the disease. MASTAS PULMONIC BALSAM possesses this important power, and wtiil promptly and effectually arrests all existing Irritation and rapidly relieves cough, it renders the lungs further relief by promoting a free discharge of the accumulated mucus in tho air passages, imparting g healthy action and vigor te the chest at the same time, 49Tho8e suffering with eough and the first stages of lung disease, will therefore find in this valuable preparation a speedy and decided relief! Even those whose condition is beyond reoovery. will derive from its use great benefit as well as comfort. For the oku of diseases it is designed to relieve,the generalcommendation It has received has proved itsyreat effloacj beyond question. Forthe past ten yean thousands have been speedily and effectually cured by its timely use, while suffering from severe eoldSv protracted ooughs, and from other forms of lung disease. It is prepared from vegetable balsams and the medicinal properties of roots and horbs, with no minerals nor poisonous acids, simple ad safe in tho matonals used, U oaa bo taken at eaytUae. Bold by all Druggists and Dealers ia Medi-slnes throughout the New England States. deo 28 2awd6m&w HARVARD LAW SCHOOL, OAMBRIDGB, MASS. itTO KRH&t.rinriBTsuABT43, iiuaaalS, W. - Ttus Iroid.n fm:i aoJ Sep-:won ar. a AUltU, A-y. toil-aa aster, from AnpUomIou max .fofara arii Ha. to ttm a - sj 4 .yejsi jao'Lemrmr Morris, fKgfcr i J mm t the: , HXUSTBATED By Finely Executed Guts. It is an eight-pae paper, and without exception, the Largest aud Cheapest Youth Publication in the country Some of the most Fascinating and Brilliant Writers contribute to its columns, among whom are MBS. HARRIET BEECHER STOWE. E STUART PHELPS, MRS. LOUISA CHANDLER MOULTON. PAUL DU CHAILLU. and others It articles are mostly original, thoroughly practical in their character, wide awake and entertaining. Subscription price, 1 50 a year. For sale by all News-dealers. Prxc 4 Cents ttngU copy. With a circulation of nearly 50,000 each week, the Companxon is one of the best meaiums for ad -vertxnng in New England. For terms, address X C. Kvass, Advertising Agent, 106 Washington St., Boston. PERRY MASON A CO., dee 31 4wd Publishers, Boston. light, Light, Light ! NO MORE CHIMNEYS 1 NO MORE WICKS! I NO MORE CAMP CLEANING 1! GOUGHS patent; Naptha Gas Burners, Are the greatest improvemen in light ever discovered, are perfectly safe, cannot get out of order, and are warranted to give a light Equal to the Best Coal Gas, AT ONE QUARTER THE EXPENSE. The public are Invited to call and test these Burners at my store No. 19 Exchange St, Bangor, R. A. POWER, 'Agent for Penobscot County. Banger, December 28, 1868 LADIES WHITE KID SLIPPERS, ATT WOODS, corner of Main and Hammond Street. jan 7 Yew Firm lYew Goeds. RICH JEWELRY of aU kinds; Solid and Silver Plated Ware ; Gold aDd Silver Watches and Clocks: Fancy Good of all descriptions : Musical Instrument?; Sheet Music; Florence A Howe Sewing Machines: AH to be found at No. 14 MAIN STREET. John LoweU & Co. JOHlT LOWELL, 1 a. L. spencer. deo 30 Piano-Eortes. , A EAEE oppoetunity. Being about to remove to our New Rooms in tbe new Masonic Building, we are now prepared to sell our extensive stock o;' Pianos, Organs, Melodeons, &c At extremely low prices. Givo us a call at MR CHARLES BALES, No. 24 Main Street. JOHN S. PATTEN. L. J. WHEELDBN. Ptotmbtf 24. Stencil Cutting. STENCIL PLATES of every description. Also Superior Indelible Ink; No. 2 HARLOWS BLOCK, (upstairs). East End Kenduskeag Bridge, dec 28 5wd&w WM. H. EaRLB. What Amount of Money WOULD YOU VBKKLY GIVg TO hare your breath restored, your sleep sweet in fact, free from Asthma, Phthisic.or Bard Breathing ? Yet the poor man in his n eed, can find a friend indeed, in SACKETTS German Asthma Cure. A present relief and permanent blessing. ONE DOLLAR PER BOTTLE. Prepared by S. A. SACKETT, dec 11 dJfcwlm Westfield, Mass. At Murrys Saloon VERY FINE Solid Oysters By Quart or Gallon, AS CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. Sec. 25 THE Subscriber, thankful for the patronhge h has received from tho citizens of Bangor and the public in general, would respectfully inform them that he continues to keep his popular Dining, Ice Cream, and Oyster Saloon, Comer of Franklin and Hammond Ets., Where can be found a good Breakfast, Dinner, Lunch or Supper. OYSTERS from New Tork and Virginia. Boned Turkeys. Sallads, Jellies, and Ice Cream, bruit. Nut and Candies. AU kind of Fancy Fruit, and Wedding Cake of a superior quality, on hand and made to order, and sent to any part of the city or State. Dinner, tapper, or Pic-Nio Parties supplied at short notice. He has in his employ Mr. G. D. ROBINSON, One of the best Cake and Fancy Cook in the State, whose experience in some of the best establishments of the Southern, Western and New England States, ha given him an opportunity to keep up with the latest styles of the day, m hi line of businei. Entrance to Ladies Saloon 4th door on Franklin street. J. F. MURRY. Bangor, Dec. 23, 1868. Proprietor. OYSTERSI AT Keduced Prices, BY THE BARRKIi OR BY THE GALLON. AT BICKFORDS MARKET, Fox Clrristinas AND THE HOLIDAY?, A low a they can be had in Portland cr Boston, by the single gallon. Fresh every night. FISH Of all kind, a usual, constantly on hand. WWANTED, all kinds of Wild GAME, for which the highest prices will be paid. Capt. Thos. Bickford, STALLS B0- 3 & 5, E0E0MBEGA MARKET Bangor, Doc.19, 1S68, 8w SUBSCRIPTIONS TO ALL Magazines and Papeis. At the Lowest Prices, BY dec 81 - CHABLES HIGHT, Dissolution, THE Co-partnership heretofore existing between the subaonbere in the Stone Cutting b under tbe name of SMITH A PERKINS, thie day dissolved by mutual ooneent. The eenior partner, J. J. Smith, will carry on the business at the old stand, and is authorised W settle the affairs of the late firm. . J. J. SMITH. A. 8. PERKINS. Bangor, December 26, 1868. 3w29 Merchants Mutual Marine Insurance Company. E annual meeting of the members of the MERCHANTS MUTUAL MARIS R 1NSU-NCB COfo will beheld at their offioe ea M0N-18th day of January next. t3 o'clock P. ... choice of Trustees, and tbe transaction such ether beamed as may eome before them. - JOHN P. KIMBALL, ot. Bangor, Deoember 8h. 1868. 3r Wood and Coal. .H.f I 1000 CORDS QR RKNH A 660 CORDS BKi HARD WOOD, Aroaarcd HAMn SOFT WOOD. ecswAAetly en Land, SUPERIOR HOUSE COAL, Of all ! delivered ia any pert of tbe eity at tbe - loweet market p riom BOBUEOJf a TAYL0S, 4m 29 j X.tMtoiriKxaiia, Jfoek. Bangor Business College! TyE SHALL COEMENCE A CLASS IN TELE-Ti GRAPHING, January lltU, 1869. A complete outfit of new instruments and a competent Teacher will be provided. Terms. o.f at room. C. B. LAKIN, December 24 tf. Pnn. A NEW THING, AND SOMETHING THAT EVERY CHURCH GOER SHOULD HAVE. rOE SAL BY MAYO & PEARL, No. 15 MAIN STREET. dec 31 For Sale, A number one Cow will come in about Chnstmaa. Any woman ean milk her. Apply at the Mutual Store of J. C. Mitchell, or opposite the Arsenal, of CHA'S W. JAQUE3. deo 28 E. & iY. A. Railway Co. MERCHANTS having goods to be delivered to the Depot of the K. A N. A. Railway Company, in Bangor, for transportation, wilFjilease exhibit a red flag. Dec. 12,188 St. Julian Hotel, Comer Middle and Plum Streets, Portland, - - - Maine. THIS new and modern bnilt hotel, kept on the EUROPEAN PLAN, is now open, and offers inducement to business men and other visitors, not surpassed by any house ia the Stale. Gr. E. WARD, Proprietor, W. S. BAKER. Manager. decfS 2m JUST OPENING, A LAROE ASSORTMENT OF TOILET SUPPERS, SNOW BOOTS, GERMAN SHOES, at Hills & Bakers. dec 24 Bleached Cottons 3,000 Yds. HTLL SECONDS ! In 40 Yds. Pieces Only 15 Cents. Fully equal to the regular goods, deo 23 at SNOWS. OFFICE OF Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad Company. Bakgob, December 21, 1868. BY order of the Directors, the following assessments on the capital stock of this Company are made payable to the Treasurer as follows, viz : The 7th assessment for 10 percent on or before the first day of January next. The 8th assessment for 10 per cent , on or before the first day of February next. The 9th assesement for 10 per cent on or before the first day of March next. The 10th assessment for 10 per cent., on or before the first day of April next. The 11th and final aessment for 9 per cent., on or before the first day of Moy next. 6. D. THURSTON. 6 dec 22 Treasurer. S W E T TS PATENT Stove Shelf Rest. To House Keepers. Something Hew FOR TOUR COMFORT AND 00NVENIES0E- THIS REST, which is received with great favor. fastens on the tove for the purpose of sustaining SHELVES, which can be iZatseaor Lowered at pleasure, either separately or together, and which are made to swing directly over the stove or behind it, entirely out of the way. This Indispensable Article supplies a want felt in every family, being useful in raising Bread or Yeast, for holding diahe when cooking; for drying Tini Wooden Ware and articles of every description : for keeping Dnnks and Food warm with-ut injury to tbe dish or food. It is also convenient to place a lamp upon while oooking, in fact various and nnmeroa are the uses to whioh it is put, proving itself a blessing which every house-keeper appreciates. PHYSICIANS RECOMMEND IT. Ono of the greatest source of Consumption and Colds is wet or damp feet. Upon these Shelve Boot. Shoes, Stockings Rubbers, Gloves, Ac., are thoroughlv Dried and Warmed, without danger of burning or seorching. as is often done for want of a suitable place to put either. . It is also of great advantage in Offices or Stores for warming and drying various articles without danger of burning. Many are the Testimonials in its favor. It will speak for itself, and those who once have it will never be willing to part with it, and wonder how they ever did without it. Send for Sample Retail Prior $2. AGENTS WANTED ia every city and town in the State of Maine. Live Men ean make $10 a day easy . For Terms and Shelves apply te GOQDWEN, SWEETSER & CO , Gen. Agt. for Maine. 77 and79 Market St, Portsmouth. N. E. dec 17 eoddAwbw HOLIDAYS ! HOLIDAYS ! Presents, Presents. -A HANDSOME AND USEFUL PRESENT. An Enduring and Pleasing Memento to Those Heeding Aids to Sight. Our Agent. C. SWETT, at hia Mammoth Jewelry Establishment, Has a Splendid Stock of our Beautiful Gold Spectacles AND EYE GLASSES, Set with the Celebrated Perfected Lenses, manufactured by LAZARUS & MORRIS. HARTFORD. CONN. The Best in the World for StreMthening and Preserving tbe Sight. No more acceptable pres-ent to your Parent, Grand Parent, or Fnends. or those needing Spectacles, can be found. They are handsome, useful, and last mMiy years. Call and examine diem, at i5flAMM0NDST. No Peddlers employed. aoc$ Pianos for Sale. frrri! ONE PIANO, nearly new, nude b5 SON, ruewood cut, tiro round corners. Pbmahogy . CHICK- vDTiCij ,n ,ruvi Aamiitioo. and will be sold et a condition, PRESCOTT. Januery lrt. 1969. hJI val. L. R. HORTON take pleasure in announcing to his friends and patrons, that be has removed te the store No. 4 foot of State Street, which he ha bad fitted wp in convenient style for a Musical Depot of Piasoe, Organs, Melodeons, Guitars, Violins, and a large stock ef Sheet More and Books. Room and Piano, eonranient to try New Miuie. TUNING and REPAIRING atiuiial rates. A gat for EL F. Milter, celebrated Piaaoe. SBCOND-HAND PIANOS 09-, NEW PIANOS from S260 to SU00. dec 24 OPTICS, AITD ATT, OTHER, MAGAZINES, " A T 10 TTXST SA TBS, fyg jp - - - - - at BARTLETTS. &U-JI f it J Jfjl. 4 -wsevtfi i

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