Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on May 3, 1851 · 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 3, 1851
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tUIjig aniJ (lourier. join S. Sayward, Editor. SATURDAY, MAY 3,1851. are under obligations to A. C. Mor ton, Esq., Civil Engineer for a copy of his re- ton, "h, port on the survey of the Europern and North and North American Railway: made under the authority of the State of Maine. This is a very full and com pip te report, containing a great variety of statistics and other matter bearing upon the advantages of the road. In the construction, every Railroad the question of great importance is, will it pay ? In answering this question the report goes on to say that the local business part of the road which is in the State of Maine, will be made up bv portions of the population of Penobscot, Hancock, Washington and Waldo Counties, and of Charlotte Co , New Brunswick amounting to about 150,000 inhabitants. The western terminus of the road is at the City of Bangor, which contains nearly 15,000 inhabitants. This is an important point being at the head of navigation on the Penobscot river, and containing a wealthy and enterprising population. The number of arrivals at this port during the last year, were 3567, and of clearances 3574. The assessed valuation of real and personal estate is $5,121,805. The value of exports for the pas year will probably amount to between three and four millions of dollars. There was 20 vessels built in the Penobscot district in 1850, having an aggregate tonnage of 3188 tons. , The Penobscot river possesses the peculiarity before alluded to, which characterizes the St. John and other rivers along this coast, having a descent of 92 feet in a distance of 12 miles and terminating at the City of Bangor. Above these rapids the river is navigable for small Bteamboats and other craft a distance of forty miles. An immense amount of lumber in logs is annually sent down this stream from the interior. This fall in the Penobscot, so near tide water, renders the water power adds vastly to the business and growth of Bangor. It is now improved to a great extent, and nearly all the lumber from the Penobscot waters is manufactured at mills erected on this portion of the river. Extensive saw mills and other machinery have been erected at North Bangor, Basin Mills, Orono, East and West Great Works, Milford and Oldtown. There is an aggregate cf 15 gangs and 154 single saws, equal to about 200 single saws, in operation at these mills. There are also 41 Lath, 9 Shingle and 10 Clapboard machines, 5 cooper, 3 machine, and several furniture, carriage makers and smith shops, besides other manufactories. This machinery is capable of manufacturing 176 millions of feet of lumber, 60 millions of laths, 14 millions of clapboards, 17 millions of shingles, 11 millions of staves, 800,000 pickets, 60,000 oars and 30,000 barrels. The amount of these articles, annually manufactured, does not every year reach the full capacity of the machinery, the quantity being regulated by the number of logs which come down the river, and the state of the market. The largest amount of lumber surveyed in anyone year, was 213 millions, and this of course included lumber manufactured at other points on the river above and possibly some may have been manufactured the year before. The total amount surveyed in the year 1850, was nearly 203 millions. This is exclusive of what is technically termed short lumber, such as pickets, laths, clapboards, shingles, &c. The lumbering business on the Penobscot waters, has been increasing from year to year, and a reference to the amount of lumber surveyed for a series of years, does not show those great and frequent fluctuations which are generally supposed to attend this branch of industry. The lumber surveyed the last year, at an average of $12 per thousand, amounts to $2,-436,000, and it is probable that the value of all the lumber and other products of the forest manufactured on the Penobscot for several years past, would amount to not less than two and a half millions of dollars annually. This lumber is mostly manufactmed within -12 miles of the city of Bangor, and immediately on the line of the proposed road, and forwarded to market in rafts on the river. This mode of transportation is found to be expensive from the losses sustained by the lumber being split, worn or destroyed in rafting and deterioration by being put into the water and aoiled. These losses are estimated by intelligent dealers, at from fifty cents to one dollar per thousand feet, which, when added to the expense of forming the rafts and running them, increases the actual cost of transportation to such a rate per thousand as to leave no doubt that'the better qualities of lumber could be transported on the railway at a great saving to the forwarders or dealers, Branches extended to all the mills, none of which need exceed one fourth of a mile in length, and some much less, would permit lumber to be transported directly from the mills to market in the cheapest and most expeditious manner, and delivered in the best condition. During the best season for rafting, the amount of lnmber forwarded in each raft varies from 20,000 to 30,000 feet but during a portion of the year, only half this amount can be run in each raft in consequence of the low stages of the water. Consequently damage to the lumber, in such cases, and detention (q arri ving at market, are very much increased. With a railway properly equipped. 200.000 to 250,000 feet may be takes to market Ja each train, and one million daily, or as much as can be loaded and unloaded in that time. By this means the supply can be regulated by the demand, and the lumber retained at the mills, where the expense of piling room is leu than in the city, until required for shipping. Large quantities of small lumber are annually forwarded to market in rafts. Much of this is lost or disposed of at great inconvenience and expense, on account ot its frequently having a different .destination from 'that of the larger lumber In the rafts, upon which it is forwarded. . This description of lumber, therefore. would mostly be forwarded to market by rail-i Letter trom the President, way conveyance in preference to any other. The following letter has just been published. Mr. Morton says, having on a previous occa- j It was addressed to Gen. Pierce, who had en-sion, examined with much care and attention, closed to the President certain resolutions the subject of transportation of lumber adopted by the New Hampshire Constitutional Convention at its first session, in relation to the Union, and the Compromise measures of Congress : Washington, Jan. 14, 1851. Dear Sir I have the honor to acknowledge the receipt of the Kesolutions, passed by the Convention to revise the Constitution of the State of New Hampshire, which you transmitted to me. I am highly gratified to see State after State assuming the high and patriotic ground in favor of the Union, now occupied by New Hampshire; and beg leave to make my grateful acknowledgments to the Convention for the flattering terms in which they have expressed their approbation of the attitude of the Executive of the General Government upon the subject. Truly Yours, MILLARD FILLMORE. Hon. Frank. Pierce, President of New Hampshire Reform Convention. . from these mills to malket by railway, I j can with much confidence advance the opinion that ,wilh proper arrangements, all the i 1 better qualities of lumber, amounting to 60 or , annually, as well as the greater portion of the short lumber, will take this conveyance. The latter, although less in quantity, will probably produce nearly as much revenue as the former. The following table shows the amount lumber surveyed in this city for the years named : The following is a summary statement of the arrivals and clearances to and from Bangor from Jan. 1st, 1850, to Jan. 1st, 1851, with the aggregate amount of the principal articles of imports and exports during the same period : We shall icfcr to this report again for further matters of interest. Ltr On May-Day, a little boy nine years of age, son of Mr. Benjamin Thoms, a boy of great promise and on whom the fondest hopes of parents and friends were centered, while crossing the Kenduskeag stream on the jjiill logs between Lovers Leap and Bruce's Mill fell into the stream and was drowned. His body was recovered a few hours after and borne to the sorrow stricken home of his parents. The affliction comes with crushing weight upon their hearts and seems to shut out the light from their home and to make the world dreary and worthless. He wes all, seemingly, that 8 son could be; and to be thus suddenly removed, when in full health and promise, bouy-ant and joyous, gives a keenness of anguish which only deeply stricken hearts can appreciate. In the gloom of similar sorrows, we have found consolation in the thought that God is ever nearer than our inmost thought; and that the death of the body is the birth of the spirit, and the closing of the natural eyes on earth is the opening of the spiritual eyes in a higher sphere, and the attentions and love of parents and friends on earth,- are left, for the kindlier regards, andAe purer love and the wiser directions of good angels. May these parents find equal consolations in their affliction. Ey One of our aged and shrewd citizens awhile since met in the street, near where there was a very rich display of house plants for sale, an old bachelor and a widower. Gentlemen, said he, there is a use of flowers of which I think it would be well for you to avail yourselves. The truth of this will be apparent to you without a particular explanation, if you will each of you purchase handsome specimens of those flowers, no matter at wiat cost, and send them to families where there are beautiful ladies, and then call frequently to dee how they grow ! The bachelor profited by the suggestion, and although he then seemed to be wilting he is now a happy husband and father, and owns a share in that same plant. td The Anti-Rent troubles seem to have broken out again on the Van Rensalaer estate near Albany. An agent of the proprietors while serving a process for the collection of rents, was attacked by some 20 or 30 Indians" armed with rifles, tomahawks, &c. They bandaged bis eyes, gave him a coat of tar and feathers, and marched him through the streets, and liberated him on his promise not to disturb them again. The subject of choice fruit trees continues to occupy the attention of our citizens. This is all very well. We cannot but hope that some of the enterprising farmers in every town in the county will try a few of the choice dwarf pear trees on the Angers Quince, such as is imported by S. L. Goodale, Esq., of the Saco Nurseries. If people once become acquainted with the excellent qualities of those trees they will not consent to get along without them. ty We have received a lithograph plan of the Routes for the proposed Railroad from Milford or Oldtown up the Penobscot river to Lincoln and Mattawamkeag from reconnoissance by E. Appleton, Civil Engineer, to accompany the Report which we published a few days since. The report and plan give a very clear view of the country and the facilities for constructing a road on the proposed line. Stealing Cottom. The recent complaints of consignees of cotton laden ships arriving at Liverpool from Savannah, that the cotton was of short weight, hare led to the discovery that the stevedores have been in the habit of secreting the cotton in their mattresses, taking them down empty and returning with them full when the ship is loaded. The Savannah Republican supposes that from $15,000 to $20,000 of cottoi may have been stolen this season. In many instances several bales of cotton have been missing. ! - Messrs. B. F. Duren 8c Co. have received the May number of the Mothers Magaxine, a Valuable and interesting orthodox work, ,J BANGOR DAILY WHIG-.AND jCQ.URIER. Mr. Clay at Home. Mr. Clay returned to his home at Ashland on the 20th inst. ' His health is greatly improved since he left New Orleans, where he labored under the effects of a cold, probably contracted on the voyage from Havana. Of the present state of feeling towards Mr. Clay in Kentucky, the Lexington Observer says : At no period of Mr. Clays illustrious and ever memorable career has he enjoyed to the extent he now does the sincere and heartfelt admiration and regard of almost the entire population of Kentucky. They regard him as a great public benefactor, instead of, as formerly, a great party leader ; and even the fiercest of his hitherto political opponents do not hesitate to award to him the meed of praise to which his recent patriotic efforts in behalf of our glorious Union give him just claim. Long may the noble old patiiot, statesman, and orator be spared to do battle for his country against those who would destroy her fair proportions and make her a shapeless mass of ruins ! Post Office Contracts. The decisions on proposals tor mail bags, &c., were on Friday, the 25 th ult., decided as follows: Leather horse mail bags to James Shannon, of Frankfort, Kv.; John C. Feltman, of Albany, N. Y., for leather pbucht J the common canvas bags to Messrs. Mason & Co., Baltimore; Mr. William E. Hooper, of Baltimore, for canvas pouches, canvas horse bags, drop letter bags, and locked for the transmission of newspapers. bit' Lif-' Mr. J. S. Richards on Kenduskeag Bridge, who ever has an eye open for the discovery of any means of making home agreeable and of lightening its burdens, has obtained a supply of the Flour of Pumpkins, prepared by the Shakers, for the manufacture of the genuine old fashioned pumpkin pie at anytime of the year. An Dunce and a half of this powder is sufficient for a quart of milk and the other fixings. Any man who would please his wife should take home a neat package of this for a trial. Grapes for the North. ' We learn that Judge Goodrich, of Burlington, Vt., has forwarded to Messrs. Henry Little & Co., of this city, plants of two excellent varieties of early grapes which never fail to ripen in Canada and all through Vermont. These are known as the Burlington Seedling and the Marion. These plants will arrive in the noon boat to-day, and our people will, of course, be desirous of trying them in this climate. EF The Canal boats, the New York Journal of Commerce says, are bringing down potatoes of a fine quality from Lake Champlain. They sell for 75 cents per bushel, by the quantity. French potatoes, of a quality not dissimilar, are to be had in considerable quantities, at 75 cents per hamper. Bp The Maine Farmer advises the farmers of Maine to put in all the spring wheat which they can do conveniently. The ravages of the wevil have become much less than formerly, and it is supposed that a good crop of spring wheat may this year be obtained. Eds'- Merrys Museum for May has been received from Messrs. S. T. Alien & Co., New Y ork. This work is edited by Peter Parley, who though residing in Paris, in Prance, will continue to discharge his editorial duties to this work. The price of subscription is one dollar a year. W e have received a copy of the International Magazine for May, from those enterprising dealers in books, Messrs. Fetridge & Co., of Boston. This is a work of established-merit in which the substantial leads, unstinted by the fanciful. The work may be obtained at D. Bugbees. tW Messrs. George R. Smith & Co. are the Bangor agents for Littells Living Age, which continues to maintain its good reputation as furnishing the real wheat of foreign and domestic periodical literature. iy There is a capital story told of some one who prayed that the Lord would bless the potato crop, which seemed to have been smitten in his displeasure, and regard with special smiles the few planted in our back garden Ids'' We are requested to state that there will be services at the UniveTsalist Church, to-morrow (Sunday.) The funeral of Mr. Sumner Marston will be attended therein the forenoon, at the usual hour for morning exercises. CF The weather cleared off yesterday morning delightfully bright, add pleasant. To Adam, Paradise was home; to the good among his descendants, home Is Paradise. The Bankers Almanac for 1851. We have received from Messrs. Phillips, Sampson & Co., of Boston, a copy of a valuable work with the above title. It contains a great mass of valuable matter, statistics, tables, calculations, &c., for dealers in money, and for merchants and other business men. Liri The Springfield Republican says all or nearly all the fugitive alaves in that place have gone to Canada many of them within a few days. tV By some oversight or accident the mail bag containing newspapers for Bangor did not reach her by the mail this morning,. The New Three Cent Coin. The Washington Union, referring to the new three-cent coin, publishes a letter from a gentleman in the mint, which contains the following information respecting it, which is interesting. The coin will be ready for issue by the first of May : The metal is composed of three-fourths silver and one-fourth copper, and will always retain 8 silvery color, though not quite equal in that respect to the other standard. It leaves a margin of profit to government, which the other coins do not ; the reason ot which may be explained as follows : The original bill for this coinage, prepared before the postage bill was initiated, contained another provision by which the worn out Spanish money which circulates largely among us, and which is everywhere regarded as a nuisance, should be drawn into the mint and worked up. But, in order to effect that, it was necessary to provide means for buying them at their nominal value, or not much below it ; otherwise the people could not be expected to make the sacrifice those coins being really worth some ten or twelve per cent, le&s than their current value, by reason of wear. The reduction of fineness from nine-tenth to three-fourths in the three cent piece was therefore intended to enable government to call in the fips, levies, and quarters, as also to pay expenses of transportation, insurance, &c. Conflict with Rnnaway Slaves. Baltimore, April 28. We have by the Southern mail to-night papers from New Orleans to the 22d inst., and dates from Galveston to the 18th. The Galveston Civilian states that McCulloughs company of Mounted Rangers overtook on the 19th inst., a gang of runaway negroes near the river Nueces, on their way to Mexico. The negroes were challenged by the Rangers to sur-renger, but refused, and in return opened a fire upon the Rangers, killing two and wounding a third very badly. A general engagement then ensued, in which all the negroes were killed. Their number is not mentioned. MONEY, TRADE, .COMMERCE. BOSTON, April 30, P. M The transactions at the Stock Board to day were moderate in extent. In Dividend Stocks there ignore doing, and several of this description brought a fair advance Western has been active at 101 ; Fitchburg at 111; Ogdensburg Bonds at 9 ; Providence has improved The Laud Stocks were firmer. East Boston advanced j; Canton Money is more abundant The demand is dimin' isbing. and borrowers refuse to pay rates current a few days since. Exchange sold here at 11C for prime bills, for to days steamer, but the market closes heavy at this quotation, and the tendency is u,,r.;T?rd The steamer carried out K)3,300 Iq specie. The foreign news is unfavorable in its commercial bearing. Cotton bad declined J. Breadstuffs were also dull Boston Jour. Flour and Grain No change in the Flour market; Western common brands are selling at (8 4 68, and fancy brands 4 75 5, as to quality t pure and fancy Genesee, $5 (S 5 23; extra brands 5 50 fdb 8 25 bbl. Corn ha been sold at 69 (d 70c for Southern yellow, and 66 5 67c for white. Oats ere steady, at 48 a 49c for Northern, Provisions The market continues firm for all kinds, with steady sales as wanted by the trade. FREIGHTS. NEW YORK, April 30 To Liverpool, we notice inrther engagements of 40,000 bush Corn at 1500 a 2300 bales Cotton ffl 5 32d; 200 bbls Koin.9d; 1:5 boxes Tobacco, 2s, and 1000 bbls Flour, spuposed Is 3d. To London, 4000 bbls Turpentine at 2; 2000 Floor Is 6d; 60 hhds Hams, 25-; Bacon, 15s: Cheese, 30s; 30 kegs Tobacco, 4s, 50 tons Furs, 30, and I 5 200 tes Beef, 4s a 4s 6d. To Limerick, an American ship took a cargo of Corn at 6d To Antwerp, 75 tons Dyewoods, 30s. To Southern ports we have no improvement to notice. CAMBRIDGE CATTLE MARKET. April 30. At market 593 cattle, 500 beeves, and 93 stores, consisting ol working oxen, cows and calves, year-lings, and two and three ears old. Prices Market Beef Extra gl 00 fewt; first quality 6 25; second quality 5 75; third quality 5 25. ordinary 4 50 Hides 5 25 p cwt. Tallow 5 50 Veal Calves g3, 5 and 7. Stores Working Oxen g 70, 90, 100 and 120. Cows and Calves g20, 28, 35 and 40. Vearlings None. Two years old g 17, 21 and 2 6 Three years old 18. 21 and 30. Sheep and Lambs 1038 at market. Prices Extra, $5. 7 9. By lot 2 00, 2 75, and 3 50. Swine Retail 6r7 Remarks. The market is active, and fair prices are realized but not quite as brisk as it was last week. 81 cars came over the Fitchburgh Railroad, and 42 over the Boston and Lowell Railroad loaded with Cattle, Sheep, and Horses, Swine and Fowls. No. from each Btate : Cattle. Sheep fit Lambs. Swine. Hore. Maine 31 Extensive Stock of Paper Hangings I We have received ur Spring Stock of French and American, Satin and Common Paper., and are now ex-hibittng some 3000 ROLLS OF RICH PARIS PAPERS, of our own importation. AIjo, 10,000 Rolls AT Y. PAPERS, Common, Medium and best Satins some of which are the verv latest and best styles. All of which we offer sale at very low prices. my 3 d4w LADD & INGRAHAM. A CARD. MR. BROCKMULLER gratefully acknowledges the very generous patronage of this very discrimination public, bestowed on his May-Day Floral Festival. Palm Street was in the vanInne in spite of clouds and rain. Gould the Mercury man, who abused the aaigufuJsi tue1' by using it where he should have used Sensitiveness have put his wolfish phiz into my Green-house on that occasion, its caustic shape would have been so modified, tlmt.stauding before a looking-glass, he would have deemed his own Image that of some happy strait ger. But a word to thee, "Justice Mercury. Had "VM of the Whig, whoso kindlyspoke a good word for me, named directly or indirectly Mr. White or his festival, I should hardly have forgiven her for it I presume she did not think of him. I made my arrangements without the slightest reference to him cr his. He may have all ot Bangor he can get, and there will probably be room enough left forme. I have no occasion to crowd him. He arranges bis festivals I mine. He fixes bis prizes I mine. He settles bis prices I mine. He enjoys bis patronage I mine. If I, or any friend of mine, says that T do net do any certain thing, what title has Mr. White, or any one for him, to infer a charge that he does that certain thing? Is it conscience that sometimes makes cowards of men, to hear terror where no terror i, and to tremble at Imaginary foes? I thank God I do not live in Mr Whites shadow; nor have I any occasion to annihilate any substance of hls N patron of Palm street went away dissatisfied; none threw down iheir prizes, refusing to carry them home; none who wished to exchange for any other plant found the prices doubled from what they were offered for the day before ; none who came with high raised expectations went away grumbling. May 2, 185L J. C. J. BROCKMULLER. NOTICE. The annual meeting of the Bangor Female Orphan Asylum, will beholden at tbe City Hall ,on TUESDAY afternoon, May 6tb, at half past two, at which time the annual subscription of one doll r becomes due. may 8 E. B HILL, 8eoy, GEO. FARRINGTON receives by to. dnyBoata most excellent lot of Oysters, Give him a call. The demand will be great no doubt as orders are hourly coming in. Oyster Soups at a moments notice; Pigs Feet, Hot Cof-1 fee and Tea. new Cider. Maple Sugar, and a perfect assortment of Confectionery. I- O of O. P The members cf Kenduskeag Lodge, No. SklQfare requested to meet at Odd Fellows 5 Hall on SUNDAY MORNING, at 8 1-9 oclock for tbe purpose of attending tbe funeia! of our late Brother. Sumner Marston. j Brothers of the order 'generally am Invited to meet with us. PerOtderv 1 A may 2 A, N. YEATON, N.q. I MARRIED! ter. D. P. Bailey. I Esq., of Corinth, to Mrs. Betsey 8. BlckneH, of N. In Newport, by Rer. D. P. Bailey. Bradbqiy Robinaen - - - I-' 5 - " O I E O a k , r Iq Btavbill, fill, Mr Andrew P Cushing ajd go, telegraphic TO THE DAILY WHIG AND COURIER . CI BA EXPEDITION ! New York, May 2. The Savannah papers state that the Marshal and his deputies chartered the steamer Welaka Sunday last, and proceeded in pursuit of the Cuban expedition, which is said to be concentrated on the coast. Savannah is full of rumors. MARKETS. New York, May 2. Flour Fair demand and the market is slightly in favor of the seller; $4 181 a 4 25 for State. Nothing doing in Southern. Rye flour and com meal unchanged. Wheat in fair demand. Rye 76c per bush. Com good demand; sales at 63 i 64J for mixed and yellow. B. M. A. THE Members of the Bangor Mechanic Association are requested to meet at their Hall on Sudnay (tmnor row) at 9 oclock, A. M. for the purjtose of atunding the funeral of brother Sumner Marston. May 23. VVM. S. PATTEE, Sec. Whig and Courixr. Marine Journal. Port of Bangor ARRIVED. THURSDAY, May 1. Br Brig Nelson, Babin, Boston. Scb Tungula, Smith, Boston. Catherine, Marshall, Deer Isle. Francis, Nickerson, Ducksport. Boston Packet, , Ornngton. FRIDAY. May 2. Sch Fannie Mitchell, Snow, Cardenas 12th, with 216 hhds, )9 tierces molasses. Reports ling Oscela, Stone, left for New Orleans 9lh. Left eche Caroline Stone! Stone, for New York !5th ; Saunders. Rich, for Portland about 18th; Pemaquid, Milcheil, for Bost n 4 days, and others. The F M has experienced heavy weather, and was under close reefed sails 10 days. Sell Manhattan, Field, Providence. Joseph Jamey, Mitche 1, Boston. Exchange, Ross, do Wave, Parsons. do Emblem, Buxton, Yarmouth. Ligona, Howard, Deer Isle. CLEARED. FRIDAY, May 2. Sch Triton, Harriinan, Bostbn. Canton, Talpey, Newhuryport. Alice Parker, Tobey, Portsmouth. Michael, Frihee, do Elizabeth, Soule, Lynn. Apis. Darby, Neponset, President, Redman, Weymouth, Nantucket, Williams, Salem. John E Patten, Carlton, Bndgport. Sip William James, Hamilton, Roxbury. DOMESTIC PORTS, Gloucester Ar fitfi It, ecii Exchange, Boston for flatigor. Providence Ar 29th, sch Montezuma. Kend.Eftslport. rvorwicnAr 26tht sch Envoy, Young. Bangor. Holmes Hole In port 27th, sell Jams PI'S, of Bangor. Clifford, Matanzis for Boston. New York Ar29th,schs Dei Norte, Stinson, Fredericksburg; Aurora, and Friend, Millbridge; 30th, sch Turk. Lnbec. Philadelphia Ar 23lh, sch Taraoree, Veazie, Wilmington, N C FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Arecibo, PR, 6th, hrig T Perkins, Gilkey, from Baltimore. Ar at Havana 20th, brig John Balch, Melville, Cabanas; sch White Oak, Arey, Baracoa. Sid 18th, brigs A Field, Merrilhew, and Palo Alto. Wood, Cardenas; Mir cia Tribou, Sweetstr, Marie); 20th, Betas Ellen Merry-man, Merry man, Portland; Avon, Carver, Cardenas. In port, 22d, sch Saganaw, Smith, from Frankfort, ar J5tb. DISASTERS. Key West dates to 22d, state that brig Chinchilla, of Thomaston, Haskell, 6 days from Cienfuegos for Baltimore, put in 10th, leakine 2000 strokes per hour, having sprung a leak 24 hours after sailing, and both pumps had been going constantly without freeing her. She was ready tube hne down and calked, and would probably he ready for sea on the 5th of May. Sch Packet, of Hampden, which went ashore near Gloucester 16th, was got off 29lh. Whale Oil JOR washing Trees and Soup. destroying Bugs, fr LAUD fit INGRAHAM. ale bv Extra A Brushes. LARGE stock of Extra Whitewash Brushes, for sale very low bv my 3 LADD fit INGRAHAM. Whitewash Floor, Hearth and Dust Brushes. yY VERY extensive stuck of the above lor sale low by LADD A INGRAHAM. Raisin? r.iid Fresh Figs. BOXES Fresh Raisins, 1000 lbs Fresh Figs, for sale low by LADD fit INGRAHAM. my 3 Iead, Oil and Glass. WE are now receiving 10 'Pons Pure Ground Lead, 000 Galls Linseed Oil, 1000 Boxes all sizes German and American Window Glass, ior sale very low by my 3 LADD fit INGRAHAM. Rich Silks. HATCH & McKENNEY bare just received a large stock of rich, high lustered plain and watered BLACK. SILKS, in all widths which they are selling very cheap at niy 3 io 32 Main Street New Style Palm Shawls. end figured Centers, in colors, Blu Centers, e and Wh HATCH fit McKENNEYS. ly low prices, at my 3 Rich New Styles Visites JUST received by HA 1CH A McKENNEY, and are telling at greatly reduced prices, may 3 WAiVITSD, YOUNG MAN, 15 to 18 years of age in a Dry Goods store, my 3 For particulars apply to A. GUNST, No. 19 Maio Street. City ol Bailor. Treasurers Office, ) May 2d, 1831. IN accordance with an order of the City Council, passed April 28, 1831, the undersigned will receive proposals till the second day of June next for the purchase of the City Hall lot, on Hammond street, or for the rent of the same for one or more years, the City reserving the right to accept any or reject sll of said proposals, as they may think most advisable for the mterestof the City, my 3 N. H. DILLINGHAM, Treasurer. The Great Caine or Tivoli. LNE W arrival of these favorite Boards at my 2 D. BLGBEES. Shencks Svrnp FOR CONSUMPTION. Thi great rem-dy for sale wholesale-and retail by ihe Agent my 2 DAVID BUGBEE. Steam Planing Mill. If. .1. MM.KIdXj S CO. HAVE in successful operation a STEAM MILL on Breakwater Wharl, Brewer (directly opposite Veazies Wharf, Bangor,) for the purpose of Planing, Jointing and Matching Lumber, making Boxes of all kinds, Doors, Sqsh and Blinds, Post and Banoisler Fence, Plugs and Wedges forves sels, fitc:. &o., all done with neatness and fo order Also on hand and for sale, eheap for Cash, Brick Machines and Mould. IT Persons having Lumber f I AN ED will find great convenience by couveying their lumber by scow or vessel, thereby saving three-fourths the cost of land conveyance. p 30 d9t then 3tawtf Mjelter Presses. . LETTER B oka and Copying Ink, for aale by ... my 2 D. BUGBEE. Stationer. Paper Hangings. Cx Case. Satin and Madiqm ROOM PAPERS Q nd Borden, just racd by D. BUGBEE. f ' Domiet Itoarfis. IITHITE ani Brqwn, foi tale by ' 1 Vv p.BUGfiEp. Stop a Moment ! A. GUNST, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALER IN DRY GOODS, RESPECTFULLY solicits the attention of his friends, and purchasers of Dry Goods in general, to his neto, extensive Stock of Spring and Summer Goods, Comprising a rich assortment of DRESS GOODS, Such as Blk and Changeable Bilks Foulard 3i!ki, printed nnd wrought Barege DeLaines, from 1 to 2j plain and printed Cotton and Wool De Laines, from 12 to 25cj Barages in great varieties, from 12jc to 2s; printed and figd Poplins. from 23 to 30c; Linen Lustres and Ginghams, from )2 to 23c; plain and printed Lawns and Muslins, from 10 to 23c ; Changeable Mohairs newly introduced; Ginghams, from 10 to 12Ac; French, English and American Prints from 6 to 42c. WHITE GOODS of any description and price. 500 Shawls for all wtrai, from 2s to g 15 Visites and Mantillas. BONNETS from 2s to g 1 ,50. BONNET RIBBONS trom 10 to 50c. PARASOLS of any style and shade. DOMESTICS and House-Furnishing Articles. Consisting of 10 biles of Brown Sheetings and Shirtings, from 3 to I24c; 200 ps bleached do from 7c to Is. Ticks. Shirting tripes, Denims, bleached and brown Table Linens, vt orsted Table Covers, Diapers, Bed quilts, English and American Flannels, Curtain Muslins, Arc , &c. Broadcloths, Cassimeres & Tweeds. HOSIERY. 100 doz. Cotton Ho-e of any color and quality. Kid, Silk, Lisle Thread, Cotton and other kinds of GLOV ES. Trimming Goods. Black Silk Laces, Fringes, Gimps, dec, TERMS (Jash on Delivery. O Prices decidedly as low as you can find them in any place this side of Botnnor New York. A. GUNST, No. 19 Main Street. May 2. DAILY U. S. MAIL LINE. (Sundays excepted,) at 5 1-2 P. M. INLAND ROUTE C A RRYING the English Mail from the Cunard Steamers between Boston and New York, by railroad to stoning ton, thence by the new nnd superior Sleamei, C. VANDERBILT, Capt. Stone, COM .HO DOR E, Capt. Frnzee, Arriving ahead of all other Lines. tTr Fare and Freight as Low a, any other Line. JNO. H. RICHMOND, Agent, No. 8 Court Street. Itoslnn. April 29, 1851. istNovl Bugbees Gutta Percha Pen. lavorite Pen for sale wholesale and re tail by D BUGBEE. Patent tir-Tiglit Inkstands OR sale by my 2 SAWS. 3 CASES Win. Rowlands Mill Saws. 3 T. & B 100 ft. Wm. Rowland Gang Saws. Welch & Griffith Circular Saws. x Cut, from 44 to 7 ft. Tenor and Wood Saws. ( Hand and Pannel Which I offer at the lowest market prices at No 12 W e.t Market Square, my 2 dkw4w THOMAS JENNESS. Carriage Sponge. A FIRST rate article, for sale by my 2 A. P. GUILD. J'eiv Iloom I a per s. 10,000 ROLLS new Paper Hangings, of my Particular Notice. fpHE subscriber having concluded to change his JL business, will close his entire stock of W. I. GOODS, GROCERIES, PROVISIONS, Ac. at cost. A good bargain will be offered any one wishing to purchase Ibe stock and take tbe store, which is one of the most desirable stands for the sale of anv kiud of merchandise in Bangor. It has a large run of trade especially in tbe article ef Lime. All persons indebted to the subscriber, or to the late firm of Hatties &, Morse, or Wm W. Battles Sl Co, are requested to call immediately at the old stand and settle. WM. W. BATTLES, may 2 Whale Oil Soap. FOR destroying Bugs, Worms, See on plants and vines Tor sale by A. P. GUILD. Wash Leather. -ASH Leather DeerSkins, for sale by my 2 A P,. GUILD Who is the Imposter? LET THE PUBLIC JUDGE. AN article has appeared in the daily papers of this city, accusing me of being en imposter or trespasser in selling Atarsh & Cos Gamine Oil. I: is true that 1 hare not purchased of agents or sub-agents, but ot MARSH & CO, inventors and proprietors. A bill of which I herewith annex. J. S. RICHARDS. Boston, Not. 22, 1850, Mr.J S. Richards Bought of Marsh & Co , Inventors, Patentees, Manolacturers and sole Proprietors ol Alarsha celebrated Patent Oil. Galls Oil. Reed payment, MARSH & CO, Bangor, May 2, 1851. IlOTltE. ALL those indebted to the subscribers will call at No. 72 Main Street and settle immediately, and all those who hare unsettled Accounts will present them for adjustment apr 15 dtf SAML HYDE & CO. lOIt SALE. A Brick House situate on the corner of Harlow and Prospect Streets, with a IZlU. large lot lor Garden with" Fruit Trees now in u bearing state supplied with excellent wrter and a Stable. The House can be used for one family or two with convenience now occupied for a boarding bouse. Also, a Pew in the broad aisle of the First Congregational Church, No. 75, on liberal farms. ALSO, FRUIT TREES. Yonng grafted Fruit Trees, raised in this climate, may be seen on Centre Street. Please call on N. HARLOW. Pr 19 3taw4w Yellow Roses, 'HITE and Pink Fragrant PEONIES for JAMES DUNNING. d3w talc by apr 18 TO LET. A CONVENIENT Store on East Market, No 4. Also, a small Store on North end of Exchange Street, North Wood Market. FOR SALE. House Lot on sererel Street. Purchasers are invited to call and see them. ' Abo, Good Farming Land, with a mixed growth, situated near Coomb Mills, Oldtown road. A lot ot good English Hay on Centra Street Joiner work b wanted ia part aaymeat for Load. apIS, , ... taw4w N HARLOW. . T JStfir eostaqUy open for ratailiac at 57 Wait Sa ftprtet 8qarp,V WM. MANN., . BONNET STORE, J. P. GREELEY Has on hand and made lo order Straw and Silk .TI illlnerw in great variety, for sale at .the lowest pneet. Rich and elegant selections of RIBROYc Embroidery. Lace Capes, Collars, Chemizette, Edgeing, ani Inserting!. Dress and Visite Trimmings. Rich Blk Silk., 3-4 and 4-4 wid.; lionnH do-Plain and checked Cambric, and Mnslm ; fie'd d0. Real Thread Linen and Smyrna Edging, with a comp.ete assortment of Fancy Good,. Ladies are invited to call at 48 .Mam Street. Bangor, May 2. London Porter. fTtRUE London Porter, for sqle by 1 HENRY B. HALL, No. 2 Phillips & Wilherlys Block, my 1 Exchange Street Sweet ITIalajjn, OLD Port and Madeira Wine, for sale by H. n. HALL, Agent. No. 2 Phillips fit Wilheriys Block, my 1 Exchange Street. CHEAP FOR CASH. NATHL H. JOHNSON HAS received another lot of Ladies and Mitsti' BOOTS AND SHOES, winch for quality and price will not fail to snit. Fleae give him a call at East end Kenduskeag Bridge. lw ray I TEASL CHESTS Superior Souchong TEA, 30 Boxes do do do 25 Caddie do do do 75 Boxes Superior Ninzyong do 75 Fine Onion do For sale by PICKERING fit McKUER. STARCH. BOXES Graham Starch, for sale hv mJ ftp 30 PICKERING & AJcRUER. OIL. BBLS B. VV. W.OiL, 20 It. S V. do 15 Solar do For sale l,v ap30 PICKERING .V McRCF.R. 30 Wallet Lost, LOST, Oil M mday morning, 28th inst, lietirern Oruno and Mnngor, a leather wallet, contain, ins g23; two fit n dollar bills on the Kendu.keag Bank, one on the Eastern Bank, and the others nut recollected There wa. in the wallet a tax notice to Charles T. Fltnn. Whoever will return said property to the subscriber in Levant, or to the Whig and Courier office, shull be well rewarded CHARLES T. FL1NN. Bangor, April 29, 1851 d3t Cotton Warp. JUST received by this da ' boat, by the subscribers, who are tbe authorised agents of the SACARAFPK WARP Company D. Ac U. S. A! ORISON, ap 28 d&w No. 2 Broad Street. Superior Garden Seeds, OF all the most desirable kinds and among others, Masons extra Urumhead Cabbage. Dont fail of getting a few Seeds or Plants . P28 WM. MANN. FO It IJ EAT. THE two pleasant and conrenienl ROOMS over S. S. Pattens Store, No. 42 Main Street, fnrmerlyDccupied by Jin ALSO Several Lots of land. Apply to JOHN BRIGHT. Bangor, Aptil I R," 1851. tf 1" Trees ! Trees ! ! HAVING many men in my employ in prncnra: PUREST TREES for exportation, 1 can lurntsh at shnit notice any kinds and sizes ul Kim, Maple. Bass, Evergreens, &e., procurable in this WM. JIANN. Fork nnd Eard. BBLS. Cl. EAR PORK, 25 Mess do 20 Tierces No 1 Leaf Lard. 10 Bbls do do For sale by PICKERING 4 McRUKR. ap 30 75 SIGAKS. BOXES Brown Havana Sugars. UU 30 Bbls Portland do 20 ('rushed do 20 Powdered da 10 Granulated do 25 Bags White Brazil do Fur sale by ap 30 PICKERING fit McKUER. Corn and Dried Apples. 1 BU3H. Prime Yellow Flat CORN, JL UUU 3000 lb Dried Apples, of soperior quality, this day landing from ch. Avenger, and for sale by TIJAXTEK & JEWELL, ap 30 12 City Point Block. Special Notice. ING noticed an advertisement of Richards, that he has the GEMINV jLJ AVINC MARSH'S OIL for sale, which he bought of the proprietors, we would give notice to tbe publie that Mr. E. D. GODFREY is our only tgent in Bangor, and he alone it authorized lo sell MARSHS OIL in Bangor, and we have fold to no other one If any other person pretends to mI) the article they are imposters or trespassers. ELDEN fit RICHARDSON, Proprietors and Manufacturers of Marsh's Oil for the State of Maine. Portland, April 21, 1851. tf ap 30 Pulverized Pumpkin for Pies. AVERY good and convenient article For sals at No. I Kenduskeag Bridge, by P 30 J S. RICHARDS. Corn, Flour and Fork. BUSH. CORN, from Baltimore, per 4 4 IN I Scbr St. Pierre. 1800 bush Corn from N York per Sch Clarendon. 600 bbls Snp. Flour, u 50 Extra 75 Clear Pork, 11 20 Lurd, ' " 30 kegs 50 bbls Dried A pales,1 41 11 20 boxes Crushed Sugar, " Lauding this day, and for sale bv ATWOOD & NICKERSON, Nos 1 fit 2 City Point Block. Bangor, April 30, 1851. 3t Fairbanks Patent Scales, Irom oz to -for sale bv 1). fit R. S. MORISON. Agtnts, No 2 Broad Street. apr 28 . PRESSED HAY. ABOUT 8 Inns aoperior Pressed Hay, for ' very cheap to close off consicnment. Also, 500 bbls EXTRA FLOUR, by ap 28 d&w 1. ft. R. S. MORISON. x CUFF AFRESH lot just recd at Z. 8. PATTENS, ap 29 d&w2w No 6 Main Sired. FLOIJK. BBLS Super Genessee Floor this day landing and fnr sale by THAXTER JEWELL, 12 City Point Bloct 800 ap 29 JVew Paper Hanffings ROLLS low price aad Satin Grown ROOM PAPERS, for sale ! W A. P. GUILD, apr d&w Exchange Si 5000 fPir 15 Flour Afloat. BBLS per Schr Gen. Warren, MO bbls per Brig Elb, 144 So hr Lockiel, Sab EKa Jane, 0 Sch Antelope Ear sak by PICKERING ft. McRUER apr m r poTSJH...u., WJt 435 0

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