Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1928 · Page 4
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1928
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

- w>*fi —,= H »— f««* t*« IF swutl »NSf5Sf?t!»»p P*J|» ta Wffl Hot Smith w* Us* dry® of the eewsitry. both north and swrtfe. Hip«»to!ic*m *?*9i iD*n«KT»is — tetanic fist protflMtten question wp to tM» ttot ha-, pr«e|te*ftr * K*t-fM»rliifen gentian— tlstf wafeWi not *o*# fur Oownwr Smith, for aowrnor RtfeW*. for Stmffw Brae*. for 8tmf« Jim Reed. or for Senator of N*TC Jersey, DeiRotmts. Th*y iinncnmtfd they would not vote for ttw former Republican Senator Wndswortli ml Torlt. &RTtiitnr Ert.?» cf N<nr Jereej-, Kick Lanyworth of Ohio, or *n.y rpiiblScan or I>e»<>cr«- tia Th€ mirtds of the drys of thi« country T 1 ** <tecW«8]y mudf 1 up on thst proportion. It is possible ttet If Ctovwnor 8mtt$i h»d ttooepted the Democratic dry pTatform and h»a not r«p«dJ«t*d It tui well BS the soaUwni wine of ttoe tteiaocratSc |»rty by coming wit O|5tiilf far tlw tefaStetag of tM tttrmar trufDc fSB*in, ttjere might ham been i»o revolt at this time In the »>«tJh. Of course r*ovemor Smith's Tammany euocuitions. and the fact that he hs* ccvrr lieen a vote getter or reccUttf the Ktjpr*ort nt the people of New York outside of Use five Tammany controlled counties, csecpt on one or two occasions, is extsperaUng to Uw southern and weitero element of the Democratic party. While there arc those who think. that Governor Smith's religion vlli lose him many votes, they overlook the fact that his religion •ail! also win him many votes. It seems at this stage of the campaign thst Governor Smith wili receive KB many vote* because ho is it Catholic u be will tote because he is a C«tfao51c. It teems to i* & safe g'wws that the ntlijiiseiis quss«ion in so far as Governor Smith is concerned will bring as many votes as it will lose and thus one side trill bftlanc? the other. Smith's religion will not defeat tarn. In feet GoTfrnar Smith's religion trill in ce way determine the election. In the first pJaos Oorernor Smith has lost greatly through his abose of every kind acaiost the opposition. Bcorcr has *tjn public coafi- derwa becanse he has refused to enfaee in any kind of personal abuse against anyone. Hoover has conducted his campaign in a dignified manner such as befits a candidate for president. Governor Smith has appeared to be rather too much of a vaudeville actor to satisfy the betfcs 1 etocenta of his own party. The people of tfois country are opposed to T&mroany and to Tfcmmany methods. Gov~ c-roor Smith's speeches will go ever big in Tammany, but ort the radio, where dignified Bnd*^lUCTt8d~TBSr~a£S[~^romeia "arcT siting quietly in their homes, thinking seriously and earnestly of the but interests of their country, the govrraor*s vaudeville performances bare cost him tremendously. His speeches lost him more votes than they made. In other wards Governor Smith has talked himself out of •, Job if there was at any timo stay projects that^io presidency was in lu-s grasp. Secretary Hoover docs not make a talk imtil he has thoroughly prepared his address. It may be a "canned speech"— but the canning has been mighty well done. Smith went to Chicago -without having his speech prepared— and the speech showed it When Hoover finishes the great radio audience, and the reading public, knows that he has a big. dignified grasp on public affairs, is a business uun who believes in applying business methods to governmental aff&irs, and he makes » taettog; toopnasioa on all who have heard him. When the public U through with Governor Smith's "wise cracks" over the radio, it has had something to laugh s*,t, but in the eod CUB remember only one real prcnosi- tioa thai governor seems to know what he And that i* that Governor Smith believes to the legalised cale of intoxicating liquors. That nsmsb ha makes clear. He wants to go tecfc to the old days when liquor was es&Uy «acf cgtt&ly bought and soW. lie desires to go ewa iutfacr th&p tbg aM itathod. Only irt ~ in the liquor basiiMBB. That ««s a foilure. Governor Smith now the e&tte to engage ia toe bale of , sad while this pt&n appeals to those ^Uy secured, it has crt- jse«bmbiy the gr«ittst that was vs/B&y tasawn against any candidate for A great iQfcjoruj of the woaieit of this ©eoialry havs no uae for the booae buane&s to any way, ahape, manuer or form. In addition to that U is our opmion that a majority 01 aaee *te &ba cpposed to the tUjuor business. Host OS the o»mtry w&i vtAed dry by toc*l eptte by £be ram before the «omw had a tight to vote. The Eepublicuns may Mix of . wtiicfe fa*» been & powerful lever- toward ite elecUoa 01 Booser. They tiOk of ihe tariff, «od tb*y teay s*t up « <*ostia other pK^aailkMtta us ol jg4**tejf ma«winning U« etoc-uoa USAII proiubi- to so to 3*a»«r "wSl i«8«aly be am "iT*"* Tb* ia -I*, of It the "Solid fe t.Jw n^p^ten *5«*rf-d by th* rwsnlry *s !* h»«P« rfgwrts thut O^.sie !s (rtnick by w* 1 ?** of »ntJ m-Hoawr sw»fslff?wat. The wtw»*T fi fT T-*« t p i iiWto»n llPTbsrt llfxfwr- will win 'if n»? «M*ftorn1 vest*** which trsd!tk»rt*!*if to t-h* p*rtr n! f>rmot:-rs»*lc Alfrrd K, Smith. Fr~w crfrf WTiiorj thst H *j»pl*» ?hst !?! thf Isnil of coiton thttr hs"? s» hich political temppmtMrr with- parnilfl sincr rfrconst ruction dnys. TTB- through tlw ?»«th decian? that antU Smith nrntinsfnt l* x-ery !«rg? snd wtntld «n- qupsUonnWy carry severs! southern states if the machinery was ortmntHHl to get the dry Democratic votes Into the ballot box. Smith For Hoover-— Not There ««ms to be a \rry well opinters that s vwry large portion of the votes that Hrrbert Hoover will reef ivr will be votes that arc cast FOR Hoover. They will not b« votes thst are cast just to be AGAINST Sffllth. This wlil be true especially of all trw northern state*. In the south th* campaign is somewhat dlffrrcnt, Thcrr the Democrats wlio have bolted the Mckrt because they declare Gorrnor Bmit!i first boltrd the platform and tb* 1 Denjocratic party mrc voting AGAINST Smith. That is the only section in which that general feeling is Insistent. A UTTUE ABOUT EVERYTHING (Robert Quiilcn) You have this consolation. Very few great man resemble the liandsomr fellows in the B. V. D, ads Still. Tamnmny tsis't the only political machine that suggests stripes. Yet some people think they are tolerant because they liaven't chas'act^r enough to form a conviction. All ancipnt civilizations perished. And we may yet talk one another to death trying to tell something. "Call money earns 10 per cent," says a headline. Not always. Sometimes you call with $10 and lose a pot worth $80. We need one more dinner club, with members pledged to the highest and roost blecsed service—that of minding their own bHsiae«. It Isnt lack of popularity that mates everybody iectn to d&like you; it is lack of self-respect. Plying high doesn't get you anywhere. Many an air-mail circular letter lands in the The sexy mag»ttn«s are useful in em- way. They prove that a lot of people who dout loot U can read. Americanism: A passionate belief in liberty; a desire to swat the fellow who doesn't believe as you do. Women remember the days of courtship very clearly. Else why should they tay of each new bride: "Well, she caught him Kt last" If you build your house in the woods and make a better mouse trap, the postman will make a beaten path to your door with invitations to make speeches. They say death of old age is painlzss, but alas! The older you get. the mare this sex- ridden era's talk gives you a pain. As he ponders over seme campaign methods, the buzzard must wonder why he chosen as the national bird. Correct this sentence: "John is a dear," said the wife, "and if be comes home before I get back from a bridge party, he never pouts." v SIDE TALKS JHAVB YOU ANY.JDEA?. _ (Ruth Cameron) Do you know what you believe? In the line of religion. I mean. In trying to answer n question in regard to what is tfa* best basis lor happiaess in Ufe I quoted the other day from an essay by Ear! Grey on four things that make for happiness. And the fim w*s~-"Some niaral standard by which lo gu&e our actions." ! wonder TMJW much of tite the uiiiiappaneitS. the discontent that to be nif ui the world today comes from tiw> lack of that Jirti basis ior iwppaifi&s and oatt- We don i really know what we do believe about morality and religion. fttti %Ve U^Mt Keacb Uwt Tfci*<i S4a«e lu a Uttte sjuipowmu in which several ciis- men expivis ihemaeiv^$ ou their Hugh Waipole sajs. "I suppose it you were to quetAioa nine out ol ten growu and uoim'ii of u>day as to their rriigu>u» they uould describe to you au Utrougti three states of discovery. Ftr»t. the child's acceptance of tita svt-r to it by its ehtor; stoaad. t'a reaction agsxiiat that tttd, tbird, the evuiauoii of t&me jsowtu? per- borii of to thusk tii*i f^rt oi With UK ' worid tatiay is tttat * many of as uevtr r^cn timt ttu«3 pomtive pefsmmi ujittooa toaia <»f . but we etoa't to&w »ii»t «•« tk» belfew, otsi ft ttar wtei -«« »« sii*il be tine to sa* ' f f P' *. "T?! 1 ?* jwst tl#«M.*r In wr?" «*?* tfl !«#•. T«I win I** 9» b».» her. rn *».•* ft tfem * Straus* thing tmppttsnj f«s nw : "I^t Wm h*w isn*. to bf ." And so fv I WIT, TlH» J For bold the dearest we . we jpwird them U» rwws »U b thowtfe father lavjr t*H a Onrt th« rhUd h*?'s cherished with hire want to go. Etlcar A. fWalt KATFT ORC.VMS G£ girh are fondly dreaming of ttw time whea tlwy will land, with kind fortune on them beaming, as big hit* in movie tend. Sarah Jinks, oar tall dorn«x«lc. has twr vi- f.tofi.'i. fair and food, of a 'future cnost naa- jest »c, in th*? films at HolIjTrood. Suamn Cripps. who's srtling purlers In the Blue Fron' st«we ell day. *-i!l Ix- seen with early r.tnrtf-rs for a film town lar away. Julia Dcbhs, who earns her living trashing up the chofihouse pans, drrnms o! when she will be giving rapturrs to the movie fans. There ore fmkcrs advertismg Uwu they'll teach the dreaming maids ht»w to pain success surprising, so thry hnto Uwir humble trades. They are blowing all their waRfs for Instructions in the Art. and theyll elsrate our stages wlMin ttoy have the ruks by heart. Fakers promise them by letter that theyll all be movie «|weens; they were bom for something better than to dish up pork and beam. They are all $ublunely gifted, by the fakers they are told; to the heights they will be lifted when trwy^-e ?pent what coin the? hold. They will rise as though by magic, all the dreaming damsels think; but tl» outcome will be tragic, and their dreams be on the blink. Where a thousand go careering to the gates of Hollywood, only one will get a hearing, only one is half way good. There .•hould be some way of weeding from the land the vicious snare of the fakera who are leading dreaming damsels to despair. (Copyright, 1C3S, George Matthew Adams > BENHTS^TEIKJOK (Lee Pape) Fop was thinking in his private chair and ma sed. Willyum, I wum to ride in an alro- plane. I dont blecv* Uxsres an airoplauo in the house, sorry, pop sed. and ma sed. Our Qvea are too settled and hum drum and uneventful, WT get settled in a rut and there we settle. thats wat P. Willis Hinkle says in the paper this evening and I bleeve he's rite. He says our lives are mUrfely too smug and com- _fnrt«blg uad protected. -tx-^s*ys^ttat we awtr to live dangerously once in a wile and then we would realise the Uirill of cot being quite -safe *nd U would make us realise ^rat csir present peaceful eslstents would be if it was- ent for the iorces of civilisation, so thats why I say Id like to go up m an aircplane, ma By goliie-i youve got me fe«iing that way myself, pop sed. I dont knew wen Ive felt so restless and fed up with ill gotten comforta. I wish this chair was full of chesnutt burrs. Danger, give me danger. Benny, go and get me the can of gasoieen from the mecEcina chest, he sed. With I started to do. ma saying. Wat on erth do you wunt that for. have you got a spot? No, a sudden craving for adventure is shaking me fear a row of aspea leaves, pop bed. And X came back with the fasoJaen and pop unsctew*d the top off of it and put it on the arm of bis chair and lighted & match. ma saying. Willyum wat are you doing? I wunt to live dangerously, pop sed. I wunt to lite a cigar over the very crater of & volcano, be srd. afeening over the top of the gasoleen can, and taa quick jusoped op and grabbed It, saying. Are you craxy or just oat of vour mind? Give me danger, pop sed, a$d urn sed, ZU giti-e you a good shake. And she put the gasojeea can on top ol the boofeas*. being the highest place in the room, and dideat say way more about P. Willis Hinkl*. An in Cften from New York was arrested the other day. He had to go a way to be Womea ouusaEaber the m*« by fourteen to 4oe OKI ttae island of Tmg&wa ia tbe Pacific. Oood place to iecture on sex equality. It t&ay be ^retctunc * point, but it is reported Hail Slesars. Stretch and &trtui are Tte w*v«-Je«iS'Ui of a hsman being is 3 Jg mettts,. acaumtog to c, it EngitmoL We am grftitiui for the Uifonoauou; the way soaui people broadcast m-e bad be«ua to think it turns It ««uu ol u# IBS witat se* sjw« M. »t list th» of to Swprggt nu that might t»w« bw Th* tTrasBf't»ftwis !rtipT»*3* in rmmbM" ©f tMitotnotoifeK trpon of twtr cities and trw Bwrfd«* tb*f« <t.f* thrre kinds of vttasjiliss ftnd ncfc tJl of Uvtm ftrs ff5?lTlO iTt V^^1?tJ^I5l^S- Mfifc, of omiTW, should hn the bash for »ll sn»Jl crtUrfirn. Rvrn tlwy h»w» (s.MjilftwJ th* dignity tht <*f t-hrw nwmln » day and soHd food. th* wars of ttxs land maiws this prefeten <foub*y difltoult of solution sn4 it will rw^te »il bot imposslbte at »o- Ititton wji*®? both, drivers and p?d- r*tr»im are wilHng to do more than they are now doing to prrmjt «ed- ftenta. It is to be ssld for th« great majority of a«totsoW!« rtriwrt that ttwy h»ra » prs^sr rwtitette of their KCpomibflity in the matter. When ^s conASsr that th«rt more «aw» a raUllon and a half a«~ teasobUfss in the rt*t® of Illinois and Hwt most of them are upon the highways every Sunday the number of accidents compared to the whole. Is amantnjfly small. NeverthelMa. a death list of three, in a city of a htrodrrd thousand population, is to gtvw oa paws HTM| take farther steps toward preventing R recurrence BimUay. of a, list like th«t of THE BOTTUE OPENER VS. THE THIMBLE. (Alton Evening Telegraph.) Symbolically, there ot^Td be no sharper coatniat than the bottle opener and the thimble, the former the gift of % Democratic candidate for tenator and the Utter the gift of tire Republicans. The bottle opener Ixas brought grief to many a home, and It has forced the woman to use th* thimble in rneny cases to make & living. Bottle opener and thlrnbla have been traditional opponents, marked contrasts. The less the bottle opener is used the less the thimble had to be uaed. So when th* Democratic nominee put forth a bottle opener as his symbol, the Republican! tent out a thimble which was inscribed: through Fmts. erals (thoukt fas eitmtlmjt*} ple.nti.fuUy their growing year*. proteins »nd min- are meBsssry to make up a di*t Ftrii er Bsrtt*r Fats ar» wry Important. T1*y »re corjt«in*d iri mnounte in yolk, milk. b«t *r*» also fwmd in efj butter or bwtttr milwWlMtjps, table or rt«t oila, and fish oils. So imlimble nr« Uw latter in a small diet that cod-liter oil has added almost universally to the of b&Wes as young BS on« or two month* old. It la, of courn, g}v«n in very Bnmll Quantities at f Srrt. a»d »kwlf increased, yolirs «re coming into prom- for ftddlttonai feeding of children. They mrs ricJi, not only in fnt*. but in cnlclum and iron, both vala&b?o as tissue builders. They are usually included in the diet of children bm months or » year old. Just what the advantage ia over a whole coddled egg, I cannot s&y, but specialists in child diet are recommending the yellow of the egg most astfduouBly. these days. It may be that for some children the al- buminous white Is not so good. However the good old-fashioned coddled or soft boiled egg is very nourishing and makes a safe stddl- tton to almost any cliUd's dinner list Starches n« necessary to the diet. They make up the bulk of a child's food, and can be digested much more easily by him than by an adult Cereals are rich in starches: cooked cereals being better for a child up to 14 months. As this menu grows, he may have potato, rice and well- cooked macaroni. Uncooked starch, such as that contained in bananas, on or* «trtnt, ArsS I sheoM wet w»H f«r a ca«s of iftenstes t» Iwlag in th* doctor. I R?w«W ootmdt Mm rmy ones In ftwWJ® ftbout the food! t.b« rblldrwi shotjM «w,t A FOR For rich** c*rt»in.!y maks th«m» Pro*. ^;1 17*1 — froa» Of the Yorfctmm tws •tht fijwj ccmfliet Itevotntten. 8i*jr, but must, *n«rt suxftm* wteom they »t» eswm5ttt!« a ftfeuy. Th* wrsrtM r«iwm mist, fes Imsrftrt «y?«r to » poU««HMWi at the first op- ••HooTCr. Home and Happiness.- should not be given to children 1 Loaf Bread 1 Caramel Lwxf Cake Vi DQZ. Smwttake Roll* Yi Doz. Cinnamon Rolls »/ 2 Doz. Black Walnut Cookies A11For49c WEDNESDAY, OCT. lith Federal Bakery 214 First Avenue Your choice of five frames to select from KRYPTOKS (pronounced Crip-tocks) enable you to see near objects— • your paper, for instance— and far objects— it may be the church steeple in the distance— with clearness and distinctness. They put an end to the bother«of remoraig your reading glasses^^enever you loofcitt^istant objects-or of fussing with two pairs. There is nothing "old4cK>ldn' or old-fashioned about KRYPTOKS, because they are free iypm seams or 'liumps," which blur your vision and make you It is u if cue wtko was be a bloated t»iii«if bjs . . view, aad t^Jo&g 'set teed ai sll ol tUe iu know, sad ttat ee* site ixtlt&ig; of owe* wa iafaaa<»titet % aae* Immm i»*£ Have Your Eyes Examined Without Charge or Obligation If

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