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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine • 2

Bangor, Maine
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AN a ijl hi and courier. Copartnership Notice. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Sub-setibers have entered into Copartnership under the title or name of B. B. BRADBL A and the title or name -ww- WHEELER LIHDE, PROPRIETORS m.

E. WHKKLRR, EDITOR lotion (hould addremed to tho Pnbluhara. Vunn Lth. Elegant JPresents CHRISTMAS AND NEW A MRS. L.

E. WEBBEli, (late of Fosters Bazaar), has jut return and NEW YOKE, with a well selected Stock of FANCY GOODs For Ladies. Gentlemen and Children. Especial attention i directed to tho Dolls, Willow Work, Traveling Bags, Dressing Which is far superior to any ever before offered in this city. Also, constantly on hanj STATIONERY, OF ALL KINDS.

PS-Mrs. W. has taken one half of-the Store occupied by Mics M. AN Jr (late Employment Store.) has taken especial pains to procure a choice line of eood, ar, 1 ceive a liberal share of patronage from her friends and the public generally. 1 to ro jgKRemember the Place: NO.

UNION BLOCK, (late Employment L. E. WFUeli Nev. 14 tJa2 Until Sntnrday, Dee. 30th.

DR. CARPENTER, OCULIST AURIST, Would inform those suffering from Blindness, Deafness, Catarrh, OB DISEASES OF THE THROAT, That on account of earnest solicitations of his patients, and many other from a distance who are desirous of consulting him.but have been unable to do so on account of bad travelling, he has been induced to prolong his stay in Bangor a short time but those desirous of consulting him should do so at once. Dr. C. can refer to many patients in Bangor and ricinity who have been benefitted by treatment received from him, who do not wish their names made public, but who are willing to converse with those interested.

The Dr. can be consulted, until the aboveldate, at the BANGOR HOUSE. 43- Sec advertisement in this paper. d9 sn Notice. As I am about to leave Bangor, I must insist upon the immediate payment of all demands now due me, and I will remain at the old stand for ten days to settle all accounts.

d5 an S. B. FIFIELD. He would have them remain until their esses were decided by the two Houses wst House for itself and by a fair constitutional decision of the question he (the President) is willing to abide. A portion of the War Department clerical force is busily engaged ih preparing- a register of the volunteer forces occupied in suppressing the late rebellion.

It will contain many interesting facts, hitherto not published, and will be a complete and comprehensive history of deeds of valor performed by that branch of the service. Every engagement in which certain regiments participated, and the part they played in the great drama, will be given, but only the members of regiments who distingnished themselves, and were awarded medals of honor, will be mentioned in connection with the register. When completed, it is expected the work will consist of five volumes, covering six hundred pages. It is not stated whether it is intended for general distribution, or merely to complete the records of the War Department. A Look at the European and Rorth" American Railway from out 'West, An old citizen of Bangor, now in St.

Louis, writes upon this subject in a strain that should bring a blush to some of our townsmen. The numbers of such are few, we hope, but there are some in an apathetic state upon this great matter, so near to all our interests as an enterprising people. A less number have discovered, as the stock subscription books appear, that they shall soon move away. A still less number, some of them among our able men, lay back, waiting for their liberal and enterprising neighbors to carry this great project through, knowing their open laps must receive in full proportion of the fruits of the toil and Bweat of their fellow citizens. The following is an extract of the letter referred to In the matter of vour Kailway subscrip tion, please set me down for such sum as you consider my proportion.

It is plain enough the success of the project is vital in its influence upon the prosperity of Bangor. I wish that the people of our city could see as clearly as I think I do, the great importance the enterprise to which their attentioi called. A western city, or town, of any size, would, under such circumstances, raise the needed amount in twenty-four hours. A portion a of the people would not obstinately reluse to be benefitted, because a few others would thereby, at the same time, reap'some advantage a Iso. Such a dog in the man-eer policy as animates some men in Bangor, is a disgrace to them, and-would bring upon them the blasting indignation of any western community in which they might ati tempt such selfishness.

I hope that the eydST and pockets of these men may yet be opened. As I said, please set me down for whatever sum you think right. NEW GOODS JUST RECEIVED BY E. M. N.

H. STOCKWELL, A KL-LL ASSOETUEV OP Worsted Goods, Breakfast Shav.h have taken the Store hitherto occupied by B. JJ. Bradbury, where they will keepconstantlv on hand fftotoTitoek of FAMILY GHpCElilES. PROVISIONS, and PATENT MEDICINES.

Seth. L. Carpenter, B. B. Bradbury.

Dec. 15. 1865. It Information Wanted. JOHN LENABD, an Englishman, about years of age.

left Bucksport for Bangor a week ago. and has not since been heard from. Is a thick set man, has brown hair, blue eyes and heavy mustache. Whoever will furnish information of his where abonts shall he suitably rewarded. MRS JOHN LENARD.

Bucksport, Dec. 18, 1865. 2tD ltW Removal. JR. BOURNE, Agent for Wheeler SEWING MACHINES, the Hoop Skirt Store, to THB CHEAP STOLE, HO.

15 MATH ST. Price of S. from $55 upwards Machines repaired Machine Oil ad Fittings for sale Machine Sewing done in the best manner. ALSO FOB SALE LAMB'S FAMILY KNITTING MACHINE decl8 4Come and see them -fir Wilsons has removed from IN ORDER That we may realise the Greatest Amount of Cash in the Shortest time, we offer our Stock at prices which must be an Inducement to Purchasers. WE HAVE OR HARD 1150 Bbls.

Extra and Double Ex. FLOUR. 6000 Bush. Sound Mealing CORN. 75 Bbla.

Clear and Mess PORK. 50 Hhds. Choice Muscovado and Cardenas MOLASSES. 75 Bbls. DRIED APPLE 150 Bbls.

Nos 1 and 2 MACKEREL. 300 Bbls. No. 1 PICKLED HERRING. 300 Boxes SCALED HERRING.

200 Qtls. Large Bay of Fundy COD FISII. 300 Qtls. estera Bank COD FISn. 150 Qtls English POLLOCK, -ALSO-A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF GROCER JE GARLAND No.

70 EXCHANGE ST. Dec. 18 lw LECTURES ON GEOLO Gr 3T Amply illustrated by carefully prepared PAINTINGS DIAGBAMS. Professor Gunning, OF BOSTON, Will deliver another of his Course of SIX LECTURES OX GEOLOGT City Hall Bangor, OX THURSDAY EVERIRG, Dec. 21, He will give special prominence to the latest teachings of Science, what she has to say of the origin of things of life; of man; of the antiquity of man; of the prophicies of his creation, uttered th: nature.

Tickets for the Course, $1,00 Single Evening, 25 cts to be had at the Book-stores and the door. decl8 LOW PRICES FOR Dry Groods OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, dec 18 SAML. B. STONE A COS. Gentlemen, Read This New Lot of Cloths, JUST RECEBVED, NOBBY and STYLISH, PRICES DO WN! GIBB0RS KELLEY, dec 19 SMITH'S BLOCK.



Prints, Perfumes, Soaps, Combs, Broshes, Pencils, Pomades, and other artieles too numerous to mention. Intending at all times to heep a FULL ASSOBTMERT of FARCY GO 0DS, AND AT A FAIR BA TE, I would invite all wishing Good in my line to favor me with a call. O. P. Patten, With A.

N. STUBBS. No. 4 Main St, dee 18 tf Under Hatch House. New Wood Yard.

Th rebwnribew bar opened at their Upper 'Wharf, in connection with their Coal Business, a WOOD YARD, where they areready to aupply PREPARED Hard and Soft Wood, OTdea A jCKAbcock 00.. noVUsniw' agw" T'lVH1 OF-WASKINGTON. by Jacob Abbott deefi JUoeired by B. DURBN. MORDAY, DEO.

18, 1865. Daily bUMbM UM. Weekly TERX8 OP ADVERTISING- For oiMtun (amount of 15 Hue thi type.) For on aquarih tlree times in tho Daily. For out square, one week, each week oontinuance. For hsif-sqmare, one tune.

For half-sqaare. three tune. For half-square, one week, nek week's continuance. For one square, in Weekly, three times, each week's oontinnanee, BrfciAL KOTICXS. $2,00 per sqaare for first week $1.00 per sqnare for oontinnanee.

Dodsli Coldm AoTirnsmxn, inserted at the rate of Special Notices." Advertisements inserted three timet a week at two-thirds price; two titter a week, one, half price: one lime a week one-third price. 49- Advertisements, where the time of insertion not specially designated, will be continued until otherwise ordered. mw All Tran! Advertising most be paid lor in advance. $1 00 1 50 2 00 75 75 1 00 1 25 40 1 50 25 Gonre South Whits asp Slack Sabos. To show what is said to bo the present disposition of Southerners (Virginians at least) towards northern men who go among them, the Richmond Whig endorses the following rules and regulations of intercourse, which were recently stated in a Virginia letter to the Providence Journal; We do not mean to be understood as saying that we will cover those who come with caresses, and that we will do for them wbat we will not do among ourselves abolish all those social distinctions that education, good character and gentle breeding on the one hand, and ignorance, vice ana boorislf manners on the other hand, give rise td.

Nor do we mean that we will open our hearts and our homes to all strangers indiscriminately. We simply mean that those who come on business, pleasure, or to settle among us, will be as sate and unmolested as we ourselves are in person or property. As for making companions and friends of them that will depend upon all those ordinary circumstances that regulate the relations of life. Upon this the Journal remarks with truth that northern people going South will ask no special favors. All theyjask is a fair chance, liberty of action and thought and speech, and they will take care of themselves.

A good many northern people are already settling at various points in the south. But the southerners err, if they suppose that at the present they can attract a sufficient influx of white laborers on farms to take the place of negroes. There is a great scarcity of such laborers in the north. The men who are looking to the south at all, are not men who are willing to work out by the month on the plantations. They are either men with some capital, who hope to place it well down there, or skilled mechanics, who hope for higher wages and the prospect of establishing shops, or farmers with a little money with which they wish to buy farms, as the same class have done in the west.

All these classes the south needs. All of them she should endeavor to attract. All of them she can attract if she pursues a generous policy towards them. But certainly neither of these classes, nor all combined, can take the place of the black laborers. Gov.

Orr, of South Carolina, who perceives the industrial wants of the south more clearly than other southerners, sees this fact, and tells his fellow citizens that the blacks must furnish them a large part of their agricultural labor. It is amazing that any intelligent southern man should fail to understand this. Yet many of them are still talking wildly about substituting white labor for black labor, and seem to think also that they are going to effect the change in time to secure the next crop. They do not undertake to tell us where the three or four millions of laborers required are coming from. There is really only one thing for them to do, if they mean to raise a crop the eoming year, that is, to go into the field themselves, as some have done, and also to make the best arrangements they can to secure the aid 01 the negroes.

We have no doubt there are very grave difficulties in the way of obtaining steady labor of a large part of the blacks. Many of these have a vague idea that their net born liberty consists roaming about at will, and that by giving them lands, or some other way, the government is going to enable them to live without much labor. The testimony of travelers in the south is uniform on this point. Many of the blacks are naturally enough distrustful of their old masters, and refuse to work, because they think they will be cheated out of their wages at the end of the season. The planters have not ready money enough to pay weekly or monthly, and cannot have the money until the next crop is raised.

There are therefore very serious obstacles to the desired restoration of labor. But many planters have already proved that these obstacles are not insuperable and have large gangs of men at work with contentment and industry. We hope the souih will see that her prosperity depends not merely on securing a fresh supply of white labor, but also on making available the productive force of her black labor. The New York Times says that the sum of $10,000 is to be put at the disposal of George T. Downing, for his use in representing the interests of the blacks at Washington this winter, that the colored men of Louisiana are to raise $10,000 for their delegate, and that it is proposed by the colored men in New York to send Pred Douglass with the same amount to Washington.

These delegates are to establish a bureau at the capital to obtain and disseminate information respecting the needs of their race. The British are building vessels with airtight compartments between the deck-beams, and in the broken stowage between the kneee and in the ends, so that in the event of their springing a leak they will not sink lower than. ft. deek. The buoyancy known of each Tew, hence the weight of accordingly.

This plan Is designed more for ft. saving the live, of ftoee on boJTftZ the vessels, may" available for both when near a port KITTEN LOST I LOST, From the Franklin House Stable, a white and gray Kitten, about two-thirds grown Had on a red morocco collar, with plate for name. Supposed to have followed some one off. Wnoever will return her to said Stable Office will be liberally rewarded. dec IQ 3t BUY YOUR HOLIDAY PRESENTS AT Bartletts Book Store, Where is now open the display of ELEGANT AND STANDARD GIFT BOOKS, BIBLES and FBAYEE BOOKS, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, WEI1ISG DESKS, PORTFOLIOS.

PURSES, SCOTCH GOODS, IMPORTED WORK BOXES, LADIES' COMPANIONS, TRAVELLING BAGS, PICTURES and TRANSPARENCIES, GAMES and FANCY GOODS. AS" Call early and secure the best selecti.n J. W. BAETLETT. dec 16 Fail Not TO Improve this Opportunity GOODS are always lower before taking account of STOCK, which is usually done THE FIEST OF JAHUABY.

Having just returned from Market, and in the right time, we shall sell Best Prints from 20 to 25 cts Good Sheetings, 20 to 25 cts Thibets for $1.00, And Other Goods Equally as Low. Thompson Iliriiborn, dec 16 NO. 40 MAIN STREET. Wanted, AGENTS in every town and county, for the latest publications. Also, for the spirited Engrat ing of General Grant on Horseback.

It has been pro nounced by GenT Hooker and others the ONLY faithful picture ever published. Sold by subscrip tion only. For particulars apply to or address, (inclosing stamp), H. G. COLE.

General Agent for Maine, No, 49 West Market Square, Bangor, Me. dtf Picked Up Astray, Yesterday, a short-horned COW, five years old. The owner can obtain her by applying to George Wilkins store, corner of Stillwster Avenue and Essex dec 16 3t Wanted, FURNISHED ROOM and Board, for a Lady, wanted within a short distance of Kendukcag Bridge. Box fed. References furnished.

declO 3t Address j. F. 5 Smart Energetic Agents WANTED, to sell the New American Heat Regulator. Agents are making from three to ten dollars a day putting them m. Address declo R.



LOUIS. EMPIRE XXXX, CHOICE EXTRA FAMILY. CORN AND MEAL For sale low for Cash. WALTER BROWN BON declo 114 and 118 Exchange Street. NOTICE.

STOCKHOLDERS of the STILLWATER CA-lO AL CORPORATION, are notified that their annual meeting will be held at the Orono National Bank MONDAY, January 1,1866, at 2 oclock P. M. 1st. To choose a Board of Directors. 2d.

To see if the Stockholders will vote to lay an assessment on their shares for the purpose of liquidating the debts of the Corporation incurred for re pairs made on said Canals. 3d. To see if the Stockholders will vote to alter and amend thelBy-Laws cf the Corporation. E. P.

BUTLER. Orono, Dec. 14, 1865. dtm Secretary, HOLIDAY GIFTS, FOR SALE BY E. F.

dec 14 DUBE2T. TOYS, AND FAY ODS, FOR THE OL I DAYS, At S. L. MEEEILLS, dec 14 No. 4 Bowmans Block.

Agents Wanted, rpo CANVASS FOR A NEW WORK.jrery sale-X able. Apply to W. M. BUTTERS, General Agent, South Exeter, Maim dec 14 lOt 47 -47 GREAT REDUCTION -IN- Ice Skates NOW IS YOUR TIME TO PURCHASE AT wholesale or retail. 47 West Market Square.

dec 14 FOGG BRIDGES. Holiday Goods. A PINE ASSORTMENT OF" ILLUSTRATED and Juvenile BOOKS, suitable for the Holi days, for sale by dl3 Writing Desks, GREAT VARXETY Ladies and Gentlemen Dressing Case Fine Wallets and Cutlery, for sale by dee 14 D. BUGBEE k. CO.

Stereoscopes And views, card pictures. by dee 14 D. BUG! fis for (ale KB CO, Photograph Albums YARIEaT- CO. Backgammon Boards, TVICITONARY THB BIBLE, by Dr. Smith.

AJ 6 Reoeiyed by f. DURKN. J. C. GRANT B08T0N.

NO. 15 MARSHAT-T. 8TBEET, GENTS FOB THB SALE, PURCHASE AND LEASING OF REAL ESTATE. HOUSES, STORES, SALOONS, HOTELS. LANDS, Or any other Property or Business, either Mercantile, Mechanical, or otherwise, bought and aold on liberal terms.

Particular attention paid to the collection of RENTS, DIVIDENDS AND INTEREST. N. B. No charge, except for actual expense incurred or service! J. 0, Gxxrr, R.

Hbxdkxsox, S. T. Thacheb. dec 9 n3w HARRIED. In this city.

Dec. 17th. by Kev. W. Mr.

Benj. P. Roberta, to Mias Martha C. Burl both of this eity. 0.

Holway. bank. MARINE JOURNAL. ARRIVED. At New Xork, 13th ship Delfthaven, Freese Hamburgh.

At Bnenos Ayres, Oct. 6. ship Florence Treat Short, Bangor Oct. 2 brig Fidelia, Stone, do. At Palermo, Nov.

19. brig Cosmos, Talbot, Cogi-lari Nov. 22a, Eugenia, Coombs, Bangor. At Malaga, Nov. 25.

bark Sicilian, Smith, Bangor, and cleared for Messina. SAILED from Messina, Nov. 19. hark Western Sea, Harding, Boston. FOR CHRISTMAS AND THE HOLIDAYS.

At No. 28, Main Street, May be found A Large and Extensive Assortm ent of English, French and American FANCY GOODS, Embracing, we might say, almost every Jhing That is suitable for PRESENTS Of Every description, comprising articles of Utility Beauty And usefulness, by far the largest and finest assortment that Is To be found in the city. We have A Fine lot of ENGLISH PLATED WARE, Jut imported, Basts It is needless to enumerate the endless variety which those who celebrate this season t4 Joy May obtain which will at one satisfy and n- slight both the giver and tcefvci1, the RTIK1 Y. ,3 i 5 dficlTtf SPECIAL NOTICES. Official.

DEPARTMENT OF STATE. 1 Washington, December 12. 1865. Information has been received at this Department from Mr. Thomas Kirkpatrick, the Consul of the United States at Nassau, of the total less on the 21st day of November last, at sea, of the American ship "Unde Joe," of Gardiner, Maine.

The master ana crew were saved. decl8 snlt Last Trip of tlie Season. The Steamer REGULATOR, Capt. Mower, will leave Winter-port iHURSDAY, Dec. 21st, at 8 oclock.

A Being the last trip of the season. J. O. EENDRIcK Bangor, Bee. 18, 1865.

(Times,) Olive Branch Lodge, F. A. CwEDRESDAY, DEO. 27th, 1865. After which there will be aJMasonic Collation at the Parker House, East Corrinth, and a Social Dance in the evening Addresses, Poem, Sentiments, and Good Music, will enliven the occasion.

All members of the Fraternity, with their ladies, are cordially invited to be present, dee 18 sn DAW 3taw Per Order, LEVEE AND FAIR! TEe Ladies of the Union Street M. E. Church, will hold a LEVEE at CITY HALL, ox TUESDAY EVENING, DECEMBER 19th, At which time they will be happy to see their friends and the public. 43 Refreshments, Ice-Cream, Oysters, Hot Coffee, will be on sale. A large assortment of FANCY ARTICLES will alo be on sale.

Tickets of admission Adults 25 cts; children 15. sn dec 18 GRAND AND LEVEE! The Ladies of the Methodist Society, Hampden will hold a Fair and Levee, at the TOWN HALL WEDRESDAY THURSDAY EVEGS December 20th and 21st, 1865. Persons wishing to have a pleasant time, and help along a good cause, are invited to be present, with all their friends. Oysters and other Refreshments will be served. 2Admission 15 cents.

Per order. decl6 Jit Special Steamboat Notice. HEW AEBAHGEMERT, The Steamer KATAHDIN, Capt. P. Johnson, will leave Winterport every MONDAY at 12 oclock for Boston, RETURNING, Will leave Boston, every FRIDAY afternoon, at 5 oclock, until farther notice.

Fare and Freight at last summer rates. LOOMIS TAYLOR, Bangor, Dec 9th. 1S65C (Times) Agent. MUSICAL. Mr.

J0HR HOYT, Teacher of Piano, Harmony, and Cultivation of the Voice, Orders left at Horton A Crommetts Mnsie Store, or at the Bangor House. Pupils in either of the a-bove branches may be assured that they will be taught the latest and most approved method. Reference Mr. John W. Tufts, Pro fis.

B. F. Baker, J. W. Adams, Boston, Mass.

nov3 tf HALLS VEGETABLE SICILIAN HAIR RE-NEWER bas proved itself to be the most perfect preparation for the hair ever offered to the public. It ia a vegetable compound, and contains no injurious properties whatever. IT WILL RESTORE GRAY HAIR TO ITS ORIGINAL COLOR. It will keep the hair from falling out. It cleanses the scalp and makes the hair soft, lustrous and silken.

It is a splendid hair dressing. No person, old or young, should fail to use it. IT IS RECOMMENDED AND USED BY THE FIRST MEDICAL AUTHORITY. for HalT Vegetable Sicilia Hair Re newer, and take no other. R.

P. HALL A CO Nashua, N. Proprietors, sale by all druggists. aug25 6mdAw Dr. Sanger, Having returned to Bangor will resume th.

prae-' tieo of Medicine and Surgery. Reeidence Penobscot Exchang ain st Qfiies No 90 Main street, nearly opposite W. L. Alien Co. Last Trip of tho Season.

The Steamer KATAHDIN. Capt. P. Johnon, will make her LAST of the season, TUESDA Dee. 26th.

inst will leave Winterport for Boston, at 12 M. Dfifi. 1 LOOMIS TAYLOR. Agent. (Times) ECTURES.

THE -BANGOR FRKEDMENS AID ASSOCIA-TION have made arrangements for A COURSE OF LECTURES, AT NOROMBEGA HALL, The whole receipts, alter paying necessary exnen sea, will go to the AID OF THE FREEDMEN. Mai. Gen. Chxxbkblaiv, Rev. Dr.

Habbis, Maj. Gen. Howabd, Rev. C. C.

Evebbtt Mrs. Fbaxcbs E. W. Habpbb, and others. Are expected to deliver Lectures in the coarse.

The first Lecture will be delivered on TUESDAY EVERIRG, DEO. 19th, By Maj. Gen. J. L.

CHAMBERLAIN- SUB JE0T, BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG Tickets fbr the eoane, single tiekets 25ets. To be had at the usual alplaces. J. S. SABINE.

P. HUBBARD. WHEELWRIGHT. Lecture Oommitte deelfi (Times copy) OATiBBH. 3 CtriiAcoit of a well know nKmV Bangor.

I have been a great sufferer from Catarrh. When I consulted Dr. Carpenter, at the Bangor House, I was afflicted continually with severe pains the upper part-ef my bom and forehead; my eye were very weak, and discharged water so freely it was almost impossible forme to read. I was losing my memory: My head wag so eon fused I eould not eonfine my thoughts to any particular subject. yfss totally unfit to attend business matters, and my geakral heedth last'fiuHnn After applying the medicine prescribed by the Dr- one improved.

Shall he happy to eoavecM with fiyBsv Coresn sr earn be oommltod until Setur See advertisement fa ftia paper. SONTAOS. Scarfs, Hoods, Infant, and Shirts, Ladies and IhildW and Menno Hose and Duskin. Cashmere Gloves. ALSO EMBROIDERED CAMBRIC nETT COLLARS, CUFFS A SLEE CAMBRIC EDGINOS In Great Variety.


N. B. Repairing done 15 u-ial. deI5 Billiard Table for Sale. TJIXQUIRE at P.

W. COLE'S BILLIARD HALL 111 dec lw House for Sale. -A A large two stry DOUBLE TENEMENT OUsE, situated urth street, Dfar Hammond Street, will be sdd at a largain applied for soon. It will be old at Auction Tuesday Deo. 2ttb, unless previously disposed of at in ate sale.

FIFTEEN ACEE3 of VALUABLE LAND AND A LARGE BARN, Situated mile from Keriuskeag the Odhn road. dl5 RoBT. YALULtt Hip! I am now prepared Silver plate Spoons Knives, Forks, Revolvers, Dentist iuoh, Watch Caes, cr any other articles required, in a style sati-tactory to those who favor me nii tneir patronage. Prompt and per-ral attention paid to allorier. and perfect satisfaction guaranteed dec 13 A.

D0AE. CROCKERY, China and Glass Ware. are now opening NEW IMPORTATIONS of i CROCKERY WARE, In Every Variety, in'luding New Piitern8 DINNEE, TEA and TOILET WAEE. Also, a large rtinent rf FANCY WARE, PLAIN, ROUGHED, A ENAMELLED VASES FOR FAINTING, AND SELLI'j AT NO. 1 MAIN STREET.

dec 13 BI0KEB IBELAND. Board Wanted, FIR a GFNTLFMAN and WIFE family, on Eat tide of henilu-Keae, nish their own rooms. Address BOX i Pw-t'-dec 12 OATS OATS! FOR SALE EY Oar Loads, or less quanttie, 1 J. C. TOWLE No.

BROAD STF.FET. LOST, TWO Cases Medicines, marked B. F. Hale. Bo tor, Maine, with ink; a cm marked B.

F. Hale, Ellsworth. Mainc--ti hare been taken by mistake from the it. House, Bangor. or A liberal reward will be paul or their information concerning them, by jfLE, deel3 9t Franklin Hou-e.

Butler, Butter. LBS. FIRKIN BUTTER J. 0. TOWLE 00., No.

2 BroadStreel 4700 dec 11 2w Pair of Heavy Horses FOR SALE AT THE ERAk; HOUSE STABLE. law enquire ol Mr. the house. dec 1 -lw' SLEIGH KOBES, Carriage Robes. Horse Blankets, PLUSHES, Velvet and Tapestry Brus.clls CARPETS, for Sleigh Trimming.

FOR SALE CHEAP AT STRXK3TEY EOBEETS, dee 11 3w NO. 5 MAINSTBEbT NEW GOODS THE Holiday) JUST RECEIVED at WHITES, NO. 2 XEND USKXA 9 BRHGs' Thk European No. Am. Kailwat Tho Portland Press has very suddenly changed its tone about our railroad, as it did aboutlhe telegraphic despatches.

In the issue of Saturday last it says A gentleman from Bangor informs us that the prospects of this enterprise have mate rially brightened since an exhibit of its affairs was published, bearing the responsible name of the Treasurer, Hon. Noah Woods. The statement coming from such authority has weight, and has inspired confidence among the capitalists of Bangor, and since that publication the subscriptions, had come to a stand still, rially swollen. The Boston Advertiser says that a meeting of the Governor and Council of Massa chusetts, a few days since, a report was adopted recommending the Legislature to authorize the Treasurer to invest $200,000 in the 6 per cent land bonds of the company, instead of the 5 per cent, bonds of Maine, in which it now stands. The'same paper also says that at a meeting of prominent citizens, by invitation of the Mayor and President of the Board of Trade of Boston, there was a general concurrence in the opinion that the Commonwealth might at this stage of affairs lend its credit to a moderate extent in aid of the railway.

It has been understood to be the opinion of many of the leading business men, that in addition to the claim of upon the State of Maine, of which Mas sachusetts consents to give the company the benefit, $800,000 of the land bonds should be taken, to insure the completion of a work of such great importance to that city and Siate. The Governor and Cr ncil, after examination, express their confidence in the enterprise, and it is urged that the present posture of business affairs, the State might properly be asked to give its, aid in supplying a part of the means for which Massachusetts is looked to. A petition to this effect will probably be presented to the Legislature. We are glad to see something tangible being done, that looks like work and progress. It is singular, surely that the Press which is generally so swift enough to condemn should have just discovered that Hon.

Noah Woods has published an exhibit of the affairs of the E. N. A. Co. so satisfactory as to change entirely the views of that paper in regard to the character of the company.

That exhibit was published in the Whig more than three weeks ago and yet within a week the Press has libelled the Directors of the Company by declaring that the whole tiling has been manipulated for the benefit of a few fancy operators, and that all the money actually handled goes to keep them in cigars and to pay their hotel bills The Bangor Whig, to create the impres sion that the Press is hostile to this enterprise, finds it much mope convenient to misrepresent the Press than to copy said. This is a fair sample of the fairness of that journal to the western part of the State. Press. Is that so 7 Well, you shall have justice, which, perhaps, you dont really want. The following are two specimens of the friendly dispositions of the Press both cut from the same number of thepaper, and less than a week ago John A.

Poor gives notice in the Bangor papers that the E. N. A. Railroad Co. a paper corporation will petition the Legislature for extension of time in which to build their read, and also for further aid from the State in the construction of said and for other purposes.

We had hoped no more humbuggery was to be practiced upon the State by this concern. This State allowed Jthree years in which to build the first section of about fifty miles. Two years of this time has been wastes! and not a blow struck. Further aid is to be asked before a single practical thing has been-done. We hope the Legislature will he wise, and hold the parties up to their first agreement.

If they commence the work in earnest next summer there will be no trouble iu getting the requisite extension the winter following! N6 other similar corporation has ever received a single dollar of State aid. This concern does not hesitate to come with its supplications for a second donation before it has begun to comply with the conditions on which the first was granted. It seems to us the whole thing has been manipulated for the benefit of a few fancy operators, and that all the money actaally handled goes to keep them in cigars und pay their hotel bills. Again in another item it says It does look a little queer, though in perfect keeping with the whole enterprise, to see this work began by an American com-Pfnj the British end, when every dollar pledged or promised to the company is contingent on the finishing and completing of this end of the line. No doubt the Press will now say it was only John A- Poor it was opposing but Mr Poor is still President of the company, still doing the enterprise' great service -and has still the confidence of an honest, honorable, and able Board of Directors.

-The Boston Herald mays The advice ta the nawly-eleetad Georgia delegation to remain where they are, tot the preeentTV be- I.pfalUpajo9jf jfniil; dent with reference to all the Reprsaestta-tivee of the more openly rebellious State.

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