The Maryville Daily Forum from Maryville, Missouri on February 21, 1955 · Page 1
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The Maryville Daily Forum from Maryville, Missouri · Page 1

Maryville, Missouri
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Monday, February 21, 1955
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Hie jWarpbine IBaflp Jforum Truman Maintains U. S. Must Take VoL 45- No- 221 fR,CE 5 CENTS Maryviile, Missouri Monday Evening, February 21, 1955 SIX PAGES Found . th. Nodaway rn,ocro is New Flag Is Hoisted at Armory Former President Harry S. Truman fives a civilian's salute to the United States" flat d urine flat raising ceremonies at the new National Guard Armory jesterday. Truman, a former member of the 129th Field Artillery Battalion, is flanked by CoL E. V. Condon, (ret.), on his ri;ht, and Lt. CoL Leigh R. Wilson, present commander of the 129th, on his left. i jy&s Bonus HtKt&lHtKt jPlans Set for Pumpkin Center Charlie thinks yonne French boys have a better future than American youths. There will be a lot more of them premier of La Belle France than their American counterparts will be president of the United States. It was a jovial, nomey Harry Truman -who visited Xfaryviile yes terday. He was gracious, charmicg and down-to -earth. - "When a young girl m her teens approached tne former coief executive, very bashfully ana shy ir his presence, Mr. Truman smiled on her with the patemalness of a close adult friend of her family. "Mr. President," she haltingly ad dressed niTn Mr. Truman smiled and said, 'Tin just a private citizen now. Just plain Mr. Truman.' One of the biggest supporters of the former chief executive was S- year-old Buly Eckles, son of Prose cuting Attorney and Mrs. Slay Eck les. Little Buly, wno once sat on Mr. Truman s knee m the White House proudly proclaimed his backing of the former president He wore a large campaign button which shouted ins support for Harry S. Truman which had been current in tne 1943 campaign when the former president upset the dooe-sters and won against almost insurmountable odds, according to the political insiders who forecast his defeat. Find Bodies Of Five in Plane Crash ALBUQUERQUE (.? A search team reported today it had found five bodies nea- a huge rock pinnacle m the '"r mountains where a Trans World Airhner crashed Saturday with IS aboard. Word trickled down by walkie-talkie from the mountainside that there was no sign of life m the wreckage. The airhrier rammed in the pillar in the rugged snow-covered-mountains just minutes after it ' took off. Two search teams, weary and stiff after a night m subzero cold on the mounts mstce, started at dawn probing the crannies around the needle-shaped rock where the plane hit Pack animals were started up from the base camp and an air ' drop was scheduled to deliver equip- men. lor removal or tne oocies. Truman Dedicates New Armory Three Accidents on Icy Streets Here House Debates CTTY (.?) - City policemen were kept busy Saturday afternoon and evening running down the results of three motor car colhs-ons which occurred on the ice-sUcked streets. In all three accidents only minor damages erans' bonus proposal promises more j nf T. . f "e , j of tne persons involved were m- Creworks m tne Missouri house of ured the police reported, representatives this week. The first of the three two-car The bonus plan was pending last collisions was a slight fender bending Thursday when opponents slipped j scrape between cars driven by T. B away and forced adjournment for ' Eckert, 50. Maryviile. and John 7T. lack of a quorum. Sponsors said j Johnston. 66, Maryviile. Eckert's car they would bring the issue up again ' traveling east on East Secona street, when the house convenes today had just passed the intersection of (2 pjn.) to start a new week. ! Second and Xorth Mam streets A bonus plan has been a regular when it collided with Johnston's car. m every session since World War H i Damage as to the right rear fender but has won its way to the ballot ' and fender skirt on Johnston's car only once. It was soundly defeated and to the bumper on Eckert's. then. At -7 30 pa . Saturday, a car The future of lincoln University 1 driven by David S. Whalev. 2S also may come up for some dis- ; Maryviile, banged into a parked car j cussion this week. Ready for intro- ; belonging to Donald Eugene Walk,1 r"rtoo-N ori- J Aae auction is a resolution whicn would ' 10, Maryviile. at the comer of state tax commission announced establish a special committee to '. North Mam street and 11th street. ! tday a sweeping program to equal-study the whole problem of the one- The police reported that the streets 126 property tax assessments time segregated school for Negroes. I were covered with ice at the time j throughout Missouri. Another school problem state ! of the accident. Damages to the ' A study of assessments &i all the aid for transporting children to ; front of Whaley's 1954 Mercury and j counties and the city of St. Louis both public and parochial schools to the rear or Walks 1952 Plymouth, j the first such conducted m some is scheduled for its first round of And at 8il0 p.m..-the police re--35 vears revealed that assess-house debate. Tne plan already ' ported that the rich; ront fender, i ments range from a ow r '5 03 oarrage right front door and right rear door , per cent of the oreperrv "s actual e legis- and fender of a car belonging to value m St. Francois county, to " narolcl E. Gray, sr., 45, Maryviile. ' 49 TO per cent m Sxionszizn coun- i- yat. . were damaged wnen it nit a parsed ! Two Sailors Die in Sub Blast Today SAN FRANCISCO -J?) Two sailors were killed and three were rc.sstng and presumed dead m a o&ttery explosion and fire aboard tne . Cisco Naval shipyard last night. Four other sa-lors were injured " ; seriously anc rao ciiLan rescue "3 j workers were hospitalized after m- ; navy injured uncerent surgery a; . Oak KmoU hospital. j Only a few sailors were reported . aboard at the time of the blast. ! Normal complement of tins snorkel : submarine is 3 do tit 85 officers and World Leadership Former President Says Nation Must Work for Peace and Use Force to Get It If Necessary The United States must be able at all times to pr. cise leadership in the world or there will be no peace, Former President Harry Truman grimlv warned the nation here yesterday afternoon when he dedicated the Martin-Pedersen Xational Guard Armorr. --Wp h;r!-r? our duty in 1920 and World War II was the result." the former chief executive told an overflow crowd in the main drill room of Maryviile s new military building. L nderscorlng: the need fox miiitarv mi?hr. "fr Trn- is-'"-:ec -nw r Qargnrer .Margaret, said submarine early y . tour nours for war or conquest. , alter tne mitia: blast ana workers j were pulled off the ship. t Lt. Austin R. Doyle, a 12th naval . district puohc mtormation officer. pea sam tne navy will postpone search . "We must wor uyci&.iona unci, tne fomaons bat- tenes discharge and tne vessel is ciearec o. parogen gas. He said Brought Forth from War ! before search is resinned. t "we must build ud a strong de fense force ii we want to make our freedom pcnrp " Mr. Truman, a solemn picture of the former chief executive, maintained -e need a strong fisrhtins: force- Former President Harry S. Iranian reads the bronze plaque honoring Cipt. Harold R. Martin (left picture) and MSgt. Cleo H. Pedersen fright picture) dnrinj: the dedication ceremonies for the Martin-Pedersen Armory yesterday afternoon. Truman's dedication address praised the National Guard as the "'bulwark of our liberties.'' Study County Assessments in Revision Move 24 Fewer Deaths So Far on Roads J3FFEHSON CITY (?) Missouri had eight traffic deaths last week and brought the year's toll to 107. So far the total is 24 fewer than at the same time a year ago. Reporting the figures today, the highway patrol noted there were 19 deaths in the corresponding week of 1954. The February total to date is 36. : with 43 last year. has touched off telegrams to t lators. Although the house has acted on the bills, the senate appropnati mittee starts its stuay toaay. appropriation : pickup truck belonging to the ' s"et Goal of 30 valuatio , Maryvtlie Equipment company. , The acident occurred at the corn- j er of West Fourth street and1 The senate itself plans to meet ; MuTcerryiStreet. The pohce reported UN Accuses Commies of i Peace Violation Wet and Slippery Weather Forecast For Area Tuesday Kansas crrr "Wars, what hate they accomplished?" Mr. Truman asked They have created a s.tuatior which has cere-coed the creates: Says 20,000 Red Troops Near Thailand - The -. BANGKOK tJP Prime Minister i2n -or.c. today. , Pibuisonggram said today 20,000 HThe Revolutionarr war was ., . , m , fought to create -Siis "nation. Tht s" rest were fought to maintain '- seb:ei 31 oordering Tunan Ptit-We can't anymore retire now from ce of Red Chma poised for ther outlook for Missouri is wet and , our "esPcs:o thac we can . jump-off against Tnailand. slippery. turning on r-s axis. ' Thai Field Marsfcai address- A flow of moist warm air from J-J "f ed a news conference as heads of the gulf is moving northward 137 same rtcnes and . througn Texas and Louis.ana this'5 brought victory to, ce:egat;ons arrived for Wed- mommg. when it hits colder air ; the good things m hfe forj nescay"s opening of the three-cay over Missouri, the weatherman ex- peopie- He said no other na-; conference of the Soumeast Asia, pects freezing ram, spreading over! on ever taken the position of! Defense Treatv Oraamaatioii. most of the soumem portion of the ! zhls countiy, asking for no tern- Pibul told "the 220 correspoii-state by Tuesday morning. From ', tory that belongs to any other pow- i dents the Free Thais are headed, there on the forecast calls for freez- ' e-- out using its armed might to ' by former Tbaj Prhne Minister mg ram, changing to snow and ' enforce the terms of peace, fulfill ! Pridi Phanomvong. He added thax sleet or freezing ram m the north . its obligations to the United Na-' Thailand could handle acs-ressva f moves by them unless Bed Ohmese morning are ex- acense. ; troops joined in an attack. The Southeast Asia Defense Or ganization was formed in VanPn ith the arm of halting Commun-c aggression. Pibtd said Thai- Tuesday, i tions, and pronde for the Temperatures by morning are ex- defense. pected to range from 15-20 m the: "We must be certain no possible; nortneastto the 20s elsewhere. aggressor will be tempted The effects of the heart- rains weakness of the Tln:ri sra-.f Friday and Saturday are still being must see to it thai -aw rather than ; only tomorrow and Wednesca; to clear the way for the appropriations committee work. Widow of Air Crash Victim Sues for Insurance Payment that a nhsting ram pcssioly caused T the driver of the damaged car to1 --"--- truss seemg tne parked vehicle. The track was being operated by E. C. Whitford, 41. Maryviile. The accdents were investigated by Pohce Chief R. W. Brogan and Patrolmen Basil Williams and Ralph McCiure. wnl not necessarily mean raises Rooertson sa.a coonties still wiu have an opportunity to ioer the.r levies to correspona w.ih the new Advised that a. plane from Washington, D. C-, with W- R- Hull sixth congressional district representative, Maj Russel Noblet, legal advisor in the Guard bureau, and other Guard dignitaries, was overdue, Mr. Truman expressed concern. The plane was forced down at Chanute Field, ffi., and advised that neither the airport at St. Joseph or tne j a suit against tne Farm Bureau in-one at Maryviile could be used, due surance company for alleged non-to ice. The plane then headed for payment of a life-insurance policy Fairfax Field. Kansas City, and . on her husband. was reported doing "as well as could ' Mav Take Ti century before anyone can : -rs- .feaersens sui. sss nat tne oe expected" by St. Francis hospital i The said it ' i poncy, autnonties this afternoon following Q -ears to get all counties Doris Lorraine who lost his hfe m a National Guard J ReStS We! ! in 3u: j affect thoe counties with extremely low assessments or. tne amount o: state school aa tney Rooertson said Tne-r a.3 determined by need according .o assessed valuation will by law oe corresponemgiy reduced and that; monev divided am-t-,? mo-f wr-- Maryvillian Virgil Goforth, 23. 1 .ng counties he explamea Virgil Goforth Rests Wei! in Local Hospital -ssessments u-3 . PANMUNJON, Korea. .- Tne ; United Nanons today accusea tne ?sea valuations , Cornmumsts of violatme the tto-. ean armistice by ouiidmg up Red . MIG strength m Nortn Korea. Cnurman James M- It demanded that tnose resnonsi- ble be punished. Maj. Gen. Leslie D Carter, senior aled memoer of the Korean military commission made the which attacked "an American H8S 29 Are VlCtimS jet reccnnaiss.-nr-r iwafe: over the ! Yellow Sea Feb 5 were ev.aence ot Ren an- activities m North Korea since tne which "have mounted from zero m magnitude to a hi en tempo." leit.. fioocmg oi me xG2 nver squtn , torce is tne aroiter among na- of Maryvnie caused cancellation of tions," he emphasized. a tram on tne Chicago, Burunsrton The United States -s. the -ru-Kt t5i -mrw and Qumcy. ne ice-bogged stream. ' important and influential coimtrr 1 which hit a peak of 13 65 Saturday m the world, he ss.d " We are the D Jo at Maryvtlie, was cown to 10J6 this leader among the free nations. We KaymOnO OOrrV mormne. Several rural rerripr, -P ! ' ' ported roads blocked by the flood . there will be no leadership and Tne only precipiianon in the Advisea Stron Miiitarv Force lormer ccrnrnander-m-chief state in tne past 24 h of an inch at Maiden. Some low temperatures this morning included. Maryviile 10. Kirks-viiie 17. St. Joseph and RoUa 19, Butler and Spnngfield 20, Coiumoia, Jopl.n and Kansas City 22. Find Wreckage of Belgian Plane; VTGNA DI VA-T.3. Italy Tn wreckage of a Belgian Sabena anrhner tnat crashed eight days ago with 29 aboard inducing four Americans was reported sighted to- spelleo out why he though; should be a strong military force. Firy. he saic. the Armv. Navy and Air Force must enforce the terms of peace laid down to tne of I company pay 510,000 on may be another three quarters j Sl,0CO for vexatious refusal to pay. . century oe fore anyone can judge the Truman adniinistration. At least that's what the former president himself predicted yesterday afternoon. Mr. Truman remarked . at the opening of his address at the dedt-cat.on ceremony oi tne new armory here i "You never can tell about the record of a president until 50 years 'after he is dead." Then he added with a gnn. "Since I'm going to live for at least another 20 years some of you will never find The former head of the nation. S2.000 attorney In her suit Mrs. Peder that on Nov. 29, 1954, an the- company. Harry MitcheU, accepted a check for S46J20 as payment on the initial premium on the policy Her petition says that Mitchell told them that the policy would go into effect on payment of the first premium. i auto accident iy night which an acetylene torch was used states to free him from the tangled The nature of Goforths injuries were not dscosed. Goforth was ndmg with FrankLn Albertson. jr , St. Joseph, Saturday n-ght, traveling north on Highway' 71. At a pomt aoout eight miles bavannan, Aloertson lost the 30 per cer-t le to boost assessments to 30 net sessed below 20 per cen-Those now under 20 per (Contmuea on Page Five) Meeting on Bangs The policy, the petition states, was control of the car and crasW: :r.r ' Set frr f UnrmAMt a S5,000 hfe policy with a double a ancge. Goforth was knocked from j clause m event of acci- his front seat nositton to the backi .i rmr --- -vD 1 seat b a b.ldge railing which was of Brucellosis "Bangs disease" n driven through the car. cattle wnl be held Thursnav n e - - JX was necessary for investigating at the Clearmcnt Methochst church! ten iO can for an anhetn Walsmp, count- acent. sa.d dental death. On Dec. 3, 1954, Pedersen. a master sergeant m the local National Guard Capt. Harold Martm wer J. W. Shriver, 78, Dies :?to At Home After Illness cen- nis home. 303 W. 4tn St yesterday j. ( following a brief .llness He was a i retiree engineer of the Maryviile cent j civtston of tne St. Josepn Light and j Power company and had been a res-j .dent of Maryvnie for 40 years Mr Shnver was ocm Jan. 31 137 1 at ?vTe:nphis Mo On 1904, ne was married to Jane Roach, wno survives member of tne St. Patrick s church He J snrvivec oy n.s wife ci the home two sons. Wiam D. Shnver, Pans Ky, and Francis C Shnver' verec cay or p-lots Apenmnes of Central Italy. ; A plane from Ylgna di Valle atr rescue center reported sighting the wreckage of the plane on tne Sas-satelh Crest, at an altitude of 6.500- Nationalists Fail To Hold Build Up By Red Chinese TATP3L Formosa .p Three 1? strs.ght days of Nationalist an: at- -"J tacis nave laed to stop t:. Dies After Illness Raymond M. Barry, jr.. 49, died yesterday at the St. Francis hospital where he had been a parent five days Mr. Barry had been m. -a.l-ng health the last 10 months. He had been a resident of Maryviile for the past 40 years. Mr. 3arry was bom in DeWlt, Mo, the son of Mr. and Mrs. P- M Barry, sr. He was married to Florence Hollcay June L 1941, at He-sss a graduate of Maryvilla hgh school and attended Mary -nlie State college. He started "vcrkmg m the pcstoiSice as a snn-stitute clerst when ne was m h-gh was transterred to a ch plane and buildup of "me Taim- atenmg nearoy Nannhis reports said ;odav. A second Ccmmumst outidup has begun on tne Fuk.en Province "coast opposite the strateg c Matsu Is.and i Mi lermmilio. about 60 fenss mintrv's mforrnkt.-. sVrce ortneast cf Rome Mr. Barry was a member of the Zl-ts locge. having served as the Zxa.tec Ru.-er of that organisation. He also was a memoer of the ?-letnocist cnurcn. He is surnveo by his we arc 4.30 ?n, Wednesday at tne Prta Itinera! home. The Rev Munst Bryan will be in charge of the services. 3tr-a. will oe at Carrc-ton. Nationalist plots rcnor-vc a suoma .ne today off . P.ngtan Island. SO m.les However they sa.d it samergen be- Yehies Return From IVliaiai fore tney cou.c .Grnt-fy r. Mr and ifs Ralph Yehle and Meanwnils. Nat.ona.t ofi-.cisls sons, Karl and Marx, arrived tins . set ut? 26 civil a:r c-r-nse centers "ast night from a ten ca tn? to here to work oj- p'ans to mlmrmre M.aml Beacn Fa . am otner prmts , oombmg casualties if war comes. ti .merest tn "ne Stu'h. however, did some evaluation of , killed when the airplane m his own. He admitted to news- . they were riding crashed near the p.nned o free him from his : men before the ceremony got under way "the most important thing in my life was the work I did on (Continued on Page Five) Weather Data WEATHER FORECAST Increasing cloudiness tonight followed by freezing rain' southwest spreading over most of south by morning; freezing rain changing to rain sonth and sleet or freezing rain north Tuesday; a little warmer west and south Tuesday: low tonight 15-20 northeast to 20s elsewhere; high Tuesday near 30 extreme northeast to 40-45 extreme southwest. WEAXHEH &COBJ Tester day the n; Guard Armory of 1 dedicated by former Pres.deni Harry S. Truman and named m honor of the new National Guardsmen killed while on a routine Guard mission. Josepn. i Botn he and Alberston. son of St. National ; Joseph policeman, were brougnt to on--1 rnvt; tne bt. rrancs nospitai nere for has been extended, Wa'sun sntd i treatment. The meeting will open at 8 pntu I The icy roads caused by the day's Slated to appear as chief speaker ere given as the of the evening is Dr. N. 3. Giles. Albany, Mo., state vetertnanan. ; Exterior View of New Martin-Pederson Armory 9 a. m. tomorrow at the St. Fatness church under the direc-.or. of Fatner Buhman. Bunal will be in Si Talk Over Guard Problems at Dedication Dinner - v..' i The new n T.i i s ceremonies. . . g oi ttices r 7:03 fOOflU. Martin-Pedersen National Guard Armnrv ic .in - t v-r offices, company office for Um Headquarter! battery,' rifle raofc, supply rooms and several class Soil Conservation Work Discussion Here Thursday Relationsnips between the ASC office and farmers engaged .a work will oe eplamec to "oe nela .n tne count;, evens.on, Dona.c Ka;.-nes. ASC manager, announced today. Kaynes sa.d this information meeting is'y for dirt con tractors and tneir key personnel working at an Agriculture Conservation Program. The meeting will get started at 1 -30 pm. Thursday. Present will be contractors for dirt work, ASC office personnel, allied agencies and program men. i Pre-dedicaUon ceremonies discussion on NaUonal Guard affairs is held by Former PresWent Harry S. Truman (second from right) with Capt. (Everett Brown, (left), commander of the Maryrilfc based Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, IX CoL Leigh R. Wibon, (second from left), commander C the 129th Field Artillery Battalion, mad CoL E. V. Condon (ret.) (right). Truman is former member of Uk 129th, harms' aarred as captain during WerM War L N. .HRCHIVE ARCHIVE FWSPAPFR FWSPAPFR!

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