Roanoke Advocate from Halifax, North Carolina on April 22, 1830 · Page 4
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Roanoke Advocate from Halifax, North Carolina · Page 4

Halifax, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 22, 1830
Page 4
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050 HET7,ariT . ktaN'ZAS. .". - v'tmha or iRv CHLKIEU. 1 lii' IHI V ' J 'rvcWancl srcnbne bright wave chase Tt fellow on the strand, Then fall away, nor lea a trace Upon the printjess sand- Though scarce the pebbles felt the shock, The waves have worn the solid rock! I've sat and heard the autumn w'md Amid the branches play, j So softly mild, so blandly ki id, V f It scarcely stirred the. spn v '.''. Yet soon it bore springs verdant birth, V To wither on its native cartli. ' Ie"eat and seenthe evening sun Sink from the golden sky, I His long blight race of" glorV And close his golden ee; run, So flow he passed, scarce changed the light, And yet he left the worm in AndliKC yon sea in human 1 iris ht. fe, - Events, like bUlows, roll, ) : . Moment on moment, strife o i strife, That change us, to the so il; i And joys, like autumn leave ?, fall fast - Hope sets and being's light is past. I've stood on earth's most diring height, And seen day's ruler rise, In this magnificence of light j To triumph through the skies, And all the darkn ess of the world, From his shining presence hurled. Alii too, that fades upon the earth, '- Too weak to linger here,! Tte-blossom's with a second birth, To deck the coming year J Shill hopo; then, man s eternal dower, Be frailer than the falling rl&wer? Ah no! like autumn leaves that die, ... . - i . i . i - That bloom again in spring, Fresh joys shall rise from those gone by, And purer incense bring; And when, like suns, hope seta in night, Shall she not beam from wor ds more bright? V. "Thou art gone fro our Land." FISHER, of Inscubed to Miss CEA It X the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, upon' her leaving Eiigfland. for America, and set to music by Sir John SLevenaon, M. D. Thou art irone from our land, to the land o'er tlie sea, Where oppression's dark chains are now froseri and free; But roam wherej thou wilt, ho home can'st thou find, . More truly thine own hind! ; t ' than te one left bp- Cold, cold is the heart, an unwo rthy the name, That would darken thy glorj, or breathe on ' thy fame! j Then bright be thy path, arid iinrnortaHhy . praise, . Thou wonder in wisdom, though infant in days! From the emile of t le blqEs'd from the. song of the free From the sigh of the brave unto thee; .:-' ' feeling turns For'mongst nature's children j thou standest alone j The pride of her bosom htr own darling one! vnnsi our valleys are crfeen, ana our mountains are blue, To the grateful and lovely our hearts must be true, ! j Whatever thy fate, when re nemb'rinc: the past, . Britain's blessing shall the last! be wikh her child to THE NOTED JACK, OW in the prime of life and fine or- der, will stand at my stable in this place, and render service at Five Hilars the season; JWine Dollars to insure a mare with foal, payable in all the present vear in cash or country produce at casli price; iwciuyiive ceais to ine urpom in -every lUMuiiecs me Mules trom Sir John are e-qnal in size, form land norforrtinnrn. tn nc in this state; two of which rkn h Kn f each of my farms in (his county. The one 1 the two past seasons, has beet seen and ad y... ) .r,. , 1U n0y ,eave tne staoie during liie season. ( Good pastu- rage ior mares , i-ii wiiu ii.w, jrratis- ari1 great care taken, but not liabltfor accidents or eseapes. Any person putting three mares can nave the season lor t net pratis. Persons putting by insurance, will b held responsible for the pf ymcnt, if the IJ ANIEL SOUTH ALL. infield, March 10, 1830. ,.. ! , 3 jw ATS rnuA? f 1 1 -wvi. ODPERvf For eale bv Halifax, icth MarchJ PURGES. 3 tf (OLD ESTABLISHMENT,) At the Sh op formerly occupic d by IVm. P. Clapton, nearly opposite the J1IUIEIVS HOTEL. - .... - j . rrpjHE subscriber takes 'this method Li cf informing the public, that, he has on hand a handsome assortment ot Boots, Shoes and Of Morocco, Calf and Pumps, Seal Skin, made ot the best materia s, ano m me ihcsm. taithful manner, which hi has lately receiv - edfiom PETERSBURG, execi ted under ,i;,;nn nf nnnnrfkUKoei ufirLm'tn in y 4 1 . - that place. Havingr estkbh.ilica a corres- nondence with the Factory, from which his i late assortment was rece 1 - ved he will be re-the! articlesin his 2-ulariv Funnlied with al line, of the latent fash ion k and most approv ed workm-insh'i. He continues the "BOOT! AND SHOE MAKING BUSINESS as ii?ual, in a'l its 1 execute work to various branches; and wi order, on the'shortest notice;! and will spar' no paina to give gen: ml satisfaction tV aii who may favour him wilt their cuatotn. I'irsons will do. w. li t J caij ud ea'nunf his 'assortment, as he is to kqII i at" reduced nriccs for rusii. W ILLIAM liliUW April 13, 1 ;i lQ. I Ci trap and Fashionable BOOT & SHCS !STCHZ3 Oppodite tnu ijiors ilotcl.J BEiisi.'sr. owsr-js 6t co., MAV1NG received from Norfolk a eupeib assortment of the most tasiiionablfj , : V liOOtS. & lOes ana 1 UniVS. 7 -' .t t J For Gentlemen, of every variety of price and quality, r Also, Ladies', Misses', Ohildren's and Servants Shoes, of all kinds mmlitie3 land prices; and substantial Shoeb for - auii having made ar:ajigements to receive constant supplies of those articles,; of the latest fasliions and' bo-t orkmanship, they respectfully solicit from the public generally", such a share of custom,.., as the' character.! their 'goods may be found to merit. They feel confident, that with their pres- j cnt stock, hud the additional, supplies constantly coming to hand, p arsons calling may be suited to their wishes, and, upon satisfactory terms. Mi j " Among the articles of tie latest and most .. approved fashions,: are - . Gentlemen's 1st, 2nd, 3rd &, 4th quality Boots 1st quality Morocco, Leather arid Lasting Pumps', . 1 st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quality Shoes do. do. do. j do. 44 Bootees Ladies' Prunella Shoes, . i . Heels and Spring Seal Skin Shoes, " Leather and Lasti ng Bootees, &C." Misses Shoes and Bootee of all colprs, Boys' Bootees and Shoes , course and fine, of all sorts and sizes, j Men's Course Brogans and Shoes. : Having n)ade arrangements with severar woxkmenof skill in tlie , msiness, they will shortly be enabled to pan y on a ;v OJ1 boots a SSIOSS, in the best style, and wit h the most superi- or materials. Halifax, April "th. - c tf HAT well know .MILL SCAT. known as Grants; on Fishing Creek, I seven miles above hMtikld and nineteen south of Halifax Ni C. Tliis prcjpcrty is ins attached to it s houe for . the a largo phd commodioi grist--mill, forty feet square, three pair su perior mi'I stones live t k-'et in (IOmeter, bolting cloths cotton gin 6cc llso i 1 irn-e ! v v ' H e s.nv. near the , convenient house lor-the grist nil 1 1. ' 'near the .Mill and thereto, is also for sale, containing 1COO or 2000 a- crcs of lani on it, is a irood dvveHin" bouse and convenient out houses stable A: c. this Innd is well tiniberc d and is cal- ; culatcd to produce grain" ami cotton TIIEJIILL can be ibotiglit sepcr;ttfly or with the landor the land w ill be diividcd to suit the Convenience of purchaser For terms apply to thj subscriber liv ing two miles west of Kalield, Halifax Couritv. - . M. C. WIIITAKER Feb. 1 1 1830, 49 6m SPOPTS OF 5HS PIT. A ildin of Cocks will be fouiht on THURSDAY the 'loth inst. at the subscribers;, Gretna Green, half wav; between Halifax . fZ, and Jrwrffnton for ONE THOUSAND DOLL A Rs. CHARLES C Arith, 1830. ' F- RENCHER. 'ti tm 'm" H The , to t he' f.u bcrilH?r. C. C F. R For sale at this Qficc. i 0 CloccS? Watch Repairing r &?c. TnESPCCTFULLY informs the citi-Lit. tp us of Halifax, its vicinity, and the nubhc irenerally, that he has opened a shop r tu r .". II.. : opposlteMr. I ennt'r s,uic r aiun;rs where h intends carrying on the ' REPAIRING BUSINESS, in all ltd various branches. All work entrusted to iiis care, shall be 'done with despatch, and in thes neatest and most work manlike manner. -.1 . 1 maniiKC manner-. . - . i All kinds of Jewellery repaired at tne ! nolicc. ' F ' . - OU: GOLD and SILVER purchased .at ...i ...i 5-4w Halifax, March 29th, IV.30. . AND j SiirflUEL WESTON, Commission Merchants, ' TT"OHN M. WHITE, (late of Peters- qU burg, Va.) has removed to Norfolk, ; all(j in cohnccti'n with bamucl cs-ton, will transact a GENERAL COMMISSION and GROCERY BUSINESS, j . Thev respectfully oiler their services j to the Merchants and Planters of this ' section of the country, as also, to. those, of the of North Carolina, in the PURCHASE or DISPOSAL of anv GOODS or MERCHANDIZE, and !ofj the products of the I armers and 1 hint-j sons 'alur0f the mode of tronsuctin- bu-ers, and from a thorough acquaintance giness j the Borough, together with his , ith the various kinds of produce, parti culurlv COTTON ami TOBACCO ;fc- j rjuired by the elder, of the iirm they are confident of aflordiner entire satibtactibn : O j ; to those- who shall favour them with; J their business. j- j lhe lollowmg articles comprise apart of those jn STORE, viz: 5 hds.'W. I. Rum, 5 Pipes Bordeau Brandy, 2 do. Holland Gin, i ' 10 hds. N. E. Rum 4th proof, 25 do. Baltimore Whiskey, 50 bis." i do.- do. 1 5 do. Rye do. 4lh proof 4 ears of old, i J Noi fleet, deceased, was proved in the 2,5 do. Baltimore Gin, 20 do. Pliiladelphia Countv Court of.PIeas and Quarter Ses-do. 2o do. N. E. Rum, 30 do. Cordials, ( ions, tor Halifax county, at February Term, assorted. 15 nr. Cnsks Sivnpf Mai Wine,1 5 dq. Madeira do. j 1 1-hds. St. Croix Sugar, 1st and 2d quality, 20do-. N. Orleans do. do., do. 2000 do. Lf. Sugar, various do. 50 bgs. Coffee- part-Java. - ''..;' GunPowder, " Imperial, Hyson, 1 lTt, A 6 Young Hysou.di ( JL JJll-AlJSo Pouchong, ; J AH in various sized packages of superior quality. 25 bxs. Convcrs Troy Candles ! 1st quality, 25 do. do. do. i second quality, 25 do Spcrmcetti Io". 25-do. Soap, various qualities, 100 Jo. Windsor Shaving Soap. 15" do-Mustard, in qr. &- hf-Ib. kottles, . 5 do. Superior Chewing Tobacco, inM ' lb. lumps-, 25 do. Millers Cut lo. 50 do. Glass, 8 by 10 and 10 by 12,25 'do'. Chocolate, Nos. 1,2 & 3 25 casks Cheese, 50 bis. Mackerill, Nos. 1. 2&-3 15 half do. do. 20,000 Span-I ish Scgars, in half and qr. boxes, 1,0,000 do. do. inferior quality, Bags pepper, do. Pimento, do. Ginger KegsJVutmegs, do. Fig blue, do. Indigo and Starch, do. Butter and Lard, 3 tiers. Rice 60 Dinii- jonns iuu Jieams rapping paper, 27 do. Writing do. GO Kegs Nails, of 100 lbs. each, assorted sizes, lOdoz. Spades and Shovels, 10 do. Wire Sifters, 10. do. boxes Axes, 5 do. Patent Coffee Mills, 55 do. Bed Cords and Leading Lines. nnil'Sl r:ilV 1 1 m!ilr r o ill nmmn : - -....v,., .v v.jivii i - qt- Hecnnters, 15. do. do. pint do. j-y pieces Cotton Rngging, 42 inches, j 10r000 lbs. Bale Rope, 5,00-0 lbs. Twine, , 200 Sacks Liverpool Salt,' 100' bis. Fam-j iiv Flour. 150 do. Suncrfme. 5 tons Country Iron,. 5 do. Swedes do. 5 do. Blistered Steel, '. :! i 5 do. Castings, composed of fJvens, Pots ! Spiders, Camp-Kettles, And-Irons, Flat-Irons, &c. ! ' .'"'..'! ' I 1,25 bandies Nail Rods, 5 do. Brand Iron, 5 tons Plough Moulds, j 15,000 lbs. Bar Lead, 2 tons Patent Shot. J W(j Kcgs i owner v., ri , try. ;.. With sundry other articIesVand further . supplies daily expected. JOHN N. WHITE, & SAML. , WESTON. i 4 Norfolk, Oct 1820; 36 Cm 75 REWARD. REWARD of seventv-fire dol- lars will be paid for apprehendmc and delivering to me, at Weldon, negroes y Daniel liarrv Skinner.) and Ben fM'Alister.l or . iv enty-hve dollars tor either ot them. They I belong to the Roanoke Navigation. Compa"-ny, and are probably iu thetneighborhood of ' Rock LandiqT. v ' ' . !'. W.H. EDWARDS, Overseer . .. . . . . March 10th, 13 Roanoke Nay. Company. 30. ' 5 4w ! li. AN A .v 1 . a b out the 17th of last month three negro fellows, namely Solomon, Joe and Boson. Solomon is a likely fellow a-bout 24 years of age. Joe is a small fellow aboct 35 or 40 vcars ol age .-with a l,i I j Rnson is a bov about zO or bald head liosu" w- Tc.nrofa?eflO mark recollected except L nrih:,n theothcr. all one arm 1s.MMa.-7-" v . said negroes lortnerJy nesongeu iu 01. lv be onged to (Jol. arn,vnat the div iflerent legatees and o r1M, Sevi Gee and were inn of his pttate bv d now bclonz to Charles J. Gee land Thos. vii.m, t 1 lii iw rtii i iiiiiiium - " tm , . --rii h r,v-n A reward of 20 forcach w.Il be pi en ! to any, person who will deh er sat ne - trmps t o I hn fiii bcr ibers or coiilme t hem grocs to tne suuscrioe y- i any jail to that we caaget them again it taken out ot the county. , nun me sum if taken in the county. . S. II. Gee, Agent for C. Ji Gee, J. A.Benford, "Agt. for T. Turner. February! ICth, 1C30. WILLIAM H. REDWOOD, COMMISSION MKRCILh"l ' yarehouse on ll oodshle's ll'lturf. recently occupied bv Messrs. J. 4' IV: Southgate, enderslhis services to COUNTRY " M n R C H A N T S , P L A N T E I S , a n d LUMBER DEALERS, in the SALE ot PRODUCE and LUMBER,, and in the PURCHASE of GOODS, for which his commissions will, in all cases, be verv moderate. His attention being confined solely to - thorough ; knowledge of the Country Busi- he. hopes, be found advantageous to those who may employ Ids agency. : Reler to .Messrs Lt iJCSMS Slicldon, ) IVingficld, $ Cole 4 Slicldon JVilhiinisbur?. o f'h'e 1. Robert Souter m MM WW Shields - Ashbv JVorfvlk. LVs, Beacon icon,) It I Cm -: Mav, 1029 FniHE last w ill of Marmaduke "J. ra, and tne suoscnoer quanneu as execu tor tliereto. The creditors of said deceas- ed must demand payment of the executor, for all claimsl, within the time prescribed by law, or this notice will be dead in bar to their recovery. VM. R. SMITH, Sfn. Ex'r. Scotland Neck, 25th Mutch, 1 830. 7-3t Stationary Drugs, $?c. 8?c PTTHE subscriber has just received JJ t lie following articles Pulverised Ginger, Tamarinds, . Best In 14 Powder and Shot,' Confectionaries, 'Pepper, Spice, Cider, Copperas, Snuff, Segars, Writing and Letter Paper, School Books, Blank Books, QuillsWafers, Leather,' Lime, Paints, and. an additional supply of all of whiclr together with his former-assortment, he'offers on the niot reasonable terms.: i . .-' 1 J. SIMMONS. Post Ofilce, April 1st, U30. vm TO COTT1TTP.T fTTHEt Subscribers having establish JLL ed a WHOLESALE and RETAlll DRY GOOD8 8TORE, : .1 T : , . ; -' rs iu mis iorougn,.oeg leave to iniorm otin- try Merchants trading thcretiv that they hnte ;jou-, and will ahchys keep on hand a A Ocneral iAssortment of Seasonable tnrJe nnJ Vnnrlt V Maple and t amy TFTTS (F?(T? Tf """ch will, be regularly reptnisied amj " "iy-n ,1U 31 311 "ips Pjier on liberal ;terlng. and at i as nutU ndvance on Auction fruoL usury i,oci!s Jobbers, either in iC York or Philadelphia. 1 I ' ' McKEE, NOBLE d: MEEM. onoJk, Apnl C, 1830; WOxMBLE i LITrHFfiRn Sad flip ntirt Itmrs 1 y r ; i aaaie ana Harness Makers, N rnthod of informmg tl-eir J-L friendjkrf.d customers, that thev have recently received from Baltimore and' Philadelphia, an additional supplv of elegant and fashionable articles in their line of business; which, togetlier with their former stock, makes their assortment general and complete, j . ; Purchasers will be accommodated on very moderate terms; more especially when trading with cash. ' , April 13. f ' 7 tf 1 1 TI IE subscriber wishes to sell 1 sm n7or rent his n the town of Weldon. It is conveniently - ciuaiea, witnin about ioo varcs or tne ca- aal, and is suitable both for a store and dwel- "jng- For terms annlv to me: ' ! i KINCHEN WEBB, i Anriri3. f - - 7 3n.l Jsi iluawa from- ubcriber a year pt.t gro man HARRy He is a bright black old, nUri . L 1-ti-' K - r-w 1 Trrtf kl i'mrrt In L t , .. . . , 45 -Ptcck 4 nd a down look when spoken to 11 . l , r-, r, ..il1, " of In- - .1 ucner a saw vcr. I jnirr.hased him in .-Hahi r" " '"-wax. , fr,frs M 4 Property of W .bonjC .rtcr. JIe U 4 latelv been seen in liertic ronr,r " i nlovcd both as a ditcher Bird vl. 1. .,' - - . . m . -"n-i. u a k M fl.A. fuere l"l?v" -? " ian. i n, Jr.r, he above rcunriUlf Firtv do!Jars e'r- , I)erjiCn t;.,lo .v;u cfeilvY,im to U i 1 r ...... , ... .v-. . c j-uoc I!a;faX, llV lhe 15tti Octolcr DS , I. . ;facUVcrcd to him anv ur i rt ,i - after. B. EAT Sept. I, 1829. rry ILL publi-h carlv in lhe -prr.t V their edition of the debatc wilf probably piake .COO pages octavo ) 1 he demand lor the work, s,y thc pub. I liners, is grcayantl the fub-enptior, n j t"".' V . lUL mVtn -i H 1 1 1 ol oOO-copies, which we arc' n y 4ung off. (X7"Subciibcrs received at : thU OtTi The Celebrated Horse . . . ! ' . -s - w ILL tiind the j ensuing sciioo inv stable twei miles from the town of Halifax and will render service' at thirty dollats the season payable -at rt expiration which may I be dischar" d It ! twenty live cyh. Forty live dollars tel ensure, payable when the fact i- asccr' J tained or the property changed. Or e dol lar to the Groom. The: season will. torn-nience the 1st of Ecbriiarv and end K:i juiy. j . Good pasturage grain, and marcs grai: leu at cents per day wlien require.'. every attention shall bo Jgivc'n to jifcvi ti: ' accidents or e&capes but no:rcpoiivibinij for either. : - - . . .-M . ! a Beautiful dark bay bhick mane nnd Ie ;s, full live feet two and thrce-quartcri inches high, now ten years bid, in' good order, 5cc. ; He was gdt by old -Sir Ar chie; bis dam by Citizeni, bis grandam Ij Alderman bis - great grandam by Koe- buck, bis g.-g-'g. dam by Herod, his g g g. . dam by Further, jc- MARION-was ruri at Lawrcnceville against Sir Henry,! and won the Jockey Club with ease; Lc traycjlel to XewMarkpt, and there win the! Jockey Club,' beat ibg Betsey RicL-. ards and others. 1 1 ' I BENJAMIN S. LONG. , Janunjy 23th, 1830. 1 1 47-tf . J (JC7 The. Richmond Enquirer, Ralcigb .Star and Milton Gazette, will jrrert the abve three times and forward their ac count to thisofflcc:for payment. . The Celebrated Horse, f L stand the ensuing. season, a. V stable, in Northampton rjn- tv. Iorth Carolina, about three rmica trotn i the Court House, nine miles from tJie -vn of Halifax, and twenty-one miles from ' Belfield, Va. He will C9vcr rnarje s at c- ventjy-five dollars the season, payable on the ! 1st dav ot January next, uith One tJoijar to, . i i " if f l 1 . f tne gioom in an cases. ri ucn oi on chiejs friends, that live at a distance, will-sentl their notes with the marcs, payable on the 1st January; also, feeding of the marr. to be paid for v hen tak6n aw a v. 1 lif f - son cornnienced t he 1st of Feb. and willfer- minateon 1st of August. i; .Extensive fields of small grain and clove?-are . sown for -the benefit! of rnare. ircAi mav be" lt-ft with the horse.. with addition gra'irj feeding, at 33 1-3 cents per day. parage enclosures are provided for mar'f t with Icolts. . No pains w ill be spared in t king the best possible care of marr. v bleb mav be left, but no repojbiiity Li accidents or" escapes. j : Sir Afciiie's blood, great Vi2e, p'rfjri ance on the turf, and celebrity as a foal getter arc sutlicient recommendations. -I : JOHN D. AMIS'- MaU-bin. i 4 tf 4- T10TTOX SEED IFOR SALK- Vly I Applv to ! "J. II. SIMMONS- ' Halifax, March 29. V , : LXJMMISSlO.YMKncII.LVr. NORFOLK,! VA. Recently qf Halifax, JN. Giro .'. :SPECTFULLY tenders hi4fr-vices to lhe public in sale-tlai t,Ilci bf PRODUCE, wbich mav be. tr.:, t-i . WT, .. , ',.e a led t o his care Iiis re-h convenient to the wharf, which vill sa the charge of drayage. Sed. 2 ? . 1 30-O i i i -4

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