Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 23, 1928 · Page 2
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1928
Page 2
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No, ?, HAM, Y NIGHT, si ruction nf the Prnprwtistown bust* TIMS district. A check of $50 "nc~ rompanyinjt the resolution w»s re- tnrnrd to the Prophetstown city i-rmncil. While (his action was §p- proved by ail of the RWtshers of c-f the r.jt? council, CommissterMT Hr-ndricks dpctaml th»t h» beltertd rnmt should h«? reached t>ettr«>n the towrw owning pumper* re)atir« to reciprocity in case of flres, The discussion Ifd to thf qttfetion of charpps being made for rum made by the Ore department to places where no numpeni are owned to places just out«lde the city Its, or to the country. It was consensus of opinion' that In t cases a charge should he made. Mayor Burkholder stated that he had a bili of $60 in front of him for services of Hie Sterling fire department at n house on Woodbum are- nue, outside of the city limits recently. He s tat«i that neighbors saw smoke coming out of the house telephoned to the office of Onulrapp * Flock, declaring that there were children in the place and thar the doors were locked. The chief of police was notified, and he In turn in- r?,S FTu CWef COmiCl N1CGl - Who rushed to the scene. He found the house filled from smoke as of o closed draft on the stove no children in the place. The q tlon of collection of a fee m __ case gives a problem to the eltv »ul thorttua inasmuch as neither ™ e owner or the tenant put in the call for the fire department. nts ura th» . ,..-„._,...,.,. the moving p!r- ™A« Bqpta} Change" which ri>- ^ conferred by the apversl for crippled children maln- ny lh* Ancient AnMc Grot Nofetes of the Mrstle Shrine. '<• * p, »?., the shrine degree -nJlfi * 5Wlrly S!1 Mas °fi* ^O eligible by m>«m of entering consistory «n<! rewiring the »H the pomp and 1m* for which it is famed, it of high character cortchid* R d*y that will llnceir m tlw memories of all to participate, NEWS OF LODGES „ of the Rock „ ,,, ia Monday evening in the "nil, Mrs. Edna Water „_„. to th« Rebekah State A^mbly At Springfield last week, —~ a fine report. Arrangements made by the lodge to sponsor ft bunco party next wwk. and teams • • chosen for a membership drive winter. The captains of the two the contest named were Wright and Mrs. Emma 6ml th. Following the business a picnic "™~w was enjoyed by the mem- who remained for a few hours social good time. th" right «*rra and ..,., mis other rfllnor cuts end hnilraw. Th!« mfjrnlnjt 5i« WRS reported to tw dotnR M well m could be expected, sHboush h« Is In R greftt deal of pain. He !i expected fo recover Sf nothlnjt further develops. The wound on his face will leave ft dis flffiirement owing to Its extent an nature. Mr, Dcekcr •rms on his way hnm and wws crossinf the street, Whf the driver of the car irwenred hi car to one side to avoid (rtrikin? him Mr. Drck««r saw the car and Bt#pps in the same direction as that i which the driver of the cnr 1m ttjrnpd. It is hoped that Mr. Decker wll «oon be able to be out and around apilau B«|rtK wi « , W Sf ' of King Bolomon's Temple, mi- J«t to which he has devoted much study and research. RADIO BEACON TO FORCE OHAKQES IK I»ANDINC& FIELDS The Installation of the radio beacon at the Sterling airport will the changing in location of established landing fields, mm.™ the changes that will be requlredby the central airways dirtaion to « DeKaib, because it is not ra a direct line which the airmaU planes will take in their course orer^ nois. It is necessary that all airmail landing fields be on a direct line of flights, so aa to benefit by the radio messages which will be cent out from the Sterling airport, which will be the only field In niinob to be —equipped irith the radio beacon, Woman Falls On Walk, Askr Damages Of City A woman, reported to have been Mrs. Emma Roach, stumbled and fell on the sidewalk in front of the Cochran cigar store oa East Third fitreet Saturday night, sustaining & broken nose. A request hasbeen made of the city to pay the medical expense entailed by the woman as the result of the accident it being claimed that the elevation of one block of cement above the remainder of the sidewalk was respon- alble for the woman stumbling and falling. The council does not believe that the city is liable and no action was taken on the complaint. Denied Building Permit James Broderick, who filed * petition for a permit to construct a bungaJow at 506 East Seventh street, will be denied the request by the city council pending the flxin* up of other properttes recently constructed BO that they comply wiUi the provision* of the city ortinaZ ees. This decision ww made on motion of Commissioner George It Thomas and unanimously suDaort. ed by other members of the^^ Mrs. Ell* Gooper went to Monday night on A abort trip. Likes Arizona Climate Julius GoJdfus, a Freshman student at the University of ArUsona at Tucson. Ariz., this year, writes to hla parents, Mr. and Mrs Henry Qoldfus of Rock Falls that he Is enjoying the climate there and likes the university vary much. The young nura hu commenced the study of aw. Another son, Harold is a Fresha In journalism at the Unirera- ot Wisconsin. VOTING TODAY ON TSTK SUNDAY MOVIES Urbana, HI., Oct. 33.—(A.P,)—Fol- lowing the example of its sister city Champaign, this city today opened polls for conslderfiUon of the Sunday morte question after workers for both sides offered to take voters to th» pelllng places. CONCrBESSMAN BIDE TO SP1AK IN COUNT? Congressman J. Adam Bede o Minnesota will deliver two addresses In Whiteside county on Thursday Nov. 1. in the interest of the Bmlth- Robinson ticket. Congressman Bcde will epeak in Morrison at 3 o'clock In the afternoon and at 7:30 in the evening at Fulton. Congressman Bede is a republican congressman from the Duluth district, but this year has declared himself for tho democratic candidates for president and vice president, O.O.P. COMMITTEE WILL TOUR COUNTY Plans are being made for a tour of the entire county by the republicans on November 1 or 2. Details for the proposed trip will be discussed at a meeting of the Whiteside county central committee at the Morrison club In Morrison on Thursday evening. Permit Sewer Connection Mrs. £j. Eberhardt, residing on Avenua I outside the city limits, will be granted permission by the council to connect her property with the main sewer, providing she makes a deposit equal to the assessment of the adjoining properties within the corporate boundary. The pre-anmml meeting*. pf the Sterling Congregational chttwShrwil! be held on Thursday evening, preceded by n picnic supper «t 6:30 2n JTt r- .'" "P" 1 * iSlvl B « w ' * ho hM work in Florida, will he UM «t the CongrpRntlonal mUS-wnk wrvio! a week from Thursday night. SWIAL AFFM8S Twr-nty neighbors and walked in on Mra. Charles rrw»t for A 5».rfs cttnrd. Oh, b<*r, fwrs mm. Added Stmffe Specialty IVC1LLK KELLY, Dtiwe Imfrmfar assisted by MISS ELSIE NEFF in "DANCE DE LU%i$" M, ,^? nday cvenlri K. and gave her ft birthday surprL-te party, Sereral hours were enjoyably ptw«d play. pro » ITSSIve bunco - toe whteh the ^ r' pnt to Mrs ' ^ m ^ Anand Lawrence Boyungs. and the consolation priies to Mm Charles Anderson nnd Max HilL Refreshments brought along by crowd were sen-cd at a late fe , Rturc or thcin «**»« • cake. Hallowe'en cotors and novelties were used In deSi™ the quartet tables. , And , erson w as remembered a liandsome fc-rnery and three 'THE TALK OF STERLING" TODAY LAST TIMES The Yea^s Greatest Melodrama "FORGOnEN FACES With Clive Brook, Mary Brian, William Powell, Fred K&hler Come and attend a demonstration—something few men can really give you definite information on. What is a Cape glove? What is a Suede? A Mocha? How are Piccary Pigskin gloves, Procuild, Buckskin, etc? A study on this subject and experience in the biggest importing and manufacturing market in our country is yours for the listening. Wednesday Specials in Gloves All Day Tomorrow and Thursday Here's a wow! And a knockout story- *W+P» XFW A. New Blade Crew la Jail. Goose in and they got out. ' MU8IO HOI She Never Wiwa For Your Hallowe'en Party Never before hav« we been able to offer you such a iarfe selection of fine Candies suitable for Hallowe'en. Cfc*«»4e WUchto, C*te au« rajBj^lua; B«tt«r Cream Bate, Devils and Owb; Or*uge wed Bttdk Ctis »WB*. JdUy Drepa aad Lolilpopa, are all here in addition to our regular line of flue Party Canutes. r»s« Bex €»adtes with *pprof»ri*te B&liowe'ea Baadj wi*pp«d for $hipiiing if you wish. ORANGE and BLACK ICE CREAM JAi» **"> ***** *ftUC Briofc -A-iwo i«yar-brick • or O*lidow''Cvan(«~'^cl4int'''»ndi Ci««oist« loe Grww m*4* with B richaeas «ad Savor uw in bma& u> pisaat guest and hqatewj tOifce. Ot~ asar new aa car etyipJy will be limited I«te em, "Mother, what does gastronomy mean?" "Gastronomy, my boy, means the art of preparing and serving appetizing foods." "Oh, yeah! Well the chef at Ye Coffee Shop must be a gastronomy." Call him what you like, folks, but so far we have heard only complimentary remarks about 'our good home cooking. You'll be better Informed once you try one of our delicious lunches or dinners. . Short orders, too. Steaks, chops, salads, and the best pancakes and waffles. Try them some time. Always "Just Good Food" LADIE^ FRENCH CAPE and Fabric Back Gloves all day, size 6 to 9— PIGSKIN GLOVES BUCKSKIN GLOVES New slip-on styles. to$5 FRENCH CAPE FACE MEN'S GLOVES Special, W9 First Avenue IN OUR BARGAIN BASEMENT MEN'S LINED CAPE GLOVES taken from $1.50 grades but some have damage marks, but just as good for wear. BOYS' MITTENS Knit wrist, leather front and .back. Also hundreds of gloves. *B »AKK SHOP lit B. I, J, Restore Honesty and Efficiency in Public Service by Electing son Democratic Nominee for Governor *l «&*$« at ito ««Mted tews «i mat latotal a*** to Judge rhompi Pledges: IHMAiMi JHUl jHlliHll Mtildtta. Ikaii K • J^-? ; ^55r^««a{EaLL ^j'^^S. miiz '^ stet* >•—on^ « jniijwim. IBMII IJJIWBIIIBJJPJHBMP ^* wre »*»» tfaftgiffiJL. »""» Miip»~ ftp ***» «>** «*i ***** «• •««**»» Smvifei^i* «r£kAi*iw* jidk-a-Jtt^l^Ji*.^. -.gA .Afe»ai 4*.^ &a*a^Lfi«x * '--"'V 111 "!^*" *•* Twaa^gj , ill^iilffiliPilip ** VIPP- -HIP. flnpnpiH» tf||to|r. MjftM i^^Uy^^H ^Hri|^^^ A ^niiii^ii ittttjjft^ «J™fyaiTii |« I ^^r5^"«r W^ "^^^^^w^^r* "* JHmk IHR^HNHttt^RR^^ 3sNNtt£ft

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