Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine on April 21, 1863 · 2
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Bangor Daily Whig and Courier from Bangor, Maine · 2

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1863
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N D O U R I E R . BANG WHIG 1 $S3Mg & 0umr. WHEELER i. LYNDE PROPRIETORS. Wm. H. Wheeler, Editor. TUESDAY, AFBIL 21, 1863. Daily Established 1834 Weekly 1815. TERM8 OF ADVERTISING: For on iqom, (amount of 18 line of thm typo,) throe time in ue Dally, 1 25 time For eaoh weeks continuance. 0 60 0 76 1 26 0 26 For balf-eqnare, three times, : one square In I For one sqoare in Weekly, three times, For each weeks oontinoanoe. SPECIAL NOTICES: $2.00 per sqoare ibr first week $1.00 per square for oontinoanoe. Doable Column Advertisements, inserted at the rate of epeoiai notioes. far Advertisements, where the time of insertion not specially designated, will be oontined until otherwise ordered. &-AI1 transient Advertising most be paid for n advance. It is said the "peace democracy are going to tiy Wm. P. Haines of Biddeford, for Governor, this year. Singular, isnt it. that the copper-head leaders have never got a man to ran a second time as the democratic candidate tor Got-ernor, since the war began! Why is it! Do their men get enough of defeat the first time, or do they get converted as soon as they see all the desperate disloyalty and determined treason of the men who try to nse them? Facta ao far aeem really to indioate the latter eolation. The copperheads first' nominated John W. Dana, and supported him in 1861, as the candidate of the party opposed to "this unholy war. Next year he was not nominated, and it is now said he has becomes tupporler of tne "unholy war, since he left the country. Bion Bradbury was the man who oiler ed himself to be the democratic candidate in the second year of copperhead-ism bat after his defeat he went to New Orleans for his health, and is said to have become oonverted even Jo a belief that slavery is not divine. It seems, therefore, that he is to be dropped. Will Mr. Haines stand more than one dose of northern secessionism ? Not even one, we hips. Democratic Patriotism. A triend sends ns an account (published in another coinmn) of a meeting in Sangervilie. One of the principal objects of those present seems to have been to initiate measures whereby the town (iu which they nave a majority) shall be taxed heavily to buy off aU copperhead and other crafted men, and tnereby prevent the Government from receiving any recruits from that Bection for its armies. After doing this the democratiospeak-ers very ' inconsistently oomplained that one of the effects of the war was to bankrupt our State, oities and towns. The patriotism of these men is equal to their consistency, and could aU be enclosed in the hull of a mustard seed, and there would then be 100m for the souls of aU the rebel-sympathizing leaders of the North. The most contemptible o I ail men arq those who.while living under and claiming the protection of a good government, are sympathizing with its enemies, throwing obstacles in the way of reoruiting its armies, end aiding in every safe way the foul rebellion which aims at his life. Srsdiso Hebei, Sympathizers Home. We are glad to see it stated that Burnsides order in his new department, for arresting and sending to their proper places the female and other se cession spies who swarm at the North, is to be put in strict execntion, in every case where sat-isfaotory evidenoe is obtained of the rebel sympathies of the parties. The copperheads wiU undoubtedly set up another howl of "unconstitutional outrage upon the liberty of the oitiEen bat the country will say to Burnside "Go ahesd,as it would long ago have said tothe administration, if it bad cleared out the foul neet of male and female spies and traitors at Washington, who have all along inflicted more damage upon our cause thao ail the armies of the Confederacy. Among the first arrests made under Burneides order, it is gratifying to note the Wife of the pirate Semmee, who has been residing at Cincinnati, violently denouncing the-Gov-ernment, and inealtingly glorying over the de-violations upon Northern commeroe perpetrated by her infamous husband. In company with a daughter of the rebel General Battles of Ten nessee, she has been notified to get ready for a trip into Dixie. These wives and daughters of rebels should no longer be allowed to enjoy the safety and comfort of Northern cities (all the time sending information South) while .their husbands, eons and brothers are doing their utmost to destroy the government which gives them these peaceful blessings. Let secession women eajoj all the blessings of secession, we ay. The Boston Traveller believes in the possibility of carrying the Monitors by boarding from' boats filled with men, and owning np from different directions. It thinks there is not one ohance in a hundred of the hot water preventative being snooeeafnlly applied, and they might be boarded between the intervale of loading and firing. or in defianoe of a fire whioh would only risk the sacrifice of one or two of the.approaoh-ing boats. Perhaps the Traveller sees dearly how the assailants are to get into the Monitors, After getting on to them. We dont. The Cumberlands men boarded the rebel Merrimac but found it of no nee. , A Word to the Bangor Whig. Yon have been pleased to quote so much of our reoeut ar- 1 as exposes oar views of the partial legiela-tion exhibited in the Consoription Act, and oar statement that snoh partial legislation is objectionable. But you entirely omitted to quote, or to intimate to your reader the suggestions we mads for the due observance and fulfilment of the law, whenever demanded, by equalizing the bounty to both rioh and poor man alike, that each shall be put spon an equality at the pub-Ho expense, so tar as exemption of their persons from servios, if ded red .shall be concerned. And ef giving ns the benefit of this injue-tion for an observants and fulfilment of the law, or InUmatiog we advocate it, you prooeed to oy, so. Portland Advertiser. We assure the editor of the Advertiser we had no intention of suppressing any oentimewt of his Avtide. Our comment was mad npon an ex tract from the Advertiser, which wo found In tide 1 another paper. The whole article we did not see, as our oopy of that date was lost daring oar abeenoe. If the Advertisers plan of equalising bounties will insure that the object of recruiting our armies shall not be defeated, and is, as it says, just to the poor and rioh alike, we will not denounce the paper for intentional evil in wbat it haa said of the conscription law al though we believe it highly injudicious to arouse the feelings of the people against the law at a time when a speedy draft is apparently probable. We believe, as we said before, that the law is both just and jndioious as it is. before The "Metropolitan Police BUI before the Massachusetts Legislature, has been referred in the Senate to a oommission to report to the next Legislature. The Journal represents this as a gentle mode 6f letting down the originators. Among the originators is Henry Carter, Esq., formerly editor of the Portland Advertiser, now a resident of Massaohusetts.and a member from Bradford. Tug Atlasmo Mosthly for May is on our table. Its list of contents is as follows Charles Lambs Uncolleoted Writings; Dark Ways, by Harriet E. Prescott; After Taps, by Colonel H B Sargent; The Human Wheel, ita Spokes and Felloes, by Oliver Wendell Holmes; Paul Bleecker, by the Author of Margaret Howth, Life in the Iron Mills, eto. ; Dp the Thames, by Nathaniel Hawthorne; The Fern ForestB of the Carboniferous Period, by Prof Agassiz; the Countess, by John G Whiltierr; Gala Days, by Gail Hamilton; Give; Only an Irish Girl; Shall we Compromise, by D A Wasson. LOCAL AND MAINE NEWS. terms of BALLY . $6,00 per year; $5,00 for six months; $1,50 for three months; Ml cents per month lor less than frhrea moLlLS. ty Invariably in Advance. The first of January, 1863, all .Dailies will be discontinued unless tne price ox saoscnption is paid in advance For Evening Telegraphic Despatches, &0.1 see First Page. Fibst Arrival. Bark David Nichols, Capt Carl, arrived at this port yesterday afternoon, with molasses to Fiske & Dale. Ef Joseph Tibbetts, an aged man belonging in Hampden, received injuries on his heal, said to be severe, from a runaway horse in this city. Dra- Rich and Mason attended him. ( Advertisement ) H. Melville Fay as L-Rosorusian member of the Imperal Order of the Bisy Cross, and the greatest living physical medium in the world, gives an exhibition at Norombega Hall on Friday evening, the 24th. Mr. Fay is now making a tour of the large oities of New England previous to leaving for Europe, by invitations of some of the first liferary and scientific minds of the world. You will see strange sights and hear strange Bounds if you attqnd on Friday evening. tSThe Crrig microscope magnifies the object near ten thousand times. It is invaluable for every lover of the beautiful things in nature. Dseful, ornamental, beautiful, so simple in structure that any person can use it. A fine assortment of these microscopes may be seen at the store of Messrs. Patch & Hight for a few days. All persons are invited to call and eee them, where they will be cheerfully exhibited whether to purchasers or others. Union Fire Issubakce CoMPAnx. There will be a epeoiai meeting of the Union Fire Insurance Company at the office of John S. Chadwick, Esq., to-day, at 2 oclock. Supreme Judicial Court April Term. CDTTINQ, J. PRESIDING. Monday, April 20th, 1868. on trial. James Cunniogham vs. Anson W. Decrow. Plffi olaims $75 and interest as his share of a contract with the government. Simpson. Briggs. Uf The Congregational Sabbath School in Brewer have contributed over Thirty Dollars for the relief ot the "Contrabands, and the citizens have added enough to make more than One Hundred Dollars for the same purpose. UT At a Ladies Levee in Brewer, on Thursday evening last, over $100 was raised for the benefit of oar sick and wounded soldiers. The Outside Boat. We learn from Loomis Taylor, E;q., that the new and splendid steamer "Katahdin, built in New York by the Sanford Company, to take the place of the Mene-mon Sanford on the route between this oity and Boston, will be ready to leave Boston on her first trip as early as the 5th of May, and possibly a few days before that date. The new boat is all that has been represented in regard to speed, safety and convenience. iy The Argue calls the Congressional Committee on the conduct of the war, a lot of wretched partizane, because they didnt whitewash MoClellan. In the view of the peace democrats, every body is a partisan who gives due oredit to successful commanders, and finds fault where fault 19 due Thus, oommendation of Gen. Butler is gall and worry ood to the copperheads, while condemnation ot McClellsn is equally bitter. True Ebough. The Aroostook Times well expresses the sentiment of that yonng, vigorous and patriotic people when it says: Our countrymen will stand by their friends and relstivea in the field. The spirit of American liberty ia too deeply settled in the hearts of the people to allow this Union to be broken up and a 'despotism established on its ruins. They demand a vigorous prosecution of the war and no compromise with rebels in arms. The only question before ue is shall we crush the rebellion or shall it oruah ns? Delicate Joke. A jockey lord met his college tutor at a great horse fair. Ah, Doctor, exolaimed his lordship, what brings you here among these high-bred eattle? Do you think you can distinguish a horse from an ass T My Lord, replied the tutor, I soon perceived you among the horeee. ETTbe powder mill of J. C. Marble at Paris, was blown up tort Friday week the fifth time In the last tan months. Loss f 1000 so person killed. . CITY AFFAIRS. br City Coueoil, , ) April 20, 1863. ) Petition of Cornelias Sativan and others, for Patten Street to be made. Referred to the joint standing committee on Streets and Highways. Petition of C. G. Weld, for allowance for damage to hie lot, oaased by the extension of Fifth Street. Referred to the Committee on City Property. Petition of Thornton Lyford and others, for the removal of show case eigne on Main and other Streets. Referred to the Committee on Pnblio Schools. Petition of JohnT. Webb and others, making it imperative thaf all wood offered for sale be measured by a sworn surveyor. Referred to the Committee on By-Laws and Polioe Regulations. Petition -of J. R. Merrill and others, for the side walks on Ohio Street to be put iu good repair. Referred to the Committee on Streets and Highways. Order, That the Committee on City Property, with the advioe of the Mayor be authorized to make such repairs as they deem necessary on the roof of the City Hall, and that the Mayor be directed to draw hie order od the City Treasury in payment tor the same. Passed. Order, That the Joint Standing Committee on Finaooe be directed to ascertain and report to the City Council, by Resolve or otherwise, the sam necessary to be raised by assessment oa the Polls and Estates in this City, to defray the expenses of the City the present year. Passed. Order, that a Joint Special Committee be appointed to foreclose or otherwise dispose of notes and mortgage of A. Emerson on the High Head, ao called. Passed, and Alderman Hatch and Counoilmen Crosby and Clark appointed said Committee. Order, that the Street Commissioner be atid he is hereby directed to remove the old flag stones at the terminus of First Street with Union Street and lay new ones. Referred to Committee on Streets and Highways. Report of the Joint Standing Committee on City Property on so much of the Mayors Address as relates to East Market Sqoare, with an order direoting a Committee consisting of the Mayor, Alderman Sabine, the President of the Common Council and Counoilmen Dunning and Marston to cause said square to be properly graded, and ornamented with trees, &o. Report accepted and order passed. Petition of W. F. Brown and others for the name of the Court leading from Union street, above Hammond street, be changed from Patten Court to Uuion Place, with an order for the same. Order passed. A resolve authorizing a temporary loan. Passed. Order, that the City Marshal forthwith enforce so much of chapter 47, sec. 17, as relates to cord wood being left in streets, lanes and publio squares, and enforoethe penalty. Passed. Resolve fixing the salaries for the present year finally passed. - Report of O H Ingalls on order passed April 6th, appointing him an agent to inquire and report as to the necessities and condition of families receiving city aid from the Volunteer Fund. Read and ordered on file. Ordinance establishing a police. Passed to be ordained. Voted to adjourn to next Monday evening at 7 oolock. In Board or Aldermen. The declination of Samuel A Fellows as Assistant Engineer of the Fire Department was received and placed on file. Communication of O H Ingalls, elating the number oi families and individuals who have reoeived aid from the Volunteer Fund, and such as are now receiving aid. Plaeed on file. Order authorizing the Mayor to grant all 11 censes which the Mayor and Aldermen may grant. Report of the special committee of the Board of Aldermen upon the question whether any change is necessary in tbe mode of distributing the State and city aid to families of soldiers and marines. Recommending that a special agent be appointed to disburse the funds in cash, except in cases where there ie reason to believe that the money will not be judiciously need. About Minor Soldiers. Judge Ware, in a case that came before him in Portland for the discharge of a yonng man from the army on account of hie age, laid it down ae a rule that if a man enlisted under the age of 18, but continued in the army, and reoeived pay for his eervioes after he became 18, it will be held as a confirmation of his contrsot, and his discharge will not be granted on the ground that 'he enlisted before be was of eufficient age. tyTbe citizens of Ashland after three days labor and travail have chosen seven seleotmen, four republicans and three democrats. The Pioneer man arrives at the conolnsion that there are a great many men in that town who want offioe. gy The Portland Argns quote from a doubtful etory that Gen. Jackson onoe said to friend: The abolition party is a disloyal organization. We dont remember to have seen in the Argus Gen. Jaoksone opinions abont nullifiers, secessionists, and aiders of rebellion. Will the editor print those opinions for the benefit of some of its readers ? It is no use for that paper to publish what Jaokson said -about abolitionists. Nobody of fAaf class reads the Argus. A Sad Case. Mr. and Mrs. Josbna Small of Danville, have in a brief time lost six obildren by scarlet fever, and in all tbe oases diphtheria supervened, a fact of interest to the faculty who have such oases to treat. The remaining two cbiluren are both sick from the same disease. tJ Sohr-City Point, Capt Naaon, of Belfast, from Calais for Boston, with a load of lumber, sprung aleak when abont twelve miles eouth-east of Cape Ann, and filled. Capt N snooeed-ed in getting the vessel into Gloucester outer harbor and anchored her, where she toyed till morning of the 17th The crew were obliged to leave her and pace the night on board of another vessel. After the gale had abated, Ae was bronght ia to Gloucester. . GTll to said that the Empress . Eugenie in going to see th Pope. Is U to get absolution for Increasing ths size of orinoline, and thus ruining innumerable husbands and fathers ? jySohr Maine, Brown, from Bobblntton for Providence, with 1 cargo of lumber, whioh went ashore at Owl's Head daring the late gale, was in the harbor when the gale earns on. She dragged, parted one chain, slipped the other in trying to keep the vessel off shore, bat her stern took the bottom, and she went on. The vessel is a good deal damaged, and will have to go on the marine railway for repairs. (7The Maine Cavalry regiment ie stationed at Belle Plain Landing, some 40 or 50 miles below Acqnia Creek. The Brigade to which the regiment is attached, is or was last week doing picket duty, and in the vioinity of Stafford Court House. , GTThere is deoidedly a better feeling in the ary goods market. Business is Ynore active, and prices at auotion are higher. $yOn Monday the safe of Postmaster Bel. knap, at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, was broken open and robbed of $140,000 legal tender notes. Jf-The Honlton Times saye the shingle-makers are in their glory the price of that article being higher than ever before. Snell House. A. G. Hunt, Esq , and family arrived here laet week and have taken possession of this favorite hotel, whioh is now in running order. Houllon Times. ESW Somebody has discovered that law is more remarkable for its close shaving than for always shaving the right person. cyMachiae goes in for a dog tax. y The rebel conscription is from 16 to 60. $3T At Marshfield in this State a Mr. Hans-00m collects the taxes lor one eigh th of one per cent. Eg The Houlton Times says bay is worth $20 in that region. E?Rev. F. A. Hodsdon of Belfast, .is to preaoh for the Second Universalist Society of Portland for the present Maine Men in the California Cavalry Battalion. The new California Cavalry (com paniee A, B and C,) has arrived at New York and been reoeived with a glorious ovation. We have received the Alta California of March 23 which gives a list of the members. We note tbe following names of Maine men Compang A 1st Lieut. Rufus W. Smith Hiram Cbrystler, Daniel Merrill, WmH Moore. Benj F Partridge, Aurelius B C Sheldon, Jos Sheldon, Levi W Turner. Company B :1st Lieut. Wm C Manning Levi R Clark, Seth Chandler, Nathan H Fogg Edward Long, Thos McFarlane, Bradstreet R W tides. Company C Captain Geo A Manning; 2d Lieut. John C Norcross; Wm E Blanchard James B Hayford, John W Locke, Charles 1 Meadow, Alfred Stevens, William H Jennings. SPECIAL NOTICES. MAY-DAY BREAKFAST. Sale of Choice Flowers AT CITY HALL! The Ladies of the Sanitary Commission will serve BREAKFAST, MAY-DAY, aethe City Gall, from 7 oclock until 12. Refreshments served during the entire day. 'j here will be a great display of choice Hot House Plante, comprising the finest and rarest varieties of Geramuas, Roars, Heliotropes. Fuchsias, Carnations ao. Also, Bedding Out Plant, such as stock Giilifiowers, Petonias, Pansies' Verbenas, Daisies, o. all of which will be sold at the usual Green fiouse prices. The Committee intend o make this Festival se attractive that May parties need not seek elsewhere for Flowers or for amusement. .Per eider ot tHe Committee. Qf House keepers are respectfully solicited to aia the Committee by o ntributioos to the breakfast table apr2l sn BATCHELORS HAIR DYi. THE BEST IN THE WOBIiD ! WILLIAM A. BATCHELOR'S celebrated Hair Dye produces a color not to be distinguished from nature warranted not to injure the Hair in the least; remedies the Hi effects of bad dyes, and in- uD oi vlgorate the fr&ir for life. GREY, RE. HAIR inst leaving th Druggists, o. or RUSTY Instantly turns a splendid Black or Brown, leaving the Hair soft and beautiful. Sold by all gy The Genuine is signed WILLIAM A. BATCH CoR on the four tides of each box. Factory, No. 81 Barolay Street, I Late 233 Broadway and 16 Bond Street , nl96ij d&wlyr New York. Bangor Horticultural Society. The April Meeting of this Soo ety will be held at the Common Counoli Room, City Hall, on TUESDAY Evening, Ap il 2tst, at 7 o'clock, to determine upon a List of Premiums to be awatded at the Auoual Exhibition, and to transact other cosiness of importance. Some Vegetable Seeds received from the Patent Offioe wul then be distributed among the members. J. C. WESTON, Secretary. apr!8 sn3t (Times o py) GEORGIA E. PEARSON, ?InoFOrto TeaoHer, Prospect St., next to Sigh School, BANGOR. References H. R, Streeter, L. R. Horton, W. H Wheeler. apri7 sn6m Luxuriant Hair for All ! Bogles Hyoerion fluid Restores and Dresses Hair. Bogles Electrio Ha r Dye Best in the World. Bogles Palm of Cyihena Cures Tau and Pimples. Booles Wigs and Hair Work, Hew Improvements. Surpass all others. Cheapest, best, and moat reliable. Try! Beoonvinoed. W BOGLE, apr!6 8o3m 202 Washington St,, Boston. Farm Wanted, Of from 10 to 29 acres, with good Buildings, within six miles of the oity. Inquire at this Offioe. aprlG snlw Steamboat Notice. The New, Staunch, and Swift 8teamer isS: HARVEST BOON, Capt. W. B. BOIX, WiU leave WINTJERPORT Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings, at 6 oclock, for PORTLAND and intermediate landings, Betarninz. Will leave Portland Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 6 oclock. fdTSi are and Freight at the steamer Websters 3 rates. March 24, 1863 MCNJAAUN HOOKE, Agent. Dr. THOMAS U. COE, Physician and Surgeon. Residence, Offioe, No. J Onion Block, Main Street. No. 78 Court Street. Jan 1 sntf CITY OF BASQOR The Regular Meetings of the Joint Standing Common s AecoHHts and Clams will be balden at toe Aldermens Room, City Halt on FRIDAY before the first Monday of each month, at Soeloek P. M. J. it. BOWLER, Chairman. march 26, 1893 (Thnes oopy.) Dr. N. 8. JENKINS, Dental Surgeon, (Buoosssor to Dr. J. K T.lnooin.) L Jgp Union Blook. Main street. ' septa . sntf ,, Dr. W.'H . BEOWN Has changed his residence to First Street, first house from tne Unitarian church. Offioe same as before corner of Hammond and Franklin streets. apr7 OFFICES, March 17, 1863. 5 For the convenience of those who tray have official business with the Mayor, he will be in attendance, daily, at the Mayor and Aldermens Room From 9 oolock to 10 oclook A M.: From 21 to 34 oclook P. M.. until farther notice. 4w SAMUEL H. DALE, Mayor. (Times oopy) MARRIED. In Orono, by Mark W. Gammon, Esq., Mr. Wilmot W Walker, of Oldtown and Miss Busan Thomas oi rono. RINE JOURNAL FORT OF BANGOR , ABBI VI D. MONDAY, April 20, Steam Tug Terror, Snow, Winterport Bark David Nickels, Garle, Winterport with molasses from Cardenas to Fiske A Dale. WAKE UP! READ THIS. NEW GOODS OPENING SEE THE PRICES New Delaines, best quality, only 25cts, Prints, fast colors, only 1 shilling, Pacific and Manchester Prints, only 25cts All-Wool Delaines, best qual., only 50cts. Selicias, only 25cts, Brown and Bleachd Shirtings, only 20cts. Brown and BieachdSheetings, only 25cts, Elegant Shawls and Balmorals very cheap Nice Silk Gloves, from Auction, only 25c Linen Handkerchiefs at old prices, We would especially call your attention to our stock of FOREIGN DRESS GOODS Bought for CAS H , and will be sold at a GR EA T DISCOUNT from the cost of importation. JOHNSON BROS. 15 West Market Square apr2l df 3TICKNEY & ROBERTS OFFER BEST STYLE Spring Delaines FOR 25 CENTS ! AND Merrimack, Manchester and other Styles of Prints, PEOM 17 TO 20 CEBITS, aprfl Cardenas Molasses HHDS. 33 Tierces New Crop Clayed Mo lasses, cargo of Bark David Nichols, from Cardenas, now landing and fur sale. FISKS & DAT .TH apr21 d2w Special Notice, ALL persons having lence feet or any obstructions on the publio " r walks, are hereby notified to have them removed without further notice, to make the walks safe for the public travel. Per order. TAYLOK DURGIN, apr2l 3w Street commissioner. Diseases Cured! WITHOUT THS USB OF MTIR.OUB.Y DH. BEOWN, Office No. 45 Main Street, Ban gor, corner Brick Block, elm trees in front between the Hatoh and Bangor House, devotes his attention to the Treatment of s th lu all stages and forms of long standing or of reoen origin, which can be attended to in Office Practice Special attention given to the treatment of Scrofu la, and all Diseases of ise A THE BLOOD! General Debrlity, Local Weakness, Irregularity Suppression, or from the USE OF MERCURY, and all Diseases whioh affeot the FUBITY OF THE BLOOD, cured withont the use of MERCURY, leaving toe Blood In a PURE AND HEALTHY STATE, thus precluding relapse. Invalids who oannot call upon me personally can consult by letter. $5f Patients will be furnished with Medioin.sat ny Office. -,Otfice hours 8J A. M. to 12$; 2 to Si: and 7 to D pr20 . dAwlw 8$P.M. Notice. rjmE Stockholder of the Union Fire Insurance Company, of Bangor; arc hereby notified that a Special Meeting oi said Company will be held at their offioe, in Bangor, on TUESDAY, April gor, on TUESDAY, April 24tb, 1863, at two of theolook in the -afternoon, to see if they wilt acoept the Aot entitled An Act to r hange the Charter of the Union Fire Insuranoe Company of Bangor, approved February -e8th 1863, and to aot upon any other business whioh may legally m before said meeting. , JOHN B. CHADWICK, Secretary. March 30, 1863 tm ANEW BOOK The Field and Garden Vegetables of America, containing fall desonotiom of neatly Eleven Hundred Species and Varieties with directions for propagation, oulture and use. For sale by a20 PATCH A HIGHT. FINE CUTLERY A large assortment Fine and Medinm Cutlery, for sate by epr20 D. BUG BEE A CO. CRAIGS MICROSCOPE, for sale hy apr21 D. BUG BUGBEEACO. ANNETTE or the Lady of the Pearls, a new Novel, by Alexander Dnmas the younger, at apr20 BaRTLEITS LIBRARY. ATLANTIC and Peterson for May received by api-20 A. BARTLETT. DtAUBIGNE His History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin reed by prl5 E.F.DUREN. R OBINBONS PATENT BARLEY and Groats. KO . N. S HARLOW. 17. S. Securities. Bonds, Five-Twenties, and Certificates of u. s. for sale by Bangor, April 2, 1863. Indebtedness in sums of $r-0 to $ 1 ,000 james dunning dAwtf WALLETS and Cnrrenoy Holders A fine stook of toe above for salalow by pr20 D. BUG 3EE A CO. "1 ROVER A BAKERS Sewing Machines tor sale VJl by apr20 D. BUGSES A CO. and the Mississippi River Maps of the War 1 aao ties for sale by K. F. DURKN. MAY Atlantis, sizes, rccd by Leslie, Peterson, Ballou Maga-b3j E. F. DUREN. M AY AUautio and Peterson reed b; 30 5 D. BUG ADO, Seed Seed! THE Subscribers have on hand and are selling low for cash, the fo lowing SEEDS : 100 bushels olean Scotch Fife WiEAT; 50 w nice Java WHE A.T! 1000 nioe HERDS GRASS SEED; 20 Tons nice CLOVER SEED; 25 Bushels nice FLAX SEED for sowing. . Also, a large assortment of Agricultural Implements, & Garden Seeds of he best quality. Call and see. c. pr. DUNNING & CO., apr20 dw2m No. 42 West Market Square. 3ST o t i c o . THE 8tookholdezs of the BANGOR GAS LIGHT COMPANY are hereby noticed that the Annual Meeting ot said Corporation 1 will be holden at their Office in Bangor on MONifAY, tbe fourth day of May next, a two oclock P. M., for the choice of Directors and the transaction of any other business which may legally ome beforehem. G. K JEWETT, Pres't. Bangor. April 18th, 1863. t i apr2Q tm FRESH HALIBUT ! Fresh Halibut. A FULL STOCK of fresh onesconstantly on hand and aU kinds Fresh Fish,!: Lobsters, Ac Sel-LOW. ( ling LOW. LOW & DUMMEB. tw apr20 -Vessels Wanted. ONE of 150 M capacity, to load for St. Domingo, and back to Boston; One of 100 M capacity for Balize, Honduras, 'and back to Boston. J Two for Georgetown, D. C., lTy Lumber; One for Baltimore, 125 M capacity; One for bt. Peters, 100 M capacity; Several to load with loe lor the South; Several to load with Lumber for New York. Apply to SETil E. BENSON. Commission Merchant and Ship Broker, apr20 tf 73 Exchange Street. For Sale. A first rate, convenient Brick Tenexneut on Hudson .Street, in good order, will be sold low. for cash I. kor further particulars enquire of MARK WEBSTER, on the premi&es. ' apr20 ATLANTIC Monthly and Petersons Magazines for May, recd by s a20 PATCH & HIGHT. SPECIAL NOTICE TO the 1 1 CITIZENS of BANGOR i FOR THREE DAYS. MondayTuesday and Wednesday, April 20th, 2l8t, and 22d, that wonderful instrument, the CRAIG MICROSCOPE, 5 Will be on Exhibition, and for sale at the store of Messrs. Paten & fright. No. 3 Smiths Block, Ban gor. Mr. Wheeler, (arm of C. if,, wheeler A Co, Boston, who are tbe iew England agents for this beaut fill invention) is now in Btngor and will be happy to show the Microscope to.&U who may feel interested enough to call. ; As a Gift or Present to a friend or child, it is nn- c i r J surpassed, being elegant, instructive, amusing and cheap. Although of high magnifying power, it re- quires no focal adjustment, and rthereiore can be readily used even by a child. Oij no other Micro scope can these things be said. Magnifies 100 Diameters or iO,OQ0 times. The Microscope reveals. Contrivance intricate, expressed with ease, beauty sees ; Where unassis ed sight no The shapely iimo and lubricated joint Within the small dimensions of point. Muscle and nerve miraculously soud, His mighty work, who speaks aia it is done. ii Cowper. We give below a few of the-many commendations that have been received relating to the Craig Mi crotcope : j The Editor of the New York Tribune of March 28tb, 1862, says -Mr Henry Craig has shown us a little microscope of great power, which is so simple that a child may use it. The fund of amusement and instruction afforded by such ao instrument is iUimitble, while tne price at wniefa it is furnished places it within reach of ail. For tbe use of schools and Seminaries we should think it wou d aoswer all the purposes of the more costly ana complex compound instruments. j Onfe of the most useful and entertaining novel ties of the day is the raig Microacope. it is one oi the most perfect little instruments we have ever seen; of great simplicity ; it Can be used by children as an amusement and at the same time be employed as a means of infiuite instruction in searching into the secrets and wonders of mature. Every family, BChool and institution of Aarning should have one. The New Yorker. Interest children? Yes, just try fit, and see if IA1. 1,1.1. A M I Ra ,,a 1 A V K A I . . . your i;irJs and boy will not bs full Of ouriosity. Blessings, we say, npon toe man wife has simplified and brought within reach of the masses ot toe oom-mon people this beautifnlly mounts! microtcope Western Olive Braneb, Indianapolis. Rev. Daniel Wise, D. D. of New York, in noticing this instrument, says: -Its simplicity, cheapness and great magnifying power, struck me with surprise. I wae examining a flys eye by iu aid and was struck with wonder at the skill and pewer of the Creator whioh is nisplaycd in fts structure When I saw a statement in an advef Jsement that the t raig Microscope magnified one hundred diameters, and could beoonght lor $2, 1 thought it was one of the many humbugs of the hourTlor I had Faid $2o for a mioroscope not long before. Bm now find it to be a really valuable instrument, which I should like to see introduced into ihe families of into ihe families of onr readers in plaoe of the manifold useless toys which please for an nour and are then destroyed. All are oord tally Invited to examine this instrument, whether they wish to purchase or not. Price only $2. . i J PATCH & HIGHT, HO. 2 SMITHS BLCCK, Bangor. The Microscope tells me that in the leaves of every tree, and in the flowers of every garden, and in the waters of every rivulet, there are worlds teeming with life, numberless as are the glories of the firmament.-Chalmers. apr.20,3t Ji Suburban Residence AUCTION. ON WEDNESDAYa th 6th day of May next, at 3 oclook P, M., the premises, iUlfifl. that most desirable place,- tbe homestead of MbTDAKIUS LAWRENCE Lot situated on tbe oorner of Onion anx Fourteenth Streets, about three-fourths of a mile north-easterly of tbe Bangor Home. The Buildings eonsissiog of a 1 J story louse, with ell, wood-shed, and stable in good repair and never tailing water. The lot contains about 2 acres good land, with a great variety of Fruit and Ornamental Trees, bhruos, , , Gisps Vines, A o-.&o. The above presents a rare ohance for a person wanting a pretty plaoe a little removed from the ift dost and noise of toe oity to purchase at a great bargain, as the owner has engagSfaient West, and Cali am' will sell without reserve. Calf and examine, and attend the sale. Terms liberal. B. S. sr HB3COTT, Auctioneer. Bangor, April 17, 1863 StawdAwts SPRING STYLE. fi :ati moh34 . NOROMBEGA HAtt H. Melville Fay & Will e. . TUE CELEliRATEU Physical Test Medium, wm UijruUUS Grand Popular Public Tf.w . At the al-jve UaH J -8 Friday Evening, April 24th Tla VTonirA.i.,. Ml end Wife, ere the most wonderPfuwnC '-f Mr F powers hevmg been trsteri ,, hi , 011 feorri-.,!1 the most scientific minds of th.h t f,,ur Jemt' 1 V Avapfiorl Sr-. fh.n. . L . . . 3 hr. k. ly aweraed to them theuUerf, Greatest Wander Wo, tot offc Nineteenth Century. menoa'tV(,i:ck prec."0,- . R. M. ADAMS. Di: apr20 'ireaor. w PI i liitiii. West Market Square, Ban. itror, Dealer in Hardware & Cutlery ! Paints, O1I3 and .Glass 1 POWDER AND SHOT Carpenter and Farming Took &ASH, DOOH"!, BLINDS AnlWindow Frames. - P. SAWTELLE. MA Fri?k Lcsue ; Lad ekrd t,; Bartlett. Wharf to Rent. vill be rented nr h i .TZiKsui.tri Lq, Cell on HEMIYa" hl'xLEK1 ''Plea Square. aprlS r- 7 gi albert, treat 3taw2w P. -KcConville & Co., Freight and Shipping Agents. KtNDL'SKEAG BfilLGE, Opposite Custom House. Bangor apnr tf c Me Vessels Wanted, To Load at Bangor, ONE 1 5 to rins, for turacoa, One 2CM tons for Ad 20 tons for Ap nwaU, One 173 tons for Gaunalr upe, One it 3 tons for the Western Iaiands . APPll' to April 1C tf THOMAS J. STEWART Gy '77 Manton, i V holesale and Retnl Dealer in W, I Goods, Provisions, Ship Stores and Family (xroueries, 53 West Market Square, Bangor aprlO Pork Pork SO Blols, BOSTON CLEAR POBK, FOR SALE LO.V. Geo. C. Pickering, 45 West Market Square. No. aprlti iiu MISS KITTREDGE H AS RETURNED from New York and Bojtn with all the isr w tyles OF Bonnets, Ribbons, Flowers, Hats, &c., To which the attention of the Ladies is invited No. 58 Main Street, Up Stairs. aprl6 lw F1 O JEi. 3 0 DAYS Cheaper than Erer 150 pairs Womens Side Laee S Boots, Misses do do Misses Bl'k& Tan Cobr iO 3 Congress, Misses Kid Cov Ladies Calf Fox baiters, ii Kid ii Enameled SlipPers Heel Kid id 50 25 50 HOO 50 25 50 33 83 50 50 1 00 175 1 25 1 00 75 36 40 40 Cloth 50 Serge iOt Misses Kid Ties, Lot Rubber Boots, 2 Cases Mens Calf Boots, 50 Fairs Mens Congress Boots, 50 Boys Lot Yotftha Thick Boots, Invoiced The above Goods are About Half their Value. They will be sold for CASH ON DELIVERY, at hersey Ne. 20 Main Street. dim aprlS y

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