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Enid Wave-Democrat from Enid, Oklahoma • Page 8

Enid Wave-Democrat from Enid, Oklahoma • Page 8

Enid, Oklahoma
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1 THa PROHIBITED PIPE, 4- BY BARRY PAIN We had gone to the nearest place to get lunch, Wh bad selected our taoie euadenly my friend Verner jumped up auu made for his hat Come out, he cx'led 10 me We can't possibly iunch here 0, this Is good enough, 1 objected As a matter of fact It waj rather oad, but I dislike moving No you must come on I have sworn an oath, and I must keep it On his way out he clutched the head waited, pointed to something on the The Income from the Products of 4,320 Farms o' wan, and said words that i coum ooi bear but I could ee that they the County this Year, from all Sources Population 26,988 ENID, the Flourishing Capital City Population 8,000 tio Central Trading Place c6 000 People Garfield County An Edenic spot inj the Land of the Fair God- Where Prosperity Rewards the Frugal and Industrious EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS ee that they were arcasm, and cub Th lay of tliH Ihin 1 i rolling prairie it is wel ands of springs, giving fo mother ourtli The soil is iifiiif Garfield county, Oklahoma Ttrritor itKl by hundreds of creeks fed by thous ps wholesome water as ever flowed fron lie most fertile in the world, as a trip ti the country during any sea on of tlie year will prove to the satisfactio of anyone Counting the school land, which is all under cultivation being used for pasturing stock there are farms, ef ifiO acres each, ii this county There is no waste land, every acre has beeu hotnesteaded The surface, or genejal lay of the country is as handsome ar one cat oonceivo The lubor of farming here is trifling compared with 8 labo- necebsary in the country ast of the Mississippi river no sur 8 rock disturb the smooth gliding of the plow no mump puller is nncessar and grebbing is never dene here Pr ice of Land Land that lias been patented in valued, to a certain extent, on the distance it lays from the city of Enid, from 15 to 100 per acre Climate Outside of the almost continuous soaring of the Gulf current of winds the climate of Garfield county is very pleasing indeed, The winters an- almost always mild and the summers a little warm, yet quite pleasant, nights quite cool and invigorating A glance at a map of the United States will readily show you that Oklahoma is a happy medium betweei the cold frigid north and the hot torrid south, hence, this country is noi pestered with the disease plagues of the north nor south The yellow fever of toe south or the scarlet fever of the earth never trouble the people of Oklahoma Popu lailon The population of the county is 20,988, having gained nearlv 0,000 since July 1st, 1897 The present prosperity of the county will undoubtedly raise the population to before the end of this year Ninety- eight per cent of the people are white, and a hard working, rustiing class, tempered by misfortunes in ether parts of the country Many who carm here in destitute circumstances find themselves in possession of valuable lands and comfortable homes and quite a few have accumulated jompe tency Schools -Ve 1'' 3 public scho sys'em of the country is retardedsome t'nsmal' ict system adopted by the first territorial go school abound in all pnrl5 of the county, and the territory provides a tirst class University, two Normal colleges and an Agricultural college Statistios The WAVE gleans the following statistics from the county assessors returns to the oounty clerk There are acres of land in the county all told, about oo ooo acres are under fence, the ballanre uot under fence as the laws in re gard to stock running loose protect the growing tiops of the farmers There are families in the county Estimated cash value of the land and improvements in the county is Value of implement and machinery 9o6'0SJ3 Buggies, and wagons 1 60,550 Value of bind ing twine sold tins year mmber of pounds sold pple trees growing 275,480 Pear trees l'each trees Apricots ua i nit hear but I could spoken with an tempt The head waiter nade gestures ind ieatlve of resignation under misfortune, and of a general disclaimer oi any responsibility for any The mj ry deepta and as soon as we had a our in a iher taurant 1 demanded nn explanation Good Health and pure blood are inseparable If your blood is bad your health must suffer Poor b'wod allows the body to lose vitality just as a jx or fire under the boiler allows the steam to run down From poor blood to impure blood is but a step, and impure blood is mother to a large percentage of human ills Dr Halter's Iron Tonic is an antidote for both poor and impure blood, for it is both a builder and purifier a fojd and a medicine It is the best combination of the kind known to medical science, and its success for nearly half a century has led fo its endorsement by thousands of medical men who have been unable to find a substitute Dr Harter's Iron Tonic will insure rou against the many evils resulting from impure blood Scrofula, pimples, blotches, Kidney disorders, rheumatism, non' Uispepsia icmale weakne tiuatmia, chlorosis, eu- are a rew of them but the greatest evil, the irreatest danger, is the general weakening of the whole an pcni2- a MO Cvf the COMVLE1 2 vartmeni Si ttSrmJM or, of tte thoist ndsof testimonials we have received Well, said Verner, you aw me point to that notice tn the wall Yea, there was 1 notice 'Putrldina, a good, clean din i claret Made Get-many Doctors order it stem and my general health was restored remember correctly As a blood purifier Dr Harter's Iron Tonic L'nboubtedly but it was not at that IE UX iSSSSS notice that I point it was the one in hern bom a SatijJ- action, ScrxJtce ts Detroit Mich Jan, 10 ISO using Dr Harter iron Toaio whi en prostrate from a severe attack ef rheuma- JhiT'v us'r'-' lr bottles ail tniees of I thbk 1 com stem ana my greneml hf iii ii i- above It, which says 'No pipes permitted in this salooi I am a sworn member of a sacie'y that doe3 not permit that notice What the good of bothering If you want to smoke a pipe, you cat smoke it elsewhi and the restauran' Chap is within his right That's all Vrner, warm- ins to his subjee If a restaurant pro prltor says that no amoking is permitted, then he is within his rights But li is not his business to settle what form smoking his patrons are to adopt that 4s impertinence And when a bullnecked, potato-backed Belgian has I WUILUCUU sufferintf from Indigestion, I rheuma ti'm and the many weakened tahwl Wood system bv mpovcr i nea wood Margsrlce Veatell No 040 Second Ave guarantee that above testimonial i3 genuine Every bottle of Dr Hart r's Iron Tonic has our 1 Crescent trade-mark on the label Don't accept a -Insiston Dr Iiarter's Made only by TIIF DR HARTER MCOICINE COMPANY DAYTON, OHIO Makers lSo of Or Harter's rherr- and ether well Lnoivn I Jr Har i FOE SALE EVERWEEHE substitute A 't EN1 ION FARMERS ill not make money, and uBpleasau th ngs may happen to him I am sun di will join us there is no society saved enough out of hi sneakings to lo ng better work, and there is no sub- start a seventh-rate city garbage shop ssription i I I i onjr ib's lias I ei guaraniets ti auctii neer, semi hr 1 iness fi many lisiac i One per cent of all Sales i sale noies Addiess ii you should desir ihe and call it a restaurant, I'm not letting him Impertinent to me Here's hii blessed saloon, as ha calls it You may smoke there while other people are eat- No, I shall not join you You havt inv sympathy, and the fact that there ii no subscription is specia1'v attractive, But you are apparently illegal I can A in ing, but it must not be a pipe Why, not be illegal, partly on moral grounds, the confounded rist ilemaker will be telling me how to gt my hair cut next An unintentional Impertinence, I su gested I never take the bsence of intention as any excuse If our waiter poured a plate of soup down our back uninten tionally, I shouldn't smile and entreat him not to worry abc ut it On the con trary, I should make it my business to see that he worried very considerably No If any ambition meringue mer chant wants to impact an air of refined luxury to th greasy rat-warren he calls his saloon, he is welcome to do It by anT legitimate means For instance, might wash his hands or he might was his waiters he might teach those of his compatriots who patronize his shop ti eat In some less repulsive and disgust ing manner That would be all to the good But I ill not have any half-brej earrot-stamper come bulging up to iii bis second-hand frock coat to tell in I am not to do precisely as I choose it' the matter of pipe smoking or anything else The society to which I belong is pledged and sworn to put that notice iown It is not that we insist on smoking pipes it is beciusc we do not think an experience with an ice cream barrow qualifies a man to act as master of ceremonies It may enable him to start dinner factory on le peripathetic lines but tl is where his ambition has tc stop But is it ambition Isn't it simply i stimulate 'he sale of his own and partly because I am a-ways founl out He argued the pn'nt at some length He said, or implied, that I was a slavo and a poltroon he always expresses himself with a generous strength But he did not convince me Then he com rr anded black coffee, produced his pauch and seasoned briar, and prepared the hi' rnt offering Ver' sorry, sir, said the waiter, bu pipes are net allowed 'ere What do you mean thundered Ver ner Tb re's no mtice up We ha a notice, but sotae gentlemen did not like it My boss, he say Take it down But he keeps the bill Just the same Try a ver' nice cigar, Flor de Cabbagio7 I'Offt Plum trees Grapes Livk Si'ot On March 1, horses, 3,500 mules, 7,780 milch cows, cattle, 80,400 hogs Estimated value of all live stpok sold from Miirch 1st, 1901 to March 1, 1902 800,000 Agricultural STATisTirg Number ot Heres of wheat harvested this feu, acres, estimated yield 5,508,000 bushels estimated value at present prices There was 85,848 acres of corn out and growing nicely, which will be worth if all goes well Oats liar vested 80, I85 acres Castor beans 31,828 acres Cotton 3,171 acres re spectively estimated value 800,000 FrjmJunejo, I80I to the same date 19o2 the value of ll classes of poultry, eggs, butter, cheese, vegeta- ire to bles, native fruit and stove wood marketed in Enid and neighboring vil cigars Uges amounted to 10,700 At least worth of hay, flaxseed, Undoubtedly that comes In An peanuts, sweet potatoes, broom corn, kaffir corn, aril other odd crops re there the opposicioa becomes still sold out of this oounty annually stronger There my society leaves the It is safe to say that the products of this county marketed within the abstract for the concrete It is no long last year brought very nearly 8,000,000 a quest on of a Yss of dignity and Owing to this country being news monstrous building boom has been sslf-respeet in allowing a mixed nation 8 on or th The various lumber yards of the city of Enid a allty soup machine -o run your private business It is the more serious ques tinn of dambad tobacco In the morr deceat restaurants never get tha and you do ret a respectabl Wherever that notlc goes up th ti beyond blasphemy Not and recognised brand is ti Oil ts vwm'i oa, now city ol people, all doing well In the lust year new br block have sprung up like magic, and city realestnte has been stea advan cing in price for four years, doubling and thribiling in vhIi Tne oity is fast assuming a metropolitan sppearance and in ae will reach a population of at lesst 15,000 Thore are excellent open ings here 1 the right people to into most any kind of a manufacturing business Nearly all the churches have rood eongre gallons here A truthful write i like this may surprise some who oerust these lines, but a visit to this county would surprise you still more Enid has become the most important riiflroid center if the territory Six lin of railr ids run in and our of the cny and four more are huildin in Enid has liec me leading candidate for the permanent state capital Fur further and continued information Subscribe for either tb Knii Wkkkly Wavk ther yards in the county sold 1806 car loads of lumber since Jan 19 1 THE CITY OF ENID Near the center of this rich andproductive county is the City of Enid 1 Wh the central trading point for at I ast 30,000 people, living in Garfield' sl1 are 1 Grant, Wood, Woodward, Kingfisher, and Blaine counties is now a kuowu nI 'J'J 1 11 11 11 ho fnnnd be found there Th distinction is madi by the price fourpeuny and sixpenny For sixpence you nny have an Infamij MIF rtriUX'S K2It A ISew story 01 lion 1110 iiuou Came Be Wrltlcu The authorship of famous poems is 3 question for controversial ists How they can be written, th circumstances which inspired them, extent of their originality, the time quired for their compos tion eacn 1 these things offers subject for 3 and argument How Sneridan's Ride was inspired has before this been discussed, and, li other famous poems, it has off chanco for many stories The lat ct thest is told by a San Francisco just of the peace Jarvls Blumc Ur Blaine declares his story to be tru iii was in Cincinnati at the time the poem as written by Thomas Buchanan Rea 1 and recited by James Murdoch, and ha claims that he knew both Read and Murdoch intimately And this is hit story Read, the author, was a genius it there ever was one, but, like many met of marked intellectual capaciy Poe, for Instance he had a falling Read had a thirst that it seemedt impossible to as- luage, and his efforts to do so kept him a chronic state of 'booziness He was in Cincinnati in 18G4, ar there met his friend, James Murdoch, a Shakespearean actor, who was playing an engagement at Pike's opera hous When It camo to looking through th bottom of a glass Murdoch himself was f'r poem You wr'i 't an' I'll reshut t'nigh' The two men stopped to get a drink ation of a drunken man, It was writter iby a drunken genius, but it will live as long as the American flag waves Whitelaw Reid, his book, Ohio In the War, however, gives an altogether different version of the circumstances under which Read wrote his famous poem Mr Reid says The noblest of the poems thus inspired indeed, the noblest lyric at th war has a spccial interest here, bo ti by reason of its connection with Sheridan and because of its Ohio authorship, Mr Murdoch, the tragedian, had devoted himself during the earlier years ol our struggle, with a noble and self-sacrificing patriotism, to the task of raising money for the sanitary commission and all other benevolent projects In tended for the benefit of our boys lr blue spoke The fact is, I fee rather a dread of this occasion, and without somo stimulus of the kind cannot speak as well for myself as I did fo hers Mr Read suggested that was not yet too late If Murdoch really wished it, he would try his hand at something new Murdoch, however, persisted that it was too late firstly, because poets cannot always write to order, and, 6ccondl bccause he, Murdoch, would require some hours to study whatever Mr Read even in the brief space allowed him might find his miT3e willing to ofTer 'Nevertheless said Read, 'I'll try That ride of Sheridan's from Winchester to Cedar Cre we ave ju3t been reading about gives me a subject, and if you stay here a few i eurs I'll up to my library and see what can be done In less than tiiree hours he returned to the breakfast parlor and placed in the hantl of the tragedian, equally de- He had delivered lectures and recita- shted aml astonishedj the manuscript Festlneha and a cei ain knowledge tha no slouch, and the consequence was that the sad-eyed il -vcr -1 more thai the two went the limit, and tried shillings a hundv, for them drink up all the liquor in town And Wliat et fourpnee They were rolling up the street arm lie wave's New Power- The same gar '-i ut a dlfferen' ia prohibiting notief a oar jy to promote th 1 price, tlu 1 i-V Our society Is put 1 ju that not ee Wj into the frl posted OU We are aisj taking ver much s'ltincrr meawres but as ihe are of a k'nrt wV ic'a ml-' not be alto in arm late one afternoon, and foun 1 the sidewalk uncommonly narrow for their joint occupancy, when they came opposite the Gazette office In th window was exhibited a double-pag picture of Sheridan on his ride from tions all over the country, the proceeds going to the objects we have named and at length, as the war was drawing toward its close, his numerous friendj in Cincinnati proposed a magnificent ovation for Mr Murdoch's own benefit his finances having suffered somc- and then went to Wiswell's, a placi much affected It the Bohemian element of Cincinr aii iu those days Reail dropped into chair and began to write while Murdoch looked approvingly on In less than an hour Read had turned out the poem that afterwards became famous, and gave it to Murdoch The latter took it and went off to get a couple of hours' sleep before the evening performance That night, Murdoch recited 'Sheridan's Ride' at Pike's opera house, an carried his audience off their feet with enthusiasm It was a time when the war feeling was at its height, and you can Imagine the scene The audience cheered and cheered in a perfect frenzy of loyalty Men waved their hats In their delirium, and women their handkerchiefs There is no telling how ion tthe demonstration would have contln id str up 'Th1 er The udlenc if -o ng to end, and It emrtl i- the thing to rellev- 1 the energy they pu 0 it they let the peform nc A 'Sherliin's Rid eonclu''--' Tustif WTiS 'Til' efforts in the cause of the soldi a-i the country At breakfast on the morning of th of that noblest and most fiery of all war songs 'Phil Sheridan's Ridt Whatever may be the conditions under which the poem was written, Murdoch made a great hit with it when he delivered it that memorable night at Pike's opera house, and all acounts agree that no similar demonstation has ever attended the reading of any other set ot poetic stanzas COPYRIGHTED CHESI' Wra Why is a dog in a refrigerator ilk a kiss Because it is doggone nice When did the bull rush When he saw the cowslip Why did the cow slip Because she stepped on a buttercup Why did the cow step on a buttercup Because she heard the crow-cus It a hsn should lay an orange instead of an egg, what would the little chick- ns call it Orange inamme-lacle Why is aa automobile like a hearse Because people are dying to ride lr, When did the lettuce blush When it saw the salad dressing nd the window When it saw the weather strip Why was ther card playing in th ark Because Noah sat on the deck Why does a woman in bicycle skin 'non shorter and a man look longer because she pedals and the niaa ands on ihe street corner Would you rsflier be a bigger tool 'i iisii emporia where thai Winchester magnificent illustration benefit night Mr Murdoch, who wo than you look or look a bigger Tool than it amJ wa that Harper's Weekly had published staying at Mr Thomas Buchanan rou arel g- ther 0-prove by the Do' r' The 1 ire ie- w'j This office nowjhas-its new gasoline engine in on eration and is better prepared ever to do your'printing with neatness and despatch we 1 i de public nets mone 1 utajithn vi ate atl'r to Read and Murdoch stopped and looki i at it with drunken gravity '01c Phil Sheridan hiccoughed Mur- doch 'Hah fo'r Phil Sher'an He'i th' boy f'r me 'Magnif'sent assented Read 'I sh tak' 'noth' drink on Ole Phil The two men swayed back and forth when an Inspiration cam to Murdoch 'I shay he sn'd 'nr'at subject Read's house, and who had been chlefl or at least very largely, reciting Mr- Read's noble lyrics and battle sketchej during the two years preceding, remarked to his poet friend 'I'm sorry Reail, that you did not give me some original por-m for tonight something new and fresh that woulO arouse the audience and set the blooj in the one Impossible either way Do you hear the ocean moaning, Ever moaning sad and low1 'Tis because that fat old bather Stepped upon its under-tow There must be a middle place Neither hades nor heaven Is tolorable ause so lonely There ts not a blessea leaping through my own veins 1 as I nor a durned soul in th ither place Hardeman Free Press

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