Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California on November 2, 1895 · Page 6
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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California · Page 6

Oakland, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1895
Page 6
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SATUBDAY EVENING, OAKLAyP TRIBUNE. NOVEMBER 2. 1895. IF ML SORTS. Oakland Pleasure-Seeker Are Regaled With Goo Attraction. -jg Tile Coast Guard" Will Ba Next Week's BIU at tha Oakland. " - The star entertainment course. Under the direction of Brass Muller, "Will t.. inaugurated next Friday even ing at th- MacDODougB i neater. Man- mtxer C-k will present as the Initial ! production the artiste trio, which will Elve a delightful series of brilliant mu-Sical and literary numbers. Miss Laura EacManis, whose wonderful whistling ma revelation, is in the troupe. Miss Julia ('helps, a pianist and harp solo- Fist of marked ability, will be on the f programme, while Cornelia May, a clev- r reader and pan torn imist, will be a ttature of the entertainment. 'A CONTENTED WOMAN' Prominent among the theatrical at- fractions that will be seen at th Mar- ' Hoyt's clever plays, "A Contented Wo- j the number of worshipers at St. An-. -w f Mac-!man. ' It deals with the woman suff- i drews will be largely increased. Addi- aomm.. BW noyts very ; raRre question in a manner that is pure- tions have been made to the choir so latest and what the wise ones say very 1 ty Hr.ytonian. The author has Injected that in the future good music is as-greatest comedy success "A Contented i a viry Hvely lot of bright material 1 sured. The floral decorations will also Woman." which will be here for two . around his web of a plot that revolves I be fine tomorrow, in keeping with the rights, Monday and Tuesday. Novem- on the rival candidacy of Mr. and Mrs. i day. her 11th and 12th. It will be produced : Iriton Holm s to be Mayor of Denver. I Pilgrim Oonsrreaational chiirrh- under the personal supervision of the author, and to those who are familiar with Mr. Hoyt's remarkable a-ifts as a stage director the announcement will be in the nature or a guarantee that all the appointments will be perfect. Mr. Hoyt's new play goes to show that the author looks on the question of woman's suffrage much the same as does every other man who has a proper regard for the fitness of things and the respect due the opposite sex. He has not aimed to write a play which will cause exalters of the "new woman" to bubble over with enthusiasm, but rather to perfect a stage picture which will win the support of the greater proportion of both sexes. The regular sale of seats begins next Thursday. Orders Xor seats now received at the box office. "THE PASSING SHOW." Canary A Lederefs big New York Casino production "The Passing Show," now drawing large houses at the Baldwin Theater, San Francisco, will be the attraction at the Macdonough Theater on Thursday and Friday. November 34th and 15th, with a matinee on Saturday, November 16th. The piece is a combination of opera. tragedy, oa lie t. burlesque drama and broad farce. vaudeville. I THE BOSTONIANS. The Bostonians come to the Macdonough Friday and Saturday nights, November 2Id and 23d, and Saturday mat inee November 23d. They will only pre- sent "Robin Hood" here, as the public '. aemana mat popular opera. Already the orders for seats have run Into the hundreds FUTURE ATTRACTIONS. Charley's Aunt" comes to the Mac- j donough this month, and will no doubt j be-recelved as it was a year ago. when j the theater was crowded at every per- j formance. "The War of Wealth," De Wolf-Hop- WVASO i"ts-lAu s,w-r r: n .- Tl 0. TI . n "i riu.rrE mann, Robert Downing and the Fraw- ! ley Company t ome next month. THE OAKLAND. It has'been many years since Oakland Witnessed a sterling "tank" drama, and .its advent on the Oakland stage next week will In a measure be a novelty. An Immense tank, capable of holding many thousand gallons of water, has been constructed and placed on the j stage, ana next ween tne neavy man will throw a wretched woman into the water, from which she will be rescued by the hero. This necessitates two chilly baths for tha edification of the auditors, and should be appreciated in this weather. All this and more of a i sensational order occurs In the "Coast ; Guard." There is a revolving light- ' house In the first act, a practical river . dredger in operation in the second, a sensational abduction in the third and a picturesque life saving station in the last. These, with a series of highly exciting situations as an adjunct, should satisfy the most devout admirer of mechanical melodrama. 'The Coast j Guard" is an American play, founded '. on an American story. The scenes are laid on Long Island and adjacent to New York, and the story told in four brisk acts. There Is a happy vein of laughter interwoven through the piece, and "The rf". . r. .) " .4 1 1 ,lHjlmilifrAJl,r nn aueueL uuaru win uimvuuicuij ciijuj m very prosperous weea. Manager Dal ley of the Oakland Theater Is a very busy man just at present, as he Is handling three attractions. Xfls company, headed by May Nannary. Is to alternate with a comedy organization. May Nannary opening in Stockton Thanksgiving week and the comedy company here. They change positions thp fnilnwin? nwk In addition to this He has secured a controlling Interest in the company now playing at the Clunie Opera House In Sacramento, and will reorganize It during the coming week. Ito'lta three companies, Dailey will have tils hands fulL t Mortimer Snow will return from Salt Lake and again enlist with one of Dail- y' companies. He is a favorite in this eea SOME DAY IT WILL RAIN Get Cold, Sad Yon' 11 Be Sorry It Ten Don't Buy Some of That KATURAL WOOL UNDERWEAR FOR YOUR CHILDREN IS Everywhere SOc, 75c and 85c, . According to Size 2UR PRICE TODAY r all sizes. Remember that you saw them tn the window at SALINGER'S. 25! TODAY. SALE OF HANDKERCHIEFS Nice ones Swiss embroidered good value 25c, but slightly imperfect new designs your mmtX jr a 9 choice The 50c. Ipade slightly imperfect, Vour choice elegant designs Displsy . in Oar Window.. M fkMee Qttoura Skin 4I ( Are Pure Sweet Gentle And Most ! Economical r NeSsi to roerdily e&en. Sola a Hp net 'ha world. Britich utpot. Ffaxci Xcwimt a Sox, l, Eiob Ednrd- . Londoa. Pottib Pare ' nwm QSmi sol. mc. Mi v. a city, and the Oakland patrons will be plf-ased to see himJ THE BALDWIN. "The Passing Show" will be succeed ed next week at the Baldwin by one of ,. 7T-wr . i THE COLUMBIA. j The farewell week of the Bostonians commences Monday night. "KObin Hood" will be given. "A War Time j Wedding" will be given tonight for the j last time. : THK CALIFORNIA J rnder the management of Charles i , . . " ,7r , n Frohman the California Theater will j be opened r xt Monday night with that j cleverest of tomedies "Charley's Aunt." i It will be cordially welcomed again. j . THE TIVOLI. Th re will be a splendid bill tomorrow night, in which' "Martha" and "Cavalltria Busticana" will be sung. Next week the-comic opera season will bo opened '.vith "Madame Favart." F iris Hartman and Emelle Melville will reappear. THE ORPHEUM. The Orpheum programme Is replete v ith bright, fresh and catchy novelties. It i; on a par and excels some of the famous Kdstern vaudeville attractions. The bill is constantly undergoing a change, and is highly entertaining. MOROSCOS. "The Stowaway," with its realistic saJe cracking scene. Its full rigged yarht off Cowes. Kngland, and many ter accessories, has done a big week's business. Monday evening it will be Eta c eded by "The Diamond Breaker." a sensational drama involving a story of the coal regions of Pennsylvania. There '.s a love story and some sensar tional situations. The scenic effects will be all that could be desired. THK ALCAZAR. "The Crushed Tragedian" is the bill fcr next week at the Alcazar. The title indicates great possibilities of humor ,.,, rv ,, i t, nresented hv the Grpver Company at popular prices Have vour (trocrr send you some of KuylSX'S Cocoa and Chocolates with your next order. uncc tried, always used. POPULAR AIRS. ! xcell-'iu KuieriainntPiits Arranged for the Sun aj Holiday. The Columbian orchestra will give a Ki-and popular concert at Haywards Park! tomorrow. The following excellent pro-i rrarrnif will ! rendered. I 1 .1 Poi' a. I a Tialte V aitz. The HiWps Doux..W. Stuckenholz Tr:o?lf vorii5 Att'laV. ............... .G?erdi Maztirka i, rv,i T-. t rri . Overt u:-e from The Barbieri Sevilla L.. Rossini Ova'tna. from Lucia Donnezetti Qraad march, from Tannhauser j Ror.-.uii-- Jra!rne.ri tvre. .amna ...... .... na uuiiuctiir . iiy--auui . Erold : Intt rn-- zzo, (l) ij j tf a'-l: (2) St ff's Dream Afcr .elm Amor .R. Eilenberg ( , (- Remedies SPj; Prn,B M R- De Kovenj vival service with sermon by the Rev. t WahVVSn' Sereiada"; feSS Jesse Smith at 7:30. Epworth League at . ni, rvianirn oerc.iaua u. Aletralc.,A j . r AT BLAIR PARK. The pioramme at Blair park will be a; fcllo-s: March TDraOon' CfiH" Eilenberg Overture Enchantment" Marie i " i! z tnjuena hE(iuctor"...J. Rosas .rlpf Hon ' Lucretia Errgia".. Donizetti JalortaiFe "Royal Decree" Swift . Merilty "Planiation Echoes". . ..Coates Overture '"i he Barber of Seville... . Rossini V. ; Hz 'Thf Lost Cmld" Stem i Selection 'Flcdermaus" Strauss Concert Sebottis?he "Fortuna ".. . . i " Franz Abt ; nilean Dance ' Manana Missud (j o;- Amei lean Whee'.msn" . . Brooke How Thev IlifTer. Man is a creature of cast-iron hab-I its: woman adapts herself to circum- I Stances: that is the- fnunHatlnn rt ih moral difference between them. A man considers a corkscrew absolutely necessary to open a bottle; a woman attempts to extract the cork with the scissors; If she does not suc ceed readily, she pushes the cork Into the bottle, since the essential thing is to get at tne fluid. When a man writes everything must b4 in apple-pie order; pen. paper and ii& must be just so, a profoud silence must relsn w hile hp accomplishes this important function. A woman gets any sheet of paper, tears it perhaps from a book or portfolio, sharpens a p:nell with the scissors, puts the paper on an old atlas, crosses her feet, balances herself on her chair, and con fides her thoughts to paper, changing rrom pencil to pen and vice versa from time to time, nor does she care if the children romp or the cook comes to speak to her. A man storms if the blotting paper is not conveniently near; a woman dries the ink by blowing on it, waving the paper In the air, or holding it near a lamp or Are. A man drops a letter unhesitatingly In the boa;-a woman re-reads the address, assures herself that the envelope is sealed, the stamp secure, and then throws it violently into the box. A man can cut a book only with a paper-cutter; a woman deftly Inserts a hairpin and the book is cut. For a man "goodby" signifies the end J of a conversation and the moment of m nis aeparrure; ror a woman it is tne ml beginning, of a new chapter, ror it is Just when they are taking leave of each other that women think of the most important topics of conversation. A woman ransacks her brain trying to mend a broken object: a man puts It aside and forgets that far which there is no remedy. Which is the su perior? uppi neon s stagaaine. CHAT FOR CHURCH-GOERS, Sound Subjects Selected by the Pastors for Sunday Sermons A Few Changes Are Announced In Soma of the Leading Missions. Tomorrow will be an interesting event in the history of St. Andrew's Episcopal church. Some two months ago the Rev. Mardon D. Wilson tendered his resignation to accept the rectorship of St. Peter's in San Francisco, since which time St. Andrew's has been without a shepherd. Good fortune has, however, been on the side of the vestry, they having been successful in securing the services of the Rev. James Hulme to become its rector. This reverend gentleman will begin his labors with the parish tomorrow. He is considered a fine speaker, preaching wholly extemporaneously one of Mr. Hulme's specialties in parish work and it is ! safe to predict that through his efforts Rev M- Willett, Pastor. Subject In the morning, "Love of Neighbor." In the evening Rev. Harold Scott will lecture missionary me among me cow t D,IU 5Hr 8 . Arlztna- usiraiea stereopticon views taken from real The Rey Haro,d Scott who lectures uPn the cowboys and miners of Ari- a'J"1 Congregational church next Sabbath evening, will illustrate his discourse by stereopitcon views taken from real life. The Rev. Harold Scott has been working in this missionary field for some time and gives a very interesting and witty account of the life and work, i Brooklyn Presbyterian church S. S Palmer, pastor. Morning service 11 I o'clock, anniversary sermon, "Two Years of Work. Evening, 7:30, special exercises, special music. All are welcome. Plymouth avenue Congregational church Dr. J. K. McLean, pastor. At the morning service the Sacrament of Lord's Supper and reception of members. Service at 11 A. M. At 7:30 P. M. the pastor will speak upon "Impressions and Suggestions Prom a Trip East." Union street Presbyterian church The pastor. Rev. H. H. Rice, will preach on .Sabbath at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Communion at morning service. Evening sermon to young people. Subject, "The Covenant Pledge." Prospect Hill Presbyterian church Preaching by Rev. E. E. Clark. Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Subject of morning sermon, "Tne Chruch a Temple of God. Subject of evening sermon. "The Story of Samuel. Thirty-fourth street Methodist church The pastor Rev. G. H. Jones will preach both times. Morning, "The Heavenly Hosts Looking down Upon Us." Evening. "Fight the Good Fight of Faith." Epworth League at 6:45 P. M. At the Church of the Advent (Episcopal) Rev. V. Marshall Law, rector, there will be a litany service at 11 o'clock followed by a sermon on "The Story of the Original Tables of Stone." In the evening at 7:30 there will be a festival choral service and an address by the rector on "Popular Amusement." A celebration of the Lord's Supper follows the morning service, in which the California sanitary chalice will be used. Infant baptism at 1 o'clock P. M. First Presbyterian church Rev. Campbell Coyle will preach at 11 A. M. on "Power; What It Is, and How to Get It," and at 7:30 P. M. on "Three 'One Thinas." " First Christian church, Thirteenth and Market street Rev. Uriah Greg- j ory, D. D., will fill the pulpit at 10:30 A. M. Subject, "Richness Exhausteth a XTotinn " Snndnv school 12 M. Younsr ! TWr.ip' meetine. 6:15 P. M. No even- service. Tcnih avenue Rantist church The ... 1 S- S- i. pastor will preacn at 11 a. as. auujeii followed by Communion ; ana reception of members. At 7:30 ! Hubert C. Woods D. D.. of Colt Rev. Colorado snrines win preacn. i Church of the Common People To- morrow at synaicate nan, oti inir- teenth street, 3 P. M. Subject. "Cere- I monial or Professional Religion as a Substitute for Personal and Public Righteousness." by T. T. Trickstad. The Eight avenue M. Ei church S. J. Carroll, pastor. Preaching and recep tion of members at 11 A. M. and Ke- 6:30. Seats free. W. J. Colville lectures in Hamilton ' II Hi, tci us to ths Bath." I Last Dar ot torn peii ) The Secret of Beauty ishEALT 1 TheSeeretof Health is CUMLilESS The Secret of BEAUTY, Health & Cleanliness -1S IN THE USE OF POMPEIAN PERFUMED BATH TONIC! Kecomrnrnded brail the leading physicians tor its INVIGORA TING, REFRESHING and CLEANSING QUALITIES, for Bath purposes 'IONING ap the system absolutely overcoming all exhaustion and fatigue, rendering the SKIN SOFT AND WHITE and ish.AU IIP Y-ING -iHn COMPLEXION. ;i SOFTENS AND PEBTDMBS THB WATBB Try it and be convin-e!. Manufactursd aal Sold by the CALIFORNIA BATH TONIC CO 378 TWELFTH ST. r as "" 1 Cab p A1NT ! WHY YOU SHOULD use CASHMORE S PHOENIX PAINT . . it is a Home Product. you bay it direct from ths wiasnfsc- lurer. there are BO Buddie men to make a H will last loager and shiae better than tsY paiat sold m tows, or say it is Eiade from pare white lead, pare white rioc aad pore Unseed oil. ' The Hypeaic Sir John Andrews, the English professsr, brieves that in the vast majority o testes constipation may be successfully overcome by taking a teaspoonful of the genuine imported Carlsbad Sprndel Salt dissolved in a tumblerful of water (half a pint), cold or hot, early in the morning, and if necessary, on going to bed. Best taken when out-door exer-tise can be had. hall, 675 Thirteenth street, corner Jefferson. Sunday 3 P. M. Subject "The Tmia Oaas- s A nttivlaw in RoHp-inn " Asbury church, corner Clay and Flf- teenth streets, November 3 Preaching 11 A. M.; Communion; "The Finished Work;" 7:30 P. M.. "Practical Atheism." Sunday school changed to 10 A. M. Ep worth League changed to 6:30 P. M. Prayer and praise service Wednesday, 7:30 P. M. Ladies' prayer meeting Tuesday 2 P. M. A hearty welcome extended to all. H. M. McKnight, pastor. First Consrreeational church Rev. S. M. Freeland will preach morning and evening. Morning subject, "The Trial and Triumph of Faith." Evening, "The Decisive Separation!." First Methodist Episcopal church At 11 A. M. Dr. Kummer will preach on 'Talents." At 7:30 P. M. he will preach a special sermon for all cyclers on "Wheels." There Will be special music, and welcome for all. Bible Spiritual Society, Jewish church, corner Thirteenth and Clay streets Mme. Montague at 3 and 8 P. M. Also Wednesday at 8 o'clock. Swedish Mission church. Filbert between Seventh and Eighth streets-Rev. C. A. Nelson, pastor. On account of the church having a convention special services will be held tomorrow. Services 10 A. M. Children's sermon, 10:45 A. M. sermon, 3 P. M. general conference, 7:45 P. M. sermon. Ministers present are: Rev. Dr. Hallner, Kingsbury : Rev. J. E. Biorglund. Los Ange les; Rev. P. A. Shultgren. Fresno; Rev. .T Oshern and P. Waliberg, san jose, and Rev Carl Anderson. San Francisco Gospel meeting every night except Mon day this week. Every one welcome. First Unittarlan church Rev. E. B. Payne will preach at 11 o'clock. No evening service. The cornerstone of the New Bible House will be laid on Monday, Novem ber 4th. at 1 P. M.. McAllister street, i 'J' 1 -!, Son Fmniwn between Hvde and Lar- irn r.rite main entrance New City r- nail I ,, , Or. U. A. uorman, me mcunoi gelist. will repeat his lecture on "Secret Sins of Men" by special request at the Young Men's Christian Association tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. He will also show the twenty oil paintings which illustrate his subject so vividly. Men from 18 to 45 are Invited to attend. Admission free. Gospel Tent, on Broadway, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets-Preaching at 11 A. M. by Rev. A. Cop-line Subject. "The Nature and Work nf tho Hnlv Snirit in Connection With Personal Sanctlflcatlon." Evangelistic services in the evening. Revival serv- I ik. aVCrv evenine during the week led hv efficient jrospel wokers. The tent is; warmed by a stove and is both pleasant and comfortable. St. Paul's (Episcopal), Fourteenth and Harrison streets Rev. Robert Ritchie, rector, services at 8 and 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. , Chester street Methodist Episcopal church, corner Chester and Ninth Geo. W. Beatty. pastor: 11 A. M. "Infinite Tenderness;" 7:30 P. M., "The Rich." The pastor will preach both morning and evening. St. Andrew's Protestant Episcopal church, corner Ninth and Cypress n Tnme Hulme. who has recently hon cniiri to ta.ke charge of the par- lsh, will officiae at the services tomorrow, both morning and evening. First Baptist church Rev. C. H. Hobart, pastor. Services tomorrow at 10:30 and 7:30. Themes: Morning, "Limitless Love;" evening, "Victory on the Heights." First Free Baptist church, on Twenty-first street, between Brush street and San Pablo avenue Services at 11 A. M. and 7:30 P. M. Rev. Philip Graif -ni m-MPti in the morning on i ne L, '7u,.ntv - and in the even- . ..T r Worth T.ivine?" SDe- Ing on cial music. Communion after the morning sermon. ; The First English Lutheran church, 115 Washington The pastor. Dr. Bush-nell will preach at Tl o'clock. Subject. "The Second Miracle." Subject at 7:30. "The Store of Help." All welcome. Central Christian church, corner Thirteenth and Jefferson street Edwards Davis, minister. Morning service 10:45; subject, rf The Foresight, of Faith." Sunday seftcoi lz m- vnrlH- ; tian Endeavor. 6:15. Evening servict ! 7:30; subject. "Spiritualism Scriptural i ,' . TT.in..,lki ohnrnh Rev. t Evening service. u;..i TTnivorssiiist onurcn itev. . Goodenough will preach at 11 A. M.i subject. "In the Light." Communion of the Lord's Supper will follow sermon. The union revival meetings at the Asbury churcn, corner . thir fourth week on Sunday! at 7-35 P. M., j beer is rapidly supplanting wine as the Tuesday 2:30 and 7 P. M., Wednesday j popular beverage of Califbrnia. This 2 -30 P M., Thursday 7 P. M. and Fri- j is especially true in Oakland because of dav 2 30 and 7 P. M. "The Saints and , the enterprise of Herbert & Sonder-Sinner Looking Glass" and life-size j letter of 477 Ninth street, between oil paintings of "The Temple of Ood" i Broadway and Washington street, who areused in these Holy Ghost meetings, I have introduced the Anheuser-Busch where "the blind see; the deaf hear; I Faust beer ol St. Louis, Mo., which is the lame walk," and sinners are con- I the finest beer in the world. It secured verted and eanotifled, as in "the days ; the first premium at the great Colum-of Penticost " 1 ian Exposition in Chicago, where all Zion's German Evangelical Luthem ' the leading beers on earth were in com-J H Thiess pastor. Services at 10:45 petition. It Is light, palatable, whole-A M subject "The Armour of God." some, invigorating, made of the finest services in Lofin hall at 8 P. M. i hops, and is always served in a cool and Dr Ellis will occupy his pulpit in the Centennial Presbyterian church morn- e"tni7-ii-t Mrr.in- theme. "For- eiveness." Evening theme, "Closing iho rvmtraot." There will be union gos- pel meetings in this church every evening except Saturday. Theosophical society ur. jerome a. Anderson will speak on "Death and After," at the Theosophical library, Ham ilton hall, at 8 P. M. Market street Congregational church. corner Market and Eighteenth streets The pastor. Rev. E. S. cnapman, u. u., will preach tomorrow at it a. m- upon Personal influence, ana at i:ju r. as. upon "Mighty to Save." Sunday school at 12:30 P. M., and pastor's Bible class at 1 P. M. in the auditorium. St. Marcus German Lutneran cnuren -The pastor. Rev. A. Jatho. will preach at 10:30 A. M.; subject, "iht and Vic tory of the Reformation." Evening service at 7:30 o'clock A lecture on Luther. Pure les-The Individual who relishes tepid wa ter, liquid butter and tasteless ale or beer, all of which conditions are the result of a warm temperature, has no use for Ice, hut the person -or family who can relish those article fn the deli coos and palatable manner in which they should be served at table, will never be without ice, especially when It may be procured at the Union Ice Company. 365 Tenth street, at the lowest figure. . A Popular Raaort. The Oakland Chowder House, Stt Washington street, is one of the most popular resorts In Oakland. It is thronged from early morning till lste st night. A magnificent lunch is served free at all hours. The finest wines are sold at 5 cents a glass, stronger beverages at 10 cents a glass, sherry aad eaT at the same figure. Ml 000 ELECTION BILL Sir Mark Sommerville Ran for - Office in Ireland ft 1786. An Original Expense Account Sent In by a Tavern Keeper. In 1786 the purity of election laws must have been rather slack in the County of Meath, Ireland. In that year Sir Mark Sommerville was a candidate for political preferment, and told Jemmy Cars, the proprietor of an inn in Trim, to do the elegant thing for the boys. Cars accept d the duty, and after the election sent oiu to air jiara, wno, appreciating us oddity, had it framed and it still hangs in Sommerville House. In 1826 an enterprising Irish printer struck off several copies of the account, had them framed, and they now adorn many an Irish home. William Stack, an Oakland butcher, has one of the copies, which was sent him by William Doran, a native of County Meath, and which Stack exhibits to all who visit his shop on Fifth and Harrison streets. The accounting is as foMows: MY BILL. C S. d. To Tenting lfi Freeholders above stairs for Sir Mark at 38 a head is to me r 2 12 0 To eating 16 more below stairs, and two priests after supper is to me J 2 15 9 To 18 Horses and 5 Mules about my yard all night at 13d. every one of them, and for which a man was lost on the head of watching them all night, is to me ... 5 5 0 To six beds in one Room and four in another,- at 2 Guineas every Bed and not more than four in any Bed, at any time, cheap enough, God knows, is to me.. 22 15 Oj rur uri'dKiasi on lay in tne morning for every one of them, and as many more as they brought in as near as I can guess, is to me j 4 12 To Raw Whiskey and Punch, without talking of Pipes and Tobacco, as well as for breaking a pot above stairs, and other r Glasses and Delph for the first day and night. I am not very sure, but for the 3 days and a half of the Election, as little as I can call it, and to be very exact, it is in all or thereabouts as near as I can guess and not to be too particular is to me at least 79 15 9i or snaving and cropping off the neaas or 4 Freeholders for Sir Mark at 13d. for every head of ' - " " w- them, by my brother who has a vote, is to me. 2 13 Kor a Womit and Nurse for poor m t - . . i . , . i uiii rverimii in cne miaaie or the night, when he was not ex pected is to me ten hogs, I don't talk of the piper for keeping him sober as was long as he was sober, is to me 110 18 7 Signed in the place of Jemmy Cars wife, his Mark X. Bryan and Geraghty's Mark X You may say 111, so your honor Sir Mark, send me this Eleven Hundred by Bryan himself, who and I prays for your success always in Trim: so no more at present." Have just received a laree assortment of early spring flowering bulbs. Now is the time to plant. H. M. Sanborn, 517 ourteentn street, telephone 576. DURABLE ROADS. Iron Rock Furnishes by Best Material. Far the The people who do not have to express dissatisfaction over the bad streets or roads in their neighborhood are those who had the good sense to use Iron Rock in the making of those streets and roads. These thorough fares are everywhere pronounced mar i yels of their kind. They are laid by the Oakland Rock Company It was the excellent work done by this com- ( pany ana tne almost everlasting durability which it has been shown Iron Rock possesses that led to the inception of the demand for good roads in all parts of the county. For this valuable suggestion the Oakland Rock Company is to be congratulated, and is being so by all citizens having the welfare of the community at heart. The office of the company is room 7. Macdonough theater building. Fourteenth and I Broadway. Telephone 1002. The work ! 1 of this company is visible in a hundred places, especially in the northern part of. the city, and is well worthy of being examined. THEBEST BEER i World The Finest in the Sold Here. Herbert & Sonderlelter Have Made a Great Stroke of Enterprise. I lt " generally admitted that lager refreshing manner, io learn wnat a glass of good beer is. one must try a ! alass of this Faust beer. Herbert & , Sonderlelter have newly decorated their place, ana nave now as thpy always had, the finest beer saloon in Oakland. Extension Tables, High back chairs all kinds at low prices at H. Schellhaas Above all others. SPERRY'8 FAMILY Fl r.ip PATRONIZE HOME ENTERPRISE. JAMES KENNEY MajruFACTcaxa or FINE CARRIAGES AND WAGONS 321 EIGHTH STREET, OAKLAND. Set our Patent Cut-Down Express Wagon. tJirTailoring rr prfct Fit f Ftri-ClastGood$fTrim and Workmanship, at Ml EVERY SHOULD KNOW THAT .ssS aataw aKSawSai B Ida Is y err remarkable remedy, both for I?Vm TERTiXL and EXTBRSALase, and was derful in its quick action to relieve distress. Pain-Killer t in, marrnorn, urarnlerr, helerm, onrf oU hoioti Complaint. Da r f.'rio-ISTHE i-OJifnilibl ,4y known for Sea. Sirknms. Kick Hrndarhe. Pnln in to Back or Side. R he 9 in a t Um and nrJia. Pain-Killer t&TKX&Si MADE. It brine speedy and permanent relief In mil cases of Braises, Cats, Sarataa, Severe Bai a, c Da Jn Wittf1 " the well tried and &tlimr.iliCr trusted friend of tb ."Mechanic. Farmer, Planlrr, Sailor, and in fact all rlattu wanting a medicine always at band, and taft to use tstrramlly ar externally with certainty af relief. IS RECOMMENDED By Itiyticiant, by MinionarieM, by Minittert, by Mechanics, by A'urmet in Hospital. BY EVERYBODY. Da irkVt11W 18 a Medicine Cheat tn rUMIiM.IMMCr itself, and few Teasels leave port without a supply of it. tff No family can atT.nl to be wttbont this Invaluable remedy In the boose. Iw price brings U within the reach of all, and It will annually save many times Its cost in .'..--tors' bills. Beware of Imitations. Take uoue bat the genuine "Pbb&y Davis." THB GREAT Family Medicine of the A?e. Taken Internally, It Cures Diarrhoea, Cramp, and Pain in the Stomach, Sore Throat, Sudden Colds, Coughs, &c, &c. Used Externally, It Cures Cuts, Bruises, Bums, Scalds, Sprains, Toothache, Pain in the Face, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Frosted Feet. No article e-rer attained to such unbounded popularity. SnUrt libtrrrrr. An article of great merit and Tirtue. Cina. 19yparrit. Wi can bear testimony to the efficacy of the Pain-Killer. We hare seen its marie effects in southing the sererest pain, and know it to be a OOd art icle. Cinrimnati i)ipatrh. A speedy cure for pain no family should be without it. Montreal Transcript. Nothing has yet surpassed the Pain-Killer, which is the most raluable family medicine now In use. 7Vn. Organ. f It has real merit : as a means of removing pain, no medicine has acquired a reputation equal to Perry Davis' Pam-Ku.cr. ru-purt Daily JTeJML It is really a valuable medicine it is used by many Physicians. Boston TracetUr. Beware of imitations, buy only the genuine made by "Perry Dayis.' gutd everywaesea whs wv .uw ' uiu yw. ' 8R0eD OAKLAND, CAL,. The only Reliable Oprlelan In Oakland share you can have your aye accurately titil Al)JlsilG bPKCXAOIjBS I To suit all the rla mmit on of the tlS't and crinrti. ft si etel le i.e. to order our epeclaltT. EXAMIWATIOM FEE. AN IMPROVED FARM OF 450 ACRES With AU Modern Requirements to Carry on Same, e SITUATED EIGHT MILES FROM BERKELEY, WILL BK RENTED REASONABLE To a Responsible Person. Apply at this Office I. P. FULLER M. MANUFACTURERS & DUALEUS PAINTS, OILS GLASS, Etc. - 412-414 TWELFTH ST., OAKLAND, RLPANS TABULES PEGU LATE THE STOMACH, LIVER AND BOWELS AND PURIFY THE BLOOD. KIPAHS TABULES are the best Hel-elne kaewa lor Iadlceata, BlUearaeaa. 11 eadat ".ic, onill pat ion. 1J p-pla. C hron i Li ver Tronbi. , Ulzziaras, 15 ud t emple zlaa, Djaeaterj, Offcaalre Breata, and all als-arsen of the Stomach, Llvrr and Bowela. N sSaaaS Tabalce eootara nothiaar ininrions to the moat delicate constitution. Are pleasant U take, safe, effectual, and ;.-iTe immediate relief. to f. race per box. Say be eroeraa dmaalat. or br mail. SSSSSSI THE RIPANS CHEMICAL CO.. M SPRUCE 8TEEET, NEW YORK CITY. i cm. I to 3 T ml lm. it - : 1 --,., LI.HLHU'.U I.LCTS BANKS. First National He. Bank of Oakland - 9 cor. Tanth aad Broadway. Capital Stock Paid up - $300,000 P- ?5AJl... ...... ......... PTrealdent r V-5J?OWLES Vice President u. BukPKE DIRECTORS. G. W. MeNear. A. J. Snyder, E. W. Runyon, J g Martin. Norman nidoout, P Jones, Wallace Everson. L. CL Morehouse. P. E. Bowlea W. H. Chick. Ttn. L. Q. Burpee. Pf-JNCTAT. goww POTtpywra. 6 A ERANCI8CO First Ksttoasl Mia; Lpnion, Paris and Am art nan J? TORK-NatlcrtaJ Park Bank, Uonal Bank. THB Oakland Bank of Savings Cor. Broadway aad Twelfth its. Incorporated 1M7. Authorized Capital $1,000,801 00 Capital Paid m - - 400,000 00 Reserve and Contingent Fund, 151,4), 48 Deposits, Jan. I 1335, - 4,608,528 40 ISAAC I. REQU A President W. E. MiLi.KH Tlca President W. W. GARTH Waits Cassias DIRECTORS. Wm. R. Davis. Arthur A. Smith. H Rofrers, W. E. Miller. James MotTl George H. Collin. E. A. M-."a, Hora Uivio, isaao sa. noqua. General Banking Business transacted. Interest allowed on all term deposits. Loans on approved Real Estate and Approved Collaterals at lowest market rates. PRINCIPAL CORRESPONDENTt. SAN FRANCISCO Bank of California, Anglo-Cala Bank. L'd; Nevada Bank. NEW YORK I.aldlaw A Co. CHICAGO Continental National Bank. LONDON N. M Rothschilds a Bona. FARMERS' AND MERCHANTS SAVINGS BANK U0 Broadway, near llta at. Incorporated according to ths laws at the Ptate of California. Nov. 10, VOX, Interest paid on deposits Mosey loaned on real estate. OFF1CER8. EDSON r. ADAM6 Prssldsat C. E. PALMER Vice President J A.MES C McKEK , BOARD OF DIRECTOR 3. K. 6. Farrelly San Leandro, A. W. Schafer, Mount Eden Samuel Bell Mo Kee, Oakland; William H. Taylor. Oakland, H. H. Pitcher. Llvennore; Jorts Charles Adams, Oakland; H. F. Gordon, Oakland; F. s Osgood. Oakland; Charles E. Palmer, Oakland; W. H. Bailey. Oak land: Kdeon F. Adsass. Osklsad Central Bank Broadway and Fourteenth ata OAKLAND ....CALIFORNIA a thorized Capital - - SI, 000,000 Capital Fully Paid - 300,000 Surplus and Cndivideil Profits - 75,000 JOHN CRELLIN President W. a. PAl.MENTE?:R....V!ce Prealdont C F YATES BOARD OF DIRECTORS. George C. Perkins John Crelllo, H. fl. Ainsworth. J. W. Phillips, QeorsVD. Mat-calf, F. K. Sbattuck. Charles D. Pierce, is. C. Morehouse, W. O. Fsimi Thomas Crelltn, W. C Pbelan. Transacts a general ban kins S Itilerest allowed on term deooaita. made on real estate and aDoroved aeour Ity. Buys and sells exchsnica on all ths principal cities of the United fltate and Europe. Principal correspondents First National Bank, Ban Francisco; Chase National Bank. New York: Metropolitan National Bank. Chicago; Nebraska National Bank. Omaha. wm mm m it mm Location N. w. cor. of Broadway atid Twelfth street. THOMAS PRATHER .Presldest HON J. WEST MARTIN. .Vice President CHARLES E PALMER Cashier ntprrmnii Hon. J. West Martin, Socrates Huff. John C. Adams, D. Henshaw Ward, Edson F. Adams. R. 8. FarreUy. Thomas Prat her Kirhanr- Domestic aad forelsn at current rates. CORRESPONDENTS Chemical Na tior,ol Hnk New York- N M Roth. child A Sons LotMon: Rothschild Freres, Paris: Die TMrertTon de TMsoonto Oasell-schaft. Berlin- Bank of California, Firs. .National Far.K. crooKer- wool worth National Bank. San Francisco. Funds deposited with correspondents YW'd he Union Savings Bank Cor. p roadway and Ninth streets. Transacts a General SAVINGS an 1 COMMERCIAL. Business. C apital Fully raid, 9 800,000 OO Reserve Fund. - - - - 75,000 00 Deposits Doc 3L, 1894, 8,OH,3o5 tf BOARD OF DIRECTORS. J. West Martin. William O. Henshaw. Thomas P rather, Thomas Crelltn. R. ft. Farrelly, A. A. Moore, Hiram Tubbs. a. Huff. C. E. Palmar. Herman A. Tubas. H, w. J. WEST MARTIN President WM. O. HENSHAW Vice President A E. H. CRAMER.... Cashier Exchanse on Eastern sad forelsjn cltisa. Interest allowed upon all am vines deposits reraalnlns three as lender months. Mo entrance fee. Remittance from the country maae Dy express, or enecs upon Ban Francisco, and hook will be i CALIFORNIA BA N Itasonio Temple Bufldbsg. Cor. TwiUu ana wasningtos aaaasss nn Capital Stock, (Fully paid up)... JACOB UnL.nuuu,. ......Pr), B. M. DADDIl...... T sbw rises fxlANa. MS. Dnw&O BOABD OF DIRECTORS. Jacob Grseohood, Jno. W. PsilUoa B. M. Babbitt, Victor H. Metcalf, Anaoa Barstow, Charles J urg-ena. W. W. Whitman. C. L. Maxwell. D. Edward Collins Transacts a general hanainjr tfiirtsaaa. Foreign and domestic eschawge bought and sold. Correspondence soil cl ted . Spe cial attention para to tne execution os trusts for individuals, firms aad oorpats Oons. CORRESPONDENTS American Exchange National Bank, New York; Bathes Banking Co. aad Baas of California, Baa Francisco. IF YOU WISH tteer. Loans To enjoy the day properly you must order your Sunday dinner from L C. BEEM, New City Market, i 4 THE TAILOR, 415 FurtMith Stmt, Women S. L Cor. 12ft m! MMn its,

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