Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 2, 1968 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1968
Page 11
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HOPt (ARK) STAK, Mm i* OffSf f FLYING SAUCER reports will be rampant when this object is spotted. Actually, It's a summer house being built in Finland. The egg-shaped dwelling has 16 segments made of plastic and fiberglass. Door fits in opening at right and will swing downward. Court Docket Waynard A. Bourllng, Luther Butler, David Dennis, Robert Henry, Wayne Smith, Drunkenness, Forfeited $16,50 cash bond, James Hairr, No driver's license, Forfeited $11,50 cash bond. Bryan E, Hammond, John Floyd Marshall, Bezley Noble, Louis F. Reagan, Charles Russell, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $106.50 and one day in jail. Gary M, Wheelington, Speeding, Plea guilty, fined $11.50. The following forfeited $16.50 cash bond on charge of Speeding: William F. Byers, Harold D. Cooper, Wallace B. Fulton, Ralph D. Harrison, James Holston, Floyd Jones, Jr., Kenneth Ray Koen, Paul O'Neal, Roscoe P. Williams. Roy Foster, Permitting unlicensed driver to drive vehicle, Forfeited $11.50 cash bond. Roy Lee Rogers, Gary W. Wheelington, Permitting passenger to ride without helmet, Plea guilty, fined $11.50; fine and cost suspended on compliance with motor scooter law. John Henry Pugh, Aggravated assault, Plea guilty, fined $56.50 and six months in jail. Jail sentence suspended on good behavior. Luther Butler, Ira Lee West, Assault and battery, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Robert Bennett, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Ricky H. Flesher, Hazardous driving, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. Mae Rena Muldrew, Failure to yield right of way, Forfeited $16.50 cash bond. j? H. Talley, Leaving scene of accident, Forfeited $31.50 cash bond. Pete Franks, Improper turning, Forfeited $11.50 cash bond. James Hairr, No State vehicle license, Dismissed. STATE DOCKET HELEN HELP US! by Helen Bottel YOUTH ASKED FOR IT! This column is for young people, their problems and pleasures, their troubles and fun. As with the rest of Helen Help US!, it welcomes laughs but won't dodge a serious question with a brush-off. Harlie Owen, No Driver's license, Forfeited $26.15 cash bond. Fred T. Gregory, David Scroggins, Driving while intoxicated, Plea guilty, fined $136.15 and 1 day in jail. Waynard A. Bowling, Reckless driving, Forfeited $46.15 cash bond. Edwin E. Cowart, Improper brakes, Forfeited $31.15 cash bond. NOT ENOUGH MATERNITY HOMES Dear Helen: Like many another girl in trouble, I asked you for the address of a maternity home. You very kindly sent an encouraging letter, listing five homes in my State, and explaining what they offer, how you apply, etc, I'm glad you gave me all five addresses, as four wrote back that they were filled up, with a long waiting list. The because another girl cancelled, (she got married) and they could see I WAS desperate. I had no tell you it was no picnic, but it wasn't as bad as I expected. The people at the home were great. We had regu- Th~ t n~,,,<™ t «* <*„,! .IMC IK la r classes given by public school The following forfeited $46.15 tfiachers Wh60 camo to the home> cash bond on charge of Overwight: Bering Tank Div., Inc., C. B. Truck Line, Inc., Luke Bush, Chamberlain School Furn. Co., Clement Bros., Jerry Crook, Field Leasing Corporation, Ronnie Golden, Hammond's, Inc., James Twitty. Harry Falwell, Groendyke Trans., Co., Overweight, Dismissed on motion of State; Bond refunded to defendants. CIVIL DOCKET L. B. Delaney & Son Grocery vs Charles Lee, Meyer's Bakery, Inc.-Garnishee, Action on account for $131>28; Judgment for Plaintiff by default, as per precedent. Pat's Mobil Service Station vs Charles Lee, Meyer's Brown 'N Serve Bakery, Garnishee, Ac< There were counsellors who helped us with our problems, and helped us decide what to do with our lives afterwards. Some of the girls cried all the time and a few were pretty hard, but most were like me — terribly sorry we'd made the mistake and resolved to make up for it in every way we could. The fee was based on how much we could afford to pay, which in my case wasn't much. I gave my baby up for adoption, as I felt this was better for him even though it hurt terribly to make the decision. Everything was arranged for me, including my taxi trip to the hospital, and my stay at the-ho me after the baby was born. The counsellor even helped me get a part time job, so I could go back to school. I just thought I'd tell you this, so you could reassure unwed tion on account for $37.48, Judg- pregnant girls. The sad thing is: ment as per precedent; garnishee Some aren't as lucky as I was. dismissed. There just aren't enought homes for unwed mothers to meet the demand. But instead of wishing they*d build more, I keep hoping the de» mand drops off, - LEARNED MY LESSON P.S, The boy? He was a miserable as I was, At first we talked marriage^ but it's cfafcy how fast you fall out of love when you're faced with reality, We knew it wouldn't work. He help* ed as much as he could with the finances, There wasn't any hate or blame. But there's still a big nothing where my heart used to be. I had to tell you this too: Though the Home eased the pain, it's always waiting there in the quiet moments when you don't make yourself think of something else. Dear Helen: I've known this boy for about three months and like him a lot, He calls me every night except on week-ends. On week-ends, I sit home and do nothing. So does he- he says. His parents are nice and there are no restrictions. Why doesn't he ask for a date? -TIREDOF WAITING Dear Tired: He's either broke or scared, Why not ask him over to watch television next Saturday night (when your folks are home)? That might break the ice. - H Dear Helen: I have two questions about dating etiquette; If a boy asks for a date, shouldn't he also make plans where he is taking the girl? My boyfriend says the girl must choose and I say he should. Also, we have been dating regularly for four months. His birthday come before mine. Should I give him a gift, and what? — PERPLEXED Dear Per: A boy puts a girl on a terrible spot when he says, "Where do you want to go? It's his money; therefore he should make the plans—but il he's a nice guy, he'll sometimes ask for alternate suggestions. An inexpensive gift would be appropriate for your boyfriend's birthday. How about shave lotion, a funny game you can play together, a tie clip —something well under $5.00?- H This column is dedicated to family living, so if you're having kid trouble or just plain trouble, let Helen help YOU. She will also welcome your own amusing experiences. Address Helen Bottel in care of The Hope Star. Copyright, 1968, King Tea. tures Syndicate. Inc. Canoe Commuters • Some commuters ride dug- put canoes to their office jobs in Makati, ultramodern satellite city of Manila. The commuters cross the Pasig River in the Philippines standing in craft crowded to the point of swamping. Like pot pies? Like to save toward purchase of any three POT PIES BEEF* CHICKEN TURKEY'TUNA TO DEALER—Morton Frozen Foods will redeem this coupon for IOC plus 2C handling, provided: (1) It is taken in part payment for merchandise specified herein, (2) Dealer mails It to Morton Frozen Foods, P.O. Box 181, Clinton, Iowa 52732. (Redemption will not be made in any other way or through outside agencies, brokers, etc.) Invoices proving purchase of sufficient stock to cover coupons presented for redemption must be shown on request. Customer must pay any sales tax. Cash redemption value 1/20 of 1C. This coupon void wherever taxed, prohibited or otherwise restricted. Offer good only in U.S.A. Limit: one coupon per family. Void after June 2, 1968, PP 28 With Morton you've got it made! Morton makes Pot Pies the way you do. The quality way. Ready- to-bake. In your grocer's freezer. CAPITAL PRIDE Whole Butt Half thank Half Lb. 49* ub. 55* tb. 49* BABY BEEF Rib Steak BABY BEEF Chuck Roast FRESH LEAN Ground Beef LB. LB. Wilson Tray Pack Bacon Lb. / LBS. •MMMMMI Fresh Dressed Fryers BRISKET Stew Meat COUNTRY STYLE Mix Sausage FRESH CUT our Neck Bones Lb. Good Lean Pork Chops Lb. 4 LB S Baby Beef Round Steak Lb. ,Fresh,KY:„. Beans Sunkist Oranges YELLOW SQUASH Fresh Corn Lb.ISJi Tomatoes Sunkist Lemons 2 Ears 19(i cm. Doz Meyers Bread Regular 16 oz. Loaves Meyers Hamburger Buns Hunts Peaches ^ Large Q 2X2 Size Cans Folgers Coffee Lb.-2 Lb.-3Lb. r 690 SUGAR With $5 Or More Purchase Plus Coupon Below Del Monte Yellow Cream Style Corn 4 303 Cans Sweepstake Mackerel 89C Cans Bush Early June Peas 303 Cans *l I 1(f *r"89(! J I WITH COUPON V • PLUS $5 PURCHASE DONAID DUCK GEORGION Orange Juice DK1E WHITE Flour BLEACH Purex LARGE White Eggs ~ - vaijvnuiv^i 3^1 $1 Tissue REGULAR 25& K 1.89Kotex 69C Oieo BENCODRY 391 Pinto Beans •MMPHIHHMHmiMBHMM'M'l' Cold Power vvashlng Powder LB. SACK 5QT. BTL. DOZ. UCT.- BOX BLOCKS Extra Special Giant Box Midwest Mellorine Ctns, Kraft Pure Grape Jelly 18 Ox. Glasses Kraft Tomato Juice 0 46 Oz, C1 V Cans <PI Liquid Vel 33 oz, Bottle wi DIU via PH0NI 7-4404 Ma/it HIS, MAIN ST. HOPE, ARK,

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