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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 13

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

TUESDAY IfiVJSJSIJMG OCTOBER 26, 1897 OAKLAND TRIBUNK people are what Gladstone calls there Is no time, no desire to go SCHOOL MATTERS CONSIDERID. THE CREDIT HOUSE." feix Siorls HWh PRINCETON CENSURED. I 11c isoara 01 sepriTiinrg uiica the fttM ot JJistrici hrnppr' 'From Ocean to Ocean On January 31st, we will give away ist. A $200 round trip ticket to New York. 2nd. A $125 Regina Music Box with Cabinet to church twice a cay after reading a forty -page paper. "We believe that it Is as necessary to have good and wholesome laws; on the Sabbath rest day as on the marriage relations. These two institutions have come down to us, aide by side, from 'Eden, but to maintain and enforce any law we must build up a healthy public sentiment." A number of recommendations appended to the report were adopted. Comer Twelfth and Washington Streets Tel. 1071 Red. The H. C. Capwell Co. (Incorporated.) 1 1 1L (KllSiit 1 Conclusion of the Labors of the Synod of California. 3rd. A Bank Book worth $40 in Gold. A Ticket given with every 60c Sale, Each ticket good for a chance on all three Olfta. A world of reading October Puritan 10 cents 1.00 a year all news- The recommendations mciuuea a rec- oKnition of the binding obligation of tho 5 PRICES GUARANTEED RIGHT OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Sabbath upon all men; approval of the efforts towards closing the Trans-Mississippi Exposition on Sunday, and of Christian Endeavorers and State Sabbath Associations tn general. Tne pastors were also requested to preach a sermon in April on th.s" subject. The Presbyterian orphanage at San Rafael was commended to the interest and support of the THE SEMINARY UNDER FIRE. A Little Elephant A -Committee-Will Report on church. a D. L. Macnuarrie read a report of th work accomplished among freedmen. The following resolution was then presented by He v. E. T. Lockatd: New Method of Management. Is no larger in a big tent than in a small one, yet many people pay more money to see it in a big tent than they woold in a smaller one. Last week a lady asked to see a purse in our store. After looking over our line which At the afternoon session of the Board of Supervisors yesterday the deed of F. A. Berlin and others to property needed for the extension of Virginia avenue was accepted and the avenue declared a public highway. A resolution was adopted approving the Frultvale School District bond and ordering the Issuance of schools bonds amounting to Deputy District Attorney Church advised the Board that the property cf the Vista School District now lapsed must be sold at public auction. The trustees of the Mocha District were anxious to purchase the school property, as Vista District had been annex; to Mocha District. Attorney Church asked for further time in order if it were possible to have the property legally go to Mocha Dis rict an auction. It was thought beet, if possible, to retain the real estate. Attorney Church also asked for more time before giving an opinion on what should be dne with districts necessarily removed from the public highway. The County Assessor's requisition for a Remington typewriter was referred to the District Attorney to see whether or not the, county should supply a machine, as Supervisor Church held that the Board did not have the power to do so. The Board then adjourned for one week. KiPT WATCH AT THE LODGE D0GR. Frank A.Munsey, jg New York. is as good as any in the whole State of California, she said she guessed she would have to go to San Francisco, where she bought the hand bag she was carrying. We had identically the same bag in stock, so boldly showed it gy fQy PAPERS CONDEMNED 1 3 .1 na MAM BHAWA A nuu ijuuicu lue price 10 uer. 011c pain just iiuccu wciii uiuic, iu iuc "big store," foi it than we ask. She bought the parse of us. We buy and ell at the lowest cash prices. Resolved, That a committee of five appointed by this synod and that such committee be instruc ted to report at the next session at the synod a plan whereby the San Francisco Theological Seminary shall be removed from direct synodical control." Dr. J. W. Dinsmore said that a similar att.rnpt had been made before, and pre-dlcied that it would result in Rev. Lockard held that opinion had changed. The annual wrangle over seminary affairs, ae thought, did much harm and counteracted the good done by the seminary-Rev. F. S. Bush branded the resolution as cowardice. Members, he said, had come to him during the day and requested that certain things be kept secret. Ministers Should Not Permit Churci Notices In Them. Ladies Muslin Underwear Solid Oak Tabourette lor a vacant corner; hindy to put your jardinie on lots of uses for it 85C Large Extension Dining Table (6 foot) for 8 or 10 persons. $2 45 Triumph Folding B-d, full size, strong enough lor years' CARPET DEPARTMENT, A good big Rt'g for very small P'ice, 27x54, in choice designs, 50c f-Goods de ivsrad Free of Charga to Oakland, Alameda and eeriteUy 1Y1. FRIEDMAN CO. 233-235-237 Post St. 1 3d-I i 4 Morton t. Near Stockton. OPUS EVENINGS. The concluding sessions of the Pres IF YOU WANT TO BE WELL DRESSED YOU SEE JOE POHEIM, Hei. making' he no! e-at to order lor and $17.50 hich are well worth $25.00 Foe Ciay weave voffctrd and lateat siy erces atH7 50 and $ao. 00; will cot elsewhere 0.00 1 renc'- 'iqu; the best Dceskin and Dre rste I rom $25 to $45. You don't need 10 ar teady made, it. 6. tins arme-nts when yom can have styli-h uit made to order lof money at me mu-t re iable and largest tailoring et ablishraci l. byteriaii Synod were held yesterday ai- I feraoon and evening, and were some- A lot that should have been here two mouths ago has just arrived. To rush it off quickly we have marked it at very low prices. Ladies' Go wns, an immense assortment of the newest styles, every one a bargain. Grades at 4(jc, 48c 50c, 75c, When matters had reached a stage where leflsrny irom me discussion prj- aat.rv wn. he held that an voked by the reports of corrrmit'tees, investigation was in order. WttMfa "Were of the greatest imiparjance. and" The resolution was finally adopted. Dr. niton took floor at the op- 1 the moderator authorized to appoint a A ferseani at Arms A rested l.UU, I.Z3, l.OU. 1. 10, i.U'J of the afternoon session and op- committee of three, who should select rnrcr rnvora iouv i orv eneu 'trie discussion of uae report of: the committee of live. He chose Rev 25c, 35c, 50c, 75c to Sl.25. CaKu for fel rocasnremea sauirMcs ent free any address. SAN FRANCISCO- Ladies' Drawers, at 22c. 25c, 30c, 35c, 45c 50c 65e, 75c, $1.00, 1.25 to 1.50. White Skirts, full width, at 40c, 50c, 75c, $1.00, 1.25,1.50. 2.00. Children's Muslin Drawers, several styles, plain and embroidered. A good tucked drawer. Price according to size at 12 y2c, 15c, 20c and 25c a pair. 3 Montgomery cor. ush 844 816 Market St opp Fourth lllO- I Market an 48 Fourteenth Oakland, Cad. 603 CO." amento. 143 S. Spring I.oa Angiir. t'l. Before Jh mi) rs Could Kftter. There was trouble at the meeting last night of the Ancient Order of Foresters in Becker's Hall art Ninth and Washington streets and it d.d not end till an arrest had been made by Police Ofttcer Frank Carson. Charles Wilkinson, sergeant-at-arms of the lodge, was the disturbing element, and he arrested on charges of drunkenness and disturbing the peace. Wilkinson, it is claimed, went to the lodge rather worse for the liquor he had consumed during th? day. When moving a in the other barrel, when the shell was accidentally discharged. Several Shot struck Pollard in the righil eye and bis face was badly powder burned. He wil'l be laid up for several days. t'h-s tecriperaniee committee. He said that th report was not In the form it should be. "The buemtlon," he said, "addresses itself Jto a subject 3,000 miles away. Print-stop University has no direct con- DaClkm (with the liquor business at the 1 Inn. We must carry In mind the fact that the faculty is net responsible for it, but lone or two men. He favored the adoion of an unambiguous rezo- lution, iytaVufl) should be passed by the Synod, buc with Uhe mental reservat on that the deviltry existing on all sides should not be ignored on the ground of experise. Dr. Dmsmore agresd with the iews 1 expressed by Dr. M'inton. He said the authorities had ncifchiug to do with the Prrneetop banquet. As regards he Princeton Inn, I dD believe it is net on I university grounds. The Presbytery of New Brunswick has jurisdiction over the case of the two men who signed he K. T. I.oekard, Rev. H. B. Gage and Rev. W. B. Noble. Rev. H. C. Thompson of Cambria was appointed vice moderator. The interests of the Occident, the organ of the church, were presented by Dr. Coyle. The committee on ministerial relief then presented its report, which showed a failing off in contributions from 13 to 7 cents. per member, an average of less than 7 per church. Thus a debt of over was caused the board. Of the in tho State, 112 have contributed and 125 have not. The have amounted to disbursements to ID. 215. Resolutions of thanks to the Brooklyn Church, railroad, steamship lines, hotels, press, were adopted, and then the synod adjourned. It will meet next year in San Diego. CALIFORNIA LIMITED STARTS EAST AGAIN. W. H. PARRISH Successor to Tate Parrish. Misses' Muslin and Tenuis Flannel Gowns, a gcod line of them. Grades fiotn 50c up. Children's Cloaks and Jackets We can show you twice as many styles as auy other store in Oakland. If you don't see in our store what von want, vou don't have to buv. We treat lookers as well as we do buyers. Children's Cloaks at 95c, $1.25, 1.60, 1.75, 2 00, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00, 3.50 to 6 50. Children's Jackets at $1.50. 1.75,-2.1)0, 2.50, 3 00, 3.50. 4.00 to 7.50. Truck and Lxuressman Successful Opening 01 Jones' Bazar Last Evening. i he arrived he took up his position at 1 the door and refused to allow any one to pass through it. Those inside were compelled to stay where they were and these who had not arrived before the sergtant-at-arms were not given aJ- mittance. I Things were 'becoming serious when I President Frank Barnett and Vice-I President Coleiman arrived. They sent for Officer Carson as soon as they had taken in the situatio-n. and the arrest followed. I In the Police Court this morning Wilkinson pleaded not guiMy to toeing neutron for the liquor license, tie ed, killed a large number of quail near hoUlg-ht the Synod should dlscrim- Tle Popular Sanu Fe Train BeaJns Mil! 1 Stony brook inate and not condemn the Faculty for Promenade Concert, Souvenir Distribution and Kinetoscop Display. lis Third Annual Season. what two men did. Dr. Kipip of San Diego said, had the the resolution said on? word in condemnation of inltemperance. there wrootd DS 161. An attractive pamphlet has been issued bv the Santa Fe route, announcing the schedule of trains known as the Califor CTAND AN DOFFICE 842 BROADWAY, OAKLAND drunk and his trial was set for tomorrow. The case cf disturbing the peace went over tili tomorrow to allow the filing cf a complaint. Iv'Any Items Inteieat From the Bustling Little Suburb. am prepared to move Heavy Granite, all kinds of Merchandise, and make a specialty of moving Safes. Jones Bazar opened last night. If any reader thinks that event was not as important as the coronation of a President let him ask any of the small boys who went there and they will handle any doulbts in the matter. The Frr.tall boy who could look at the things in Jones' Bazar without wishing that his father was a bank president certainly could be considered a curiosity. The Bazar is located at the corner of 5esking a Deserter. Chief of Police Lloyd has been asked by the naval authorities to locate George Brown, a 15-year-old boy who was raised in Oakland and who deserted from the United States naval vessel Marietta several months ago. All orders promptly attended to aVt o.vest rates. Telephone 194. nia Limited. The book, which is issued by Jno. L. Truslow, the general ag-ent of the Santa Fe tn San Francisco, is illus- 1 trated by fine half tones, picturing tho interior and exterior of the celetarated trains, which run on the great scenic route. The California Limited began its third annual season October 20th, when tho west-bound train left Chicago. The westbound trains leave Chicago at 6 P. Wednesday and Saturday, connecting rsonal Nole and News Frc It was a large audience that greeted Mr. Henry Payot at N. S. G. W. Hall last Friday evening. Mr. Payot has a commendable interest in the Free Library, and gave a stereopticon exhibition for the benefit of the library, paying his own expenses and giving the entire proceeds to the library. The views shown were taken by Mr. Payot during his travels, and when thrown on the big 23x25 canvas appeared very natural. The views were given under the general head of "Scenes on the and embraced a numerous and varied collection. After the exhibition there was dancing for a couple of hours. A number of the friends of MissWll-dia Zuver gathered at the residence of Sir. and Mrs. P. Wilbert last Friday evening and tendered her a surprise party, the occasion being her birthday. Miss Zuver acted as hostess in a charming manner and made the evening pass very pleasantly. Jos. Andradn, who lives near the road to Decoto, pleaded guilty to a charge WKRSTER ST. RKPIDKNTE. tho Surrounding have bsfn no dispute. The inn is one ha of 4 mile from th-e grounds of the university. The aip-probrium belongs upon tl(e wo men who signed the petition land not upcm the whole faculty." Rev. Henry C. Thompson moved tijat Dr. Ki'pr bs appointed to draw up a substitute resolution. The motion was carried. Dster in the day. Dr. Kipp preser.lted the fallowing resoluf.ior That we, the Synod of California, do hereby record our emphatic protest against the indorsement by some (members of the raculty of the Univen-ii'ty if New Jersey fur establishment of a saloon wttfacn the corporate of their town. "We are so zealous for the honored and illustrious name which this college has so long borne that we depreciate seeming and unofficial connection of it with the abomination of iniquity, and we express the earnest hope that the We Do Aix Kinds of Copper, Brass, Sheet Iron and Galvanized Iron Work with the principal fast trains from Last Death of Barnard Matilda P. Barnard, a native of New Hampshire, who had lived in for twenty years, died at her home at 533 Hobart street this morning. The interment will take place in Mountain View Cemetery to-morrow. fFrem the Ilayward Journal.) One of the happiesy gatherings at the Hayv.ard Park Club House was held Friday evening honor of the birthd'ayef Mips Alicf Crretson. Mr st of the gutstF. took the convenient electric- cars, but some preferred the short moonlight walk from town to the House. SHortly after the arrival of the guests dancing was-'begun. with F. W. Dairabee of Oakland furnishing the Thirteenth and Clay streets, and will be under the direction of that pioneer baziarris't, Mr. Richard Jones. Music, souvenirs and a kinetcscope were the features of the make-your-ac-qua-intance night at Jones' last even-' ing, and the place was more than crowded. On the street many persons watched the changing pictures of the kinetoscope. while the pleasant music 1 and the delightful art spuvenirs at- traded many to the interior. The display of toys, dolls, wagons 1 and all the other ilay-houie penatS of the farraginous juvenile was enough to whet the ambition of a dead boy. Ahd Mr. Jones was wicked enough, to make the most of his tempting-things. They were displayed In so many ways that one would have to be blind not. to see them. It was the advance alarum of Santa, OAKLAND TIN STORE JOSEPH WUNDSCH, Prop. 202 ban Pnbl Oakland Cor. 1 6th Street. All kinds of Tinware Made to Order and For Sale. of batterv before Justice Pimental Wednesday, and was fined $10. with the official authorities of urr.iver- Granted a Pension Ira W. Wheeler of Berkeley has been granted a pension as a war veteran. Th" pudding is lest done by the eating- ern cities. The "limited" leaves City at 9:40 A. M. Thursdays and Sim-days, connecting at this point with the principal trains from the North, East and South, and particularly with the Wabash train leaving St. Louis at 9 P. M. Wednesday and Saturday evenings, which will carry a through Los Ang-eles Pullman sleeper, which is attached to the California 'Limited at Kansas City. The "limited" reaches Los Angeles the third day out from Chiooo at 5:50 P. M. East-bound, the first California Limited will start today, and on successive Tuesdays and Fridays hereafter, will leave Los Angelee at 8 A. connecting with the San FVancisco train at ilojave. It passes through Kansas City at 6 Thursday and Sunday evenings, and reaches Chicago at 9:45 A. M. Fridays and Mondays. The through sleeper to St. Louis is transferred at Kansas City to the Wa-bash train, and reaches St. Louis Ordered in a minute Our Belle of Bouquet whisky needs to be 1 delivered in another music, and this pleasure- was indulged alternative of serving five days in jail, sflty wl.H put upon tnns act 01 two or. In for an hour or irtore. when an inter- He went to jail rather than pay the heir professors the seaft of their un- mission was takpn, and partners for fine. J. W. Tosfca was the complaining qualified denunciation, supner were chosen bv means of sou- witness and he and Andrado's son had "Resolved, That our started clerk send venlr pins, each with a name which some trouble and the father took the a copy of thas resoluitwn to the trustees matched similar jme with the opposite son's part and gave Tosta a beating. of the University of New Jersey, sex. From the -dance floor the party, l.ast week the Foresters gave a do- The word 'Princeton was substl- proceeded to the dining-room on the nation of 2.50 to the Free Library, ud tr "New Jerse" and res- N. YV. sampled to be loved. Jos. Kouquet, cor. Thirteenth and Washington. our high test oil. SMjJW BAXTER, Offices Successors to G. IV. Arptr Webster an it $1 Sts Jet. Main 104. 5 Bay City Flour is the -best flour. iinnr.r Hiinr ait thproaat dow at tables nr-rl fmv TCrlen Parlor of Native Pons -Ution aaoptexi of the Ssji Francisco ortic-tiollv t-rl ivitVi nrt-tlv flow, r-rtmoc tn th frnnt with rlnnntinn of The report Claus shouted from a quiet corner, but from a corner destined to go down famous in looal history for the big business that will be done around it from Seminary was then pre ers and laden with damtyS refresh- $5. Hayward is noted for the number Theological sented, and widely discussed. It showed a deficit of $19,000 for the year pait. Dr. Dinsmore spoke art some length, calling aiften'tion iS the tacit that a de at 7 A. M. Fridays and Mondays. Chicago, connections are easily made i now on to turkey time. No use trying to describe the stock. If yo.i are not satisfied with your butcher try C-ltlNC BROS. For tst-C ass Meat At reasonable rales. Cor. Sth and Cheater Sis. Te 1651 Ret Goods delivered ta ail parts city lree of charge. fast Eastern trains, so the time betwen ficit of $10,000 Wl Strictly Frst Class. There is one strlcjtly first class express service in Oakland that of the People's Express Company. The company checks baggage at your house to any point on the Southern Pacific system free cf charge. Telephone Main 326. Office, northeast corner Broadway and Ninth street. Sixteen fotographs for 25c. Crescent Foto S63 Broadway. incurred during Ne York, Boston and California via fast connections will be only four days in Waste of words to bubble over about 'markable enterprise," "clever idea," 'prominent men associated with it," each direction. cars of'tfre California Limitrd are' and a11 other chestnut phrases which The ro to make up the padded local. Fact of its fraternal societies, and if they wilt all do as the Foresters and Natiye Sons have, the library will be helped and they will be given a good advertisement. The beautiful home of Mr. and Mrs. T. Machado was the scene of a gathering of members of the T. P. S. C. E. of the Presbyterian Church and their friends last Friday evening. The grounds were lighted by numerous Japanese lanterns, and indoors and out tho guests made merry. It was a happy gathering and will be pleasantly remembered. Mr. and Mrs. Machado are active workers in the church and they ments. At the meetingof the Congregational Church last Sunday Rev. F. B. Jones was elected pastor. Mr. Jones is a brother of A. Sydney Jones of the Hay-ward Lumber Company, ar.d 1 as preached at different times here. His last church was at San Mateo, and his pastorate was a very successful one. Mrs. Anna M. Hatch has purchased from the S. H. Harmon Lumber Company the Jessen house and lot on street near Fifth, and will move there with her family from her Castro street residence. P. Wilbert conducted the negotiation. JOHN F. COMMINS, GENERAL LOAN AGENT 463 Ninth Strsst Oakland, Cal. City and county warrants cashed, promuaory note discounted. Real Estate and Loans, kerideuce b7o Eaat 12th Street is, Jones' Bazar is great, and without a doubt will be the chief bumming place of Santa Claus before he commences his camrpaign down the chimneys of Oakland this Jones will have another "experience meeting" tonight, and the pleasant things of last night will be repeated to please those who came but saw THE IDLER. the coming year. The ram-m'iittee recommended that a committee be aiprpointed to audit the aoc umts of the treasurer and business manager. The recjomanemdation was adopted. It wa9 suggested that in order to prevent the incurrence of a. greater deficit the salaries of the professors be cut down, or a few of the professorships deepped. It was also unged that in view of the growth of the seminary, the churches should make an effort to increase its income. Rev. Trumbuil, the business manager, sipoke at length but without offering any srpeeially lucid explanation at the causes for the shortage. Dr. Dinsmore spoke in a criticizinig ve'in and expressed his disapproval of the policy cf the Institu-tk n. After three hours discussion, it extremely comfortable and completely modern. They are vestlbuled sleepers of the newest patte-rn, containing both open sections and drawing rooms and a through dining car between Chicago and Los Angeles. West of Kansas City, a buffet smoking ear is added. This car is furnished with writing materials, the latest periodicals, a well stocked buffet and other conveniences. The dining oar and buffet service are managed by Fred Harvey, and meals are served at regular and convenient hours. The entire train is brilliantly lighted by Pintseh gas. No extra fare is charged on the California Bimited, but only first class tickets are accepted. The semi-weekly service is in addition to the regular daily California trin. Tn the Superior Court of the county of 1 Alameda. Staie of California. In Jhe matter of the estate of Elijah I Trice, deceased. I Notice of time et for proving will. etc. Notice is hereby given, that a petition for the probate of the will of Elijah Price. I deceased, and for. the issuance to Cnarles 1 P. Gibbons of letters testamentary there For the accommodation of tax-payers provided an enjoyable time for their Tax Collector Barber will be at Hay- guests. ward Wednesday, October 27th. for th? A postoffice inspector visited the post-collection of will have his offic Tuesday and made a complete NOT ENOUGH TRIAL JURORS AVAILABLE. A Place for Gentlemen Who Like Good Good Liquor anwiH 6AUND0 1 Hotel bar BOUQUET 4 FRAME EIGHTH bet. Broadway A Franklin Telephone ijSj Black. 3 Is examination of everything pertaining to the office. This is the first time during Mr. Obei-muller's incumbency of the office that its affairs have been gone into thoroughly. The Inspector found the business in good shape, and Postmaster Obermuller was compli- officc in Luce's brick, building. The High School football team has been reorganlzedfihd Wm. Garretson, the dashing quarter, elected captain. A game is being arranged with 'the grammar school team. Af.out two months ago W. Larsen on, has been filed in this Court, ana mai Monday, the Sth day of November. A. JJ. 1S97, at 10 o'clock A. M. of said day, at the Court-room of Department No. 4 of said Court, at the Court House in the city of Oakland, in said county of Alameda, has been set for the hearing of said peti- Tho Trial 'f lyron hidden Postponed Till Tomot row. which carries both standard and tourist was fir.aily adopted without any pro- sleepers and makes close connections with visions fof the covering of the Eastern trains, deficit or censure for those who had caused The Board of Trustees for the class MDC DILI MAN ,0 if 0. Mlnwc after UlLLIRrtn The case of Myron WhLdden, charg-I tion and proving said will, when -inn ed with felony embezzlement, came up where interested may appear before Judge Ogden in the Superior and contesrhfe same. Court this morning. ''e'pniv rierk The defendant was represented by A. vr. 1 1 opened a tailoring shop in the Nlssen mented for the way in which things are building and was going to do wonders conducted. In his line of business. But the won- Last Friday night some thieves got dera did not develop. Prior to starting away with four tiers of wood from John In business for himself L. Xewmaik Daoner's place in Palomares canyon, had given him employment for a few They had to cany it about 200 yards months and in this way he got enough before getting it a wagon, and they ahead to open up a shop. Business did must have worke I industriously for a not come to him In the way he thought while getting i loaded. Constable EW CREAMERY. 404 TKN1U ST. Home Cooking. Dinner at 1 J. Try ua once fes your Stomach's sake. a rm.11.. T7- riiio on cau r. i.xj. Attorneys WILL BE EJECTED. the Talketi-Ol French Womin Will Be Tnrnrd On; of Her t'offig'- for Petitioner, 212 San--ome fa. due rewmtmerndations: Rev. H. B. Gage, Riverside; Elders George D.j Gray, Oakland, and David Jacks, Monterey; Rev. John Hemphill, vice Rev. J. W. Dinsmore, term expired; Revj, R. F. Coyle, Vice Rev. Ed- it would and so he concluded to give a mage is workink on the case and has hopes of capturinfe the thives. ward Graham, term expired; Elder J. PACIFIC COAST JOCKEY CLUB the State by District Attorney Snook and Deputy Church. It was asceitained tha there were only thirteen Jurors available of the regular panel, ethsrs having been excused or being engaged in other departments cf the court. Mr. Moore objected to going on with the cass without having the full panel to draw Jurors from. T. F. Gray hasl been nursing a dis- r. Baker, Alameda, vice Robert Dick- located wrist and lan injured body this son, removed. Class of 1899 to fill va- up. Bast Sunday evening he was seen around the streets, but the next day he was not here. His siga was still out, but his place of business was closed. A note was left to his hotel-keeper tell wcek. He took a header from a bicycle oancies, 'Rv. Alexander Parker, vice and dislocated his left wrist, besides Rev. W. Jl Chichester, resigned; Elder (Ingleslde Track) icons-iderably. He re- w. B. Fry, Oakland, vice A. J. Ral- ing him to take what was in the shop bruising his body uat for what was due him, but there was ceived no serious 1 injuries, but he was Mrs. Maria DUlman vW be ejected from her house at 68 Mla.t Twelfth street to-morrow for the i.on-payment of rent. The woman who It Is claimed has tortured her pigeons and cats, will mxm find herself without a home. The San Francisco Savings Union, which owns the cottage, has given the woman one day of grace. Judge Wood has granted a writ of ejectment which has been placed in Constable Koch's hands with orders to oust the woman ston, resl-gfnea, ana unaries a. i-aion, San Francisco, vice A. B. Evans, de used up to such an extent that he has been unable to attfend to business. Third Annual Meeting ceased, 4 In order that a repetition of the Princeton tnn episode might be Impos The court decidfd that the case should be proceeded with. The thirteen jurors were thenplaced in the box and examined. At 1J o'clock the court became satisfied hat it would be impessi 1 to get a fu 1 Jury 1 out of the number of men in the boa, 1 and It was then decided that a special venire for twenty-five men shoul 1 Issue returnable tomorrow at 10 o'clock. sible in California, the following reso little or nothing there, and the hotel-keeper Is out of pocket. Other creditor did not fare serwell and were not ven left a note by the- fleeing tailor. It Is not known what the tota1 amount of his indebtedness is it is no-thought to be very large, for he had been In business less than two months. Herman F. SchleUter has been appointed postmaster at San Lorenzo, vice introduced and unanimously A Scalp ou id L. B. Peters had! several stitches put into a scalp wound last night at the Receiving Hospital by Dr. Stratton. He E.tid that he had gotten Into a row in lution was passed: Day Ope nmg "Recogniteing the embarrassing con if she does not move out before tomor row. She owes $175 rent since last March. ditions under which propt rty mes a restaurant on Seventh street and that in tU thi mssfsskin of institu NOVEMBER 1, 1897 he had been hit on the head with, a Hans W. Rhode. tions, nevertheless we raeonnmend that Mrs. EverettS Sues for Divorce the Synod direct that property owned Mra EveP8tts has brought suit MONDAY, F. H. GREEN. Secretary Wendte Will Surely Leave. Rev. C. W. Wendte has declared positively that he will leave for Los An Fred Decker of San Lorenzo, erne of coT measure. S. N. ANDROTJS, President. by the seminary shall not leased ny for divorce from her husband, George ils trustees without expressed provls- tho th coin triced student of ereles about the first of January. He SMOKED ALL OAKLAND ions in the terms of the lease that no Califorjlia college, who, within the past met the Trustees of the church last saloon for the sale of intoxicating H- few weeks has caused a great deal of night and discussed finances and ether quors be permitted on the attention t'0 be directed toward him by matters. Everything was found to be CKjARIy till the best known citizens of that place, Buffered a strokefof paralysis last Fri- Williamson Held. day. The left side is affected. Judge A ye terday held George Captain McDonnell, an old resident B. Williamson, th colored cock, to an-of this piace, was here last week renew- srwer to a second large of burglary being acquaintances and yisiting former fore the Superior 2ourt. The bail has scenes. been fixed at X2.00 In each case. A number of young people attended liamson robbed! se era! hotels in West in a very satisfactory condition, out no one has yet beer, named as a probable successor to Mr. Wendte. 1 VBilWN A Mf.K NNflN Merchant Tailors the dance given at, San Ramon last Oakland LI AAV 11 V. IUW''v. IN OAKLAND. Nuisance Hcnrv Racket and Tonv Galindo of Abating a The flrHtj business at the evening session was the rendering of the report of the comjmittee on Satlath observance throukh Rev. W. B. Perry. The Sunday newspapers came in for a share of crljtitim as follows: "We would not be a conscience for any brother or church, but would remind you that church notices in Sunday papers pre-supposes Sunday readers. No fonder that many of our reason of his strange, if not insane, con-duck Cleaned a Loaded Gun While cleaning his sbot gun a his home at Temescaa last evening, Thomas Pollard, who rks for A. L. Stone, was seriously in by tine dtodbavrg-ing ot tftie weapcru Pollard was elean-tns one barrel the gua -without re- We carry a lull of the Fire Depart line of desirable staple goods and latest novelties. FALL OOOBi JDST tH Oakland were fined $20 each by Justice The extra emgintaj Pimental Wednesday for violating the ment is erjg.g.dl Returned th? Beast. In tbe search warrant proceed inar 3 for the recovery of a dog, instituted by M. B. Brocklenurst against a Mrs. Ol sen. Judge Allen this morning restored the canine to Brocbahurst in pumpir.aj cut iha the foot of Center noS BROADWAY game laws, The men re game hunters staigrnant pond at for the market, and early In SeDtember, street. The Board! of Works was re- a.pout a aamcuh before th season, open- Quested to do the by the Council.

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