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Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
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MONDAY OCTOBER 25, 1897. 5 OAKLAND TRIBUNnEh OPENING No Brass Band! No Premiums! No Stamps I Our business is done on business principles and every dollar's worth bought in our store is value for the amount paid on goods, M'KINLEY ON SPAIN. PORTO RICO A THORN. OF THE- On Account of Inclemency Of the Weather We were FbrcecMo Postpone The Opening Until Tcnight The Tone of His Message Will Depend on Blanco's Work. Probability of an Uprising Against the Home Country.

We will Entertain You this Evening. Bring The Little Folks Along. JONES BAZAR CO. INCORPORATED. 13th and Clay Sts.


S0U1NIRS of Sympathy In the Junta Porto Rlcans In New York, Cuba Can Not Be Pacified by the New General In One Month. NO GOODS SOLO. Whv are so manv ladies interested in a new line poods No line ever showed the attractive features to be found in our stock. We have the newest creations, the best effects. Nowhere else will they find the advanced st yle HUNG IB EUR we are showing at such popular prices.

We give values that they appreciate. They are made right and sold right. A MAN WHO MET RUIZ'S FATE. WANTAMNESTY AND AUTONOMY One lot of Silk Plush Canes, embroidered and beaded. ft.

6-; each, worth double. One lot of Silk Plush Capes. Rhadamas lining, marten fur trimming and embroidered empire back, $5.65, cannot TRiCY WILL RULE GREATER NEW YORK. The Democratic Vote Will Be Divided Among Three Candidates. be duplicated anywhere at this price.

if MJ. lh SrtidA.L2 in Ul IKKtLLAS API UU33AmciO Tjidies' TTmhrellas. steel shank. Paragon frames, twilled satteen rain-proof at ii 00 each. DOWN HIS CHEEK.

Strange Condition of a Man Who Came- to the Hospital. Jose Davlla Raising a Force of Men In Jamaica for a Struggle. Proclaimed, the President May Be Able to Pacify Congress. Ladies' steel shank, horn handles, Paragon frames, at $1.25. Ladies' Silk Serge Umbrellas, steel shank, $1.50.

Our Double Cape Gossamer at $2.25 is a stunner. Extra fine Ru ber Gossamer, double cape-lined all through $5 00 is a premium. Extra fine Gossamer, with plaid silk lining throughout, at jS.50 is a beauty. ABRAHAMSON S. E.

Cor. Washington 13th St. He Was Wife Br Associated Press to The Tribune WASHINGTON, Oct 25. Develop But the Republican Ballots Will Be Massed on the General. Attended by the Of Young: Joe Dleves.

By Associated Press to The Tribune. NEW YORK, Oct. 25. The Herald says: "The Porto Ricans of this city are talking about another uprising in Spain's minor colony in the West Indies. They throw out dark hints about ments in.

Cuba within the niext 'thirty days wtll definitely determine President M'cKintey'a attitude on the Spanish question, but he expects no trouble. C. Rohrbacher, Wm. Rohrbacher, Geo. Geary, George Duddy, Chas.

Ohml, O. PERSONAL AND SOCIAL. By Associated Press to The Tribune. XEW YORK, Oct. 25.

Senator Piatt Another midnight patient was a man named James Nealon. He, too, was The Administration lookd vltJh much an expedition that is daily expected to reticent as to how he had been injured, favor On Spain's change of policy, and land, and talk with confidence of be Prof. R. Rhys Lloyd Is the guest of J. Hinds In Santa Cruz.

but he had been done up in a very "eneves mat the new ministry is sin-complete manner so far as one side of cere in its endeavor to bring about a has given out astatement in which he says: "General Tracy hag won the election. There are three Democituic candidates in the field, among whom Senram. F. Senram, Mr. ispeath.

Thos. Kane, Arthur 'Shonoff, M. C. Aker, T. Bilbsbach, D.

Shay, T. Shay, T. Anderson, Henry Peters, Mr. Brown, F. Carosh.

T. Carosh, Walter Janigan, Mr. Sriigely, Mr. Eaton. terms nation of the strife In his head was concerned.

His ininries speedy FRANK HUM IS GIVEN THREE DNS Two Other Charges Have Beer Placed Against Him. Miss Florence Sharon was tendered a dinner party by three young men who the-Bemocrane party has been divided. j.bad been inflicted, apparently, with a The Democrats have never had a ma- razor, which sliced the ear in halves, jority In the territory now consolidated one c-f the halves hanging down a dis- have set up bachelor's hall at the Bi-bet; cottage on Lake street. Mrs. W.

E. Sharon was the chaperone. The patty was composed of Messrs. Robert ing able to sweep Captain General Marin and the 5000 Spanish regular troops into the sea The Spanish volunteers I who number about 7,000 are not taken I into consideration, but are dismissed i by the plotters as men who never fight, "Several Porto Ricans have arrived in this city within the lasweek wlih news from the island that has stirred up the fires of revolution among the exiles who are here. They declare that Porto Rico will not accept autonomy and that an uprising will take place si nee' the enactment of the present elec Cuba by granting substantial reforms.

not fulily advised as to Spain's reply to Secretary Sherman's note presented; by Minister Woodford in September, its general character is known to the authorities here, and Is not anticipated by the President that any friction will arise between the two countries as a result of the exchange of nei es. I There is the authority of a cabin, officer for this statement. Newell, Walter Lieimert. and Professor Allen, Misses Florence Sharon, Pauline Foire and Margaret Knight. Out Mrs.

Dr. Kugler, a missionary from The Fish Gang Has Broken More Notoriously Than Ever. i HpffKTA rJn ha. 1 i fro i I An interesting wedding took place a week ago Wednesday in San Leandro when Miss Maslna A. Cummins and Charles H.

Hale of that city became man and wife. The -ale residence at San Leandro was beautifully decorated for.the occasion' with the late flowers of the season. The bow window In the front parlor formed a beautiful background for the handsome bridal couple in an artistic arrangement of bamboo, smilax and chrysanthemums. The Rev. H.

B. Heacock, an old friend of the Cummins family, performed the ceremony. The bridal couple were unattended. The bride was charming in a gown of organdie over silk. tance of a couple of inches on the man's cheek.

The blade, after passing the tar, describeda semi-circle to the right, laying open several inches of the scalp. It then went upward and described another semi-circle, cutting a couple more inches scalp. To fix these gashes required thirty-five stitches, which were taken by Dr. Stratton. They were sewed in a very artistic-manner.

Ncaicn gave his residence as West Berkeley. He was accompanied to the Receiving Hospital by the wife of Joe Dleves, who remained while the The frrirne object Che Preside at ha In aujnirate propoed reforms. India, who spoke at the English Lutheran Church yesterday, leaves tomorrow for her home in Philadelphia, af- view vfbs'n General Woodford went to "The revolutionary Junta, of which Dr. J. Juiio Henna Is the head, and tei having spent a few days in this citjy.

Madrid was to bring about an improved condition of affairs In the island of Cuba before Congress reassembled. Spain's reply and her instructions to the new captain-general of Cuba wiM show an advanced step In that direc which has been inactive since the abortive attempt of March 24th, has been aroused by the news from the island. Meetings have been held, messengers dispatched, and an air of mystery as- Dr. E. Unangst, who for forty years labored in India as a missonary of the Lutheran Church, is now in Chicago.

operation was being performed. tion. Rut the Administration is more tion law. They used to have majorities, ny kind ofmajority that suiied their nste and convenience. They had absolute control "of the electoral machinery at everyjpoll.

Whatever then" present vote may be. It is going to be divided between Van Wyck, George, Low, and Gleason. Van Wyck will probably get the most of it, George will get a huge portion of it, and Low will get a substantial remainder. Low is the candidate of four Democratic organizations, the Ship Democracy, the Garoo Democracy, the Purroy Democracy, and the Sleekier Democracy. More and more as the canvass has progressed he has become identified before the public with the Dsmocratic He is the embodiment of the holier-than-thou of the Cleveland party.

He is a revival of Clevelendism. He has the support of all that noisy and insolent crowd that grovels at the feet of Cleveland. He has been brought forward as the expression of their notions and their hopes, and that which makes his success impossible is the favi, now so clearly presented in the minds of the community, that through Low this Cleveland this city The pol ice are under the impression concerned about the reported change of sumed wno are Interested in spent several months in slashing of Nealon was done l(han it is gut the character of the of wresting Porto Rico upon his return from India pc.icy The ceremony was followed by a re that the from the grip of Spain. It is even by Jack Donovan, who is a brother-In law of the younger Joe Dieves. They are hunting ffor him to make him answer for the attack.

Two members of the notorious "Sporting Life" gang. Frank Nolan and Fred Kohler, were before Judge Allen In the Police Court this morning to answer to charges of drunkenness. They were sentenced to serve three days each. The men were arrested by officer Cloud early yesterday morning. The a rest was made at the request of Mrs.

Dora Nelson, who this morning swore to two charges of battery against Kohler. She claims that, while returning to her home at Fifth and Myrtle streets, wttt her oung son, George Nelson, they wen met by Kohler. who used insulting language toward her and struck both her und her son. The Woman escaped from Kchler by taking her child In her arms, and running. She met officer McCloud whom ehe told of the occurrence, and; shortly afterwards the men were arretted.

At the prison a razor was found on No, lan, and the additional charge of carrying a concealed weapon was against him. Nolan is one of the gang of four whoaa trials for assaulting Mrs. Lizzie James ception and wedding banquet. Later i Mr. and Mrs.

Hale left for Lake Tahoe where they are now spending the hon- eymoon. They will return next week and will make their home at the cottage on Sybil avenue, San Leandro. Mr. and Mrs. Hale, both young and popular people, premise to become very prominent in the life of the town where they will make their home.

The bride Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cummins and a young lady of charm- ing qualities. Mr. Hale is the son of I Spain's reply to Minister Woodford's representations.

They have no reason to fear that Spain will make an aggressive stand against this United States. On the contrary, they are 9ure of a note friendly and conciliatory In tone. The President realises, however, the danger of further agination by Congress and a further disturbance of our business interests if something more substantial than the mere promises of Spain bo grant genuine autonomy can hinted that the mysterious schooner, Silver Heels, which was supposed to have left this port a week ago with war material for the Cuban insurgents, may not be bound for Cuba at all. "It is said the service of a Cuban Insurgent with the rank of Major General and two Santo Domingo Generals have been secured for the coming revolution, and that aid will be obtained from Hayti and Santo Domingo as well as Mr. and Mrs.

Robert Price gave a dfiner a week ago Friday at their home on Linda Vista Terrace. The guests were Misses Bruce, Olney, McLean, Wilkinson and Von Ade-lung. Dr. Von Adelung and Messrs. Olney, Stanford, Balnaves and Montague.

Miss Edith Coiner of Las Alamos and J. J. Ryder of Alameda were married Wednesday. ANTIQUE EVIDENCES OF CHRISTIANITY. Egypt C.ii libtiiesi a Copy the Scriptures Made 200 A.

D. not be furnished when the new session from this country 1 the Martinez banker. H. M. Hale.

He Miss Lillie M. Robinson of Mount clique are endeavoring to recover their I loft prestige for" use in 1900. The Republican vote, on 'the other Eden and William Bond of Irvington Dr. Henna, the head of the Junta, declined to talk "One of the Porto Rlcan correspondents of this oity said he had received a letter from the island stating that the Spanish authorities have resorted to wire married at Centerville last Sunday by the Rev. Mr.

Grump. hand, is consolidated upon a single I2y Associated Press to The Tribune. DENVER, Oct. 25. Dr.

Oobern, pastor of Trinity Methodist Church, who has recently returnedr from England, tells of wonderful papyri discoveries begins1; It can hardly be expected that General Blanco, within a month after his arrival, will be able to eni the war, but, if lit can be Shown that an advancer! step has been taken in that direction. President McKinley may, by for- 'hlrs. G. H. Foster of Saratoga has and for burglary committed at the houa last January and gives out information ine oomponie memoa or treating rumed from a visit in this city and is the cashier of the bank of San Leandro, a position which he has occupied in a way to win the confidence and esteem of all with whom he has; had dealings.

As a citizen of San Le- ar.dro he is always found among the first when the good of the town is being considered and advances made for 1 its improvement. Among the guests on i the pleasant occasion were: 'Mr. and! Mrs. J. B.

MdElroy, Mr. and Mrs. Wil- liam T. Cummins, Mr. and Mrs.

John I Cummins. Mr. Ed F. Hale and Mr. and Mrs.

D. P. Riggs of San i'ranciseo; I tneir poirucai prisoners, ine letter gdn Francisco which is new to the world. This is that warding the correspondence which has in the Log.ia which was unearthed by passed between the two countries avd A CATTLEMAN DIED WITH HIS BOOTS ON. states that Senors Matos Bernaer, Guil- 1 has been arrested several times since trouble at the Aird house.

Dr. D. D. Crowley was registered, a Messrs. Greenfell and Hunt, under the calling attention to an improved condi- lermo, Belasco, and Tomas Carrion, direction of Dr.

Flinders Petrie of tion of affairs in Cuba, be able to pacify have been subjected to the treatment, the Golden Eagle Hotel, Sacramento, Jim the Saturday. which Is the same that is alleged to have resulted In the death of Dr. Fftilz Oxford University, In Egypt, last Jan- Congress lone enough to give Spain uary, there was found besides the note time to' thoroughly test her new re-book leaf containing what purported to forms. Hence, it a.ppears the wording Cunningham Kails Hands of Anderson CI Kohler is also a member of the gang, but he was not with the other members at the time of the James trouble. He la the man who was locked up by Jailer Swain In the same cell with Aird, that Mrs.

H. G. Dodds and little son are Havana The punishment was in be the sayings of Jesus Christ, a leaf 0 the President's forthcoming message flirted, it is alleged, for the purpose of E. visiting Mrs. Dodd's mother, Mrs.

Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hale.

Mr. and Mrs of the new testament. The leaf con Hi Humphrey, in San Jose. uepenos memmy upon uiie nmnniKiie ei- forcing the prisoners to tell where a W. A.

Hale. Dr. R. L. Hale.

Miss B. 1 witness In the James case, who was kept By Associated Press to The Tribune. feet of General arrival in Ha- at the prison that he might not be ap quantity of ammunition and dynamite vana. the promulgation of an amnesty had en bUit the men tnaeA to proclamation, of new autonomist reforms, and the abandonment of the re-concentrado policy. drs.

Nellie Case of San Jose has returned fjrom an extended visit in this city and San Francisco. Mrs. F. A. W.

Woods is the guest of Mir. and Mrs. L. C. Emerson Campbell.

Hook, Ida and Morrell Hale of Martinez; Mrs. Bryant of Lockeford; Mrs. T. L. Graff.

Miss Louise Graff, Dr. and 'Mrs. G. H. Ohea.

Mrs. Reilly and William H. Langdon of San Leandro. A CALL FOR IMPROVERS. give any Information.

"Word wasreceived yesterday that Manuel Catala," who was sent to Porto Rico with messages from the Junta, and for whom the authorities were looking, had succeeded in making his proached by any of the gang. Until thej cases come to trial. It will not be knowr just how much damage Swain's action has done. About 10 o'clock last night Victor Fer guson. who lives at Emeryville, called at the City Prison with a badly beaten head an claimed that he had been assaulted? by two members of the "Sporting Life" gan? on the San road.

The names of these two members are RED RIVER, N. Oct 25. An- I derson Clay shot and killed Jim Cunningham at a cattle ranch near this place. The trouble originated in an insulting remark the dead man is said to have made regarding Miss May Williams, a friend of Clay's. The tragedy is also indirectly- the outgrowth of a number of killings in Colorado and New Mexico, which were brought on by a feud resulting from the killing last June of Bill Cunningham, a brother of Anti-Saloon Meeting.

The executive committee of the Antl tained nearly the whole of the first chapter of Matthew and was written exactly the same as our Green testament of to-day. Dr. Cobern says that this is our earliest record of the Bible, and that in the sixty-one baskets of papyri mat were taken out, there might be found a copy of the scriptures. He pictures what a blow to Infidel ism it might be and vhat a strengthening of the Christian cause. He says there is ro doubt of the gen-uinness of these finds.

That such critics as Professors Harmack and Thompson have passed upon them and declare that they could not have been written later than 200 A. D. Miss Gertie Yoell of San Jose is the Saloon League of the Seventh Ward will escape to Hayti. "Much importance is attached to the gikest of her sister In this city. Clt -ns Arc I igcd 10 Anend the Mass Me-tu Tuesday t'Ml.

departure of Jose Davila, a wealthy merchant and coffee planter of Juana, meet this evening In the Brooklyn Pres-. byterlan Church. Dr. Bovard ot Alameda I Is expected to be present and make an i address. i to the police, and thy will be arrested as soon as they are located.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Lewis are guests at the Napa Hotel, Napa. Jim.

i Porto Rico, who had been in this city for six months and who disappeared Mrs. E. S. Talbert has returned from TOOK SOME BONE FROM HIS HEAD. the day before the Silver Heels sailed.

TO CURE NERVOUS visit with her daughter, Mrs. G. Pbllen, in Cloverdale. 1 The (Mr. and Mrs.

J. Lancaster are guests at the Coronado Hotel. Tibbetts Is Released. Judge Allen this morning suspended judgment in the case of J. E.

Tibbetts, who was arrested in San Francisco by Detective DennyHolland a month ago on a warrant charging him with obtaining money from J. G. Castlen. Tibbetts has been In jail for a month, and Judge Allen-considered that his in Victim of an Accident Now Likely to ItecoTir. WANTS PRAYERS FOR HIS MONEY.

has gone to Jamaica to fit up an expedition. It is said Davila will be Joined by Juan Roig, who is now in this city, and Jose Boudet, who is described as the hero of the Yanco uprising of last March." To Gain Flesh, to bleep Well, to Know What Appetite and Good Digestion Mi Kie Sl'est of Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets. staying at the Palace p. Powell is Hjotel, Napa. The Conditional Bequest of Wealthy Hebrew of Springfield.

tent had not been criminal, not DIED TOCETHER IN A THIRTY-FOOT WELL. Interesting Experience of an IndU anapolla Gentlemin. No trouble is more common or more I paid Meat Bill. H. Moore has brought suit against Charles Holman to recover $157 on a meat bill.

There has recently been organized In Oakland, by some of its women, a club, calling itself the "Imprnv. ment Ciub of Oakland," which has for Its object, as Indicated, the Improvement of the city of Oakland the lines of improvement and cic-tnliness Of lis streets; of abating nui.sancee; of tree planting and decoration; of park acnuirement and construction: of erecting 'icdutiful public build-ingsnotably a ary, and of forwarding any and every oilr enterprise that wiil tend to make a desirable city of residence. It calls urcr. all dlsinten sted citizens, men and worrten. to come into its ranks, to attend its meetings, to become pari and parcel with ils interests, and especially lo assist in devising ways and means whereby its government and the control of its funds shall be inline hands of those who have at heart only the city's good and advancement.

It is earnestly hoped and expected that you will openly and actively to these r.ts. that you will do so now and you will attend the next meeting of "The Improvement Club of Oakland." to be hold on TuesdayOctober 26th. at P. in the parlors of the Uni and Miss Maud Ham.lton was tendered a surprise party Thursday evening by tlie Mizrah Social Club In honor of her sixteenth birthday. Among those present were Mr.

and Mrs. Hamilton, Maud Samllton, Gertrude Hamilton, Virgin amilton, Ethel Hamilton.1 May Mc-Bain, Bertram MciBaln, Mr. and Mrs. JL Lester, Mr. and Mrs.

G. Lester, Mr. and Mrs. Hobson, Miss Hobson. H.

Canning, Miss Canning. Miss Grlhme, August Grihme, Lille Grnff, William droff, Hennessy, Otto Zelgler, Master Ellis Kennedy, Master W. Asphyxiation Killed a Man Woman Far tJnder the Ground. By Associated Press to The Tribune. ANDERSON, Oct.

25. (Michael Kauffmann, a wealthy retired Hebrew of Springfield, Ohio, who died in this city three weeks ago, showed his eccentricities in his will, which has been probated. The first provision was that he bequeathed $500 to the Home for In- misunderstood Whan nervous dyspeipeia I People ihavimg it think, that their nerve are to blame and are surprised that i County -Surgeon Stratton has trephined the skull of Charles Bertram, who, for some time, has been an inmate of the Receiving Hospital. Bertram was injured by being struck by a railroad train in Alameda several week ago. His leg was broken.

He sustained a number ot bruises about the head. The limb was placed In a plaster cast and has since been progressing; rapidly toward improvement. A a consequence of the injuries to the head. Bertram on Sunday became delirious, and trephining was resorted to. A3 a result of the operation, the surgeon removed a number af particles of bona which had been splintered in the accident.

The patient has signally recovered hU faculties since the operation, and Is now on the road to recovery. they are not cured by nerve medicine By Associated Press to The Tribune. and spring remedies; the real seat of i WICHITA, Oct. 25. Frank with the provision that they pray fir tom-, moon, au iw.s.

u. wens, 1 aoh is tihe nrrain to hf I were found dead at the bottom of a SILKS GREAT SPECIAL SALE TUESDAY, OCT. 26TH nun every uikji mug iui uuc yeai, una 1 also pray on the anniversary of his Nervous dyspeptics often do not have thty-f001 well on Moon's farm near Kennedy. O. MacDonald, R.

Chamber- nv tin in th. Derby, having been asphyxiated. Moon lain, Mrs. A. J.

Lerre. Rene Lerre. be sent. The rest of his large estate perhaps amy of the usual symptoms naa overcome wntie wonting, and oercovipn, of stomach weaknesa Nervou dv- the woman, fearful at his not returning Miss olff. Miss S.

Dickie, M. Freman, Married by Judge Clift. Mr. Jones and Patterson, R. Lewis, pepsla shows itself not in the ntomai home, went to the well late at night to Smith.

tarian Church, corner of Fourteenth and Saturday evening Judge Clift mar- so much as In nearly every other organ; Investigate and fell in. in some cases the heart palpitates and 1 Castro streets, whi re addresses will be ried Henry Augustus Deidrick and Rcsa made in regard to the acquisition of "Ad- ElizabelJ, Brown, both residents of Oak- is Irregu ar; In Obhers the kidneys are Mrs. A. Bock was tendered a pleas-nt surprise party by about thirty of A line of Fancy Brocaded Two Toned effect Austria Changeable Silks, also brocaded Novelty Silks, good value at 50c 25 land. affected; in others the bowels are con was equally divided among his four children.

ANOTHER COLD STRIKE IN COLORADO. The Vein Near Georgetown Rons $35 OOO to tbe Ton. her friends last week. A SPEEDY JUMP INTO THE RIVER. ams Point" and the "Sathr tract" for park purposes.

This should be of Interest to every man and woman in our city. By order of the "Oakland Improvement Club." A W. KNOX. M. President.

Oakland, October 23, 1S97. 130 Miller, Tailor. Successor to J. A. Rlxon, merchant tailor, 215 San Pablo ave.

Suits from $15) drees suits, $25. A tabiespoonful of the famous old Jesse SPECIAL Sheer and Safe Drop of Feet From a Railroad Bridge. In Our FURNITURE DEPARTMENT By Associated Press to The Tribune, Moore Whiskev taken after each druggist's. SEARING'S FRUITS. For the best fruits, the frenhest and The Up-to-Dates gave their third dance of the season Wednesday evening at College Hall on Twelfth and Harrison streets.

It was one of the most delightful of the dances given by jthe club. Mrs. M. A. Pine, a pioneer of Oakland, celebrated her 90th birthday at the home of her daughter.

Mrs. N. B. Hoyt, at Orinda Park, Contra Costa county. The following members of the family were present: Mr.

and Mrs. X. B. Hoyt. Mr.

and Mrs. William H. Pine, Mr. and Mrs. J.

G. Hoyt. Mr. and Mrs. C.

F. Baker, Mrs. L. P. Baker.

Mrs. W. R. Hoyt, Mr. and Mrs.

F. B. Hoyt. Mr. and Mrs.

O. F. Hoyt, and Miss Nellie B. Hoyt, besides eight great grandchildren. Joegel's orchestra furnished the music.

Among those present were SUD BY A DOCTOR. Gilb-rt Curtise, tlie East Oakland Capitalist, Is Made the Defendant. Dr. James P. Dunn brought suit against Gilbert L.

Curtlss, the East Oakland capitalist, In Judge Cliffs court to recover 155 for medical service rendered to Miss Curtlss The bill covers a period from September 24, 1895, to the present day. This beautiful Morris Chair, upholstered in cordn roy, reversible cush ions, change to air. position a mos luxurious chair fo home comfort. Worth $15.00. SPE IAL PKI.

Tl'KSDAT By Associated Press to The Tribune. LOUISVILLE, Oct. 25. Speedy, the professional bridge-jumper, jumped from the Louisville and Jefferson-vllle bridge before 18,000 spectators. Speedy made the jump of 130 feet In safety and was mingling with the crowd a lew minutes later.

Escaped a Horrible Death. Mrs. De Corsey, wife of Billy De Cor-sey, through mistake, a few nights ago, raised a bottle of carbolic acid to her DENVER, Oct. 25 News of a phenomenal mineral strike which has set the community wild with excitement comes from Georgetown, this State. In the east Argentine district, an ore body was which, it is claimed, averages as high as $25,600 to the ton through a vein three to four feet wide.

The rich ore jwas encountered at a distance of 800 Jfeet from the side of the mountain, "she ore runs very higlt in silver and carries good values In gold. THE WILL BE TO. IN WEALTH. stipated, with headaches; still others are troubled with loss of flesh and ap-petltei with accumulation of gas, sour risings and heartburn. Mr.

A. W. Sharper of No. 61 Prospect St, Tindianapolis, writes as "A motive of pure gratitude prompts me to write these few line regarding the, new and valuable medicine, Stuart's Dystpcpeia Tablets. I have been a sufferer from nervous dyspepsia for the last four years; have used various patent medicines and other remedies without any favorab result.

They sometimes gave temporary relief until tbe effects of the medicine wore off. I attributed this to my sedentary habits, being a bookkeeper with little physical exercise, but I am glad to stte that uv? tabtle-ts have overciwne all these Obstacles, for I have gained In flesh, sleep better, and I am batter In every way. The above is written not for notoriety, but is based on. actual fact" Respeotfully yours, A. W.

Sharper, 61 Prospect Indianapolis. Ind. It is safe to stay that Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets will cure any stomach weakness or disease except cancer of stomach. They cure sour stomach. $8 98 Frank Courant has a welcome for bis friends at bis asw saloon on Broadway, near Seventh.

Io not offer float sick ta ad ache a morn 311 1 looter. It in not neeeaearr. Cuter a Little 1 iTr Plila will cure 70a Doe, one little pilL Email price. Small doe, email piUL 4 MAIS0N DE L'OPERA. The service and cuisine of this weil known restaurant is first class.

Private Admits He Stole Chickens. Abe Livingston, the ex-convlct, who was arrested for chicken stealing: in Al- mouth to drink, thinking that rt was med Icine. Her husband saw the mistake and Miss Bregers. Miss Walde, Miss Taylor. struck the bottle from her hand just as Miss Witt, Miss Welch, Miss Fitzgerald, ameda laat week and was subsequently On Display in Cur Window's Oakland's Great Department Store the add was about to be swallowed An Aged Uncle's Death Leaves Hum Several Millions of Dollars.

Miss Fuller, Miss Hurley, Miss Brad- released. Is on the small book at the ley, Miss Peters, Misses Sands, Miss Oakland City Prison. He will be for- Sawyer, Miss Armstrong, Misses Reice, mally charged with burglary to-day. Miss Barnes, Miss Grimm. Miss Grabs, tt- 1,.

into the hen-Jhouse of S. Some of the liquid waa spilled upon and burned the arm of the woman, but her life was saved. chickens. nue.t Rid. Tfei.

so. Ringoldsky and stole eight Miss Long, Miss Dolan, Miss Champion, Miss McCarthy, Miss Shonoff. Miss McGuire Miss Bradv. Cv Associated Press to The Tribune SPRINGFIELD, 111., Oct. 25.

The fflnns ffimilv rM incr i For Good Goal 1 I Mw ,3 UH gas, loss ot nesn ana appetite, sleep Cheap coal promptly delivered coal full weight coal-go to IS. H. Fish, Paeifis Coal Yard, JS1 Sixth. Tel. Mais M.

A Deserted Wife. Maud South Wick, an apparently refined young woman, was picked up by the Butte, Montana, polios last night wandering aimlessly around the streets of that city. She said she had recently married a commercial traveler in Portland, and that he had deserted her. She claimed that her parents bad moved from Port Livingstone has admitted his guilt. Recovers His House.

Judge Wood has given judgment in favor of tbe plaintiff in tbe suit brought by San ford Spooner against Mary Davis to oust her from the house at 224. Hannah street and, to recover 30 juipsea liuusc, jh. miu lju. i (j Li, Miss Speath, Miss Smith, Miss Fogg, Miss McDonald, Misses Wilson, Mr. Brown and Mrs.

Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, Miss Walker, Miss Earlton, Miss Byon, Mr. Lamb, Mr. Shonoff.

Wm. Stecker, George Alger- Wm. 1 mi XlliWiJiJlIt, Springfield, Riverton. Vandalla, and i Mount Pulaski in this State, have just i "ome into aa inheritance of between i and $2,000,000 through the death of a brother named Thomas Cap pa, in London, England, on September 19th. He was 90 years old.

S. IN Cor. and Wash no'on Great Rebate Premium Stamp Rook Sale now going oa. Ask for a Stamp Book. lessness, palpitation, heartburn, constipation and headache.

Send for valuable little book on stomach diseases by addressing Stuart Cocmpany. Marshall, Michigan. All druggists sett full sized packages at 50 cents- GIRARDO'S CAST IUAN KITCHEN Finest ttmales. Spanish cooking, Whittaker, S. Fairbanks.

XL HUtU Lft. back nt land to Oakland xsauu iuau. a ran ana.

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