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THE EANGOR NEWS TKLi i JANUARY 24 1907 ELLSWORTH mm isle BAR JtAnBOR Social Events Are Coming Thick and What the Blizzard Notes anniversary of the installation of Dr Alexander MacKenzie of Cambridge Friday he will attend the annual dinner of the Bowdoin Alumni in New York Saturday he will lecture in the Course at Trenton Sunday he will deliver two addresses in New York in the afternoon before the West Side A and In the evening before the Peoples Institute at the Cooper Union and next week he will lecture at Swathmore College Penn and attend theb anquet of the Washington Alumni Facts Regarding the Present Standing of the Normal kinds and njiscellanrors a t'cles a on sale while several merchants had their displayed A varied musical program was given during the afternoon and from 4 until 6 orchestra played for the dancing The evening was devoted to a concart and ball the program for which will appear in News Unity Circle will meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs Bert Young at her home in Kennebec street Mrs Frank Spratt and Mrs Myra Holmes left Tuesday for Augusta to attend the mid-winter meeting of the State Federation of clubs to be held there Mrs Holmes will visit Bangor on her return The preliminary schedule for the Bowdoin College base ball team was announced today by Manager Arthur Lincoln Robinson The schedule is subject to changes and a number of games will probably be added later The schedule is as follows: April 3 Brown at Providence April 17 Tufts at Brunswick April 20 New Hampshire State College at Brunswick April 22 Mercersliurg Academy at Brunswick April 27 Open May 1 Dartmouth at Hanover May 2 Dartmouth at Hanover May 4 Bates at Brunswick May Colby at Waterville May 14 Andover at Andover May 15 Wesleyan at Middeltown May 16 Tufts at Medford May 18 University of Maine at Brunswick May 22 University of Maine at Orono May 25 Bates at Lewiston May 30 Bates (exhibition game at Lewiston Tune 1 Colby at Brunswick June 7 Ivy day game pending June 12 Harvard at Cambridge Miss Agnes Davis Miss Elsie Merrill and Miss Harriet Huson thre graduates from the Normal all of whom have rare qualifications for the profession of teaching as also have the entire staff When one stops to think of the advantages to be derived from close contact with all the methods as they progress in a normal school parents particularly will realize the benefits their children are receiving from day to day as they go from stage to stage year after year It means much to the future in regard to competent teachers and the still better advantages to be derived from school life People in a community should not satisfied to simply know that in their midst are implanted excellent school systems such as the Aroostook State Normal school and High school afford but should try to their interest by personal visits to such institutions of learning thus increasing the interest of teacher and pupil and giving tne parent or friend a personal knowledge of the work being carried on for thevfuture good of rising generations People are too lax in this very thing and there are hundreds who send their children to school who never step inside a school building Scholars will feel a deeper interest if they have the co-operation of parents and friends and will thus be made to accomplish more Visitors always receive the utmost cordiality at the Aroostook Normal school and are shown the details of the institution in a hearty and beneficial manner The equipment of this school In the chemical and physical laboratories its library etc compare favorably with ary similar school in the state and additions are frequently made In the way of necessary appliances The future outi'ook for the school is bright and as citizens of a progressive community we should congratulate ourselves in it3 existence The following resolutions have been adopted by the Aroostook County Pomona grange: Whereas one of the most momentous questions ever before the good old State of Maine namely that of resubmitting the Prohibitory Amendment to the people has come before our legislature therefore be It Resolved That we the members of Aroostook County Pomona grange believe that such an act would work a great evil to the- morality of the State and we unqualifiedly ask the lawmakers within our jurisdiction to use Hier voice and vote against such action Respectfully submitted Hardison Powers Flora Thurlough committee on resolutions Attest: Ernest McGlauflin sec The condition of the weather and roads are unfavorable to any kind of public entertainment yet it is hoped notwithstanding that a large number will be able to attend the lecture by Rev Smith Baker in Theatre tonight January 24 The musical program will be as follows: (a) Spring Son Mendelssohn (b) Grand Valse Chopin Pearl Marie Barker Kiss Waltz Arditi Miss Lydia Rvan Valse Op 64 No 11 Chopin Pearl Marie Barker A Henry Miller piano will le used from A Hagerman People are just awakening to the knowledge of a new law whereby all drop letters except printed circulars or other printed matter requires two cents postage instead of one which has long been the rule Married at the First Baptist parsonage on Saturday January 19th by the Rev A Paul Percy DInwood Ireland and Miss Velora Alberta Taylor of Westfield All members are requested to meet in session at the Relief Corps on Friday Installation of officers picnic dinner in vestry Mrs Sue Clark Berwick will act as installing officer NEWPORT NEWPORT Jan Mrs Abigail Dresser mother of Mr Frank Hoyt passed away at the home of Mr Hoyt Ash street Monday after a long and severe illness Her age was about 65 The funeral was held at the house Wednesday at ten the burial was in Stetson to which place the remains were taken Wednesday afternoon The annual meeting of the Newport Board of Trade will be held next Monday evening at the usual place As this is the first meeting in the New Year quite an amount of business will be brought up for consideration It will also be the meeting for the election of officers Mr George McLaughlin left Wednesday' morning for Southern Pines where he expects to remain for several months for his health His friends hope to see him back in the early spring feeling much better if not entirely well Mr Lyman Brock bookkeeper for the Weymouth Wool Company is confined to the house by illness Among those who may be mentioned as remaining in the house to nurse very bad colds which are quite prevalent may be mentioned Mrs Charles Chase Mrs Sarah Winnie Mrs Charles Smith Mrs Adams and Mrs Emma Shaw The society held a very interesting and profitable meeting all day Wednesday at the home of M' and Mrs Judkins on High street About forty-five were present at the dinner hour and made themselves happy by the good things set before them It is expected now that the next meeting will be held with Mr and Mrs 'Goodwin at their home on Grove street for all day Wednesday Jan 30 The Ladies Aid will meet for the day next Wednesday Jan 30 with their president Mrs Dow on Main street A picnic dinner will be given and the gentlemen of the society are most cordially invited to attend FAIRFIELD Jab The moving picture exhibition which wak presented here at the Opera House this evening was very well attended The Knights of the Forest will hold their first meeting of the year Thursday eening Great preperation is being made and many candidates will be on hand to receive the degrees The board of strategy have been hard at work in the preperation of new features and the meeting will without doubt be very interesting A large number is expected to be present from Clinton and Waterville The Thick-at airfield will be a busy place Thursday evening and all true and loyal Knights are asked to be present and share in the pleasure giving events of the evening Thomas Henderson who has been con-to his home for the past few weeks with typhoid pneumonia is now able to be out again The Ladies Circle of the Methodist church met this afternoon at the home of fphen Eldridge Western Ave The tTiconia Club met this afternoon at the home of Mrs Alice Knowles on West treet The afternoon was very pleasantly spent The program was the read-several selections from the work of Itus Mrs Ida Bradbury has gone to Madison being called there by the serious illness of a relative Mrs I Bennett who has been spending several weeks in Augusta has returned to this village Phoebe Joy died in Boston Monday at the home of Otis Boundy for whom she has been keeping house for some 'Irs- Joy was formerly a resident of Cnnton going to work for Mr Roundy after leaving that village She had been sick only a short time being taken ill last I- riday with typhoid pneumonia She leaves three sons and two daughters The funeral will be held Thursday afternoon from the home of Mr Roundy If J-eary who for the past few months has been in this village left this morning for Boston where he will re-main for several days after which he will go to I aim Beach Fla where he will spend the rest of the winter The ladies circle of the Universalist met thfs afternoon with Mrs E- 1 1 son on Newhail Street The supper served by the Relief Corps was very well attended this evening and a very neat sum should have been realized from the supper Miss Celia Bradbury who has been tnaking a few weeks visit with relatives Boston and Fall River has returned to her home here Frank Seavey who has been at the hospital at Worcester for the past few weeks is now improving and will soon be able to be out Mr Seavey was on his way from the West when he was taken sick and was taken to the Worcester hospital for treatment a regular meeting of Good Rebekah Lodge next Thursday evening The lecture given at the Methodist church by Miss Kneeiand was very well attended and those present were deeply interested in the talk which was given by Miss Keland She has just returned from South America where she has been engaged in missionery work Mrs Citton has gone to Woburn Mass where she spend several days with her son Carl who is practising law at Boston Ir Fish of Sidney was a business caller here today Drew who has been in town for the past few days on business left this morning for his homo to New York FORT FAIRFIELD FORT FAIRFIELD Jan 23 The annual meeting of Aroostook Pomona Grange was held with the Fort Fair-field Grange in their hall Forest avenue Saturday January 19th Despite the storm that prevailed about 100 members were present representing Granges from Caribou Limestone Easton and Washburn Castle Hi Mapleton Presque Isle and Fort Fair-field Beside the other matters of business being fully considered the following officers were elected for the ensuing year: Worthy Griffin Daniel Gilmore Lecturer Mrs Tuttle Steward John Ward Ernest McGlauflin Tuttle Chaplain Grant Mrs Daniel Gilmore iMrs McGlauflin Flora Mrs Pi Grant Gate Sebra Munce Among other matters of importance considered was the question of Resubmission taken up by the Granges and after discussion a unanimous resolution was formed and sent to the legislature protesting against any action that that honorable body might attempt to favor the Same A special committee of the Granges was appointed to confer with the proper officials of the Bangor and Aroostook Railroad asking for a 2 cent mileage (unlimited) on all its lines The next meeting of the Aroostook Pomona will be held in Caribou in four weeks at which time the Pomona degree will be worked in full by the new degree team In new paraphernalia At this meeting win also occur'" the annual installation of officers A full attendance is requested and a general good time is promised Goodhue who for a number of years has been the chief promoter of work among young men in Fort Fairfield will accompany the boy8 on their trip this week to Watervil to attend the conventon Mr Goodhue is a great favorite among the boys and his presence will certainly make their trip much more enjoyable Adjourned Meeting of the Board of Trade Tuesday Night The Officers (Frem Our Regular Correspondent) ELLSWORTH Jan 23 At tjre adjourned meeting of the Board of Trade held Tuesday evening In Manning hall President Morang presided and Mr Giles was secretary The chief business of the meeting was to hear the report of a committee of seven of which Arno King Esq was chairman who were appointed to select a list of officers for the toard for the ensuing year The list follows: John Whitney Ellsworth Falls First Vice John A Peters Esq Second Vice Charles Morang Third Vice Higgins Secretary Omar Tapley Treasurer Frank Lord A King Arthur Greely Henry Hall Austin Foster Bernard Jellison Albert Slockbridge The committee appointed to solicit subscriptions consisting of Titus Robert Holmes A Stock-bridge Giles and Charles Curtis reported that $1300 had been raised to be used in' getting industries located in Ellsworth A letter was read by Secretary Giles relative to a matter of which more will Le heard later on The meeting adjourned to Thursday evening Jan 31 Much is written and said now" of the water power and privileges of Ellsworth which are to be developed by the erection of the Union River dam and the News as again been requested to make mention of the facts gleaned from various sources Union river divides near its source into three parts known as the East branch the Middle branch and the West branch Flowing into the East branch are Rocky pond Big and Little Spectacle ponds Big Bog river and 1 imber brook Into the Middle branch flow Lead Mountain pond Upper and Lower Middle Branch ponds Seven Mile brook and Leighton brook emptying into the West branch we find Alligator lake Brandy pond Great pond Morrison pond Big and Little Buffalo streams stream Collar brook Dead stream Frost brook Webb brook Jordan brook Dumb brook Beech Hill stream and Green Lake stream And emptying into the main river are Molasses pond pond Abram's pond Scam-mon pond Little Bog river pond stream Beech Hill pond Green lake Mountainy pond and Branch pond and there are others- many of which are familiar to the lumber dealers of our section Union river flows about 60 miles from its source to its mouth through a region dotted with lakes and ponds of various sizes and the supply of water is unfailing The lay of the land affords dozens of desirable locations for factories and industries Within a space of two miles of Ellsworth are seven dams and only partly used Fishermen are having hard weather now and but two and three of the most courageous have been venturing out for the catch this week Since the disaster of the Maud Mul-loch near Otter Creek when one of the seamen was drowned in Manset harbor the fishermen have been more cautious and not inclined to take so many chances of losing their lives in the rough weather And when fishing is quiet business is dull about the fish wharves as there are no shipments of any consequence and there cannot many orders be filled The election of Mr John Whitney of the firm of Whitcomb Haynes Co of Ellsworth Falls as president of the Ellsworth Board of Trade is a tribute justly merited To the firm of which he is junior member belongs the distinction of being connected with and interested in more business enterprises for the benefit of Ellsworth people than any other in the city It is not necessary to enumer-atee nor go into detail for it is well known how they have taken hold of things and stood behind and at the helm and pushed them through and In so doing have benefited all and everybody Therefor aside and apart from the ability and experience of Mr Whitney to fill the office to which he has been elected there is the reason mentioned why it should have gone to this firm and it is the side which appeals to many especially the working people with whom he is unusually popular Down at Sullivan the Benvenue Granite Company is equipping its quarry with machinery for operating this spring Three derricks are to be set up three stationary engines a railway of a mile and a half laid and various other improvements made to facilitate the handling of their granite which Is to be quarried It is said that this firm has a large order for stone work a part of which is to be filled at the Sullivan plant and the remainder at Stonington The air is full of electric railroads in Ellsworth it is the chief topic of conversation until magy are coming to think that it matters not so much by whom the road is built running to the island so long as some one docs It and goes about It in good earnest If on the other hand people understand that charters are being obtained for the purpose of blocking it that would be a subject for serious consideration and one that would result in measures being taken But indications point to the fact that the charter as granted is in the hands of men who have the means and the desire to see the road built and that they are doing their utmost to put it through Orland is to have a new power dam according to all indications and this means another industrial development In Hancock county The powers of the Masons heirs and others of Orland have been purchased by Shavr of Boston for the purpose of power development and In the near future work is to begin there BjWDOIN Big Audience Saw the Musical Extravaganza Wednesday Night-Other News (From Our Regular Correspondent) BRUNSWICK Me Jan The musical extravaganze was presented at the town hall this evening-by the Bowdoin College rpln strels who made their annual appearance for the benefit of the Bowdoin College Base Ball Association The hall was crowded it being the largest audience that ever witnessed a production by Bowdoin talent Many were present from Bath Lewiston Auburn Portland Gardiner and Augusta while some loyal graduates came from as far cast as Bangor to see the show The show was given under the personal direction of Robert A Toothaker of Brunswick who while not a college man has done much toward making Bowdoin productions a success for many years Arthur Lincoln Robinson of Brunswick was the manager Kenneth Remington Tefft of Syracuse the assistant manager Felix Arnold Burton of Newtonville Mass stage director Harold Beacles Chandler of Boston orchestra leader and George Allen Bower of Aublirn pianist for the show Music was furnished by the Bowdoin College orchestra The stage was decorated for the occasion with the Bowdoin white forming the background with which to set off decorations of Bowdoin pines flags of many colleges and fraternities and the attractive sailor costumes of the members of the chorus which consisted of nearly fifty voices The chorus singing was excellent and the solos all made decided hits Throughout the entertainment the end men kept up a running fire of jokes and local hits but it was noticeable that bo objectional personalities were used The program was as follows: Overture Entire company Song Got on mah Mind Chester Sumner Kingsley Song My First True Love John William Leydon Song Going Right Back to Chicago Song In a Jewelled Grotto William Shepard Linnell Quartette Compound Asa Pike William Crowley William Linnell and John Leydon 07 Whistling Tars Neal Cox and Francis Upton Jr Song Sweet Thoughts of Home Asa Pike 07 Song a Cousin of Mine Thomas Francis Sheehan Jr Finale Cheer up Mary William Shepard Linnell and chorus In the olio Joseph Michael Boyce of Portland gave a monologue entitled Tramp Phiosophy Frank Estes Ken-drie TO of Ocean Park rendered a violin solo Burton Charles Morrell TO of Augusta and Joseph Michael Boyce of Portland gave a fine exhibition of club swinging the Mikelsky Brothers Frand Medic TO and Lewis Lee TO gave a specialty entitled Dutch Comedy The entertainment closed with a chorus in which the company was assisted by the members of the Mandolin Club under the leadership of Thomas Riley Winchell of Brunswick The entertainment was followed by a dance wie many stayedon dance which many stayed to enjoy Those who took part in the show Were interlocutor Phillips Kimball of Newtonville Mass bones Neal Willis Cox of Portland Thomas Francis Sheehan Jr of Portland Ralph Woodward Smith TO of Augusta tambos Chester Sumner Kingsley of Augusta Francis Robbins Upton Jr of Orange Walter Lee 09 of Greenvile 111 In the circle were Asa Osgood Pike of Fryehurg William Shepard Linnell of Saco John William Leydon of Bath Willis Nathan Haines of Dexter Nathan Simmons Weston of Augusta Frank Howard Thomas of Brewer Dudley Hovey of Waldoboro Reed Hobart Ellis of Rangeley John Robert Hurley of Old Town Percy Glenhan Bishop of Boothbay Har bor Ernest Harold Pottle '09 of Farmington Ralph Henry Files of West Gorham Kenneth Rammington Tefft of Syracuse John Edward Crowley of Bangor Harold Merton Smith of Eeast Barrington Matthew Hale Cooper of Great Falls Mont William James Crowley of Bangor Carl Ellis Stone TO of'Norway William Harrison Sanborn TO of Portland Robert Burleigh Martin TO of Augusta Henry Jewett Colbath TO of Dexter John Leland Crefsby 8nd TO of Eangor Edward Curtis Matthews TO of Portsmouth Robert Dillingham Morse TO of Medford Mass James Battles Draper TO of Canton Mass Richard Raymond Eastman TO of Forf Fairfield Harry Joseph Dugan TO of Bangor Fred Henry Larrabee TO of Houlton Phillip Brayton Morse TO of Medford Mass Thomas Otis TO of New Bedford Mass Elmer Hamilton Hobbs TO of Waldoboro Frank Bernard McGlone TO of Natick Mass Eld-ward Temple Pickard TO of Auburn-dale Mass Lewis Lee Mikelsky TO of Bath Charles Albert Smith TO of We3t Medford Mass Henry Quimby Hawes TO of Westbrook Lawrence Gorham Ludwig TO of Houlton Harry Whiting Woodard TO of Colorado Springs Col Harold Wheeler Davis TO of Hyde Park Mass Serene Sewall Webster TO of Augusta Alfred Perry Richards TO of Lynn Mass "Winston Bryant Stephens TO of New Bedford Mass Harold Edward Weeks TO of Fairfield James Henry Small TQ of Farmington and Ralph Burleigh Sprague Med TO of Portland The annual competition for the class of 1868 prize will take place at Memorial Hall Thursday evening the speakers being Neal Woodside Allen of Portland Edward Augustine Duddy of Portland Roscoe Henderson Hupper of Martinsville Seth Curney Haley Jr of Old Orchard Charles Wilbert Snow of Spruce Head and Aubrey James Voor-hees of Bath Music will be furnished by the college orchestra The Bowdoin College Glee and Man-doin- Guitar clubs will give their first concert for the season Thursday evening when they appear at the Dirigo Grange Hall The concert will be followed by a dance President William DeWitt Hyde of Bowdoin left today on an extended trip Thursday he will attend the fortieth (From Our Regular Correspondent) PRESQUE ISLE Jan 23 One of the most important matters 'of legislation affecting the interest of this section of the State is that which has been introduced carrying an appropriation for the benefit of the Aroostook State Normal School We have from time to time furnished some facts to -the News descriptive of the work that is being done at this institution and the facilities that are being provided here to those who are ambitious to acquire the training necessary to fit them for the profession of teaching In view of the pending legislation it may not be out of place to give some facts in regard to the present standing of the 'school the work it is doing and its future outlook for development and usefulness in the field which it is designed to cover After the opening the Normal School the facilities it afforded to the young people o- this northern section in a very short time attracted a very considerable attendance but the school soon had to face the fact that there was no provision made and no accommodations to be found in the particular of rooms and board for its students The accommodations in the original plant of buildings were entirely inadequate and such boarding places as could be found in the village were not only inconvenient in point of accessibility to the school but were far too few in number to answer the demands made by the increasing attendance at the school The result was that the school after reaching a fair opening attendance began to decline in numbers for lack of accommodations for its students and this continued until the opening of the new dormitory which took place in December 19C5 Work upon the dormitory building was begun after the State authorized the expenditure of an appropriation of $20000 for this purpose Owing to the rise in price of everything which enters into the construction of buildings the sum appropriated -by the State very naturally fell short of a suitable and adequate structure for the demands of the school Those in charge of the building instead of limiting the building to the amount appropriated saw fit ami very wisely so far as the interests of the public were concerned to adopt a plan for the new dormitory broad enough to provide for the present and immediate future needs of the institution In doing this the work had welfare of the school and the commu-the point where the original appropriation fell short and in doing this something like $5000 was iaised by an individual loan guaranteed by citizens of Presque Isle interested in the welfare of the schol and the community whose interests it has been established to serve The result of this public spirited effort has been the construction of a building adequate to the present needs of the school creditable to the State and the county in which it is located and so arranged as regards plan that future growth of the institution in point of attendance can be provided for as occasion may require The dormitory as now built and operated so far as its plan of construction and arrangements are concerned will compare very favorably with any similar building in the State sIn its exterior design and appearance the building is handsome in its proportions and conveys an idea of stability and of entire harmony with the purpose for which it wras designed So far as its interior plan is concerned it is not surpassed by any public edifice in the county either in attractiveness or convenience The ground floor is divided into a spacious hall reception room dining room serving room pantry all equipped in the latest approved fashion room suite lavatories and minor apartments The second and third floors are taken up with teachers and rooms the art room lavatories and bath accommodations the latter being ample in number and equipped with every modern convenience The fourth story is at the present time unfinished but it affords spaee for quite a number of additional rooms as they may be needed The view from this part of the building is fine in fact its location is admirable and elicits much favorable comment upon the part of visitors The building throughout is equipped with fire apparatus and its basement is divided and sub-divided into engine room laundry cold storage etc A trunk lift runs from cellar to attic and is found a great convenience The establishment of this institution in our midst was a great movement of progress for the town and whoever inspects the plant and notes of the strong indications of prosperity cannot but feel assured of its future growth and continued prosperity Nothing more firmly speaks for the enterprise of a town than its schools and in this particular Presque Isle has Just cause to feel proud No town of Its size can make a better showing At present there is an attendance of some fifty Normal pupils and about eighty in the training department Prof Irving Bragg the principle is proving himself a man fully capable of the requirements of his responsible position and is ably assisted by as good end efficient corps of teachers as ever graced a school room Mr George Farrar teacher of natural and physical sciences geography and physiology began his career here with the opening of tile fall term 1906 Mr iiiTar is a thorough scholar and stood high in his class at Bates from which college he was graduated Miss Mary Gussman is giving eminent satisfaction as teacher of music drawing and writing Mrs Nellie Jordan has been with the school for some time as teacher of history music and physical culture and is an efficient instructor Miss Florence Hale has become very popular in her branches of methods and child study She hold the position of principal of the Training school and is ably assisted by (From Our Regular Correa pendent) BAR HARBOR Jan It is good news to the dancing contingent to know that the number of grand balls of the season will not be curtailed this winter Announcement was made some time ago that the and the Knights Templar would not have their annual balls this winter news which was heard with much regret for these are among the most enjoyabe of the winter functions The Knights of Pythias have decided to hold a ball this year and it will be given either the last of the month or the first of February It is announced also that the local members of the Order of Mystic Shrine Kora Temple will give a grand ball this year to take the place of that given by the Knights Templar This it is stated will take place some time early in February The will be held at the Casino on Friday February 1st while the sea son will close with the Way-bak bail as usual shortly before Lent For the ball the Casino will be elaborately decorated as in the past The most elaborate decorations of the year are always mads A new departure is to be made this As in past seasons everyone is cordially invited to attend the exhibit in the afternoon and Messrs Charles Roberts and Pineo have teen appointed a committee to see that all aged invalid or enfeebled persons wishing to attend will be transported free of charge to and from the exhibition By notifying either of these gentlemen a carriage will call This is a most commendable thing to do and adds another to the local laurels in doing things just right The regular meeting of Uni on Re-bekah lodge will! be held Thursday evening January 24th It is hoped that all members of the degree staff will be present as there will be practice after the meeting Two of Seal summer residents: Gilchrist Jr and Car-roll Tyson Jr both of Philadelphia are among the favored fifteen artists whose pictures were hung at the 102nd annual exhibition of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts mere has been considerable comment because the committtee in charge the standard this year and refused to hang the work of artists whose pictures had been exhibited previousy The work of both Messrs Gilchrist and Tyson was very favorably mentioned The funeral of Miss Jennie Stevens who died here early Sunr'ay morning were held at Steuben Tuesday afternoon Miss Stevens was visiting her sister Mrs Charles Parker and was seized by a severe and sudden attack of pneumonia which resulted fatally She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Alonzo Stevens of Steuben Prayers were said at the house Monday morning by Rev Stephen Green Bishop Doane of Albany has scured the signatures of a number of well known summer residents of Northeast and Seal Harhor to a petition which has been sent to Senator Deasy asking for the passage of the act closing certain roads in Mount Desert against the use of automobiles Senator Deasy has introduced an act to incorporate the Island Telephone Company which plans to do business in Southwest Harbor Tremont and Cranberry Isles The capital stock is $10000 and the incorporators are Thomas Tapley Guy Parker Lewis Springer and Frank Mul-lan of Tremont and George A Neal and William A Tower of Southwest Harbor Rev Frederick Crosby Lee curate of St leaves Wednesday for Knoxville Ills where he will take the position of chaplain and instructor in St and St school Mr Lee has served as curate here for several years and has been successful In his work He has made a number of friends here who regret to learn of his departure Mr Aubrey Gilmore has been secured to continue the work and will begin his duties next Sunday New York on matters connected with Rev Mr Green has just returned from the church choir It was a peculiar shaped schooner that was wrecked if we are to believe the report of one paper of the shipwreck of the Maud Malloch on Otter Creek point Saturday night The schooner was listed at 116 tons burden and with the remarkable length of 8 feet If she was like this no wonder she was wrecked Joseph Lorrain the humorist who was to have given an entertainment at the A on Tuesday evening could not make connections and was unable to come In his place a Bangor man was secured who gave an interesting lecture to a very sma 1 audience the severe weather keeping most people at home Tuesday afternoon and evening one of the fiercest blizzards that ever has struck the town made its appearance The streets were utterly deserted and the business streets were as blank and as quiet as at midnight The tempar-ature was high however but the wind and snow were blowing with a velocity of fifty or more miles and hour The Samoset however made good across and was only a few minute late Monday night at the Baptist xhurc-b began a series of meetings-Ao be ad dressed by Rev Kenjon wh ch are held every afternoon and evening a continuation of the revival services just completed under the direction of Guy I Waltz Rev Mr Kenjon Is an evangelist of come rower and is attracting good audiences The sale of reserved seats for the high school drama A Homespun Heart began this morning at Etaery and Stewarts Fropi the advance sale It looks as if a large house would greet the amateurs on their appearance A number of first-class specialties are to be given between the acts A supper was served Tuesday at the Congregational vestry to a small-sized number the heavy storm keeping many away The next rehearsal of the minstrel show will be held on Thursday evening at 830 and a full attendance is desired' Plans are rapidly talcing shape The fair and concert for the benefit of the Village Green at the Caiao started off well on Wednesday tfiit noon A large number of bootha ware placed around the hall which was prettily deco retell and here caidy cake and fancy articles food of all DREW I Sprague returned to Augusta Monday after spending the weekly legislature recess at home Mrs Susan Kinney and daughter Es-tha left Tuesday for Old Town on a weeks visit 1 started Tuesday for a short business trip to Southern Baldwin Bros Ppentiss have several teams hauling slabs to Spragues where they load them for shipment CUNT OH Miss Ethel Merrill is acting as librarian during the sickness ot Mrs Julia Estes Tracy was in Waterville for a few hours Thursday afternoon Deputy Ij Jones of Waterville was a business caller in town Thursday Mrs Bean has returned from the hospital in Portland much improved in health Mr and Mrs Alfred Flood is calling on friends and relatives here for a few days A Burns is carrying the mail from the office to the station and back as the contractor Nathan Pratt is confined to the house -by illness The Clinton Advertiser was printed this week off of the new type Miss Magie Dixon returned home from Fairfield Wednesday of last week where she has been visiting friends MOULTON HOULTON Jan 23 Another surprise wedding was announced this week and although neither of the principals live in Houlton both are well known here Dr Baker of Danforth formerly of Linneus and Miss Byron of Linneus gave their many acquaintances in town a start when on their return from Woodstock Monday they gave out the news that they were married That this news was a surprise is putting it mildly as none of the friends of either party looked for any such announcement Lincoln a well known farmer of East Hodgdon was buried yesterday afternoon Mr Lincoln had been In very poor health for some two years and although every effort was made to do all that medical skill couid possibly do it w-as evident some time ago that the end was not far The services were held at his late residence at 1 and were attended by a large number of friends and relatives from Woodstock Hodgdon and Houlton Walter Bailey of Calais was in town yesterday in the interests of the Twitcjiell-Champlin Co A large crowd enjoyed the music at the Rollaway Co last night which made skating all the more enjoyable The popularity of the rink seems to he on the increase and every night witnesses large crowds Potatoes still remain above the dollar mark but the terrific cold spell for the past few days has prevented the farmers from bringing in many The high winds for the past few days have made rather hard going on certain roads The road to Wood-stock was impassible in several places eary Sunday morning and several teams had to go out into the fields There is lots of talk going on in town One well known Houlton horseman has something up his sleeve in the way of horse flesh which he refuses to show unless the consideration Is worth while Those interested are looking for some when the new one is started and from all indications that may happen soon BROOKUH CAMDEN CAMDEN Jan 23 Young and old alike were saddened on Tuesday morning on learning of the death of Adel -ber't Coss who had been ill about a week with typhoid pneumonia The deceased was 15 years of age an unusually bright and active boy and one who had many friends Obliging courteous and with many excellent habits he had a large wake of friends who learned with sorrow of his untimely daatb To his mother Mrs Charles Perry who is now critically ill with pneumonia is tendered the deepest sympathy of all The funeral of the late Mrs William Smith was held Tuesday morning at 10 the Rev Dr Freed Preble of Auburn officiating The remains were taken to Friendship for interment The funeral of the late Mrs Bisbee will be held on Wednesday afternoon at 2 conducted by the Rev Dr Fred Preble of Auburn Rev and Mrs Maurince Dunbar of North Haven are in town called here by the death of Mrs William Smith Knox County Pomona grange will meet with the Megunticook grange this week Supper will be served- at 6 Dr Smith Baker of Portland will deliver a lecture in the High School Friday Evening of this week on the subject from To stop a Cold with is safer than to let it run and cure it afterwards Taken at the Preventics will head off all colds and Grippe and perhaps save you from Pneumonia or Bronchitis Preventics are little toothsome candy cold cure tablets selling in 5 cent and 25 cent boxes If you are chilly if you begin to sneeze try Preventics They will surely check the cold and please you Sold by Caldwell Sweet Herrick A Kane and spent Sunday at home Moses Trundy has lost his horse The ice has gone from Kggemoggin reach A Mayo got kicked by a horse and threw him against a post and a protruding nail hit his glasses and cut his eye badly He went to Banger and the doctor thinks he will not lose his eye but It is a bad wound Mrs Lurvey and son Lawrence have gene to IJvermore Falls where Mr Lurvey is employed The Odd Fellows installation occurred on Jan 21st the Itebekah Lodge bemg prerent Ail voted an evening of pleasure The new blinds added much to the looks of the hall Kray has moved the building belonging to Talcctt to his lot purchased of Friend Brothers Smith Hooper and with their teams hauled it on They were very fortunate to get it moved before the snow left Miss Florence Bartlette has returned from Stontngtn Dancing school commenced Monday evening in Fnion Hall Croup csd positively be stopped in 20 minutes No vomiting nothing to sicken or distress your child A sweet pleasant and safe Syrup called Dr Croup Cure does tho work and does it quickly Dr Shoop's Croup Cure is for Croup alone remember It does not claim to cure a dozen ailments for Croup that 11 Cnli rv 1 Um BaJlaods Golden Oil for Coughs and Colds EVERY DOSE EFFECTIVE Price 25 and 50 Cents At All Dealers Pills are liver pills They act directly on tiie liver make more bile secreted This ie why they core constipation biliousness dyspepsia slck-beadacbe Ask your doctor if be knows bettor laxative pill We certainly do not If be does then use his kind.

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