Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1928 · Page 8
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 8

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1928
Page 8
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fn *.*>**•*• Til* M*n > f«r bst i * hf* Stan. After ragtag a* *s aiwt Inn. Th* ml NOW CiO ON WITH THE CHAPTER VI h»d brought that queer expression So A tester's face. She saw nothing more startling than an unusually attrar-Uvv woman, in hrr Sat* twenties perhaps. coming toward them. The newcomer was ,drcss«3 in biarJc and white chiffon and around her fui:. creamy throat she wore s rhofcrr of cabacl>on rubies. This much Jrrry saw before Alcslcr rose from his rhair to greet her. Jrrry sought to keep her mind r>n the rules for introductions that she had read In a book on etiquette *hen she was preparing for her tn» vnsion of Atlantic City. She remembered that a woman need not ruse, unless . . . what was it? Something about rngf. She'd better sit still, she decided. "Leontine — this Is Miss Ray — Miss Ray, Miss Lebaudy." Alestcr ..was introducing them, "How do you do?" Jerry said, remembering just in time not to say. "Pleased to meet you." Leontine Lebaudy said ^nothing for what threatened to become an awkward length of Uroe. Then: "New to us, aren't you?" ahe drawled. Jerry looked helplessly at Alester. "That can be corrected." lie said, smiling. Leontine frowned briefly. "Oh course," she said hurriedly, letting her eyes rove over the table. "How's your drink?" "Not so good." Alester replied. "Miss Ray doesn't like it." * m m Leontine looked at Jerry questioningly. The latter did not like the look. She could not define the quality in it that displeased her. but the word "patronizing' flashed through her mind'and s&e couldn't -hav«~hit much-closer-.— Ico&Une- Le^ baudy had estimated Jerry quickly ' as an outsider. j Jerry natural. Shej did not drink and they might as well know it. She wasn't going to \ apologize for it either. "I never drink intoxicating liquors.'' she said stiffy. and Leontine turned to Alester with uplifted eye brows. "Are you undertaking her educa- , tion?" sl>e said. \ - ~I think Id rather learn from Miss Ray how to be good." he answered slowly. Leontine gave him a furious f, IB nee. Jerry was aware by this time that they «er* crossing swords. "Who gave you this table?" Leontine said cro&sly. "It's reserved for dinner. I didn't want it used." Alester half closed his eyelids but not sufficiently to bide a gkam of amusement m his eyes as he answered. "This table i* lor me whenever 1 want it," he said. 'You know that, Leontine." To Jerry's amazement the woman he addressed turned a suddenly appealing look upon him "But you never want it any more, AJester." &he said, and Jerry had the sensation ol feekog her ' : I think Fd !ik» yr».j f.-> fairs. ont*,'- »h* *«id Rt. (h* »nd of anc?, -!( isn't fair of re* to !e« you "£?b* tlt**.*>?V "tJ. "1 tflld h*r not to. And :r<nv ynu jujtid chfi fining f ^ Yc*T^t ^*Hh "onif^F!? tonight." "I'd like to go s-fth thpni." Jerry "I have !o get some 'I'll drive you in," Al?*ter offered. Jerry could not, find any further excuse to leave so fh* Sighrd and drank sonw more tea She noticed that Alester watched the door pretty closely as the dinner hour drew nc-ar »nd more people arrived She found herself doingr ihf swme under the pow?r of his expectation, though ,<he did not understand it. "Oh. there's Mr. Harvey." she crirti in pleased surprise wj D»n came and stood in the door way,, looking around «he room. ...„..,. glanced at her sharply, noting the I eagerness that she herself was unconscious of. She thought he might RO over, or signal Dan, »nd invite him to Join then, but he purposely avoided looking his way after the first Dan saw them, however, and came up without any encouragement. By the time he reached their table Jerry had curbed her natural emotion. Both greeted him unenthusiastically. Dan did not appear to notice their lack of cordiality. "Got the plane back to the hangar," he said, to make conversation. Akater mumbled some comment. Jerry was wondering what had brought Dan there. Could it have been of him that Alestcr and Miss Lebaudy wtre talking _when_ they rtad their"verbal skirmish over r thei table reservation? She looked at Dan with new interest. Alester had implied that whoever was hia competitor for the reservation was not exclusive. And Miss Lebaudy had hinted that he was dangerous. • * * Certainly Dari Harvey did not look dangerous unless you considered him as a rival in affairs of the heart. Jerry felt her. own skip a beat as he took a swift appraisal of her features. Why did he look at her like that? What did he expect? She saw Leontine coming toward them and half anticipated a denouement But nothing out of the ordinary happened. Leontine greeted Dan casually and he was briefly her. "Have a dance with me, Alester?" LwHitlne begged. She want to alone but hadn't had an until there was some- his place with Jerry, has monopolized you all She tan dance once with The musicians had arrived and the music was now tantalising to dancing feet. Jerry looked at Dan, expectantly. He spoke directly toj her. disregarding the other two. "You don't look fit to dance," he said quietly. "You're pale as a sheet—Al£Btet..-ough.t. to take--you home." "Dan's right." Alester admitted contritely. "I forgot the doctor told you to keep Quiet." "Sit out this dance, then," Leontine &aid to Jerry. "Dinner will be served immediately." Jerry nodded. Alester and Leontine swept away. She let her eyes follow them to avoid looking at Dan. Why had it to be h* who was, thoughtful, she was asking herself I dttcontontadly. -But she must: re! member, a man of Alerter. Partfairs 1 i position probably had a thousand things, to think of white Dan Harvey had one — his job, most likely. Dan did not press conversation upon her. He asked if he might smoke and Jerry looked at him in astonishment. She did not know wt«, else re- it." Alester returned coolly The woman shrank back as though from a blow, but the next j-__ * __....gjju i^flgjjaed, people csij't be dropped. ,—«." sfa* «aid almost uisder least breath. "It iant safe." Jtarry thought ate detected a pleading uote tn her votce. but if it were there, Atester seemed unaware of it. "8a- far a& I know." h* wid. "you nem- trted it But you can fix" up another table. Miss Ray and I «U1 this 011* and stay to Again that cnosr. &a fleeting that Jerry was to wonder later if she really bad seen it. and Leontine made a auwksw of ifc&igaatUMi. "Let's 'hay* aoate radio mime." Alester added "I'd like to dance," LesJttUiie Letaudy lelt them Jerry felt a iwuagi: ol paui w ue/- head and raoettbered uiai the doctor had ontexeel mission to do that ahead," she said shortly and — . utted- away-m silence; Leontine and Alester, on the contrary, were deep in some subject Jerry thought they mmie a handsome couple and tWly danced divinely together. She doubted II ahe could danca as well as LeonUne, and she was considered a first rate There was & flashing grw;« in the woman's movement that brought to Jerry's mind tlioughts of the jungle Her dark hair, straight as a black- wrd's wing, shone like lacquered ebony. She held her face turned up to Abater's so that he could took deep into her eyes. She knew her beauty stirred rum. The embrace ol the dance, the subtle perfume creeping like a breath from some f&r garden, all h&d their potency. Leontine knew how to choose her "Please." *h* eoau«d: "please thotight, miteu Atester ttejr- dance. He tu -«faotot -ter weesiss icjary: It tired, her to diOMat. bits i&# f«lt u ImaiMffiH ft* wt ffirtak. ¥ea wesrt irTOMhj>r ' % as lite «{ -Sat •rt»»t««i of Ui« future will . , in the opiatan ol a isoied Gerouui ajrchitect, wiw B**ai to build a Utaittr Ui tfe« Ssw, with it« audi«tic«, c*a fat tainad at att «j3«k ol Ho 4* «f at Ate. ,'l»f'' ! .Hi! ;'M ' in Pli'i; !/ SJOT "TALCUM b \VH.A, -ni' P MO VIM' TLEA CASE, j \Pl-ATE .= 1 SALE, A I VALUABLE: \1F COliLP A fcMce sfATrf MOTHERS GET AMOVEMEMT OM FOOT •tz «t& o ». p»T.orr. O iwt. OT BALS3MAII SAM *^ulo Sam Is Hooked V UMOeRsTooo Vou To TH6. , IS— TWO OOU.P.RS . tr COST ^c TH' OF <\ COUPLE t'LL ee.T TWP.T FRTKBTDS A W-idering mar w AMD AN-V AAiD our TWAT 73^ 7R008L&S VWOULO 8E CN6R OLD BETTYS DAD VWLL BC j/0 PftC)^ AP2ICA BUUTS AND HER BUDDIES The T^ow-Down MOM'H PG? Wat«h ^ear Step, i»oii OH WEtl-Ofi* «3\>ST TOO c BICIC ISP AT t cuoo^t AM£»ut*wa

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