Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut on August 29, 1944 · Page 2
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Naugatuck Daily News from Naugatuck, Connecticut · Page 2

Naugatuck, Connecticut
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 29, 1944
Page 2
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Page Two As We WERE SAYING.. You'll pay lietwei-n *','IM) ami ^7<l» fur your first post-war television 'set. The picture* you get will l>e hotter than you may IlilnU—iiliinit e(|iial tn the familiar II! mm. motion pictures. One-half the world's telephones are In the U. S. A. If yoiii's Is the nvoraiif housc- liuii'l. !.:<!> poiinil.H per person ipf salvii^euhle paper passes thniugh your hoinr each week. Walter. of Walter's Night Club, Bridgeport, currently .".clverti.<es: "[ offer u reward 01 $.1,000 to anyone who shoots 1-llller on or In-fore September 10th. No reward if he's shot out or season." There are three distinct tasle hells for chewing Cum flavors in the country, according to l-rinler's Ink. The Km I lilt's minis . . . Tin- Mlddlc-We-a. fruit . . . And the Pacific Coast, cinnamon. A huge stock of seeds is being built up for Lend-Lea-to by our government, Liberated coun- trii-s an; to gel scud for winter wheat plnnting. Toilay's aiiecdoti-: The day of :i liig .snowstorm a country school leaeher fell called upon to warn her charges ;ij,'»ln*t playing ton Ion;; In the snow. She said, "N'mv children, you must he careful alinnt rnlds and over- ivvpusiiri-. I had a darling little hrollier only seven yi'tirs old. One dny he went out III the snow vvlth his new; sled and I'linu'hl eolil. Three days later he died." The room was silent until n ynuiiKslor in the hack riiw raised his hand and asked, "Where's his sled'."" Then,' are over ICiO.OnO colored Jews in the United States.' What IM the i-xaet cost nf a MnigutueJi National I'KKSON- Al, LOAN? The exact co-t is !fti per yenr per .Slim borrowed. In iithi-V wurtl.s, when you l;"i- rnw .sM>», "•<- givi- you uur i hi-cls fur that iiiniiiint l.KSS j-l>. or fur the net umiiunt nf $!M. Then you n-pay the ;?liH> loan in eciiKil mimtiily Insf.ullmeins nl 1 SS.,-1,", fin- :i yenr. So you see Ihi-iv Is just the one niul only eii,l nf .Sli. Wt- make no si-i-vic.i- nr any other extra charge. In fart, we go MI fur as to Insure the life -of the Imri-fiwi-r for I he unpaid lialanci- nf the. limn and for II* duration AT NO ADDITIONAL COST. Yes. vim can burrow at minimum eo.-,t at Naiigatnck National! When little Johnny goes lo school for the first time, his ,!her thinks: "My link- dfirl- inir is almost grown up!" His I'.-iihfr: "f hope he makes a fullback." His sister: "Now I've gul ir, walk to school with him nd erm'C go with the other !;lds." The neighbors: "Thnnk got.drif-as! Now we can have a rle -peaei-!" Hl.i dog: "Yoo-o- ow-l-l." rnmarrii-il men in civilian lift- ln-tween SI) and 8-1 yrars "f age, iinmhi-r I.TIIH.IMMI. i;nmarrii-d wiitm-ii hetwei-n the slim" ages, iinmhi-r ,|,Ctin,W)l>. A riitln of 2 I-:: ti> I. To- parents with the misfortune •if having a son wounded fit the front, wi- offer this reaMsur- iinfi-: Medical records show thnt '.iT out of every 100 wounded sr.ldli'i-M who have reached hospitals In this wnr have recovered. No, the dormant don't call "rohut" (ilano, they call "dodel"—a coined word. Ambulance planes fly wounded men all the way home from halfway around tho world. Said Dean loco: "Worry Is interest paid on troiihlo In-fore It hiM-DincM dui'." TIIF. NAUGATUCK NATIONAL BANK Metuhcr of I'odWul I>cpo»U liiHiinincc Corjiorntlon YOL'Il SHOP C. H. Tomlinson Nt-nr.v Itiilltllne Naiigntiick, Conn, STOKF, CI.OSKI) ALT. DAY KACII MONI1AY IHJIJINU ,H;i,Y AND AUGUST , -Qlym-'s of Course" ; { That's right. Clyrie'.s is the plncc ; J to go for handsome gifts, gifts; J that are treasured Just a few; !; Htc-ps from Exchange Place. < J Drop in. We've been helping] J Waterbury pick gifts for 20. PcLYNE GLASS SHOP j Unopened Letter May Be Clue To Soldier's Fate NAUGATUCK-,DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, AUGUST 29, 1944, I Fort Devens. Mass., AUK. 29 — (UP i— t \ n unopened letter found in a battered combat vehicle i.hat wus recently returned from I ho French war /.one for .repairs has piven u Chicago jrirl an inkling of her boy friend's fate. 'When the half-track was sent to Fort Oevcns for 'repairs, mechanics found the opened letter. And they returned it to its sender, accompanied by a nole explain- in j.* its discovery. The writer, whose name was withheld, replied that the unopened letter was the. first word she's had concerning the whereabouts of lief boy friend since ' the invasion. Four Drives To Highlight Push-To-Germany B~~~aa»* — nmm mt niiinn— ™ EN Local Gunner In Burning Bomber (Continued from Page 1) completed -1-1 missions, about half through the number needed before hi; comes hack homo. The "Alt'y ITrhelis" mentioned in the letter Is Sorjrount Alfred t-i'r- bells of the .U, S. Air Force, former Olive street resident, also an aerial irunnor, who IIIf 1 Sergeant Urbelis Is back on liis second Lour of Active aerial combat duty overseas sifter some months in the states. Sergeants .M;ircelonis and Urbelis were among the first from Xauga- || Letters From Our Readers- ++rr+3- Naval 1'iuir rautiw to Germany, which are, almost certain-Mj figure prominently In •thc-devclojimentB-'of thejicxt week are siniwn in tJu- ahnvp nftip. -.Xlicy are: (].)":t' over" northern -France, .nacl probably through IlclL'inm combined with the drive from tin- Miiiith, (2; expected- to skirt.Switwirlsuid and,swine to the north ,,C that country. With Na/l forces heing withdrawn 1' northcrii'Ibily. the campaign there (3) will show a sudden spurt and forces from tho Kiviera may ptnh over l.o cut sonio of them off. On tho' eastern front (-1) Warsaw is expected to fall within a"few d i.ys since tin; B'udw si;«k. to .iiconpy It.hi-forc Friday, which mark.s the fifth anniversary of the nccu.'iation o'f Voliind hy Germany. (IntiTiiatlonal) METEOROLOGIST'S OPINION OFK1CK OF TKIC'E AOM1NISTUATION Drpurlinelit of Inforilialion RATION NEWS For Wcok of August 27-Septemhor 3. 9IKATS * FATS GOOD INDEFINITELY - Red 'JO Harrison Avo. tViitorhnry S-SCT. .lOSKl'II MAHCKLOM-S tuck to enter the air force, and the latter wns wounded in the leg by German machine fru> bullets on one nf his early bombing missions. Both airmen are married, Mrs. Marcclonis boi Springfield, Mass., -while Mrs. belis now resides in Xew York city. Serpeant Marcelonls' lottnr which tells ol' tlic German robot or buzz bomb attacks on London is as follows: Xnusjnr.uck Daily News Dear Sirs: Thanks for i.he "memo" booklet, and your tfood wishes. Have been doinj,- quite a bit of work—we fly in most any type of weather now. so at. times there is no, rest for the weary, but all in all its not too had. At present I'm more than half through with my missions--a total score of forty- four and more to f,'o yet. Opposition is much less from the enemy fighters, but the flak is still rough as | 1( ,1!—\ve manage to stay out of serious trouble, but have brought back four ships full of holes so far — we almost got it over Berlin once—mir plane was burning right over tlie target, and flak knocked off our co-pilot's finger, but we put the fire out (by cutting out one engine) and the pilot brought us back O. K. Knough about my troubles! London is still n great old city to go to—not for a rest though— those Inizz-hoRibs keep you awake evenings, and on the jump during the day—finite a nuisance as v.-ell as a menace. I haven't run into any N'aupy bovs ny yet. f had a date to meet Alfy Urbclis in London, but he shoved off to France before I could get a pass— stamps AS through ZS and A5 to DO in Book Four worth 10 points each. Kud tokens, worth one point each, used as change. Householders are reminded that red stamps-now became valid every four weeks instead of every 2 weeks. Thus the number of points is reduced to 15 fur every 2 weeks instead of 30. good for live pounds for home canning through Feb. 28, 19-15, .Consumers may be granted up to 20 pounds per person for home can- : ning by making application on- Form P.-322 at local OPA Boards. New England is now in the second period for such allotments '(August 3 through October 31). Boston, Aug. 29—(UP)—A Mil- 'ton meteorologist says that the recent cool weather is just a re-, 'action' to the New England heat wave, of two weeks ago, 'Charles S. Brooks doesn't think the low tcm- •pcraturcs are a sign of an early autumn: Quito the opposite—he be- that the weather will be •PROCESSKI) FOODS GOOD INDEFINITELY — Blue Stamps AS through ZS and AC to FO in Book Four, worth 30 points j each. Blue tokens worth one point each, used as change. Blue Stamps G5, H5, J5. K5 and L5 become good for 10 points on Sept. 1 and re- inuin good indefinitely. SHOES GOOD INDEFINITELY —Airplane Stamps No. 1 and No. 2 in War Book Three' good 1 'for one pair of shoes each. SUC Alt GOOD INDEFINITELY—Sugar Stamps 30, 31 and 31 in Book Four, each good :'or live pounds. Sugar- Stamp 33 in Book Four becomes good for five pounds 0:1 September 1 and remains good indefinitely. Stamps 30. 31 and 32 in Book Four, GASOI-INK 'NOVEMBER S—Last day £01- A-ll coupons good for • three gallon's. B3, B4, C3 and C4 coupons good for live gallons each. FUEL OIL SEPTEMBER 30—Last day for period four and period five coupons. Ai; coupons worth 10 gallons a unit. New 1841-113 -ruel oil coupons will become good for 10 gallon's upon their receipt by the cor.- s'umer from local OPA 'Boards. Goon The Coon, Roof Destroyer, Goes Into Denver. Colo., Aug. 29—(UP) — They've put a price on the head of Goon the Coon, the rooftop renegade .who's been doing shenanigans with the shinglos in the Park Hill section of Denver, But it's low-voltage finance, and apparenlly, Goon tho Coon is insulted. At any rate, he's gone into hfd- ing since Police Court Clerk L. C. Cook offered- a S5 reward for him alive. Cook wants to take him for a pet. But apparently the wny tho Goon figures II, any self- a resident outlaw is worth more Ur-;thnn S3 —his hide is worth that much in a coat. And the Goon is the champion shingle chewcr-upper of the Denver rooftops. Anyway, Goon the Coon, who's been making monkeys oul of the crack pistol shots in the police department, who's been evading the most elaborate traps set for him, and who's been outsmarting the best coon dogs in the Pike's Peak country, just did not. bother to show up at all la:/.- night. Maybe the Goon's pride has been injured. Perhaps they ought, to raise the ante. One Of Quadruplets Born In Georgia Bied Vest Jterday Gainesville, CU P)—Throe Georgia, Aug. 29 — of the quadruplet him there yet— where one goes perhaps I'll meet one ntver knows in this racket. The war news is good, as you I;now—hope tile next time I get home, it's for keeps. 'I-L-ive seer, the battle grounds from tho air, and must say it's tough country to fight in—the boys are doing a wonderful job of it nevertheless, I'm glad I"m an "air- soldier" though: Governor Names Committee On Post- War Housing Needs Hartford, Aug.. 29—(UP)—Governor Baldwin has appointee? a special advisory committee to survey post-war housing 1 needs in tho state. The group, which includes representatives of business and labor organizations as well as education and state leaders—will work with the State Housing 'Authority. Members of the committee .include—Michael J. Barry, Carter W. Atkins. Eugene Lenr. Leslie M. Bingham, Dr. Charles Chaker- aln, s and Sister M. Rosa of St. Josoph's college, all from Hartford. Also Mrs. Joseph Leopold of West Hartford. New Haven men on the committee arc G, Harold Welch, Douglas Orr and two 'Yale university professors, 'Professor Maurice E. Roti- vo.1 and Dr. C. E. Winslow. sons born to an army private and his wife at Gainesville, Georgia, ore living in incubators loday.'hut the fourth is dead, Doctors give the three babies an excellent chance to, live. They weigh about three pounds apiece. The fourth dice! of. a faulty heart. yesterday. The father. Private Charles E. Lee. was granted an emergency furlough from Camp Blandlngr, Florida, to -join his family. The quads were 'Born' Sunday ~\Vo"hav'c the. vury l:itcst 0<.'sift'ns in cui!' l.-iry-o SL' of Genuine "Oranfro Blossom 1 ' TJ in4 r s •. . . in "yVritui'luiry, .sylu uxeltis: vuly at . . PIERPONT'S ICrH'Niorcrt tit*ivoil*»•«, A in'rrlt'ini (I'riii 'Soi'k-lj* '' ' jr.» I1AMC STHEKT Buckmiller Funeral Home 22 PARK PLACE Telephone 4334 My regards until later. to ill the folks— Sincerely, JOE. and width are Africa's length about the s.-imo, r.'.OOn and <I.OOO miles respectively. Areas of the MORE GAS ARRIVES Boston, Aug. 29—(UP) —The emergency shipments of gasoline to relieve the temporary shortage in New England cunio just in time. The regional OPA ofllcc says that motorists may drive anywhere they wish on the Labor Day week-end —provided that they stay within their "A" ration limits. The 'OPA further said that no investigators continent is in excess of 11,500.000 will be assigned to beaches and rc- squarc miles. sort areas over the holiday.- Prompt, Expert WATCII & JEWELRY REPAIRING William Schpero J«\voli:r 180 CHURCH ST. — 1 Flight Up — SKIRT or 1,'ANTS FREE with order, this week only. DElEN S Church St. Samposn (N. Y.) Training Station - " - Aug. 23, 194-1. Naugatuclc Daily News Dear Sirs: "' . I wish to thank you for the address book. It is a very practical Kit 1 ', for a serviceman. Right at presen.l, 1 am. confined to the NavAl hospital recuperating "from a recent attack of pneumonia. 1. have been here since July. 31st and can't honestly say I enjoy this rest from training. The j navy nurses and Waves are very .nice to all pal.ients. The doctors who conic to give us an inspection of our condition are of. the very best and none can complain that the navy does not take care of its personnel. The food is of the best, but it can'! compare with the home-cooking of the mothers of the boys IH.-I-C, MS all of them will tell you. The way of preparing the food doesn't seen) to bring out the full flavor and, in general, the goodness of the foods. This seems to be the bisgesl'complaint of all the men. The' physical training received during your 1-egu'lnr training is a tremendous body builder. This company commanders will tell you thaf'it will either "make or break" you, but it' is or, the make side mostly. In this training center there are fellows from all over the United States. It is surprising how well everyone gets along with everyone else. Ts'ow and then you may -' find a few Southerners arguing 1 with tho Northerners • over who fists fly. Mostly it'is good naturcd kidding. • •'•' ,: ". J. rend i.he News during my spare time and .being a-.l^moiown boy. naturally enjoy it very much. The News and letiers from homo arc the'bncV.borie of my morale, and J. hope It docs not fall down. YOU 'ALVIN SCHILLER Note:—Seaman Schiller i« o. former Nautfutuck High school b.-isc- ' uu.-ikclb.-ill and football star, member of Hie class of 1S4< He hiis been in the .service for only a short time, and evidently contracted pneumonia soon after enlisting and boinsr _s< Sampson. N. Y.', for his training. • • ball, and is to- basic GJSNKKOCS GIFT Hollywood. Aug. 2'J—<UI?>—Cow- 000 lo late a .star William S. Hart, hero of "turduy afternoon film tbrillcrs 0 derides ago, has donated SoO.- baautify his Hollywood es- ,-I public park. H.-n-t now livcs 0>1 a ranch near Nc-whall, C.'ilifornia. Within recent yours, the United Stales and Soviet Russia have produced an estimated S.O per cent "• the world's supply of ~" urnl its products . I BUSINESS EDUCATION ? given in this school -wiji ' { you fni- in the business •world, j ? Courses for morning or CV( 5 Call 4-7082. | THE PERRY SCHOOl ^ Official Gragg ' ' » Jlrown Wanted Part or full time hoip, mule OT female. No experience CITY BAKERY 171 Maple Street TKL. 3C7» HEAVY 12 for $1.00 STR1SIP8 CKNTEK ST. from'warm to hot until the end of i t'roaJs the colored people Sonrnmbpr: - .• It n« v c>' becomes so mvolv 'belter, ed Holland Furnace Co. Furance cleaning with- big power suction machine* Also gas proofing and furnace repairs. — Tele-phono — Navgatuck 5**9 Waterbury4-100J 746 East Main St. Waterbury, Conu. r f rr- BUY WAR BONDS Battling Toward Berlin Powerful allied armies are how converging on Hitler's European fortress from 'the west, east and south. To coordinate these great drives toward Berlin and final victory requires swift telephone communications. Through this switchboard went the orders which carried the Fifth Army -,*, along the road to Rome and beyond. Tons of telephone equipment like this arc being supplied to all the invasion armies. Our fighting men can't be put on a "waiting list"- that's why telephone facilities for civilian purposes must be delayed. f ^> ^;

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