Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1928 · Page 7
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 7

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1928
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

waft 9. cfsJ)uJ}i!» fe»*ef» frnnl felf Bfttnr- Mich, ftw^m* t, FMM!rr$» Ohio it, 0, AiMon ftS, OJJMt t. gg. titM^n 0. Ohwlin if, C»M «. flL-5 (h* fir*!. won la to 0. .. df tn« n&fjtt in th* contest and It Is w«H that t-b^y d!4 as the tJtefHftf. te*m ** Mines ptoysd st«il#r baJi bst ft few. Msases w«r« «i.oefb to tlirow the bftttfft 14 Dlxott. Wvrllnil} oul« played iJixon itttoothoftt-'fhe f»m«4k* Wfrt Rfatert them. Th* ifoirk of e&pt«tt <JteSr Schu- eema& w»'oatat8A4ing in the local ftantp. Dunne th* first half h* pj»y- M his regular position at guanl and Woke through HUM a»d again to spill Dlson b&tt ewRftes. fa the see- find half Coach Scbeid pitted SeJm- Uemnn in tfee bacfca»ltf and he eiee- trilKKl ths crowd with his work. He ietssmed tlia Dlxon'tick is yards *nd on th© mug plsy h* twisted, turned asKI broke through Dixon for S3 yard*, «e ted his men lite a real warrior, but tb® few times they faltered or were caught napping were enough to produce two touchdowns lor Dixon. Beta and Nix did their best work en the offensive during the season. Ruasell. Tippctt and Beghtol did some nice work. Wylie did well for hi* first start. In spots all of the ftoya showed ap better than in various games and it only means a little more steady playing and co-ordination and the team win go like a house afire. The preliminary gams between the reserve teams was a farce &s far as the locals were concerned. L&at Thursday was the first Urn* they had gotten together as a team and had been given any plays so it was really a scrub team against a team that baa played three games. Considering this the boys did all right A blocked punt on Sterling's 20 yard line rolled back of the Sterling goal where Borer fell on It for Dlxon'c first touchdown. Stitsei blocked the kkk. The try for point failed. A bad pass with Dlxon recovering the boll on Sterling'* 38 yard line and a forward pass Teeter to Daniel* covered the distance to the goal line for the second touchdown and again the try for point was stopped. StetJattes show that Sterling gala- ea 143 1-a yards fraalerimtnBge on 31 plays and were held without sain bat twice. The ball was returned 71 . ii, Ctotwii 7, Minn, fNsisrrf* 33, JOthot* i*. Bradley 13, Atifastsn* 0, Carisfepa 9f, m. Olsf fl, EAUf. Yale 38, »ewa 24, Army IS, H»rr»r*t ft, Navy 9, Oale« 0, Dartffl«mth Si, OeNat&t* t. Prioc*t4h 42, 1U«afe fl. New York U. 4«, fe*g«« 0, Pittsftiirth 39, All^9i«f^ 0. W«« VtrgJnJ* S®, Wash. A; & J. 0. 0. T«eii IS, Ifotw Daaaj® 0. JJ, TaJaae 0. . I, 9, Virginia 0, Florida 73, M«tf*r C. WLsttesipp! l», Atilffim Q. Tetir«»*?« IS, Atetem* 13. Vlrgini* P, L IS, North Oarolina 14. 3!, Mississippi 0. Louisiana ggie* o. Southern Methodists 53, Rice 13 Texas Christ. 6, Tex/us A. & M. 0 FAR, WEST. California 0; Southern California session «f ibt 1 tft« Mi. Mftrrt* I yard lit*. Th* game «m v«»t quite ' . WUklfis. «» 'Rot* Falls' fuii! tack t)Ml to b? taken out of thp ^urti£ on ^^oijtit of injtiti^sL XliK hindered it» flock Full* plsy considerably although th<? gams was pJmyed for the most p«rt in Mt. Motnji territory. Mt, Morris had ft good man fas run back pnnfs, Rock finite 1 kicks feeing returned for a emwWw&bls dls- and this helped km> the visit- in ths running. After repented ly failing to gain on the first tw Mt. Morris puntPd R m . tr»« kicker got the ball «WR Stock Fall* was not keyed up fo the fame-and were nomewhat OVT. confident and apearrd listless end o«ad on their feet. Miner »ra* the outstanding performer for Rock 15r*gon m, Washington o. Oregon Aggies 7, Washington State 0. HIGH SCHOOL. Dixon 12, Sterling 0. Dixon light* 29 Sterling 0. Rock Falls 12, Mt. Morris 7. Aznboy 28, Morrison 0. lost complete and; the gain on LWjaJH-yarda. Starling Eawkoyes Also Lead In De- fease, Only Six Points . Scored by Their Foes ed three Unsea. Six punt* totalled 147 yards an averagf of 34 1.3 yards. Sterling 'intercepted erne pass. Bter- flng WHS Tsenalissd «T yards. Bierling made 9 first downs. Dixon was thrown for VI yards loss on 11 plays and was held without gain three times. Dlxon gained 61 1-2 yards from scrimmage tat 20 plays. Dixon made good 50 per cent of the imsses. 6 were incomplete, one failed to gam and 5 totalled 65 yards* Dixoix- punted 43 Umes for- a total of 347 yards, an average of 2« 1-2 yards. Dixon fumbled once and recovered a Sterling fiftnbte. One Sterling punt was blocked. Dixon was penalized 69 yards. Dixon intercepted three pauses. Dixon made 4 first downs. The line-ups: Dixon Pos Sterling Plowman LE ...... Beektol SUtzel LT Rosaell Planimgan ... LQ Bchunman. Chicago, Oet 22.—(AJP.)-acor- ing better than a point a minute Ripon College in their non.... ace gridiron game Saturday. low* now toads the race for team Beads* honor* to the Bit Tea with - season's total of 100 points. The Bawteyca, who smothered « to a/also lead in defense, ' " ' " tsm — ^p ...»,...,. c Harms Polsel BO Kno« S 1 *" 1 ^ RT Wylie S?^ • »B Tippett Padgatt QB ....... Huber Kaufman .... LK Betta Teeter ....... RH ......... j^a Daniels PB uia Substitutions: Sterling, Moore foe Wylie; Schuuemaia for His; Drute for Schunetoan; Overholser for Becktol; Mendricks for Moo«; Tifft for Batts; Nix for Eva; StenneU for Drane; Kendall for Kncae. Refers Kitteiiogham; Umpire McDUFFER By BarrU PeymT • agatest them to three . Wisconsin scctiad 19 potot* „ Purdue ia tlasir tia gain*, bat _„„ ped to s*oond plaw with a season's total of m point*, while Minnesota climbed to third position with 8S points following its 38 to 7 triumph over Chicago.- In defense, Minnesota and Ohio State are Ued for second as their Saturday opponents tallied aevea points against each. Statistics reveal an unusual weak- aa IB lacking for extra points After toushdow&s. Eighty nine touchdowns have been scored by Big Ten teams this seaaon but only 67 tries for extra points have beta successful and two of these have been via the scrimmage route. Northwestern and Michigan are the only teams to anew a perfect p*roeatage to this department, but they have scored only fivs touchdowns between them. Held goals, too, tube been unusually unacusoewful, only two being completed—one each by Ohio Btate y"i Tf>^n«mfr In individual scoring, "Frita" Humbert, Blind* fullback, held his lead by seoa-lnf two touchdowns against Indiana Saturday, running Mi seaeott's total to seven or 43 point*. V*«4 Hovda of Minnesota and Oraa Pap* of Iowa are Ued fear aeeoiid ftlate wttit five touchdowns each, fust Men*} tout attaint Ripon and Stovde over three ftgatoat O&icaga oi Iowa, ifauce eonain "are tied for four He played a nic« game on offensive end on the defense hp blocked several punts and broke up many of the vie!tors 1 plays. Despite the fact that it was somewhat of an easy victory it was never- theles a costly one as a numbtr of the boys received injuries which they will have to nurse along during the week. Mt Morris had a, good line that charged fast and hard and the visitors looked pretty fair. _..., „ - — the first ^ ™«,»,,. BUI Selby. son of Prof, and Mrs. Clarence Selby formerly of this city, went over for the visitors touchdown after Cable had recovered a fumble and run 40 yards to the Hock Falls 2 yard line. Next Saturday Rock Pails gets the add teat against the strong Ro~ cheDe aggregation. The Ogle coun- y boys have a clean slat* thus far Ills season and are counting very strongly on taking the Rock Falls boys into camp. Coach Akey is going to do his best to get his team la \ shape to turn the tables on Rochelle The line ups: B«*FaU« MtM*rrH Position LE Gloss nil In 1» . @A To B« HARD-DRIVING FUM«ACK^-Bob Randolph. Georgia Tech's full DSCK- Defeat of Augnatana 12 To 0 Marks Tech Eleven As Real Contender Again By Bradford O. Wilson. (Associated Press Sports Writer) Augustana College, football king of the Little 19 for a week saw it« conference grid laurels fade 8at- CappotelUl RO j. Smith Sense RT ........ Muller Persico Battles .... Shoemaker Westbo ... Wllkins ... RE QB LH FB Carr C. Smith . J. Belby . W. Selby Young SubatitutioBs, McLennan for Prus« sing, Oberley for Cappotelli. Hast- ngs for Logan, Sturtevant for Bat- Veoward for Wilkics. Miner '.....,.. LT .... Hlghtower Tompkins .... LQ Qible| Bpnmger referee, Lltwilfer, w*. ^^-^L—;;--• 1 ,- Price Pire._Totfefadowna. Westbo (2). Belby, urday. Bradley PoJyfcKhnic Institute of Pfcoria, title holder since 1825, repulsed the Rock Island college's attempt to seixe the crown by a 12 to 0 score, making it tho third conference victory chalked up by Robertson's red Jerseyed warriors, Almquist's eleven held the Bradley aggregation scoreless through the entire,'first halt of tho third clash marking one of the most bitterly fought gridiron battles this year in the Little 19. Moamouth crushed any conference aspirations manifested by Illinois College, to the tune of a 31 to 7 tally. The defeat upset the expectations of the Blue and White gridders for a conference title to celebrate the centennial birthday of the Jacksonville institution. 8t Viator made its initial bow to ihe conference by trimming Illinois Normal University, 30 to 6. Eureka spoiled Lincoln college's homecom- ug. the little Golden Tornado snaring a 25 to 0 victory over the Rail- splittera. Bradtey and Monmouth are now Ued for the leadership, followed by Eureka, BL Viator. Eastern Teach- R '— Ft*r s**ftHi, «wf Big ' •n wlH «f.UJ to b* Sh«? fntmht hrw «lt»l of th* #r>- llnl cftnfprfnr*. Two of tft« roffht- lest fuHfeftcSs or th*> omintrv** trtd* iron, -Bis Chs»r Mayw McLain of low* *nd Bftmko N*tnreW, MJn- nwota's "Bit WUR- will thdr pprfr^Biauc?' in tfta ttw t»«k of «*}*c?.|n« »ll.ronf«ertp« fullback «n easier Coach Bob Zuppke's ch».mplon- stitfl IHinl, which dispnywj ch&m piomhip calibre in turning back In dinna's tmasian, 13 to 7, Stturtsy will t*ckle Korthwcttern at Criam' palgn in another important contest Ohio State. vlcUn- orer Northwestern and Mlclil^an, will invade Indiana: Wisconsin, which waa held to & 19-19 tie by Pus-doe Saturday will clash wttb. MJchigmn at Ann Arbor, and Purdwe will to vmde Chicago a top heavy favorite to give Stagg'e casuals their third straight conference defeat.- If compan»Uv» scores mean anything, Minnesota has an edge over the ponderous Hawkeyes, The Oaphcrs lambasted Chicago, 33 to 7, with ease Saturday while a week before Iowa turned ths trick with- versity, and North Central. Mililkin and Wesleyan remained Idle last week preparing for their clash this week end. The Eastern Teachers played In- liana Normal in a nan-eanferene* tUt. Others remained in the sero column. Southern Teachers and kJcKendree have not entered the . Hanson's Western Teachers innexed another tie game, that with Sburtleff College in a scoreless draw at Alton. North Central rained its lead above the cellar by defeating Wheaton. Knox squelched Bcloit, and Carthage took a beating from Parsons in two noa-confcrencc clashes in the western part of the state. R, W. CoweH's Korthem Teacher eleven tj* the count from race. Ray he Valparaiso Seiiversity equad. the latter winning by a six point margin. SYRACUSE FOOTmAU, STAKS^—Hers are Uasa «t%r» ef ®m 9am* cuse football eleven who may give that Jnaaitattass sooss c^ ttea T , New York Univem'ty coach. «ma in charge. Bal Baygtn»er. quarterback, ia one cC the alickert ojmi field runner* ia tt» happens to be a very accurate passer. 8am Retm. the TOSHW nsaa «ho earns hte way through . by mttKitos a child at night naw tJw pus, ia a hard-ranning hMfback. Jos Kovck is » sophomore ing 187 pounds, who Is playing regularly. out opening up, 13 to 0. Minnesota has played two coufereace games, defeating Purdue and Chicago, white Bart Xngwersen'B men have played but one. In scoring. Iowa is ahead. 100 points to 88, but meet of these point* were coifected in flat- arday*s 61 to 6 walkaway over Ripen CoUegr. Vwue Sfrwag Illinois. Ohio State, Mlnces&te and i'owm displayed great power in their victories Saturday. .Indiana made a valiant uphill flght a^jdnst .HH- noia in the final period, but was outclassed. Using "Fritz" Humbert as its battering rain, UltooU flashed a straight attack most of tike game, gaining 373 yards from acrimmage to 13* for (ha Headers. Onto State's 19 to T trtnmph over "-*-•— waa ttue most <a»vtociag it hat won over the Wolvtrtoa ta the 25 times ttaxae schoola haw met and the first amee l»ai. aod Coach wasnt forced to CbJoueo, tat ap ««alnst , K sose, the punch ww ttofe to toe team. The Oepher attack , __^ aad today two CMcaea feMMi _ mud MratoMa, wwiT their braises to a and Wisconsin spkit to tfesir The nasilt aJl bat Wiasmsin's ooce cheerful Itsm» winning the coaferaaee title. Jowa's game afg&sfc Sipon re»rfy for action fa Pipe, wta? second four tooch Northwestern tornefl back Ureky. 7 to 0, ia aoctetleii have 3.000.030 famines to * <Sts«rtar of the totaJ We specialize on plate work. Our plates have tha_ live tooth appearance and we absolutely guarantee ttiam fn •£<• ' them to fit. Willis J"eam scaring, showing p%ed, touchdowns, field affw eeorca: Good Set of Teeth $15 Note the following prices: Life-Like Plates S. S. white) $17.50 Teeth extracted Free when plates are ordered. DON'T NEGLECT Y0UR TEETH law* ..... 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