Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois on October 22, 1928 · Page 6
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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 6

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, October 22, 1928
Page 6
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^ ^Etfs-te- ^. JFS&<TS(P^1^ i?»V»iFU^ ~- .-^ •*•*"%, T-7 , «* ^ ;» - . f «: Tf*lf t Th* Tit? fttMhlwi «• rifi-'h* *t th® b*»s>1 r«( *>»ir m»tnbrr trial before th*> to .. of Ms sii,*t^rp clussmim s$ Jtirors. Th* thrw frfTf fhmrjtw* with f*U- j$n* to otwry an f-rti--* l.tstwfj bv Ui? MPJWT rtftwmpn f-ariirr In th* trpfk, that of eanyln? mail order cat*- togues •with t.h«m on R ?pecUied day. N«dtes! to say srvfrp s«nl?nees wens imposed on them, Th« Initiatory stunt* which followed wfre varied nn<I amusing, *»ch of th? participant?! accepting his d«ar«?* with grxxl Rrsc<5 thinking no doubt of the street rev*ng* he would have on the freshles of next year. O«mws and dancing «re then en- Joyed and preceded the r*fr*nhin?nU which brouEht Jhe nrvfr-to-be-for- gtrtten evening to a cJosp. BXOHANGlDEAS AT COBSM1ECXAL CLUB Morrison. III.. Oct. 22— (Special.) — -A meeting of tire retail division of thp Morrison Commercial Club, to which all of Us friends had been Invited, was held Friday evening and was very well attended. The purpos; of the meeting was to <-x- charifrii' idcar.. express constructive criticism with the objective of Improving conditions In general. Almost every phase of the retail panic was considered, although some of the propositions were not given a definite solution. These will perhaps come up for further discussion at a second meeting which Is scheduled to be held tomorrow evening. Supper Is not to be (served at this meeting, this having also be<?n true at Friday evening's gathering, and all who wish to attend whether or not they are In business may do so and express their ideas. /V SOSPiCJOUS QURACTTR? ^ /H.rnr NETJCsMRORMOot? LATELY/SO I'D BETTER LOCK- IT-/ . I „« ==.. SOUTHERN p^s*-^ ••*--.- " .•• "V,—* *Vv <^ ,lr-» /«> o O C. ">3 by Tb» snd eofte*. The tAbl» rrt-e bwuttful h««k«t« s T P t*- t JP wnmun1ty ^^^ wett. Buna whlJff they «sr* stUl at th« table, After the dteuer th« cnmmittee, MS*s um chairman, tec* charge ftnd the remainder of tb* «wn!ns wans gpent'ln fi-ftmps »nd contest* between the "re- publlcnns" sort "tlemocmt?." !TO EXTEND SIWSE ( WATIE MAINS Prophctutown, Illinois, Oct. 22 — (SpeclBl.)— Material Is being hauled on the ground for laying of the newer and water mnins U> the new building. The work will be rushed, taking advantage of the fine full weather to finish the job. There is no excuse for Idle men in town for there ta plenty of work to done. Recovering From The Effects Of Hurricane Prophctstowrj, (Special.)— Miss Illinois, Oct. 22.— Pauline Fltejerrell, REPORT OF MORRISON SCOUT ACTIVITIES Couple Take Vows At Ashton Saturday Eve Morrison, III, Oct. 22.—(Special) —The marriage of Kenneth A. Moore of Morrison and Arietta Krug of Ashton took place Saturday evening at 6:30 at the Evangelical parsonage in Ashton, Rev. J. Poster- Van Evera being the officiating pastor. Mrs. Moore is a graduate of Cornel], and Mr. Moore has attended both Cornell and North Dakota Agricultural College, and is at present employed as assistant treasurer at the office of the Illinois Refrigerator Co. Mr. and Mrs. Moore do not plan on taking a wedding trip, and have taken up their residence in the property owned by Mrs. James Stapleton at 110 East Wall street. They will be at home to their friends after Nov. 15. (By Rob't Rummell, Scribe.) Morrison. 111., Oct. 22(8pecial.)—• Troop D2 hrld their meeting Oct. 19. This is the third meeting held since the beginning of the patrol contest which is to last one month. The bear patrol Is leading at present. • After presenting the glag and saying the scout oath and law we had our business meeting. Inspection was won by the first patrol. The best good turns for the week were as follows: First—When I was coming from town tonight there was an old woman across the street. I saw she needed help. I went over and asked! her if she wanted me to carry some-; thing and she said yes, and I carried It to her home and she thanked me. Charles Cooper. Second:—When my mother had to go to the shop and help my father with the books, instead of go- Ing to school early dishes and cleaned I washed the up the house good aud clean. Kenneth Thomas^ Third— Some, tourists wcrc-going- through town and their spare tire MORRISON EXPECTS TO RAISE $600 QUOTA Morrison. 111.. Oct. 22,—(Special) — There is every likelihood that Morrison wll raise the $600 qquqota assigned it to support the Boy Seoul movement. While the solicitatior so far has been confined to the mall members of the Lions and Rotarj Joint committees-will now take up the work of personally soliciting those who have not responded to the mail call for funds. Figures for the total so obtained were not available Saturday to a point of accuracy, but weer believed to be around the $150 mark. Morrison has always proven itself back of the scout movement, and the present will prove no exception. It is an Investment in the young manhood of the community. Although Dad's Day at the University of Illinois Saturday proved an Incentive for a few from this city to attend the football game Homecoming Day next Saturday is going to prove a far bigger drawing card If weather conditions permit, and it would seem as though the -rain-ought to-b& f xhatist«l by them. Some of those who have expresed LYNDON CONG'L AID SOCIETY MEETING We practiced marching for 15 Plan Hallowe'en Party Morrison, 111., Oct. 22.—(Special.) „ —The Wa-tan-ye wigwam of this | minutes and then played two game's! city is to hold its regular meeting The meeting closed at 9:15 with Tuesday evening of this week, and the scout benediction. the program of entertainment mapped out is along Hallowe'en lines. It is expected that there will be a number of visitors present from Prophetstown, and it is quite likely that a wigwam will be started in that city in the near future. was loose so I stopped them and I their Intention of going to Cham- told them about it, Woodrow palgn for the week-end are John Jaoobson. Earl Watson, Clarence Church Hallowe'en Party Morrison. 111., Oct. 22.—(Special.) —The young people of the Methodist church held a Hallowe'en party in the basement of the church Friday evening, about thirty being present Various games were enjoyed and prizes for costumes were awarded to Janette Fletcher and Walter Stelsenberger. Marriage Licenses Morrison, 111. Oct. 22.—(Special ".) —Since previous report marriage licenses have been Issued to Paul Wootan and Conatta Bingham, both of Clinton. la.; Lester Law of Tarn- ptoo and Leiiora Brown of Prophetstown. Player Sprains Ankle Morrison. 301, Oct. 22.— (Special) - afternoon. Abel Rente* got a bad of the ankle, making it for fthn to go about on erutehee. ... _ MORRfSOK IRIEFS Bf» Oct. 22— (Special.) Ante Armstrong. Mrs. O. Carpenter. Mrs. Soy Carpenter, Mrs SteWk 8aM and Mrs. Harry Coe, ail «Kt Aucona, m.. motored to Morrison Friday and were guests ol Mrs. Walter Swansea. Mrs. Omar Richardson of this city was als»o a guest that day. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Seniors and fie» Atttair spent Sunday with Sterling relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Har^y Upton of Polo i**os in the eity Saturday eu business matters. They reported tlie arrival of a daughter Friday afternoon to brighten the home of Dr. aud Mr%, Trader of Elizabeth. Mrs. Trader being their daughter Virginia. Howe aud Simon la CiiaiBpaigu iJatuiday l UK» football game and wad f riends, f. bolter of Chicago was fftgajr. -Sliia" is cot eta The Bear patrol had Monday night. Scouts remember! a meeting Next meeting Thursday. Oct. 25. Try to bring a new member. Celebrate Birthday Morrison. III., Oct. 22.—(Special.) —Albert Stralow, Sr.. of 507 Lincolnway West celebrated his 74th birthday Sunday, and In honor of the event Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rhode of Clinton and his other children of this vicinity spent the day at home enjoying a fine dinner among the other pleasures of the day. Celebrates Birthday Morrison. 111., Oct. 22.—(Special.) —Sixteen frierftls of Betty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Swanson, were guests of the little lady Saturday when she celebrated her tenth birthday. ' They assembled at her home between the hours o! 2 and 5 p. m., and enjoyed games and a general social time. Tea Bi Erie ...CtOJEL Women Erie. 111., Oct. 23.—(Special),— The Woman's Republican club of Erie township will sponsor a tea" which will be held Jn the Woman's club rooms in the K. of P. building Tuesday afternoon. Oct. 23. Mrs, Francis E. Spooner of Chicago will be the speaker for the afternoon. The county officers will be present. An invitation is eKtended to both men and women. ""Mrs. EJva Hazard is chairman of Erie township and Mrs. Eva Byam is precinct committee woman. Erie Mission Band Erie, III., Oct. 22.— (Special),— The Minion Band met Friday afternoon with their superintendent, Mrs. Matilda Sallez. EliiKibeth Bart' was the leader of the devotional service. The meuiberslup addition of Gladys McBrtde. Ruth Hausin "and Barbara Mayhew. was enlarged by the three new members, Tlllema, Joshua West, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Mills, Harry Howe and G. M. Bent. Jncobson, Watson and Tillema expect to make the trip by plane if weather permits. CHIEF OPERATOR OF RADIO STATION 9NV * Morrison, 111., Oct. 22.—(Special) —Robert Van Osdol of this city, who is attending the Armour institute in Chicago, has recently been hon- oretd by being named as chief operator of its radio station. 9NV. The station is not on the air Just at present as It is undergoing remodeling and certain repairs are being made, but it will be on the air within a short time. Robert had a station of his own which Is operated under the call of 9ALW. and is one of the pioneers in the local radio game, Sponsor Dancing Party Morrison, 111., Oct. 22.—(Special) —The dance held Saturday evening for members of the Royal Neighbors and Modern Woodmen -was well attended and a fine social evening en- Joyed. Farewell Party Lyndon. 111., Oct. 22.—(Special)— Mrs." Eu8eneTtalw6iu~-6nteK4me3 the class of her daughter. Miss Velma, at a pretty Hallowe'en party held at her home on Friday. The party was a farewell for her daughter whose family Is moving to Lynn, 111. Velma has been a favorite and her schol friends are sorry that she is leaving. Entertains Crusaders Tampico, 111., Oct. 22.—(Special), —The Crusaders of the Baptist Sunday school were entertained Saturday afternoon at the home of Francis St. John. A lovely time was had playing games. Mrs. St. John served delicious refreshments late in the ufternoon. Lyndon. 111.. Oct. 22.— (Special)— The Cong'! Aid held an all day meeting Friday at the home of Mrs. Antony Ross of Portland. Mrs. Ross was a member of the Aid when she lived In Lyndon. A big dinner was served at the noon hour. The hostess invited the members of the Portland sewing circle, a number of whom were present. The next meeting wll be held at the home of Mrs. Kenneth Bluff. Stewart of Woodward's ENTERTAIN GALT KING'S DAUGHTERS Oalt-Comp, 111., Oct. 22.— (Special) —The Junior Kings Daughters held a very pleasant meeting Saturday afternoon at the home of Fern and Viola McElhaney. The afternoon was passed, working on fancy work and during a social hour delicious refreshments were served. In two weeks the circle will meet at the * nd Marle who was In tho tcrribla storm recently In Porto Rico, writes that conditions arc improving nicely nntl that the people are getting on hrir fret again. For a time the schools were conducted half time but now they are teaching full time. Business In moving back again In good shape. One Is surprised to know of the backwardness of the civilization In the face of being able to learn from observation. Miss FKzjerrell. Wlls her people that babies go about nude until they are three years old. Ward, turkey-; piano, recitetkm, Arnold Wllklns: fwrur, "Illinois." The randy sate ftmouut«d to *2.73. Ii *•«<( decided that the Ptrent-Tpstchers Association would pay for thp basket ball equipment. MAL¥ERlf LITERARY SOCIETY ORGANIZES Malvem. II!.. Oct. 22.—(Special > —The following officers were elected by the Malvern Literary Society: President. Mary Larkey; vice president, Edward Wolber; secretary,. Fern Water: treasurer, Arlene Deete; j (sergeants, LeRoy Bchultr, Everett' Waters. The first program was given Friday. The program committee has decided to make the next program In keeping with the Hallowe'en season. Visiting In Toledo, Ohio Prophetstown, 111.. Oct. 22.—(Special.)—Mr. and Mrs. George Klner have gone to Toledo, Ohio, where they arc guests of Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Meyers. Mrs. Meyers Is In very poor health and Is a great sufferer most of the time. Both Mr. and Mrs. Meyers are well known in this city, where they lived many years owning property here. They have not forsaken this city but find Toledo more advantageous for his business. LYNDON BRIEFS Lyndon. 111., Oct. 22.—(Special.) —Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Conrad and Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Harrington motored to Chicago on Friday evening, Orton J. Cliamberlain the president of the bank had charge of Mr. Con* rad's work as cashier during his ab- Birthday Surprise MAlvern. ill., Oct. 22.-..(Speclal) —A very enjoyable birthday surprise wns held for Mrs, Cfus Walters tme mile east of White Pigeon Those prescent were, Mr. and Mrs Leonard Brewer and son, John George, Harm, and Edith Frederick?, of Sterling, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. John Davis of Morrison, Mr. and Mrs, Reuben Conrady, Mr. and Mrs, Marshal Farthing, Art KnoJt, Earnest Walters, Ool- die Clarence of Coleta, Mr. and Mrs Carl Walters of White Pigeon. Mr and Mrs. Julius Habben. Afterward Mr. and Mrs. Lehman of Malvern furnished music with accordeon and banjo. John Fredericks more than entertained the crowd In original clever, catchy acts and speeches. delicious luncheon was served. Class Party At Lyndon Lyndon, 111., Oct. 22.—(Special.)— The freshmen-sophomore party held on Friday evening at the D. F. Millikan home was a merry affair, featuring the pranks of Hallowe'en In the games and decorations, other classes of the high school and the teachers were Invited guests and refreshments, appropriate to the season were served by the freshmen. Enjoyable Recital Tamplco, 111.. Oct. 22.—(Special). —The piano recital given by the young people In the Christian church Friday evening was much enjoyed by the large audience present. ERIE BRIEFS Erie, Illinois, Oct. 22.—(Special.) —Mrs. Minnie Mason entertained at 6 o'clock dinner Friday evening in honor of the 75th birthday of Clarence Cole. The guests were Mrs. Olenn Cole of Clinton. Orson Clark of PropheUtown, and Mr. and Mrs. Seward Eddy. Mr. and Mrs. Leland Burchell, who liave been staying with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Burchell sine* they returned from Missouri, where Mr. Burchell attended an aviation school are moving into lhe__Wilkina JUJUBE Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Potter daughters, Lois and RuUi and Mrs. Beward Eddy motored to Mt. Ver* nan, la., and spent the week-end with their cousins, Mr. and Mrs Seville Oaaton and Mrs. Lillie Bryant. Mrs. R. Y. Breed daughter Audrey and Mrs. Carolyn Keeler and eon Ralph and daughter Alberta were Erie visitors Saturday. Mr. and Mrs, Herbert Lawson of aockford are visiting Mrs. Hugh Hawk and other friends, Mrs. Law- eon was formerly Mtos Edith Frcek Mrs. Herbert Lawson of Rockford and Mrs. Hugh Hawk and daughter Jorothy called on Mrs. Art Hawk Saturday. sen ce. Mrs. Walter settles and Mrs. P. Friday. The ladies of the Methodist Aid society had- an all day meeting at the church on Wednesday. They cleaned the church and had a good dinner at noon. Everyone had a good time and much work was accomplished. Mr. and Mrs. Ruel Lathe and baby of Chicago and Clarence Brownell of Farmington, were week-end visitors In the James Lathe home, Louis l^Lden and sister, of Rankin IlL, are guests in the Henry Thormahlen home. Mrs. M. A. Parmenter and Mrs. D. W. Harrington visitors on Friday. Mrs. Mattie Pierce, of Rock Island visited Saturday in the W. H. Shaw home. were Morrison BEWARE THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON i Itn rY 1 f 11 M llntii r» • i(i.i tgRUJI tea's Accurate record, 98 oufc of < "', Ybtt< " """ Cough* from colds may k-sd to •«• ftMW UouUt. You tmi step iheas uow wiifa Ocouittliiioii, au eatu!*jfied cret/jkiie that j* pleasant to take, I'rcoffiuliijaa i» « aiedicil dwovary with iwo-fold salon; it eooiiic* &ua b««l» the iaSunedl matosum *wi kt- Of by t» one of lL for cuttfb* f run c*»ld» «ttik«itk* wbkh eootlw and Eted tba iaftuaatt tutatbrpftea and gop iha u- fhatioii, wHOothi creosote goes ou to she t&QWKh, i« »b*afb«l tato the blood. »lwck» tic se«t of U» Uculd md cbsdu tb« growth of the gentt*. lory is tba teeatBMit jtf taagh« fi cwltU, b*ftoehij,U «a4 ailiwr forms of for itiulduw u# ike '«fwtem after cold* or m, Mwiay wfuadttd U ml ro- liewwi ftfiof tdkisg aftTOfJing to dke&» tittc.. Ask jwttMfwggia. (*<k) PROPHETSTOWN Prophetstown, 111., October, 22 (Special.)—Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Norman Swanson, October. 16, & son. Dean Lanphere had his tonsils and adenoids removed at a Clinton hospital Wednesday. He ia recover- lug nicely. George Klner. state motorcycle policeman, is taking a two weeks vacation at the present time from his duties. Mr. Kiner is considered one of the best officers on the road, being fearless in his dealing wito the violators of the law who endanger the Jives jpfl other people. J?onOorget that E. Porter Brown Is agent for the Sterling Gaaettc and will be very glad to send in your subscription for the paper and also reaow your subscription, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Klner went to Anaawan Saturday moroing where they attended the marriage of Mrs Ktoerti sister, Mrs. Fitzke, to « Mr. Eyer, both of Annawan. They returned home Monday. GALT AND COMO BRIEFS Galt-Cotno, 111., Oct. 22.—(Special) —Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. Law- rencc Shonts and baby and Charles and Miss Eva Wigum of Sterling were guests at the Ira Shonts home, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Carl. Mrs. Lawrence Shonts and daughter visited at the Shonts farm. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Qulnn and two children of Berwyn motored out to the Thomas McCue home for the week-end. Misses Eleanore and Jean Hopkins accompanied by Misses Marlon Priebe. Lois McKinney, Helen Thomas and Loraine Decker of Sterling motored to Dlxon Saturday to witness the Sterling-Dixon football game. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford McElhaney entertained at Sunday dinner Earl McDearmon and family of the Bend and Mr. and Mrs. Prank McDearmon. Mr, and Mrs. Paul Hermes of Au- -refa-arrived Saturday-far a-viait-ol a week or two at the Peter Hermes horn".. Mr. and Mrs. S. H, -Lane, Miss Hazel and Elliott Lane of Normandy were guests Saturday and Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoak. Sunday the guests with Charles Hoak motored to Galena I and visited General Grants home. Mr. and Mrs. Paul McDearmon and son Charles were Sunday dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Patterson in Ustlc. Mrs. Ed McCue and her mother, Mrs. W^ T. Stone of Rock Palls, and E. to for the day relatives and BIG DAY FOR INTERNATIONAL AMIT1'.—Presenting If you please, three interesting studios in International amity! The left-to-rights RFC: top. Grovcr Whnlen of New York, Lady Drum'mond Hay of London. Dr. Hugo Eckoner of Berlin, and Sir Thomas Llpton of London, photographed at one of New York's Graf Zeppelin fetes; lower Jcft, Captains K Doman of tho visitors (\iirt Ann Townsend of the home team shake hands before on English-American girls' hockey match at Havcrford. Pa., lower right, ActinK Mayor McKcc of New York City greets Commander Palma or the visiting Argentine naval training ship "Presidento Sarmicnto" 'Petition for leave and order to sell personal property filed and allowed and sale ordered. Edward C. Rosene estate. Petition of widow for leave to change and amend as to widow's selection filed and allowed. John Vandenberg estate. Instrument purporting to be last will and testament found as represented and ordered admitted to probate. Harriet S. Conaway estate. Recitation. Citation returned. Parties in court. William R, Conaway called for examination. Cause on hearing. Hearing continues. Hannah D. Swenning estate. Aff. of posting and cert, of pub. notices to creditors filed and approved. Petition for private sale of personal property filed and allowed and sale ordered. Lucelia B. Pcrault estate. Report filed. Hearing on same set for Oct. 26th. Raymond F. Pearson estate. Aff. of posting notices to creditors filed and approved. Earah M, Smith estate. Inventory tiled and approved. - REAlSSANSFERS Benjamin S. Sharer to Achiel Denolf, w. d. to blocks 3, 4, 5 and Mrs. Stone's mother, Mrs. J. Greenman of Chicago motored Tampico Thursday where they visited friends. Mrs. Greenman has been a guest at the Stone home for the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hunter entertained the following guests Sunday; Mrs. William Hunter of. Thomson, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Franks and family of Argo Fay. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ross of Morrison and Mr. and Mrs. Erick Stuteke and family and Mr, and Mrs. Louis Schettle part 6, Upper Albany, $1. Valentine^ Daniels et al to Carl Cocking et £1. w. d. to part lots 6 and 7, Hubtarts addn. to Erie, $7,500. Ethel M. Hanna to John T. Magill et al. q. c. d. to part sec. 28, Portland, twp.. $750. Theodore Guzman to WPHAT PRICE MUSIC? New York—For the twenty-six weeks of the musical year, $700,00<1 is fspent for salaries and other Items In the upkeep of an. orchestra Ilka the present Philharmonic or the previous New York Symphony orchestra. Piles Go Quick Piles are caused by congestion of blood in the lower bowels. Only &n internal remedy can remove the cause. That's why salves and cutting fall. Dr. Leonhardt'B Hem-Hold, a harmless tablet, succeeds, becauea It relieves this congestion and strengthens the affected parts. Hera- Roid has given quick, safe and last- Ing relief to thousands of Pile Sufferers. It will do the same for you or money back. Blckforda Pharmacy and druggists everywhere sell Hem-Rold with this guarantee. Girls! Tell This To Your Skinny Frienld to put pounds of solid flesh on his bones is to take McCoy's Tablets. Tell him that besides helping him to nil out his flat chest and sunken cheeks and neck McCoy's will make him strong and vigorous and give him more ambition. Miss Alberta Rogers, thin and rundown, gained 15 pounds in six weeks. McCoy takes all the risk—Read tills ironclad guarantee. If after taking 4 sixty cent boxes of McCoy's Aniseto Cablets or 2 One Dollar boxes any „. ., . i thin.. underweight man or woman of this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Grimes daughters. Miss Harriett and Nell. and son Charles motored to Polo Sunday and were guesta for the daj at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wai ter McNeil. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Caasens visited Sunday at the homa of Mrs. Minnie Cassens In Sterling, gttftSfcB were Mr. and Mrs. John Cas- yiaa and family of Wfwdlawn and Mr. and Mrs. Henry HaUoway of Dixon. The sun's mean distance from the earth is 92,887.400 miles. Avoid Ugly Pimples A pimply face -will not emb&rrtti* you much longer U' you get a pack- ago Of Dr. Kdwurds' Olive Tiibleu The akin ahould begin to clear nftcr you have token ths tablets a few night*. a** iiw> blood, bowels and liver wttto Or. Idwwds 1 Olive TaWeu, the tful substitute for calomel; * no stekttMs or pain alt«r t&k> ing them. ....JWw§ird§V ojlye Tiiilfita .du wltlch calomel doii, «ud ]u*t »u» I«ot4v«iy. but their act! on u ge sate instead of «ever« tua iwiut- PROBATE RECORDS Uoyd E. Shover estate. Cert, of pub. notice to cdeditors filed and approved. Christoffel Stern estate. Amended and supplemental inventory filet! and approved. • George Qustoff. Benson estate Ko o«* wbo t*kw Qiive Tablet* is *rer cuts** *'"> * "4wk brown 8004" ««*US#. llwr, ted' " or pteply tre » purely by ttmir with l/v«r wit! Oilvn bow- for * w«*k. bow much THIN FOLKS! PUT MORE RED IN YOUR BLOOD Thin folks who are weakened and run down aad who w&nt to buiSd tbemseSves up with nrui »o!ld tt*sb need to do something to Wm$ Mud str«n«th«a the blood. The beat wsy to accctiipHiih both of these r«su!!« at the mama time 4* tbtmtgte M» ts*e at figrfce'* Cad Liver Oil and Iron Tablet*. ThU i» a new scientific dlscdvftr? tbai pre- «4UiUg aU tfe* famous toaio virtue* or the fi««ss Oo4 Uv«r Oil ttoaublr.wt with Inut to pl«uH»ot-to-t«k* «u&ar " Thin ioik* *r» upuaJry thin blood- fed at>4 need BM>f& U«« ia the blood to Kiv* it »U*««t*i mat '*y»t. . A« there are cheap insUatioiui 911 tits iniirfcet mM 19 <ieaU»la Ce4 Uter Oil go t$ tli* drey? stof* tti»U «HtU» Oil sttd Iroa, ibej 0aa"t forget to msjiUiaa ir0«, S?V«<S H. _. $900. Harold J. Anderson to Hans Jensen, q. c. d. to pt. sec. 19, twp. 21. r. 3, and pt. sec. 24, twp. 21, r. 2, $L Hans Jensen to Harold J. Anderson, w. d. to pt. sec. 19. Garden Plain twp. $1. LeRoy B. Schneider to Whlteslde Co. B. and L. A., w. d. to lot 4, blk. 28, E. B. Sterling, $2,700. Sadie T. Knox to Leo M. Kiiox, q. c. d. to pt. sec. 23, twp. 21, r. 5, $1 John W Bates to Lulu E. Dew, w d. to part lot 8, block 61, Wallace and Gaits addn. Sterling, $1. Annie W. Robinson to Robert E Robinson, w. d. to lot 4, block 19 Upper Albany, $1. Jas. M. Moaher to Board of Education, Dist 75. lots in Prophetstown, $1,800. Same to same, lots in Prophetstown. $1. Master in Chancery to Eclipse Lawn Mower Co., Master's deed to tota in Prophetstown, $3,200 ieel marked satisfied improvement in with tho health — your money will be refunded. Juat aak for McCoy'u Tablet* «t Blckford'* Pharmacy or any drug utore. Distributed by McCoy's Laboratories. Inc., al«o distributors of McCoy's cod Uver Oil— tnere It none better. — adv. Good Clean COAL We'll take your order now and deliver small amounts till your lawn is in shape for heavy loads. All sizes, all grades. $6.50 "P 'The Thinking Fellow O&ilg a Yellow" YELEPHONK MAIM 51 Used Tires See us for a real bargain on .a good, used tire. We have* practically all Joe Rubi West Second S ROCK FALLS> Foil Mr. Farmer ,x . ........ .... _ We will pay the following prices for your produce. § 16, Springer* over 4 /&«. Springers up le sizes. Call wa to buy your put and old cars. Chapman Bros* miter

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