Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 2, 1968 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 2, 1968
Page 7
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»»• -a 1 , •si H I I Plan No. .0:54009 provide coin- exterior ply- provide ade- fiirniture ar- includes gen- SMALL TWO BEDROOM. i HOUSE WITH A CARPORT , This.small two bedroom house • .was developed to provide ade- '• tjuate spice yet minimize con- i stftuctton cost. The living area ''includes 836 .square feet -with an additional 210 square feet in.the -carport'and 102'square feet of i outside Storage. ; This is a. wood frlmed house | well insulated to fort, and utilizes wood,siding. , The bedrooms quate space for rangement and . erious clothes closets. , The bathroom j is compacted design to minimize space re; quirements. '. The • kitchen incorporates an L-shaped work ,'area- to provide space for informal dining. . By incorporating fcy-fold doors between the living room and kitchen-dining area these two rooms can be opened into one large informal area. The washer and dryer and hot water tank can be located in the outside storage area. If this small two bedroom house meets your . - tain a copy oi'ne wofKing di ings,, free of charge, from the Hempstead County Agricultural Extension Office by requesting Han No. 634009. •BLUE SKY SALESMEN j JERUSALEM (A1 J )-Two Israeli j! students are being held for selling "| 20'bottles of "Holy Land air" to | tourists for" 20 cents a bottle.'They ' gave the proceeds to the Committee jlbr the Prevention of Air Pollution, I Television and Radio By CYNTHIA LOWRY AP Television-Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) -Perry Mason, who in nine glorious years of weekly television never lost a case, was given a hard time Tuesday night by some eminent legal talent in a CBS news department show called "Trial Lawyer." The hour program 'consisted of a series of interviews by Harry Reasoner with five of what he called "the best publicized and best, paid" trial lawyers of the nation. Even in that company, the name Perry Mason was to be conjured with—as an active irritant. :•• F. Lee Bailey, who took an unsuccessful stab at television performing himself for awhile earlier this season, asserted almost testily that Erie Stanley Gardner's fictional character has had "a tremendous influence on our law." "I have heard jurors tell me over and over again that they were left in a state of, concern use, if the,defendant didn't to it, who did?"'Bailey said. "Now the burden is on counsel to produce the guilty party in all cases where his client is innocent." Mason, he charged, aborted "every rule of evidence," and adde'd that the'public too often thinks that is the way a court really operates. Later in the program, Edward Bennett Williams was asked by Reasoner if there was any sub- stance to the feeling of many laymen that frequently a decision or verdict depended on "sharp tricks or technicalities." "I call this the "Perry Mason Syndrome," replied Williams. "I think that Perry Mason stories, Perry Mason-type shows, are responsible for this kind of thinking." The program, originally scheduled for broadcast last January, consisted almost entirely of talk, some of it suggesting weaknesses in the nation's legal structure. Bailey, for instance, asserted his belief that "the presumption of innocence is the greatest fiction in American jurisprudence," and said that many feel that a defendant wouldn't be in court "unless he did it—or at least did something." Melvin M. Belli's main theme was the importance of demonstrating, by means of X-rays and skeletons, the nature of a. plaintiffs injuries in negligence cases. He also spoke of his problems in handling the Jack Ruby case in Dallas. ABC will drop a daytime show, "The Baby Game," and substitute a new soap opera in July. NBC has signed Julie Andrews for another special—but not to be made until a year from now for showing some time in 1969. At West Point, the plebe thrives, resigns, fails or is fired; he never "fades away." Poet Edgar Allan Poe and artist James Abbott McNeill Whistler are two who didn't make it. W. Deliver Phone, 7-3361 BRISKET STEW 3,1.00 GROUND BEEF 3 -, 1.39 MIXED SAUSAGE 5- 1.00 STREAK "a 1 LEAN DRY SALT ». 451) DECKERS - * -^ SOLID OLEO 6 ».1.00 K: E " A " 2-95 -Mont GROCERY — AND — MARKET 223 South Main St. Hope, Ark. LEAN MIDWEST MELLORINE 3 :1.00 PORK CHOPS 59C Fryers 29C LB. LP. IB. LET US PROCESS YOUR MEAT IT MAKES A "DIFFERENCE" WHEN IT IS QUICK FROZEN AWOTHfK SERVICE OFFEKfD l/j Cure and Smoke Your Hems & Middling; BAMA_ Peanut Butter 12 oz, JAR 390 Cream Corn 11 OZ. CANS Mssion Drinks m^m "-DEL MONTE "•*••*"•"'••• Catsup n so QZ. Carrots tic JACKSON'S Vanilla Wafers '»35(S 39c VAL. MARKET BASKET Chopped Kraut 0 CANS 1,00 AUSTEX SPAGHETTI Meat Balls 2 15>/ 2 CANS HUNTS Peach Halves 3 &. 1.00 Lettuce 19C HEAD Johnny Fair Blue Ribbon Syrup '/. Gal. Orange Drink or. 250 ROBIN HOOD ALL PURPOSE Flour $1.19 Mrs. Tuckers 3 CARTON 55C Lemons 39C DOZ. HOPE (ARK) STAR, Pfifltetf By Offset SHOP The store that cares about you! "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY AGED HEAVY BEEF STEAKS SIRLOIN OR BOTTOM ROUND.... Ib. Thursday, May 2,1968 24 TO 32-02. AVERAGE CORNISH HENS ,,43c "SUPER-RIGHT" OR NEUHOFF PREFERRED All MEAT FRANKS £.Mc SULTANA FOZEN BEEF CHICKEN OR TURKEY MFAT PIES 6S97C SULTANA FROZEN All VARIETIES ,„ DINNERS E .39o CAP'N JOHN'S FROZEN FILLETS PERCH £ 5-LB. BOX FROSTED FRYER BREASTS $ 1 99 "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY AG6D HEAVY BEEF TOP ROUND OR T.BON £ STEAKS Ib. "SUPER RIGHT" GROUND $1.05 Beef Patties SKINNED, SLICED AND DEVEINED LB. SKINNED, SLICED AND DEVEINtu £* f\& 79C Beef Liver ,391 "SUPER.RIOHT" QUALITY AOEO HEAVY BEEP CENTER CUT 7-BONE CHUCK Ib. 59c STEAK AllGOOD BRAND SLICED BACON HORMEl BLACK LABEL SLICED BACON Vtt:69c Fine-Quality Groceries! ANN PAGE CORN OIL 59c MARGARINE Mb. Ctns. PICT RIPE IRREGULAR OWN WITH LEMON > TEA MIX 3 '&?'• 29c ANN PAGE WINE VINEGAR B^! 29c A&P EVAPORATED MILK 6 "i^r $1.03. APPLESAUCE DAILY BEEF, LIVER OR FISH DOG FOOD 12 REGISTER FOR A&P's EXCITING "TEEN QUEEN" SWEEPSTAKES Alt CUSTOMERS MAY REGISTER AT THE CHECK STAND. A CUSTOMER MAY REGISTER FOR A MEMBER OF THE FAMILY OR A FRIEND, BUT ONLY A TEEN AGE GIRL (AGE 13 »o 19) CAN WIN. THE DRAWINGS WILL BE HELD SATURDAY NIGHT, MAY 25. WINNERS Will BE CONTACTED. EACH WINNER WILL RECEIVE A PACKAGE OF 6 PKGS. A&P COTTON PUFFS 6 PKGS. A&P COTTON SWABS 6 BTLS. A&P VITAMINS %t& 6 TUBES TOOTH PASTE 6 TUBES TOOTH PASTE S 6 BTLS. MOUTH WASH ft Pkgt. of 300 «,„ ?. IE" ,i? 6 TUBES SHAMPOO ?.. 6 TUBES SHAMPOO 3Hc 12 CANS HAIR SPRAY 6 CANS TALCUM ^r, 8 .o« 6 TOOTH BRUSHES „, »,„ 6 CANS DEODORANT {SlA'S 5^99* PEARS "£»H JANE PARKER > ts H 19 CORN PUFFS s 59f «* t. .> i Ann Page 1 Mayonnaise Cuart Jar 49* Ann Page Ketchup Large 20 Oz. Bottle 33* Ann Page Honey 3 Lb. ; Jar. 95* r ' MOUTHWASH COLGATE 100 X 14-02. Btl. • • 59 Sale. BIRDS EYE FROZEN FRENCH CUT GREEN BEANS A&P CHILDREN'S CHEW ABLE VITAMINS A&P PERSONAL DEODORANT A&P FLUORIDE TOOTH PASTE Btl. of 100 Almondi Pkg- BIRDS HYE FROZEN MIXED _ ltrf*T"TRni CO With Onion 8-oz. ^ VEGETABLES s 0 uc a Pk fl BIRDS EYE SPEARS OF DD/^/^/^/^l I Wilh Hollandoiu 10-oz. QQp BROCCOLI Sauce Pkg *^ *^ ^"* ainr\e cvc Cor\7ffJ Clli BIRDS EYE FROZEN SLICED DCCTC Wilh Orange DHL I O 10-02. Pkg. — — LJL-L. I O Flavor Glaia 7-oi. QQ/^ Can O.7Lr BIRDS EYE FROZEN ON IONS 211s, 7.25-ox. 49^ STAR K|ST UGHT MEAT CHUNK rubft 8-01. Pkg. IRONSTONE DINNERWARE WITH EVERY $5.00 PURCHASE! SAUCERS 22 SWEET TREET VANIUA WAFERS ANN PAGE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES ANN PAGE ASSORTED FLAVORS GELATIN 2 Mb. Pkgs. 2-lb 4 3-o«. .. » Pkgs. 45c 79c 33c /" TUNA FISH JANE PARKER PIES PEACH, LEMON, OR PINEAPPLE ... MIX OR MATCH " +J PKGS $ ^m 4* ^fe 100 • ww BIRDS EYE FROZEN " CORN, PEAS, TOMATOES 'X' BIRDS EYE FROZEN GREEN PEAS £1 ^ X BIRDS EYE FROZEN GREEN PEAS Sit, !°£: BIRDS EYE FROZEN WITH CREAM SAUCE PEAS & POTATOES M', 1 m^f B^r %J» 1 ^^ • * I • V^ •*•• ^^ * R 8 • BIRDS EYE FROZEN fADD/VTC Wilh Brown 10-or. V/f\r\r\UIO Sugar Glow Pkg. ^ "Mix'oirt MATCH • * ' !• PKGS. ^fe^fe: QQx W ^ BIRDS EYE FROZEN Si 3 6'/ 2 -oz. $100 TASTI-FRIES ' con, 1 POTATOES \ 3 !&• n°° ^ 12*0 jr M.in* KM Sal.! PICCALILLI RELISH ILoz. SWEET RELISH U V»-oi. INDIA or HOT DOG RELISH 11 'A-oi. HAMBURGER RELISH ll'A-oi. - I JARS 4/99. JANE PARKER ENRICHED WHITE BREAD SPECIAL 2 49 •• loaves I \J PINK LIQUID DTERGENT AHOY 3 SHORTENING CRISCO WEtCH'S FRUIT PUNCH WELCH'S WELCHADE WELCH'S GRAPE OR APPLE DRINK 46-oi. Can 46-ot. -.Can 46-ot. Cun 3 Cans 3-lb. .Tin 85 KELLOGG'S 40% BRAN FLAKES KELLOGG'S CORN FLAKES KELLOGG'S SPECIAL "K" GENERAL MILLS CHEERIOS GENERAL MILLS TOTAL POST ALPHABITS SUNNYFIELD CORN FLAKES U'/>-oi. "* Pkg. 12-oJ. Pkg Wg. 3 $ %J Pkgs. lO'/l-oi. ^ Pko > ,^*. ^ 8 01. Pkg 8-01 Pkg. 3 * W Pkas. I8oi. Pkg J 1 1 ANN PAGE ELBOW MACARONI OR ELBOW SPAGHETTI 2 £ 43c ..S 57c TOILET SOAP LUX O Reg. O Bars. .35c DEODORANT SOAP LIFEBUOY 31c Product! f) Rerj. i* Bais DEODORANT SOAP PHASE III 2K... 49c C Pr!«i Coed Thru Mar 4, 1968 Quantity Righli Stit'vfd II unob'f lo pwrihaif gny advirlitiil iltm, pltaii r«|u«tt a rain chicle. FRESH STRAWBERRIES GRAPEFRUIT YELLOW SQUASH POLE GREEN BEANS NEW POTATOES FRESH CANTALOUPES FRESH PINEAPPLE Pint $ *J Boxes Lb, Cello Bag 1 00 v tb. 49 C/ip fh/s Coupon 35 With Ihil Coupon and Purchuio of ANN PAGE DAMSON PLUM PRESERVES '% 59c COUPON GOOD THKU MAY 4, 1968 0ul. Al Your A4P Supermarket £ Lbs. Each 39^ White or Yellow Onions

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