The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine on April 2, 1915 · 8
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The Bangor Daily News from Bangor, Maine · 8

Bangor, Maine
Issue Date:
Friday, April 2, 1915
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BANGOR DAILY NEWS, FRIDAY, APRIL 2, 1915. QUICK GLAIiCE T .. - -THE. LIU MS n .- J Items of Interest Picked Up Here, and There About the City,' ...The men's club of. the Hammond otreet chu.oh wiii injoy an address by Prof. Tubbs of Oates College In the -church vettry on the night of April 15. Amory B Chaplin. -who is connected with the Great Northern Paper Co, in the northern part of the state, is visiting bis former home in Bangor for a few weeks, a" chiefs call at 11.30 a. nt. Thursday resulted front smoke due to . a back draft pouring into the rooms Jn the building at 14S Main street. There waa no Tire damage and lltle swoke. At the monthly supper of tbs Twentieth Century Club on Tuesday night next Dean Wssls of the Law School will deliver an address on the European war situation which will be fun of Interest and will ensure a large attendance. It is probable that Mayor Robinson will eall a special meeting of the board of aldermen this afternoon for the confirmation or rejection of a number of appointments of subordinate officers which come within the power of the mayor lor selection. At the meeting of Conduskeag lodge, NO. 58, Knights of Pjthias, tonight the rank of Page team will confer the degree and rehearse for the trip to Charleston on Monday' next when the Bangor ledge will confer the first rank at the institution of the new lodge .there. Col. Brewer lodge of Brewer will confer the lank of Knight, the team having made a splendid record ir achievement in that line. Much interest is being taken in the Charleston trip and a large partj will go from Bangor and Brewer lodges by special cars. The park commission has not yet organized for the coming season's activities. there appearing to be a deadlock on the choice of superintendent at this time The commission choosea one member chairman, another secretary and a third as superintendent at a salary. This makes an off ice for eaih member, but when each msn votes for himself for superintendent there are serious obstacles in the wav of finding a plurality. It is likely that a settlement will be effected in a dav or two and plans for the season will be proceeded with forthwith. A tall and shapely elm tree was removed in High street i front of the residence of Dr. Daniel Hennesey on Thursday, the tree having been killed, as have others in the immediate vicinity. by reason of a leak in the gas main. A fine tree at the residence of James F. Singleton next Adjoining waa removed last year, and other trees in the triangular lot in front of the Hammond street church on the opposite aide of the street have been destroyed from the same cause and removed. Bangor's shade trees, and especially the stately elm which have made the city famous for many decades, are a great asset, in making the city atti active, and residents part with regret from trees which have attained good pioportions and acquired age. A man, deMribed as about 60 years of age. rather mystified some of the residents of Hersey avenue and alarmed some of the more timid by Ills curious actions Thursday nigbt. He tailed at various houses and knocked at doors and windows with a long stick of wood. When women went to the door he pufbed his way into the house, but was ejected. He inquired his way to Brewer and upon being directed he went in the opposite direction. A call was phoned to the polite station and the auto patrol went out with officers, but the man had disappeared. Whether he waa mentally unbalanced, or under the influence of liquor was not determined. The crews of the street department were busy on' Thursday cleaning the principal business streets and making some repairs in the roadway. It will be good news to a large number of people to learn that Main street from Cedar itieet to the Hampden line will be given proper attention this season. This important thoroughfare has been neglected and was in very bad condition last summer. There is p heavy business traffic in this street as well as pleasure travel, many Btrangers coming into Bangor by automobile. Mayor Robinson hav investigated the condition of the thoroughfare and will have it attended to properly. Street Commissioner Preesey would like to construct a bituminous roadway there. Ball on Easter Monday Night. The 22d annual concert and ball of the Wood & Bishop Co.'s Relief Association will he the Easter Monday event in City HalL This event always draws a big at-tendance and this year will be no exception. It will be Pollens music for the concert, which begins at $ o'clock; dancing at 8 oclock. WHEN YOU! FEEL a tickling in the throat d you begin to snuffle, you know you are in for s cold, but do you know that by taking on sugar in a little sweetened water a few dotes of Jteiiire. Tttlliiinni You can ward o ft a cold, or if started, break it up quickly f . . . IN USE OYER 103 YEARS. 25 Md 5 Cnti t Dealers. 1 & J0H5S05 A 00, Isa, Boston Km P", Kefcp the Bowel I flu beds, diiLSf S 1 GIRL VERY SICK Tells How She Was Made Well by Lydia .Pinkhams j Vegetable Compound. ! New Orleans, La. I take pleasure in writing these lines to express my gratitude to you. 1 am only 16 yean old and! work in a tobacco factory. I hava been a very aide girl H. Beale. W. R. C., No. 1 held its regular meeting in G. A. R. Hall ia Columbia street Thursday afternoon. hut I hum tmnravMl After tho routine business had beea wMvderHno transacted it waa voted to have a G. wonderfully n A. R day at the next meeting. It r , c B , Atf4 .was voted to have a supper, entertain-rinkhama Vegeta- ment and social at the next meeting bla Compound and which occurs on next Thursday night am now looking fins The supper will be one of those for end feeling a thousand times better. , which the women of the order are fa- Miss Amelia JaquUXAKO, 8361 To- j ous and will be followed by an enter-houpitoulas St, New Orleans, La. I tainment furnish by the ladies of the j order and this will be followed by a ao- St Clair, Pa. My mother was trial for which music will be furnished alarmed because I was troubled with by Tarvers orchestra suppression and had pains in my back and side, and severe headaches. I bad pimples on my face, my complexion was sallow, my sleep was disturbed, I had nervous spells, was very tired and had r.o ambition. Lydia EL Pinkbams Vegetable Compound baa worked like a charm in my case and has regulated me. 1 worked in a mill among hundreds of girls and have recommended your medicine to many of them. Mis Estella MAOUlhfe, 110 Tbwing St, St Clair, Pa. There Id nothing that teaches mors than experience. Therefore, such letters from girls who have suffered and were restored to health by Lydia E. Pinkhams Vegetable Compound should be a leesoo to others. The same remedy is within reach of all. If you want special advice write to Lydia E.Plnkbam Medicine Co. (confidential) Lynn, Mass. Tear letter will be opened, read sod answered by a woman and held ia strict confidence. PRESIDENT GETS Nine Salmon on Opening Day, and First Goes to Woodrow Wilson. President Woodrow Wilson won't have to go marketing for his Sunday dinner, for it was sent to him on Thursday by five enthusiastic Democrats of Bangor, who got it at Gallagher's market and paid a fat price for it It ia some dinner, too perhaps the choicest to be had in America, for love or money the first Penobscot salmon of the season, a sixteen-pounder, taken at 5.30 Thursday morning at the Bangor pool below the water works dam by John L. Thomas of Rockland and sold by him to Gallaghers for $2 a pound, or just $32. This is the highest price eyer paid for a salmon in the cit. so all the fishermen declared, and there was, also, general agreement that no handsomer fish ever swam. Mr. Thomas is a veteran fisherman, and for some years he has been coming to Bangor to try his luck with the fly at the opening of the seasdii. He had great luck on Thursday, getting a second fish, weight about 12 pounds later in the day. Other successful fishermen were Michael Flanagan of Pearl street who took two; Fiank Cowan of Otis street, two, Fred B Tuck manager of the Stickney & Babcock Co 's wood ard: John Doane, and Henry Colburn of Catell btreet, one each. Colburn's fish weighed 1!B pounds, and was sold to Fickett's market Most of the catches , ranged in weight from 9 to 12 pounds. The second salmon caught was soldat Gallagher's for $1 60 a pound, and was ' purthased as a gift for a Maine Cen- tral railroad official ; Conditions never were better for early salmon fishing Ice gone, river , low and water clear Hence the great ' No one is fooled who lahds a Penobscot salmon on April 1, or immediately following that date Its next to picking up diamonds. HUMS 10 III Dr. E. C. Cutler Among Those Who Will Care for French Victims. Dr. Eliot C. Cutler, Harvard 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. George. C. Cutler of Breton, formerly of Bangor, U among the physicians from the Harvard Medical school who sa.'yd on Wednesday from Breton to give three months volunteer service caring for victims brought from the French battlefields I to the military hospital supported by Americans in Paris. From the first of April until July I the Harvard group will have complete charge cf the wounded of any belligerent Nation sent by the French War Department for 150 of the 450 beds' in the American Ambulance ambulance in France meaning not a vehicle, but Neurasthenia may be called a distinctively American disease because the condition of nervous strain that, produces it is more prevalent here than in any other country. Overwork and worry, ambition, haste, the high tension at which business is conducted, all use up military hosprui. and" the ambulanre 1 erT torc nd P.rodc ,ncur8th9' in ntifttHin . nia, for the disease Is simply exhaus- ln question being a beautiful new five- j i ,n sn(i excessive irrltahilitv of the story structure in Neullly, just outside ! irritabllUj or the the walla of Pails. i nerv fenters. Americans in Paris connected !th t i!! the semi-private American hospital of- llerit-ed by'47 Americana whose an-fered to take over this building, which cr8tore ad but a 01 nervous was designed for a school, and main-! energy bequeath.-' Grief, excerelve tain it as & military hospital. Con- i worr or disappointment in love, busl-is have been made hv Amerl- . 8ch001 "ork may fuse ne"ras tain tributions have been made by Americans ever where, and it has achieved an international reputation. i international reputation. William Lindsey of Bar State road contributed funds to cover traveling and living expenses of the Harvard unit" in the hospital service this spring quick conveyance , . . ed from the battlefield la a feature. j Pills to restore the nerv ei. Send today Indicative cf the appreciation of tV , Lr our free -ooklet on Nrrcua l rework by tha Americans ja the fact that orders." .Addres?: Dr. Willi lirs Mcd-althougb the policy of the French gov- icine Co., Schenectady, N. Y. Your own ernment has been to keep Paris as free druggist sells Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, trom w ounded as possible, sending -advt "jthera all south, the American Amba 1 lance baa been excepted. IEJIK Many Socials Planned for the Future and' Degree',. 'Teams All Busy. B. Bangor Lodge of Moose held an interesting and well attended meeting Thursday night. It was voted to hav a social Saturday night, April 10. A communication waa read from Portland lodge regarding the big convention that will be held in that city, June 15-17, at which President Wilson and Governor Curtis will speak. Mt Moriah R. A. C. No. 6, F. and A. M.. held a stated convocation at the Masonic building Thursday night There waa a good attendance and a large amount of business was transacted. Mt Klneo No. 371, N. E. O. P., held its regular meeting ia A. O. U. W. Hall Thursday night. There waa about 50 members present and one candidate was initiated. Mrs. Mullen of Brewer was presented with a badge of honor for her work in getting applications for membership. The captain of the blue team invited the members of the Red team to attend the Graphic Theatre on Monday night, April 11. All N. E. O. P., members are invited to be present at the waiting room in Alain street at 8 on the night mentioned above B. H. Beale Post No. 12. G. A. R.. held a regular meeting in G. A. R. hall Thursday night. There waa a good attendance and a large amount of routine business was transacted. Penobscot Lodge No. 7, I. O O. F., held its regular meeting in Odd Fellows hall Thursday night with a good attendance of all the members present. Nothing but routine business was transacted. Oriental lodge. No. 102, N. E. O. P.. held- a regular meeting in its hall Thursday night with a good attendance of the members present St. John's commandery. No. 3, Knights Templar, will hold a stated conclave in its asylum in Masonic building on Monday night at 7 30. A full attendance is requested on business of importance which will come before the meeting. t'onduskeag lodge. No 53, K. of P-will hold a regular meeting tonight with work in the rank of Page. Final arrangements will b made for the trip to Charleston on Monday night. A class of candidates who desire admis- The Crowds Are Found at REAL .... Shop.. 74 Central SI. Because of the Largest Assortment of .... Novelties, Mailables and Nice Ice Cream THE AMERICAN DISEASE then la. , The symptoms include a feeling of 11,0 oxhaqption upon rising in the morning, of disturbed sleep, headache, with a sense of weiSht ond Hotness about the noad- The patient is Irritable, difficult yc . i ' ' u,t 1 2 ' M'-O IK A i,- I -1 Vi,J a? jpa. r a g . in. ? V J f fM 4 aion to this new lodge will be worked by the degree team of Conduskea lodge. Katatidin Encampment will meet in its hall tonight for a regular Bession wffh work In thg Fatriardht'tff Jdegreq upon a class of candidates. A full attendance of the members is desired. R. A. Dyer and J. A. Rowe have been appointed a committee by Abenakia tribe, I. O R. M to make arrangements for an entertainment to be given on April 14. It has also been decided by thls lodge to have a banquet to the "members in the near future and the arrangements have been placed in the hands of the above committee. Bangor hive. No 1, L. O. T. M will bold a regular meeting in A. O. H. Hall tonight. There will be work ton a class of candidates in the first degree by the degree team under the direction of Mrs. Mabel Page and Mrs. Florence Daggett. Plans will also be made for he entertainment and dancto be given on AptII 16. The entertainment committee, composed of Mrs. Florence Daggett and Mrs. Maud Martin, have arranged to have the officers and guard team give a drill as one of the features. The committee on the dance includes Mrs. Ethel Clark, Mrs. Bertha Clark and Mrs. Ida Overlock The supper committee will be appointed tonight. Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock F. G. 'Flagg Relief. Corps of Hampden will hold a tpeOial meeting In G. A. R. Hall.' All members aie requested to be present'as thid i for the purpose of organuing as a corporation. V. S. Comr. Churlea H. Reid will be present to assist in the organisation. ARTICLES BY A An interesting series of articles is announced by Harper's Weekly on an ' Importanttoplc, Miss Mary Alden Hop-kina of Bangor being selected to open the dlseuBsionMith paper which are - the result of - much study and close I contact with the various phases of life In New York city. The arttcles will be on the subject- of ho control of births and will be discussed from various viewpoints kid byable writer, tke topic being one which now concerns every big city and the entire country. Miss Hopkins' hasiad an extended and ! illuminating experience in New York , in the study In a practical way of social and labor conditions among the working girjg, and women, she havlnj gone into laundries and other establishments ajl A wcMcer like the reet to get first hadd (knowledge cf the Ilf led by the, employes and the conditions underjw liich,. labor is employed. Her articles la the nagatlnes and periodical haresttraeted much attention , all ever thlMcOuntry, and have been extensively copied and preached pon and quoted on the lecture platform. GOOD WOODS 100 THE ifeii i The Maine Masque In Pinero's brilliant comedy, Tle A masons, conies td the Eijoa Theatre net Wednesday night with a TemoaUatreitned on n trip made In February which was decidedly a triimphil' tour. In Sanford, f the Sanford Tribuuu said; (sstest, gc& si , WSLVS When you use Cottolene you get the best results, because there is no other cooking fat that equals it. ; , v : For biscuits, pie-crust, cakes and doughnuts and for frying, Cottolene is supreme, because it is the . purest cooking fat and possesses important food values. It is an exact combination of specially refined cottonseed oil, of a grade so high It is not listed on the market, with pure beef-stearine from selected leaf beef suet It is this precise combination which gives Cottolene its unexcelled cooking qualities. There are imitations, but there is no substitute for Cottolene. For over' a quarter of a century it has rightfully held a position peculiarly and distinctively its own. . For economy, as well as for good cooking, use Cottolene. . You will require a third less of it than of any other shortening or cooking fat . We guarantee Cottolene for its purity, for its wholesome qualities, for its food value, and for its superiority as shortening. Anyone who can cook or bake at. all can cook and bake better with Cottolene. Cottolene contains no salt or water it is 100 clean, pure cooking fat . V Pails of various sizes, to serve your convenience. Arrange with your grocer for a regular supply. Write our General Offices, Chicago, for a free copy of our real cook book HOME HELPS. UtfjjuCFAl R Cottolene makes For an amateur performance, It was high above the usual standard, as good many professionals, in fact and the received many compliments of rk. In Gorttam, the production was given to a record crowd, the house being sold down to S. R. O. at 4 oclock on the afternoon of the performance. After the play, Robert Lord, president of the Board of Trade, made a brief speech. He said in part: "1 want to speak in behalf of the Board of Trade, and say that you have given satisfaction to us and to the audience that wag here this evening Not only that, but I want to say for the board that we like the way you do things. We like the business dealings we have had with you. and we like the wav you came Into the ball thlB afternoon and got things ready for your performance. We are more than satisfied with all that you have done, and we think this whole thing is a credit to the I'niversitv." The Portland Press of February 20, which said "Very cleverly done indeed was The s.mazonB'. by the Maine Masque last evening in Narragansett hall with a large and enthusiastic audience present Each and eVery part was in the best of hands, so skilfully had the cast been chosen, and the evening proved an exceedingly enjoyable one throughout. Indications are of a gala night at the Bijou Theatre. Wednesday. Sale of tickets opens at 10 a. m. Monday. DEATHS AND FUNERALS Funeral Services of Miss Annie Sharkey will be held in St Johna Catholic church at 2.30 p. m., Friday. The death of Harry E. Plummer occurred on Thursday, after a brief Illness, at his home. 528 French street, at the age of 40 -years- He was well known, had many friends and had for some time been enjployed by the city. Hie father, Edwin Plummer, died on Saturday, last. - He i survived by his mother and one brother, Elmer PJum-1 mer. The time of the funeral will be announced. The funeral services of Mrs. Franconia Coombs, whose death occurred .Tuesday night will -be held from the residence, 15 Grant street, Friday afternoon at 2 oclock. - The funeral services of Capt. Christopher C- Toole were held In St People Ask Us What Is the best laxative?. Yean of experience in selling all kimfa leads us to always recommend as the safest, surest and most satisfactory. Sold only by us, 10 oenta. Fowlers Rsxall Store.' too Late for classification wtxTRD-t nasr-atss nan her. steady job to right man. Also a shoe shiner. J. O. TILLEY. J7 State Street DOG LICENSES Dog Licenses are due and payable at Vie office of the City Clerk. ' s iirtto Iiogs, ... A . .... .C $113 iwnola 6.15 Kennel Licenses. 1013 VICTOR BRETT, City Clerk. BAN KIs&as&hli good cooking Johna Catholic church Thursday afternoon at 2.30 oclock. Rev- T. H. Moriarty officiating. The bearers were four nephews, Frank Toole, Lawrence Toole, Joseph Toole and Frank Toole. Interment was in Mt. Pleasant cemetery. The death of Miss M. Louise Welch occui re at the home of her sister, Mrs. Frank Moulton, 279 Essex street, Thursday, after a long and painful illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude- Miss Welch was born in Bangor, and had always lived here, gaining & great number of friends by her unusually cheerful and friendly ways. Her memory will be treasured by those who had the privilege of knowing her well. Besides her father, John B. Welch, she is survived by four sisters, Mrs. Frank Moulton, Mrs. Frank O'Brien, Mrs. James McDonough and Mrs. Daniel F. Fiazler, and two brothers, James .R. Welch and Bernard P. Welch. She waa a devoted attendant at St. John's Catholic church, where the funeral services will be held at 2.30 p- m., Saturday. ALL FOOLS DAY. As usual April 1st was -duly observed. - Father . persued a - newspaper six months old. Sis clfeweif some tempting chocolates with Sp filling, Ma served some griddle Oakes with cotton lneide and Bub .called - his chums out of bed to tell them what day ft waa. People tried once more to pick up nickels nailed dqwn, and tempting pocket books-, v v; ' , Yea, and lots- of people, went down to the old post-office site toTsee those machine-guns although they had been remarking upon the fact -that, the News will probably spring some fool joke this year, but everybody ia on. Then tpey remembered, when . they found nothing but tire ancient Spanish gun and Saltonstalls pockmarked eld howitzer grinning at em. Many of the good old standbys dropped around as uauai the same one who 'in times past looked for the owls In 'the post-office mins, waited "rtnuid to see the 88 year old Polar -OIT veteran run,1 was pa hand forth aerial ladder demonstration before - Bangor ' had one stood nt a safe distance to see the blowing up of the old stomp by the wonderful Diarolvo, discussed the Blue Button bars, and we hope they will be with ns for many years to come. This would be a dreary world if everybody wa.s AjrH-fool proof. - Law Fraternity Election. I I li IMBlAlIM J- The Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity of the University of Main College of Law at its regular, meeting Thursday night elected- the following officers for the college year of 1915-1916: Thomas N. Y eeks. Justice. - Harold L. Reed, Tice Justice, Granville C, Grey, clerk. ' Wallace E. Crowley, treasurer, Harold W. Hollis, financial secretary. Albert J. Fortier, marshall. William Gallagher, corresponding secretary. Mis Elizabeth W. Dodge, Coming to Jlangor The Bangor Y. W. C A. da looking forward to the coming of MisJiAuae of New York, who is to be here for the membership banquet which will be A J P In better held at the rooms on Columbia street Tuesday evening, April 6, at 6.30. Miss Dodge is the chairman of the Northeastern Field Committee of the National Association. Her aunt, the late Miss Grace Dodge, was for many years the president of the National Association and the family has long been distinguished as among the foremost in philanthropic and religious work in this country. A reception will be tendered to Miss Dodge in the vestry of All Souls church on the afternoon of April 7, for ahlch Invitations have been issued. The local association considers itself highly favored in having Miss Dodge at thli time. Hie Young M&cabees. A regular meeting of the Young Macabees of the Congregation Beth Israel was held, on Thursday afternoon with a large and enthusiastic attendance. Officers were elected as follows: Henry Paul, president; Ar thur Lipsky, tice president; -Rosie Berson, recording secretary; Rebecca Rodman, financial secretary; Lillian Emple, treasurer; Albert Shiro, custodian; Sarah Korinsky, club reporter. The membership is 35 at present an-l excellent work is being done physically and spiritually. , A play was given in Central Hall recently lpy the members, to a large and very appreciative audience. This netted $32 of which $15 waa given to the Hebrew Institute and the balance sent to the European war sufferers. fw-ijoy to' . SORE, TiAED IEET I "TIZ for Aching, Burning Puffed-Up Feet and Corns , or Callouses. "How TIZ does help Mr feet." Good-bye sore' feet, burning feet, ewollen feet, smelling feet, tired feet. Good-bye corns, callouses, bunion and raw spots. No more sh6e tight ness, no more limping with p&ln of drawing up your face In agony, "TIZ" te magical, acta right off. TIZ' draws out -'all the poisonous exudations which puff up the feet. Use TIZ" and wear smaller shoes. Use 'TIZ and forget your foot misery. Ah! how comfortable your feet feel. 1 Get a 25 cent box of "TIZ1! now at any druggist or department' store. Dont suffer. Have good feet, glad feet, feet that never swell, never hurt, never get tired. A years foot comfort guaranteed or money refunded. advt. 5

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